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True Story | Cheating, Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female

It was a rainy Saturday evening as I pulled off of I-35W off ramp, beneath the Adult Video sign. San Antonio, Texas is a hot bed of great Adult Video places. I was looking for the current Tabatha Cash video. The woman at the counter was a busty, red head, with that "strut" that tells you she is on the make. She wasn't a "knockout,' by any means, but was attractive and one of the few redheads with a pure complexion with no freckles. Her tight leather skirt revealed an ample ass with no panty lines. As she led me down the aisle, she stopped suddenly and reached provocatively upon the highest

shelf and retrieved the video I was interested in. Her skirt barely hid her pronounced buttocks, and the slight smell of sexual excitement was in the air. seemingly, we were the only ones in the store at that time. "This video is hot, hot, hot," she said as she turned and bumped into me suddenly. Slightly flushed, I could tell her temperature was rising as we headed toward the checkout stand. I could hear the heavy "Swish" of her wetness as she walked toward the counter. "My husband and I previewed it last night and it still makes me horny to think about it. Poor guy, I fucked his brains out last night, and he was leaving for an offshore rig this morning. We never saw the whole thing, just the first thirty minutes and let me tell you I wished I could spend some time with her myself, and I am not usually interested in women." Her large nipples were Protruding through her sheer blouse, as she rang up my total. "Mister, I get off in about an hour, would you like to meet me for a drink?" Nodding yes, she smiled and said , pick me up around back in about 40 minutes."

I had time to get to the liquor store across the road and get something to take back to my room. I had a feeling this was going to be a really good night, so I figured a bottle of Crown should be a real good friendship starter. Just as I turned into the driveway and headed back to driveway, she met me half the way around the building. I stopped and reached across the seat to open the door for her. Hiking her skirt to show me her pussy and ass, she repiled, "I just love the feel of leather on my bare ass." Undaunted, she reached over and shook my hand and introduced herself as Crystal. "I think you and I are going to have a really good time, as she looked into my liquor store bag.

The Motel was looming in front of us as she began showing me her pretty pink, and obviously wet pussy. Her long fingers easily darted in and out of her juicy joy hole as i watched with increased pleasure. My prick was beginning to harden as she showcased her tender pink clit and slightly moaned and shuddered as she pressed against its knobby protrusion. As I parked in front of #133, she reached across and firmly squeezed my growing manhood, knowing that in a few minutes we would be able to enjoy each others embrace and more.

I collected my videos and liquor and proceeded to move to the door. Swishing as she followed me, I could smell the scent of her feminine arousement as she entered my room and went right to the bed, escaping from her clothes along the way. I got the movie started, poured us some drinks, and went over to the bed and sat down. She eagerly spread her legs to show mw the gathering wetness now emerging from her horney hole. Reaching, she grabbed my hand and invited me into her warm, wet sheath. Her eys were locked onto the movie as the starlet, Tabatha Cash was already taking a monstous cock deep up her ass. Crystal winced just a little as my three fingers enjoyed the slippery wetness of her joy juices that were now dampening the sheets beneath us. I have always loved women who were not afraid to truly enjoy their passions, and truly, Crystal was one.

Slightly readjusting herself, she slid down and began to kiss my cock which was now on the rise. As Miss Cash took a second cock in her pussy, Crystal began to slowly suck the life out of my cum filled rod. The sensual effect of watching Miss Cash take her double pole fucking, the wetness of Crystal's steamy pussy, and the exhilerating grip of Crystals lips upon my pole was building up to a great climax. Almost on cue, the double pole fucking of Miss Cash, and the pre-fucking foreplay brought forth the frothy mix of our cum. My spurting stream was oozing out from around Crystal's tight liplock , as well as her own cum, she was now spurting on my hands, rolling down her ass cheeks, matching in volumes the two loads that Miss Cash had just received by her double pole fucking.. As the movie changed sets, we silently held onto each other, struggling for our breath, before finally finishing our orgasms.

