Doggy Styles 3 – Loving Duke by UndeniableUrges

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Doggy Styles 3 – Loving Duke (Bestiality, Exhibitionist, m/f)

Chapter Summary - Claire has a date.

Previous Chapter Summary – Young Claire learned teasing Duke has unintended consequences.

Note - This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity involving animals or sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can ruin your life. Don't ruin your, or other people's lives!

“Mom!” Claire Davis shouted, hearing her mother coming home from work Wednesday evening. Claire ran to greet her mother. “Guess what? That boy I told you about?”

“The one with the jealous girlfriend?” her mother asked smiling. Her daughter Claire had been boy-crazy the past year and had told her about her latest crush.

“Yeah, him! Well, not him!” Claire said, her pretty eyes twinkling. “I mean his best friend! Tony! He asked me out! On a date! A real date!” Claire was jumping up and down with excitement.

Her mother suddenly frowned. She did not share her daughter’s excitement.

“Hmmmm. I’m not sure about you going out on a date, Claire.” Darlene Davis didn’t feel comfortable enough to let her only daughter date boys. Darlene recalled some of her own early dates when she was young and horny.

“Mom! What do you mean? We talked about this before, and…, and…, he’s really, really, cute!” Claire whined.

“Oh, Claire, my precious little Claire,” Darlene said. “It seemed like only yesterday you were having a birthday party with pink streamers and wishing for dolls and a pony…” She looked at Claire wistfully. He daughter was almost as tall as she was. She was a pretty young woman with curves to match. ‘When did her breasts get so large?’ Darlene wondered.

“All right. Never mind what I said before, Claire,” Darlene said. “You’re old enough. You get good grades. You never cause your father and me any trouble. You do your chores. And, heaven knows you’ve done wonders with that horny dog. Duke. It’s OK. You can go. But, we’ll have to have a mother-daughter chat before I let you out of my sight with a hormone-crazed boy!”

“Thanks, mom!” Claire said. “Oh! Can we go shopping before Saturday? I need some new pretty clothes!” She hugged her mother tightly.

Darlene felt her daughter’s firm breasts pressing against her. Breasts some horny boy would soon be groping or worse. She sighed.

Saturday evening soon arrived, but not soon enough for Claire. She had been dreaming about her date for the past three days. Even Duke seemed excited for her. At the dog-training class he tried to sniff her pussy twice! Claire had to scold Duke, but she immediately felt bad, knowing she had been neglecting him. She promised she would make it up to him soon, hopefully before Duke tried to hump her mother’s leg again.

Back home, Claire was getting ready for her date. “Sorry boy!” Claire said, scratching Duke’s ears. “I don’t have time to play any sexy games with you right now! I have a date!” she said proudly. She loved talking to Duke. He was the only one she could share all of her naughty secrets with. ‘Poor Duke,’ she thought. ‘Now that I have a boyfriend, I’ll be playing all kinds of sexy games with him instead of Duke.’

Tony picked her up at eight o’clock. Claire was a little disappointed he didn’t bother to dress up nice for her (She was wearing a new pretty blouse, skirt and fresh make-up). She knew her mother was a little disappointed too, both with Tony’s slovenly look and his typical arrogant teenage attitude. But Claire was sure it would all turn out just fine, once everyone got to know each other better.

Claire had another disappointed when Tony bought one ticket for the movies, making Claire pay her own way. It was a good thing her mom had given her some emergency ‘mad money’ just in case. She paid for her drink and popcorn in silence.

During the movie, Tony was making her uncomfortable by putting his arm around her shoulder like he owned her. Then, he even tried to feel her breast right in the movie theatre! She didn’t mind it so much when his hand brushed against her boob, assuming it was an accident, but then he actually tried to grab it! And, when he rested his hand on her naked thigh, it wasn’t too alarming, but when he tried to slide his hand up her tender flesh and touch her panties, she had to slap his hand away.

After the movie, Claire assumed Tony would take her home and then probably try to kiss her. She thought that was perfectly fine and was actually looking forward to it. And, she fully expected to have sex with Tony someday, but it wasn’t going to be on their first date! To her surprise, Tony drove to the city park, also known as ‘make-out-meadows.’ He turned off the car.

Claire looked around the parking lot. There were a few other cars nearby and most of them had fogged up windows so you couldn’t see what was happening inside. She did recognize Tony’s friend’s car. She had no doubt he was making out with that bitch who had stopped Claire from flirting with him.

Tony reached down between his legs and eased the seat back. “Come here, sit a little closer.”

