Finally turned into daddy's gay pussy boy by str8boy4cock

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True Story | Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Domination, First Time, Gay, Mature, Submission


Since I was very young I always has very wild erotic fantasies and as I grew up, I focused in on being dominated by an older man. It turned me on so much but never acted on it. I led a normal straight life with girlfriends but couldn't shake the urge for more. My fantasies went from my imagination to the internet, where I looked at porn and then joined sites and chats anonymously. This started to blur the line between fantasy and reality. I kept needing more to satisfy my urge. At 25 I met an older gay man online and really got turned on with chats we'd have. I kept anonymous all the time. He was dominant and so persistent, always there when I got horny for chats. This went on for months and months, sometimes I'd get so turned on I'd want to meet up. But then I'd feel guilty and go off the idea, sometimes to the point of where I'd delete my account and go cold for months. But I had memorized his email and then when I'd get back into the mood, I'd contact him again. I kept doing more and more... sending pics of my cock and ass... and even talking on the phone. I craved cock... wanted to be overpowered so I'd give in and experience it - suck cock and be fucked. He was in his 50s and was so horny all the time and craved me more and more all the time.

I was in a long-term relationship with my girlfriend and lived a normal, happy straight life in L.A. but I couldn't get this urge out my system.


One night I got so horny I plucked up the courage and went to his place. I was so nervous. I got there, he brought me upstairs and sat on the bed beside him. He started rubbing my crotch and briefly got me to rub his. I could feel his hard cock - the first I ever felt. My heart was racing. Then he stripped me and put me on the bed face down. He massaged me. At one stage I raised my hips because I wanted to be fucked. Then he rimmed me, but strangely it didn't turn me on. In fact, I went off the idea and left.

I actually felt relieved... thought that I realized I wasn't gay at all and it was liberating. But weeks later my urges and fantasies came back again. It wasn't until a year later that I contacted him again. I think it was that there was a trust there that I could explore the fantasy again. I knew that I met him before and no one ever found out. I could extend my fantasy to real life without anyone knowing. He knew what I wanted and needed. We started up the online chats again. Knowing exactly where he lived and knowing I was there before just made it such a turn on - that it could just as easily happen again. And happen again it did. This time it was during the day.


I was out shopping and decided to drive by and park nearby. From there I emailed him to see if he was online for horny chat - knowing that if he was I could so easily just go into his apartment. I emailed him a few times... being so horny I told him where I was. He was at the gym but said that he'd be back home soon. I didn't know whether I'd wait that long but I remained horny. It was so exciting - he told me he was back and showered and was ready for me. I got out of the car and went to the apartment. As before, I followed him up to his bedroom and sat on the bed beside him. He began to rub my leg and crotch... I reciprocated and rubbed his. Then I removed my jeans and he removed his. I let him stroke me more and for the first time I felt a hard cock, skin on skin. It was such a turn on. We had chatted about this so many times - literally rehearsed it. Then I knelt down in front of him and sucked him. This was the first time ever I sucked cock... I know I was timid and not very good, but I was licking and sucking his hard cock. I gave him my cam phone so he could take pics. It didn't stop there either... then we got on the bed and rubbed cocks - I took some pics, holding both cocks together in my hand. I wanted him inside me... I laid on my back so he could fuck me but it wasn't working. Then I laid face down and he tried to fuck me but when he jabbed down it was very painful so we stopped. I took a moment to recover. Then I stroked him until he came. I was so tempted to lick his cum but I didn't. I stroked myself until I came and then I left.

Back in the car I felt a bit ashamed and I deleted the pics from the phone. When I got back home I emailed him to thank him for being so patient and understanding. This time it was only a few days before I was horny again and messaging him again.


Just as things were heating up again and gathering some momentum, I got transferred to the east coast on work. Our L.A. branch hadn't been doing well but the Miami branch had too much work. I thought it was only for a few weeks, but weeks turned into months. The online chats and intensity grew. We had so much emailing, sending pics, calls... and it only got more and more intense as the time went on. I wanted it so bad... was so turned on by him. He was so understanding but yet so dominant and persistent. This went on for 6 month... getting more and more intense. We went through every second of what we'd do when we meet... having been to his place twice I could visualize every step - going up to his room and being his gay slut boy. I wanted it so bad... wanted to finally and completely give up and let him turn me and use me... fill my mouth and ass with his big fat daddy cock... squirt inside me with his seed and watch me as I surrender to him.

The work kept coming in Miami - we were working 60 to 80 hours a week and it wasn't letting up. We kept being asked to stay longer. The money was very good and with the economy I was grateful for the work and money. My girlfriend came to visit regularly. I kept wanting to go to L.A. but every few days I'd have off something would happen - I'd end up having to go to my g/f's family's home or visit my folks. It seemed like it would never happen. But with time always comes change, I knew it had to happen. I got a week where I was going back to L.A.


