Flower Shop Delight by graylover

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Looking out the window of the flower shop, I see a driving rain storm. It was close to closing time, I went to the door to lock it and turn off the open sign. A very attractive woman comes in soaked from the rain. Her hair dripping wet, whit blouse soaked from the rain and blue denim jeans that shows off her curves. I lock the door and turn off the sign, turning back to the lady shivering in wet cloths.

Hi, " Follow me to the back so I can get you a blanket. I'm John." I said. " Thank you, I'm Laura." She replied. We walked into the backroom that seperated the shop from the greenhouse. I pulled a blanket from the shelve and opened it, " Let me help you." I said to Laura, and made my way to the work table. As I walked up behind her it was hard to keep my desire for her firmly in check. She had neglected to wear a bra, and I could see the subtle movements of her small breasts and outlines of her rosy nipples through her clinging blouse.

Her long, light brown-blond hair curled just enough to frame her delicate face. I reached out and caressed her shoulders. I was so absorbed in smelling the scent of her perfume that I didn't realize Laura had completely stilled. " I know I should be placing the blanket around you," I mused, watching the way her lashes swept over her cheeks. " But all I want to do is kiss you." Her eyes met mine and I was gratified to note that the color had deepened with mutual desire. " Then what are you waiting for?"

It took only those few words of permission and my mouth met Laura's, first smoothly exploring the petal-like softness of her lips, and then more vigorously as she met my pent-up enthusiasm with her own. I lifted Laura's shirt and she gave me a long, lustful stare as she raised her arms and allowed me to remove it. I loved what I saw. Laura was tall and slender, with firm breasts, just the right size to cover with my hands or hold in my mouth. I pressed her to me, tangling my fingers in her hair and began trailing kisses down the side of her neck, over her collarbone, and down to her breasts.

" Fuck me, John," Laura whispered to me, and at her words my entire body stilled for a moment. " Fuck me, right here, on this table." I wasn't about to argue. She can feel the heat coming off of my body. She kisses me again more intently. Her hand slides down my pants, faintly touching the outline of my hardening cock. " I want you." She whispers.

We can really hear the rain now. It is very loud as it crashes on the roof. We can see the lightning flashs as we caress each other. It adds excitement to the moment. Making my way down her neck, I lift her up on to the bench, her legs straddle me. She can feel my bulge grind into her as I kiss and suck on her neck down to her breasts. Lifting her shirt up, exposing her bare breasts, I grab her breasts with both hands and begin to lick and lightly bite her nipples. She runs her fingers through my hair then to the back of my neck. Moaning " oooooohhhhhh..oooooooohhhhhhhh...mmmmmmm " She pulls me into her. As the thunder strikes, I can hear her moans permeating from her lips.

Lightning flashes again. Like a series of motion black and white photos our bodies grind against one another. The exhilaration overtakes us both. I pull her off of the workbench; and unbutton her pants. Sliding her pants down to her ankles. She bits her lip and sinks down to her knees in front of me. I barely had a chance to react before she wrapped her fingers around my manhood and took it into her mouth. Her tongue was soft and warm and for a moment I stood there like a statue, enjoying the incredible feeling of her mouth on me.

She sucks my hard thick shaft for a couple of minutes, sliding her lips back and forth on it, covering it with her saliva. She eventually stopped and pulled it out with a loud slurp. She looked at it. It was fully erect now and it appeared monstrous. It was big, thick with ugly purple veins all around it, and a large mushroom shaped head. It seemed to have a life of its own. She watched it bobbing and weaving like a snake, placing her hand back on it feeling it throbbing in her hand. " You taste salty." She said as she looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back at her and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her up to her feet.

" He gets a kiss before I do?" I asked teasingly and planting my lips against hers. I slid my tongue into her mouth and she moans " ooooohhhhh..mmmmmm " as my hands slid down to her breasts cupping them. Our tongues made love inside our joined mouths as our hands explored and fondled each other's bodies. My hands kept their grip on her breasts while hers found their way back to my throbbing hard cock. She wrapped her soft fingers around it and stroked it playfully, pulling at my foreskin to make me moan into her mouth.