“No funny business, like at the movies?” Claire warned.

“Cross my heart,” Tony replied with a smile.

“Well, OK,” Claire said. “But, I have to be home soon.”

“It won’t take long,” Tony said. Claire scooted over to him. He immediate put his arm around her and then tried to kiss her.

“Hey, no funny business!” Claire said, pushing him away.

“What? It’s just a little kiss, baby!” Tony said, feigning shock. “Come on, I took you out on a date, the least you could do is give me a little kiss.”

“Well, OK.” Claire had assumed she would get her first kiss tonight. It might as well be now.

Tony smiled and pressed his lips against Claire’s. He was a good kisser, Claire thought. She closed her eyes and tried to enjoy it – her first real kiss from a boy! He pressed his lips more firmly against her. She kissed him back. She felt his tongue probing her and she opened her mouth slightly. Tony kissed her passionately and held her tight against him. He began running his hands up and down her body. After a few moments, Claire was getting turned on. She felt her pussy getting wet.

“Oh,” she moaned. Tony seized the opportunity and brushed his hand against her breast. Then he did it again. Feeling no resistance, he cupped her firm tit. First with one hand and then he began groping her breasts with both. Claire was about to stop him when he said, “Your tits are amazing!”

Claire was proud of her breasts and decided to let Tony feel them – for just a little while. It felt good having her titties played with. Tony put his hand down her blouse and slipped his fingers underneath her bra, feeling her bare, tender flesh. Claire started to ask him to stop but Tony kissed her harder, groped her fat breast and played with her nipple.

“Oh, Tony!” she murmured. Her nipple felt so good! “Oh, no, please!” But he continued. He put his hand under her skirt and quickly fingered her panties. “Mmmm…, ah.., mmm, no…, stop…” Tony pushed his hand deeper into her blouse and squeezed her tits. He slipped his hand underneath her panties and fingered her wet pussy.

“You’re a horny little bitch, aren’t you?” Tony said, feeling her wetness. He slipped his finger up and down her moist slit and pushed a finger inside of her. He became more aggressive and molested her titties so forcefully, a button popped off.

“Oh no! My new blouse! Tony, stop it right now!” Claire yelled.

“What’s the matter, baby? We can’t stop now!” Tony said.

“Take me home, please,” Claire said.

“No, wait!” Tony pleaded. “You can’t leave me like this!” He pulled Claire’s hand to his crotch and made her feel his hard cock. “You did this to me, you have to take care of it!”

Claire’s hand lingered on his groin. She was so horny she wasn’t thinking straight. Her finger’s felt the outline of his cock.

“That’s it, baby,” Tony said. “Let me take it out for you.”

In a daze, Claire heard his zipper being pulled down. She quickly looked out the window to make sure no one was looking. The windows were fogged up. It was getting very hot in the car. Her pussy was very, very wet.

“See what you did to me, baby?” Tony said, his cock on display.

“My name’s Claire,” she replied, but stared at his hard cock.

“Yeah, sorry, Claire,” he said. “Whatever.” He put her hand back onto his dick.

Claire thought his cock felt very warm. She wrapped her fingers around it.

“Oh, yeah, baby!” Tony smirked. “Do me.”

Claire was very excited. Her first date, her first kiss, and now first real cock, besides Duke’s. She stroked it up and down like she did for her dog. She smiled, realizing how much bigger Duke’s cock felt than Tony’s

“Let’s get in the back seat,” Tony said.

“Why?” Claire asked.

“So we have more room to fuck.”

“I’m not going to fuck you, Tony!”

“Well, suck me off then!”

“No! You’re lucky to get a hand-job on our first date!”

“Fine!” Tony spat. “But let me see your tits.” He began to fumble with Claire’s buttons.

“No, I’ll do it,” Claire told him. All she needed was for him to further ruin her new clothes. She opened her blouse and slipped off her bra.

“Oh yeah, baby!” Tony said. “Look at those tits!”

As callous as Tony was, his admiration for her breasts made her soften. Boys were just silly that way, right? She began to stroke Tony up and down, smearing his pre-cum over his cock-head. She was grateful for the experience Duke had given her. At least it wasn’t obvious to Tony it was her first time.

Tony began to grope her breasts again. He pulled her closer and began to suck on her nipples as she jacked his cock.

“Hmmm, that feels good, Tony,” she said.

“How does this feel?” Tony asked and put his hand up her skirt. He pulled aside her panties and began to play with her slick teenage pussy once again.

