Sex with My cousin and Grandmother by hardpeter

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True Story | Consensual Sex, Incest

SEX with my older Cousin!!

One weekend evening I decided to go out onto my grandparents enclosed back porch. It had been added onto the house at some point. My grandparents had one of the big chest freezers on the back porch. It was located under the bathroom window which would have looked outside before the porch was added on.

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I decided to climb up on the freezer and look into the bathroom window. I looked in and saw my cousin Debbie taking a bath. I had never seen anyone naked before besides myself. I peeked in the window and watched her get out of the tub and dry herself. I wasn't aroused sexually but was just curious at this point.

She was a heavy set girl more on the chubby side rather than what I would consider fat. I watched her dry her huge tits and her naked body. Then I jumped down off the freezer as I did not want to be caught by any one.

I walked back into the house and passed by the bathroom door. The door opened and there stood my cousin Debbie naked. She said to me: "Suck my titties." I was shocked and of course had no clue what was going on. I was like a deer caught in headlights --- frozen. I replied with the first thing that popped into my mind: "Nah, they're too soapy." She quickly said: "They're not soapy. I rinsed them off. Suck them for me." So, being obedient, I sucked one. I can still feel the feeling that swept through my body. It was the first time I felt the "sextricity" as I like to call it. Sucking her nipple as she held her big titty up sent "shock waves" through my body. It ended up resting in my balls and cock. I sucked her tits like there was no tomorrow. Debbie moaned with pleasure. She quickly went back into the bathroom and put her pajamas on.

In the front room of my grandparent's house they had lots of boxes stored there for some reason. When Debbie came out of the bathroom she had me go with her behind some of the boxes. She got on the floor, pulled her bottoms down, and got down on all fours with her ass facing me. She told me to lick her ass. I didn't know what to do. LOL I "knew" I shouldn't be licking an ass. Haha So I wet my finger and used it like a tongue on her tender asshole. She knew it wasn't my tongue of course. She said: "No, lick me." So I did. I remember it sort of "stung" my tongue as I licked her asshole and then slid it inside her. She was moaning as I kept licking and tonguing her ass. Then she reached around and moved my head so that I was licking her pussy. As I licked her pussy she began squirting. OMG I didn't know what to do. She held my head there. She wanted me to keep licking her wet pussy. I complied and kept licking and ended up having her squirt in my mouth. It tasted good to me even at that age. I swallowed it and kept lapping at her squirting pussy. I drank more of her squirting juices. Then she had me stop. She got up, pulled her bottoms up and that was that.

About a month later we were outside playing in the woods. I had forgotten all about that night. It had just finished raining. She pulled her pants down and her top up. There were those big tender titties in front of me and her hairy pussy. We were all alone. She found a smooth stick and had me fuck her pussy with it and suck her big tits again. I could feel my cock harden this time. I played with her pussy like she wanted and sucked her tits good for her. She squirted again. It was a very sexy time although I was still new to this new found sensation I was feeling.

So another couple of weeks went by. We were going to the city (which I won't name). We were all in one of those old big station wagons. Me and three of my cousins were in the very back. On the way back home (which was about an hour long drive) we lay down in the back head to toe. Well my cousin Debbie made sure we were next to each other. After we were down the road a ways, she reached for my hand and pulled it up to her crotch. She had jeans on. She had me rub her pussy beneath her jeans. It wasn't very long and I felt her jeans begin to get wet. She moved her hips a little and her crotch area became soaked. My cock was sooooo stiff feeling her get her pants wet like that. It was very hot and oh so very naughty!! LOL I was now turned on to sex.

That was the last time my cousin Debbie and I played together like that. When I got older I always wanted to have full blown sex with her. She was so very sexual and she loved naughty, dirty sex!! I never knew how to approach her and never really had the chance.

This leads to the rest of the story:

My Grandmother and I have really hot, nasty incest sex!!

So I had my first sexual experience with my sexy chubby cousin. She loved really nasty sex as I described above. So the years went by and then when I was older I began really craving sex!! LOL

I used to spy on my grandmother when she was taking a bath. There was a crack in the door casing of the bathroom which allowed me to peer in and watch her bathe herself. It was so erotic watching my grandmother. She washed her huge tit with care and gentleness. It was very seductive and sensuous the way she washed herself and dried herself. She would stand up in the tub and dry herself off with such care. The way she dried her really hairy meaty pussy made my cock twitch and jump and become very hard. My balls would tighten and become engorged with sperm while I watched her.

I would often stay the weekends with my grandmother. It was really hot once and all I had on was my underwear. I was laying down on the floor and had my legs up on the concrete wall just goofing around. My cock got hard for some reason and I was making it "jump" up and down in my underwear not even thinking about what I was doing. I happened to look around at my grandmother who was laying on the day bed. She smiled at me and nodded at my cock. I was embarrassed and quickly turned away and got my legs down off the wall. LOL

After that, for the next couple of years, I would sometimes get my grandmother's panties and rake them across my cock and balls. They were silk and they made my cock so hard as I "tickled" my cock and balls with her silky panties. I would beat my meat thinking about her and would shoot my cum in her panties and then put them in the dirty clothes for her to find (which I'm sure she did).

