Her First and Last Master 2 by DennaLannister

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Fantasm | Anal, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Humiliation, Male, Written by women

Danyel wasn't sure how long she had slept, but when she woke she found herself laying in the corner of a small cage, beside Amelia's cage, wrapped in a warm blanket. She turned around to see if Amelia was still in her cage, and still alive. A sigh of relief flew from her lips when she saw her best friend, sleeping deeply.

"So you're awake." Came Adam's voice from the other side of the room. He sauntered over to her and squatted down in front of the cage. She gasped and pressed herself back against the corner of her cage, eyes wide and wild with fear, knowing she couldn't handle more abuse this soon. He reached up and unlocked the cage, letting the door swing open as he took a step back. "Come." he commanded her quietly. She inhaled sharply and started to shake again, but slowly did as she was told, crawling out and kneeling at his feet, knowing that was the smartest action at this moment.

When he reached for her she flinched, and he chuckled deeply. He grabbed her collar and jerked her to her feet, bringing a startled yelp from her lips. She tried to stand, but her kneels folded under her weakly. At first she feared that he would punish her for her failure, but he made a sound, like he was thinking. Then he slid his arms under her, cradling her, as he carried her over to the small space that served as a kitchen. He set her down at the table and pushed a plate of scrambled eggs at her. She stared at him, and then at the food, her stomach growling. Cautiously she picked up the fork and started eating, her eyes fixed on her plate, afraid to look at him. She finished and pushed the plate away and sat back in the chair. After what seemed like forever she gathered the courage to look up at him, just in time to see him push a bottle of water toward her. "Drink it, and then clean up." Was all he said. Then he walked away, through the flap that hid his bedroom, and she was alone.

It didnt take long for her to finish the water, and then she went about her chores. There wasn't a moment that she didn't fear what would happen if she failed, so she went above and beyond in cleaning, not just the kitchen, but the entire bunker. Although part of her reason for doing that was to see if there was any hope of escape, but with out his pass codes, there was no hope. It only took her three hours to clean the entirety of the place, and after she didn't know if she should tell him she was done, or crawl back into her cage. Amelia woke up at that time and was looking around, panic creasing her features. Danyel rushed over to her and shushed her. "Don't talk. Just be quiet, don't fight him, and if...maybe if I'm good enough he will let you go, okay? Just...don't do anything to make him mad." Amelia stifled herself and nodded her head.

Danyel stood, and brushed off her now dirty and torn Halloween costume and went to the door way of his room. She took a series of calming breaths before she tried knocking on the concrete door frame. It didn't seem to make enough sound, so she cleared her throat and then called out to him. "M...Master?" She waited for a moment, and then heard his foot steps. She took a step back from the flap right before he came through it.

"What?" He asked curtly, his eyes wondering up and down her body possessively.

"I've finished cleaning." she said, eyes on the ground, her posture slumped and pathetic.

"It took you that long to clean the kitchen?" he asked impatiently. She looked up into his face, looking confused for a moment, then she actually blushed brightly in embarrassment.

"Uh, no, Master. I cleaned...everything." She replied sheepishly. He stared at her for a long moment and then chuckled and shook his head. His hand reached out and this time, she managed not to flinch. Adam ran his fingers through her hair, and cradled her head gently, turning her head up to meet his eyes.

"Good girl." He purred. The gentleness of his touch confused her even more, but his palm was warm and even though they were calloused they some how remained soft. Her eyes fluttered shut and she pressed her cheek against his hand. Fear was still pumping hard through her veins even as she tried her hardest to relax, but deep down she knew this gentle touch wouldn't last long, and just as she began to relax his touch turned into a firm grip on her hair. Then he was dragging her into his room, and throwing her on his massive bed. The now terror struck girl flew face first into the bed, and then turned around and started to scramble away from him, but he wasn't chasing her this time. He was slowly getting undressed. His plain t-shirt came off, then his belt, which he threw on the bed beside her. Then his pants, socks, and boxers.