Claire couldn’t help herself and moaned out loud, her body betrayed her. “Ohhhhh! Mmmmm-mmm!”

“Suck my cock, baby. Please?” Tony asked again. “Wrap those pretty lips around it and suck me off!”

“No, Tony, no…,” Claire said, but she was wavering. She squeezed his cock and wondered how it would feel in her mouth. Tony moaned and she jacked him a little faster.

“Just lick it a little, then. Please?” Tony begged. He knew once he got her mouth close to his cock, he could push it into her mouth, hold her down, and fuck her face - if she wouldn’t do it on her own. His cock lurched. It was going to feel so good in her mouth.

“Oh, just the thought of your sweet lips and tongue dancing over my fat cock.., your hot sucking mouth…, Oh, shit! Fuck! Unnnghhh! Unnnnghhh!”

Claire looked at Tony’s face, illuminated by the dashboard lights. It was twisted up like he was in pain. Was she being too rough? Then, she felt the first splatter of cum land on her hand. She looked down and saw his cock erupting. Spurt after spurt flew from his cock, landing on her hand, the steering wheel, and her new clothes! She jacked him until he finished shooting his load, knowing it was how Duke preferred his hand-jobs.

“That was great!” Tony declared. “But, I still want those lips wrapped around my dick and I want to fuck that hot pussy of yours! Let’s get in the back now. I can go again.”

“No. Take me home, Tony. Now.” If she didn’t get out of here soon, she would end up the back seat sucking his cock and fucking him. She was much too horny and Tony was too insistent. A girl could get a bad reputation by sucking and fucking on the first date. Besides, he didn’t seem at all interested in getting her off right now, with his fingers or his tongue. Duke would never do that to her.

“Fine. But I don’t why you are being so frigid all of a sudden. Everyone at school knows you’re a slut, jeesh!” Tony said, starting the car, putting it in gear and then spinning the tires.

“I’m a what?” Claire said, not believing what she had heard. “I’m not a...”

Tony interrupted her. “Oh, come on, Claire! You’re always flirting with all the guys, wearing slutty clothes and showing off your tits and ass to everybody! It’s kind of obvious, don’t you think?”

“Just because I wear pretty clothes and have a nice body doesn’t mean…,”

He cut her off again. “Whatever. But, you sure know your way around a cock.” Then, under his breath, “Fucking bitch…”

They drove home in silence. Claire was fuming with rage. When they got to her house, Claire opened the door to leave.

“Hey, do you want to hang out again, baby? I’ll give you another chance. Besides, you really made me feel good. I can’t wait to feel those lips…”

“No! Not ever! And my name is ‘Claire,’ asshole!” She slammed the door.

Claire’s mom was waiting for her. “So, how was the date?” she asked. She had heard the car door slam.

“Fine,” Claire said. “I don’t want to talk about it right now.” She went to her room. Duke followed her. Claire called him up on her bed where she hugged him tight and cried softly into his fur, so her mother couldn’t hear her sobbing.

Claire avoided her mom all the next day. Her mother knew she would come to her when she was ready to talk. It didn’t take long. Claire came to her sobbing Sunday afternoon.

“What’s wrong, Claire?” Darlene asked.

“Tony!” Claire sobbed. “Our date last night!”

“He didn’t do anything to you, did he?” her mother asked sharply.

“No! Yes!” Claire said. “Oh, mom! Tiffany just texted me! Tony’s telling everyone we had sex!”

“Hmmm, I see. Did you?” Darlene asked delicately.

“No!” Claire said, but then added. “Well, yes. A little. He was trying to feel me up at the movie theater, but I wouldn’t let him. Then, he took me to ‘make-out-meadows’ but all we did was kiss and stuff.”

Darlene had a good idea what kind of ‘stuff’ Claire and Tony did at make-out-meadows. Her dates used to take her there too.

“So, you did some stuff. Did you have intercourse?”

“No. He wanted to, but I told him I wouldn’t.”

“Oral sex?”


“First base?”


“Second base?”

Claire pouted. “Yes,” she admitted, remembering his hand and lips on her breasts.

“Third base?"

“Yes.” His fingers really felt good in her pussy.

“So, no home run, no intercourse?”


“Then…what happened?”

“He put his hand in my panties, and he put my hand on his thing and made me, you know…,”

“Jack him off?”

“Yes! I’m so sorry mom!” Claire sobbed. “He was so cute and such a good kisser! I tried to stop him but he wanted to have sex with me so bad, I just thought I could, you know…, use my hand and…”

“Yes, I know,” Darlene said softly. “The lessor of many evils.”

