twins n best buds VIII_(1) by one+of+2

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Twins n best buds VIII

We received a lot of messages from people and more people want to hear about when we saw Gavin but that is going to be a lot to write since we spent nearly a week at Great Wolf and Gavin stayed on our room all but one night. And we messed around every night and even during a few afternoons, so theres a lot to tell.

Our family got to Great Wolf on Friday afternoon the day before Gavin and his mom and dad got there. As goofey asit sounds, since at home we share a room and sleep together a lot, being in a motel room seemed to make it more erotic for both of us. Once we were done doing stuff with our parents that first night we went to our room and before we had our pants off we both had boners. We threw our clothes on one bed and we got in the other one. We started by rubbing together and taking turns sucking each other.

Taylor had me lay back and he got down and he licked my balls and then he held my dick and sucked it and stroked it at the same time. Every time I was close to shooting he stopped sucking and stroking and he pinched the head in between his fingers real hard until the sensation to cum went away. Then he would suck and stroke it more and do the same thing. After he did that enough times my balls were aching.

Rimming Taylor really makes him horny so much that then he wants to get fucked. I had him lay on his stomach and I got down there and held his butt cheeks apart and I tongued his hole and rimmed it until he told me to stop before he shot. And since I figured I owed it to him I waited a minute every time and then I held his cheeks apart again and tongued and licked him some more. When he finally did roll over the head of his boner was all wet and was glistening from the precum he was leaking. Ha even his pubes were all soaked. I didn’t have to ask if he wanted to get fucked.

I knelt up on the bed and he smeared lube all over my dick before he turned around and knelt so we could do it doggy style. I smeared more lube on his hole and fingered him and then I rubbed my dick up and down in his ass crack. Taylor got bored with how that felt and reached back and grabbed my dick and aimed the head to his hole and pushed back until I was all the way in him. Then he put his head down on the pillows and told me, “ so fuck meTris”

I held his cheeks apart and started thrusting my dick in and out of his butt. Every time I thrusted forward Taylor made either a moaning or a sighing sound. At one point I reached and put my hand over hs mouth so he would be quiet but all he did was moan more and start sucking my fingers.

He reached down and stroked his dick while we fucked. I watched my dick closely as it went in and out of his ass. I liked watching his hole open to take my dick every time I pushed into him.

“Faster Tris” he whispered, “harder. So I would push my dick in and out of him faster and harder. When I knew I was getting close to cumming I reached under him and pushed his hand aside so I could jerk him off. He let me do it a little but then told me to stop because he didn’t want to shoot then. I stopped jerking him but kept pumping in and out of his ass.

Tris told me to let him know when I was going to shoot and when I told him I was getting real close he squeezed my dick with his ass muscles so tightly that it felt like I was in a vice grip. It made it harder to pump in and out but it felt awesome good. I bent forward so my chest was pressed against his back and I whispered that I was going to cum and immediately felt my dick start to spasm sending spurts of jizz into his ass. Taylor kept the tight grip he had on my dick with his ass muscles and continued bobbing back and forth making sure that he milked every drop of cum out of my dick.

Then Taylor lowered himself to his stomach with me still inside him and closed his legs together and we stayed like that a few minutes while we both caught our breath. I was getting ready to pull out but he reached back around both of us and held my ass cheeks and told me not to pull out then so I stayed right like I was.

Taylor kept squeezing my dick with his ass and wiggled around occasionally which kept me hard. I asked if he was going to let Gavin fuck him again and he said he sure wanted him to and then we wondered together if one of us would get to fuck Gavin. We both thought that would be hot. Taylor said maybe Gavin could fuck him and I could fuck Gavin at the same time. I suggested maybe we could both fuck him at the same time, dick to dick. Taylor agreed that would be fun to try. (We saw 2 guys do that in a girls pussy and figured it would be fun in a guys ass too.

After awhile I told Taylor that I had to pull out because I had to pee and when I started to move Taylor stopped me and told me to just go ahead and pee.

“In your butt?” I asked.

“Yea, try it.”

“You sure”

“Yeah try it”

So I let my stream of pee go inside Taylor’s ass

“Can you feel it?” I whispered in his ear.

“Yeah I sure can. Feels good.”

