The Island- Chapter 1 by cowboy667

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Fantasy | BDSM, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, Male, Solo, Submission, Teen Female, Young

`My life is pretty simple, I'm in the Marines I did 3 tour in Iraq, when i was done, I decided to stay in the marines just in case the needed me so after my tours i went into the reserves. I have to report every Saturday for training exercises and guard duties and then I'm free for most of the week. I bounce for a local bar, I see all the types that walk in and out the doors from rich yuppies to redneck hicks, the occasional blind date meet up and groups of girls out for "girls night out" or bridal showers. If i'm lucky enough i get break up of fight or two, and at least twice a week i get to drive that girl that got ditched by her friends home, you know typical bouncer things. Yes life is pretty simple for this 27 year old... most of the time.

My sister is the one that likes to make my life complicated. how, you make ask, well where do I begin. My younger sister Megan is the biggest pain in my ass there ever was or will be. She is constantly asking for money to feed her nerd habits,

"the latest set of Magic cards came out Jack and I need them! can you spot me just 20$ ill pay you back as soon as I can." This happens at least three times a month, and I have never seen a cent of that money. I'm constantly driving a half hour out of my way to get her to and from her college classes. Now don't get me wrong that's what older brothers are supposed to do for their younger siblings, but with gas being $4 a gallon it adds up and she has class everyday, and i can't just NOT drive her there, she is the smartest one at the damn place, our parents would have been proud of her. When they passed, I let Megan move in with me till she was finished with college.

she was studying to become a foreign culture examiner, basically she would go to those remote villages in the middle of no where and live among the natives for weeks on end learning their customs and all that dumb shit, and guess who get to help her pack all her things? You guessed it, dear old brother, you probably think i'm a dick for complaining about all this but after 5 years in the military you get used to doing things yourself.

One day things got weird Megan was being extremely helpful doing things for herself and she hadn't asked for ride in week. Wednesdays are my days off from the bar so i got home from my afternoon run and she had dinner ready for me. Pasta and homemade bread sticks my favorite, she was up to something and I wasn't having any of it.

"OK, what's up this is getting ridiculous you are up to something and I want to know what?" I interrogated

"Nothing is up! I can't do nice things for my brother now and then?"

" This is first nice thing you have done for me in about a year, now what are you up too" she looked so innocent standing their. Her shoulder length sandy blonde hair was a mess, as she tried to defend herself she kept pushing her glasses up on her nose and tugging at her turtle neck sweater.

"Just sit down and eat and ill explain everything if you gonna act like a jerk!" she walked over to the table fumbling over her blue jeans that were too long for her and ripped at the end. I followed her to the table and sat down and began to eat. "So as you know, Professor Carol Hynes and I have been on a working with a special benefactor who has been interested in last years Geological Discovery tracking tribes in the southern hemisphere." I stared at her blankly not knowing what in the hell she was talking about she went on to talk about how tribal movements seemed to keep their distance from a certain island that had yet to been explored my civilized man

" So what does this have to do with you being so nice all of a sudden" I ask

"Well, we want to know why the tribes are keep their distance from this island and we got a grant and permission from the The university to explore the island."

"Oh that's great! so we are celebrating, why didn't you just tell me that?"

"See, its not exactly a celebration yet"

"why is that?" i asked putting another forkful of pasta in my mouth

"Well Professor Hynes won't go to the Island without some sort of protection" I stopped chewing and looked at my sister with a little food dangling out of my mouth. "she said she wants someone with military training to go with us, and i said you would do it, the boat leaves Sunday morning."

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME MEGAN?!?" I shouted and stood up from my chair tipping it over and throwing down my napkin on the table. She sunk into her chair and looked down

"I gave you enough heads up to get someone to work for at the bar" She chirped

"Thats not the fucking point! I can't just drop everything and go half way across the world just to help with your school project" She shot out of her chair

" That didn't stop you from leaving me here by my self when you went to Iraq!"

" That's Different, its part of my Job, I left to serve my country!"

"You would be serving your country coming with us!"