Once naked he crawled up on the bed toward her in a slow, malicious pace, as if he were stalking prey. She snatched up a pillow near her and clutched it to her chest, whimpering softly into it. Adam reached out and grabbed her by her left ankle and pulled her away from the wall roughly, forcing her to sprawl out under him. He grabbed the pillow from her hands and tossed it aside. She turned her head away from him and started to cry as quietly as she could manage as he pressed himself between her legs, grinding his hard cock against her pussy. She gasped and put her hands on his shoulders and tried to push him away. He grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head, continuing to grind against her. With all her effort she struggled against his grasp, but got no where fast, and after a few moments she went limp under him, having given up.

He took her despair as submissive and growled softly as he started nipping at her neck, starting just below her ear and working his way down to where he had marked her on her shoulder. He let his long glide over the wound, making her whine in pain. The noise made him shudder and moan quietly. He was shaking with restrained lust. There was a plan in his head, she could just feel that something terrible was coming, but she didn't know what. His hips kept grinding against her, the length of his shaft grinding against her clit, and hairless lips, and bruised entrance.

Feeling the weight and heat of his cock against her exposed pussy was causing a mechanical reaction in her, her pussy getting warmer slowly. When she whimpered again he growled in frustration and rolled her over on her side, positioning himself behind her. He placed his cock back between her legs, grinding the head against her clit as his hands roamed over her body. They didn't wonder long though. When his hands went to her breast and squeezed them tightly, he growled against the back of her neck, and started groping them roughly. This went on for a long time, his gentle squeezing, and grinding. On occasion he would nip along her neck and kiss along her jugular, and whisper "Shh, good girl. Its going to be okay, just be a good girl for me." And after what felt like an eternity of that she relaxed against him, letting go, and trying her best to enjoy this moment of gentleness.

Danyels pussy was dripping wet in no time after she relaxed, and he most certainly noticed. Keeping one hand on her breast, he reached down with the other and lifted her leg up as high as it could go. A startled gasp escaped her lips, but she didn't struggle this time when he placed his cock against her entrance. She bit her lip and did all she could to relax. At first he was gentle, but her pussy was so swollen from the abusive evening before that his cock wouldn't go in. He started pushing harder against her pussy, but it still wouldn't go anywhere. He growled in frustration and rolled her onto her back again, this time pushing her legs far above her head, and securing them with shackles that had been hanging from the wall. Her eyes were wide as he knelt there between her legs, slapping his cock all over her puffy hairless cunt, with a menacing smile on his face.

"Please...Just please dont hurt me as bad this time...I'll do anything, just please don't hurt me." Her voice was barely more than a whisper. He responded by spitting directly into her fuck hole and putting his head against it again. This time he grabbed her by her hips in a short, but rough thrust of his hips the head popped in and he growled in satisfaction at its tightness. Then he did something she didn't expect, he pulled it back out, only for a moment, before popping it back in. He repeated the process, over and over, until the head slid more easily in and out of her pussy. By then she was moaning quietly, her face flushing brightly with shame as her pussy clenched and sucked at his meaty dick head. He was stroking his cock as he fucked her with just his head. Her cunt was on fire with lust and at that moment she really hated herself, but she couldn't stop herself from grinding her hips against his cock now. He caught on and purred deviously as he leaned down and looked her in her eyes.

"You wont it, don't you?" He pulled his cock out and started rubbing it from her slit to her swollen clit, teasing her with it. "Admit it, admit that you want my cock, and I'll reward you for it." he promised as he kept teasing her, his sticky precum getting smeared all over her twat. She bit her lip and couldn't make herself say anything at first, but the longer he teased her the longer it was hard to resist. Her body had over ridden her brain, and all she wanted right now was for him to push his cock into her.

"Yes..." she choked out. He leaned in, pressing the length of his cock against her quivering pussy.

"What? I couldn't quite hear that."

"Yes, I want it." she answered sheepishly. He thrust his cock along her slippery gash, and growled. She knew it still wasn't the right answer. "Yes, Master, I want your cock inside of me." she struggled to get it all out, but some how felt relieved once she had said it. Something between a purr and a snarl escaped from his lips and he aimed his cock straight down into her pussy, then grabbed her hips and slammed every inch of it in side of her, re-opening the tears he had caused inside of her the night before.

