What Hides in Lexi's Silence by A2O

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, First Time, Hardcore, Incest, Male, Teen Female, Virginity, Young

I was lost looking at those perfectly shaped and young tits. So round, so tender looking… I could even see that her light brown nipples had a slight tone of red. All of that just by standing behind the couch, behind her, when my face suddenly connected to that vision so clear through the large neckband of her loose t-shirt.

We were vacationing, my mother, and little sister, and I. We came to visit my grandma in Brazil. She lived in a little town that was created siding a paradisiacal beach called Agua Azul. That translated literally as Blue Water and, oh boy, was it blue. The portion of sea that reached those parts was a beautiful mix of green and very light blue, translucent, and the waves crashed softly onto the constantly burning sands. We left winter at home to arrive in the hottest South American summer I had ever felt and at that day specifically the temperatures were reaching 43 degrees Celsius… 110 degrees Fahrenheit. No wonder Alessandra didn’t wear anything other than shorts and a thin and white t-shirt inside the house, where our only solace was a fan that stood beside the small television, lazily turning its head side to side in a vain attempt to appease how hot we felt.

I was never so grateful for the scalding hot temperature though, as it had proportioned me that view. At that moment I didn’t even think about what I was doing, I just marveled at those tender boobs of the girl sitting right in front of me.

That's when my younger sister suddenly looked up, right to my face, as if she felt my stare on the soft looking and exposed skin of her cleavage.

I froze. Her cheeks burned red. She knew instantly what I was doing. If not by how focused my eyes were on her bosom, by my reaction.

I thought a million things in one second. Nine hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine were how screwed I was.

Even though we had a very good relationship, in my head, there was only one chance in a million that she wouldn't be offended, and understand that it was just nature. I was a man, and my eyes just couldn't resist at least peeking at those marvelous young breasts right there, standing so temptingly. There was no chance she would not only understand, but actually be ok with that. Right?

I thought of all that while I should be saying "I'm sorry."

By that time, she was already asking "Were you looking at my breasts?" And she opened a shy and unexpected beautiful smile.

I relaxed a bit. It was still wrong, but, surprisingly, it looked like she wasn’t making a big deal out of it.

“I’m sorry sis, I just couldn’t help myself,” shame was all over my face, but I decided to go for the truth, since she was being so nice about it.

Alessandra being nice wasn’t surprising though. She was a lovely girl, at least most of the time. At least with me. I was twenty-six years old, and I watched from afar while that little brunette grew up. She was ten years younger than me, and by the time I was her age, I was already living by myself. “Lexi,” as I called her, was my half-sister. My mother was Brazilian, and after she divorced my father she got married again. Some months later, she got pregnant. At first, I hated the idea, and it was one of the reasons I moved out as soon as I could. Soon after that, my mom divorced again, a nasty break-up, and I felt compelled somehow to be more present, as it was just the two of them now. After Alessandra grew up a little bit, I started enjoying having a little sister, and she seemed to enjoy having an older brother too. I would see her mostly on holidays, when I passed by, or when we vacationed together, like we did that week. At those times we enjoyed only the best of one another, as the annoyance of living together as siblings never existed. Lexi suffered from extreme anxiety problems to the point of taking meds and seen doctors since early age. However, it didn’t seem to affect her when she was talking to me, so she always jumped to the chance of having very open conversations with me every time she could. I always found that to be very amusing, and I loved the way she felt so secure to talk about whatever it was with me. Although, reacting so nicely after I had peeked at her like that, it was surprising to say the least.

“It’s ok. I kinda understand,” she said.

“You do?” I asked, almost in awe. How could she? I thought.

“Of course, I do. Do you think I never spend time looking at boys?” Lexi said while moving sideways and crossing her arms over the couch’s back, looking up, her full and tanned cheeks so enticingly red, a mix of shyness and sun. “Or at men… Like you?” At that position, I could still see a lot of her cleavage, and I knew she was aware of that.

“Oh, you do? Or are you saying that just so I don’t feel awkward?” I asked jokingly, trying to break away from my own shame.

“Kinda…Maybe… Not really,” She answered even more shyly.

“Thank you,” I said softly, “But I don’t think it's right for me to be looking at you like that.”

“It’s not… But it won’t be a problem unless someone knows you do, and I won’t say anything,” Lexi said reassuringly.