“Exactly!” Darlene said. “But Tony is telling everyone I did all kinds of stuff with him! He even called me a ‘slut!’ Everyone at school is going hear about it!”

“Hmm,” her mother thought. “Did you say the word ‘no?’”

“Yes, more than once!” Claire said. “But, he kept trying. And it was too far to walk home. But, he didn’t hurt me or anything. We were just kissing and… things got out of hand.”

“And were those stains on your blouse, his ahh…, semen?”

Claire’s mouth opened in surprise.

“I found it in the dirty laundry basket and sewed your button back on,” her mother said softly.

“Yes…, it was.”

“Ok. Here’s how I see it. He raped you. You said ‘no.’ Forcing himself on you, making you do things you didn’t want to do, and putting his fingers where they don’t belong; that’s considered rape, especially after you told him not to. So, option one, we put him in jail.”

“Oh, mom! I don’t know about that!” Claire said. She envisioned herself in a courtroom and being harassment and shamed at school. It might be the right thing to do, but…

“OK, option two. But if you chose it, you have to be strong, Claire! When I was in school, here’s how we handled this kind of thing. You just tell everyone he’s mad at you and telling lies because you laughed when you saw his little dick and then he couldn’t get it hard.”


“Tell everyone who asks. Text all of your friends. And tell that asshole if he tries that shit with you or any other girl, he’s going to jail for a long time where he can be raped by men a lot bigger than he is. And tell your friend Tiffany what happened – how he tried force you into having sex and how you said ‘no,’ Got it? Tell him you told your mother and your friends what he tried to do to you, and your mother wants to press charges for rape if he doesn’t take it all back.”

“Wow, mom. You’re pretty devious. That’s a really good idea!” Claire was excited. “I’ll do it, but I hope it works!”

“It will, trust me,” Darlene said. “If it doesn’t, we still have the first option.”

Claire came home from school Monday humming to herself happily. She had done what her mother said and it worked out much better than she expected. First, her friends started teasing Tony in school, calling him ‘PD’ for pencil-dick and sizing him up with their finger and thumb mere inches apart. And, when Tony confronted her in the cafeteria and called her a ‘fucking slut,’ Claire loudly replied, so everyone could hear, that he was just mad at her because she laughed at his little dick. When he threatened her, a handsome senior grabbed him by his shirt and pushed Tony against the wall. The boy then told her ‘If this little-dicked piece of shit bothers you again, you just let me know!” After the boy left, Claire whispered into Tony’s ear and told him if he didn’t tell everyone he lied she would have him charged with rape and have the cute senior boy kick his ass too! Tony grew even paler and promised he’d take it all back.

“Oh, Duke!” Claire said when Duke came to greet her. She squatted down and hugged him tightly. With her school problems solved, Claire turned to the only boyfriend she ever had, Duke.

“Thanks for listening to my silly old boy problems and making me feel so much better over the weekend, Duke.”

Duke licked her face and Claire kissed him back.

“And, I’m sorry I neglected you,” Claire said, while rubbing his belly. “I thought I needed a boy to make me happy, when all I need is you!” Claire ran her fingers down to Duke’s hairy sheath and felt his dick already growing. “Oh, poor boy!” she said. “You’re as horny as I am, aren’t’ you boy?”

Duke barked.

“Hmm,” Claire said. “Do you want to play our game again?”

Duke cocked his head and looked at her. He remembered the words ‘play’ and ‘game.’ It was usually followed by…

“Want to play Sniff-the-Bitch?”

“Bark! Bark!”

Claire peeled off her panties where she stood and positioned her pussy in front of Duke’s long, handsome, snout. “Sniff-the-Bitch, boy! Sniff-your-Bitch!” Claire felt Duke’s cold, wet, nose pressing against her warm gash. She liked the cold feeling against her hot, little, pussy. And she knew his cold nose would soon be replaced with his warm tongue!

“Oh, Duke,” Claire sighed. “You would never tell anyone our secrets, would you boy?” Claire said, leading Duke to her bedroom, but taking the long way, through the living room, around the entryway, through the kitchen and down the long hallway to her room. Duke sniffed her warming cunt whenever Claire would pause long enough to let him. He was aching to taste her essence once again, but knew he had to wait until she allowed him to.

In her room, Claire stripped off her clothes and danced around her room, with Duke playfully following her while being encouraged to ‘Sniff-the-Bitch.’ Claire finally decided she had teased Duke long enough; they were both aroused now. She put her steaming cunt in front of Duke.

