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it has been many years since i took over the family home after our parents passed away in a tragic car accident, so let me introduce my self my name is Rick and my sister is called Nicky, i'm 21years of age and slim average build and very successful at my work which is in the world of website design, my sister is 18 but acts like she is still 16 and very innocent, she is slim and very firm 24dd, blond hair and blue eyes.

now that the boring stuff is out the way lets get to the story at hand.

one evening i returned home from work very happy and excited after getting the promotion i have been trying very hard to get lets just say triple my yearly wage which has now enabled me to pay off all debts that threatened my sister and i with losing the family how so with those out the way and no longer weighing down on our minds i returned home from work with the great news only to find Nicky laid out on the sofa asleep still in her night wear, gently placing my work bags on the floor next to the sofa continue to wake her up asking Nicky if she had gone to school to day of course its Nicky we are talking about so like the lazy bitch i no her to be she replied

"no Rick i didn't think it was a school day you no what i'm like with keep track of the days"

"what do you expect me to do with you how are you going to take care of your self after graduation if you graduate, good thing i got that promotion" i continued to say

with a gleaming look in her eyes she jumped up to hug me and said

" i no longer need to worry about work now cos you can look after me and i can spend all that money"

letting go of her and laughing and think she always expects the best out come as long as it benefits her good thing she has me or who no's where she would be.

"of course you can but within reason cos i have lots of planes for this money for the coming future and for this house, and you never no i might find someone to have a family with so you will hav to get your self sorted at some point"

sitting back down on the sofa with the puppy eyes she likes to think works with me just to get me round to her way of thinking and her arms folded holding under her breasts as if to try and tease me with empty promises.

"go get dinner ready you have not been at school to day so you can get every think sorted around the house that need to be done" with a laughing tone to my voice

sitting on the sofa my self i reach over to my bag and pull out several catalog's some for holiday destinations and some for building extension ideas, now she has noticed the holiday catalog in my hands and comes bouncing over from the other side and take its straight from my grip asking

"where are we going" now flicking through the pages and stopping at the Maldives "screeching say lets go there please just look at that water and the size of the apartments they have on the harbor, with your promotion you can afford to take you little sister there cant you"

again with the puppy eyes and this time hugging up to me pressing her young body that i can only imagine now wishing that our parents had raised us to be nudists then that way at least i could see her body instead of imagining it in my own perverse way.

hours later Nicky has finally done the dinner and cleaned the house. so she comes back and slumps down next to me asking about the holiday.

"well we both need a holiday after all we have been through so i don't see why we cant go"

"really do you mean it Rick, can we go to the Maldives then it looks amazing there and it would be the biggest stress relief ever"

"ok then i guess we can book it for next week then Nicky but on one condition, when we get back you make sure you attend school every day and not claim to of lost track of the days and there is no if or buts"

reluctantly she agreed, so that night we booked the holiday and gt our bags packed in preparation, pulling in a few favors from work just to get the 2weeks off for the holiday to what looks like the most romantic place in the tourism world. days pass with little trouble from Nicky and going to school, slowly the day arrived for our flight that morning i was awoke by my younger sister excitedly jumping on my bed like a kid in a toy shop on there birthday screaming

"wake up big brother we need to get ready to leave, well you do any way i'm dressed for the weather do you like it"

i look up at her with my vision still bouncing from the motion of the bed as it finally settles down and there she is her long blond hair let down and straightened out hanging behind her shoulders, a tight fitting bikini suit with a short jean shirt as if trying to keep some modesty,

"you look like your already there and of course you look great as always"

excitedly she kissed my cheek and jumps from my bed demanding i hurry because she does not want to miss the flight. moments later i'm finaly ready dressed in a tank top and shorts finding Nicky in the car waiting for me.

to be continued upon standards of comments

Rating: 64%, Read 42227 times, Posted Sep 26, 2011

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