Tyson by Wyatt

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My name is Tyson and I am a assassin. At age nine both my parents died in a car accident and I was sent to live with a uncle I never new I had. After a few weeks there my life started changing. The training was brutally hard but my kept telling me if I survived I would be a killing machine. After two years I complete all the training my uncle could give me. I was sent to a group of men that were to train me the rest of the way. By the time I was eighteen I had killed two men one a fellow assassin for trying to steal from me and the other my first assignment. When I left the men I flew back to my uncles to live and work with him in his manufacturing company and being a assassin on the side.

Two years went buy and I had bought my own house and had my own branch of the company and was doing quite well. With the companies growth and the money from the assassinations I was set for life, but being as paranoid as I am about going broke I invested in stocks.

I was walking threw the local mall window shopping so to speak. When I heard a commotion behind me. I turned around to see two security gaurds chasing a guy in a hooded sweatshirt carrying a purse. Noticing this I kick out into his stomach as he approached me while he was down I got the purse while the security gaurds put him in handcuffs. Then I recognized the women jogging up to us.

I handed her the purse and she said "thank you so much my entire life is in there."

I told here "no problem".

As I turned to be on my way she asked if I would like to have lunch with her I agreed and we headed to the food court. As we walked I found out her name was Molly but I almost didn't hear it for I was to busy looking at how good she look. She is about 5'7" with golden blonde hair. Her petite athletic body looked perfect in her booty shorts and tight fitting t-shirt. I don't thank I'm to bad myself standing 6'4" wieghing about 220 of muscle.

As we finally got there and chose a restaurant I found out she live not far from me in a apartment complex and was going to the locally college to get her PhD. She then asked what I did and I told her I was a co-owner in Lanes manufacturing. She didn't believe me so I invited her over to my house to show her.

After shopping alittle me we went out to the parking lot to get in our cars. She told me she didn't drive her so we started for my car.

When we approached my car I heard her gasp as she looked at my Audi RS 8 spyder. As we drove the short distance to my house we talk about our childhoods. I found out she was a Foster kid and never new her real parent but was very close to her frosted parents. When we pulled into my drive way she let out another gasp. As we walked into the house she was amazed at how big it was compared to her apartment. I just went laughed and gave her the tour.

As it got later I asked if she wanted to watch a movie she readily accepts and we head to the theater as I asked her Wat movie she said a scary movie I had seen a hundred times . As the movie started I kept looking over at her and starring at her chest. At the first scary part she jumped onto me all at once. I thought dam she's light she can't weigh a 120lbs .as the movie rolled on the snuggled up and I put my arm around her to hold her. When she jumped again it caused her hands to land on my thigh right next to my semi hard cock. I started running my hands down her sides my finger tips touching the sides of her boobs. She didn't seem to notice (probably the training to pick a pocket in the middle of a crowded subway). As the movie ended I was still holding her and she turned to look at me. As our eyes met I leaned in for a kiss. The kiss last for awhile as it got more passionate our hands started roaming over each others bodies. As I grabbed her chest with one hand she pushed away and took off walking out of the theater I followed her and she went up the stairs to my room and losing clothes on the way when I reached the room she was down to just panties and a bra. We started kissing again as she unbuttoned my shirt and took it off while I was taking my pants off. When I was completely naked I started kissing her then down to her necked nibbling on her her while I was there. I took her bra off and look on in with lustful eyes at her boobs they were amazing not to big but not to small. I loved them. I sucked a nipple into my mouth as I rubbed the other with the palm of my hand.she was moaning lightly so I new she was enjoying this. She pushed my head away and slid up onto the bed taking her panties off as I climbed up between her legs she shuddered as I rubbed the head of my penis up and down her slit. I pushed the head through her opening and starting slowly making my way in. She moaned " its so big".

I laughed to myself thanking yes nine inches long and two and a half wide is pretty big. As I pushed in her all the way I gave her time to adjust when she started moving her hips up to mine I started fucking her slow at first the speeding up she moaned loader and loader as she approached her climax. She start screaming thar she was cumming so I decided that this was a good time to cum as well. As she shook in her climax I squirted rope after rope into her until I finally was emptied. I pulled out and lay beside her as she moved up and put her head on my chest we drifted off to sleep.

Rating: 60%, Read 6452 times, Posted Aug 16, 2012

Fiction |


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