“You are the best, you know?” I said caressing her long and chocolate brown hair. “I thought you would be very pissed at me.”

“Why? I never gave you any reason to think that. However, I never thought you’d find me attractive either…” She said it with the shade of a self-deprecating tone.

How could I not? Didn’t this girl have a mirror? Or any other guys around? Or did she just want to hear me say the opposite?

Alessandra was petite, but her body was naturally toned, and it had filled up nicely everywhere that mattered. Her breasts weren’t that big, but they looked amazing - and now I knew how much. Her waist was thin, her belly was flat, and her amazing butt was round and tight as I had only seen in Latinas. All of that enveloped in a perpetually lightly tanned skin that was just enhanced by how warm her personality was, since she was actually able to speak, what she did with me plenty. She had that face young girls have when all the angelical traces of youth met the characteristics of a sensuous woman; plump red lips on her wide mouth, thick lashes that shaded her eyes, that had the color of melting chocolate, and her hair fell straight down her back, getting wavy in the middle of its way down to her heart shaped butt.

The thing with her was how she ran away from people, especially the ones outside our family, that made her feel nervous to the point of losing her ability to speak. If it wasn’t for that, she would have had boyfriends already, of that I was sure. I was also sure that hadn’t happened yet, or else she would have told me. Right?

“Are you crazy? You are gorgeous,” I said scoldingly. Lexi thinking less of herself almost made me scream at her, and I tried to make her avoid that at all costs.

“You say that because you like me,” she said, again with the cute and shy smile… And that’s when I was sure she was teasing me. My little sister was teasing me. How wrong did it feel after realizing I was excited by it? A lot. Did it matter at that moment? Not a bit, especially after she made sure to tell me nobody would ever know. And I knew her well enough to trust her word.

“Lexi, are you telling me you don’t have a problem with me… Looking at you like I did?” I felt bold enough to ask. I whispered, even though I knew there was nobody else inside that small house, and that apart from us only my mother understood English in that town.

Her full, rounded cheeks blushed even more intensely, and she looked down. Then, she shrugged started to stammer, unable to make the words come out of her mouth “I-I…” It had been a long, long time since that had happened last while she talked to me. She was feeling nervous, getting anxious.

I tugged a lock of her hair behind her tiny ear, then I caressed it.

“You don’t need to feel nervous, it’s ok,” I said, fondly, “I’m not judging you in any way. If anything, you should be judging me.”

She took a big gulp of air, and she restarted, “I’m just saying that whatever goes on between us, I’m never telling anybody.”

She was smart, choosing the words very carefully. Lexi was afraid too, that was obvious. So, she seemed to be trying to say things without actually saying it, gauging my reaction. At the same time, she had given it a lot of though, as the words were already at the tip of her tongue. The question I had was: what could go on between us? Did she mean what I thought she meant?

I looked at her, at how perfect she was… I wondered how hard it probably was for her to even fathom having this conversation with me. That said, Lexi must have wanted it to happen for some time now, badly. There was no other explanation. At that moment she almost curled into a ball, sitting sideways on the sofa. If that was as far as she could go, it would depend on me to make it actually happen. It would be my responsibility. A ball of ice formed in my stomach, at the same time my erection throbbed, pulsated inside my pants. Between my fear of what I was about to do and my arousal, the second one was way more powerful.

“I wouldn’t tell anybody either, I guess you already knew that… It wouldn’t look good if anybody knew how hot I think my little sister is,” I teased her.

“So, I am a little crazy, but I’m also gorgeous and hot?” She said in a mix of cute innocence and sexiness, in words that sounded like a purr. And, just like that, I knew was sure she was in.

“A little crazy is an understatement, but the rest… Yes, I stand by my word,” I laughed, and she jokingly punched my arm, pouting.

There was a moment of silence, and we just looked at each other. Then she started looking around, nervously, and I tried to decide if she was feeling awkward, aroused, or both.

“Mom and grandma are waiting for us at the beach, right?” I asked.

“Yes. They said they couldn’t wait for you to wake up anymore, as it was taking too long. They asked me to stay as I was still having breakfast, to tell you where they’re at,” she said, still not looking at me, still blushing. "I spent a long time in the shower this morning…"

"Oh, really?"


I looked at her full of curiosity, a grin on my face, and she looked so beautifully exposed, so ashamed for letting me in on her private life… That I felt compelled to push her a little bit more.

