Trip to the Toy Store by CindyQ

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Trip to the Toy Store


Cindy was a little nervous as she pulled into the Love Works parking lot. She wasn't sure if she would be able to go inside and purchase any of the items they carried, it was a little embarrassing, but that is why she had gone out with the girls after work and had a few drinks right. Now here she was sitting in her car trying to work up the courage to go inside. Then she started thinking about why she had come here. A few nights ago she and her boyfriend, Tim had been watching porn and the girl had been using some different toys, then the cable man joined in using them on her. Tim had gotten so turned on by that. So much so I can't remember a time he had ever fucked me that hard. And it wasn't just Tim, I had gotten so wet watching the cable man use a dildo on her while licking her clit.

"Damnit, snap out of it" Cindy told herself, but it was too late from the moisture she could feel between her legs she knew the thoughts had gotten to her.

The black lace thong she had on under her pencil skirt was not much protection from her wet pussy and as she opened the car door the wind blowing up her skirt took her breath away.

"Shit" Dan thought as he saw the car pull into the parking lot. That is just great 15 minutes until close and some asshole wants to come in and hold him up from leaving. He really wanted to get home to his girlfriend. Looking at and talking about sex toys, movies, and sexy clothing all day really made him horny and he knew she was home in bed waiting for him.

"What is taking them so long to get out of the damn car?" Dan thought to himself. Maybe I can lock the door before the even get out of the car. "It's probably some dumb ass kid who wants to come paw through the porn or some horny housewife needing to get some lube for her vibrator and I don't want to waste my time with them when I could be face first in my woman's pussy" Dan thought. So he started for the door, but stopped half way there as the car door opened and a black spike high heel followed by a black stocking covered leg stepped out. The woman that followed was hot and as she bent forward to smooth her skirt down her thighs her blouse slipped open showing just a peek of a black lace covered breast.

"Maybe it might be worth my time to let her look around" Dan thought to himself. Taking her all in from the long legs to the ample breasts he could tell she had under the thin silk blouse.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't realize how late is was" Cindy said as she came in the door and saw Dan. "I could come back later I don't want to keep you late" she said.

"No problem at all" Dan said, thinking I won't mind looking at your ass in that tight skirt as you look around. "Take your time, let me know if you need help with anything" Dan said as he turned the lock on the front door. Cindy looked over her shoulder when she heard the door lock click. "It is closing time so I don't want anyone else wonder in" Dan said smiling trying to ease her mind he was not some kind of pervert. Although he was, but the good kind of pervert.

"I understand I hate when people come into my place of work late and then want you to wait around, but then never buy anything. Don't worry I do plan to make a purchase so it will be worth your extra time" Cindy said. As she walked around the store she kept glancing over at the salesman thinking to herself, he is pretty hot. Dan was the name on his name tag. He had an awesome ass she noticed as he bent over to straight some shelves and what could only be described as hungry eyes, you know the kind that seem to be undressing and fucking you all with a glance.

"Stop that" Cindy told herself. "you don't even know this guy and someone that hot surely has a girlfriend. Just like you have a boyfriend remember that is why you are here" she scolded herself of the lusty thoughts she was having about Dan.

Cindy was walking down the vibrator and dildo isle when something caught her eye. The picture on the box showed this huge lifelike cock. She reached up and took the box down, open the top and peered inside. "It is so big" Cindy thought to herself, reaching in the box she gently touch the head with her fingers, "It feels really smooth" she thought. Just then Dan came up beside her and startled her with a friendly "Can I help you with anything?" Cindy nervous anyway about being in the store, jumped, dropping the dildo box and the huge cock came falling out.

Embarrassed Cindy bent down to grab the cock, but Dan got to it first. "So your looking for some big girl toys?" he asked. Blushing Cindy nodded squeaking out a nervous "yes" and looking away from is eyes.

"Don't worry there is nothing to be embarrassed about" Dan said. "Lots of women like to take care of themselves when they are in between men" he said.

"Oh, I have a boyfriend" Cindy blurted, why am I yelling at this poor guy that I have a boyfriend, she wondered. "I was just ah" Cindy stammered. "well see we were watching a movie the other night and there was a scene with a couple using toys that got us both really hot" Cindy explained.

"Toy play is hot, my girlfriend and I use them all the time" Dan said. "You have a girlfriend?" Cindy asked, not know why she felt disappointed at this fact. It's not like this guy has any interest in you she told herself.

"Damnit why did I say I had a girlfriend" Dan scolded himself, maybe I might have a chance with this girl, but not now if she thinks I'm taken.

"So maybe you can help me pick somethings out" Cindy said shyly, "since you know you work here so you know what is popular" Cindy said quickly, not wanting him to get the wrong idea even though she did want him to try somethings on her. "What are you thinking" she asked herself, "would you fuck this guy if he seemed open to it" she wondered. The answer came to her quick, maybe a little too quick "YESS".

