Dump the Slut by gonetopot

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Dump The Slut

by gonetopot

Sixteen years, that number kept running through my mind. I'd worked my ass off and done the best I could to give her everything she wanted for sixteen years. She had a good job, made good money, but she never had a problem spending mine. Now I'm sitting in my kitchen, watching the sun go down through the back door and wondering what I do with the rest of my life. I actually thought about keeping her and trying to make it work but how do you make a marriage work when the wife is a cheating slut? She's not even a whore, a whore gets paid for her sex work. My wife is just a slut who gives it away for free. Why should I stay with the slut who takes what I pay for and gives it away? Sixteen years I was the faithful hard working husband. She told me she couldn't have children. I found out she just didn't want any because it would interfere with her slut activities. It took me six months to put together the package that would end our marriage. I finally realized that I'd never really had a loving wife, just a slut who used me to pay for her fun. And where in the hell was all the money she'd made for the last sixteen years? Well, fun time is over for her.

I'm Greg Martin, 46 years old, just under six foot, brown hair, blue eyes, slim, a regular looking guy. I started my own distribution firm out of college and was doing very well financially when I met Susan, sixteen years ago. She was beautiful, six years younger than me, small at five foot two, a hundred pounds, nice tight ass, bright blue eyes and a smile that stopped traffic. I fell in love instantly. I chased her for almost a year before she let me catch her. It was perfect, at least it was perfect for me. She had a career in marketing for a large corporation in our city. We tried for two years to make a baby before she told me her doctor said her tubes were wrong and she could never carry a baby full term. I was sad for a while but I loved Susan and we talked about adoption. Susan talked me into waiting for a couple of years. She would get so sad every time I brought the subject of adoption up I finally stopped. I thought she was sad because she couldn't have her own baby. I learned that Susan is a great actress.

Our sex life was good, a few times a week. We enjoyed oral but she didn't want to do anal. I loved making her cum with my mouth and hands. My favorite loving was to give her a hot oil massage, relaxing her whole body, then slowly stroking her soft vaginal lips until her moans told me she was ready for my mouth to heat her up. I would lick and suck her beautiful pussy until she had as many as three orgasms. Then we would make love and it was such a wonderful feeling to be inside her, the soft walls of her pussy gently squeezing my cock until I would cum. I was going to miss the loving.

It was almost a year ago that I found out my wife was in marketing at her corporation because she was the gift the customers won when they made big buys. The bigger the sale the greater the reward. Now I know why a few times a year she had to 'go on the road' for a week. A week with my wife was the reward for any purchase over a hundred grand. I also found out she was making almost four times as much as she told me. The part I never saw was in an offshore account and at the time I found out about it there was almost a quarter million dollars in the account.

How did I find out? She got sloppy. She had been working from home one Friday, got a call from her office to get over there right now for a special customer, and ran out of the house without turning off her laptop. I came home just after she left and went into the bedroom to get the file I had been reviewing the night before but forgot on the dresser. I glanced at her open laptop and was about to close the lid on it when something caught my eye. I started reading and couldn't believe it. She was making notes about a four day 'sales meeting' and detailing how many men she would be 'entertaining'. I went into my home office and got a portable drive. I made an image of her entire machine. I realized I was more hurt and confused than mad.

I took the drive to an old friend of mine. He was a tech manager for the company next door to mine. I told him what I'd seen and wondered if he could help me get a full report from her machine because my computer skills stopped at basic user level. Jim asked me to give him a week since it was a large image file.

Four days later Jim asked me to visit him. I learned my wife wasn't a slut. She was a highly paid whore and hid most of her income from me. Jim said there was so much data about her activities for the last sixteen years I needed to have a forensic accountant review it. He also suggested I hire a private investigation firm to gather current evidence so I had options. Jim knew I wouldn't keep her. I hired a very reputable company that would not only compile the data I had into a useable format but would also go after my wife. I also told them I wanted information that would allow me to sue her corporation.