"And what were you doing? Tell me," I said while leaning forward, propping my elbows over the back of the couch, my face close to hers.

"Y-You know…" she looked down, hiding her eyes from me.

"Were you touching yourself, young lady?"

"Uhum…" she admitted embarrassedly, but then she continued, "I saw you and Maria at the corner of the bar yesterday… When I got home, I couldn't sleep… I kept thinking about it, about you… I'm sharing the room with mom, so I couldn't, hum… Relieve myself…"

About me. She said it. Thinking about me.

I had stayed up late the night before drinking with some people I knew from the previous times I had been there, some friends I made. I had been single for over a year now, after an awful breakup with a girl I had dated since high school, the one I was getting ready to marry. Free for the first time in more than a decade, now I was all about taking advantage of the way my tall, bulky and pale white look attracted the eyes of the local girls, not to talk about my accent, and have some fun. Apparently, they loved it. Differently from Alessandra, who could pass by a Brazilian at any time until she decided to say something with her broken Portuguese, I looked more like my father, having raven black hair and eyes, and more chiseled chin.

I had decided I would find a girl to make me company every single one of the four nights we still had at that place, and I met Maria. Cute girl, long black hair, brown skin, big butt. I didn't fuck her the night before because I had forgotten to bring condoms - I didn't expect it to happen so fast, my mistake - and I definitely didn't want to take the chance to get her pregnant. That didn't stop me from, amongst other things, pinning her on a dark corner of the outside wall of the bar and making her cross her legs over my back, furiously grinding my hard on against her crotch, making her moan. That was probably the image Lexi had seen the night before, while she was supposed to be in bed.

Maybe I didn't need to be looking for a girl to satisfy me. Maybe I had her already, and she was one of the most gorgeous little things I had ever seen in my life. Enough for me to ignore the fact that we shared some blood. Or how young she was. What if at that hot, enticing, idyllic place, I had found out that my life could be more interesting as a whole? To be sure, I would have to take the chance and accept the risk.

“Ok… So if they wait a little longer there, it is not a problem, right?” I interrupted her while she said something I was sure it would be very nice to hear, Lexi telling me about how she had touched herself in shower this morning, probably thinking of me. But I had to act. I couldn’t lose any more time.

“I-I guess not… Why?” Lexi asked almost rhetorically, as I could feel she knew exactly where I was going with that.

“Baby girl?”

“Yes?” Lexi finally looked me in the eyes again, shyly.

“It is super-hot in here. Since you don’t seem to mind me looking at you… Why don’t you take off that shirt?”

That ball of ice was there still, melting in my stomach and almost giving me chills. What I was doing was wrong in many forms, but it would never had gotten to that point if she didn’t seem to be waiting for it. In fact, she seemed to be begging for it, her way. And I was craving for her already.

Lexi widened her eyes, then she bit her full lower lip. She thought for a moment, one of those silences of hers, what to me felt like an eternity. She was always like that, since very young, taking long time to decide on what to say or if she should say it, analyzing if she would be able to endure the nervousness of interacting that way. Then, pulling up from the hem of her shirt, she took it off her with a single movement, letting it fall to her side, on the couch.

Lexi did it fast, as if trying not to think one more time if she should go for it or not, like running off a cliff instead of looking down and then jumping. Now that her willingness to go for it was out in the open, now that I had made her take the first step, there was nothing else stopping me.

There they were, gloriously standing, those beautiful young breasts. She had slightly brighter triangular marks on her perfect skin where she wore the bikini top the day before, and her skin looked even more tender there. I already knew what her petite body looked like, since I had admired how hot she had gotten while we were at the beach the day before. But just like every other guy there, eyes instinctively following her curves every time she moved, I wondered about those parts you couldn’t see. And, holy fuck, what a beautiful view that bikini hid.

I could feel her eyes were on me, apprehensive, while I couldn’t move mine from her exposed skin, “Lexi…” I let out in awe, seeing completely what I had partially seen before, and completely taken by the way she had just stripped herself half naked for me.

“D-Do you like them?” My little sister asked while clearly fighting hard against her shyness, the low self-esteem created by her problem not letting her fully comprehend how gorgeous she was.

I didn’t answer. Possessed by that feeling, I moved around the couch and I sat beside her, turned towards her. Without asking for permission, I cupped one of her breasts, filling my hand with it, feeling how soft to the touch it was. Lexi gasped beautifully, looking at my hand that voraciously fondled her. I rubbed her little nipple, seeing and feeling it harden. She let out a little and surprised whispery moan.