"I would love to show you a few things" Dan said. "I mean I have some favorites and there are some best sellers. Were there any toys in particular you were wanting?" Dan asked

Cindy's eyes drifted down to the cock shaped dildo he was still holding in his hand. "Good choice this is a good seller. Most girls are a little scared because it is so big, but they love it once they try it" Dan said

"Do you own any toys now, if you don't mind me asking?" Dan said. "Well I do have a vibrator, it is just the simple straight shaft kind" Cindy said. Dan shook his head saying "oh girl you need to upgrade to a Rabbit. Those old school vibrators are out of date." He reached up on the shelf and pulled down a box that had a cute pink bunny on it. But what he pulled out of the box made my eyes go wide. Thick pink rubber cock with a little rabbit curling out about 3 inches at the bottom. Seeing my surprise Dan explained "See the little rabbit stimulates your clit while the cock is still inside you so you get to have the best of both worlds."

Cindy reached out and touched the shaft of the vibrator asking "so what do all those buttons do?" smiling and looking into Dan's eyes. What was she doing? Cindy wondered, was she really coming onto this guy, her pussy was telling her yes by the moist feeling she felt between her legs.

"I can get some batteries and show you" Dan blurted, "I mean you can just see how it works better with batteries" and he headed off to the front counter where the batteries were kept. "Does this chick want me to fuck her right here in the store?" Dan thought to himself, because I would be more than will to do it he smiled to himself.

"I was also wondering about a butt plug" Cindy said to Dan's back as he walked to the front, " it was something they were using in the video we watched" Cindy said quickly not wanting him to get the wrong idea or did she. Did she want him to fuck her, no she was just flirting with him that was all, she told herself.

Dan stop walking to the front, turning around he said, " uh the butt plugs are just a little further down that same isle" damn could he be lucky enough to score with this girl he thought and she likes anal too good to be true.

Cindy wandered down the isle until she saw what she was looking for. The plugs were lined up on the shelf, she picked up one of the smaller ones. It started out with a small point getting larger as you went towards the base and it was a pretty sapphire blue color. She hadn't done much anal play, but Tim always wanted to give it to her up the ass. She did like it, but she enjoyed his cock in her pussy much more.

"That is a good one" Dan said from behind her. "Have you used one before?" he asked. "No just seen them used in movies" Cindy said. "What kind of lube do you suggest to go with it?" Cindy asked. "I enjoy the flavored kind. that is what my girlfriend and I use" Dan said

"She's a lucky girl" Cindy said smiling. I mean because you know so much about these things.

"Well I do work with this kind of stuff everyday, but I also really enjoy sex so it doesn't even seem like work" Dan said. "Here this is a good lube" Dan was holding out a small tube. "how does it taste" Cindy asked. "Well here give it a try, put out your finger" said Dan.

So Cindy held out one finger watching as Dan squeezed just a little bead of the lube on her finger. "Go ahead, taste it" Dan urged. Looking into Dan's eyes Cindy slid her finger into her mouth, just the tip at first, but then slid the entire finger in. "Mmm that does taste good" Cindy said.

Dan felt his cock stiffen in his pants watching this beautiful girl sucking on her finger, oh how he wanted to fuck her, but just didn't want to come off like a jerk.

Cindy noticed Dan's cock pressing against his pants so she thought "I'm going to do it, I am going to fuck this guy". So she said, "can i try on some of these bras? I have been thinking about getting one, but wanted to try one on." Sure Dan said.

So Cindy went into the dressing room, she pulled the curtain shut, but not quite all the way she could see Dan's reflection in the mirror and knew if he wanted to he could see her. So she unbuttoned her blouse sliding it off, removing her bra she then put on the bra she had taken into the dressing room. It was one of those peek-a-boo bras with holes cut so your nipples poke through. She glanced up in the mirror and she could see that Dan was look in at her, but turned his back when she saw him. Then she slid off her skirt and took off her black lace thong. Standing there looking at herself in the mirror, nipples hard and erect coming through the bra, black lace garter belt holding up sheer black stockings and black high heels.

"Can I get your opinion on something?" Cindy asked as she opened the curtain. "Do you think this would turn my boyfriend on"

Dan turned around to see her standing there, hard dark nipples coming through the bra and the garter and stockings, but what really drew his eyes was her completely hairless pussy. "I would say that would do the trick" Dan said. Now Cindy could really see that his cock was hard.

'So you were going to show me how that works?" Cindy said pointing at the Rabbit vibrator Dan was still holding in his hand. "Oh yes, sorry. Well these two buttons control the speed of the shaft rotation and" Excuse me Cindy said, but i would like for you to show me how it works. Looking up Dan saw she had sat down on the small couch just outside the dressing room, with one foot up on the couch her legs spread wide and her pussy looking so inviting.

"um okay" Dan said walking towards her on the couch. "That is if you want to, did I miss read what was going on here" Cindy asked cautiously. "No, no I would love to show you how it works" Dan said kneeling down between her legs. He ran his fingers along her pussy, feeling her wetness that had already leaked out. "My, my you are already wet that's good' as he spread her pussy and slid the shaft of the Rabbit inside. This button start the shaft rotating and this one turns it on high. Cindy let out a low moan as he started sliding the cock of the toy inside her. "Then this button turns on the clit stimulation" Dan said as he pressed the toy deep inside her and against her clit.

