Potential Part 5 by BiStander

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True Story | Incest, Lesbian, Teen Female, Teen Male, Voyeurism

This is a very long story, so if you aren't interested in a long incestuous family drama, turn back now. No animals were hurt in the telling of this story and nobody was forced to do anything they didn't want to do.

For those frustrated with the slow progress, I'll give you this: In hindsight, if I had realized how slow the uploading and approval process was going to be, I would have arranged things a little differently. I promise once the action starts, they'll be plenty of it.


by Bistander

Chapter 5

You've got the Devil Inside

It was the end of the last full day before finals. Evan walked behind Darlene with no intention of trying to speak to her, he was just enjoying her ass. He'd only get to see her one more time before summer, and that would be during the Social Studies final. He'd miss her bodacious body even though she didn't give a flying fuck about him. He should be mad at her. Somehow, she seemed responsible for all the weird stuff happening in his life. Hadn't it all started that day Deana talked to him about Darlene and asked him, “What if we just met now for the first time?”

Outside, he was surprised and thrilled to see the tumbler was in those skin-like black pants again. He followed her and Deana towards the car without letting them know he was there. Deana was in blue jeans and there was an oval of frayed white thread that opened and closed each time her right butt cheek dipped down. He imagined slipping his finger inside and wiggle-worming it towards her pussy before his sane brain could shut the thought down. Damn it. He stopped watching the hole and concentrated on Rebecca's ass. She might as well have been naked with those pants on. He was getting hard before they reached his car.

“Where's Evan,” Rebecca said.

“I don't know,” Deana said, and started turning around. “Shit! Are you stalking us?”

“No, just following,” he said. “It's amazing you two are on time for once.”

“He was probably staring at your fabulous ass,” Rebecca said.

“Shut up,” Evan and Deana said, simultaneously.

He flipped his seat up to let Rebecca get in. Rebecca put one foot and her head inside the car, then paused, glancing back at him. He grabbed the leg that was outside the car and moved up. She had every opportunity to say something or fall in the car like she normally would, but she held firm and let him grope her. He squeezed her ass and moved his hand inward. She matched his dare by pushing back. It was a hot handful of pussy and it made him say, “Sure, I'll watch your dumb flip class.”

“It's not dumb,” Rebecca protested.

At home, Candy paced back-and-forth across her bedroom. The bra-less antics had been the shameful acts of a woman desperate for validation and attention. A few years earlier, she'd been amused, even flattered by Evan's crush, but she knew he was just a boy, even though she called him her little man.

She opened the box on her bed and her chest tightened around her heart. The idea that had popped into her head, like a passing thought, was inappropriate, irrational and potentially illegal, so she had rejected it as insanity. Unfortunately, like evil thoughts tend to do, it festered in her mind. She played with the idea and let it grow into a fantasy, but never considered the danger because it wasn't something she would actually do. She was a wife and mother of three. Grown ups don't do such things.

Candy checked the clock. Plenty of time, she thought, and picked up the box, carrying it like a ticking bomb. It probably won't work anyway, she told herself, like that made trying okay.

Her computer screen showed the front porch and driveway. Nobody could sneak up on her, thanks to John; and thanks to Zachary, she knew exactly what to do, and did it quickly.

When everything was done, a flock of butterflies swarmed in her stomach like that night when the power went out. If her life had taken a different course, she might have grown up and gotten bored with her sneaky‑peeky ways. Instead, the door to who she was had been slammed and barred because she suddenly became a mommy. Responsibility forced her to be a grown-up and plunged her into a life she hadn't been prepared for. She acted the part, and the years had passed. She'd fooled everybody, but in those quiet, lonely times her sub‑conscience told her she was a fake. There was something hidden in her heart.

This isn't my fault, she thought. John's neglect had been killing the woman she pretended to be, and Evan's passionate touches had revived the little girl his father killed years ago. Years of unfulfilled desires bubbled in the center of her being, ready to pour out into her panties. She started removing her clothes, and when she was nude, she clicked the mouse. The image of a naked woman's backside filled the monitor. It became hard to breathe. She looked back at the harmless clock‑radio on John's desk, and said, “You've got the devil inside.”

