Lily's last summer pt 3: The pool party by lilsweetbaby

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Lily and Jenny walked out of the change room and towards the pool area. Lily was nervious, it had been so long since Ben and her had even hung out, how would she get him to come back to her. Lily stopped in her tracks and shook. Jenny turned to her and asked her whats wrong. Lily shook "I don't know if I can do this, I don't know if I can get him back." Jenny smiled and touched Lily's face "Do you love him?" Lily nodded but still didn't smile. "Do you know that he is the one?" Once again Lily nodded. "Do you know that you and him are meant to be?" Lily nodded. "No Lily you need to say it." Lily looked up "Ben and I are meant to be." she said with confidence. "Then you are meant to be together. Never doubt that your the one and you can have your dream." Lily and Jenny smiled with confidence in their hearts and they entered the pool room.

The pool was packed with all sorts of kids from their school. Everywhere they looked there were boys and girls in swimsuits playing in the water, messing around and flirting with each other. Jenny scanned the crowd "There are a few more boys then girls here I'd say a 3:1 ratio." Lily rolled her eyes and smiled Jenny sucked in school but add boys to the picture and she is suddenly a genuis. Lily turned to Jenny "Do you see Ben anywhere?" Jenny nodded "Over at the deep end of the pool playing water volleyball with his friends." Lily frowned "It's gonna be hard to get him alone with all his friends there." Jenny smiled "You deal with Ben, leave them to me." Jenny undid the top button on her bikini top allowing her cleavage to show even more. Lily smiled because she knew what was coming.

The two went over to the group playing volleyball and Jenny got in the pool. "Nice bumps boys you must have very stong hands. You should put them to better use." Jenny said in her most sudductive voice. All of the boys jaws dropped. "Maybe I can help you work on your end game." Jenny said waving them over to another part of the pool and all of the boys except Ben followed. Ben laughed "Well I see Jenny hasn't changed." Lily smiled "Yeah still trying to get every cock she sees." Ben shook his head "Never liked girls like that. I like normal, honest and sweet girls like you." Lily blushed and smiled widely "He likes girls like me." she thought. The pool was becoming very crowded and lots of people were starting to make out. "Wanna get out of here Lily, theres a hot tub over there, it's nice and private." Lily smiled "Sure thing."

The two went off to the hot tub and settled into the water. The water was very warm and the sound blocked out the people in the other room. Lily was shy she didn't know what to say but Ben broke the silence. "Thanks for coming by the way it means a lot to me." Lily smiled "Yeah thanks for inviting me this is fun." Ben nodded "Just like the old days remember when we used to swim and hang out together." Lliy nodded "Yeah was the best time of my life." Lily was shocked and embarrassed because she didn't want to admit that. Ben sighed "Yeah me too." Lily looked at him "But you have good friends now and your popular!" Ben shook his head "I'm only popular amunst my friends and to be honest they are really imature. I would rather hang out with you." Lily's eyes widened. "But you got rid of me so you could be popular!" Ben looked away from her "And that was the biggest mistake of my life."

The two sat in silence neither one could think of a thing to say. Lily's heart burned with desire, desire to say what was in her heart and her desire for Ben. Ben senced Lily's unrest "If you got something to say please say it I want to know." Lily looked at Ben with tears in her eyes. "Ben I loved you. We were perfect for each other and you made my life whole. When you left me I was heartbroken and I thought I would never heal and I never fully have. All this time I never even tried to get a boyfriend because my heart belonged to you and it always will. Even though you betrayed me I still love you and would do anything for you." Lily finished her statement and looked down, she could not bare to look him in the eye. Suddenly she felt Ben's strong hands on her shoulders. She looked up and Ben had tears in his eyes. "I' am so sorry for what I did to you and I have never forgiven myself for it. I love you too and I could never turn my back on you." The two stared into each others eyes, smiles spreading across their face. Slowly closing their eyes they leaned into each other and slowly kissed each other.

The two embraced each other holding each other close their toungs flapping in each others mouths. Lily felt like she was 12 years old again, the happiness had returned to her. The two ended their terrific kiss and let out a sigh of happiness. They stared into each others eyes for what felt like eternity. Suddenly there was a laugh behind them. Lily turned around to find Jenny with Ben's 3 friends. "Hey Bennie what you kissing that geekazoid for? Come on and hit this fine ass with ass." one of them shouted. Lily looked at Ben about to tell him she was going to go but to her suprise he had a look of anger and determination she had never seen in him before. "Hey you know what I'm sick of you guys. All you care about is sex and your gonna graduate and have nothing. I'm done with you guys so fuck you!" Ben grabbed Lily's hand and led her away Jenny giving both of them a wink and smile.