“Did anybody ever…” I let the question ring, and she shook her head, biting at her lip yet again and looking at me. “Only by yourself?” And she nodded instantly, breathing hard. It was impossible not to imagine her feeling alone, aroused, and touching her young body to an orgasm. I cupped the other breast, and I gently squeezed them with my hands, delighted by how firm, yet soft to the touch they felt. Lexi gasped yet again; her whole body shook. “Do you like it?” I asked.

“Uhum…” She answered dreamily, her eyes half-closed.

I played with both nipples using my thumbs, circling, rubbing the sensitive nubs, and the little girl opened her mouth, letting out sharp moans and gasps. She felt so sensitive… And it was so beautiful watching her struggle with the sensations, her small body shivering. I took a nipple between my index and thumb, and I lightly twisted it, rolling, and squeezing that lovely button with my fingers.

"Ahhh…" Lexi gasped, her mouth open, her young body squirming, engulfed in that sweet agony.

"Feeling good?" I asked while taking the other nipple in between my fingers too, while the palms of my hands massaged those two perfectly shaped mounds.


"Is this what you wanted?"

Her eyes widened, looking deep into mine, and for a moment she looked terrified. I was making it sound as if she had pushed me into it. I had to undo that. If she wanted to believe it was all me, if it would make her feel better, so be it, I thought. I couldn't stand looking at her feeling so awkward with herself anymore.

"I know this is what I wanted," I added in a second. Then, out of an uncontrollable impulse, I wrapped my arms around her waist and, laying back on the couch, I pulled her on top of me and I kissed her.

My lips parted hers, and while she didn't seem to know exactly what to do, I slipped my tongue inside her mouth. I felt her stiff body start to relax more and more by every second I spent making her tongue dance with mine. I slid my hand down the side of her beautiful body, and when I reached her butt, Lexi parted her legs, each to one side of me, giving me access. I cupped one of her tight, firm butt cheeks, and the tip of my fingers reached down from under her shorts, touching the soft and warm skin of her crotch.

We broke the kiss and looked at each other's eyes, while she laid on top of me, her chin propped on my chest. In her eyes I saw apprehension, fear, shyness… but I also saw she wanted it.

I reached forward with my fingers, and I touched her entrance. Lexi widened her eyes, her lips parted. I felt her love button, and I slid my fingertips between the inner lips, feeling how hot and how wet she was there.

"Oh, baby girl… What can go on between us?" I asked.

"Whatever you want…" She whispered back, shyly, but her brown eyes were full of expectation.

"So, you want your big brother to take care of you?" I said while gently rubbing her tiny clit, making her gasp.

"You're the only man I feel comfortable enough to do this with… And…"


"A-And I want it so bad… I want you so bad… But I don't want you to think I'm some sort of slut for letting you do this…" She said with a sense of urgency, and I saw tears start to form in her eyes.

"Hey, no…" I caressed her forehead, the soft chocolate-colored long bangs that made her look so cute, yet so sexy. "You have needs, I get it. We all do. I do, especially around you. That doesn't make you a slut. You just told me that's the first time you're being touched… I can imagine how you feel…" Aroused enough to look for her older brother for solace, I thought, but I didn't say. "And if you want to be my slut for the time being… " I smiled. She did too, her eyes down for a moment, and she sighed.

"I just don’t want you to… Alan, I don't want you to think…" she fought with the words, until she took a deep breath and blurted out, "I'm just so nervous all the time, and so horny… And I'm sick of doing things to myself, by myself, to appease it. You have no idea the things I have done to myself when it was too much… And I’ll tell you if you want. But sometimes I just feel so fucking lonely, lost… And you understand me so well! And why did you have to be so freaking hot!?" She said in an indignant rant, gasping, shaking, her eyes watery, as if it was extremely difficult for her to finally let it all out in the open.

"Being hot runs in the family," I laughed out loud, trying to diminish the tension.

"You are not making things easier…" She ashamedly let her head fall over my chest.

I took her by the cheeks, and I kissed her again, slowly, deeply, feeling her soft lips on mine and the way she reciprocated to my every movement, then I looked her in the eyes, "It doesn't have to be difficult anymore. I'm here with you. I got you. And I want you too. If you want to try it, we will try it. If you want me to be your first, I'll be your first. If you want me to be the one doing things to you, so you forget everything else, I will. Gladly. We just have to make this work and mom… Nobody can ever know."

