The Ride Home_(1) by BIG+CHOCOLATE

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Fantasy | Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Female, Male, Oral Sex

I had off that day...all that day I was readin porn storiez...I most of

read ova 6 storiez...I was really bored that...but I couldn't help

it...I had to beat my dick a couple of times to relieve sum

frustration...I fantasized bout u tha whole day and I knew if I saw u

sumthin would happen...later on that day I received a email sayn how u

missd how good my dick felt in ur pussy...that took tha cake readin

that...I wantd 2 fuck u so bad n I knew I had 2 see I suprised u

at ur soon u got in tha car...u noticed that I had on a new

body spray and it turnd u on a lil...u gave me a lil kiss on da lipz n u

could taste da strawberry lip balm...but I wouldn't let dat slide...I

had 2 get a good tension startd buildin up...u sensed that

sumthin was up n u askd wha made me cum get chu n I said that I wantd to

see u...u didn't completely buy it but was happy 2 see me...u told me I

smelld real good n u had a bit of a hard day at work n u wantd me to

massage ur body...I figured I could do a lil sumthin while we were in

tha car so I told u to put ya seat back...I unzippd ya pantz at tha

1st red light n b startd massagin ur pussy...afta a minute of goin in a

circular motion u moaned n said that feelz good as hell n plez don't

crash...but I could multi task so it wasn't we approachd tha

parkway, I insertd a finger in to ur pussy, damn ur pussy felt wet, I had

to taste it so I suckd on my finger...doin that seemd to turn u on even

more...I startin fingerin u again but dis time I put in 2 fingerz,

that's sumthin I normally don't do but from tha way u actd, it seemd

like it sent thrillz thru ya body...momentz lata u came all over my

fingerz, I felt ur cum squirt out n I was jealous of my hand becuz I

wantd u to cum in my mouth...I suckd my fingerz again this time tastin

ur tastd so good...I wantd to pull da car ova n fuck u right

there...but I couldn't...nex thing I kno, u pulld my dick out n startd

suckin it...u lickd around my head n in tha hole of tip of my

dick...then u suck on the suck as if it was a straw...u took ya hand n

startd beatin my dick wit my dick in ya mouth...damn it felt good as

hell...u took ya hand off my dick n moved ya mouth lower n used ya hand

to massage my ballz...da sensation I was gettin felt fuckn great...I

wantd to fuck u but I was stil driven although we were almost home...u

took my dick out ya mouth n startd beatin it real fast, up n down makin

me precum, u saw that n lckd it up n continued beatin for a min...I

heard u breathe in real deep n u put my dick back in ya mouth but went

farther down, tha farther u went tha betta it felt...nex thing I kno ur

mouth felt bomb as fuck n I noticed u took it all tha way down...I knew

I wouldnt be able to last if u kept doin that...we finally arrived at

tha house but I didn't wanna go n I break tha tension I parkd

tha car n put my seat back...I archd my hips up so it would be easier

for u to suck...tha way u moved ur head up n down made my body feel so

good...I began caressin ur breast n tha movement from that made u suck

harder n faster...u took anotha breather n took my dick back in ya mouth

deep throatin it while u rubbd on my ballz...I moand out loud nonchantly

that sumbody heard...within a min or 2 u felt my dick swell upn begin 2

cum...I grabbd tha back of ur head n whisperd um bout to cum...u kept my

dick all da way down n startd shakn ya head left to right...da movement

felt so good..."oh fuck" i said, u suckd harder...ummmm

cuminnnnnnnnn...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...I came in da back of the throat...u

