My Daughter Mu Lover Chapter two by radioz66

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a year ago it all set up and everything was ready for Jennifer's eighteen Birthday party before that horrible rainy night.

what a woman she turned out to be just liker her mom.

Chapter Two

Jennifer's Birthday party

I came home from work and jennifer was all cheery

I was happy to see her happy I loved it when she smiles at me.

Hello daddy how was work great My my what a pretty lady you are honey . Thanks daddy do you know what month this is Yes baby girl it will be your nineteenth birthday yes daddy she kissed me on the cheek.

I know it is a sad day also sweetie I know daddy you must not blame your self. I have to try to go on too daddy it is what mommy would want us to do. well I know it is April now we had a long harsh winter. Jennifer Ann your old enough to know now please sit down we need to talk.

About what daddy Boys and sex My jaw dropped daddy close your mouth your going to catch fly's she laughs. I read books on that in school don't worry I am still a virgin yes I masturbate but only when your at work I am loud she says.

OK so now what daddy well I was going to talk about your birthday party. Sience you brough that up are you still a virgin honey remember what daddy said about saving yourself for the right man.

Please do not be afraid to do anything even if I am home honey daddy loves you we are both adults now Yes dad I know we are.

Thanks daddy I love you too so dad

what are we going to do for my big day in two weeks she asked.

well honey it is just you and I now mom is gone to heaven don't worry sweetie I will figure out something.

May is coming up and we have this three bedroom house sweetie . I know why don't you invite jill and jane and maybe some of your other friends.

Dad I think they have boyfriends and I do not I was not the most popular girl in school remember .

I know honey well just see if you can call them maybe they will come i can ask.

Hello is Jill hi jennifer Hi jill daddy s planning a b-day party will you come sure I will. Just let me know OK I will Thank you.

dad they will come we have to let them know when and where

OK thanks jen we still have a few weeks to plan.

Jenifer daddy s thinking of getting out the station wagon and going to the drive in just like mom and I did. When you were a little girl would you like to go sure daddy s when Friday night OK sure is.

It was a long work week Friday finally arrived I could not wait to get to the drive-in. I came home I wanted to shower I went into the house walked up stairs . I heard noises I walked down the hall the bathroom was next to jen room my wifes and I was next to jen and we had a spare bedroom for guests .

I got home that Friday early Becky's dad told me go home at 3 and have a good weekend enjoy the drive-in . we had wall to wall carpet plush and making walking really easy on the feet and sound proofed walls because when jen mom and I made love you could hear us outside.

I cam up upon Jennifer's room I saw her door ajar a bit

I heard moans I got worried so I peeked in. There she was all butt naked on her bed ages in the air rubbing her clit .

I think she was reaching orgasm because I saw her but lifting off the bed and her legs started shaking . Just then she started saying Oh daddy lick me oh my god finger my pussy suck my clit oohs god it feels good aah im cumming daddy im cuming.

then she stoped curled up in a ball and fell asleep never saw me peeking in not one bit. I waited a bit then i went to the bathroom to shower. she must have had to pee because she came right in as I was in the shower it did not bother her i was naked in the shower.

Hi daddy Hi honey I got home early so we could go to the drive in and get a good spot. Great dad good idea all we have to do is get gas and were ready . it is only 4 now we do not have to go till six pm. daddy can I shower with you sure why not your mom always did this was built for two people.

shall I soap you up sure honey whats that smell it smells wonderful daddy I was playing with my self again. Oh I see was you thinking of a boy again yes daddy any one special no daddy not really. All along I knew it was me she must have caught me masturbate several times before ever Sience Becky passed it gets lonely in my bed.

well here lets get you all soaped up here now I took the face cloth rubbed soap all over it . I started to wash jen back then I went further down she must have liked it because she opened her legs. I sliped the face cloth between her legs I was wondering what it would feel like if i inserted a finger or just rubbed her clit from behind.

O daddy what are you doing I am washing your bottom as just like I always did but your older now and a woman. well it feels awesome turn around I will wash your front I started at the top washing her breasts. my you look so much like your mom

Thank you daddy did you take mommy s cherry too yes i did baby girl. Working my way down to her abdomen and closer to her love nest.

O daddy that feels really good keep washing me there

O i am getting so excited o really now. daddy can I ask you something yes honey how did you kiss mommy . well your my daughter I am not so sure if i could do this honey oh Please daddy common daddy please.

How could I resist I know it was wrong I know shes my daughter she will be 19 in a few weeks but Hell she look so much like her mom because what happed next even surprised jennifer.

I showed her and well she kissed me back I could of sworn it was her mom. we passionately kissed I totally forgot it was my daughter jen. I started for her clit and started rubbing it as we kissed her eyes widened of corse she was stunned. I slide a finger in her vagina as my thumb worked her clit

she had to open her legs wider because she was about to orgasm .

I fingered her as deeply as I could and I used my thumb to rub in circular motions we stoped kissing as she was cumming she was saying agin O daddy im cumming o ahh yes o feels good o daddy. I opened my eyes I said jennifer where's your mother what are you doing in her with me your naughty young lady.

But daddy don't you remember mommy passed away last year you told me I could join you in here . I forgot baby girl daddy s sorry I frowned I must have forgotten jennifer ann you look and feel so much like mommy when she was your age. Hey it is OK daddy and she passionately kissed me again.

daddy I have something to tell you I was masturbating thinking of you before you got home. Oh were you now yes daddy I was I was so horny. I was watching a movie remember the one where the guy takes the girl to the drive -in yes I remember well I was so excited abut going this eve i watched it.

well we ate supper and headed off to the drive-in and we waited in line. everyone of the teenagers and their dates was there because it was date night. We must have parked in a good spot because we had couples on either side of us. These we did not know maybe out of town good thing in case jennifer wanted her pussy played with .

well about half way though the movie hell jennifer started rubbing my cock through my pants. I said what the she pointed to her right she could see the couple shadow the car windows were fogged up and slight moans were coming out. The window was open a bit and well jen saw legs up in the air in the back seat.

I looked to my left and the same but this couple was in the front on the passengers side. The seat was all the way to the folded back position. It looked like the girl was laying down on her back and her legs were spreed a s wide as they would go.

I could her her say Com on johnny stick it in there fuck me .oh god yes it feels good go deep johnny yes feels good baby.

I looked at jen my daughter she had her dress up her panties off and her legs spreed wide.

She was rubbing her clit and fingering her hot pussy I could almost hear her pussy juices flowing as she pushed her fingers in and out. Jennifer darling here let daddy help you. I did not want to disturb our neighbors and their fun so I crawled in back and folded the seats down to make like a bed in the back just like her mom and I used to do.

come here baby girl daddy I am almost nineteen soon yes but not yet your still eighteen. I love You and you will always be my baby girl aw that's nice daddy. OK open your legs wide daddy's going to do something real special for you. what are you going to do I am going to lick that sweet virgin pussy. Ooh daddy are you going to fuck me too.

maybe but not here at the drive-in it has to be special OK make me cum daddy please don't worry I will.

Chapter Three

Jennifer's Birthday Party

Rating: 64%, Read 9548 times, Posted Aug 14, 2013

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