Mary And Stephanie 1 by Piscean

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Fiction | BDSM, Body modification, Domination, Female, Lesbian, Submission

Mary was 24 years old and was new to teaching. In fact she had graduated just over 2 years ago but had only obtained her first teaching post last year. She had enjoyed those first few months teaching 16 and 17 year olds as she could easily relate to their dreams, aspirations and backgrounds being only a little older than they were.

Mary lived alone in her rented flat, and this suited her. She had had relationships with other students at college, even with one of the professors there, but none had lasted longer than 3 weeks. She didn’t really know what she wanted from a relationship, but she knew that none of the men in her life had so far been able to satisfy her fully. Consequently, she immersed herself completely in her first teaching post. The students liked Mary. She was very attractive. She was 5’ 8”, had shoulder length red hair, an amazing figure with a 38” bust, and dressed very trendily.

It was Friday afternoon, and she had returned to her flat after an enjoyable day at school, and she was looking forward to a weekend of total relaxation. As she undressed, she reflected on her day. Stephanie, one of her 17 year old students, had expressed an interest in teaching and had been looking for Mary’s advice about entering the profession. She had quizzed Mary about college life, especially the social side. Mary stepped into the shower and remembered how delicious the young girl had smelled. She wondered what perfume she had been wearing as it had sent her senses reeling.

Everything about Stephanie was so exciting. Her poise and dignity. Her long blonde hair. Her pert little breasts with nipples so hard that they were clearly visible through her school blouse. Her lovely kissable lips. She realised that she shouldn’t be thinking such thoughts about a student who was under her care. But she couldn’t help it. She wondered if Stephanie had noticed the way she had been looking at her body. As Mary washed herself, she rubbed her own erect nipples with the palms of her hands. She had never had a relationship with another woman, let alone a schoolgirl, but she couldn’t get the image of Stephanie out of her head. One of her hands moved slowly down over her stomach, down towards her neatly trimmed ginger bush. She rubbed her fingers dreamily through her bush towards her moist lips. Finding the opening to her pussy, she slowly slipped her middle finger inside, closing her eyes in pleasure as she did so, and moved her other hand down until the tip of her finger found her swollen clit. As she fingered her pussy, she alternately stroked and pinched her clit. She pictured Stephanie in the shower with her, fingering her, kissing her, turning her on and giving her the most amazing experience of her life.

Mary orgasmed. It was the most mind blowing orgasm she had ever experienced. She stood there in the shower for what seemed an eternity until she finally came down to earth. She eventually stepped out of the shower, dried herself and went to her bedroom where she fell on to her bed and reached for her vibrator. She closed her eyes as she pushed the vibrator between her lips and gave herself another, albeit slower, seeing to.

When she had finished pleasuring herself, she had another shower and got dressed. She put on a white thong, white bra, a very short black skirt, and a white transparent blouse. She applied no makeup except for some light mauve lipstick. She went into the kitchen to heat up a ready made lasagne in the microwave, opened a bottle of Australian Shiraz, and sat down on the sofa to eat.

She had just finished eating when the doorbell rang. Who on earth could be disturbing her Friday evening? It must be one of the neighbours, she thought as she made her way to the door. When she opened it, she was surprised to see Stephanie standing in the hallway.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, Miss, and I hope you don’t mind me calling on you, but I have a problem with the assignment you set in class today.”

Mary wondered how Stephanie knew where she lived.

“I followed you home, Miss, and I’ve been walking up and down for over an hour trying to pluck up enough courage to ring your bell,” Stephanie explained.

“You’d better come in, Stephanie, so that we can work through your problem.”

She showed the young girl into her sitting room.

“I see that I’ve disturbed your dinner,” said Stephanie.

“It’s ok,” replied Mary, “I’d finished anyway. Please sit down.”

Stephanie sat on the sofa beside Mary and took out her worksheet. Mary took a sip of her wine as she smelled Stephanie’s intoxicating perfume.

“Would you like a glass of wine, Stephanie?” she asked.

“Yes, thank you,” she replied.

Mary fetched another glass and poured some wine, her hand shaking as she did so. Stephanie took the glass and drank the wine down in one go.

“I know how you were looking at me in class,” Stephanie said. “That’s why I followed you home. Well, now you are going to do as I say.” She sounded menacing, and Mary became a little scared, but also secretly thrilled at the thought of being dominated by this young girl. “Stand up,” Stephanie ordered.