This carried on for a few minutes before my hardness and her wetness could not take it any longer. I slid my hand up her leg. I found her smooth, wet spot and rubbed her shaven mound. " No underwear?" I asked with a grin on my face. " They are restrictive, darling." She replied with a naughty smile. She moaned as my finger slids between her pink labia and began to caress her small slit. She jumped into my arms again and wrapped her legs around me. I held her as she began to grind herself on my hand. She kept moaning. " oooooohhhhhh...ooooooohhhhhhh...aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...mmmmmm."

She wanted me. There was a blanket on the floor and I knelt down onto the blanket slowly, still holding her. I put her down on her back and slid my way down her body until my shoulders were in line with her knees. I spread her legs open, her wet small slit was glistening with sweet nectar and started to drizzle. She could feel the drizzle droplets on her exposed pussy. I stare at it. She is always embarrassed when a man looks at her pussy. I could see her pussy lips were pink and puffy now and her slit just kept leaking her juices. I slowly start licking her pussy tasting the sweet nectar. She is moaning louder now. " OOOOOOOHHHHHHH...OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH...MMMMMMMM." The feeling of my tongue licking her wet pussy was driving her insane. As my tongue reached her tender clit, I ran a couple slow circles around it. “OMG!!!” Laura moaned. . .” I told you that you would enjoy it.” I said, only briefly breaking my tongue from her slit. But she didn’t answer me.

I glanced up at her eyes, and they were closed tight. She was biting her bottom lip again as my tongue began slowly tracing its way up her slit again. I made sure not to penetrate her pussy lips yet; right now I just wanted to see how she responded. Well…she was enjoying it. I reached her clit again, but this time I sucked the swollen nub in between my lips and then sucked it inside my mouth. I could feel her shiver beneath me as I began to tease and stimulate the tender spot with my tongue. Her hips were starting to move up against my face, encouraging me not to stop.

I continue licking, she keeps moaning " aaaaaahhhhh...mmmmmmm " and her hands grip my hair tight. She pushes her hips up into my face and smothers me with her cunt. Her juices all over my face and I ate her like a starved hound. .” Oh you, bastard, bastard!!” she exclaims. The electrical vibrations that were shooting through her body now, leading her up to the orgasms she had needed for so long, was now in control of her body. . .I moved one of my hands down between her legs, and then across her tender ass cheek. My thumb finds her tight asshole, and begins to gently rub and tease it as I continued to feast on her clit. The more my tongue worked, the more she surrendered to me.

Her moaning was getting harder and faster now, and I knew that just a little longer and I would finally have the treat I had been waiting for. . .” Oh....Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh."........mmmmmmmm…..fuck, fuck, fuck….” She moaned as her orgasms grew closer. I moved my mouth just a little against her pussy, and gave her clit a small bite with my teeth. That was all it took. Laura began violently bucking up beneath me as her orgasms ripped through her body. I quickly thrust my mouth back down to her slit, and began thrusting my tongue inside her pussy as her sweet nectar exploded from her body. I moved my other hand down to rub at her super tender clit while I feasted hungrily on her throbbing pussy.

The more I devoured her cunt, the more violently Laura thrashed beneath me on the floor. I was like a hungry wolf attacking my prey. I just couldn’t get enough of her. I continued to thrust my tongue in and out of her pussy now while using my nose and finger to keep grinding at her clit. Laura's orgasms were ripping through her body, stronger than the first. I feel her pussy lips clamping down tightly around my tongue each time it probes deeper inside her. . .”Ohhhhhh… Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMM!" fuu…fuuu…Oh fuck….please John…..ohhhh…mmmmm…OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO….please stop John…..oh shit….” She started mumbling through her gasping. “I can’t ….fuck fuck fuck….I can’t take it any more…Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMM! pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssee…” she begged. . .I knew what it was like to cum so hard it hurt, after three orgasms, I decided I would let her body relax a little. After all, I knew what a long afternoon her sweet body was going to endure.

