We had new neighbours two by djohmari

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Fiction | Discipline, Group Sex, Interracial, Reluctance, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity

About a week after my first contact with my new neighbours and after plenty of fucking both of them, Maisy invited me to go with her to watch Rosie at her athletics practise. O.K. it wasn’t a “dream date” but I had to show some support. Maisy also helped out at the track which, I was pleasantly surprised to see, consisted of all female athletes, scantily clad in tight shorts and even tighter vests.

After watching various girls perform their particular sporting prowess’s I made my way to the water-cooler for a drink. Rosie was there with a tall, slim girl. Blue eyed and long blonde hair, tied back into a ponytail, fairly flat chested and legs that seemed to go from the floor to her armpits. She wasn’t what could be described as a “looker”, a bit plain really but she had a pleasant smile as she greeted me. “This is Sophie” Rosie said by way of an introduction, “She’s our under 14’s champion high-jumper” she explained. “With legs like those I’m not surprised” I cheekily replied. Rosie’s jaw dropped in mock surprise at my comment before responding “Yeah, and I bet I know where you like her to wrap her legs!” Sophie blushed and pushed Rosie’s shoulder as if to tell her off. “Oh yeah” Rosie said “Dave here likes jumping, just not the same sort as you” she addressed her friend “He prefers the long jump and he’s not bothered where he lands” she laughingly continued pointing to her pussy with one hand and her ass with the other. Sophie again blushed turned and stormed away from us. “Rosie, you are too much” she said as she sauntered off.

Rosie and I made our way over to the high-jump area where Sophie was standing. We stood well back so as not to distract her. Maisy was coaching, she had on a tight pair of lycra leggings and a vest which made her ample bussom seem even larger. The bar was set high, higher than my head and Sophie made three attempts at jumping it, all resulted in failure. “We’re gonna have to loosen you up if you wanna make that jump” Maisy yelled at her. “You wanna make that jump or not?” she bellowed at the top of her voice. Sophie, head down, replied quietly “Yes mam”. “Can’t hear you” yelled Maisy back at her. “YES MAM” Sophie yelled back. “Then I’m gonna have to give you some extra training, you ready for that?” “YES MAM” Sophie hollered back. “Then you’r gonna have to put your trust in me, girl, you willing to do that?” Maisy asked. “Yes mam, anything, I want to be the best I can be” Sophie replied almost in tears.

Rosie dragged me away from Sophie’s embarrassment. “Come on I need to loosen up before the race”, she said as we walked towards the changing rooms. She stuck her head through the ladies toilet door and seeing it was all clear she dragged me into one of the cubicles. She whipped off her shorts and panties and knelt at my crotch, she pulled my shorts down and proceeded to gobble my cock up, lubricating my shaft and then standing with her back to me, her arse raised as she stood on tip toes, “Come on quickly” she commanded me. A little surprised but grateful I lined my cock up with her anal passage. “No not there!” she said, giving me a dirty backwards glance as she took hold of my cock and guided it into her pussy. I pushed and in I slid, much easier than our first time but never the less still as tight. We rapidly fucked each other. Me banging away at her as I reached around her and took hold of her boobs, Rosie thrusting back at me, put both hands on the sidewall of the cubicle to steady us both. I tweaked her nipples and gave one almighty thrust as I shot my load up inside her, Rosie gave an extra push back which engulfed my cock deep inside her. “Oh yeah, that’s what I needed” she said as she slid away from me, grabbed her shorts and panties and re-dressing. “Come on” she said, beckoning me to pull my shorts up. We snuck out of the cubicle and back to the track.

Rosie was in the 100m sprint. She took her starting position, in the blocks, as I tok mine, next to her mother behind her. “I see you’ve loosened her up” Maisy said as she looked over at her daughter. I looked at Rosie, ass in the air and thighs taught. Was that a trickle of cum sliding down her inner thigh? The gun went off and all eight girls sprinted away. Rosie “wupped” ‘em all by at least a meter. “Go girl” shouted Sophie, who had come to join us. Rosie jogged back to us. “Wow that was amazing” said Sophie, “You really have improved” she said admiring Rosie’s win. “It’s coz I got her to loosen up” interrupted Maisy as the two girls embraced. “Trust me to loosen you up n I’ll get you jumpin higher too” she added. Sophie looked at Maisy, then at Rosie, then at me. “I do trust you” she said as she addressed Maisy. “Well you come around to my house tonight at 8 o’clock tonight n we’ll see what we can do” Maisy replied. Rosie and Sophie made for the showers, Maisy and I met Rosie later and we made our way back home. “See you tonight at 8.30 sharp” instructed Maisy as I got out of the car.

