Pet Companion - Chapter 1 by Little+Sadei

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Science-Fiction | Alien, Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Extreme, Monster

Chapter 1

My Very Own Pet Tentacle Monster

I was working on my computer late one night just skimming different videos and some inappropriate sites. The ones you only view when you are alone. It was on one of those sites that I came across one that seemed a bit different. “Perfect Companion”, it read and had a form to select different characteristics for your pet. I found it interesting because the theme was featured around silly tentacle monsters. They may not be my favorite style of porn, but I didn’t have anything better to watch.

I started to fill out the form as if it was a character building game. Information about how the pet would need to feed with me at least three times a day. Re-reading that part indicated that sexual contact was how it feeds. There was also describing how the owner of the pet would be granted upgraded genetic features. It included perfect cell reproduction (AKA eternal youth), faster recovery time and durability to enjoy your pet to the fullest, even a energy consumption upgrade to remove unnecessary waste. It even gave options to modify yourself if you wanted to change something.

I look down at myself for a moment and shrug, I was pretty happy with my own body. I may stand five foot two inches, but it fits me well. My chest are perky enough and have a round shape; giving a guy a nice handful, if i ever could get a guy. I could see each barbell piercing in my nipples push against my shirt fabric, my own modification I got years ago. My hair was long brown and hung to my mid lower back. Being a 130 pounds felt like a good weight, even if i did cuss the scale out after the holidays. My deep emerald green eyes complimented my soft smile.

I continued reviewing the pet characteristics more thoroughly. Picturing in my mind what I would want in a perfect tentacle companion. My first thoughts was it should be human looking, having the soft features of a pretty girl. I have a soft spot for slime creatures and saw that it was available as well. Green was the best color, it would be perfect if she was a green slime girl. Her size should be shorter than me though, don’t need a giant creature following me around. Sapient intelligence ment she would be smart and aware of new things. We might even be able to converse with each other. I let out a deep sign realizing that she would become my only real friend in this boring world. This feature would not impede her very loyal and submissive nature.

The next part was describing the tentacles themselves. I did not know if it would be what I wanted but it felt right for her to have six of them that protrude from her back. I chose to have exotic tips, meaning each was a different shape. A knot for those naughty things. I giggle to myself at the computer, wondering how dirty I could make her. Maybe add a hole for herself so if I ended up with a boyfriend we could share her. I was starting to have a lot of fun at making my own tentacle companion and kept moving through the form.

It had a section for perks. I quickly chose two right away, for it to have extra cum production and fluid production for me. I secretly get jealous of those girls in porn that get so wet they seem to shoot it out. I figured why not get my chance with this pet. The pet could also have a sensitivity touch added, that helped make everywhere it touches along a person to be its own erogenous zone. I shivered a little in my chair about that thought. I continued through the perks part and quickly clicked on the cum being nourishing enough to survive on and able to taste like I want. “Cotton Candy”, i said to myself while choosing this.

The next section of the form said it was for drawbacks. I found this list to be almost as interesting as any of the other. “Fucked silly, I don’t think a guy has ever fucked me silly”, i said as I picked it next. I then clicked on messy, figuring it was worth it to have fun. And then corruption. I saw a draw back for nightmares and hesitated. I haven’t had dreams in a long time, it felt empty for my sleep and so when i selected this I felt it was just to have something different in my life. I mean if the pet wasn’t real, it was just a fun way to spend my evening away from the normal porn sites.

Those drawbacks were the end of the form for completion of choosing my pet, but it did have some interesting options for Jobs. I started to read more into it and two of them I felt like would be fun. The first was a pet sitter. Being teleported to be the fuck substitute for somebody else that owned a pet, because they were too tired to fuck their own pet and just wanted a break. The next was prostitution, where individuals would pay you to use your pet themselves. Either because they want to try something new, or have yet to commit to buying their own pet for themselves.

I thought about this whole situation for the form and wonder how this would change my life if it was real. If I woke up one day and this all had been for an actual pet to be mine. I giggle at knowing my good girl life of going to work or seeing my family would be turned upside down when a tentacle girl would be tagging along beside me. It would be quite the change up to my boring life routine. Going to work, sleep, and repeat.

