Persuading the Girl Next Door 2 by base13

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Persuading the Girl Next Door

Chapter Two

The next day at school I started thinking about how I could push Kim into doing what I wanted, sometimes with out even saying it. Could I do that with others? I tried a few simple things, pushing someone to put their pencil down, or close their book. It didn’t work very well but as I kept trying people started doing these things. They didn’t seem to realize what was being done to them, simply thinking they had absent mindedly done something dumb.

I was also thinking about the loss of my afternoon play time with Kim. It never occurred to me that I could have tried with another girl; At that point I was fixated on Kim and did not want anyone else.

By the end of the day I had learned how to get people to do innocuous things, scratching their ear, shuffling their feet, simply by thinking and giving them a “push”. I didn’t try anything that would be obvious as I was worried about being caught. Of course a teacher would never have figured out I was doing anything but at that age I believed teachers had some mysterious method of finding these things out.

After school I played by myself in too much of a bad mood to go looking for friends. My prick was hard thinking about what I would be doing if Kim was home and finally, in desperation, I took it out and began stroking it as she had. It was nothing compared to her hands, much less her lips, but I quickly shot a load into a tissue. After that I was able to concentrate on homework and the rest of the evening.

The next day I continued to practice controlling people. At lunch I sat with one of the guys from my class and pushed him to tell me what he knew about sex. He didn’t know much and I wasn’t sure if I believed it all. He did talk about putting a penis inside a girls pussy and that was how babies were made. I thought about that and the idea of Kim being pregnant and decided not to risk it. I was pretty happy with what we were doing and didn’t feel any need to try that.

Walking home from school was hard because I was hard. Anticipating my afternoon with Kim had my dick making a tent in my pants and me looking forward to releasing it. I dumped my books and headed out to the playhouse. She was not there and for a moment I envisioned a repeat of yesterday but then she came bouncing in and stood there waiting.

This time I took my pants and underwear completely off before sitting down. She kneeled between my legs and started sucking. I was breathing hard in a minute and spurting into her mouth in two. I had her keep going and I thought that as I had missed yesterday I deserved a second cum. I only partially softened but soon she had me completely hard again and was sucking up and down vigorously.

At this point I was more relaxed and enjoying the look of her lips going up and down my wet shaft. Her cheeks were caved in from the suction she was applying and I could feel drool running down my balls. Her eyes were closed and she worked me up and down with a patient determination.

After five minutes I was starting to feel really good and knew that if she kept up this pace I would be cumming again. I had her slow down to prolong the feeling. In spite of the slower pace the sensations she was giving me became so strong it was all I could do to resist. My hips started to move trying to get her to stroke faster and I had to fight to control them.

When I could stand it no longer I had her resume the rapid up and down sucking. In three strokes I began spasm into her lips. After the last spurt she sucked hard on the head and my whole body jerked from the sensation. She gave a final swallow and than sat back waiting.

I lay there panting as if I had been the one working instead of having it done for me. Eventually I calmed down and thought about how I had cum two times in a row. I was learning new things each day.

Yesterday and today I had been planning what I wanted to do the next time we were together. I had her start undressing and sat back to enjoy the show. She didn't stop until she was entirely nude and then I had her lay on the floor.

I moved forward to kneel next to her and stared down at her body. Her breasts had flattened out and didn't look as big. Her pussy had changed since the last time I had seen it years ago. She had hare down there and the lips were fuller and darker.

She looked up at me and spoke for the first time, saying please don't fuck me. I told her I was not going to fuck her but would make her feel good like I had previously. She relaxed and said OK. Leaning over I kissed her on the lips while my hand began rubbing her boobs.

I kissed my way down to her nipples and began to suck and lick them. My hand slid down across her belly and cupped her mound. I know, I should have stroked up and down her thighs but what did I know about foreplay? The last time I had done this she still had her panties on and it was certainly more exciting to feel her naked pussy.

I continued to nuzzle and suck on her tits as my hand began to explore her slit. Without the panties there was much more to feel and explore. There were outer lips, inner lips, now getting slippery, and down below an opening. Was this where a penis went to make babies? She tensed up when I slid a finger into her opening but then relaxed as I worked just the tip inside her. I would have to study this more but for now I wanted her to cum.

Remembering the “spot”, I worked my way back up her slit until I found a bump. She inhaled sharply when I touched it and I began rubbing it gently with my slippery fingers. Kim began to breath faster and after a minute began moving her hips in response to my stimulation. Her movements grew more violent and eventually she arched upward, moaned, and then relaxed. I slowed and then stopped my fingering and sat up to look at her.

I felt a strong sense of pride ad being able to make her cum like that. If it felt anything like what she did for me then I knew she must be feeling pretty good right now. I was going to wait a few minutes and then have her suck me because I was hard again.

But then I wondered if she could cum twice like I had. I started rubbing up and down her slit again and when my fingers were wet again I moved them to her clit. She responded quickly and in just a few minutes of rubbing her hips were moving again. I was enjoying looking at her pussy as I rubbed it. The inner lips were bigger and darker and she glistened with wetness. In less than two minutes she was cumming again.

It took me longer to cum each time until I finally had to take a break to recover but she seemed to take less time! Could she cum again? I wet my thumb and put it on her clit and began rubbing it in circular motions. She responded immediately. I was shocked when I felt her hand reach out and grab my erection. I had not even been thinking of her doing that. She began stroking up and down with her hand as I continued to rub her bump.

Stretching my index finger down I inserted just the tip into her hole and she came again! I began stroking my index finger in and out of her opening while my thumb continued to rub her clit and she came two more times. Then it was all too much for me and I shot off. She aimed my cum onto her chest and, as her hips churned, as we both came.

Finally I stopped rubbing her and lay down next to her. I think she could have continued but I lay there not wanting to move. Eventually she got up, found thee towel from two days ago and began cleaning herself. Kim dressed and then came over to me, kissed my on the lips, and then left.

What was weird was that I was not pushing her to do any of this. Having her active cooperation was new but I wasn’t complaining. I used the same towel to wipe the tip of my penis, got dressed and went home. I dumped the towel in the laundry. All through dinner and the evening I wondered what would be next.

Rating: 95%, Read 203873 times, Posted May 09, 2014

Fiction | Blowjob, Mind Control, Teen Female, Teen Male


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