Sneaky-peeky had been released from captivity. Candy grabbed her crotch and watched her orgasm happen on the computer screen. Seven years of repressed passion covered her fingers and spilled down her thighs.

Miss Daphne's gymnastics studio was a large, prefab metal building, that could have just as easily been a race shop instead of a gymnastics class. The roll up doors were closed and the air conditioner was on full blast. Most of the area was covered with thick, blue mats. There were three trampolines, a balance beam and two parallel bars. Evan felt like a pervert sitting on the floor with Deana next to the mats, staring at twenty girls in spandex. He knew why he'd want to come back, but what did Deana get out of this?

Four feet in front of him, Bobby Sue, a senior who worked for Miss Daphne, demonstrated different moves. She smiled at him, leaned back, arching until her hands were on the mat and her spandex crushed pussy was in his face. He could clearly see each lip and the groove down the middle, and he wanted to shove his cock into it. A thousand different positions flashed through his mind as different girls bent and folded themselves. He had no idea the body was that flexible. He'd definitely be back to gymnastics. It was better than Deana's volley ball games.

At Home

When Deana and Evan entered the house, he said, “Gloria, you ever think of taking gymnastics?” Deana didn't say anything, but her scowl said, “Pervert!”

“Mom,” he said, “I should get brownie points for taking Deana to Rebecca's practice and waiting for her.”

“Hold on!” Deana interrupted. “He loved every minute of it. You should have seen him when Bobby Sue did a back-bend-kick-over, he almost—”

“Evan,” his father said, “you can drop them off and pick them up, but that's all. And spend some time with Gloria. There's no reason she shouldn't be just as good as the other girls. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” he said, mechanically, and gave Deana the evil eye. Bobby Sue's camel-toe would have to go on without his eyes burning a hole through her tights.

Later, Evan called Jason and gave him a blow by blow account of gymnastics. He might have embellished a little about Bobby Sue's interest in him, and he didn't mention that his father told him not to go back. Jason told him to check his e-mail for the links he had sent, but Evan had a date with his tutor, Deana. They studied until bed time, then he went down to the basement.

After twenty minutes of stretching and warm-ups, he went full contact, trying to break the heavy bag. When he got winded, he dug a little deeper and found a few more kicks. Sweat dripped from his head onto his bare chest and ran over his rippled abs. He caught his breath and focused his anger, envisioning his target.

“Count to three, but kick at two,” Cindy would coach him. “Surprise yourself.” His foot shot forward, kicking the bottom of the bag with an upward blow that lifted it. He drove his knee into the side, sending the bag swinging. “No matter how big they are, the kick will drop them and a knee to the face on their way down will make sure they don't get up.” Cindy didn't play.

Pouring his energy out had removed his anger and relaxed his mind. He decided too much thinking had gotten him confused. He was reading into things that weren't so. There wasn't anything going on except teenage hormones on herbal supplements and porn. His mom and his sisters weren't trying to turn him on. The tumbler definitely was, but he'd worry about that when the time came.

It was late and he still needed to take a shower, so he climbed the basement stairs. At the top of the stairs Deana stepped into the doorway. He stopped one step from the landing. Their eyes were level. “What are you doing up?” he said.

“I should have told you earlier, I'm sorry I opened my big mouth in front of dad.”

“It's cool,” he said. “I probably wouldn't have gone again anyway.”

“Still, I'm sorry,” Deana said, then pressed her lips to his.

The kiss only lasted a few seconds, but it felt longer. He didn't know what to say, so he stood there with his mouth hanging open. His sister smiled and said, “I was just doing what you did for me, giving you something else to think about. Oh, and you need a shower.”

The next day at school, after his math final, Evan was sitting on the brick wall in front of the school. Jason kicked his foot, and said, “Did you watch it?”

“Huh,” Evan said, “watch what?”

“Your lights are on, but nobody's home.” Jason sat next to him. “Didn't you click that link I sent you?”

“Shoot, I forgot,” he said.

“What the fuck. I sent you porn and you forgot to watch it.”

“Sorry, I will, it's just been crazy.”

“Dude, you got to see it. You'll bust a nut on your laptop.”

“I do everything I can to prevent that from happening, but I'll watch it later anyway.”

Jason scratched his chin. “What's wrong?”