"Mmm that feels good" Cindy said. "Go faster, deeper" Dan followed her instruction working it in and out of her pussy, but what he really wanted was to taste her. He could see her juices glistening on the toy and wanted to taste her. He turned the toy to the side turning off the clit stimulator, but continued to move the cock inside her. "Oh, don't stop please" Cindy begged. "just wait" Dan said as he leaned his mouth over her pussy running his tongue against her clit. "Isn't that better than a little rubber rabbit" Dan asked.

"Oh, yes" gasped Cindy "lick my pussy please"

So Dan did, he continued to fuck her pussy with the toy and worked her clit with is tongue. Then he saw the anal plug out of the corner of his eye and asked "So would you like to try that out" Only able to nod yes because what he was doing to her pussy was taking her breath away, so Dan reached for the plug. "Here keep working your pussy while I get some lube on this" Dan said as he put Cindy's hand around the rabbit. Cindy continued to slide the toy in her pussy while she watched Dan lube up the plug, then he looked her in the eyes and asked "are you ready for this",

"yes please stick it in my ass, then i want your tongue back on my clit. Hurry because I am feeling very close to cumming" Cindy said panting out the words. Dan pushed her knees up towards her chest better exposing her pink little hole. He gently started to slid the plug inside, her tight ass sucking in each inch as it slowly slid in. "Fuck yes" Cindy screamed as the plug disappeared up her ass. Then Dan went back to work on her clit, licking and sucking while fucking her with the toy. "Oh that feels so good, I think I going to cum" Cindy said. "Do it baby, I want you to cum" Dan said. Dan pulled the toy out of her pussy and stuck two fingers up her pussy. He wanted to be able to feel her pussy contract while she came that really turned him on. Cindy's hips bucked as she started to cum, "oh fuck she said as Dan stuck his hand deep inside her feeling her pussy gripping at it as she came.

When her orgasm was over, Cindy looked at Dan and said "Well you made me cum I guess it is my turn to return the favor. So stand up". Smiling Dan stood up, Cindy reached for his belt buckle, but Dan had beaten her to it and was already pulling his rock hard cock out. "oh my, you are so hard. Did I do that to you?" she cooed.

Ever since I saw you get out of your car I have been thinking of all the ways I would like to fuck you" Dan said "but first i want you to suck my cock"

"I would love too" Cindy said as she took his cock in her mouth. Wrapping her mouth around the head, sucking and wrapping her tongue just around the end. Then she slid her mouth all the way down the shaft, Dan couldn't believe she took it all in. She slowly slid her mouth up and down his shaft, gripping his shaft with her hand stroking with each mouth full.

"Yeah, baby that's it suck my cock" Dan said as he shoved his cock into her waiting mouth. "Damn baby you have me so hot I really need to fuck you before I explode"

Cindy took his cock from her mouth and turned around, kneeling on the couch with her hands resting on the back she said "What are you waiting for". Dan didn't need any encouraging he came up behind her and slide his cock into her wet pussy, hard and deep it made Cindy gasp just a little.

"Come on baby, fuck me hard" Cindy panted as Dan started slamming his hips into her. Then he noticed she still had the anal plug in, so he started playing with it as he pushed his cock into her pussy. He would slid it out just a little, then back in as he thrust his cock into her. "Oh that feels good, would you like to fuck me up the ass" Cindy asked with a sly look over her shoulder at Dan.

"Fuck yes I would" Dan said grabbing the bottle of lube and pulling his cock from Cindy's pussy he started to stroke the lube up and down. He pulled out the plug and pressing the head of his cock gently against her ass hole he started to slid in. "Easy" Cindy said but fuck did it feel good she couldn't wait to have his entire cock pumping up her ass.

'Your ass is so tight, it feels so good around my cock" Dan said as the last of his cock disappeared up her ass. Then he started to fuck her watching his cock slid in and out of her ass. Cindy reached down with one of her hands and started to finger her clit.

"Stick the toy back in your pussy" Dan said. "I want us to come together and in this tight ass I don't think I am going to last very long"

So Cindy followed his instruction sliding the toy back in her pussy turning on the vibrator working in with the same rhythme Dan was pumping her ass with his cock. Cindy could feel her orgasm building and by the way Dan was breathing she thought he was pretty close.

"Where do you want me to cum?" Dan asked.

"Cum up my ass, I want to feel you pumping my ass full of your cum" Cindy said is short jagged breaths as she was just of the verge of cumming herself.

Fuck yes baby I going to cum" Dan shouted.

Cindy could feel the hot pulses of cum squirting up her as which only made her cum even harder. As their orgasms subsided they slumped onto the couch.

"Well, Dan" Cindy said "I think I will take all these items. Your such a good salesman"

Well Mame, I do believe in servicing the customer!" Dan said with a smile.


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Rating: 89%, Read 25750 times, Posted Mar 05, 2010

Fiction | Anal, Female, Male, Toys


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