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True Story | Asian

Since I met her, I had always known she had been a slut because we ended up having sex within 2 days since we first met. And to top that I could fuck her anytime I wanted, she would let me do anything I want like shoot my load down her throat without any objection, fuck her ass. In fact I was balls deep in her ass within the first week we met. She would always ask me to fuck her mercilessly and beg to cum inside her later.

She had told me she had numerous boyfriends before me but wouldn’t give me the full details. She would only open to me about these experiences when she was full of booze and horny for a fuck.

It wasn’t easy to make her tell me about this threesome as she would never admit to it once sober, I had to get her quite drunk to make her confess everything and that too while making her extremely horny with sex toys and later while fucking her.

This is how it goes:

This happened when she was somewhere between 18-21 years old. During these years she was a heavy party girl, so one night stands was something she would do often when she would be drunk or horny. She told me she had around 10 boyfriends and had slept with over 20 guys, which would put the number of cocks she would had sucked or stroked quite higher than that.

The threesome happened one such same night, she told me she was partying with her friends as usual. Among them was a guy named Dan, who was actually a friend of one of her female friends, she had known Dan for a while now as he would often come to party with her female friend. Dan had another guy with him called Bryan whom she had met only a few days back.

As things go, my GF got quite drunk this very night and when it was time to leave, Dan acting as a gentleman proposed that he will call Cammie a cab back home and go along as he lived in the same direction.

Everybody left or got in their cabs including Bryan, when the cab came for them, instead of taking her home, he took her to a hotel. Cammie was pretty buzzed to even protest. Once they got into the room, Dan acting quite gently made her given in, My GF confessed that she was drunk and horny and actually wanted to get fucked. After Dan fucked her, which she said was quite short as he came quickly in just missionary position. He called his friend Bryan, who came within 20 minutes. She didn’t know he had called Bryan until she saw him in the hotel room. At this point Cammie said she was a bit embarrassed as she was lying completely naked in bed with just the sheets to cover her.

My GF said Dan acting like a true gentleman before showed his true colors, he pulled the bed sheets off her and started fucking her right in front of Bryan and this time he didn’t even bother wearing a condom and ended up banging her bareback on the hotel bed while Bryan was sitting on a chair nearby. He started off fucking her missionary as before but later switched her to doggy. In this position she could see Bryan looking straight at her while Dan was fucking her. She said it was difficult to look into Bryans eye’s while getting fucked by his friend from behind. Since he wore no protection he ended up cumming inside her pussy within a short while.

Cammie told me she was helpless this session as she was getting fucked really hard by Dan while being watched by his friend. Once the second fuck by Dan ended, he started convincing Cammie to help Bryan too, while his limp dick was still inside her pussy. He told her that Bryan liked her so much “ever since he saw you”. He finds you very hot, etc. He convinced my GF to give Bryan a blowjob. Cammie told me even before she would have said yes/no Bryan unzipped his pants and produced his dick right in front of her mouth.

She was now almost forced to hold it and suck Bryan off. Dan had now removed his limp dick from Cammie’s pussy. He was now licking her big butt, trying to tongue her asshole. Bryan was getting quite hard and impatient too as Cammie was sucking her slowly. He forced her hand off his cock and shoved it whole in her mouth while holding her head with his hands. As she was getting deep throated by Bryan, Dan had managed to lube her asshole well and was now finger banging her ass.

Bryan’s cock was average size so Cammie was sucking the whole shaft without choking. Dan on the other hand had managed to loosen her asshole a bit and was ready to enter it. She felt his cock probe her asshole; he managed to get in her but only to be pushed out after a short while. After a few tries even with a condom he couldn’t fully gain entry to her tight asshole. Disappointed he removed the condom and started fucking her pussy again.

Cammie could feel Bryan’s cock throbbing as he was about to cum, he came deep inside her throat as he once again held her head and didn’t let her go until he had fully unloaded in her mouth. Dan was slow fucking Cammie’s pussy as Bryan removed his dick from her mouth, he had cum an enormous amount, she had to swallow most of it but still some of it dripped out of her lips. Bryan looked satisfied and pulled up his pants and got ready to leave. Once he left Dan fucked her in different positions but couldn’t cum the third time.

After a short rest he asked my GF to suck him off, which she started but after 5 minutes when she thought he came, she said she smelled something funny. As Dan was not that erect while she was sucking him and he said he felt weird. Dan had actually filled her mouth with piss instead of cum which she spat out. After this my GF was too tired, so she dozed off.

Before they left, Dan once again in the morning tried to fuck her ass but again just ended up fucking her pussy. This time, she said he fucked her really hard while slapping her butt cheeks and instead of cumming inside her, he came right on her asshole and made her clean his dick.

My GF said this was the only time she had sex or engaged more than 1 guy at a time. Overall she said two cocks were a bit exciting but I know, she enjoyed more than a bit but wouldn’t admit to it.

Rating: 75%, Read 11403 times, Posted May 23, 2017

True Story | Asian


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