I glanced through my choices a few times unsure if what i picked was what I really wanted. I then noticed a few details about the form. Particular that it seems it was from an alien corporation that chose me to be a free recipient of the pet to help promote the sells of them for earth. That the pet was non-returnable. That the job chosen would be limited to my choice and would not be forced upon me but would cause less money for waiting long times between doing them. The final note was that I could expect my pet to be given to me in person by one of their friendly sales associates when my pet was ready.

I hit submit at the bottom of the form and set back in my chair and just waited. Nothing happened and that was how it went for the rest of the night. I think i forgot about the form only after a few days and was back to my normal day in and day out life style. My job was enjoyable and easy for what it was, however; nothing special ever happens. Around the office, home, when visiting family all was normal. I even forgot about how my dreams had nothing worth remembering. I would substitute excitement in my life with made up stories. Filled with thoughts of a secret office romance or just what kind of food I wanted for dinner. Life was normal.

Some weeks later, standing in front of the bathroom mirror. I was touching up the last bit of lipstick across the edge of my mouth, when I feel a sudden vibration through my whole body. I was not even sure what happened. The mirror in front of me was replaced by open space of a illuminescent room. The lipstick was gone and when my eyes start to focus, I notice my clothes are gone as well. Down to my toes I can see every part of my naked body. However, the barbell piercings that were in each nipple remained. “I”, I say unable to think of anything. I was at a lost for words. Taking in the sights around the room.

The room was actually quite nice. The walls were tall and spacious, each one adorned with electrical looking panels with lots of numbers and symbols. The colors seem to shift a little like a rainbow, but sometimes a color that felt off or unreal shines before shifting to the next. I see a long table positioned off to the left with a pair of chairs. One on either side of the table like in an interview. I blink once and after that a man was sitting at the table. He was reviewing a tablet in front of him. “Wow”, I said.

I figured most people would of freaked out and jumped through their skin at what was happening, but i'm not a very emotional person. Relying on my analytical thoughts and processing to get through life. Although the events happening around me felt very unreal, it did not feel like a dream and that ment I should be quick to figure out what was happening. I have no need to start panicking. The man stood up and extended his hand out to shake. “Good evening Miss April Smith”, the man said, “My name is Amaelas and I represent a particularly popular corporation within this known universe. Perfect Companions.” Amaelas seems to smile big at mentioning his companies name. I take a moment to think about it and sudden memories of that silly little internet form I filled out weeks ago popped into my head. “ don't mean that one about te..” I felt silly saying it but, “Tentacle pets.”

He nodded his head and smiled, “The very one, only 10 humans on your planet were gifted these incredible wonderful pets to be the first promotional event for your planet. It is so sad that the few tentacle creatures you have on your own planet are not even used for such things as pleasure.” He turns the tablet on the table towards the other chair and waved for me to sit. “Now, to finalize the free pet we have to have your signature. As most contracts go, this one is pretty straightforward. Simply sign and your form will be complete.”

I took a second and moved up to the chair. Feeling a little sheepish at having no clothing. I set down in the chair and found it to be a comfortable temperature, almost matching my own skin. I look at the tablet and notice there is a contract, it simply states what he said. No catches, no special restrictions, nothing other then that the pet was non-returnable. I was not sure why, this was going to change everything if I signed it and so I put my finger to the tablet and wrote my name down.

No sooner than the last bit of my name hit the tablet then a small little door opens up across the room and in came the most adorable looking slime girl I could have imagined. She almost had the same features as me and somehow felt like i was looking at a little sister. I took in that she was indeed shorter than me and that each tentacle that extended from her back seemed to have a different shaped tip. I took a deep gulp as this was getting more real by the second. When the little girl looked at me she asked Amaelas. “Is she my new big sister?” her voice came out almost like it was full of fear and excitement. Amaelas nodded, “Of course, and remember you need to feed with her three times a day or you will feel very weak and have trouble controlling yourself.”

The little girl came up to me and took one of my hands into hers. The touch sending a soft little spark up my spine. It felt good, and the way she looked at me with her soft green eyes had me take in a deep breath. Something else was gnawing at the back of my mind, almost like a chant. “More, more, you want more”, I shook that out of my thoughts before I spoke with her, “Hello, my name is April, what is your name?” The little slime girl smiled and then said, “Call me Siix.”