“Phew, I'm losing my mind,” Evan said. “I got to ace my finals or I'll be walking all summer. I gotta get ready to race that car. Rebecca let me grab her pussy. Deana kissed me and I think my mom is trying to get me to make a move on her.”

Jason jumped off the wall and faced him. “Back up, rewind, replay the tape. You already lost your mind, so don't worry about that. Deana kissed you! Hold on, you better start explaining.”

Evan told his friend about when he kissed his sister to make a point, the ass judging, the ass massage, the second kiss Deana gave him, and all about his mom's sexy dressing and not having a bra on.

“You lucky fucker! Your mom...without a bra! Holy shit, Dude, I've seen her head-lights on with a bra and I all most came. She's got grapes under there. Man, and that J-low ass of hers. What are you waiting for? Which one of them are you gonna do first?”

“Jeez...Jason, this is real life, my life, not some porno. Real people don't do it with their sister or mother.”

Jason looked around, then said, “I bet a lot of people do...do it.”

“Name one.”

“Um, well...they're not going to advertise, but it happens a lot. Think about it, horny, really horny teenagers living together. How could it not happen? And think about all those hot step-moms. We're like dogs in heat.”

Evan said, “It's not supposed to happen.”

“So!” Jason said. “Lots of things aren't supposed to happen. So what. Shit, we're not supposed to do it until we get married, yet at twelve we start getting boners every five minutes. Whose fucked up idea was that?”

“So we should just do whatever, like dogs, and not worry about it?” Evan said.

“I didn't say that. We have brains. We shouldn't knock up our sisters, but if they're horny too...then why not?”

“Oh, so you did Becky, or at least got head?”

“I didn't say that, but—”

“See, when the shoe is on the other foot, it's a different story,” Evan said.

“That's stupid,” Jason said. “What do shoes have to do with sex? Who puts the shoe on the other foot? That doesn't even make sense.”

“Nothing makes sense,” Evan said. “I'm not allowed to fool around with Rebecca, but Deana stands there and lets me feel up her ass right in front of her. Rebecca didn't even try to move away when my finger went between her legs.”

“Dude, I got three words for you.” Jason held up three fingers. “Threesome!”

“Idiot, that's one word.”

“Ah, yeah, it is, but you know what I mean. Three, three, threesome, what a wonderful thing. Shit, imagine you, Deana and the Tumbler, that's three.”

“Stop,” Evan said. “I have enough trouble with my own perverted mind, I don't need your help. Probably be a dog involved.”

“You're the one who wants to be a star,” Jason said. “Pile 'em up, flip 'em over and turn the Tumbler upside down. Hey, don't forget to watch that clip I sent you.”

Evan let out a long sigh. “I will, tonight.”

“What are you doing the rest of the day?”

“I'm taking Gloria to practice. I've been coaching her and I run while I'm at the ball park.”

Jason nodded his head. “I bet you're running, running off all that sexual tension at your house. Fuck, I got to see your mom without a bra. She has the most amazing tits in the history of moms. Imagine titty fucking her.”

“No, Jackass, I don't,” he lied. “I'm getting ready for racing. I have to build up my endurance and get my mind focused on finals and racing.”

“I heard sex is the best exercise there is.”

“Thanks,” Evan said, and got up. “I'll keep that in mind. I gotta go get Gloria. Don't forget, Saturday after next, races. Make sure your mom's cool with me staying over, and make up a cover story in case my mom calls her.”

At the ball park, Gloria's team was on the field divided into three groups. One doing sprints, another batting practice and the last group, which Gloria was in, catching fly balls, some of the time. Evan watched from outside the chain-link fence, hoping the coach didn't ask him to help. He wanted to run. He was up to two miles, but three was his goal. Then he'd do sets of fifty sit-ups and twenty-five pull-ups. The best drivers in NASCAR were the ones who stayed in shape.

The days he'd spent helping Gloria get better at softball were revealing. He'd been watching all the girls carefully. Not that he was into twelve and thirteen year old girls, but it was hard not to notice the difference the year made. They were filling out now. Most were still awkward with the boys and naive about their power over them, but not all of them. There were three in particular who acted like they knew what they had and how to use it. He didn't like it.