.”Okay, I’ll stop…but it will cost you.” I moved my mouth from her pussy, and then moved up onto my knees between her legs. Laura was still gasping for air, once again her eyes locked tight on my cock. For the second time, I saw her involuntarily lick her lips at the sight of it. . .” That’s right…take it in. You’re gonna feel my cock deep inside your pussy. I promise you, my monster snake will fill you full." Laura’s eyes never left my cock as she nodded. She had never been filled up with a big thick cock. She had been fantasizing about feeling a monster thick cock in her pussy. Laura was fantasizing feeling my thick throbbing cock inside her. She loved the feel of it as it pulsed as she held it and licked it. She loved the taste of the precum. Her desire to truly be fucked hard…was making her cum.

She squirmed beneath me a little as she felt my tongue thrust tightly against her tight little asshole. I pushed the tongue inside, she moaned " ooooohhhhh...mmmmmm " beneath me as I got lost in the moment, and eagerly began tongue fucking this sexy vixen. I was lost in the lust of the moment, grinding my face tight against her ass cheeks, anxious to see how deep I could get my tongue. She shifted her body to the side, just enough to get one of her own hands to start playing with her pussy. After a few minutes, she exploded into orgasms for the fourth time of the afternoon.

I suddenly slide up thrusting my monster thick hard 9" cock into her. I didn’t wait for her tight pussy to adjust to it. No, I rammed the entire 9” as deep inside her as I could. Her whole body tensed up then was bucking and heaving as she shouted, “ OMG! FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK,” because of the intrusion into her tight pussy. Her head thrust forward onto my shoulder and I felt her teeth dig into my flesh. I began ramming violently up into her pussy. She was so fucking tight locked around my cock. Laura dug her nails into my back, as she broke the skin. I could feel the raw burn in my flesh as she was clawing and scraping my back. I slid my hands tighter beneath her ass, and used a finger from the other hand to force inside her tight ass, she screamed " OOOWW, that hurts." She was crying, tears running down her cheeks as my hips slammed hard aganist her slender body. My long thick cock impaling her deep, stretching, tearing and scraping her tight narrow tunnel.

Her moans were painful " aaaaaaiiiiiii...aaaaaaiiiiii...oooooowwww." I slam hard aganist her cervix. She screams " OMG..OMG..TAKE IT OUT...IT HURTS." I feel very warm thick liquid on my hard member. Something was trying to leak out but my thick shaft prevented it from doing so. I pull back slightly then slam back into her, the intense pain continued. Her cunt throbbing. My cock throbbing. Her toes curled and her fingers and sharp nails continuing to dig into my skin and blood is dripping out. I moaned " uuuuhhhh " softly from the pain in my back. I was too focused to worry about it. I was buried all the way inside her now. The feeling was incredible and yet it was only the beginning. She was in pain from being impaled by a monster hard thick cock. Her maidenhood gone. Her small tight cunt was weeping tears of blood mixed with her juices. The pressure inside her caused cramping, as she flailed around on my cock grunting a variety of obscenities, " FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK! OMG! YOU FFFUUUCCCKKKING BASTARD!" as her orgasms took over from the pain.

Her pussy getting tighter and tighter on my cock with each spasm, and I knew I couldn’t take much more. The heels of her feet were grinding against my spine. I looked into her teary eyes, as I started to pull myself out of her, slowly and painfully knowing I had split her open. She was screaming " OOOOOHHHHHH...AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH...OMG...OMG...AAAAAAAHHHHHHH " and bucking and jerking wildly on the blanket. I slid my cock out of her and she moans " mmmmmmm " as her bloody juices drip out onto the blanket.