So I peed into Taylor’s butt and and stayed like I was when I was done. Taylor wiggled his butt around more and that felt so good I started working my dick in and out of his sass again. He kept his legs together tight and lifted his ass up and down in a rapid motion. I was kissing his neck and biting his earlobe when my dick erupted in his ass. Once I was done I planned on laying there on top of him for awhile but he told me I had to pull out fast because he felt like he was going to erupt and wouldn’t be pretty. As soon as I pulled my boner out he jumped up and ran into the bathroom. I guess my piss acted like an enema lol. He couldn’t get to the toilet fast enough. I could hear my pee squirting out into the toilet and that made me laugh.

“You ok?” I asked from the bed

“Yeah, wow that felt really good. I could feel the warmth of it when you let go but when it was time to pass it man, it wasn’t waiting”

When Taylor got done he took a fast shower and then we went to sleep. The next morning when we woke up we started to mess around but the phone rang and it was our mom wanting us to hustle for breakfast. We took quick showers and got dressed and joined them for breakfast and then goofed around to kill time until Gavin and his parents to arrived.

Gavin got there around 1PM. As soon as we all finished lunch we left our parents to visit and the 2 of us went to change to our swim trunks. Gavin changed and brought his duffle bag to our room since we had it all planned out that he was going to sleep with us.

The 3 of us spent the afternoon messing around in the water and having a good time. We flirted with some girls we met and hung out with them until it was time to eat dinner. Gavin and Taylor razzed me when we got to the room to change. They both laughed because they said I hardly took my eyes off the one girls tits. (They were kind of right. She had really nice tits for a girl our age and I did look a them as much as I could)

We all stripped off our swim trunks and though our dicks were all shrunk up from being in the cold water as we dried off they all started to grow a little. We put on some shorts and t-shirts and then we met up with our parents. Gavin went with his parents to eat dinner while our parents gave us money so we could get pizza.

As soon as Gavin finished eating he found us in the park and the 3 of us went looking for the girls we had talked to earlier. Since we couldn’t find them we did some running around and decided to get our swim trunks back on and go in the water.

We all stripped and we all shivered and laughed when we pulled our wet trunks on and they touched our balls and dicks. Gavin joked that we should have warmed them up in the microwave which probably would have been a good idea.

We messed around in the water for maybe an hour and then got bored so we went back to the room. We all took off our trunks and we all got boners as we dried off. It was weird because not once all afternoon was anything said about messing around or what we did last time we were there or anything but right then and there in the room we all got boners and we all made comments about sex and about what we did before.

Gavin made the 1st move by holding his dick and asking if we were as horny as he was. Me and Taylor both laughed and told him we sure were. He told us he jacked off so many times thinking about our ventures last year and asked if we had.

That conversation was all it took. Before we knew it we were standing there facing each other feeling each other’s dicks. Gavin had mine in his right hand and Taylors in his left hand and we both had our hands all over Gavins.

The 3 of us jumped on the bed and laid there exploring one another’s bodies. Gavin had more pubes than he had before and it looked like his dick had even gotten a little bigger. We laid there on the bed with Gavin feeling both of our boners and watching intently as he did while me and Taylor took turns feeling his dick and his balls. I held off as long as I could but finally gave in and slid down so I could give Gavin some head. He kept playing with Taylor’s dick while I sucked on his.

That 1st night we took turns sucking one another and once we turned the lights out I was switching between sucking Gavin’s dick and Taylors while they did some kissing. I tried to suck both of their dicks at the same time but there was no way I could get them in my mouth. Gavin had better luck when he sucked me and Taylor at the same time. The combination of feeling Gavin’s mouth on our dicks and feeling them rub together as he sucked was pretty cool.

Taylor sucked me and Gavin got behind him and rubbed on his ass crack. It was pretty easy to see that Gavin wanted to fuck Taylor like he did before. Taylor asked him if he wanted to and his answer was something like “Yeah if you want me to I do.” When I heard that I laughed inside because I knew Taylor wanted him to. So Taylor laid on is back and Gavin got between his legs. Taylor rubbed lube on Gavin’s dick and lifted his legs up in the air and Gavin moved in closer and aimed and stuck his dick in Taylor. Taylor cringed but told Gavin to keep going.