Sure enough at 8.30 sharp I made my way next door, to Rosie’s house. I didn’t bother knocking, I was a regular visitor after all. I made my way to the living room and saw all three ladies, Maisy, Rosie and Sophie, sat “lotus fashion” on the floor. Maisy and Sophie in just their bra and panties, Rosie, as usual, no bra! Sophie immediately crossed one arm across her breasts, hardly necessary as she barely had more than the boobs of a pre pubescent young girl, the other went between her legs, covering her partially exposed pussy, she had a small thong on which didn’t cover much. “Now don’t be shy Sophie” Maisy chastised her, “This boy’s seen much more n you got”. Without waiting for Sophie to move or respond Maisy got up and went behind her, “Now lift your arms up straight in the air, reach as high as you can” she instructed her. Sophie kept her arms covering herself, looking over to Rosie and trying to tell her, with her eyes and head gestures to cover her bare boobs. “You here me girl?” Maisy shouted at Sophie as she reached down over the nervous young girl and grabbed her arms by her wrists. She pulled them straight up in the air so that Sophie was now sitting, still in the “lotus” position with her hands straight and up. Maisy quickly reached behind Sophie’s back and the next thing we knew she had whipped her bra off, exposing those tiny tits. “Don’t you dare move them arms of yours!” commanded Maisy. Sophie kept her position, her pert little boobies with their nub like nipples, which seemed even larger because of her tiny tits, exposed. “And if you think that’s all you gonna show off, you got another think comin” Maisy informed the shy Sophie.

Rosie hadn’t spoken a word nor moved whilst her mom had hit on Sophie. Then she stood up from her position, kept her legs straight and reached down to touch her toes, stretching her own panties to the limit! That cute, round, black ass pointing in my face. Without thinking I stepped forward and slid her panties slowly down her smooth long legs. Rosie didn’t flinch, she just calmly lifted one leg, then the other and stepped out of her panties. Maisy, seeing what her daughter had done, took off her bra and panties too. She gave me a disciplinary mistress stare and said “Well you gonna take ‘em off as well or just stand there?” Sophie’s jaw had already hit the floor, with all this boob and pussy on display and her eyes nearly popped out of her sockets as I dropped my shorts, revealing a nice thick 8 inches of man meat. Maisy stepped towards me and took hold of my cock, she lowered her head and gave my bell-end a long wet lick, prompting my cock to become even harder than it already was. “This, my dear girl is what’s gonna loosen you up,….now do you still trust me?” Sophie, jaw still dropped and eye balls popping just slowly nodded in awe. Without prompting she stood up and removed her own panties and threw them aside.

Maisy went back to Sophie, she stood at the side of her. Maisy’s dark skin, huge breasts and muscular thighs contrasted starkly with Sophie’s pale blonde skinny frame. With one hand she started to fondle Sophie’s “Boney butt”, the other smoothing over her stomach and down between her legs. She forced Sophie to part her legs as she forced her hand between the girls thighs to cup her pussy in her hand.

“Now that piece of meat is gonna stretch you good and give you a good time as well” she whispered in the frightened young girls ear. “But, but I’m only 13” whimpered Sophie. “Well I was fucking like a good un at your age” laughed Maisy “And it made me into a champion” she proudly exclaimed as she surveyed her photos and trophies.

In no time at all Maisy had a finger up inside Sophie’s pussy, sliding ever the more easily with each time she pushed it in. “Now that’s more like it” she whispered as she felt Sophie’s pussy moisten. Sophie’s hips then jumped up and forward, I couldn’t see what had caused this but could only imagine Maisy having penetrated her ass, with one of the fingers of her other hand. Sophie gave out a little yelp as she felt her ass being violated. She was soon rocking backwards and forwards as Maisy finger fucked both her holes. Rosie stepped forward and took one of Sophie’s tiny boobs in her mouth and cupped the other one in her hand, tweaking the nub of a nipple. Sophie’s rocking got faster and she started to pant. “Oh my god,….oh my god!” she shouted as her whole body went into spasm. Maisy and Rosie had to literally hold her up as the young girls’ body gave way as she vigorously orgasmed. Maisy lifted the young girls face to hers and kissed her, full on, on her lips. Rosie raised her face to Sophie’s ear and whispered “I told you, you were gonna like my momma training you” Sophie attempted to speak, she muffled something but couldn’t make any sense as she was now almost eating Maisy as the two females kissed passionately.