Her eyes were shut tight and her body was jerking in a chaotic mixture of indescribable pain and pleasure. She closed her legs and rolled onto her side. Her pussy was still leaking blood dripping down her thighs. I get several towels, spreading four on the blanket covering the stain, then I roll her onto her stomach pulling her up onto her hands and knees. I spread her legs open wiping her pussy and inner thighs with a towel. ” Don’t worry sexy…we aren’t done yet.” I said. My hands grab her hips and I pull her ass towards my cock. Her tight small asshole was red from the probing I had already done. I slapped her ass hard a couple times on each cheek before pressing the head of my shaft at her tight hole.

.”OH FUCK! NO …..PLEASE NOOOO ….UUUUUGGGHHH ”. Before she could finish her sentence I pulled tight on her hips and thrust my hips forward. The head of my shaft forced its way past the tight grip of her asshole and drove inside her. Laura grabbed two fist fulls of the blanket and hung her head down as I continued to roughly pull her asshole onto my thick throbbing cock. It didn’t hurt like she thought it would since my two fingers had managed to stretch her open some; and the saliva from my tongue was still coating her insides; but it was still filling her up in a way she had never felt before. Inch after inch of my cock disappeared inside her small tight virgin ass. She was up on her knees now, but knew there was no way I was going to let her get away.

I felt my balls slapping, WAP! WAP! WAP! WAP! against her wet hot pussy lips, I could feel every inch of my cock imbedding deep inside her tight ass. I held still for a few moments, allowing her to get used to the feel of the length and thickness inside her. She was breathing hard and after about a minute, I could see her hands release the death grip they had on the blanket. It was time. . .I begin to pull out just a little, and then ram my cock back in all the way. Slowly I worked it back and forth, getting longer and longer with each of stroke. It took me a few minutes to finally get that tight ass wet and loose enough to allow my cock to move in and out somewhat freely, but by the time I did, Laura was moaning in pleasure beneath me. . .” OH fuck baby….mmmmm….i love ….mmmmm….fuck…your cock in my tight….oh fuck fuck…ass. Oh baby…fuck me deep….mmmmm."

I was so turned on. I pushed my body up aganist her, and began fucking my way in and out of her tight ass as hard and fast as I could. Our bodies were soaked with sweat as I humped her like dog on the floor and blanket. Laura exploded in a whole new set of mini orgasms, causing her ass to lock down around my cock much tighter than her pussy. That was all it took to finally push me over the edge to my second explosion of the afternoon. I thrust my hips down hard against her ass as I pumped load after load of orgasmic cum into her tight young ass. The more she shook beneath me, the more I pounded her from behind. Her ass was still locked so tight around my cock; the blood could not escape to let it soften. After 10 great minutes of fucking, I slid a hand under her waist, and rolled over onto my back with her still impaled on top of me.

Laura quickly grabbed onto my knees and continued to feverishly fuck her ass up and down on my cock. She was bouncing that sexy little ass up and down on my shaft, while also moving a hand to her pussy to finger herself. I clawed my nails down her back and felt her cum again as the long red claw marks appeared down her silky flesh. Finally we were both spent. Jennifer fell back on top of me, never pulling my dick from her ass. We lay there panting against each other as our bodies finally started to relax. Her ass was still super tight and keeping a firm grasp of my cock. One of my hands reached around her and found her wet pussy lips and I gently teased and massaged them while my other hand reached around and found one of her hard erect nipples.

She was moaning " oooooohhhhhh..mmmmmm." It was painful. But it felt so good. She wanted me back inside her so badly, no matter the pain. that's just what I did. Laura rolled onto her back, her legs were in the air and her hair was a beautiful mess around her. Her eyes stared at the ceiling and the pain she had been suffering had suddenly returned. All she could feel now was the hot throbbing hard thick rod thrusting back and forth inside of her. Her tight maidenhood had been stretched and torn bloody. She was completely open to me again and I rammed into her harder and deeper.