What the girl said next had my heart jump up into my throat. “Can I feed now”, Siix asked. Amaelas puts a hand up and shakes his head no. “Not yet Siix, we need to add her genetic enhancements first. Humans on this planet are not as durable do to a few little faults.” I notice below me a glowing circle appears and turns red. “Just stand please Mrs. Smith so that we can apply the changes”, Amaelas said casually. I did stand, but mostly because the light was so sudden. “What, what enhancement….”, but before I could finish my question a flood of black liquid shot up around my body and washed over me like a wave of mercury.

Siix jumped back a little and put her hands up to her face, looking so worried. “Is she hurt”, Siix asked. “No no, just the micro-nanites are adjusting her cells her human body is born with. It will only….there we go”, Amaelas was unable to even finish explaining what was happening before the entire wave of micro-nanites had engulfed my entire body and then washed back down into the ground. “It really is not to difficult on their species to upgrade them”, Amaelas said smiling.

I look down at my body and although I felt a little different...healthier. I look pretty much the same. “Your form did not request any changes to your appearance, only that we provide the normal upgrades, youthfulness, durability, longer stamina, and the standard waste removal improvement system. Now you won't have to worry about the..” his face turned a little pale, “bathroom.”

Siix looked at me and smiled. “Now I can feed”, as if she was a kid waiting in line to ride a roller-coaster. Amaelas seemed to crack a wicked smile when he nodded his head yes. That was when i was taken back by how fast Siix was. Two of her tentacles slid across towards me and quickly wrap around my legs. Two more slide around my arms and we seem to pull together as she moves up closer. I watch as her cute little slime mouth opens up and wraps her delicate lips around the tip of my left nipple and begins to suck, lick and tease my barbell piercings. As ever part of her skin that touched mine drove a pleasant feeling all through my body. That same little chant was louder in my head now, “more, more, you want more.”

“Siix…”, i mumble. Her eyes look up at me and smile. That's when i felt it, her fifth tentacle was pushing up to my slit. As the head of her appendage caressed slowly along the line of it, a wave of pleasure built up suddenly and I could feel how my body was starting to leak down my thighs. “I...this is…”, but before my thoughts could even formulate a sentence her six and final tentacle pushed itself into my open mouth. As the taste of her pre-cum dripped out of her oddly shaped head it hit me with the most sweet flavor I could imagine of cotton candy.

Siix let go of my breast with her mouth and then spoke softly, “I'm going to feed with you now.” She said it almost with the empathy to understand how I was feeling. Scared, shocked, unsure of what was happening, but mostly, a desire to be with my pet for the first time and it be OK. As her eyes lock with mine, looking past that round knot just pushing against my lips. I felt her plunge her fifth tentacle deep into the tight folds of my pussy.

My gosh did I cum from her touching the depth of my cunt. As the head touched deep into my cervix, I felt a wave of pleasure gush from my pussy. I could hear how it dripped and splashed all over her tentacle and even against her little body. Once, twice, three times, her tentacle was sliding in and out of me. I could feel her knot pushing against my entrance every time. The way the tip was shaped felt like it was able to dip into the hole of my cervix and drip her pre-cum inside my womb. I let out a moan around her tentacle in my mouth and that caused Siix to shutter her body. “Sister…, that felt good”, Siix whispered before looking up at me with a glazed over look of lust.

Then she let go of my arm with one tentacle and slid it across my chest. Dragging the tip along each nipple. Her pre-cum dripping in a long slimy trail as it did. It felt amazing, her touch was driving my skin wild with pleasure and it would always send a shock of it to my crotch. I felt her push her tentacle deep into my pussy again and hold it for a second as she let out a cute little scream. Then the knot slid pass my pussy lips and swelled suddenly. “Im sorry, i can’t hold it in any more”, Siix moaned and the first volley of her cum erupted inside of me. This was more pleasure then any guy had given me. More than any girl even. As the gush of cum splattered and filled my insides I let out a deep moan and could feel my pussy start to gush my own juices out around her knot.

Then her tentacle in my mouth swelled and I felt my teeth dig into her soft slime skin of the base. Siix started to pour her cum inside me. It was so much, tastes so good, and was so satisfying. My eyes felt like they were rolling back when her other tentacles started to just gush out cum all over my body, her body, and a bunch all over the floor.