“Time to stretch that pussy o yours” Maisy said as she broke the kiss. “Lie on the floor” she instructed me. I got down and laid flat on my back. Sophie was ushered over me, by mother and daughter, her legs either side of my hips. “Now squat down slowly” Maisy instructed as both she and Rosie took Sophie by her elbows and lowered her down towards my, throbbing and waiting cock. Rosie leant over, took hold of my cock shaft, spat on the end of my cock and started to wipe it between Sophies pussy lips. Maisy then put her other hand on Sophie’s bony hip nd pushed her down, Rosie holding my cock firmly upright as the young girls pussy was being invaded by it’s first cock. Just about an inch went in as Sophie let out a load squeal. “It’s o.k. honey” Maisy re-assured the skinny young thing that was being forced onto my cock. I didn’t feel any obstruction, expecting the resistance of her hymen but as I lifted my head I saw a small trickle of blood seep down my cock shaft. Fortunately Sophie didn’t look down, her eyes were tight shut as she slowly lowered herself onto more cock. With Rosie and Maiy’s assistance she was soon sliding my cock in and out of her, her body had relaxed and she was starting to enjoy it. In no time at all she had herself with her knees beside me and leaning forward she was going at her own steam. I just lay back and enjoyed her tight snatch forcing my cock inside her. I reached up to play with her tiny tits as her long blonde hair wafted my face. It didn’t take long for Sophie to reach her first penetrative orgasm but she didn’t stop, she just kept going, orgasm after orgasm as she yelped and hollered, riding me as if I was a bucking bronco.

I had completely forgotten about the other two until I looked across and saw Rosie, with a strap-on, fucking her mother up the ass. She had a huge smile on her face as she spanked her mother’s frim round ass as she pummelled her good. Sophie saw I was looking across the room and her head turned to see what was going on. “Wow!” she exclaimed as she saw her friend fucking her mom. “Want a go?” Rosie beemed over to the young girl, still full of cock, I still hadn’t cum yet. “Can I?” squeeled Sophie I delight. Rosie pulled out of her mother. Maisy looked around to see Rosie putting the strap-on to her friend. “You’d better fuck me good and hard” demanded Maisy as she glared at the young white girl who was lining up her “cock” with Maisy’s pussy. Sophie took hold of Maisy’s hips and rammed her “cock”, with force, into the willing black woman, kneeling in front of her, who had just forced a cock up inside her viginal pussy. Her lean white frame slamming up against a “comfortable”, cushioned rear. Sophie smiled with glee as she watched herself fuck her coach, with every inch of her “cock” sliding in, her smile got wider. “Want it up the arse you bitch?” she said as she pulled out, lined her “cock” up with Maisy’s brown ring and forced herself forward. Maisy wasn’t unused to having anal sex and just enjoyed the fact that this young girl was having such a good time.

Rosie, without me noticing, having being concentrating on Sophie and Maisy, had straddled me. I felt my cock slip into her wet, tight, pussy and she began to ride me.

I was able to take her boobs, alternatively, in my mouth as she rocked forward and pulled at those delicious nipples of hers with my lips. I had been the submissive one for too long and flung Rosie onto her back. I lifted her legs high and back onto her own body as I fucked her like a crazy man. Rosie grabbed the back of my head, her nails digging into my scalp, clinging on for grim death as I pushed my cock so deep inside her I felt it bottom out. She clenched her ass and pussy muscles and I knew she was about to cum. I felt my balls tighten and we both came together, me filling her with hot sticky cum, stream after stream, I couldn’t stop, as she thrashed around below me.

Exhausted I collapsed next to her and we lay arm in arm as we watched to other to “at it”. It wasn’t the end of what was proving to be an interesting evening but that’s yet to come.

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Rating: 91%, Read 38661 times, Posted Feb 10, 2010

Fiction | Discipline, Group Sex, Interracial, Reluctance, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity


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