Sue - Part 2 The wife is used by Billybobnasty

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She lasted 8 days, on day 9 she put on a short skirt, halter neck top and headed over to the office. Mike and Wes were there and feigned surprise to see Sue. Well look it's our little slut, what can we do for you?' Mike said ‘I need some product', she said, 'um can I buy some?

Well I don’t sell from here and I have a discerning network, so if you can find a distributor then great, just bear in mind our clientele usual frequent some dark places, so you may have to adjust that snooty attitude of yours. 'Um, ok' she said, 'but can I have some now just to tide me over?'

'Do I look like a fucking charity to you', Mike snapped. 'You were a stuck up, nasty cunt in school and now you want free shit? You want product you have to earn it. Tell you what I will do. You tell Wes and I what you want us to do to you and based on how good it sounds we will agree to give you either 1, 2 or 3 teaspoons when you’re done'. The better it sounds the more you get.

Sue knew she was in trouble but her body ached, her heart was racing and all she could consider was her next fix. 'Ok Mike, I will give you a blowjob' she said. 'That’s all you got?' he replied, 'then fuck off now'. 'I can get blow jobs any day of the week. You got one chance to tell me in detail what you want before I kick your skinny ass out of here'

Sue took a deep breath' I want you to flip me onto my back on your desk lift up my skirt and stick your big cock into my hot wet cunt and fuck me long slow and hard'. 'Better', he said... 'And Wes?' Wes spoke up, 'I’ll make it easy bitch. Suck my cock and if you get it in your throat with your tongue touching my balls I will give you 2 spoons'. 'Ooh good one' said Mike '..and for a shag, I will give you 1 spoon....but its dependent on your performance, in fact Wes get the camera, I want Sue to be our pornstar for the day'. Sue was about to butt in, but Mike cut her off, 'or you can leave?' he said... Sue lowered her head..

Wes turned the camera on and pointed it at Sue, and Mike began to speak.

'What’s your name honey?'


'How old are you',


'What are you doing here?'

'I am going to be fucked by you and give him a deep throat blowjob'

'Do you like sucking cock Sue?'


'Do you like being fucked?'


'Can I fuck you in the ass?'


'Ok, just thought I’d ask'

'Ok Honey, let’s see what you got'. Sue removed her clothes and stood by the desk. Mike walked over and pushed her to her knees, 'better get it wet before I slam it in', he said. Sue removed his jeans and sat on her heels staring open mouthed at the biggest, thickest cock she had ever seen, it was huge and she was barely able to get it into her mouth, so she did the best she could by licking the shaft and licking his balls.

'You like that bitch?' Asked mike, 'hmm' she said nodding. 'Ok up you get'. Mike placed her on her back at the edge of the table he grabbed her ankles and held them in a wide v, placing his cock at the entry of her cunt.

'What do you want' Mike said, the camera focused on her face, 'I want you to fuck me' Sue said. 'How?' he said, 'long and hard' she replied,

'What do you want me to do?', 'Stick your big cock deep in my cunt and fuck me' she said. Wes panned back and mike stuck his cock slowly into her soaked pussy, it took a while to get it all in but eventually he filled her cunt and began to fuck her hard. She had never felt so filled. She held onto the side of the desk to grind her clit into Mikes cock as he fucked her, her tits bouncing wildly as each stroke slapped into her. Mike pulled one leg up to his shoulder and smacked Sues arse. 'What do you want' he said... 'Fuck me' she replied, 'louder' he said and smacked her arse again, 'fuck I' she shouted, 'now keep saying it'

'Fuck me Mike, fuck me hard, that’s right fuck me deep with that big man cock’.... Sue couldn’t help herself, she needed product but she also needed a good fucking and she needed to get Mike and Wes done before she could get some.... 'That’s it Mike fuck me, fill me with your cum'...

Mike was ready, so he pulled his cock out and walked over to her head and said open your mouth... he came thick and strong, covering her face is his jizz and the camera closed in.

