Valentines outdoor antics_(1) by Icysnake79

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True Story | Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female, Hardcore, Male, Masturbation, Voyeurism

This is a true story that happened to me & my lady on 14th of Feb 2017. Please go easy this is the first story I have ever written.

I had bought some suction cup toys online along with a black self bra with red roses stitched in it & matching pantie set for my girlfriend & as I work away i had them in the car when I got back from site to show her. She was wearing a tank-top & a skirt with a bikini on underneath in case we decided to go swimming instead. For Valentines day we decided to go to the only drive in movies in the state, we went to see the new triple x 3 movie in my BMW coupe. Part way through I got her to take off her bikini top & try the shelf bra (basically a cup-less bra with a little more fabric for the red rose pattern the rest of the bra was black) to do this she dropped her tank-top & took the the bikini top off effectively flashing her boobs to the nearest cars. She put the new bra on with the desired effect of her DD cup tits sticking up & out, a great look I can tell you & one I couldn't resist (I hadn't seen her in a month) so I sucked on her beautiful bullet nipple & started rubbing her through her bikini bottoms getting her all excited & wet. It was about here I decided to pull out the suction cup kit & put the two small ones on to her nipples this of course had the desired reaction so I had her strip off her bottoms leaving her in just her tank-top & shelf bra with her tits out for anyone to see & a skirt that was now pulled up above her tasty wet pussy, that I started to play with getting her wetter by the second. Having had a good reaction to the nipple suction I brought out the larger cup (you can set each one separately with only one hose) & placed it on her pussy, now doing this is something nether of us had tried in private not to mention that this was a public setting with a car on our right less than 2 metres away & people walking past to the toilets.

It turned her on no end she loved it & so did I. I took out her phone & used the screen to highlight what this was doing to her pussy & nipples making her so wet that it actually broke the seal on the cup. I didn't bother to reapply the cup but proceeded to play with her engorged clit making her go off like a rocket so much the windows fogged up. So I wound the window down to cool the car down with her moaning quietly, at this point a guy from one of the other cars in front of us walks by on our left where there are no cars she still has her tits out with suction cups on her nipples & my fingers on her clit & her feet on the dash spread apart (hot right) & now I had my rock hard cock out with her hand around it softly stroking it. I don't know if he saw us but it would have been hard not to. I kept going playing with her still engorged clit getting her closer & closer to orgasm as she hits the start of her orgasm he starts to return from the toilets again on our left & she starts to moan very softly which is a difficult thing for her as she is a screamer normally, i start to tell her shh quietly love quietly as the window is still down & she is in the throws of a full blown clitoral orgasm (something she tells me that no guy or girl has ever done to her not for lack of trying) arching her back which thrusts her suction cupped breasts in to plan sight with the stranger still walking past & her hand on my cock. She came so hard that she knocked one of the cups of her nipples without even feeling it. She had to sit there for a while to get her breath back still with her legs spread & tits out for the world to see.

The movie is mostly over by this point it was just as there was a big fight scene on a plane & Zander Cage has to fight a guy with metal fists or some thing, I was still more interested in this sexy nearly naked goddess next to me.

When the movie ended we decided to go find some place to fuck as I still hadn't cum & she wanted me in her so we set off up the coast looking for a secluded section it was some 40k's later that we stumbled across this access track to some sand dunes that was mostly compressed limestone & good enough for a two wheel drive car so we pulled in & reversed back so we where below the level of the dunes but still near the road & started to make out & get things going again. She was on her hands & knees I was still in the drivers seat so she decided to go down on me, something she loves to do, I was getting a right old polishing with the occasional bite thrown in for good luck (damn I love it when she does that). I was hard as hell & she wanted me in her so she crawled over me & impaled herself on me with that sweet little pink pussy of hers but the car is not the most accommodating for a 6'10" man to get fucked on the front seat by a 5'6"woman so we moved it outside where I stripped off & told her to get on the boot so I could take her from behind, but this didn't work what with the height difference so I made her get down on all fours on the luckily soft bit of ground next to the car & took her dogie style right there in the open. She was as wet as the ocean & I was as hard as the R&I tower, we started to go for it HARD. Me pushing into her tight wet heavenly pink pussy over & over again I grabbed her hair with my right hand & held her hip with my left as I continued to pump & thrust into her. Now I would like to say we where at it for hours with her having multiple orgasms but truth be told we where only at it for about 35 minute's before I couldn't take it anymore & emptied my balls into her pussy, I can usually keep going for ten more minutes after coming but this time I had only an extra five left in me (I had been gone a month with out her remember).

I stayed in her as long as I possibly could softening inside her until I fell out releasing the cum that I had bathed her cervix in giving her a wonderful cream pie. we just happened to have some towels with up so she could clean up & have a smoke while we stood around feeling the cool breeze blowing on our naked skin.

So we decided to head back to her house & as she still lives with her mother I didn't want to end this marvellous night & nether did she so we went to the duck pond in the valley so she could show me her favourite spot to come & watch the ducks (even at 1:30am there are still ducks around) we wandered across to this secluded gazebo & looked out over the medium sized pond with the houses in plane view across the almost still water. I started to get horny again so I had her pull down her underwear that she had put back on & ride me on the gazebo bench reverse cowgirl style for a while with her bouncing up & down on me it was nice but not quite right so I pulled down my pants & she suggested that I lay down bear arsed on the aluminium bench which I did & she got on top & rode me like a mad woman I kept hitting her cervix (I love doing that but I never last long when I do the sensations are just too much) bottoming out in her it wasn't long before she had us both close to coming again I was first swelling up inside her then blowing my load all over her womb & pussy walls causing her to go over herself we stayed like that for as long as we could, but this time we had no towels so he pulled up her underwear & savoured the second hot cream pie I had given her this night. I mean while just pulled up my shorts & covered my pussy soaked softening rod that was now covered in the combined efforts of our fucking.

I still say that this was the BEST Valentines day I have ever had & so does she i hope to beat it for her birthday that is coming up soon.

Rating: 75%, Read 5960 times, Posted Feb 21, 2017

True Story | Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female, Hardcore, Male, Masturbation, Voyeurism


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