Road Trip With Girlfriend and her Family by xaurax

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When I was 19 my girlfriend convinced me into taking a road trip across country with her Aunt, Uncle and their 6 year old daughter... Just a kind of summer vacation thing. Her Aunt was amazingly hot, not very tall, only about 5'6", 36D chest, always wore tight, barely covering clothes in the summers due to the heat... She was only 35, and she had my full attention most of the time. She wasn't entirely skinny either, but she wasn't fat, she had a bit of size to her body, making her seem all the more filled out and beautiful. So, we were all in their Mini-van and I was in the middle, sitting next to the 6 year old, with my girlfriend in back, and her aunt and uncle up front. One day of the trip, I noticed that, while her Aunt, her name was Leah, would turn around to check on her daughter, to see if she was okay... she also would take a second while turning back around to toss a glance at my crotch. I didn't really think much of it at first, but I started to get hard because of it, and so I tested my theory. I pushed my jeans around so that, if you looked, you could clearly see the outline of my dick perfectly. And sure enough, about five minutes later, while I pretended to listen to my ipod, I caught her eyes darting down to my jeans and they widened suddenly. Then she quickly licked her lips, but turned back to face the road, but it was too late. I saw it, and I knew. But now it was just a matter of how I was going to confront her about it.

Sure enough, within the next hour, their daughter started to fall asleep and Leah said to her husband, "Come on, honey. Lets stop into a motel for the night.. Brooke is getting tired." Her husband grunted an unenthusiastic reply and pulled into the next motel on the way. The motel only had one room available, with two double beds in it, so they took it and told me that I would be sharing a bed with my girlfriend, and the three others would sleep in a bed. I cursed my luck in my head, knowing I could never say anything about what happened while we were all in the same room... but I decided I would dedicate my time to finding a way.

We ended up watching a movie while Brooke fell asleep, and after drinking a couple of the 20$ liquor bottles in the room, so was her father. My girlfriend went to sleep shortly after, complaining about a headache, and suddenly Leah stood up and stretched, and started heading for the bathroom. I made a quick shift in my shorts that I wore to bed so that, if she looked. she got a good look at my bare dick, and managed to make it look accidental, like it was hanging out of the leg and I had no idea. She looked, licked her lips again, and quickly turned to her suitcase, grabbing something and heading into the bathroom, too quickly for me to see what she got. I had to go check it out, so I managed to get out of bed without waking anyone, and snuck over to the door quietly and pressed my ear against it. I heard a slight buzzing noise and stifled moans. She was masturbating. Then I heard her let slip a name. My name. She was quiet, but I heard her moan "Ohhh. Alex..." I paid attention to the buzzing, waiting to find out when it was the loudest, and at the right moment, I managed to open the door a crack and peek in. Suddenly, I saw her on the toilet, facing the door with her legs wide open and a large pink vibrator sliding in and out of her slightly hairy pussy. Her eyes were closed, so she couldn't see me but I just listened to the vibrating and slipped into the bathroom calmly. She didn't open her eyes until she heard the slight click of the door closing and locking behind me. Then she locked gazes with me and gasped, "Alex! I... I was just... What are you doing in here?! I'm using the bathroom!" I smiled at her and said, "Come on Leah, I know better than that. I saw, and heard what you were doing in here. And I know why.." She began to blush, and looked away from me. She figured out that I had been letting her catch glimpses of my dick. I stepped toward her and she clamped her legs shut and said, "Alex... I'm sorry for looking! But my husband, daughter and niece, not to mention your girlfriend, are in the other room. What do you think you're doing?" I shrugged slightly and kept staring at her eyes. "Well, I was just thinking... since I saw you looking, and you even licked your lips everytime you looked... I just guessed that your husband wasn't meeting your level of sexual desire... and I wanted to help." She shook her head slightly, avoiding the topic, which only proved I was right. "Alex... you can't be in here." She started to pull up her underwear and pajama bottoms, but I stepped forward again. "But Leah, look what watching you did to me." I pulled down my shorts and boxers and let my rock hard, 8 inches hang out infront of her, enticing her to touch it while it twitched and pointed at her face. She let go of her underwear and bottoms and stared for a second. Then she sighed and said, "Okay... but no going further than a blowjob. We've got to be quick so nobody wakes up and catches us." She then started to unbutton her shirt and revealed her beautiful boobs, which came out with hard nipples, showing her excitement.