Wes handed the camera to mike and pulled Sue up to the end of the table with her head hanging off the end. Before she knew what was happening his cock was inside her mouth fucking her face with his cock pushing at her tonsils. Mike had panned back and was focused on her face, the big cock sliding in and out getting deeper with each stroke while Mikes cum slowly dribbled up her face and into her hair. Wes had his hands pinning Sue’s arms down and was sliding deeper and deeper into her throat, careful enough to let her breath and rough enough to drive his big cock into her throat. Eventually he got there, his balls were slapping her nose as he thrust his cock all the way down her throat with Sue making gargling and gulping noises. On camera her throat would bulge visibly each time he was fully inserted and it wasn’t long before he too added a load all over Sues face. She sat up, exhausted with the camera focused on her face.

'What do you say Sue?'

Thank you guys, can I have my product now, and three teaspoons were spooned into her mouth.

Sue walked out, for the first time in days she felt alive, her pussy ached, in a good way, she felt on top of the world and yet she knew this wasn't right based on the acts she had just performed. Sadly the cycle repeated itself...she was fine for a few days, horny as fuck, but her toys took care of her needs but as the days wore on they were less and less effective, and she needed more, she knew what she needed, and despite her valiant attempts at resistance she eventually found herself back at the warehouse. She walked in and to her disgust she walked in on Neil with his cock out watching the video they had made of her the last time she was in. 'Well hello cock loving slut, what can I do for you?'

'I need to speak to Mike',

'He's not here, back in a few days'.

'Um James?'.... 'The same'. 'And Wes'..... 'Back next week'...

Sue was screwed, she needed product but she knew Neil would not make is easy.

'Um can I buy some product' she said. 'Of course u can', Sue felt relief run through her body. 'Give me 10 minutes for me to do any shit I want to you and you can have 3 spoons'

..... Her heart sank. 3 spoons was a lot and would tide her over for days, but Neil...really...

'Like what' she asked. 'I promise nothing below the waist' he said staring at her big tits... 'Your choice cunt'...she knew she had no choice....

'Take off you top and sit on the sofa'. She obeyed as he set up the camera set the timer for 10 minutes and turned it on.

'What's your name', Sue she replied.... 'No it's not its cock sucking whore.... What's your name?' 'Cock sucking whore' she said.... 'Louder and into the camera'...

'I'm a cock sucking whore'. Neil walked over to her and pulled her up then onto her knees by her hair. 'Hands behind your head' he said and he slapped and smacked her big tits.

'Ask me to spank your tits'

'Neil, please will you spank my tits', so he went at them, spanking them hard with her hands clasped behind her head she was powerless to stop the assault on her big DD tits. Once they were glowing red he worked on her nipples twisting pinching and pulling them up and away from her body. He then pulled out his short thick smelly cock and stuck it in her mouth. He had hold of her clasped hands and so she was powerless to stop his thrusts into her mouth, his pubes rubbing her nose, his short cock nowhere near her throat.

He looked at the timer and it showed 3 minutes to go. Her reached over and grabbed a neck tie from the desk and started to tie it around the base of one of her big tits slowly and tightly until her tit was pushed outwards. He then went back to her mouth holding her hands behind her head and started spanking the tied tit. This caused Sue to resist but her shouts were cut off by his cock and the harder he smacked the more she bucked, the more he liked it. One final loud crack across her purple nipple and he filled her mouth with cum and stepped back to admire his work. Sue had cum leaking from her mouth onto 1 red tit and 1 purple tit, rapidly trying to release the purple one from its bounds.

3 spoons as agreed he said and popped them into her mouth mixing with his cum, forcing her to swallow some of the foul tasting liquid...

Sue was trapped in a spiral of elation and depression. When she was on the product she was on cloud nine, when she was off of it all she could think about was being fucked as the only thing that gave her respite from the withdrawal symptoms. Mike and his guys knew this and played it to perfection every few days she would turn up and they would find new ways to use her body and humiliate her. She was in one day where they had decided that she could only have some product if she licked it off their balls, so she spent an hour going from man to man licking a small amount of product off each of their balls her tits hanging beautifully as she crawled around from man to man giving tem ample opportunity to spank her ass and her tits at will.

Then James spoke up. 'I’ve got an idea, why don’t we get Tracy over to give those tits a once over?' 'Oh nice idea' said Mike. They called Tracy and 10 minutes later she turned up with her friend Tina. Tina had known Sue at school and had been another one of her victims, so she was delighted to see the class honey reduced to being the team ball licker.

Rating: 90%, Read 37489 times, Posted Aug 30, 2016

Fantasm | Cum Swallowing, Reluctance, Wife


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