“Lick-the-Bitch, Duke!” she said. “Lick-your-Fucking-Bitch!”

Duke lapped at her cunt eagerly and Claire moaned, “Ahhhhh! So fucking good!” Her clit tingled when Duke ran his tongue over it, searching for the entrance to her sweet honey-hole.

Claire considered how she had been so silly for falling for a stupid boy who could never lick her cunt as well as Duke. And, he was always there for her and never told anyone what a horny, nasty, slut she was! She suddenly realized she didn’t need a boyfriend as long as she had him.

“Oh Duke! Oh, my sweet doggy lover!” Claire said, stepping away from him before he could make her cum. She was ready to cum. She had been horny for five days now without relief. And so had Duke.

“You always please me and never leave me hanging like that asshole, Tony! And to think I was almost ready to suck his dick!” Claire ran her fingers up and down her slit. Her knees were getting weak. She needed to lay down and spread her legs for Duke. She needed to cum!

Claire quickly stripped off her clothes and climbed onto her bed. “Up boy!” she said.

Duke jumped on the bed and immediately rolled over, his hard cock exposed to his master. He was ready for what he thought was coming next.

“You little devil! I never said the magic words! I never said ‘Bitch-Hand-Job!’”

Duke sat up and barked, recognizing those special words. His cock was poking out of his sheath, getting longer, and fatter.

“Oops! Did I say it again, Duke?” Claire teased. “Did I say Bitch-Hand-Job? Did I boy?”

“Bark! Bark!” Duke said and lapped at Claire’s face.

“OK, yes it’s time for your Bitch-Hand-Job, Duke. I can wait a while. Now lay down and let me play with your cock!”

Duke laid down again and twisted back and forth on his back, his hard cock swaying obscenely for her. He knew his bitch liked to tease him before pleasing him.

“Oh, what a pretty cock you have, Duke. It’s much nicer than Tony’s. And, a lot bigger too!” She giggled. Claire ran her hand over his sheath, coaxing his cock out even further. She gently stroked him, and soon his cock was hard and throbbing. It was thick, purple, and wet. His veins pulsed. His balls clenched. His knot swelled.

Claire cooed at Duke and began to stroke him as she had done so many times before.

It had all started with her need to save Duke from castration; to make him cum and keep him playing their naughty, sexy, sniffing and licking game. And, she did it to stop him from trying to fuck everything in sight. But now, she learned to love his handsome face, his heavy, hairy balls, his cute pink dick (when it first pokes out from his sheath), and his hard, swollen cock, filled with desire and waiting for her attentions. She loved playing with his cock and feeling him spray his pre-cum and never-ending ejaculate all over her naked body, and she loved how he licked her pussy afterwards.

She stroked his wet cock with her fingers, tickling his knot. She knew he liked that. The first squirt of pre-cum caught her by surprise. He must really be horny today! She suddenly realized neither one of them had cum for almost a week! Oh, this was going to be so good! She was so hot and ready for a good pussy-licking!

Claire reached for the towel she used to keep Duke’s sperm and pre-cum from soiling her blankets but it wasn’t there. In her excitement, she had forgotten to take one from the linen closet.

Claire hated to spoil the moment by getting out of bed. She loved to rub his hot doggy cum all over her sexy, teenage, body and then massage his sperm onto her breasts, ass, thighs, and pussy. Then, she would taste it while Duke tasted her. The only problem was it was so messy. Her mother even asked why she was washing so many towels recently.

Then, Claire had an idea. A very naughty idea. A very nasty, naughty, idea. She knew how she could keep Duke’s cum from getting all over her bed. Jacking off his cock was very messy, with sperm flying everywhere… but a blow-job…?

Yes, blowing Duke would be much neater and less messy. That’s a good thing, right? She wouldn’t have to dirty a towel, and her mom would be happy, and she knew Duke would be happy. And what about her? Well, she was sure it would be very…, ah…, interesting? It would certainly be a new experience for both of them. And maybe a little arousing? No, Claire found the idea of sucking her dog’s cock very arousing.

Claire was trying her best to convince herself that putting Duke’s hard cock into her mouth and sucking him until he came was the most logical thing she could do. After all, she rationalized, she was almost ready to suck Tony’s cock last Saturday night, why not Duke’s? A dick’s a dick, right?

Besides, Duke deserved a blow-job more than that asshole Tony. And, she loved the taste of his doggy-sperm anyway. So, sucking his doggy-dick until Duke came in her mouth would relieve his horniness, keep the bed clean, not dirty a towel, he deserved it, and it would be naughty, fun, and tasty too! Brilliant! She was convinced.