The accumulation of data from her laptop was devastating. She had been the company whore for marketing before she married me and never stopped. She had a weekly schedule for fucking all the executives with a diary of dates, times, performance and who liked to do what to her. I think what made me mad, finally, was finding out that everyone else got to fuck her ass except me. They told me her laptop had an excellent security package in it and the only way I could have gotten access was to find it the way I did. They said it took them over a week to crack the next level of passwords on folders containing enough information to crucify just about every top level executive in her corporation, clear up to the CFO. It seems she didn't trust anyone and she was probably justified. One folder contained the records of how she got rid of a marketing VP who tried to force her to fuck his friends. It appears my whore wife had 'standards'. She had video of him with his assistant giving him a blow job. Since his assistant was another man he quietly resigned.

The hardest thing for me to do was continue to be the gentle loving husband. I did do one thing right that kept her from getting too worried or suspicious. The day I found her laptop I left the folder I had come to get on the dresser and made sure nothing else was moved in the bedroom. I didn't get home from work that day until after six pm. She did ask me a few questions about what I did that day. I told her we were doing annual reviews and spent the entire day in a conference room. I made sure to do my best to act the way I always did. After a few days she settled back into our normal routine.

The next time she went on a road trip I had the security company install a full monitoring system that covered our entire house. She always left her personal cell phone at home when she went on the road because she said their business trips were 12-16 hour days and she was too exhausted to do anything but crash. I had never questioned it, just always told her I would miss her. They bugged her cell phone. They were even able to get an operator into their building and plant bugs in all the marketing and sales offices. I was told none of that could be used in court because the bugs were illegal but it would help them build a case in the background for the lawsuit against the corporation. Their legal department told me that suit could be worth tens of millions which made their activity worth the expense. I asked them if everything they were doing was legal and they advised me to let them worry about it. I could live with that. They also told me that I needed to be patient and make a plan for what end goal I had in mind. That's why it was now a year after I found out about her.

I decided that since whoring and money seemed to be all she cared about I'd take all her money and leave her the whoring. My friend Jim understood how I felt. Three years earlier his wife had divorced him and taken half of everything he had worked hard for. It wasn't until after the divorce was final that he found out she was having an affair with his business partner. There wasn't much he could do about her but his business partner had a sudden urge to sell his share of the company and move out of the state, just as soon as he got out of the hospital. Jim had some great ideas and knew some people who could help.

The first part of the plan was to get me poor. When Susan was going to be served I would have nothing. That part was easy because Susan never cared how my business ran and I always managed the household accounts. All she cared about was having her credit cards approved. Susan had always demanded that her credit cards be in her name only. All I got was the monthly bill. I sold my company to Jim. According to the finance records my five largest clients had all terminated their business with me over a period of nine months. When the sale was final the company sold at a loss. I was unemployed. I was living on our savings account. When the savings account ran out I cashed in all our securities. I fell ill and was hospitalized for two weeks. I had no medical insurance once my company was gone. I used the last of my available cash to pay the doctor and hospital bills. Susan visited me for one hour in the morning and one hour at night. At least she came every day. She never asked about money and I never said anything. When I went home I put our house on the market. It was not publicly listed and no sign was placed on the property. The house had been mine before we married. Susan's name was not on the deed. The profits from the house, after all the repairs were calculated, gave me almost ninety thousand dollars. I used all of it to pre-pay my lawyer.

The day Susan was served, at work, I was officially destitute. She called me at home. There was a lot of cursing and some screaming but no tears. My favorite conversation took place that evening when she got home.

"Greg, what the hell is going on? You had me served with divorce papers, citing adultery and mental cruelty. What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"My dear wife. You are a whore. You've been a whore our entire marriage. When I found out I was married to a whore I decided it wasn't a life I wanted to live. I didn't know I was a cuckold. Imagine the mental anguish and suffering I've experienced. I became so ill I was hospitalized. You remember that."

"I don't know where you got your information but calling me a whore and blaming me for putting you in the hospital is garbage. I'll take you to court and clean you out."