My cock had been coloured blood red by her battered slit and our thighs were stained. I throbbed inside her and it felt like I was growing bigger with every thrust. Her pussy hugged and squeezed me. It made wet noises when I pulled out and slipped back in. My rhythm was steady. She closed her eyes and bit her lip to keep from screaming. She wrapped her legs around me and pulling me in deeper. I responded by taking her hard nipple into mouth as I rammed my hard thick shaft inside her all the way until my hairy crotch was slapping itself against her smooth bruised mound.

Her moaning was hoarse now and she slid her hands to my face. My cheeks were flushed, my dark eyes were sparkling with lust as I stared at her. She smiled wearily and kissed me. Our bodies were hot and covered in sweat, and both moaning now. Our passion was at its peak. My cock was throbbing so hard that it was beginning to sting a bit. Her cunt was being battered and rammed so much that she could hardly feel any pain anymore. The only thing she was feeling was the immense pleasure of my thick shaft inside her.

I was completely inside her now. Our bodies were joined and we were one as the rain stopped. I groaned " UUUUHHHH..UUUUUHHHH " as my thrusts became harder and faster. She wrapped her arms around me and bit my shoulder. Her legs were shaking and she was grinding her cunt aganist me again. Her body was writhing wildly. Time seemed to slow down as her orgasms took over and her teeth sank into my skin. The excitement of cumming inside her unprotected pussy again drove me to the edge of insanity and my cock started to grow harder and longer in length. The sheathing and unsheathing of my shaft was so intense.

I was pounding at her cervix, hitting the entrance to her womb! She was turning her head from side to side moaning “ Oh God ” and I could feel her muscles spasming and tightening around my rock hard cock. She gasped and her whole body was shuddering. She was orgasming again! The walls of her pussy started to clamp down on my cock and squeeze me and her cervix opened up wide! I used that opportunity to push the extra inch I had gained from my excitement through the opening of her cervix and into her open womb! There was a loud popping noise as the head of my cock entered her womanhood!

She wailed out “ Oh, Oh, Oh My God!!!” Her hands grabbed my arms that was when I

saw her hand with her diamond ring sparkling on it. That sent me into further frenzy as I grabbed her shoulders with all of my strength, smashing my thighs against her and driving my cock another half inch past her cervix. “aaaahhhhh! Oh God, Oh God, Oh my God! Please take it out, its too deep, I can’t take it!” The head of my cock now inside of her womb was so engorged it felt like it was going to pop off and explode. Her cervix was convulsing around the head of my cock so strong it felt like it was a mouth sucking my cum out! Then I started to feel my balls tighten. My cock grew even longer inside of her and started jerking. She must have felt this too, because her eyes grew wide with a look of satisfaction of what she knew was coming again.

Her uterus was convulsing and her cervix was clamping down on the head of my cock! With a new look of satisfaction on her face she screamed, “ cum inside me, please yes.” It seemed like slow motion as I felt my sperm leaving my balls and traveling up my long shaft and finally exploding out of the engorged head of my jerking cock into her open waiting womb! Spurt after spurt of thick white cum filled her as I pushed in and ground deep into her. She just looked into my eyes with her beautiful tear filled eyes.

I held my rock hard cock deep inside her as her womb convulsed, sucked, and drained

every drop of cum from me. As I finished cumming inside of her I started to pull my

cock , there was a loud pop as her cervix reluctantly released the head of my cock. She

sighed and looked at me.

We were panting and breathing heavily. Our bodies were hot and soaked in sweat. I was still throbbing inside her and she was still burning for me. I collapsed on her and our arms were sprawled out. We just lay there for a while, trying to catch our breaths. She had a smile on her face and I kissed her breast. She looked at me and then I kissed her. They both ignored the bloody mess between their legs.

Rating: 27%, Read 8268 times, Posted Feb 16, 2013

Fantasy |


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