“Oh, Duke!” Claire sang happily. “I have a surprise for you, my precious, precious boy.” Claire ran her fingers along Duke’s cock softly.

“Oh, Duke, you know how much I love you and would do anything for you! I love how you wait for me to come home from school. I love how you wag your tail so hard when you see me and it always gets me wet, knowing the fun we are going to have. I love how you show Mrs. Hill what an obedient boy you are at doggy-school, and I love how you lick my pussy until I cum.”

“I’m going to suck your cock for you, Duke. I’m going to relieve you with my mouth instead of my hand. I may not be too good at first, but I know I’ll get better.” Claire began to rub her pussy.

“Oh, Duke! I want to taste you. I want to lick your cock and suck your balls. I want to feel your hot cum shooting into my mouth. Would you like that, boy? Would you like my sweet lips wrapped around your big, fat, doggy-cock, Duke? I wouldn’t do this for any of the boys at school, but I’ll do it for you, my handsome, furry lover!”

Duke, of course, did not know what Claire was saying. But that was OK.

“This will be better than a Bitch-Hand-Job, Duke,” she said. “How about a…,” Claire thought what to name her new command. Got it!

“Bitch-Blow-Job?” she said teasingly. Duke’s ear’s perked up.

“Duke? How about a…Bitch-Blow-Job?” Claire said again.

Duke look at her quizzically. He didn’t know these words.

“Bitch-Blow-Job?” Claire teased again. “Do you boy? Do you want it? Bitch-Blow-Job?”

Duke realized this was something new. He didn’t know what a ‘Bitch-Blow-Job’ was, but he knew he wanted it! His master always made him happy after using the ‘Bitch’ words!

“Duke?” Claire teased again. “Do you want your sexy, little, bitch to give you a blow-job? A Bitch-Blow-Job?”

“Bark! Bark! Bark!”

Now that Claire had his attention, she made him lay down on her bed again, closer to her face this time. She stroked his cock softly and teasingly. It was still hard. He seemed extra hard today, she thought, and then remembered her neglect. She was about to make it up to him.

Claire moved her head towards his hard, red, dog dick. First, she inspected his big knot up close. Running a single finger down to the base of his cock and over his knot. It looked like two purple plums growing on each side of his cock. From there, his cock was thinner, but soon got wider and wider, until it became very fat and vary thick. She ran her finger up the length of his dick to his flared, tapered tip. She liked the pointed little nub and looked forward to flicking it with tongue. She hoped he would like that.

“What a pretty cock you have, Duke.” Claire whispered to her dog.

Claire got closer to her prize and sniffed deeply. It smelled so familiar. She sniffed again. “Aaaahhhh!” It smelled delicious to her horny, teenage mind. It smelled like sex.

She drew closer and gripped his cock gently. Claire stuck out her tongue and licked it slowly from the base to the tip. His cock tasted similar to the pre-cum and sperm she liked to rub on her body, but maybe with a more urgent, metallic flavor.

Duke became excited when Claire’s wet, warm tongue touched his throbbing dick.

“Stay boy!” Claire commanded. He should know better than to try to get up while she was playing with his cock.

“Did you like that Duke? It’s going to feel a lot better. So lie still and let Claire suck your cock, Duke!” Claire licked his cock once again and said, “Mmmm, Bitch-Blow-Job.”

Claire licked his cock again, savoring the taste before again repeating his new command. Then, knowing Duke was getting impatient, she took it into her mouth.

“Mmmm-mmmm!” she moaned, “Fuck this is so cool!” Claire held it in her mouth while running her tongue all over Duke’s slimy, pointed, cock. She sucked it very gently and heard him whimper with pleasure. She took his cock deeper and slid her warm, wet lips up and down his turgid doggy-dick. A hot spray of pre-cum suddenly splattered into her mouth. “Mmmm-mmm!” she moaned again, tasting his essence before swallowing it.

“Oh, Duke! I love your hard cock in my mouth!” Claire said. She began to pleasure Duke’s cock as best she could. She bobbed her head up and down while lapping at his cock and swallowing all of his slippery discharge.

Duke began to get more excited and began to struggle a bit. Claire reluctantly let go of his cock. She allowed him to get up on all fours because she knew Duke liked to cum while standing. She got herself ready by propping her pillow behind her shoulders to position her face right under his belly. Duke stood over her and Claire wiggled to get comfortable. She leaned back onto her soft pillows and began to suck and lick at his cock again. Ah, perfect. His cock was right in front of her mouth.