I straddled Taylor’s chest in front of Gavin and let Taylor suck me while Gavin fucked him. After some time I crawled off and got behind Gavin and rubbed my dick on his ass. Since he was humping Taylor I didn’t have to move much to do some rubbing. I tried to push my dick in Gavin’s ass but he stopped me and told me he didn’t think he could do that but he told me I could finger him if I wanted to. Taylor jumped when I slid my finger in Gavin’s hole because he said Gavin’s dick jumped inside his ass. So there we were. Me fingering Gavin. Gavin fucking Taylor and Taylor laying there with his feet in the air and hie eyes closed jerking his dick. It was pretty erotic.

Taylor said he was going to cum and then his jizz shot out all over his chest. Gavin’s ass muscles squeezed around my finger real tightly and then he started to shake and pump Taylor’s ass faster and then he moaned and said he was cumming. Taylor cried out a little right then because Gavin rammed his dick in him pretty hard. I pulled my finger out of Gavin’s butt and pushed him forward so he was bent over and I humped his butt crack until I shot my stuff on his crack and hole. After I gave Gavin towel to wipe my stuff off his butt and back we all laid there and caught our breath. Ha, none of our dicks got soft while we laid there.

We found a movie to watch and laid there naked and watched it. When it ended Taylor grabbed Gavin’s dick and asked him if he wanted to fuck again. Gavin watched Taylor’s hand but didn’t answer right away.

“Tris should do it to you” he whispered, “ I want to see that”

With that said Taylor reached for the lube and asked me how I wanted to do it. I told Gavin he should stay like he was and told Taylor we could do it doggy style and he could suck on Gavin while we screwed.

Gavin couldn’t get settled fast enough and once he was in place Taylor got on his knees between Gavin’s legs. I positioned myself behind Taylor and started playing with his butt. As soon as I had him lubed up good I moved closer and shoved my dick in his ass and started pumping him. He leaned over and licked Gavin’s dick and balls and then took it in his mouth and sucked him. Gavin watched us closely. He looked at me and then at Taylor sucking him and smirked. Moving his hand to the top of Taylor’s head he pushed it down on his dick and that made Taylor gag. Gavin apologized and kept humping Taylor’s mouth.

I knelt behind Taylor with my hands on his hips and rammed in and out as hard as I could. Taylor moaned every time I pushed my dick in him. I could feel Taylor’s ass muscles squeezing my dick. Taylor held Gavin’s dick and stroked it while he sucked it until Gavin whispered that he was getting close. Next thing I heard was Taylor choking and Gavin giggling. Taylor kept his lips wrapped around Gavin’s dick and reached his hands back to his ass cheeks so he could spread them for me. I pumped some more and then pulled out and shot my load on Taylor’s ass and Gavin’s leg. Then all 3 of us laid in silence exhausted.

Me and Tris slept in one bed and Gavin slept in the other. We were all tired. I fell asleep almost as soon as the light went out.

The next morning the phone ringing woke us up. It was my mom calling to tell us that it was time to get up and have some breakfast. I looked at my watch and it was 10 AM.

By the rime I hung up Taylor was standing and stretching and Gavin was stretching in the bed. 3 guys and 3 morning woodies lol. We all copped a feel of each other and took turns taking our AM leaks before we splashed some water on our faces and got some shorts on and went to meet up with our parents.

We spent that day running around, playing in the water and flirting with the same girls we saw the day before. That nigh after dinner we hung out with the girls and after we checked in with our parents I snuck out to meet up with Becky.

That left me (Taylor here and since Tris was with Becky he can’t tell you about this part. We aren’t doing it to confuse you ha) )and Gavin hanging out alone. We did some running around but we either got bored or we were both thinking the same thing because we decided to go hang out in the room. Once there we turned on the TV and and talked about Tris. We both were wondering if he was getting lucky with Becky. That led to us talking more about our sexual experiences and that led to us getting boners and that led to us feeling each other through our boxers. And the feeling led to us sliding each other’s boxers off.