Gloria, Alex and Jayda, “The Softball Sisters,” as they called themselves, all seemed to dislike softball equally, and that was obvious during games, but they were aware. His sister's best friend, Jayda appeared to be their leader, but Gloria had the body. She also had a presence and maturity that he didn't see at home.

The clip-clop, clip-clop of flip-flops on the hard ground caught his ear, but before he turned around, somebody leaped onto his back. “Surprise!”

“Becky,” he said. Her thighs settled above his hips. “What are you doing?”

Becky crossed her ankles and locked her legs around his waist. “Came with my friend, Brittany. She plays. What are you doin'?”

“Watchin' or helping my little sister.”

“ Short, maybe, but I wish I was little like her everywhere else.” Becky said.

“Yeah,” he said and backed up to the bleachers.

When Becky touched down, she got the message and let go. He turned around and looked down at her. Obviously, he hadn't been paying attention to Jason's sister for awhile. Her hair wasn't in pigtails, which made her look at least her age. Her shiny, chestnut hair hung in front to her nipples, which were hard and pointy. That wasn't anything new, but she had sprouted a handful of breasts to support those pointy caps. They even had a slight jiggle when she moved. Damn, he had been sure she would be flat chested, but maybe she was a late bloomer and would have amazing tits like her mother. She really should be wearing a bra.

He looked away from her tits and saw the red toe nails with silver stars on them. “Nice,” he said.

Becky's bottom teeth raked across her top lip, pulled it in, then released it slowly. “You really like them?”

“I do. It's very creative.”

“Thanks, it took a long time.” Her teeth grabbed her lip again. He started seeing her differently after the masturbating thing, but now he couldn't even remember annoying, childish Becky. What changed?

For the next ten minutes, he mostly listened to her, watching her lips carefully while replaying Jason's words, “I'd at least get head...” She had a wide, sexy mouth that he imagined would give a good blow job. “Want something,” he asked, and pointed.

Becky shrugged her shoulders and gave him an impish grin. “Sure, if you don't mind.”

At the concession stand, he got a coke for himself and a soft ice cream cone for Becky. The sight of her pink tongue deliberately snatching off the swirl of white, sent a shiver down his spine. Her mouth opened wide and she twisted the cone while drawing it out of her mouth. He realized how large her mouth was in proportion to her face and he wanted to be that ice cream. Nobody eats ice cream like that, but he doubted she was trying to be seductive. He was just horny and all of Jason's talk had put ideas in his head.

Becky interrupted the assault on the phallic ice cream and planted her frozen lips on his cheek. “Thank you.”

With the wet kiss evaporating, he lost focus and forgot who she really was. “My pleasure,” he said, like a boy with a crush.

“Time to go,” said a girl with a black ponytail sticking out the back of her ball cap.

“Really,” Becky said, rotating back-and-forth from him to the girl.

“Yup,” the sweaty girl said. “I hate to break up—”

“Okay,” Becky said. “Brittany, this is Evan. He's Jason's friend. That's his blue car over there.”

“Hello,” Brittany said. “Come on, Becky, my mom will get pissy if she has to wait.”

“Thanks for the ice cream,” Becky said. “See ya.” She pulled her friend along, chatting excitedly.

Two Weeks Later,

The school year was essentially over and Evan was confident he wouldn't be walking all summer, thanks to Deana. Tomorrow, they'd get their grades and listen to the principle telling them to be safe and read books or some shit that nobody would listen to, then two glorious months without alarm clocks or homework.

The previous two weeks, Evan had put all his energy and concentration towards studying, taking finals, coaching Gloria, working out and staying out of the hamper. Things had gotten too weird with Deana's panties that night after the massage, and he'd sworn them off and wasn't even masturbating. He decided sniffing panties had caused all of his problems, but he still didn't agree with Jason, he didn't want to do his sister.

After school, he changed and took Gloria to the ball park, again. When they got out of the car, Gloria said, “I don't see your girlfriend, maybe you can help with practice today.”


“You know, Becky.”

“For your information, she's not my girlfriend. She's Jason's sister.”

“Whatever,” she said, and took off with her bag.

He smiled and thought, she'll grow out of it or get a boyfriend who makes her forget about him. He'd grown out of his crush on Candy.

“Hi,” Becky said, and all but hung on him. “This is my friend, Abby.”

“Hi,” Abby said. “Nice car. You really sixteen?”

