Budding Temptations pt. II by Brainserum

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Part 2, I hope those who enjoyed part 1 continue to enjoy these stories. More to come if the likes keep going. I like story development, so I apologize to those who want fast paced.

We pulled into the driveway and Ani jumped out before I could even put the car in park.

“Umm alright then. See ya!” Hoping she heard me.

I wonder what’s suddenly wrong with her? Maybe her and Lindsey were having friend issues and had to talk it out, but she seemed fine up until we left the store.

An image of her staring at the magazine rack flashed again in my head. Was she embarrassed that I caught her staring at the half-naked guys? Or was she traumatized that she had just seen her brother with a massive boner?

The thought took a huge right turn and Ani was staring at me, reaching out to grab my pants. She started to hastily unbutton them, her breathing was heavy as she knelt down in front of me. Her eyes were focused and determined to get inside them.

My pants dropped to the ground with a thud and my full erection bounced from the force of her yanking them down. She studied it and slowly gripped it with both hands to jack me off.

“Can I have your cock, bubby?”

I shook my head and grabbed my backpack and went into the house. I for sure needed to take the edge off, so I headed to my room. My head was swimming with thoughts and I was getting a little lightheaded.

I had discovered porn years earlier, but lately it didn’t seem to be enough to calm my urges. I’ve been getting flashes of insanely sexual images throughout school and basically any time I was bored. Hell, even when not bored.

I’m still a virgin and that probably had a lot to do with it. I hated every bit of myself for being so reserved around girls and the frustration seemed to be piling up. Honestly though, I just wasn’t at all interested in dating and I mostly stuck to my close friends anyway. I couldn’t see myself getting the courage to ask anybody out and I’d even had a close girl friend since forever.

My friend Liz was actually really freaking attractive, but she was seriously way too cool for me. Recently she had cut her hair short, like a boy but that didn’t take away from her beauty. She wore a lot of eyeliner and took the whole skinny punk rocker chick vibe as far as she could go.

We had been friends for over 10 years and she met me before she started her punk phase, now only dating musicians, stoners, and the occasional jock.

I started to wonder if being single for so long was starting to get to me lately. All the chances I missed to do anything at all with her. I must’ve looked like a loser to her, which is probably why she never made a pass at me.

One of the best memories of us was one she doesnt know I’m apart of. Liz had drunkenly fucked our friend Chad, basically in front of me. I had watched them do it during Liz's last birthday party after accidentally walking in on them.

It was dark and they didn’t even notice me walk into the game room. Everyone was drunk especially them, but I had sobered up a little trying to find her so I could say bye and walk back home. In the corner by their home computer was Liz’s perfect ass sticking in the air. Her bottom half was completely naked and getting such a pounding by Chad’s cock. The moonlight coming through the nearby window was lighting the two of them up like they were on stage and the show was all for me to see.

I had ducked behind the couch in the opposite corner and stripped down, jacking off slowly as I watched. Liz was trying to tear off her top, but Chad was fucking her so intensely she was having trouble. Her shirt finally made it above her tits and Chad started fucking her harder, Liz’s awesome b-cups bouncing wildly up and down as he thrusted inside of her. She started moaning more and more loudly.

Chad cupped her mouth instead of slowing down and Liz responded by reaching back with both arms pulling him deeper inside of her. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but the words “harder” and “oh god” were definitely recognizable.

Chad grabbed her from her hips and thrusted deeper and deeper, Liz fell over the desk they had been leaning on her legs were trembling. Chad continued to give her 3 more deep thrusts and Liz moaned so loudly and long that I thought everyone would hear.

Chad stiffened up and leaned back.

“Holy fuck...” he said as he stepped back.

Chad’s cock kept throbbing, dripping loads of cum. One shot out of him onto Liz’s leg and even more was running out of her pussy, down her leg. Chad wasn’t as big as me and I bet Liz would be impressed if she saw it. I’d make her feel twice as good and what I wouldn’t do to see it all happen again, but of course me being the one fucking her brains out.

Although, I was as skinny and my dick seemed to be bigger from what I saw I just didn't really have anything else going for me that would impress her. Chad was the swim team’s captain so he had that much I guess.

Some of my other friends had legit girlfriends who they had also gotten to see naked, but their sex stories seemed...uneventful. Parents catching them before anything could get serious or just little boob grabs and some making out. I had tried before to get in on the fun stories, but mine were all things I’ve seen watching porn, not real.

I’ve only seen a handful of people naked - by accident mostly like Liz and Chad.

The only other person I’ve seen naked was my little sister, Ani. This had been when we were younger, I used to have to give her bathes all the time, but once we reached a certain age our parents said she was able to bathe herself.

I suddenly saw a vivid image of Ani standing on the bath mat, every inch of her naked and dripping wet. Always waiting for me to dry her down and put her hair up in a towel. She would march in place and sing a goofy song after every bath. I could almost feel how soft she felt again, so small that I could pick her up and throw her. My sister’s small yet perfect butt and thin frame standing naked in the bathroom paused for an eternity in my head.