We tried kissing but Gavin didn’t like that so much so we laid and rubbed our dicks together until Gavin slid down and kissed my dick and stroked it before taking it in his mouth and sucking me, He took all of my dick in his mouth and worked his tongue around and then he lifted my balls and licked them. Once he stopped I said it was my turn and I got between his legs and played with his huge dick. I licked it and ran my tongue around his pee hole and sucked him. When my jaw got tired I pushed his legs apart and licked his balls and sucked them one at a time. Gavin moaned when I started doing that and spread his legs even farther apart. Since he did that I licked them more and kept licking until I got near his hole. At first he started to bring his legs together but I didn’t let him. I acted like I didn’t notice what he was trying to do and kept kissing around his hole. He shivered and once I got going licking him there he must have found he liked it because he relaxed his legs and put his hand on my head and whispered “Yeah”

I tongued his hole and bit it gently and licked it. Gavin shivered a lot more and kept pushing on my head.

When I stopped licking Gavin’s hole I sucked on his dick a little more and then laid next to him on the bed. We turned toward each other and hugged and rubbed our dicks together Gavin asked me how it felt to get fucked. He asked me if me and Tris did that much and he asked if Tris liked being fucked too. I told him that Tris liked to do the fucking but was not big on getting fucked. I told him Tris liked sucking and getting jizz shot on him.

We kept grinding together and little by little I ended up on the bottom with Gavin between my legs. We were both leaking precum so smeared his on my dick and mine on his and as we rubbed together more I made sure Gavin’s dick went between our legs near my balls. Then I ground my dick in his pubes making sure my ass was making contact with his dick. I reached between us and rubbed his dick on my hole smearing it with precum. Gavin asked where the lube was and once he smeared it all over his dick he got between my legs and played with my dick. I lifted my legs up and Gavin moved in closer and pointed his dick to my ass and pushed it in. It was my turn to wince then. Though I liked how it felt once we got going it sure hurt when he first put it in.

Gavin held my legs up by holding them right behind the knees and started pumping in and out of my ass. Every time he pushed in me I winced. It was a combination of pain and pleasure. Gavin rested my feet on his shoulders and as he was screwing me he started kissing my feet and licking them. I had seen people in videos who liked to kiss and lick feet but it was the first time I really had it done to mine.

I watched Gavin hold my right foot and rub it all over his face. He licked it all over. He licked the arch area and toes and he even sucked each toe. And when he was done doing it to my right foot he did the same thing to my left one. I noticed that he pumped me harder when he was sucking my toes and when he took all of my toes in his mouth he rammed in me so hard I had to tell him to slow down because it was hurting. He apologized and slowed down and went right back to sucking my toes.

As weird as t sounds I started getting into having my toes licked and sucked. I watched Gavin closely. Doing it to my feet was an obvious turn on for him and as I watched and relaxed I started getting turned on by it too. I worked my ass muscles to squeeze Gavin’s dick and I whispered how him licking my feet was turning me on a lot. When Gavin heard that he moaned and sucked each toe individually and ran his tongue between them.

I squeezed his dick with my ass muscles and told him to fuck me harder and he did. Gavin rubbed my feet on his face and as he did that he started thrusting his dick into my ass faster and harder. Just before he shot he told me he was getting close and then he took my big toe in his mouth and sucked it and started cumming. His whole body shook as he came and rammed in and out of me.

He kissed my foot a few more times after he shot and it felt so good I told him to keep kissing them and keep his dick in me. He whispered and told me how hot that was and told him I thought it was way hot too. I started jerking my dick but he pushed my hand aside and took over for me. He watched his hand work my dick and told me to tell him when I was going to cum. As I got close I told him I was getting there and as soon as my dick swelled Gavin bent over and stuck it in his mouth and jerked me until I unloaded. He closed his mouth around my dick and didn’t let one drop of cum get away. Then he kept sucking me and as he did that he started pumping my ass again.

He probably would have fucked Taylor again if I (its me Tris and I can write about this now) hadn’t come and knocked on the door so I could get in. Taylor unlocked the door and let me in and then he sat on the bed next to Gavin and asked if I had fun and if I had any luck. I told them both about how me and Becky did some making out and how I felt her tits and she felt my dick.

Taylor reached over and felt my crotch and asked how horny. I laughed and told Taylor that he should know Im always horny. Then I asked them if they were just starting or ending. They both answered that they were in the middle and Taylor told me that he just tried something new with Gavin and he wanted to see if I liked it like he did. I asked what it was and he told me he would show me sometime.