I glance over at Amaelas and saw how he was simply working on his tablet and had taken a step back just outside of the spurting range of Siix’s cum shots. The smile on his face though let me know he was very happy with the results. “Messy, not many people pick messy so Siix was very happy when you chose her”, he said with that same smile. I look down at Siix who was breathing heavy, almost as if she was worn out. However, her tentacles suddenly change around and this time one is wrapped around my whole upper body and two are turning me around and put me down into a downward dog position. “Not enough”, Siix moans and with her fifth tentacle she pulls on it hard to pop the knot out of my pussy.

A gush of her cum splatters on the ground and then she takes the fourth tentacle and start sliding it in and out of my pussy. This time faster and harder. One of the tentacles around my leg lets go and i feel it glide the round bumpy head along the back of my thigh, across my ass and then pushes the head of its slimy tip against my back door. My gosh was she going to go…”Mmmmm”, Siix moans out in her cute little voice as it pushes into my ass. The fourth tentacle keeps fucking my pussy.

I came again, but instead of a big wave of pleasure peaking and then coming down. The tentacle in my ass had me suddenly feeling another orgasm. Then my pussy gushes when her tentacle in there wiggles against my cervix causing a third orgasm. I can feel the warm cum dripping inside my pussy. In and out, faster and faster. Wave after wave of pleasure was hitting my body all over. Her tentacles made my body feel so hot. I look at Amaelas one last time before feeling Siix push her two tentacles inside of me hard. The knots on each one pushes past each opening and locks her tentacles inside.

“Im going to Cum Siix”, i barely utter out loud through a heavy moan, cumming so hard I can feel my pussy and ass quivering all around Siix’s tentacles. As I cum Siix suddenly moves faster in and out of my pussy. The knot making it feeling like a jackhammer slamming against my pussy’s back wall as it was unable to pull out. No sooner than feeling the next orgasm, another floods my body. Then a another, and another….i was cumming to fast to count and my pussy was now just simply dripping and pouring all over the floor of the room with juices. Siix took her sixth tentacle and brought it up to her own mouth. I could hear her little voice as she licked the tip, “So good, my sister is so good...I love my big sister.”

The tentacle that was wrapped around my upper body slithers further around until the tip was facing my mouth. I was in a half daze and unable to do more than moan. That little voice in my head was still chanting, “More, more, you want more.” I watched as the tip of her tentacle was starting to pulse. I could see a white fluid start to shoot up the length of it all the way to the tip. As the white fluid hit the end of the head I felt and heard Siix cum herself. “Ahhhhhh”, her voice echoed in the room and then I saw her thick hot liquid splash against my face, into my mouth and all over my breast. My ass felt the gush of cum fill my ass and start to flow through my insides with her thick nourishing cum. My pussy was locked with her knot and was almost swelling with how much was pouring into my womb.

After what felt like a gallon of cum spraying my face I saw it had slowed to a few drops. It was now beading over the end of her tentacle’s bulbous shape head. Then slowly she pulled on the knot in my ass. I moan a little when it finally gets free and a bit of cum leaks out. The one in my pussy follows and I can hear her cum splatter on the ground as it drips out of my body. With a few slow motions Siix unwraps my chest and leg freeing me from her grasp. Amaelas walks up to me and leans down looking at my face. I was breathing heavy, slow and suddenly realise I had been fucked silly. I take a moment to look up at him and push myself up to all fours. “That...was a good choice”, i mumble.

Siix suddenly brings her hands up to her mouth and starts to cry. I turn and look at her and notice she was covered in her own cum from the tentacle she was licking. I ask, “What's wrong Siix?” Siix simply jumps at me and hugs me tight. “I was so worried you would hate me if I fed on you”, Siix said. I shake my head and pat her slime back. “No, I think you are perfect the way you are.” Suddenly as we both hug each other I feel my whole body vibrate and looking around I see I am in my bathroom. My body was still naked and Siix was still hugging me.

“Were back already”, I say to myself as we both stand up. All of Siix’s cum that was inside of me was still leaking out, but any that had been covering my body or Siix’s was gone. As we look around the bathroom Siix suddenly jumps with joy. “I did it, I finally got a big sister”, she said. Her tentacles bounce around in arches and waves behind her back. I just stood there looking at my very own pet. What was my world going to be like with her around? I suddenly felt my toes tingle with memories of what happened just moments ago and thought to myself, “Fucked silly was a good choice.”

Rating: 95%, Read 77356 times, Posted Apr 25, 2019

Science-Fiction | Alien, Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Extreme, Monster


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