Caught You Looking by 19YearsYoung

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Male, Masturbation, Teen Female, Written by women

Friday nights are always dull for me, my father was very over protective and thought Friday nights were for drunken slappers and old perverts, well that was his excuse for making my curfew seven o'clock. I was 17, not 7, but try explaining that to him.

It got to around eight o'clock and I was already pacing around my room, I could never find anything to amuse me for more than ten minutes at a time. My dear mother and father had left at four for a weekend away, leaving my 21 year old brother Jack in charge for the night. My strictly rule abiding brother who had exchanged his usual Friday night in the pub for sitting in the living room with his friends so he could ensure I would stay firmly planted dying this horrible death of excruciating boredom.

The clock felt like it was taunting me, knowing tonight was going to drag in I made my way to the kitchen hoping to grab a few beers and some snacks to keep me company until I managed to get to sleep.

Trying to pull some beer out of the fridge I felt someone brush against me, looking over my shoulder I realised it was only my Jack's best friend Colin. Colin was more like a brother to me though, he was always in the house with Jack. He was just over six foot tall, pale skin with jet black short hair and beautiful green eyes, his muscles always slightly strained whatever T-shirt he was wearing at the time. I continued to grab a couple of beers ignoring that he was behind me, even accidentally brushing up against him.

It wasn't until I stood up and looked at his I noticed he was staring at me strangely, I looked down and realised why. I was only wearing a short white nightie which couldn't have covered my bum as I was bent over. Blushing pink at the embarrassing incident that just happened, I grabbed the Doritos from the counter and shuffled by Colin leaving him still standing in the same position with that expression stuck to his face.

Speed walking down the hall and in to my bedroom I breathed a sigh of relief at the privacy. Throwing the beer down on the bed, I put a film in and lay back, chilling out with a beer and some crisps made me forget all about the red faced incident earlier.

I woke up to notice my tv still on, the movie must have restarted itself while I was asleep, checking the clock and realising I still had hours before I had to get up I had every intention on going back to sleep. I would have went back to sleep if I didn't have the urge to pee, I tried squeezing my legs shut but it just wasn't for happening. Jumping out of bed I shuffled into the hall, down the corridor and into the toilet, just as I said down on the toilet I realised my nightie was partially damp. Just before panic set in that maybe I had an accident I realised it smelt like beer, I must have fell asleep with it in my hand and its spilled, stripping down just before I left the bathroom I put the dirty clothes in the wash basket and opened the bathroom door.

Colin stood there, eyes half shut and arm outstretched to grab the door handle. Wearing only a pair of tight white boxers I felt like I had never really noticed him before, sure I'd seen him wearing barely any clothes before but I'd never taken the time to realise how good looking he was. He was the same age as my brother but looked so much older, so much more manly, fierce and masculine.

As I realised I was staring I snapped out of it and went to brush passed him before realising I had no clothes on. I tried to retreat into the bathroom but Colin had, not noticing my lack of clothing in his half conscious state, overtaken me and was halfway into the bathroom. Pausing as I tried to figure out what to do I realised we were both there, inches from one another, both in the doorway of the bathroom as his hand brushed over my stomach, his shoulder gently tickling my nipple as he moved his arm as he turned round to face me.

His eyes automatically ran over my body, I could see him look down from my neck to my 34F boobs down my flat stomach to my white lace panties and toned thighs. He looked up, studying my face, the long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and full lips.

Suddenly he moved forward and grabbed my arm, pulling me as close as I could get he leaned forward and roughly kissed me. I could feel his fingers digging in to my arm as his hot breathe met mine, as his tongue darted about my mouth, the roughness of his stubble grinding into my face. As I kissed him back I could feel his dick get hard through his boxers, I could feel the heat from it as he ground it against my thigh and could feel myself getting wet just thinking about what could happen next.

As I let my mind wander Colin released his grip on me, swore loudly and apologised before walking away, leaving me standing in the doorway of the bathroom, my lips still pouted and the shivers still running through my body. I made a run for my bedroom not leaving time to stand there and think.

I made it to my bedroom without any encounters and jumped straight into my bed and under the covers, letting it all sink in, he had kissed me, he looked at me like he'd never seen me before. It's not like I was a virgin, I had slept with a few guys before now, silly boys at school. If I had ever thought about Colin romantically before, which I hadn't, I would have never have considered he would even look twice at me.

It was then I noticed that as I thought all this and going over the memory of the kiss in my head I had started rubbing one of my boobs. Knowing that I wouldn't get to sleep feeling like this I decided to tire myself out. I left 1 of my hands massaging my boob and let the other gently rub my clit through my panties as I closed my eyes and replayed the situation in my head, imagining what it would be like if he touched me, ran his fingers through my hair or his hand gliding up my thigh as he pulled my leg up around his waist.