"Its not that simple! Do you know what im gonna have to do to get out of going to drill for at least a week!" she shrugged at my question " A LOT, paperwork, extra days at the barracks, I will have to set up favors all so I can go on a little fucking camping trip!" I picked back up the chair slouched back into it. Megan had her back to me now her hands in her face, I could hear the muffled sobs coming from her. I rolled my eyes and sighed "How long will we be gone" she turned around tears still coming from her eyes

"Two weeks, 2 day boat ride to the island. we will be finished with our research in a week but our grant couldn't pay for another boat to come get us in a shortened amount time so we will be spending some extra time on the Island till the boat passes through again." I let out long breath

" Alright, Ill start packing and ill go into the barracks tomorrow and talk to my CO i might be able to work something out with her." She Squealed, lunged for me wrapping me in a warm in embrace. I hugged her back she gave me a kiss on the cheek she then broke our hug, and ran upstairs to call her professor. I finished eating what was left of my pasta cleared the table and went up to my room. I could hear the muffled voice of Megan on phone talking logistics with Professor Hynes. I walked into my room and closed the door and jumped on to my bed fully clothed to lazy to get undressed,Tomorrow was gonna be a hell of a long day my Commanding Officer was hard ass, She was one of the first woman to see front line combat and it showed.She led my all male squad and didn't take shit from any of us. How was i going to convince her to let me take two weeks off

I awoke at 5 am like I always do, got dressed in my running gear and jogged out of the house, did my normal 5 mile run to the pear and back to the house.The Florida weather was brisk for this time of year. all along the way i was thinking how am i going to get off from guard duty for the next few weeks. after i got all cleaned and made myself presentable i walked down the hall to leave when i hear muffled moan coming from Megan's room. I leaned my head up against the door and I could hear her breathing heavily and she would let out another moan. i got down on my knee to look threw the keyhole on the door, i focused in on what was the faint silhouette of my sister completely nude, fingering her self. I watched for only a moment as my sister slid her two middle fingers in and out of her self. I then stood straight back up and left the house. I jumped in my jeep and sped off. the whole way to the Military base all i could see in my mind was my sister fucking herself with her fingers her smooth tight body writhing in pleasure on her bed. It wasn't an image i really wanted to have in my head, so i turned on the radio and sang off key to whatever new pop song was on the radio.

I pulled into the base showed the guards my ID and drove up to the front office. Straightening my tie and put on my hat and walked inside with authority, if was going to convince her to let me leave I was going to have to be tough and show no weakness or else this was gonna go south really quick. i walked down the hallway to her personal office, she was always the first one here in the morning so there was hardly anyone walking the halls. I walked up to her door and knocked.

"its open" she announced, with out hesitation i came in closed the door behind walked right up to the desk at attention and saluted her. she was looking down at some papers reading and filling things out paying no mind to me so i decided to try and get her attention, her sandy blond hair all pulled up in a bun to to keep out of her face she was in a tan Marines shirt that fit tight to her body showing off her breasts. i tried not to focus on how attractive she was. Thats something you start looking past when your squad leader is a girl. you don't see her as a woman anymore you see her as the person to your right that is gonna protect you no matter what.

"Staff Sergeant, Corporal Jack Harvey ma am requesting permission to speak" she looked up from her paperwork then looked back down to continue

"what is it Harvey?" she said obviously uninterested in what i was about to say

" ma am, I won't beat around the bush with this one, my sister is going on a journey for her Major to a very remote island and i don't feel very safe with her going off with just her and her professor" i was trying to play the protective brother card which could possibly work in my favor "therefore I would like to request the next two weeks of my guard duties off so I can accompany her on this trip" she put down her pen leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms giving me a very menacing look but i just stared right back at her never breaking eye contact.

"You know Harvey it doesn't really work like that you can't just barge in here and start demanding things"

"Yes, Staff Sergeant"

" and yet here you are demanding that i give you a leave of absence so you go on a tropical island vacation?"

"No ma am I just" I stuttered as she stood up her desk and walked around to the front. she had on her camo pants that didn't show off any part of her and combat boots that made a thunking noise every time she stepped.

" you just what Corporal?" she asked sternly, still holding my ground already knowing what her answer was going to be i tried to plead my case

"I just thought since i haven't asked for leave since i came back from the east i thought i might be able to use my leave time i accumulated"

" have you filled out the proper forms?"

"No ma am"

" well then I can hardly see why you should get to go anywhere!" she barked

" Yes ma am i understand ma'am, Ill Just leave then" I turned to face the door and began to leave

"However" she said before i could reach the door i turned around and she was bent over unlacing her boots "i suppose i could maybe arrange something" she pulled off one boot "that is if you would be willing to pull some extra duty around here for awhile" she said in a more calming seductive voice

" Ma am?" I was so confused as to what was going on she was unlacing her other boot taking it off too.

" I have some things around the office that need servicing" she minxed slipping off her socks, she began to walk towards me again and I froze to attention. I knew what was going on now.