I got into L.A. on a Sunday, all I could think of on the flight was meeting him. I must have been hard for 5 hours straight. I was dizzy from being so turned on for so long. When I got to L.A. I took a cab and went to a hotel (my g/f was away for a few days and I had let my apartment). The first thing I did when I got there was get into a hot bath. I had thought a lot about this... being a virgin ass, I wanted to warm the area so it might be easier to take cock. I hadn't told him I was arriving as I didn't want the pressure incase I went off the idea. I hadn't gone off the idea at all. I went online and emailed him, hoping he'd be on. He was.

I got instantly rock hard and so turned on. A wave rushed through my body of excitement and lust. I purposely stayed in a hotel that wasn't far away and had rented a car when I got to the hotel. We got chatting and as usual things really got heated up. I still hadn't told him I was in L.A. as I wanted to be sure I was ready. My heart was racing fast and I was in a daze. I had massaged my hole after the bath and had lots of lube on it. I asked him 'hypothetically' if I was in L.A. was he at home alone. He said he was and he'd have me over to finally seduce me and fuck me. I told him I had just arrived over to L.A. - as I messaged that to him and hit the send button, my heart nearly leapt out of my chest. He replied telling me to get my ass over to him immediately.. he was so horny and so excited. There was nothing that could stop this happening now.

I didn't hesitate, I got ready and jumped in the car and went over. I was so turned on I didn't care where I parked - I parked right outside his apartment. I took a moment and then went in. We had rehearsed this so many times and this was like the opening night. The door was left slightly open, I went in and closed it behind me and then went upstairs to his bedroom. It was dark, 10.30pm - only a small amount of light let in from the next room. It was warm too - he had the heat up full. There was chill out music on too to help create a relaxing setting. He was in bed waiting for me and I knew what I was to do. I stripped down to my briefs and climbed in beside him.

When I got in, he wasted no time and started to feel me up, rubbing my hard cock through my briefs. Then he put his hand down them to feel me skin to skin. I took off my briefs to give him better access. He continued to stroke me and it felt so good. I was so hard and felt like my cock was bigger than normal, bulging from the excitement of this. Then he placed my hand on his crotch, I felt his rock hard cock through his briefs. Then he tool them off so I could stroke him like he did to me. I was in automatic pilot, taking each step. Now we were stroking each other. It was so nice. We savored the experience for a few minutes.


Then he went down on me. He started licking and sucking me and it felt so good. I took it all in... there I was, naked in his bed, being sucked by an older gay man. I felt so overwhelmed and vulnerable... I wanted him to own me and overpower me. He came back up and I asked him if he wanted to video me sucking him. He pulled over his laptop and opened it. He had it ready and hit record. He pulled off the covers and I went down on him. He started to get more confident as he saw how eager I was. "That's it boy... you need daddy cock in your mouth you queer faggot. You're a gay cock sucking faggot boy, aren't you? Oh yeah... you fucking pussy boy - admit it... tell me what you are." This turned me on so much.. his words overpowered me and I just gave into it. I took his cock out of my mouth, looked up and told him; "I'm a gay cock sucking faggot boy... I'm your pussy boy.". Knowing he had this on video turned me on even more.


He then guided me up on him as he lay on his back. I straddled him and pressed my cock against his. It felt so nice... I looked down at our cocks rubbing, taking them in my hand and slowly moving my hips against his crotch. He adjusted the cam to get a good view of our cocks rubbing. I knew at this stage there was no going back... I was so turned on and couldn't stop. I started rubbing my cock further up so his cock head was at the base of my cock and balls... my cock was rubbing against his belly. I wanted him inside me... wanted him to own me... I needed this so bad. He knew it and he reached over and got the lube. He rubbed it all over my hole and more on his cock. Then he started massaging my hole, fuck it felt so good. He slowly fingered me, massaging around the opening until the muscles relaxed. I moved to let him know I was ready. I reached down and held his cock in place and moved down till his cock head was at my opening. I looked into his eyes letting him know this was the time to take my virginity. He looked so powerful, like he got a shot of adrenaline, knowing he was going to have his way with me.


