My friends mom by thegoodwriter

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Fantasy | Blowjob, Male, Masturbation, Old Female, Oral Sex

Hi, I'm Max. Im 13, and Im 5”9, have blue eyes, blond- brown hair, and a seven inch dick. My friends mom name is Kim, and shes amazing. Shes 5”3, has 36DD Tits, has blue eyes, and blonde hair. This is my story about what happened between me and her.

I was over at my friends house, like I always do evrey tuesday and thrusdays. He had to leave early, and she left me there. “ I'm going to drop jack off at his dentist appointment, be bck in twent minutes.” “ Ok.” I said. I little while later, I got bored, so I turned on the T.V. It was on some reality show, and there were girls making out. I started getting horny, and I started to masturbate. She came in through the back door, so I didn't hear. She heard me moaning, so she came and checked up on me.

She walked in one me, and screamed “ OH MY GOD!!” “ I'M REALLY SORRY!!!” I said. She ran into the other room, and I ziped up my pants. I went in there, and she was pissed! “ WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU DOING IN THERE!!!!” She shouted. “IM SORRY, PLEASE DONT TELL MY DAD!!!.”

More calmly, she said “ Well, ishould, but I might not if you tell me what you were thinking about.” “Are you serious?” I asked. “ Do you want me to tell your dad?” “NO.” “ Then, start.” I explained” Well, I was watching a reality show, and I started getting.... horny, and started..... Masturbating. I was thinking about you, and you beauty, and your perefect breasts.”

“ Oh really?” She said. “ Yeaaahhhhh......” “ Well, in that case, come into my room.” “Umm, okay.????” I said. I followed them her, and she sat down on her bed. “ You made me horny, and I want a big cock, so this is your punishment.” “ OH MY GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!??!!?” I asked. “ Come and find out” She said with a small grin. I said “ okay, if you insist.”

I walked over, and started making out, and we started feeling each other up. I took of her shirt, and she wasn't wearing a bra. “ You like?” “OH MY GOD YESSSS!!!!” I said. I started sucking on them, and playing with them, and her nipples got hard. “ Im getting wet” she moaned. I took that as my que. I went down and took of her jeans. She was wearing red and white polka dot panties, with a white silk lining. I took them off, and start licking. I had never done this before, but her pussy lips were perfect, and he clit was beautiful. I started lapping up her juices, and playing with her clit, and she started to moan, and then buck as she orgasmed. “ OH MY GOD THIS FEELS SO GOOD GOD IM CUMMMMMMIINGGGG!!!!!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!” She screamed as her juices went all over my face. I looked up and smiled at her. “ Now its your turn” She said.

She tore of my pants, pulled down my briefs, and whipped out my cock. “ THIS IS BIG, JUST HOW I LIKE IT!” She moaned. She started rubbing her toung across the head in little circles, the started licking the shaft like a popsicle. She took the head in her mouth first, and then started suckng. She pumped on my cock slowly, then fast, slowly, then fast. She started taking more, till I grabbed her head, and shoved it all the way down, and she started gagging. “ You like that!??” I said, after she stopped gagging, and she said “ OH YES I LOVE ITT!!!!!!” She kept doing that, and I started to feel a orgasm coming on, and I shouted” I'M ABOUT TO CUMM!!!!” “ SHOOT YOU WARM, STICKY WHITE LOAD ALL OVER MY FACE!!!” “ YES, YES, FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!” I shoy my load all over her face, on her lips and on her cheeks and in her hair.

“Now its time for you to go inside of me” She said seductively” “ OKAY!!!” I said. I started rubbing my warm dick all over her clit, and started putting inside of her. I statred slowly, and we both moaned at the same time, and I started to thrust slowly, and then more quickly. Her tight pussy felt so warm and tight, and we both were feeling how great It was to be inside of each other. “ OH YEAH, MY HUSBAND DOESENT HAVE THIS BIG A DICK, AND HE NEVER DOES THIS THIS GOOD!!!! DO YOU LIKE HOW I FEEL, DO YOU LIKE FUCKING MY BEAUTFUL SWEET TIGHT PUSSY!!! DOYOU LIKE BANGING ME LIKE A SLUT!?! DO YOU LIKE FEELING MY TITTIES??? OH GOD, YES YES YES!!!!!” “ YOUR PERFECT KIM!!! YOU LIKE HUGE COCK?? YOU NAUGHTY GIRLL??!!!! OG GOD THIS FEELS GOOD!!!!”

We Both came at the same time “ FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSS!!!!!!” We both screamed. I launched my seed deep inside of her. We both sat there in exstacy, with both of our jucies all over. “ that was Amazing!!!” I said. “ We have to do it again some time” She said. “ Tell me, and i'll pound that pussy again” “ Sounds good, I like that dick”. I started Sucking on her titties again, and she started giggiling “ I like that” she cooed. “ Damn, your so fucking hot.” “ your one of the best people i've ever fucked, and where did you learn how to eat me out like that?” “ Porn” “ Well, i'll get to teach you more later” She said seductively. “ But, before you go to get jack, How bout a handjob?” “well..... if you finger me, maybe...” So she took my dick in her hand, I stuck my hand in her pussy. We both started moaning.

“ Are you going to shoot your load again, baby?, oh, oh yeah I love your fucking cum all over my huge tits, oh get deeper inside of me, OH FUCK YEAH, GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD!! ARE YOU GOING TO CUM??? SHOOT IT ALL OVER ME AND MY TITS??? HUH HUH??? OH GOD I LOVE YOUR CUM!!!!!” she said as I came all over her, and her pussy contracted and shot juice all over my hand. “ I love you” I said. “ I love you too. I got to get jack now, but maybe you could come over this weekend and we could have some fun??” “ Sounds good to me.”


Rating: 69%, Read 37834 times, Posted May 10, 2011

Fantasy | Blowjob, Male, Masturbation, Old Female, Oral Sex


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