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I grew up in a small town in Berkshires of MA. My entire family including aunts, uncles, cousins all grew up there. My cousin and I were more like brothers, we are only 2 weeks apart in age. I often spent days after school at his house riding dirt bikes, quads, fishing etc. The neighborhood was very tight knit, nobody locked their doors, was a great atmosphere to grow up in. My cousins neighbors,Jim and Lisa were both late 40s at the time, were super nice, both very attractive,had a huge pool in their backyard, large barn which we used to use to keep our dirt bikes and stuff in. He was the kind of guy that would help you fix your dirt bike, fill a tire with air adjust the carburetor etc. we often hung out over there, he would ride dirt bikes with us as well, he was retired military and his wife was always away for work it seemed. We would often go over there and play pool in the basement as well. One night my cousin and I were hanging out with Jim in his garage having a beer (the drinking age was 18 back then so we had been drinking legally for a year at this point), and my aunt yelled over to my cousin that he had a phone call from work. He came back, said goodbyes and went to take an extra shift.

Jim asked me if I wanted to shoot some pool, said sure. We went downstairs, grabbed a couple more beers and racked em. Jim took a break to go to the bathroom, as he went into the toilet he told me to turn on the tv. When I did, there was porn playing, MFF. Jim came out, acted startled (he later confessed he did this on purpose). He told me to turn it off if I didn’t feel comfortable, I was fine, told him no biggie (porn wasn’t readily available like it is these days). He grabbed a couple more beers, we played more pool, with porn in the background on the big screen volume down low...I went to the bathroom, when I came out, Jim was sitting on the couch in front of the tv watching, a little wierd I thought, but laughed it off. He told me to take a seat, so I find myself watching porn with a guy twice my age lol. He asked if I liked it, which I responded who wouldn’t like this? was middle of summer, we both had on loose fitting shorts and tee shirts on....Jim asked me if I ever watched porn at home, told him my dad had a few mags I jack off to once in a while. He told me he jacks off every day when Lisa is gone...

I was starting to get a vibe, of what was going to happen, but didn’t want to let on i was a bit nervous, as he was a great guy and real cool. He got up to use the bathroom again, but when he came back, he sat literally less than a foot next to me. I must have acted a bit nervous because he asked if I was ok...I told him I was fine, but had butterflies in my belly. He rubbed his crotch a bit and told me how much he loves this particular video we were watching and it always makes him super horned up. He had a nice bulge in his shorts showing now. I had an erection myself, but was keeping it under my hands more or less. He again asked if I was ok, and promised me whatever happened there would stay there and never get back to my family and be our secret. I told him ok...unsure of exactly I agreed few mins more of sitting right next to Jim watching porn, he told me “ damn my cock is so fkn hard, it’s so hot in here, mind if I take it out”. I kind of shook my head in agreement. He pulled his cock out, and I have to admit I was totally turned on by it, was a little bigger than mine, thicker, with a nice pink head on it. He started rubbing it, moving closer to me a bit to make sure his elbow brushed my leg as he did...again he asked if I was ok...I assured him I was...he looked over, grabbed my hand away from my crotch and smiled, told me that he could see I was liking the movie too....I was so horned up by now, but nervous as hell...a few more mins go by sitting next to him playing with his cock...he then put his hand on my knee, started rubbing the inside of my leg, rubbing my cock through my shorts. I couldn’t believe this was happening, and also couldn’t believe I was liking it so much...he reached under my shorts, started rubbing my balls and cock, I shot a massive load all over his hand, my balls, my cock and the soon as I was done I told him I had to go. He said goodbye, hoped I had a good time and to keep in mind we had a secret that would never be spoken to anyone about...

I avoided my cousins house for a couple of days, but found myself on the front lawn with my cousin and uncle on a particular afternoon. Looked over, and sure enough Jim was coming over to chat us up. He said his hellos, we all talked a while. The entire time I was paying attention to whether he was giving me a “look” or anything to be concerned about. Nothing, nothing at all to be alarmed about. I breathed a sigh of relief. I got home that night, and the phone rang, it was Jim, He said hello, and told me it was nice to see me today. He was inviting me over, as well as my aunts uncles and cousin for a BBQ that weekend. I accepted graciously. He said great I’ll see you Saturday. Then right at the end of our conversation he chuckled and told me to stay out of his laughed and said ok...

Saturday came, we all had a great time as usual. Jim and Lisa put on a great party, there was about 25 people there total, all of which I knew. I kept trying to read him for signals, but nothing. I was actually feeling a bit a

slighted I occurred to me he really meant what he said. He didn’t give me a second look all night, even after it was only the usual 5 or so suspects around the campfire drinking beers at the end of the night.

I got a call from Jim the week after, he asked if I had any time to help him put up a few sheets of drywall the next afternoon. He explained he asked my cousin but he was working the next day. I went over that next afternoon, when I got there, the drywall was in the back of his truck. It was only a half dozen sheets or so, and we weren’t hanging it, just moving it off the truck into the garage which took about 10 minutes. Jim asked if I wanted a beer, which is always a yes and we sat in backyard near the pool. He told me he was going to jump in, I told him I will go next door and grab a suit from her cousins house. He told me to hang on, went in the house and threw one of his at me and told me to just use that one. I went into the garage which is attached to the house to put it on, he yelled to grab a couple more beers out of the basement. I went down, grabbed them, went to head upstairs and here was Jim coming down. He stopped in front of the pool table with his hand out for a beer. We both stood there, opened our can and chatted. He then started telling me how he jacked off after I left the other night, and how hard he came. At that moment, I felt a tingling in my balls that I never felt before. He leaned me against the pool table and started rubbing my chest, my shoulders, my neck, and started rubbing my crotch. My cock was aching for him to do something. He asked if he could slide my shorts off, I quickly nodded yes...he slid them off, and told me I had a gorgeous cock....he kissed every inch between my knees and my bellybutton without his mouth touching my dick. He just teased it with his hands as his mouth went to town on everything else. He looked up at me and asked if I ever had a blowjob. I lied and told him I had. He asked if I wanted another one right now...I immediately said yes. With that he held my shaft and circled my head ever so lightly, driving me fucking wild! I had my hands on his shoulders, he looked up at me, smiled and asked if I wanted to cum.I said I DO, with that he lowered his wet lips slowly on me. Within a minute or so, I exploded into his mouth, he swallowed and never skipped a beat. I lost a tiny bit of my erection for maybe 20 seconds, but Jim immediately started sucking my balls. He teased them while stroking me for a good hour, in that time laying me on the couch and kneeling next to me, stroking his cock while he went to town on me...I came again, and again he took every drop, it this time he was cumming with me as he was jerking was so damn hot....I said my goodbyes, and left, forgetting I had put his bathing suit back on...

Rating: 90%, Read 4962 times, Posted Feb 09, 2021

True Story |


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