“Almost seventeen,” Becky said.

“Yeah,” he said, to the dirty blond girl, whose hair looked like she'd ridden there with her head out the window. She was a little heavy, but the weight was settling in the right places. She'd have potential if she kept growing in those areas.

They went to the bleachers and he sat down. Becky pranced in front of him. Her cut-off jeans were so short that the ends of the pockets hung from the leg holes. They reminded him of a crude thing they did in grade school. They'd ask a girl if she'd rather kiss dog shit or between a rabbit's ears. Of course, they chose the rabbit and he'd pull out his pockets and say, “Start kissing.” He reached for a long thread and pulled it.

“Ooh,” Becky said, and touched the front of her thigh. “Be careful, they might unravel...then I'd be naked.” She giggled.

I guess she doesn't wear panties, he thought, but pretended he hadn't even heard her. Becky poured on the flirtatious gesturing for her friend's sake, and even bought him a coke. She also got a cherry ice, and ate it until he was excited, then offered him a taste. “It's cherry,” she said, and pushed her lips out. Her friend, Abby, scooted to the edge of the bleacher anxious to see if he'd take the bait.

Maybe that's why he did, to make Becky feel good in front of her friend. His lips grabbed hers and his tongue swept across them. “They're cold,” he said.

“I know what would warm them up,” Abby said, “more kissing.”

Becky gave Abby a look he couldn't interpret. “Better not,” he said. “I gotta go.”

He walked quickly around the back of the concession stand to the boys room, wishing he hadn't let himself get caught up in the school girl games. There wasn't anyway it would amount to anything except a painful boner and frustration. Which was what he was already experiencing. He rinsed his face a took a few long breaths. Go do your running and forget about that space between Becky's rabbit ears, he told himself. Although, that seam cutting into the meat of her pussy wouldn't easily be forgotten. He added Jason's sister to the list of girls to avoid. Pretty soon he'd have to go live in a cave by himself.

With a new resolve, Evan left the bathroom and ran right into Becky. “My lips are still cold,” she said, grabbing the bottom one with her teeth.

He backed up, but Becky matched each of his steps with her own until they were behind the L-shaped wall that blocked the view into the bathroom. She pressed him against the cinder block wall. The taste of cherry was still there, but her mouth was hot, and her tongue let him know she'd had plenty of practice kissing.

His hands went to her ass, lifting and grinding her against his hard-on. He could feel her hard nipples pressed into his chest, and he wanted to fuck her right there. “Uhhh.” He pushed back, but she held on. “Becky...we should go. Jason—”

“I won't tell him. I know how to keep secrets, big ones.”

“That's good, you shouldn't mention this,” he said.

“Just one more, then we can go.” She pushed up on her tiptoes with her lips puckered. They were sexy lips and he couldn't resist.

His hands went back to her ass, and one of her legs wrapped around him. She was light and if they were naked it would be easy to slam her down on his erection. He could never be alone with her again. “Let's go before your friend gets the wrong idea.” Or I fuck the shit out of you.

“Or the right idea.” Becky giggled and tugged her shorts out of her crack. “You kiss good.”

Evan didn't respond. Deana, Gloria and now Becky, why the hell couldn't someone he could actually fuck kiss him?

That night, Evan was still trying to figure out how Becky had morphed into a little freak who made his dick hard. At least she didn't live with him. He thought he had problems when Stacey moved or when he was chasing the unattainable, Darlene, but now he was fucked. His sisters were gorgeous flirts who seemed determined to fuck with his mind, and something had happened to his step-mom. Candy had always had the body of a porn star, he knew that, but now she wanted him to notice it. That afternoon, the last song he heard in the car had him singing, “Candy, she's sweet like candy in my veins,” then he walked in the back door and she kissed him. It was only on his cheek, but her perfume was sexy. She was wearing a teenager's shirt that was too tight. Then, at dinner, she had on a normal loose fitting, mom shirt. Could she be dressing sexy for him when his father was gone?

Evan blew out a long breath and reminded himself that it was teenage hormones on herbal supplements and too much porn, not a plot. There was noway all these females were conspiring to make him horny. It was all in his head and he just needed to relieve himself. Not masturbating had been a bad idea. He went to his computer.

Jason's house.