As I cut through the bathroom and up the stairs I figured I needed to desperately drown out these thoughts. I walked into my room and started to kick off my shoes and threw my shirt off. I turned my computer and TV on, turning up its volume. My favorite show was on, but I didn’t have the focus to watch it.

I unbottoned my pants and sat down to start my search into the vast universe of porn.

My usual porn site was up in just a couple of clicks. I stuck my hand down my pants to fondle my balls to get the mood going, but really there was just something about the feeling of clean shaven that I couldn’t help but appreciate. It was Chad the professional swimmer of course, who turned me to shaving my private parts when we were young. I never saw his cock other than the one time at the party when I watched him and Liz fuck and he was definitely shaved then. Now I try my best to keep as little hair needed since it helped him get Liz, but I guess I was doing it more for myself than for somebody else. Less pubes also made my cock look huge, as if I were a porn star.

There were hundreds of videos uploaded daily and with porn any and every fetish was available and what I wanted to look at right now I’d never searched for. In the search bar I typed in “brother and sister” and I couldn’t believe that so many videos were dedicated to this stuff. After a few minutes I found a few videos and watched them a little longer seeing what happened. One guy was fighting with his sister. They were both in their swim wear and arguing about who had to clean the pool. The sister grabbed the brother and threw him on the couch and quickly he got back up and then threw her on the couch. She caught his arm and he tripped, accidentally falling onto her. They scrambled for a bit on the couch when the guys cock fell out of his small swim shorts and started hitting his sister’s leg. She twisted around trying to move and her bikini exposed her pussy. As they twisted and turned her brother’s cock had gotten hard and suddenly slid its way into his sister’s pussy. She seemed confused and disgusted, but as he tried to pull out she slipped and fell back on him. She moaned and grabbed him pulling him closer and they slowly kept going.

I was definitely liking this and had never even thought about this before. I doubt Ani would ever want to do anything like this, but I hope that watching this could get those thoughts out of my head.

I got up and pulled my pants off. I had gotten a little soft with studying the videos so intensely for so long, so I pulled out my cock and started to grip it in my hands slamming it in my palm. The lightheadedness came back in full force this time and like I was on autopilot I ripped off my boxers and laid down on my bed.

I was now rock hard. My precum was starting to drop off of the head of my dick so I wiped a little off the the head and licked my hand. I don’t know why, but I loved the taste of myself. My cock was pulsing red and was just slightly over 7”.

I think only 2 guys in the locker room had dicks close to my size, but most of them were actually smaller. They were never hard, but I could tell from the videos the way mine curved also wasn’t average.

I looked at the video to get deeper in the moment, but my efforts didn’t work. Ani flashed back into my head again. She was standing naked in the bathroom as before, but she had her hair back like earlier in the car. I haven’t seen Ani naked in about 3 years, but she looked incredible. Her boobs were really small and perky. Everything about her was small even her height for her age was below average. Her arm reached out again and grabbed my cock.

I kept stroking myself faster and faster. I suddenly wanted to see my sister naked from head to toe, to feel her small naked frame in my hands ready for me cram every inch of my fat cock into her small hole. For her to actually be here right now, her accidentally walking into my room right now and catching me was really intense and super hot. What would I do if she did. I could feel every blood vessel rushing through me and felt a tingle growing quickly in my balls. I was about to cum, so I took my other hand and gripped the base of my cock super hard to keep from cumming too early.

The image of Ani and her little pussy standing in front of me was so vivid and I felt at that moment I could do anything to her. She bit her lip as she grabbed out to my cock. Leaning forward she licked her lips readying herself, and slid my cock into her mouth. Her head bobbing back and forth as she took it all in. The hand she was gripping me with was sliding up and down my shaft matching her sucking pattern to increase the pleasure. I threw my head back anticipating the sensation of cumming, but tried to hold back.

I let out a couple of moans and without realizing it I softly uttered her name.

“Ani.” I kept moaning and with that I shot the biggest load of cum ever. I was almost out of breath and had started to sweat, but I for sure couldn’t move. My cock was throbbing and still dripping a huge load. Cum slowly following the curve in my cock down to my little patch of pubes. I made a ring with my grip and dragged my fist up my shaft collecting the cum back up my curve. I was pretty sure I had this left bend from having to hide my erections in school all the time, but I liked the shape as it seemed kinda unique.

My breathing was still rapid, I had not cum this much in a while and couldn’t help but think if this brother and sister idea was to blame. I finally stopped gripping my cock and reached for something to clean up with to stop my cum from getting anywhere else. I had already dropped all over my bed and there was most likely dry spots from all the times I’ve jacked off before.

Just then the sound of the doorbell filled the house and I was the only one home to answer it. My cock was rock hard and my hands were still full of cum.

I wiped my hands on the only thing I had - my boxers. Quickly I gathered my dirty clothes and tossed them hastily in the closet, threw on a shirt and shorts and ran down the stairs.

Rating: 87%, Read 30636 times, Posted Dec 13, 2019

Fantasy | Boy, First Time, Incest, Male, Masturbation, Solo, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity, Young


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