Mary stood up. Stephanie also got up from the sofa. “Don’t move.” She put her hands on Mary’s breasts and squeezed them hard. Her nipples stood out beneath her bra and blouse. Stephanie pinched them.

“Oh you really like that, don’t you?” purred Stephanie. “I love to see and pinch long hard nipples, and yours are extremely pinchable.” She moved her face close to Mary’s and kissed her on the lips. Mary opened her lips in response, and found Stephanie’s tongue slipping inside her mouth to seek out her own. They kissed long and hard. As they did, Stephanie undid Mary’s blouse and put one hand into the cup of her bra, her fingers rubbing Mary’s nipple. Mary responded by pushing her breast towards Stephanie’s hand.

Stephanie removed her hand and reached around to unclip Mary’s bra, then continued kissing Mary. Relishing the feeling of having her breasts released from her bra, Mary quickly stripped to the waist. How she wanted to be seduced by her young student! She put her hand on Stephanie’s breast as she slipped her leg between Stephanie’s legs, rubbing her thigh against the schoolgirl’s thigh. Stephanie brushed Mary’s hand away and pushed her leg away.

“I told you not to move,” she said. “Not until I give you permission to do so, anyway,” she added. Mary was disappointed as she desperately desired to touch Stephanie’s young body, but, nevertheless, she complied. Stephanie moved her hands down to Mary’s waist, and then onwards to feel her bum, pulling Mary towards her. Mary realised that she was so excited that there would be a tell tale wet patch on her thong. She became even more excited as she contemplated Stephanie’s reaction when she touched or saw the moist patch.

As she had this thought, Stephanie’s hands raised the back of Mary’s short skirt and cupped her cheeks, kneading them as though they were pieces of bread dough. Eventually, she unfastened Mary’s skirt and let it fall to the floor. With her left hand still holding Mary’s bum, she brought her right hand round to Mary’s front and started to rub her thong feeling the outline of Mary’s wet lips underneath.

“You are a horny little teacher, aren’t you?” she remarked. Mary could only whimper in answer to the girl. She felt Stephanie’s hand go into her thong and down to her bush.

“Oh I do so like a wet pussy,” said Stephanie. “Now let me see if your red hair really is natural.” She slowly pulled Mary’s thong down, revealing the ginger bush above her very wet pussy lips. Her finger explored the folds of Mary’s lips, dipping inside. Mary shuddered as she felt herself being penetrated by another woman for the first time and pushed forward in an attempt to force the finger deeper inside her. Stephanie removed her finger and raised it to her mouth, sucking and savouring Mary’s sweet juice. Once again, she slipped her finger into Mary’s pussy, and on withdrawing it, she put it into Mary’s mouth. Mary sucked hungrily on the finger, tasting her own juices mingled with Stephanie’s saliva.

Stephanie’s hand returned once again to Mary’s wet pussy, but, instead of penetrating Mary, she started to slap her pussy making Mary cry out in surprise. The slaps got harder and faster. Mary became more and more aroused as she felt the pain of the slaps. Her lips became slightly puffed up as they opened involuntarily. Then Mary realised that the slapping had stopped.

“Go into the bedroom and lie down on the bed on your back,” Stephanie ordered. Mary did as she was told, and Stephanie followed after she had picked up her handbag. She came and sat on the bed beside Mary and took some things from her bag. Mary raised her head to try to see what Stephanie was doing, but Stephanie pushed her back down.

“Give me your hand,” she barked, and promptly snapped a handcuff around her wrist, fastening the other end to the bars on the metal bed head. “Now the other one.” And the process was repeated. Mary was helpless, but was now even more aroused. Stephanie reached for one of the other things she had placed on the bed and held it up for Mary to see. Mary’s eyes opened wide as she saw that the girl held a nipple clamp. She screamed as she felt it tighten on her nipple. Stephanie held up a second clamp which she fastened to the other nipple. She tightened both clamps even further flattening Mary’s nipples and causing her to scream even louder. Stephanie reached for a ball gag and forced it between Mary’s lips and fastened the buckle behind her head.

“Now for the really fun part,” said Stephanie holding up a large needle and surgical thread. Mary wondered what she was going to do with it. She soon found out as she felt Stephanie pinch her pussy lip hard before slowly pushing the needle through the flesh. She was going to sew up her pussy! The pain was excruciating. Mary fainted.

To be continued………?

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Rating: 82%, Read 21127 times, Posted Oct 01, 2009

Fiction | BDSM, Body modification, Domination, Female, Lesbian, Submission


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