Danyel endured the sudden invasion with a sharp hissing inhale of pain, but she didn't scream, and she was proud of herself for that. Then he withdrew almost all of his cock slowly, and then thrust it back in hard and fast. She did scream this time, but only partially in pain. He repeated the movement over and over until her screams turned into moans of submission.

"Does it feel good bitch?" he growled down at her. She couldn't speak so she simply nodded her head. He chuckled demonically and spat in her face, using a hand to smear it around, making her already mascara and tear streaked face all the more mess. He stopped being easy on her then and start pounding his cock in and out of her at a cruel rapid pace, slamming it in as far as he could, the head of his cock bruising and battering her cervix. At first she cried out in pain, feeling her hole get forced to take every inch of his massive fuck stick in her cock sleeve.

That pace continued for what felt like hours, and when her twat was thoroughly ruined it didn't hurt as bad. The way his cock curved up a little at the end had the head of his prick rubbing against her g-spot with every brutal thrust, and again her screams started to turn to moans. Only this time, when he started fucking her harder, they stayed moans of pleasure. She was gripping her legs behind her knees, lifting them a little higher than the restraints had her, making the angle more severe. She could see the head of his cock bouncing against her inner walls through the lower part of her stomach. The sight of it triggered an intense orgasm, her cunt tightening and squeezing around his cock hard. He hissed, and then growled, fucking her harder.

The way his features were twisted she thought that maybe he was trying to make the fuck more painful for her, and when that didn't work he released her ankle cuffs in a hurry and flipped her over, pushing her face hard into a pillow, making it hard for her to breath. Danyel could feel him grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them wide apart. Then he spit on her ass and started rubbing his cock over her tight pucker. Danyel was not a stranger to anal, and had had some fairly large things in there before, granted it had been awhile sense she did that, but having his thick cock against her ass didn't inspire fear in her, she purred and backed against it.

"Good fucking whore." he growled before turning her face to look at him so he could spit right between her eyes again, then he threw her back against the bed, lined up his cock and started pushing it in painfully slow. She gasped as her ass grabbed and sucked at his cock greedily, and tried to wiggle her way back on to it, having completely lost herself in the depravity of the moment. He swatter her ass almost playfully and laughed aloud. "Eager bitch, its my pace or not at all." And he kept his slow pace until he was buried deep in her ass, hips hips pressed flush to her cheeks. She moaned and wiggled, greatly enjoying the feeling of her ass being so full. To tease her he made his cock jump and twitch inside of her, which made her whine pitifully and wiggle her hips, trying to get more than she was offered. Her frustration only made him laugh at her.

Adam reached down and grabbed her around the back of her neck, pulling her back against him until his chest was tight against her back. His hand slithered down between her legs and found her dripping, swollen clit. She moaned loudly and started trying to grind her ass back against him again, which brought another soft growl from them. He grabber her shoulder tightly in one hand, and kept his other hand on her pussy, rubbing in rough fast circles of her clit. Then he started thrusting into her in hard, short burst, rutting against her like a beast. The feeling of his cock sliding easily in and out of her quivering back door, and the impact of his hips against her ass made her eyes roll back in her head.

After keepting that momentum for a long while, pumping into her with slow but cruel thrusts. Then he started to grow bored of that and stuffed two fingers into her ruined twat, thrusting them in and out opposite of his pistoning cock. She cried out loudly and for lack of something to do with her hands grabbed her own tits, squeezing them hard, digging her nails into the flesh. The pain added to the pleasure almost brought her over the edge, and he must have felt it coming because he leaned in and licked her ear menacingly. "Don't cum." He commanded in a low threatening whisper.

The tone made fear grip her by the heart tightly. She gripped her tits harder, digging her nails in harder, needing the pain to distract her from the impending orgasm. He started fucking her harder and faster. The sound of his hips slapping against her reddening ass were so loud they were echoing in the cavernous cement basement. Danyel found herself screaming again in pain when he skipped adding a third finger and jammed four fingers into her juicy worn out snatch. Even with the added agony of having her pussy savagely stretched with four fingers it was getting harder and harder not to orgasm. His movements were getting more and more frantic, and he was growling and snorting like a demon. His hand moved from her shoulder and tore one of her hands from her tit, claiming it for himself. He was not gentle, and within no time he was mauling both of her tits with one hand, alternating between them to slap them, grope them roughly enough to bruise, and abusing her nipples. Every time he gripped one and pulled roughly on it she got closer and closer, and she was now panting with effort not to cum.