"Oh dear. You haven't read all the papers yet have you. I'm broke, no job, no money. I'm suing you for alimony, medical and financial support for the next five years so I have a chance to start over after this devastating shock you have given me. I almost forgot. The house is gone. The movers will be here at 8 am tomorrow to move everything into storage. You should be here to tell them where to take it."

"Are you crazy? You can't sell the house during a divorce."

"Yes I can, and did. The house was mine and not part of the property settlement. All I have is my clothes. I've already moved everything to a friends house since I can't afford to pay for an apartment. Oh, I almost forgot. All the utilities were in my name so they will all be shut down by 9 am tomorrow. Well, I'll be going now. My suffering is so severe I can't stand to be around you any longer. I left my attorneys card on the counter. The preliminary court date is next week. Bye."

I was pretty proud of myself. Instead of grabbing the whore by the throat and choking the life out of her I played my part just as my lawyer advised. Susan had her attorney contact mine a couple of days later and he found out that I hadn't been kidding. I had no job, no property, and no money. My lawyer provided hers with a bag full of dvds that showed him the adultery charge was very real, in high definition color with surround sound. He also got to review a lot of conversations where my wife trashed me so often that even he felt sorry for me. I found out later that her lawyer told her the divorce would be simple because I had nothing. He also told her she would probably end up paying me some kind of support. The court would have to decide what and how much.

Susan was beyond furious. She called me a couple of times every day cursing and threatening me. I made sure every call was recorded.

Our divorce made the news it was so bizarre. Susan didn't have any legal recourse. She had to pay me support for three years and even post a bond to insure it would be paid. She was also ordered to provide me medical coverage on her corporate policy. After our day in court my lawyer took me to dinner. He said he'd never seen someone so sincere on the stand that even the judge felt sorry for me. When I told him it was easy to be sincere because I really had loved her and losing her hurt me deeply. He just sighed and told me I didn't deserve what she had done. He asked me if I was going to sue her corporation. I told him there was something being considered. He was a good lawyer but his specialty was divorce, not corporate lawsuits.

Two days after our divorce was final the shit hit the fan. Every executive we had on film was sued individually. The corporation as a whole was sued for multiple violations of their own policy manual. Susan was fired the next day. She wasn't worried. She had a lot of money overseas. Well, she thought she did. When she went to transfer some funds she discovered that she had no accounts, no funds, anywhere. She also discovered her five credit cards had all exceeded there maximum limits.

It took her a while to find me. I was living in a small cabin in Colorado. She threatened me with everything, including death. I quietly listened to her rant for a while and when she ran down I just sat there. Finally she said "Don't you have anything to say. You've destroyed me you bastard."

"I did not destroy you. You destroyed yourself. I'm not sure what money you've been screaming about. I have no money of yours. I'm broke. I live up here because a good friend took pity on me. He even provides for my utilities and food. Some day, when I recover from what you did to me, I may be able to start over."

It was true. I didn't take any of her money. Someone else did and used it to pay the lawyers who were suing her corporation and all those executives. The total number of people being sued was in the dozens because they also went after the clients who had used my ex-wife's favors for years.

It took almost three years for all the lawsuits to be completed. After all the legal fees and investigation cost I was left with only thirteen million dollars to survive on. Poor me.

I guess I could have stopped there. I had ruined a lot of lives and made sure Susan was left with nothing. She had to leave the state. No one would hire her for any job. I kept track of her. No matter where she settled, every time she got a job her new employer would get a package with a couple of videos and a report. She never kept a job long enough to draw a paycheck. She ended up living with a cousin in California. Eventually she was forced to move out. Her cousin found out she was a whore and told her to leave. She was picked up hitchhiking and taken to Nevada. I hear she is doing ok in the little town of Beatty, north of Las Vegas. She is doing what she always did best, being a good whore.

Me? Jim sold me back my company. I still miss Susan now and then but I'm doing fine. Betty and I adopted two beautiful little girls.

Rating: 86%, Read 8052 times, Posted Dec 02, 2019

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