Our First Threesome_(1) by 4ufromme

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My wife and i were eating dinner at a good friends house one night when the weather had started to get a little messy. It was January in New York so when i say a little messy what i really mean is lots of snow and very bad roads. While we were eating a young women about 25 walked in to the house and started saying how bad the weather was, she commented that she lived way up on a hill and did not dare to travel home. Our friends decided that she could stay with them so she sat down and joined us. However I could not help but notice how attractive she was in the tight top and even tighter jeans that she had on. She was introduced to us Kim. As we ate dinner everyone started commenting that there was really not enough room for her to stay with them.So i took the intiative and invited her back to our house for the night. It was around 9:30 when we decided to leave and go back to our place.

We started to visit and have a few drinks at or kichen table. When Kim had stated that she was bi and had been with our friends sister. My wife Dana at one point told me she was bi curious and very interested in the woman but had never been open about it with anyone. Dana was curious about this so we got into a very detailed discussion. Before we knew it was 11:00 and we all had to work the next day.

Kim had asked if she could use our shower before bed and of course we said yes. Let me tell you though she had the nicest set of tits(other than my wifes)i had ever seen! She also had an ass that i just wanted to grab a hold of. She finished her shower and then it was my wifes turn. As she took a shower the other woman and i talked about how bad the weather was. A few moments later my wife came out of the shower wearing nothing but a robe. I proceeded to head for the shower leaving the two women to talk to each other. I dont know what they had talked about while i was in the shower but when I was done I walked in to my livingroom to see Kim between my wifes legs licking away. I was shocked because my wife was never open about being bi-curious. My wife turned to me and asked me if I wanted to join. To be honest I could not come up with any other response other then walking in to my bed room and asking them to follow.

As we got into our bedroom Kim started to seductively undress Dana. She started to kiss Dana's Large 38D tits and move slowly down her body sucking and kissing every inch of her body. Dana moaned with pleasure as Kim reached her sweet pussy. Kim licked and kissed hard as Dana moaned and pushed her hips up in to Kims face as she started to reach climax. All while I sat in the corner watching and waiting for it to be my turn to take on both of these hot and horney women. I watched as Dana took control and flipped Kim over on her back. Dana put her lips up to Kim's and started to tounge her mouth as she rubbed her hands all over Kim's body stopping for a minute to caress her supple breasts. Dana slowly made her way down to Kims wet swollen slit. Kim moaned uncontrolably as Dana licked and sucked pussy for the very first time. As I sat in the corner and watched all of this unfold my cock felt like it was going to explode. I waited patiently as my wife enjoyed the very same hot pussy I would soon taste for myself.

As Dana was finishing laping up the sweet hot cum that Kim had generously let seap out of her swollen pussy, I was motioned over to join them. Before I knew it I was being devoured by these two beautiful women. They both had a hold of my rock hard cock and began to lick and suck it together. As they took turns shoving it down their throats I tried to hold back and prevent myself from cumming but the sensation was just too great. With a joyous moan I blew my wad right into Kims mouth as my wife watched. I looked at her and all I saw was a smile. She was thrilled to watch Kim suck every last drop of cum from my cock. At that moment I reached down and started to seperate Dana's soft swollen pink lips with my finger as Kim slowly sat on her face. Dana startled by surprise quickly regained her control and began to suck and nibble Kim's pussy so agressively that it brought Kim to an instant orgasm, she shot cum all over my wifes face. This only made Dana cum even more. I was slowly fucking Dana with my fingers and licking her sweet pussy as she wiggled with excitment. I reached up to rub Kims nice perky tits as she let out a little moan and came all over agian. At this point my cock was so hard it ached with intense pleasure, I still was not sure that this was really happening. I was licking and fucking Dana untill she shot cum practicly across the room, as Kim saw this it must have turned her on even more because she turned to the two of us and said "I really need to fuck, Fuck me now"! She then got on her knees over my wife and started to get Dana's pussy. She agian screamed "Fuck me, fuck me now", I rubbed my hard cock on her wet hard clit a few times as she let out a very exciting moan and guided it insde of her very tight, hot pussy. She screamed and moaned as she came quite quickly, Dana was screaming and cumming right along with her the two enjoying so much pleasure together made it really hard for me to prevent blowing my wad again but I knew I had to stop or it would be over.

I slowed down almost to a stop while Dana ate a little more pussy. Kim was shaking and moaning almost nonstop by now and i knew that just a few more strokes would push her over the edge. I without pacing myself went full force right into her soft wet pussy just two more times and she exploded like a rocket, she then turned around and licked every last drop of cum off my still rock hard cock. Kim turned to Dana and asked if she wanted a taste and she of course did and as they both approached me I knew that it would not be long before I shot agian. As both women were sucking and licking my cock agian I decided that it was my turn to take control of the sex fest and gently laid Dana on her back. Kim then laid on her belly and started to rub Dana's clit as i started to insert my cock, this was such a hot feeling because I had never had help like this before. Dana was screaming "Fuck me, Fuck me, fuck me"! The harder I fucked my cock into her the harder Kim licked and sucked. Dana was cumming so much that I could see a puddle forming beneth us. I had never seen her cum so many times in a row, this made me even harder. The thought that a women made my wife so turned on made me even more turned on. As I fucked harder Dana ramed her hips into my groin over and over, I knew this was it so I ramed her a little more untill I blew my wad right into her tight little pussy. Kim was right there to clean us up and to my suprise as she was licking Dana's pussy I became hard agian, really hard! The girls decided that it was time for a break, and as disapointed as I was I knew that this was a good idea.

The three of us laid on our bed tangled in each others arms, as I thought about what a lucky guy I was. To my surprise our break ended very quickly when Dana decided that she had not had enough sweet pussy. She crawled down to caress and taste Kim's hot juices, as she did this I sat back and watched what I realized now was going to be the start of a really good thing. Dana licked pussy like she had been doing it always, she was so damn good at. She had Kim squirming and cumming. Kim was moaning and screaming uncontrolably by now begging for Dana to stop. Dana just kept on licking and sucking moaning herself inbetween actions. After both girls had came atleast two or three times I got up from my perch on the bed and approached Dana asking "Can I have some of that" she graciously replied " yes you may". I licked and fucked Kims tight little hole with my tounge untill she begged for my massively hard cock. All the time I was down there the women were caressing and fondling each other which made them even hotter. I moved up to kiss Kim's navel and slowly lick my way up to her erect nipples where I met Dana's soft wet lips. I stayed there kissing my wife and then kissing Kim. I agian started to rub my cock up and down Kim's extremely wet pussy flicking her clit a few times before sticking it in. I started real slow while watching these two driven women make out in front of me. I knew at this point that I had to fuck ths horney, sexy women laying in front of me. I fucked her harder and harder untill CRASH, The fucking bed broke! We were all laying there slanted but the funny thing was that the only thing any one could say was "don't stop, don't stop"! So I didn't, I continued on fucking Kim as she and Dana sucked on each others rock hard nipples and moaned with excitment. As I shot my load right in to Kim's sweet pussy I glanced at my wife. All she could say " Honey I hope you liked it because it will not be a one time thing".

We all laid there tangled agian, as we all looked at the clock and realized it was 6 am and we had to get up and get ready for work. So the girls took a shower together and left me to ponder my thoughts. All I could think was, How much I could not wait for the next one!

Rating: 89%, Read 31044 times, Posted Aug 06, 2009

True Story |


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