Duke felt the warm, wet, mouth engulfing his cock. This was much better than Claire’s hands. He felt her tongue licking on his cock and her mouth sucking him gently. Both of her hands were stroking the parts of him that were not in her mouth. Then, Claire cupped his heavy ball-sack and softly fingered his cum-filled nuts. She moaned as she thought of all the sweet cum stored in them. All for her. She just had to coax it out of him.

Claire slurped on Duke’s cock. She sucked it and bobbed her pretty head. She licked his tip and prodded his piss-hole with her tongue. Then, she worked on his balls, licking them and sucking each one gently before latching her lips on his cock once again.

Claire felt the pre-cum squirting into her mouth faster now. Duke begin to make small humping motions, a sure sign he was close to cumming. She pulled her mouth of his cock for moment to say, “Do it baby, cum in momma’s mouth!” Duke sprayed her face before she could lock her lips back onto it. Pre-cum dripped down her face and sprayed into the back of her throat again and again.

Duke began to hump faster, his back curling. Claire allowed him fuck her face, turning slightly so his hard cock could drive deeper into her mouth. His cock plunged into her, again and again, deeper and deeper into her throat. Her tongue flickered and danced along his shaft. She sucked her lover and swallowed him. Then, she felt Duke stiffen. He was going to cum!

Hot dog sperm erupted from his heavy, swinging balls. Claire felt the first blast flowing past her tonsils. The next squirt landed on her tongue. “Mmmm-mmmm!” she moaned. This was so hot! There was so much cum! Her dog, her lover, was emptying himself into her mouth. She had caused this to happen. She had made him cum, using her mouth instead of her hands! She was so proud of herself and so proud of Duke. Their first ever blow-job!

Claire did her best to swallow all he was pumping into her. She gulped and gulped, but even then some leaked from her mouth and dibbled onto her naked breasts. Claire let Duke empty himself, loving how his cock seemed to grow even harder and thicker in her mouth. And his knot, mere inches from her face, seemed to grow even bigger as well.

After an eternity of sucking, swallowing, and Claire moaning with passion, Duke finally finished.

“Wow, Duke, that was great!” Claire said, wiping her lips and sucking her fingers before lapping at his dripping penis again. “Did you like it, Duke? Did you like your Bitch-Blow-Job?”

Duke did like it. He lapped at Claire’s face, tasting his own jism. Claire opened her lips wide and let him taste inside her mouth, then decided she wanted his fat, warm tongue tasting the inside of her cunt instead.

“OK boy, now it’s my turn, Duke. Now, Lick-the-Bitch, Lick-your-Fucking-Bitch!” Claire laid back, shoved a pillow under her ass and spread her legs.

Duke knew exactly what was expected of him. He began to lap at Claire’s dripping pussy, digging deep to taste all of her creamy juices. “Ah, yes Duke!” Claire cried with satisfaction. She opened her pussy lips to give him more access to her cunt. Duke always treated her so nice. Not like Tony, who never gave a thought about her pleasure.

“Mmmm, mmmm, Duke. You lick me so good!” Claire said. “And, you won’t ever tell our dirty little secrets, will you? How you sniff my pussy and play our sexy game. And how you lick my juicy cunt until I cum or how I suck your cock and let you cum in my mouth, will you boy?”

Duke began to lick at Claire’s clit, pussy-lips, thighs and ass-crack.

“Ohhhh, yeeeessss!” Claire sighed, feeling Dukes tongue washing all of the sensitive parts around her tender groin. “Mmmmm, lover…, you make me feel so good!” Claire stretched her lithe body, cupping her breasts and grinding her cunt into Duke’s face.

Claire decided she would never want human boyfriend as long as she had Duke. Boys were stupid. They call you a slut just because you flirt with them and show them a little flesh. Then, when you don’t even have sex with them, they lie and say you did! She was finished with them. Besides, none of them could lick her pussy like Duke.

At that moment, Duke was snaking his long, wet tongue deep inside of her. Then, he began to probe just below her cunt, searching for her sweet smelling ass. “Oh, do you want to lick my butt too?” Claire asked. It sounded nasty and very, very, arousing. She lifted her buttocks from the pillow and pulled her knees to her chest. Her ass and cunt were exposed to him.

“There you are, Duke. “Lick my ass! Lick your bitch’s ass!”