So easily I started to orgasm, allowing myself to let out small moans that were barely whispers as I thrust my hips forward and let go of my boob to slide a finger up inside me as the orgasm hit me full throttle I let out a hushed moan just as my door flew open. I lay completely still under the covers, desperately trying to slow my breathing to a normal rate, both my hands both still resting inside my pants. All the time hoping that either my door just opened itself or someone had came in and thought I was sleeping so left again. I winced at the thought of someone hearing my moans.

I lay there motionless as I listened carefully to see if anyone remained in my room as I felt pressure on the bottom of the bed, I jerked out of the way before realising someone was sat there, on the edge of my bed.

"Look, Ruby" said the mystery man at the bottom of my bed, from the voice I knew it was Colin, he sounded hesitant although I stayed silent.

"I didn't mean for that to happen, I'm sorry. We need to talk" he continued, pausing between each word as if he was unsure what to say next. I continued my silence and stayed motionless hoping he'd assume I was sleeping and leave.

"You can't ignore me forever Ruby" Colin said as I felt him stand up, relieved that he was leaving. Then suddenly my eyes had to readjust to the light as Colin ripped the covers off me laughing in a playful manner.

I looked up at him and quickly removed my hands from my pants hoping he wouldn't notice, but as I done it his eyes shot down and straight away I saw the bulge in his boxers grow and harden. I think my body had decided what I should do before my brain reacted and automatically jumped out of the bed and took the step towards him, staring up at him as I reached up and kissed him.

He reacted as I hoped he would and kissed me back, just as fierce and desperate as before, his hands started to roam my body, he started just brushing them up and down my sides before starting to run them over my boobs, testing the water I suppose.

I moved closer and rubbed against him slightly, giving him the indication that he should continue. He roughly cupped my boob with one of his hands as he reached round and used his grip on my ass to pull me up against him, I was suddenly aware of his hot cock poking at my pants. It turned me on so much and all I could think about was feeling him in me and then I realised I had already made the decision. I slowly pulled away from him, letting his lips follow mine, as I lay back on to the bed, my hand around his neck guiding him down with me, my other hand desperately tugging at his boxers, pulling them down to his knees barely glancing at the average length but super thick cock that was revealed.

As I lay down and pulled him on top of me I shimmied out my pants, leaving us both hot, naked and extremely horny. I repositioned myself underneath him so his cock was barely an inch away from my entrance yet he didn't push in, part of me wondered if he was having doubts or if he just wanted me to make the first move. I stopped caring as I arched my hips up in one smooth motion forcing his cock inside me. Colin gasped as it entered but within seconds he was thrusting his hips forward to meet mine.

There was something animal instinct-like with sex like this, my legs wrapped around his waist as I run my fingernails down his chest, marking but not permanently, just creating long red lines down his toned chest. He had one hand on my stomach, pushing me down on to the bed and the other on my hip holding me back while he pushed his cock into me, filling me up.

He rocked back and forth with unbelievable speed, his balls slapping against my ass as his dick kept disappearing inside, as he kept up pace I had an urge to rub again so removing one hand from his torso I reached down and placed two fingers against my clit and let the rocking movement we were both stuck in take control as it made my fingers glide back and forth over my clit, feeling the tingling sensation stretch to my thighs and make me tense up my stomach.

As a drop of sweat fell from Colin onto my stomach he made a change, instead of slamming his cock into me at full speed he ground his hips round in a circle, pushing deep into me at every turn, his cock rubbing against the walls of my pussy, making it feel like it was swelling and soon it wouldn't be able to fit anymore, I felt my eyes roll back into my head as I rubbed my clit faster and harder, every time Colin ground his cock against my side I let out a moan, the moans soon got louder, as I got wetter and my clit got so sensitive I let out a muffled scream, clenching my teeth together as my whole body shook. Just as my orgasm came to its peak I thrust my hips up to meet Colin's and moaned loudly and uncontrollably like I had never done before just as I felt something inside me twitch and realised Colin has just filled my pussy up with cum.

As I came down from my orgasm I could feel a mix of our cum rolling down my ass but neither of us moved, we just lay in the same position, both heavily breathing, just then I heard the thud of my door swing open.

"What the fuck is going on!?"

Well that would mean my brother is awake then....

Rating: 92%, Read 66232 times, Posted Dec 23, 2011

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Male, Masturbation, Teen Female, Written by women


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