"Nobody will. I promise," she whispered in a very enticing manner.

"This will be our secret, then. I just hope you remember you'll be seeing me for the rest of your life, so no regrets afterwards…"

"I promise I'll still be your little sister, no matter what… I promise," Lexi said anxiously, panting, her legs trembling.

I kissed her again, softly, and with my both hands I slid down her light black shorts. Then, with one hand on her nape, I reached down with the other until I could touch her warm, soaking pussy. The little pubic hair she had in there brushed against my wrist, while I rubbed her clit with my fingers.

"Hmmmgh…" she moaned in my mouth, moving her pelvis up in an unconscious attempt to escape that intense feeling, just to tilt it down again, to meet my hungry fingers.

Touching Alessandra like that was being the best sensation I had felt in my entire life. It was a mix of how tender she felt, how good her trembling body felt on top of mine, but more than anything, it was feeling how much she trusted me, how much she wanted to give herself to me. To a somewhat domineering, hardcore guy like me, that was blissful.

It felt so good that none of us cared about the fact that we were in that little room, with a door that led directly to the street, like almost every other house at that town. The shadows of people roaming down the street passed by the single window at the wall right next to us. While I made my little sister moan for me, while I played with her breasts never stopping to take care of her eager pussy, being touched for the first time, we didn’t care about the fact that our mom, or grandma, or both, could walk in through that door at any minute.

I sat on the couch with her on top of me, easily maneuvering her petite body, and I made her lay on the couch, with me on top. I slipped the shorts off her, and I tossed it to the floor, then I spread her legs while she just looked at me, the back of a hand over her mouth, her shoulders contracted. Even though she looked absolutely nervous, anxious, she just let me do it, her slender legs folded and spread, giving me a very good look of her most intimate place.

Lexi had that lighter patch on her skin where her bikini bottom protected that intimate place from our hungry eyes, and she had a very thin line of rare pubic hair crowning her clit and stopping there. Apart from that, she was surprisingly completely shaved. It was hard to believe that was just to look good wearing her bikini, so I didn’t exactly understand why. It was hard to believe she had taken care of it while planning to show it, but I didn’t care. It looked so good. She had puffy little mounds there, and only a thin line of her red pussy lips was visible. It looked pristine, untouched, just like I had imagined.

Not losing time, I stripped myself of the gray tank top I wore, and without taking off the shorts I had on, I freed my erection, and I heard her gasp. Her eyes grew wide, full of interest, and a little intimidated. I stroke my length for her to see, letting her know how much I throbbed while wanting to be inside of her… And then, I remembered I had to get condoms. The last thing I wanted was to get my little sister pregnant.

“Baby girl, wait here, I have to get something,” and I tried to get up, but she held me by the forearm.

“N-No! It’s ok… Put it in me… Please…” She said, seeming out of breath, wanting.

“I can’t get you pregnant. That would be the end of our family.”

“I’m on the pill. Don’t worry…” She said even more embarrassed.

“You are!?” I said, and I couldn’t avoid my surprise.

“Mom… Mom made me start three years ago, right after she gave me ‘the talk.’”

“Oh…” Coming from my mother, that was absolutely believable. She gave me my first box of condoms even before I started high school.

Not saying another word, I put the head in between her lips, and I started rubbing it on her, right there, up and down, parting her lips and spreading her juices, going all the way up to her clit, then down again. Lexi gasped, and instantly started moaning in pleasure. When I felt myself lubricated enough, I started pushing it in, watching the delicate lips of her pussy stretch apart to make room for me. She inhaled sharply, at the same time I felt for the first time how tight she was. Slowly, I started pushing it in, breaking her resistance, and after I forced it there for a bit, the head went in with what felt like a pop.

“Huungh!” Lexi groaned and arched her back, grimacing in pain.

I leaned forward, taking her cheek on my hand, and I touched her forehead with mine, “It’s ok, sweetheart. I’ll give you time to get used to it.”

“N-No… Go on… I’m ok,” she said with her eyes full of tears, but a slight smile on her face.

I kissed her lips, and I moved forward, another good inch of my cock making its way inside of her absurdly tight entrance.