I very slowly allowed my weight to sit down until I felt the pressure of his hard cock head against my opening. I felt an energy rush through my body, like a final surrender - I was totally overpowered. I carefully lowered myself more, all the time staring straight into his lustful eyes. I felt his cock head push against me more and moving with the help of the lube, the angle was perfect. I pushed down more and now I felt him entering me, his cock head was in... fuck.... it felt so incredible. Staring at him, we both knew this moment would be ingrained forever in our memory. I felt a little pain, my muscle reacting by clenching a little, but it wasn't too bad. I waited a minute and it relaxed again. As it relaxed I sat down more on his cock, now halfway down his shaft. This was such a fulfilling experience... my whole life I fantasized about this, never really thinking it would happen but this was real. I no longer needed my hand to guide his cock in, so I took it away and instead used it to balance myself. Now I lowered myself the rest of the way, my muscles tensed again a bit, a dart of pain from being a bit too eager. I just stayed very still and it eased away again. Now his cock was totally submerged in my gay hole and it felt incredible. He just lay there patiently, knowing to take his time to ensure the success of fucking me and taking my virginity. I started to move up and down just slightly, rocking a little to feel a slight movement and the friction of his cock deep inside me. It was rubbing against my prostate and it was like injecting morphine, incredible waves of bliss and ecstasy went through my body making me even more turned on and wanting more. I let out a large exhale, finally relaxing totally into it and then breathing deeper. This was his cue to finally get involved after his patience. He slowly pushed his hips up against me, pushing his ever expanding throbbing hard cock deeper inside me. He pushed up and relaxed, up and relaxed in a nice slow rhythm, but with more force each time. It felt so good and I went with it completely. He could see my response as I closed my eyes and rolled my head back in bliss.

"Oh yes... you like that boy, don't you? you queer faggot, you love daddy's cock in your ass, don't you?" He looked at me with pure lust and pleasure... all the online flirting and back and forth for so long finally paid off... I could see the triumph of seduction on his face.
"Oh fuck yeah... I love it... I'm daddy's gay boy now, my hole is yours" - I was way past the point of holding back and just went with it. As I said the words it reinforced everything and the excitement and pleasure just got better. I started moaning and in each breath saying 'oh yeah... oh fuck'. This made him push harder and quicker and he become stronger and more dominant. My mind was like putty... he could reshape my mind and I'd do anything for him. I never felt so much pleasure in my whole life. It was like letting go of every bit of stress in my whole life, giving in and surrendering to the moment, the experience... no drug could possibly elicit such a state of euphoria.


He knew I was his and he could do as he pleases. He held my ass and slowly withdrew his cock and moved me off him. Still holding me and guiding me, he moved around, I instinctively knew what he wanted. He went behind me, kneeling up as I was on my knees and elbows, arching my back for what's to come. He slowly placed his cock at my opening again and waited for me to press against him. He really knew how to deal with his amateur boy. I pushed back until I felt him enter me again, going through the process again but with less delay this time. Soon he was deep inside again pumping my gay boy hole with his fat daddy cock. He took control even more and was much more verbal:
"You are such a cock craving faggot boy... you need this more than anything, you need my cock inside you, don't you queer boy?" his voice was more powerful and sleazy which turned me on even more.
"Oh yes... I need your cock more than anything... I'll do anything for you... I'm such a queer pussy boy now" I said in the most submissive voice.

He pushed me down and placed a pillow under my hips so I was almost laying flat on my tummy. Still inside me he lay his body on mine. My head was facing to the side, he started sucking on my earlobe and whispering: "you're my boy now... this is what we've always wanted... gay pussy boy and his daddy... this is just the beginning too". Each word was so powerful and so true... I arched my back and pushed up so he could fuck me deeper. "Oh yes.... Neil.... I need you, I've always needed you... I will always need you. I'm your gay boy now completely". It was so intimate... so erotic... I wanted to commit to him completely, to know this would never end.


He slowly raised his body just enough so I could turn around and face him. On my back I spread my legs and then pulled my knees back. He lowered himself back down and I guided his cock inside me for the 3rd time. It slid in so naturally this time, still carefully but not needing to pause along the way. This was the most vulnerable position and I loved it. He started pumping me, slowly but very firmly - pushing deeper and deeper. He leaned right down where his cheek was pressed against mine and his mouth was at my ear. He moved his hands down and firmly grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling them apart so he could fuck me even deeper than before. He was really getting aggressive... so dominant and I was totally pinned down under him with his full body weight on mine. I couldn't escape even if I wanted to. I didn't want to. I knew there was no going back... ever. "Oh yes Neil.... take me... I'm yours" I whimpered. His bulging cock felt like it was twice the size as he pounded me harder and harder. "Oh yes boy, I own you... you're daddy's gay pussy boy... just look at what you're doing now you faggot" he said with a strong and aggressive tone. This made me realize even more that here I was, being fucked by a man, his cock deep inside me - and it was the most pleasurable experience of my life, I knew I'd want this to continue and be back for more. I moved my head, pressing my cheek against his, slightly parting my lips. He knew what I was ready for. He raised his head and then parted his lips and positioned them down on mine. He didn't hesitate and started kissing me, I felt his tongue enter my mouth and touch my tongue. It was so erotic... so sensual... so intimate. He really kissed me passionately and I reciprocated. It was wet and slimy, our tongues like eels moving and sliding around. I really gave it everything... showing him how committed I was, completely surrendering to him and the experience. I wanted to give him everything... my body and my mind. Being so gay felt so good. He had pushed me over the edge and I loved it. His cock penetrating deep in my boy pussy, his tongue penetrating my mouth and his overpowering dominance penetrating my mind. I was his boy. I knew this in every cell of my being. I was searching for this my whole life... seeking out a dominant older man who had all the qualities he had - and he had them in abundance.


