Fulfilling Lust by kcatlantis

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Science-Fiction | Cheating, Consensual Sex

I'm a writer. I am debating if I should put sex scenes in my story, this is just a snap shot of what one might look like what do you think. Any feed back is welcome

Victoria let out a loud moan of pleasure “OOOOO” as she rode Evaron up and down his cock slipping in and out of her making slurping sounds from the constant plunging down on him. This elf was something else, the words kept echoing through her head, at times images of Allen, whom she knew had feelings for K'lara. Occasionally images of the time she spied on Allen as he would dive in and out of her sister would flash in her mind. The man she had loved and still might love had chosen her sister over her. This made her work faster and harder more water flowed from her making, her vagina slippery.

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“Thats it.” Evaron grunted as he played with her breasts pinching and squeezing them. “Pull harder” Victoria yelled raising her head in the air.

She would shove the thoughts and images into the depths of her mind walling them up, avoiding the pain they would cause. Instead she chose to satisfy her lust, chose the pleasure of Evaron.

Victoria again whaled in pleasure this time switching positions with Evaron. Rolling on the ground, he was now on top plunging deep inside of her working faster and harder. She yelled for him to go faster, to work harder. “Thats it Evaron.” She screamed arching her back. “Keep working Harderrrr, Faaaa” Was all she could scream. Before he lowered his lips and began to kiss her passionately his tongue exploring hers. Every time she saw him she was filled with the same lust and want for him. He too felt the same for her wanting her needing her. Together they satisfied each other.

Evaron moved his hips in and out, never fully pulling out of her, just leaving the head inside. At times he would slow his motion down only to speed back up again seconds later sending Victoria into a whirlwind of Pleasure.

“Thats it Evaron!” she screamed rubbing his clit to help increase the pleasure. Evaron grunted as the pleasure began to burst through him. “You like it there don't you?”

“Yesssssss, I do fill me up fast Evaron.” Victoria said she knew she was about to explode with Pleasure.

“Then I think its time to finish.” Evaron said working in and out of her faster after he slowed down for a few seconds.

“Yesssss fill me up, o thats it.” Victoria shouted arching her back in absolute pleasure she had momentarily satisfied her lust.

Victoria felt her explosion, she felt her climax. Which was only increased when Evaron shot his seed inside of her. Her Vagina began to milk every last drop of his seed into her, send small orgasms throughout her body each time it did. Evaron kept going even after he filled “Keep Gooing.” Victoria chirped letting out softer moans of pleasure from her mouth. Evaron began to slow his thrusts of lust, making sure every last drop of his seed was in her. He loved this women as he hoped she would some day love him.

Both were breathing hard as Evaron rolled off of Victoria onto the cave floor. She laid on her back, looking up at the cave. Evaron caressed her left breast gently in his hand, soft whimpers would occasionally escape from Victoria's mouth. She knew that soon both would be overfilled with Lust and it would start all over.

Victoria glanced over at Evaron his growing blonde hair was wet from sweat. She smiled at him, lust showing in her eyes. He smiled back reaching over to kiss her.

“Not this time.” She said putting her finger on his lips.

“Then what?” Asked the ever curious Evaron

Victoria moved down lower breaking away his grip of her small perk breasts. She grabbed her lovers blessed fruit causing him to pay attention.

Evaron sat up looking curiously at her what was she doing now?

Victoria smiled at him, slowly kissing the tip of his cock. A sensation of pleasure unlike any he had ever felt before filled him. “What are you doing?” Evaron moaned closing his eyes enjoying the pleasure.

Victoria did not respond she began to stroke his cock slowly at first. She kissed all over his crotch from his cock to his balls. Each time she did Evaron would tense not wanting to blow his load.

“Stand up” Victoria said liking her lips with lust, she wanted to taste him, she had felt him fill her down below now she wanted to be filled up above.

Evaron did as he was told pulling the blanket off his back as he rose. He was not at full attention this had never been done to him before, but it felt great.

Victoria placed one of her small soft hands at the base of Evarons cock moving halfway up and down. She placed her mouth fully onto him now. Moving both her hand and her head up and down in rhythm.

She started off slowly but picking up the pace. “OOOOO” Evaron moaned “Whatever your doing keep doing it.” He shouted pulling her blonde hair as he ran his hands through them. He started to buck his hips in her mouth, Victoria knew she wouldn't have to do any more work. She reached her mouth farther onto Evarons cock going deeper, and deeper until she could fit no more of it in there. “Yesss” Evaron screamed as he pumped in and out of her mouth faster and faster.

“Thats it.” He said reaching his breaking point, he began to pull out not wanting to shoot his seed in her delicate mouth. Victoria grabbed his butt holding him there. She moved her head up and down his shaft, making sure she got as much as she could from him. It was a new taste a taste she enjoyed.

Rating: 57%, Read 10769 times, Posted Apr 27, 2010

Science-Fiction | Cheating, Consensual Sex


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