“Huuuuuungh!” She groaned through gritted teeth, and she winced in pain, but her eyes were on mine. It was all over her face, how it hurt, but also how satisfied she was to be feeling it. I moved back, then forth, then again, more of me plunging inside of her each time. “Unngh! O-Ouch! Huuungh!” She let out crying little groans at every move I made.

The sensation of being inside of her, of being able to do this to her, it was indescribable. It was a mix of doing the forbidden, of being the first to do so, and a feeling of possession that was overwhelming. At that moment, I felt as if she was completely mine. I used to be one of the people that knew her best in the entire world, and now I was experiencing that loving young girl in a way nobody had ever done before, and nobody ever would. On top of all that, she was tight as I had never felt before. Her hot, moist entrance squeezing me with all it had.

I kept going in deeper and deeper with every movement, while she submissively looked at me, groaning while I got rid of her virginity, doing as I wished. She was just panting, shaking, her groans intensifying as I started to thrust inside of her, faster. Soon, I was humping her voraciously, her little body rocking back and forth.

“Huuuuungh! Ahhhh! Oh G-God!” Lexi moaned and groaned through gritted teeth, her teary eyes never looking anywhere but to my face.

I did look down for a moment, though. To see her beautiful breasts bouncing, then to admire almost the full length of my cock disappearing inside of her, coming out wet of her juices and I could see some blood there as well, what was expected. The way her pussy lips stretched out a little bit while clenched around my girth every time I withdrew from her was just a sign of how tight my sweet little sister was. Every time I plunged back in, she groaned, her soft voice distorted and filling out the room. “Ahh-ahhh-aaaugh-aah!”

It was clear by hearing her groans and looking at her face, or noticing how tense she was, that it hurt, and I couldn’t tell if the discomfort let her feel any pleasure at all, at least not from me buried inside of her for the first time. Although, Lexi was groaning for me, beautifully, and she did so while looking me in the eyes. She never asked me to stop, she never refrained from me going deeper and rougher as I got more and more aroused by her. I stopped putting more of my considerably long length inside of her when I felt it was enough for me to feel pleasure, as I didn’t intend to hurt her. At least nothing more than the necessary.

However, in a matter of a minute, I felt myself getting carried on by it... At least six inches in and rocking back and forth, lost in the feeling of her melting entrance clenching around me for dear life, one of my hands clawed on her breast and the other holding her tight by the hip, my little sister shut her eyes tight, tilted her head back and groaning loudly, letting out everything she felt. “AAAAAH-AAAAH-AHHHHGH-AAAAAGH!!!”

I stopped, and she instantly opened her eyes looking for mine. Her cheeks and her little snub little nose blushing scarlet. Lexi looked at me while tears ran down her face and she chest heaved heavily.

I took my throbbing cock out of her, and I let it lay on top of her lower belly, soaked in her juices.

“D-Did you..? Did you come?” She asked with her soft little voice completely shaken.

I bent forward, my member still inside of her, and I kissed her, “Are you ok?”

“Y-Yes… Does it feel wrong? Did I do something wrong?” She asked nervously, folding her arms tight against her breasts.

“No! Absolutely not!” I took her cheeks on my hands and caressed them with my thumbs. “I’m just checking on you. I realized I was being a little hard on you… It’s your first time.”

“I-I’m ok, I promise… I’m…” and she gave it a pause, totally embarrassed, “I’m liking it… All of it… Sorry for the screaming...”

Fuck. My lovely little sister, one of the most gentle, shy, lovely people I had ever met in life liked to be taken roughly. And I was making her feel bad for it. Fuck!

“You don’t have to be sorry, and you don’t need to feel embarrassed. I thought I was being too hard on you, and maybe you were unable to tell me that. You’re irresistible, sis. I’m loving this…” and I kissed her again, feeling her shudder, “I just want to be sure you’ll be able to tell me if it is too much. If you promise you can do that, I’ll worry less, and we can have our fun. Can you do that?”

“Yes…” Lexi said with a shy smile, and she wrapped her arms around my neck. “I probably won’t, though… I like to feel you go all rough on me…”

“Really?” I asked while taking my hard on in hand and unceremoniously pushing it back inside of her. Although it went in much easier, Lexi, with her face right in front of mine, closed her eyes and opened her mouth in an O shape, screaming without making a sound.

