Minx's Surprise by kitten101

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Fantasm | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Domination, Male, Romance

In a sleepy daze I felt hands rocking me slowly; it cannot be morning already I thought to myself. The thought that its Saturday warmed my senses momentarily until I realised I was been woken up on a Saturday morning. The grumpiness set in. Although Sir is my Master, he is not unkind or cruel and certainly does not wake me up before I am ready to be woken. Then I had a startling thought, Sir worked Saturdays, and the question of who was touching me brought me to a state of alert. The rocking had stopped and rubbing had begun, this soothed me and in a false sense of security I moved against the hand gently caressing me. I must have analysed the hand size and stroke and soon the hands moved to my bare breasts, cupping them, squeezing gently and taunting my hardening nipples. My breathing became audible and the lus built up inside me. His fingers trailed down my body to find the warm honey-pot inviting him in. The consistent determined strokes soon had me gyrating on the bed in a steady rhythm and then in a warm whisper that tickled and teased my ear I heard the words that I needed to, “You may cum my pet.” I gushed over his hand not only relieved to hear the familiar husky voice of the man I belonged to but also turned on by his dominant nature.

To his credit he allowed me the minutes I needed to not only ride out the orgasm but savour it as well. Just as he jumped out of the bed I received a playful slap to my exposed butt and he said “Get up, we are going shopping.” The thought of shopping with Sir was as exciting as the thought of having him all to myself for a Saturday. I jumped up and joined him in the shower, he was not surprised by this and I lathered the body I adored with a thick layer of suds, leaving no skin untouched. I rubbed and teased and made a soapy mess of us both. The slippery movement of our bodies against each other turning me on all the while, I clasped two soapy hands around his hard cock and slide them entangled in unison up and down his shaft over and over again, the lather building as did Sir’s orgasm. I squeezed harder with each stroke; the bubbles working their way through my fingers as I did, until Sir gave in and his cum filled my hands. I was careful to wash him off without causing any more interest and we stood under the shower head together, the soap running down us both.

Sir had taken time to obtain a parking baby near the entrance to the mall, a strange thing I thought as Sir usually grabs the first available spot no matter the distance involved. Being a Saturday the mall was packed. I was abjectly aware of the egg that Sir had placed inside my pussy before he had allowed me to finish dressing. Although it could not fall out completely, due to the panties I wore my mind could not venture far from the thought of it. In my mind everyone knew of its presence, they could sense it and this gave a pink glow to my cheeks. Sir led us to a restaurant, and I was grateful for this, I could calm down temporarily out of the way of the masses. We ordered our breakfast and as I was taking a sip of my orange juice I felt the egg burst to life within me. I choked slightly as I came to terms with the vibrations inside me. I looked around frantically, so sure that everyone could hear the loud incessant purring of the instrument of torture pleasuring my pussy. Sir was sipping his coffee acting non-chalant as I calculated the fastest escape route to the car. He simply shook his head, reading my thoughts and I sat in still silence while he enjoyed my obvious torment. Soon he had told me to finish my juice and had requested the check, I refused saying I had had enough, however he would hear nothing of it. “Finish it” he’d said. Each time I’d lifted the glass to my lips he would push the egg to an almost violent setting and I would not be able to sip the juice without fear of spilling the lot. “Finish it” he said again and this time he waited until I had lifted the glass in a slant to allow the liquid to run into my mouth, again the egg surged through this attempt and I did not sip. “Finish it!” he barked and as I determinedly took a gulp he pushed the setting and I was in agony as the urge to moan and to swallow at the same time conflicted. When I was finished, “Good girl” was all he said.

He had turned the vibrations down to a setting that kept me wet and wanting but did not over empower my ability to concentrate on not walking into the millions of people crowding the mall walkways. Again self conscious and convinced that everyone could hear it, he whispered in my ear, “wow I don’t only hear the vibrations but I hear the squishy wetness sound as well.” I went a shade of scarlet, considering begging him to take me home at this point. He walked on and I followed. He walked us right into a lingerie store. This would be one place the store assistants would not be shy and would probably guess my secret immediately. I cringed. He browsed through the racks, picking up random sexy items and asked a young sales girl where the change rooms were. She led us there reminding us that I would need to keep on my underwear and try the new underwear over it. She was headed away and I was breathing a sigh of relief when Sir said, “Excuse me,” I closed my eyes in terror, what now. Sir said to the assistant that she looked so good as she walked away that he would like to see it again. The girl flattered and on a mind trip about being younger and attracting my boyfriend right in front of me turned and wiggled her ass as she walked away for him.