A few years passed. My grandmother lived in a small trailer next to our house. I would go over to visit and talk. One afternoon I went over. I was feeling pretty horny on this particular afternoon too. My grandmother and I were just chit-chatting about this and that. My grandmother had had a mastectomy. She still had one of her breasts. I asked if I could see what it looked like where they had removed her breast. She didn't hesitate, pulled up her shirt and showed me. I then asked: "Can I see everything?" Again, she didn't hesitate. She pulled her blouse off and took her bra off. There she stood exposing herself to me. Her tit was so big and looked sooooo sexy!! She had a large aureole and her nipple was big, ripe and erect!! I couldn't contain myself and walked up to her. (I was only a foot away Haha) I reached out and held her big tit in my cupped hand and bounced it. Her nipple became very erect and her aureole seemed to swell too. I leaned down and took her nipple into my mouth. She moaned. I knew it was a moan of pleasure since she didn't pull away. I sucked her hard into my mouth; taking her entire aureole into my mouth and sucking as if I were sucking milk from her big sexy titty!! She pressed hard into me as I continued sucking her tit. My free hand went to her pussy. I began rubbing her pussy through her shorts and her moaning increased. She put her hand on my head as I played with her big engorged titty and sucked it and as I rubbed her pussy through her shorts. She pulled her shorts down. I moved back and she removed her shorts and panties. She stood totally naked in front of me. She smiled at me. I took my shirt off and then my pants and underwear. I stood there with my cock totally hard and standing at attention for her. She looked at my cock and smiled even more. I remembered the time when she had smiled at me and nodded towards my hard cock.

She came over to me and pressed her nakedness against mine. My cock was on her hairy, meaty pussy. I could feel how wet it was. She put her hands on my butt cheeks and pulled me hard into herself. OMG It felt so good and I was dripping pre cum like no other.

She then sat on the edge of her bed and pulled me to her. She took my cock into her mouth. I had never been sucked before. The sexual sensation was out of this world. I watched as she kissed my cock all over, licked the head of all the pre cum, played with my balls, sucked my balls then slurped my cock into her mouth. "Oh Peter" she said as she looked up at me. "I've wanted to do this for a very long time." Then she sucked me back into her mouth. My cock was so sloppy wet as she sucked me like no other. I was on the verge of cumming when she stopped and got up onto the bed. She maneuvered me so that my face was over her pussy indicating she wanted me to lick her and eat her pussy.

I started kissing her musky wet pussy inhaling her sex scent deeply. Oooooo, my grandmother's pussy smelled and tasted so good. I began sucking on her pussy and tonguing deep inside her. My grandmother was moaning now with sexual pleasure. Her hips were undulating beneath me as I assaulted her pussy with my mouth and tongue. It wasn't long and she began squirting profusely. My face was soaked with her nectar and I drank as much as I could from her pussy; lapping and sucking it uncontrollably. My grandmother was having an orgasm for me!!! She put her hands on the back of my head and shoved my face into her soaked pussy and undulated her hips; fucking my mouth and face with her cunt. Her clit was so big and engorged. I sucked it hard and she moaned and orgasmed again and again. My face was soaked with her juices. She tasted so good to me; so sexy. It was so naughty having sex with my own grandmother.

She then pulled me upwards. I knew it was time to slide my cock into my grandmother's sloppy wet pussy. My cock slid right in. OMG the feeling was so unbelievable. I've never felt what I felt with my grandmother. Her pussy tightened around my cock and she orgasmed immediately. Then I began to fuck my grandmother. She had her arms wrapped around me. We were kissing very deeply. I played with her big sexy titty and sucked it as I fucked her pussy. Her pussy clenched my cock again and she orgasmed. She said: "Peter, fuck your grandma good. Fuck me please. I want your sperm inside me Peter. Fuck me, Fuck me." Her cunt felt like it was milking my cock. Two thrusts and I began to shoot and spew my sperm inside my grandmother sloppy wet pussy uncontrollably. "Oh grandma" I moaned loudly. "Oh Peter. Fill me with your sperm" she moaned as well.

We lay there like dogs stuck together for a while. Then she moved me off of her and went down on me. She licked and sucked my cock, tasting our mixture of juices. I wanted to do the same. So I got on top with my cock over her face. She sucked me into her mouth and I began to eat her sperm filled pussy. OMG The taste of our cum mixed together was intoxicating!! My cock was throbbingly hard again. She flicked her tongue across my taint and ass, then licked and tongued my ass. (Which reminded me of my cousin wanting me to tongue her ass that I told you about above.) Her tongue slithered into my tight hole and it felt sooooo fucking good and oh so nasty!! She licked and sucked my balls getting them so wet. Then she sucked my dick back into her mouth. She was eating my cock up; sucking and licking and chewing on my swollen cock head (she didn't have her teeth in). All the while I was sucking her clit and cunt; lapping at her pussy to get all our cum out. She squirted again which I totally drank this time. My tongue darted to her ass and I licked and tongued deep inside my grandma's ass hole. She moaned loudly and her hips bucked upwards beneath me as I fingered her cunt while tonguing her ass. She again squirted into my mouth and was sucking my cock like a vacuum cleaner. I couldn't hold back and exploded in her mouth. She kept sucking me and swallowing. She swallowed every drop of my sperm. She actually drained my balls into her mouth. LOL My balls ached from cumming so much!!

We were both spent. We took a short naked nap together. She woke me up and we both got dressed before my dad got home. We kissed and said "I love you" to each other. I squeezed her big tit and rubbed her pussy as I left to go back over to my house.

For the next two years my grandmother and I had several more hot, nasty sex sessions with each other. Once out in the woods while black berry picking. It was so very hot and naughty!! I have never had hotter sex with anyone!! Having incest sex with my grandmother was the greatest sex I've ever had.

Rating: 88%, Read 28076 times, Posted Jun 19, 2019

True Story | Consensual Sex, Incest


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