Soon as started moving again, in and out, slowly, she started panting, and looked at me with her eyes ajar. I kept going like that, just feeling the tightness of her pussy around me, and getting gradually faster. Lexi cringed a bit but looked to be in less pain than before. I just kept going, fucking her, her little body rocking back and forth yet again. When I got to the rough pace I was before, she just buried her face on my neck, tight, and started groaning again. “Huuuungh! Huuuuh! Aaaaugh! A-Alaaan! Al-laaan!”

My little sister crying my name while I ravished her young entrance just got me there, ready to blow everything I had deep inside of her love canal. I pushed it in a little deeper, and her shaking legs tightened around me. “O-Oh G-God! Alan! It i-is so deep! So d-deep!!” She moaned in a crying voice, and it just made me push deeper, feeling myself filling all of her and making the girl curl against my body, tightening her arms around my neck. I was already jolting everything I had deep inside of her, grunting in relief, in pleasure, while she howled, “Aaaaaagh! Aaaaaaugh! Uuuuungh!”

I fell on top of her, while she kept shaking, both arms and legs wrapped tight around me, and she panted desperately. That’s when I felt her pussy contracting around my cock. Lexi was at the edge of an orgasm, and I had taken her there by the way I had pounded her so deeply. It was hard to believe. I wouldn’t leave her hanging like that. I took her chin tightly with my hand, and I made her look at me.

“Come for me,” I said while pushing my cock deep inside of her, as deeply as I could, feeling the head of my dick forcing the top part of her pussy.

“HUUUUUNGH!” She groaned, loudly, with her eyes closed tight, her whole body shaking. I moved back, and then forth, very slowly, but stopping only when I couldn’t put any more of it inside of her, “GA-AAAAAAHHH! Her face was contorted in a divided way, in between begging me to stop and pleading me to keep going.

With my free hand, I reached below, and I started rubbing at her little clit, while keeping the movement. Even after cumming, my cock never went soft, as I was in a state of arousal I had never felt before. When she felt my fingers there, she gasped, then winced. She coughed, squirmed, and she groaned loudly every time I was all in, until at the fourth very slow paced thrust, while vigorously playing with her clit, her legs started shaking even more, her body spasmed like crazy, and her eyes rolled back in its sockets. Again, she had her mouth into an “O” shape, screaming, but no voice. She tilted her head back frantically, as I pushed it in one last time, my finger rubbing hard and fast on her clit.

After I stopped, Lexi gasped, long and relieved breaths, and I finally felt her relax, so I did the same. I fondled her everything, watching her, and for a moment she looked at me seeming lost. I spread little kisses around her collarbone and her neck, and she chuckled. When I looked at her again, she had a cute smile on her tired, sweat, tear-soaked face.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

She didn’t answer instantly. Lexi looked deep in thought, still looking at me with something I could only describe as love.

“Good… I feel so good,” She said softly.

“I’m glad,” I said, softly kissing her on the lips.

Then, silence.

We just looked at each other not really knowing what to do.

“I guess we have to go to the beach, right?” I asked, maybe too abruptly in an attempt to dissolve the awkwardness that seemed to be setting.

“Yes… I have to clean myself up,” but she still had that blissful tone in her voice.

“Let’s get to it then. We don’t want them walking in on us, do we?”

“No, we don’t,” and she chuckled, “that would be terrible…”

“Absolutely terrible,” I said while getting up and starting to gather our clothes tossed around the floor of the tiny living room.

“Alan…” She asked, still laying on the couch exactly where I put her, her beautiful legs still spread and my cum, mixed with her virginal blood oozed from her little pussy, running down her beautiful butt.

“Yes?” I said, looking at her admired, noticing how at peace my little sister felt.

“Do you still want me?” She asked looking down, shyly, but half of that cute smile was still on her lips.

I went back to her, leaned forward, held her firmly by the nape, and I kissed her lips, voraciously, making her moan in surprise. “How could I not? Get up,” I said looking her deep in the eyes, still holding the back of her neck, “We have a secret to keep, and both our mom and grandma are really smart.”

She smiled, a big one, and after struggling to balance, her beautiful and shapely legs trembling, she got up, but not before I slapped her tight butt, making her gasp.

“I’ll fuck you every time I can put my hands on you, until you get a boyfriend,” I said the last part under my breath.

“And if I don’t?” She said with her hand on her pussy, and slowly moving on her way to the bathroom, trying to avoid anything spilling on the dark tiled floor.

“Then we will have very interesting family reunions.”

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