Duke immediately sniffed Claire’s delicious smelling ass-hole. He shoved his nose into it and deeply snorted her funk. Then he lapped at it, quickly finding her hole. He obviously liked the flavor and excitedly began to poke and prod it with his tongue, trying to drive it deeper into her bowels. When that failed, because her small hole was too tight, he lapped repeatedly up and down her crack, licking her cunt and her taint before trying to wiggle his tongue up her ass-hole again.

“Oh, yeah, lick it, Duke! Lick my ass! Lick-Your-Bitch’s Ass!” Claire couldn’t believe how good Duke’s tongue felt. Every nerve in her sphincter was tingling. She wanted to cum while he was licking her ass!

She got on her hands and knees like a slutty dog-bitch waiting for some hard dog-cock. She pushed her ass in the air and spread her cheeks with both hands. “Lick it boy! Lick-your-Bitch’s-Ass!”

Being well trained, Duke did exactly that. He lapped at her ass with long, wet, strokes, starting from her pussy to her ass-hole and all the way up her crack.

Claire pressed her face into her bed, pulled an ass-cheek out of the way with one hand, and began to diddle her clit and finger her cunt with the other. With her sphincter totally exposed, Duke devoured it. Having more room now, with her check pulled aside and her ass-hole stretched open, Duke turned his head sideways to probe at her shit-hole with his persistent, driving tongue.

“Aaahhhh! Ahhhhhh!” Claire moaned. She cried out her lover’s name, “Duke! Oh, Duke!” Her ass-hole was tingling. Her pussy was tinging.

Claire drove her fingers into her juicy cunt while Duke attacked her ass-hole with his wet, wriggling, pink, flesh. Claire felt the familiar electrical sparks starting somewhere in her nether regions. It grew and expanded as she rubbed her clit faster and faster. She felt it growing from her wet, loose, ass-hole to her firm, swollen, clitoris. Duke never stopped. First her ass and then her pussy. With two tasty treats presented to him, he couldn’t say focused on either of them for long. Finally, Duke managed to wiggle the tip of his tongue into her ass.

Claire came.

“Nnnnnnngggghhhh!” She came with her asshole tingling, her pussy gushing, and her body trembling. She shoved two fingers deep inside of her while smashing her clit with her palm. “Ooooohhhhh! Fuuuuuukkkkk!” she cried as she orgasmed. Her soft teenage thighs began to quiver as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss crashed over her. She fucked herself furiously. She rubbed her clit harder, circling her engorged nub with her thumb. Her belly began to heave. She pushed out her ass and cunt, begging Duke for more of his fabulous tongue.

Duke ate her cunt like a starving mongrel as she gushed sweet, teenage juices into his waiting mouth. “Ohhh. Lick-the-Bitch, Duke, Lick-Your-Fucking-Bitch!” Claire cried out as she came again. The feeling was so intense, she closed her eyes tightly until she saw stars.

Claire brought her thighs together and clamped her hand over her still spasming cunt. She was finished. “Ooooooohhhhhh,” she sighed. “Aaaaaaaaahhhh! That was so good, boy!”

Claire basked in the afterglow of her orgasm. Besides her deep, satisfied breathing, the only sound was Duke’s incessant lapping and probing of her ass-hole his tongue. Her sphincter was not as sensitive as her pussy right now, so she let Duke continue to work his tongue into her rose-bud. She protected her spent pussy with her hand until Duke somehow sense his owner was done and pulled away.

With a sigh, Claire touched her ass-hole with her fingers. It was wet, soft and slightly gaping. She pushed in her finger, noticing how easily went in. “Wow, Duke, you really like licking ass! I liked it too. A lot!” Claire poked at her hole, wondering why she had never played with it before.

But, with her ass still in the air, Duke instinctively knew what to do next. He had sniffed his bitch, licked his bitch, and now it was time to fuck his bitch. Duke sniffed her sex long and deep. Then he gave Claire a few licks across her fingers and stepped back.

Claire assumed Duke was finished and took her protective hand away from her pussy.

Duke jumped on her exposed, raised, ass.

“Duke? Claire giggled. “What are you doing? Get off of me, you big goof!”

Duke climbed higher and wrapped his paws around Claire’s waist. Duke humped his hard cock against her, trying to find the warm, wet hole he knew was there. His dick poked her ass cheek, then slid below her soaking wet cunt, his cock spreading her pussy lips. He felt her wetness and her heat. He was so close! Just once more and he would finally be able to slam his cock into his little bitch!

Claire’s eyes widened with surprise. She felt Duke’s cock sliding against her pussy. She knew what he was going to do next.


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