Minutes later we were still tightly in each others arms as Miss Cash was measuring another lucky guy to guide through another sex act as we released each other long enough to get a drink of our Crow Royal. Crystal was smiling at me when when returned to our positions on the bed. Our breathing was almost back to normal as Miss Cash took her second primed cock deep in her pussy. The elasticity of her pussy showing great strtching ability as the enormous cock invaded her plush pussy and running its length up until the massive balls rested on her ass cheeks. I have seen most all of Miss Cash's movies, but you could get the feeling she was truly in a little pain from her enormous cock that was now impaled to the hilt. Her face was grimacing and her eyes were closed as the monstoous cock began to slowly move in and out of her tortured twat. Crystal was again sucking my cock back to life as we watched the rhythmic fucking that Miss Cash was enduring by her penile plunderer.With my cock back to attention, Crystal easily mounted its rigidness. With her back to me, I began to reach around and squeeve her nipples. Oh, how she loved her nipples squeezed.. I was not as well endowed as the man that was plundreing Miss Cash's pussy, but Crystal was already peaking to her second orgasm as I continued squeezing her nipples with the same intensity she was riding my hardness. The gentle farting sound from her pussy told me had cum again as she lurched forward slightly, caught her breath, then shuddered all over as she released her second wave of juices from around our union. All the while, Miss Cash was now getting more and mnore comfortable with the large tool she had buried in her. With each stroke into her pussy, you could see slight traces of pussy cum that was now enabling the intrusion to become easier and easier. Unlike most porn flicks that seem like endless pumpings into less than wet surroundings, you could actually see her cum build up and eventually seeping from around the massive missle that was still pumping deep inside her twat.

Crystal was now off of my hardened cock, momentarily, changing positions again. Now facing me, she reinserted my pleasure pole into her slippery snatch. I pulled her down on top and began to suck on her nipples, which started her into an almost uncontrollable series of writhings and tremblings.. My dick was aching to release its pent up fluids, just as the penile invader of Miss Cash withdrew his hose from deep inside and hosed her stomach down with his steamy load. Moaning, Crystal stiffened up and froze in erotic time as our juices met within her fuck cavern.

The sensual and carnal completion of our encounter left both of us breathless for a spell. My softened cock slipped out of the warmness of her wet womb, followed by the slight farting of our juices that slowly seeped from her pussy and trekked silently to depositthemselves on my pubic hairs. She sighed deeply and gave my shrunken balls a delicate squeeze that sent a slight spurt of residual cum up into the air before landing jus above her clit. She giggled , then with a slight movement of her finger, swabbed the cum off of her nether region with her finger and stuck it into her mouth. "I do so love the taste of warm, fresh cum, " she murmured, as she shrugged off another wave of euphoric and orgasmic shudder. Her pussy released the rest of our juices in a quick spurt. Her cream pied pussy gently farted one more time as I handed her a couple of kleenexes to wipe herself with.. Our attention was statrtled by the shrill scream of Miss Cash. The video had changed tracks and Tabitha Cash was now riding 2 poles. One in her ass and the other in her stretched pussy.. You could see her sexual excitement grow as her cum exploded from around her pussy invader. Her quivering lips told the end story of this union as her ecstatic moans let us know her ass was being filled with a frothy load of hot cum that was now escaping from around her asshole's plunging plunderer. I looked over to Crystal and could see she was already aroused by hte sight before our eyes. Her nimble fingers deftly found her clit and began to massage it. I slowly recovered from by enchantment of Miss Cash and began to finger her asshole with one, then 2 fingers. She eased down and began to slowly bring my cock back to life with her expert head job. Just as I got to full attention, Crystal placed her asshole against the tip of my cock and began to ease herself onto it. "OH, PLEASE, CUM IN MY ASS JUST LIKE THAT!!!" she exclaimed. We both looked up to see Miss Cash's asshole emptying itself of the hot load that had previously been injected into her anal well. With her hands, palms down on my chest, Crystal began to pump easily upon my prodding prong, while steadily playing with her own clit. I've never quite experienced the great feeling that was building up in my balls. This had become the very best ass fuck I had ever experienced. I can't say why, but everything just was going so good as my scrotal explosion sent waves of sensual excitement over both of us. Crystal collapsed onto my chest as tremors of delight rocked us both for seemingly endless minutes. It was the best climax I have ever had. I still get hard as I write about it, and often times when I think about our illicit union

I go through San Antonio evry once and a while. Crystal is no longer working at the XXX Book and Movie store. She is woking as a bookkeeper for a semi-retired lawyer. We still meet and have casual sex and it is still good, but never will compare to that one night when we shared our room with Tabitha Cash.

Rating: 69%, Read 20139 times, Posted Oct 13, 2006

True Story | Cheating, Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female


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