She reached her arms out and placed them on my hips, pulling me closer to her on the toilet, and very softly placed her hand on my dick, pulling the foreskin back and jerking me off slightly for a moment. I could see in her eyes that she wanted to do everything she could think of to me, right here on the bathroom floor, but I also saw that she had an expression that said, 'Just a blowjob.' So I took what I could get. She, very lightly, kissed the tip of my dick while she continued to jerk me off, and then she stuck her tongue out and licked up the little bit of pre-cum that formed there. I shuddered at the touch of her tongue, and she just laughed quietly and then opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out to glide along the bottom of my dick while she slowly put the entire 8 inches into her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat squeezing my head while she rubbed my dick with her tongue. I reached forward and grabbed a handful of hair, and she moaned slightly, and started to go in and out with my dick, taking all of me everytime it went in. I could barely hold myself, she had a mouth that was like no other, my girlfriend didn't even come close. She was taking me like a pro, and I noticed that she had used her left hand, the one not firmly wrapped around my dick and jerking me rapidly, alternating with her sucking, and was now using her vibrator and filling her self with it while she sucked my dick.

I began to moan quietly and suddenly clenched my fists in her hair and mumbled, 'Oh god Leah... I'm going to cum. Fuck. I'm going to cum in your mouth."

She managed a quick nod while taking the full length again, and suddenly, on her pulling back, I could feel myself release a huge load right onto her tongue. She swallowed twice while having my dick still in her mouth, and started to take it back in, right to the back of her throat. I could barely stop cumming, filling her mouth to the point where her cheeks bulged slightly and she had to take me out. She let some dribble out of her mouth and down her chin, dripping all over her boobs. I sighed with relief, having not been able to cum in the past week or two due to the close proximity of the other three.

She swallowed the rest of my load from her mouth, then wiped up the cum off her tits with her finger, swallowing that too. She then took her vibrator out of her pussy, which was dripping with her own cum, and rubbed her cum off onto her underwear, both from the vibrator, and her pussy. She then tossed the bright pink thong, now soaked with her delicious scented cum, and winked at me, swallowing again to get the last bits.

I looked her in the eye and said, "Leah... can we please, please do this again sometime?" She replied with a seductive, "Maybe... or maybe we'll go a little further," adding another small wink to emphasize it. I got hard again quickly, but she shook her head and said, "Not tonight though, you have to get out of here and go to bed. Now."

I nodded and pulled on my boxers, taking a long sniff of the aromatic thong and pulled on my shorts, stuffing the underwear into my pocket. I slipped out of the bathroom and got into bed and suddenly my girlfriend rolled over and put a hand on my chest and asked, "Where were you baby?" She was still half asleep, so she probably wouldn't know much of what I said tonight, but I kept calm anyways and said, "Oh I just had to go to the bathroom." Just as I finished the sentence, Leah came back out of the bathroom and stared at me until she got back in her bed, then I said, loud enough for her to hear, "It was such a relief. I finally got a good release." My girlfriend just rolled back over and said, "Oh good, you got to pee after. I remember you had to go really bad in the van..." and in seconds she was asleep again. I could've laughed at how close I came to admitting that I had at least cum in the bathroom. I laid back, closed my eyes and took another sniff of the thong and drifted off into a deep, relaxed sleep.

(If good feedback, I'll make a part 2.)

Rating: 89%, Read 58434 times, Posted Feb 23, 2010

Fiction | Cheating, Female, Group Sex, Male, Old Female, Teen Male, Toys, Voyeurism


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