I swear it was no more than a few minutes, and in popped the assistant’s head. Sir welcomed this, making my jealousy build. He explained that he would love to see her dress me. I suddenly remembered how wet I was, the smell and the wet mark that she would undoubtedly see. I blushed a deep crimson and wished that this would be the end of it, but this girl seemed to have a sadistic streak. She disappeared for a few moments and came back with items that I had certainly not seen in the lingerie shop. These were slutty items that covered more than just me, and exposed areas that I definitely wanted covered at this stage. The assistant leaned closer to me and spoke loud enough to make sure that anyone in the surrounding change rooms would hear, “I smell a dirty cunt.” Sir smiled at my embarrassment. I let my head hang, too ashamed to look either her or Sir in the eye. Sir took a pair of nipple caps with teeth on the inside and roughly applied them to me; the sadistic assistant had dressed me in a strappy g string that was at least 2 sizes too small making me cringe at the uncomfortably tight feeling along my slit and between my butt cheeks. The front was crotch-less and I would now undoubtedly wet my pants too. As a final act of cruelty Sir allowed the devil herself to spank my ass until I gave in and begged her to stop and further beg her to rub herself all over my Master. Sir gave her one orgasm while I was told to lie open legged and masturbate myself in front of her while I had a coat-hanger arm shoved deeply into my ass. A second before I was about to orgasm she jumped up and opened the door to the changing room, leaving it wide open, she was gone.

When we left the store I was dying to run back to the car and touch myself, that damn bitch I thought. Sir could sense the level of my need. He quickly changed the direction in which we were headed and steered me to the movies. I just knew I would not make it another 2 hours. For the first time I protested. The evil of the assistant must have rubbed off and Sir’s eyes turned wicked. I can thank my lucky stars that the movies were relatively empty. Sir sat us in the back corner and told me to strip. I did so, only slightly reluctantly in the dark. Sir had me drape my legs over the arms of the chairs next to me. The wetness now exposed and cool. Sir sucked a block of ice from his soda and pushed it into my pussy along with the egg. My juices oozed out around it as it slid into me, it took me a few seconds to realise that the block was freezing me and I could not tell if I was freezing or burning. I jumped and squirmed on the chair but Sir was having none of it. I was given a swift slap to my pussy that landed on my clit. I orgasmed on the spot, cold melted ice water flowing from the hole in my crotch-less string set.

Sir was hard by this time, and after I had enjoyed the rush of my orgasm I sunk to the floor between Sir’s knees. I eagerly sucked, so relieved by finally cumming that I made a meal of Sir’s swollen cock. A couple had got up and left and I felt guilty about this, and another couple were getting kinky on our lead in the seats below us. Sir was not letting me have any control and I was told in a firm voice, “Fuck the arm of the seat.” I wanted to blurt out my safeword, but I had no chance. Sir had got up and impaled my shithole with his cock, I was forced onto the arm further and it bottomed out in my cunt easily. The odd shape was hitting spots that were making me coo. Sir drilled me hard and roughly, asking if I liked being fucked by a plastic piece of furniture. The dirtier the talk, the hotter I got and eventually I was begging for it using language that would have made a sailor blush. Sir grabbed me hard, said the words, “this is going to hurt” and shoved me forward causing the arm to push through my cervix and making me howl in the extreme mixture of blinding pleasure and pain.

Sir left me to sleep in the dark movie while he went into the mall to get new clothes for me. I vaguely remember him dressing me. Stroking my hair gently; I was just coming to when I saw the outfit he had purchased. The clothing was standard excepting one thing; I had a thick leather dog collar tightly snuggled round my neck. I was too worn out to even fight it. As we left the movies and headed for home I felt a leash click onto the collar. I was walked through the staring crowd to the car, content with my Pet status.

Rating: 80%, Read 9396 times, Posted Jun 25, 2011

Fantasm | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Domination, Male, Romance


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