I stripped naked and Gavin hopped in the shower and then the 3 of us sat together on one of the beds watching TV. As one would expect, while we watched TV we all ended up with our hands on our crotches. And as one would expect our hands were covering our dicks, and as one would expect our dicks were all getting boned.

I’m not sure how we got started or who started it but we turned off the light so the room was totally. I mean like black dark and we ended up in a pile groping each other, exploring each others body from head to toe (And yeah, I found out what new thing Taylor had to show me. I can give you my thoughts on that another time lol) Taylor and me kissed Gavin at the same time and then we kissed and licked down his chest and down until we reached his boner. We both worked on his bone, licking and sucking and kissing it. And he was definitely enjoyed it. I sucked him ( his is really a mouthful) and Taylor stroked him until he was close to cumming and then we stopped. Taylor slapped the inside of his thigh and when we asked what that was for Taylor told us he read that makes a boner go down. Anyways it didn’t work. Gavin stayed boned but he didn’t shoot.

After that we all messed around again. You know feeling each other all over, kissing everywhere and exploring all over with our hands. I guess it isn’t a surprise thatme and Taylor sort of concentrated on Gavin’s body and Gavin was concentrating on both of ours. Hes amazed that our bodies are 100% alike. In the light he looked for differences and in the dark he felt for them. When we were sitting around later he must have said “I can’t believe there isn’t one difference anywhere.” That make us laugh at him.

Gavin had us lay back on the bed and he messed around with both of us. He would feel all around me and then all around Taylor. He sucked us and licked down our legs all the way to our feet. Thats when I found out what it was that was new to Taylor. It was obvious that Taylor was getting worked but it was so black in the room I wasn’t sure why. Taylor told Gavin to show me and the next thing I new Gavin was massaging my feet and then I could feel him kissing them and licking them. It was new for sure and definitely different.

I can’t say if it was the result of Gavin sucking my toes or Taylor biting my nips and fondling my balls but I felt a rush and thought I was going to cum. I reached for Taylor’s dick and grabbed it and laid there enjoying how it all felt. Taylor was leaking precum and it was like Gavin was making love to my feet. Wild!

Once Gavin stopped with my feet he moved up in the bed and played with both of our dicks and then he laid between us and we all started exploring each other again.

I could feel Taylor slide down so he could suck Gavin. Gavin moaned and leaned my way so we kissed. We both really got into kissing and we turned to each other and for some heavy making out. When I put my arms around him and rubbed down his back my hand ran into Taylor’s head. He was kissing Gavin’s ass cheeks. I moved my hands back up his back and kept making while Taylor could doing his thing. I had to pull my hand back off of Gavin’s back because Taylor moved up and was laying behind Gavin spooning him.

We laid like that awhile like that and then Gavin moved and bent forward so he could hold my dick and lick it. He really got going down there. He would lick it and then he would suck it and rub it on his face. It felt great.

In the meantime I could tell that Taylor was humping against Gavin’s ass. Gavin stroked his dick while he was sucking mine.

I was getting close to shooting when I felt Gavin’s stuff shoot on my side and feeling that was all it took. I whispered that I was going to cum and Gavin held my dick firmly and jerked me until I shot. I was pretty sure that he made sure my jizz ended up on his face. Then there was some movement in the dark and I could feel Taylor kneeling between me and Gavin. He pulled both of our heads up and we got the idea. We got real close and we both played with Taylor’s dick and balls. We took turns licking his balls and we licked them together. Ha, we kissed while we licked them and then Gavin held his dick and we took turns sucking it until he exploded on our faces.

Gavin fumbled around and turned on the light so we could find something to wipe Taylor’s cum off of our faces. Then we turned the light back out and laid in the bed talking about how much fun that was. Taylor told Gavin that when he was humping his butt crack he thought a lot about just going for it and fucking him. Gavin made some joke about he was horny enough during that that he probably would have let him.

Gavin got in the other bed and we all fell off to sleep.

Time to post this. Taylor said its already long enough.

We both go back to school next week. Mixed feelings about it for me. Taylor seems more excited about it I guess.


Rating: 89%, Read 37030 times, Posted Aug 25, 2011

True Story | Anal, Blowjob, Boy, Gay, Group Sex, Incest, Masturbation, Pissing, Teen Male, Water Sports


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