Ben and Lily went into the sana and Ben locked the door behind him. Ben turned to her "Listen I'm sorry about that but when I saw them insult.." Ben was interupted by Lily who jumped on him and kissed him wildly. She looked deep into his eyes "No one has ever stood up for me like that. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me." Ben smiled and rubbed her hair. "I'd do anything for you, I love you." Lily wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him slowly. Slowly Ben's penis became erect and started poking Lily in her butt. She smiled a malicious little smile "Looks like someone wants to have fun." Ben smiled the same smile and turned on the steam so no one could see them. He carried her over to the bench and lied her down. He kissed her well slipping his hands down her swimsuit and began playing with her clit. Lily moaned with pleasure and rubbed his face "I want to please you first."

Lily got on her knees and slowly pulled down Ben's swimming trunks. She was face to face with a fully erect penis. It was about 6 inches in length and warm from the steam. Lily stroked his penis slowly and Ben moaned with pleasure. She leaned in and licked the tip and then along the shaft. Lily saw Ben's face smile with pleasure and Lily knew he was ready. Lily slowly started putting her mouth around his dick and slowly sucking it up and down. Inch by inch she sucked and licked his cock and Ben moaned with pleasure well rubbing her head. Lily went really deep and took all 6 inches causing her to gag a little. She pulled back and Ben apoligied. "It's ok I want to finish you off it means a lot to me." She placed her mouth on his penis again and this time sucked fast but didn't goto deep. Ben leaned against the wall and moaned with pleasure. Lily knew he was almost done so she tried a trick that Jenny taught her. She sucked really fast and placed her finger in his asshole. Ben yelled in exastsy and came hard in Lily's mouth. Cum dripped from her lips onto her swimsuit and she tilted her head back and swolled it all. "Umm you taste good Ben." Ben smiled and panted. "Wow I've came before but never like that, it felt amazing." Lily blushed "I've never cum before at all." She felt like a total loser admiting that. Ben put his hand on her chin and made her face him. "Lets change that."

Lily lied down and Ben got on his knees and kiss Lily slowly. He slowly pulled down the straps on her one peice bathing suit and pulled it down. He kissed down her body and sucked on her tits for a little bit. Lily moaned with happiness it must have what being a mother was like. Ben licked down her body and across her clit. Lily let out a small scream. Ben licked her clit more and more gently pushing his fingers in gently. Lily continued to moan and her pussy became wet. Ben continued to finger her and she became wetter and wetter. Ben licked his fingers. "Umm baby your like a flower your sweet tasting, smelling and your beautiful, you a perfect Lily." Lily smiled and rubbed Ben's head "Oh hunny I think I'm ready. Please make me a real women."

Ben spread her legs wide open and positioned himself over top of her. He put his penis tip to her pussy lips. Ben felt her and asked if she wanted him to edge it in. "No I want you to do it quick I want you deep inside of me, I wanna feel your manhood," Ben nodded and held her hands. He looked her in the eye and pushed his cock in as hard as he could. Lily's eyes widend and her breath left her. It was an exsperience like she had never felt. It was like being born and seeing the world for the first time. She saw all the time she spent with Ben flash before her eyes and it was all leading to this moment. Her breath returned to her and Ben smiled. "Welcome to womenhood." he said softly. Ben went in and out thrusting her softly each thrust like injection of love to Lily. She gently got used to the sensation of pain and pleasure and began gyrating her body with his. Her face became flush and Ben knew she was about to go and so was he. He held her hands down and gave her one upword thrust which hit her G spot. Lily let out a deafing scream as her cherry broke realeasing feminal semon all over Ben's cock. The sensation caused Ben to cum deep inside her and the two reached a beatuful climax together.

Ben pulled out his cock covered in both their cums. Lily leaned up and sucked off the juices. "Umm the two of us together taste wonderful try it. Ben placed his finger in her pussy and got his fingers covered in their love juices. He tasted it and moaned "Better then anything I've ever tasted." The two put their swimsuits on in silence. They looked at each other and kissed. "Lily I'm so glad you came you made my dreams come true." Lily smiled "Me too but it's Jenny who deserves the gratitude, she is the reason I came here." Ben smiled and laughed. "Be sure to thank her for me." Lily let out a small grin. She was going to thank her alright, she owed Jenny a lot and she was going to make sure she was repaid well.

Rating: 82%, Read 25723 times, Posted Jul 25, 2009

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Oral Sex, Pissing, Romance, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity, Water Sports, Written by women, Young


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