"No offence Staff Sergeant but i know what you are suggesting and it highly inappropriate, relationships with in a squad members are against regulations"

"who said anything about a relationship" she said passing by me caressing my shoulder

"Ma am, i would hope we could be adults and discuss this like professionals" i heard the door click behind me, i was locked in now and i knew what i was going to have to do if I was going to go on this trip

"We are a adults corporal and we can sure act like them right now" she seduced as she came up behind me and wrapping one arm around my waist and moving the other down to my dick which was still totally flaccid, don't get me wrong she was turning me on but years of military discipline i was able to control myself...some what. groping me from out side my pants while i was still at attention she stood on her tippy toes and whispered in my ear

" you were always my favorite Harvey" she whispered and kissed my neck gently still standing at attention she took her hand that was on my dick and slipped it into my pants and began stroking it. "Listen carefully corporal because i'm only gonna say this once, you service the things i need done and ill give you your time off, service them well and ill give some extra time off is that understood?" Her Superior officer voice reared its head and it was major turn my dick was fully erect now with her still stroking all 10 inches getting lost in how great it felt i was snapped back with a stern order "is that understood Corporal Harvey?!"

"Yes Staff Sergeant!" I barked out

"Very Good" she whispered back into my ear.

She pulled her hand out of my pants and walked back over to her desk and pulled down her pants revealing her underwear nothing special about them just the walmart plain brand of underwear. she quickly took those off too and turned around and sat up on the desk motioning for me to come closer "Now Corporal, lick my pussy and thats and order"

"Yes Staff Sergeant" I responded and walked over to the desk got down on my knees and spread her legs apart revealing her pussy with a diamond shaped patch of fuzz surrounding it. i smiled and began to tease her clit with my tongue. she tasted fucking amazing. As i buried my face further into you pussy i took my middle and index finger and slowly worked my way into her tight hole. she let a high pitched moan of pleasure as inserted my fingers inside her and slowly moved them in and out of her

" Oh yes Corporal just like that" she moaned "finger my pussy just like that ooohhh keep this up there just may be a promotion in it for you" i continued licking and sucking on her pussy, lapping up the juices off her wet cunt. "Oh my god i'm gonna cum!" she gasped continuing my pace not changing my rhythm I fingered and licked her till her whole body clinched up, she wrapped her legs around my head buried my face farther into her " oh yes corporal harvey just like that ha ha!" she sounded quite pleased with the job i had done. she unwrapped her legs from my and head and I stood up and back as she hopped down from the desk and wrapped her arms around my neck pulling my into her face kissing me "mmm so thats what i taste like off of someone else" still kissing me i reached my hand down to her pussy again and began to rub it, she let little squeaks and gasp still sensitive from her earlier orgasm "Drop your pants Corporal" she ordered

"Yes Staff Sergeant" I obeyed and dropped my both of my pants and underwear at the same time revealing my memeber still hard as diamond. she squatted down to it, spit on it and began jerking it off while playing with her self i wanted to look down at her so bad but i could only catch what was slightly going on out of my lower peripherals still standing at attention. Still jerking my me off she took her other hand and cupped my balls revealing the flesh between my asshole and my balls and with one smooth lick she ran her tongue all the way from my taint to my balls all the way up my shaft where she finally slipped the head into her mouth sucking ever so lightly while her tongue dance around on the tip. little by little suck by suck she would put more of my throbbing cock into her mouth it felt so amazing i was about ready to bust right then and there. I let out light grunt of pleasure, she paused for a moment while still jerking " No No Corporeal you don't get to cum yet, you only cum when i say you can is that understood"

"Yes Staff Sergeant" I obeyed and went back to concentrating on the white walls surrounding me, thinking of anything to try and hold me off as long as i could stand. before she went back to sucking my dick she i noticed she had removed her shirt and fixated her bra so it was underneath her C size tits pushing them up,then back to the sucking and licking and teasing of my member. The pleasure was so intense I almost blacked out for a moment, but if i came too early she may not agree to our terms. She then grabbed my thighs and forced my dick all the way down her throat gagging on it and coming back up for air slowly letting her lips scrap off all the slobber and spit she had created while sucking me off. she then spit the slobber into her hand and stroked it over my cock ever so slightly. she stood up and walked back over to her desk leaning over it she then took her hair out of her bun shaking it all over and the motioned for me to move closer. I pulled up my pants enough to walk over to her and then dropped them again

" Now Corporal Harvey, you are going to fuck me and you are going to fuck me like mean it understood?" she ordered

"Yes Staff Sergeant" I obeyed yet again. moving closer to her taking my cock and sliding it in to her dripping wet cunt till i could slid in no further. when i couldn't fit anymore she let out long and loud moan and flinched because that was the loudest she had been i did not want to get caught fucking my Superior Officer. I then began thrusting slowly i might not ever get this chance again so i was going to enjoy my self. but it was so hard trying to keep myself from bursting, her cunt felt so amazing with every thrust I made pure pleasure was sent all throughout my body.

