The Canoe Trip by SizeX

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Fiction | Exhibitionism, Female, Male, Masturbation, Solo

The Canoe Trip

Chris paddled at a slow stead pace. The canoe slipped through the water with only the slightest whisper of it's passing. He and Jessie slid through the backwaters silently watching the world around them. The animals took little notice of them as they floated by, only a passing glance or two and then they went about their business.

Jessie relaxed in the sunlight, her bronze body soaking up the sun, her white bikini tops almost blinding as it shown in the sunlight. The contrast between the top and her skin was erotic to say the least, the heavy breasts straining the fabric made it even more so. Her long chestnut brown hair was pulled back into a French braid and hung down to her ass. The tight cutoff Jeans shorts rode up the crack of her ass nicely as she sat there giving Chris a great view.

She looked back over her shoulders and smiled at him. He smiled back and watched. He knew she was getting horny, she always did when they were out here in the middle of nowhere. She loved to be naked under in the sunlight but it was hard to do legally in town. So they came here. Out on a back tributary stream with no one around she was free to do as she liked and Chris got to watch her or join her . . .depending on her mood.

First she reached back and untied her bikini top and let the straps fall. Her heavy breasts held the top in place until she slid them free of the cups and began to play with them. Grabbing them and squeezing gently, her fingers pulling slightly on her nipples until they were hard. She dipped her hand into the water as they floated along and scooped a handful up and dripped it over her tits, the water beading on her skin, like tiny jewels all over. She smiled and splashed another handful over her breasts and began to rub the wet flesh until she felt her pussy burning hot wanting attention.

She undid the buttons on her cutoffs and gently raised her hips and slid them down. She pulled them off and tossed them back into the center of the canoe and turned back to face him so he could see her shaved pussy. She leaned back on the bow of the boat and spread her legs for Chris to get a good view of her nice wet lips. She had been looking forward to this all week. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the sun on her naked body.

Chris shifted around uncomfortably as his cock got hard as a rock and strained against his own shorts. He never stopped his slow and steady paddling, never slowed, never broke rhythm as he watched. He stared at her and drank every detail of her body in with his eyes. He gazed at her wet pussy until he could almost taste it with his eyes. Stared at her breasts until he could feel the wet beads of water on them, feel the tickle as they dripped down off her.

When he looked back her face, Jessie was staring at him with a hungry look. She loved to be watched, loved to be wanted. She was biting her lip as she watched him and starting to tremble. The excitement was getting to her; she was getting to the point of just want. Chris dropped his eyes back to her pussy as she snaked one hand over her the flesh of her belly. Rubbing across the bare skin and slowly dipping down between her legs.

Chris broke stride for the first time and quickly lifted and pulled his shorts off. His hard cock springing to full length and bobbing in the air as he returned to paddling. He regained his rhythm and continued to paddle slow and steady, his cock bobbing and bouncing with his movement, the head glistening in the sunlight from a droplet of pre cum.

Jessie stared at his cock and licked her lips. Her fingers were rubbing over the lips of her pussy, not entering her, teasing herself. Her juices had made the outer lips wet and slippery so her fingers slid over them with no resistance as she pressed harder and then pinched the lips together and shuddered in pleasure. His cock twitched when she did this and Jessie couldn't hold back any more. She pushed to fingers into her pussy roughly. She wasn't gentle at all. She didn't want to be she wanted to feel it, wanted it to be intense.

She began to fuck herself hard with her fingers, the wet sloppy sounds the only the two made as she stared at him and he at her pussy. She watched his cock and imagined it in her, he watched her fingers fucking her pussy, as they slid in and came out wet and shiny and wished they were his fingers, he wanted to taste her.

Jessie turned her hips up so he could see into her pussy as she fucked herself and added a third finger. She was moaning and thrashing around and wanted to cum. She leaned back and could no longer watch Chris but it didn't matter. In her mind it was his hand in her pussy. His strong fingers fucking her and about to make her cum. She could hear Chris moaning and the sound drove her on.

She couldn't have stopped now if she had to, she was too far-gone. She just wanted to cum hard. Her other hand grabbed her nipple and pulled it until she made herself scream. The palm of her fucking hand slapped her clit every time she pushed the fingers deep into herself. She thrashed her head back and forth in passion and the canoe rocked dangerously with the movement. She didn't care.

Then the feel of wetness splashing onto her. The feel of cum being shot all over her body and dripping on her. Chris was moaning and panting, the boat rocked. She opened her eyes and saw the second jet of cum erupt from his cock as he stroked it fast and hard. Cum splashed on her belly and tits. She rubbed it over her skin and made her breast slippery with it. The feel of it, the smell of it, the feel of the third shot of cum splashing on her pussy was too much.

Throwing her head back and pressing it against the edge of the boat she screamed out and began to cum.

She felt her cum dripping and spurting out of her pussy. Her hand was frozen there for a second, fingers shoved deep into her pussy, her twitching and jerking as she came enough movement to keep her coming. She screamed again and ground her palm hard onto her clit and wiggled her fingers inside her wet dripping pussy.

The orgasm subsided and she began to shake. She kept her eyes closed for long moments and listened as the slow steady paddling resumed. The sound of the water sliding by the canoe. The sound of the paddle slipping into the water. She opened her eyes and looked, Chris was watching her with a big grin on his face.

His shorts were back on and his muscles rippled as he paddled them on.

She opened her mouth to say something when an aftershock struck her and she jerked and shuddered as it rocked through her body. Chris laughed and she kicked him playfully and laughed too. She was content.

The sound of a motor brought her back from her dream state and she hastily grabbed her top and shorts.

She looked up and Chris was still smiling at her. Listening, she judged how far off the motor was and decided, maybe time for one more before it got her and dropped clothing again.


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Rating: 82%, Read 53299 times, Posted Nov 18, 2006

Fiction | Exhibitionism, Female, Male, Masturbation, Solo


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