continued to suck as nut kept comin out...u suckd my dick until it

became too sensitive for tha touch of ur lipz n I laid there

thinkin bout wha happend...u kissd me on tha lipz n said letz go

upstairz now...u thot it was ova but it wasn' soon as we got

in...I rippd ya clothez off in a sec...pickd u up n threw u on tha

bed...I put my finger back in ya pussy n beagn fingerin u in a cicrle

motion wit my finger curvd a finger goin in n out of ur wet

pussy got my dick hard again but I wantd to eat ur pussy as good as u

suckd my dick...then I put in my otha finger...jus from that u startd

moanin out loud as hell...I moved my body sidewayz towardz urz n lickd

ur clit, u moand out loud enuff for tha neighborz 2 hear...neitha 1 of

us cared so I lickd ur clit faster...I moved my fingerz n lickd ur clit

in a rthymic motion, at 1st slow then I speeded up creating a sensation

thru ur body that was goin to create the ultimate orgasm...I suckd on ur

clit n rammd my fingerz in ur pussy so hard that a min later, u startd

yellin out loud as hell....oh my god...brandonnnnnn...ummmm

cummiiinnnnnnnn....ohhhhh shyttttttttttttttttttttttttttt...I felt ur

sweet juicez squirt into my mouth n onto my my tongue workd

itz way round ur hole, I felt ur body tremble...I took my fingerz out ur

soakd pussy n put 1 in ur mouth so u could taste ur own juicez...u suckd

hard on my finger as if it was my dick...I got up n u noticed my dick

was hard again...I grabbd my dick n startd 2 slowy beat it in front of

u...ur eyez widened when u saw it n I read ur mind...I wantd my dick in

ur pussy da same as u...I told u to come near me...I said lick it for a

min...u obliged n dun more...u licked around my head n swallow my dick in

ur mouth...I pushd down on ya head a lil n u took it deep as if u was

tryn to get me to cum in ya mouth again...then u said my nut taste good

n u wantd sum more, I chuckled n said there alwayz sum for u to drink n

if u want sum all u hav 2 do iz I alwayz said dis iz ur

dick...I couldn't take it no more...I wantd sum pussy real bad at that

moment...I moved my hipz back takin my dick out ya mouth, u had a

confused look in ya eyez...I push u down n got on top of u real quik...I

startd suckn on ur left titty, in circles then lightly bitin tha

nipple...then I startd rubbin my dick around your pussy,rubbin my dick

up n down ur clit...tha sound of ur moanz made my dick harder than it

was. i took my dick and rubbed it up and down your pussy lips. i then inserted just the tip of my dick in your pussy, grabbed my dick and started shakin it. i do that so i can get your juices on my dick to make it nice n wet and seeing that you alreay nutted twice, so there was alot there. i couldnt wait any more, i eased my dick in your soakin wet pussy. the warmth that i felt was so overwhelming that i thought i could blow my load that instant. i let the nice sensationz go thru our bodies for a sec and then i went to work on ya ass. i pulled you by your legs closer up on my dick. then rammed ur pussy jus to her you moan. i leaned over you, bent ur leg back towards ya head so i hit ya spot. i took a couple of slow strokes and then a couple of hard rams jus to keep you off balance. i asked you how you wanted ya dick for the remainder of our sex session. you said "you want my chococolate with the cream in the middle". i gave u exactly wha you wanted. i rolled us over, so you would be on top. i decided to give you tha chocolate first. you kno i like it when u ride my dick cuz nobody does it better than you. you put a pillow under my butt, and jumped on my dick and rode me crazy. all that back and forth movement sent tingles from my dick to my ballz. i looked up and noticed you was rubbin your breast with your left hand and suckin on your right titty. damn dat shyt turned me on even more than i already was. i started buckin my hips up n down to meet ur back and forth movement. i felt your pussy tighten up, i knew you were going to cum again, but i wanted this one to feel real good so i made you get up. i moved over to then end of the bed, sat on the edge pulled u down to my dick, wrapped you legs around me, put my arms under ur legs and leaned back. what happened was so incredible. i pulled your legs towards me one time and you let a moan i know the neighbors heard. i'm pulling your legs harder and faster, your pussy was feeling so fuckin good and i know i felt the same for you because i was hitting your g spot. when i hit your spot it doesnt take long for you to cum. i still didnt want you to cum yet. i sitted up so we would be face to face, you looked me in the eyes and gave me a passionate kiss, then dug your nails in my back. then i moved my legs in and out makin you go up and down on my dick. it felt so good but i had to lay back down to hit ya spot again. pullin your legs again, hittin you spot, you gripped my chest and dug your nails in as i hit your spot again sendin you into a orgasmic heaven. the increase of wetness notified me of you orgasm. i let you catch your breath for a sec while i slowy continue to fuck you. i picked you up with my dick still in you, fucked you against the wall for awhile, boucin you on my dick, watchin your tittyz jiggle just did things to me. i put you down and you got on all fours over the bed. i rammed my dick in you and fucked you like crazy, making you you scream. i reached over grabbed you breast pinchin your nipples made you screamin a little louder. i took my dick out and smacked it against you ass for a second. then rammed you again, you had moved your head back and i grabbed you by your hair and fucked da shyt out of you. to increase you pleasure and put my thumb on your butthole and rubbed it around in a few circles while i fucked you. all the pleasure sent you into another orgasm and it was time for your cream fillin. i told to suck my dick again, you oblidged and took it all the way iin your mouth sendin me into a wave a pleasure and i instantly came in your mouth. i never had a feelin like that before. while um cummin in your mouth, you sucked on the head an beated it to get all da cream fillin you wanted. damn dat felt good, u sure knew how to make me feel good. you licked me clean until my dick went limp. we layed there on the bed lookin at each other then decided to take a nap for awhile. when we woke up sumthin else had happened...but thatz for another story.

Rating: 30%, Read 51297 times, Posted Mar 17, 2006

Fantasy | Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Female, Male, Oral Sex


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