My heart was racing so hard... my blood pumping around my body... I was dizzy and in a state of shock and submission. My face was flushed and my breath was fast, having to take a deep breath every couple of minutes to get more oxygen. I stopped kissing him and looked directly into his eyes and whispered... "Oh Neil... I'll do anything for you... Oh fuck... I need your cum inside me... I promise I'll be your boy and let you fuck me whenever you want". I never wanted anything so bad for so long... and I didn't want it to end. I wanted to commit to him, wanted him to have the power over me so he would insist on this happening again and again. I turned my head and looked straight into the cam he had on and said: "I give you full permission to use this video in any way you want, personally or professionally and don't need anything in return". He smirked... knowing what I had done. He could post this up anywhere on the web and he would always have that hold over me. He starred into my eyes, into my soul, "You need me boy... you need me in your life... you need daddy's seed planted deep inside you. This seed will grow your need to please your daddy's needs... to make him happy so he accepts you and wants you". Cum started streaming out of my cock even though I hadn't actually orgasmed. He felt it against his belly. My body was hot and sweaty... I was moving and moaning... "Oh Neil... I want you so bad... this is so intimate, I've never felt so close to anyone... I'm so gay... I'm your gay lover". I could see that pleased him... started fucking me harder and faster. He was so strong as he pushed so deep, grabbing my ass with his hands and pulling himself in with all his strength. I was so overwhelmed... I knew he was close. He kissed me again and pushed in deep and held it there as we kissed with so much passion. I felt it coming... his cock stiffened and then a wave of cum squirted through his shaft so fast I could feel it hit my insides. He pushed and held it deep in me with all his might, all his muscles tensed, holding his breath. Another gush of daddy seed emptied inside my boy pussy... then another. He let out a huge sigh as he couldn't hold it in anymore, relaxing his muscles relaxed. His head went back and his eyes rolled back... "FUUUUUUUUUCK.... OH FUCK..... OH YEAH". I knew this was the best fuck he ever had in his life. He slowly pumped a little more as a few more gushes of cum came out, emptying his sac completely inside me.


I was still hard. He lay on top of me for another couple of minutes, his cock still inside me. He slowly and sensually kissed me again. I was still so horny. Then he pulled out gently. I grabbed my cock and started stroking, although cum came out, I hadn't properly ejaculated. He watched enthusiastically as I stroked my cum covered cock - was like white soapy liquid as I rubbed it. It didn't take long until my muscles spasmed and I orgasmed... a little more cum came out too. He rubbed my cum over my tummy and chest. I just collapsed and relaxed... a feeling of satisfaction and contentment went through me - I never felt this before. I thought that after I came I'd want to get out of there from nerves and questioning myself as to what I've done. Instead, out of exhaustion and the new feeling I had, my mind was just completely still and I was enjoying this state. Neil lay on top of me for a few minutes and then beside me with arm around me. I stayed with that state and still a little bit horny. I drifted off to sleep quite quickly.


Later that night I woke up, taking a while to realize where I was and what had happened. I was semi hard as I woke and I started playing with myself. When I got fully hard and horny again, I leaned over and started feeling his cock. He slowly awoke and got instantly hard. I went down on him and started licking and sucking him, as he got harder I got hornier and more into it. I really wanted to taste and swallow his cum. He started talking dirty to me again as he got hornier. I knew he was so pleased to wake up to this and was beyond is expectations. He leaned over and got his cam on again, wanting to have this on video too. I licked and sucked and stroked, learning what movements worked on him the most. I kept letting his cock go deeper and deeper in my mouth, learning not to gag. He grabbed the back of my head with his hands and fucked my face. I felt he was close, paused and placed my tongue at his cock head, so the cam could see him cumming in my mouth. I had to go again, sucking and stroking then pausing again. The 3rd time it happened, his cum squirted into my mouth and on my tongue. I swallowed and licked and sucked until all the cum was cleaned off his fat bulging cock. Then I straddled his belly and started stroking... then he took over. This was so nice... there I was, with his cum in my ass and mouth... still there with him stroking me... I knew that this was just the beginning of so much more pleasure. I came... all over his chest. Again I felt fine, didn't have to run but I did go this time - I had to get back to the hotel before morning. I thanked him and told him I see him again soon.

And it was soon.

Rating: 90%, Read 82439 times, Posted Jan 13, 2011

True Story | Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Domination, First Time, Gay, Mature, Submission


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