"Corporal if you are going to fuck me then fuck me don't be a little bitch about it" she barked out. if she wanted to get fucked then by god i was gonna fuck her. braking my attention status i reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back arching her neck and back and began to fuck her faster "OH YES" she shrieked " that more like it, come on baby fuck me, use me, I'm your Superior you must have a lot pent up aggression towards me, use it, fuck me OH YES " I Pulled her hair more to bring her closer to me ramming her faster and harder than i thought possible "Come Jack fuck me, fuck me baby" her calling me by first name really turned me on, I took my free hand that wasn't wrapping up in her hair and grabbed her tit squeezing it and pinching on her nipple "Oh YES just like that baby, keep fucking me" Never slowing i fucked her like some wild beast. then i felt her cunt grip down on my cock, "OHH YESS IM CUUUUMMING" her whole body was shaking so hard i thought she might be having a seizure but she recovered quickly and i kept thrusting. " Ok, corperal are you ready to cum?" she asked

"Yes Staff Sergeant " i managed to make out from my thrusts and breaths

" I cant hear you!"

"YES STAFF SERGEANT" i shouted in my most loud order obeying voice i could.

"Then cum for me Corporal, do it , cum for me baby ooooh yes, you wanna come inside me don't you!" my eyes got wide and locked with hers for the first time during this whole ordeal " Oh dont worrie you big puss, im on the pill, now cum inside me!" that was all i need to hear, finally I could let go and all the pleasure and cum i had been holding back burst out of me "oh yes that it fill me with your warm cum, mmm yes" rope after rope shot into her and after about 10 seconds I had came all i could, i pulled out of her my dick drenched in her pussy juices and my cum. she turned around and got down on her knees a sucked my cock clean. "Very good Corporal, I think you have earned your little vacation. she looked up at and smiled licking her lips.

as she got dressed she was telling me about what i would be missing while i was gone and who she would be getting to cover my shifts. "Boy did I need that, I haven't been laid in almost 2 years" she laughed, I almost let out a slight chuckle but tried not

"You could have fooled me ma am" I said her warm demeanor went back to almost ice cold and we got down to business

"Take a seat real quick corporal i want to know more about this trip" I sat down and began to explain to her what it is my sister does and where we would be going the whole 9 yards kind of deal. "Well that sounds like quite a trip" she looked at me in a very serious manner pondering something. she was back to the way she looked before i came in serious look on her face hair in a bun. "Tell you what Mr. Harvey ill issue you a M12 and 200 rounds of ammo to take with you on this trip

"Ma am?"

" This seems like a place those tribes are avoiding on purpose so i want you take your military gear with you on this and one satellite radio so you can call for help if need be, you are the best man in my squad, you have proven that more than once and i can't afford to lose you on this little expedition"

" and how are you going to get me all this weapons are not allowed off base"

" Sergeant Major Rolland owes me a favor i sign the necessary paperwork and you get to leave on this expedition with full gear and you get paid. sort of a military escort kind of thing."

"Thank you Ma'am"

"ON one condition" she interrupted

"anything ma'am"

" you have to come into my office once every month and help me with maintenance in here is that understood?"

" Ma am...I"

"If you are so damned worried about being professional i'll transfer you to a different squad"

"No Ma am, that won't be necessary hows the 3rd Wednesday of every month sound?"

"Perfect, now get out of here im a busy woman"

"thank you again Ma am" I got up from my seat and left the base on the drive home i couldn't believe got off as easy as i did. i would rather fuck my S.O. every month than pull extra guard duty. (BZZZ) my phone buzzed in my pocket. i pulled it out and it was a picture message from the Staff Sergeant I opened it and it was a picture of her pants down around her ankles her spreading her pussy lips apart and my cum dripping out of her. I smiled and clicked the save media button, this was definitely sweet deal.

Rating: 91%, Read 25978 times, Posted Jan 22, 2015

Fantasy | BDSM, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, Male, Solo, Submission, Teen Female, Young


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