"I cant...I cant hold it back." She groaned out between panicked gasping breaths, her entire body shaking from his rough use of her fuck hole.

"Then beg for it." He taunted in what could have almost passed for a teasing whisper. The idea of begging her rapist to let her cum was so absurd, but soon it wouldn't matter, and if she did it with out permission, she knew he would hurt her.

"Please, please may I cum?" She moaned, saying it as sexily as possible, hoping it would earn her an easy release, but no such luck. He tugged hard at her right nipple again, twisting it cruelly.

" 'May I cum'...what?" He prompted. It didn't take her long to figure out what he wanted.

"May I please cum, Master?" she asked, blushing brightly in embarrassment. Danyel thought that was what he wanted to hear, but apparently he had gotten a different idea entirely in his head. He brought his hand down hard on her left breast, leaving a bright red mark, the places where his finger tips had connected were raising in welts.

"Stupid bitch, you should be begging for MY cum, not your own fucking pleasure." he hissed viciously in her face. "You get nothing until I'm happy." He turned her head hard to look back at him, the strain hurting her neck. He spit directly into her face, barely missing her eyes. She whined, and her cunt and ass spasmed hard around his fingers and cock. It was to much to bare and at that moment she would do almost anything to cum.

"Please Master, please cum for me. Pump a huge load deep inside of dirty little ass." She cried out. He roared and ripped his fingers from her pussy, and then threw her forward on the bed, taking her hard and fast from behind, driving himself in and out of her like a lust crazed animal. He beat her ass roughly with both hands, bringing them down at once on both cheeks as he viciously sodomized his new found property.

"Stuff your fingers in your pussy." She didnt hesitate, pushing three fingers in her pussy and fucking herself as hard and as far as he was. He slapped her in the back of her head and spit at her face, but missed, the slie landing on her shoulder and dripping down the side of her breast. "More!" he screamed. Danyel took a deep breath and decided to go above and beyond what she thought he expect and started pushing her hand as far in her pussy as she could, thrusting it in and out as hard as she could. He shuddered behind her and she knew she had done good that time. It wasnt quite fisting yet. Most of her hand was in, but she'd left her thumb out for now. "Now beg!" he hissed at her.

"Master, please! I need your cum in my ass! My dirty little fuck holes are so starved for your cum." She pleaded at him, looking over her shoulder with a mix of pain and need etched into her twenty five year old face. It was enough to drive him over the edge, and his feature twisted, and contorted, making him look even more severe and angry than he already did. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, terrofied in that moment. Unsure if he was cumming or just really pissed about something she did wrong.

Then she felt it, rope after thick rope of his almost boiling hot cum pouring into her ass. He was completely buried in her ruined ass hole, writhing his hips in a quick but shallow momentum, pumping more and more deep into her bowels. When he finally stopped she collapsed on top of her, squishing her into the bed as he lay there panting. She could feel his right arm moving, but couldnt see what he was doing. After a few seconds he brought his arm back down, concieling something in his hand. Adam slid his softening cock from her ass, and then in one quick shove pushed a butt plug in her ass. It was thicker than his cock and it made her cry out in momentary agony. Then she adjusted and went limp on the bed.

He lay next to her, and cradled her for a long moment, giving her much needed time to recover, but not enough time. After about thirty minutes he swatted her hard on her exposed thigh. "You have twent minutes to make me something nice for lunch. Starting now." She stared at him for a split second and then went scrambling off the bed, barely able to walk. He laughed at her as she collapsed just outside the curtain into the main room. His laugh held violent promises if she failed. Danyel was scared enough to forget that her friend was in a cage, staring slack jawed at her in shock.

Rating: 89%, Read 11643 times, Posted Nov 02, 2015

Fantasm | Anal, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Humiliation, Male, Written by women


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