Jason uncovered his naked body and reached for the log of flesh laying across his stomach. He squeezed it and forced blood into the head. Unlike Evan, he had no pretense about the object of his fantasies. He closed his eyes and pictured Becky when she came home from her friend's ball game. She had to scurry to her room so their mother wouldn't see her, but he'd gotten an eye-full of those tattered shorts that couldn't contain all of her ass. He also noticed how her nipples erected when she came into the air conditioned kitchen. Their mother would have ripped her a new one for going out, “Half naked, without a bra!”

Becky had probably been flirtatious and seductive in her sneaky way for a long time, but since he'd gone into her room and shot his load, her ways had become a blatant assault on him. He closed his eyes and tugged on his dick.

In his imagination, he redirected the scene of Becky's return from the ball park. He intercepted her and pointed at those tiny cut-offs. “What would mom say if she caught you in those?” The narrow denim inseam sliced into her plump pussy and spread it.

Becky hooked her thumbs in the pockets, twisted shyly on crossed feet, and said, “She'd say, 'Jason, you should show your sister what happens to naughty little girls who dress like sluts.'”

He turned her around, yanked her shorts down and bent her over the table. That fat cunt of hers posed for him between her thighs. Its inner pink glistened and spoke to him, “Take me.”

Jason's fantasies mingled with REM sleep and turned to dreams. The boner he'd been playing with hovered over his belly. Maybe he'd have a wet dream, like Evan's.

Becky pulled Papa Bear on top of her and wrapped her legs around him. The hard bulge Evan had ground against her pubic bone was missing and she flung the giant prize from the county fair onto the floor. She'd outgrown humping stuffed animals years ago. Five years ago, when she started persistently flirting with Evan, she might have been satisfied or even thrilled by the short make-out they had, but today it had only made her want more, a lot more. If Evan had tried, she would have let him take her behind the dirt pile, or even fuck her right there against the wall. That was the kind of girl she was.

Ever since she could remember, she'd liked to do the things nice girls weren't suppose to do. Her mother had been telling her, “Nice girls don't touch themselves like that,” since the first time she caught Becky with her hand between her legs. If girls weren't supposed to put their fingers there, then God should have given them shorter arms or made it so a wave of pleasure didn't shoot through her body. At seven years old, she was already rubbing her pussy in the bath tub. Boys couldn't even get hard at that age, and the wonder of orgasms would elude them for years after they could get wood, yet she was already making herself feel so good. Her poor brother suffered through their games without knowing the pure joy she was experiencing every time he licked her. Although, he never complained while she sucked his dick.

She thought once she was in high school Evan would take her seriously, but, like her brother, he was still holding out. Although, high school had surprised her in one way, the older girls could be meaner than middle school girls. That turned out not to be such a bad thing for her, but that's a story for another time, now she had to find some relief for her aching pussy. Maybe there were some good veggies in the kitchen.

Evan's House

Evan read Jason's e-mail, “Ask the Tumbler if she can do this.” He ignored the rest of the message, clicked the link and waited for a web page to load, then he clicked “YES” to verify he was eighteen.

The video window loaded and a small, cute girl with light brown pigtails was sitting on a couch looking at TV. She bore an amazing likeness to Becky, and as the scene progressed, she reminded him of the annoying Becky that he'd put up with for years. A guy, who was the older brother's friend, was supposed to be keeping an eye on her while her parents were out. The Becky look-a-like was flirting like crazy and making inappropriate advances, which the guy rejected. Why the hell did Jason want him to see this?

The likeness ended when the pigtailed girl whipped off her shirt. Dark-red nipples capped her peach sized breast. The guy jumped up in shock, saying, 'Put that back on. Your brother...”

Evan tried to imagine what he would do in that situation. His hand was wrapped around his boner and he knew a few days ago he would have handle it right. If it was happening now, he'd be doing exactly what the guy was doing. He was pinching and twisting the inflamed tit caps.

The girl might have looked too young, but she handled a penis like the porn star she actually was. Surely, not the way Becky would handle one. The guy's apprehension was gone and he used the girl's pigtails as reins and stuffed his dick into her face. She blew spit out around her stretched lips and took him down her throat.

Suddenly it made sense, “Ask the Tumbler...” All the things he had seen at gymnastics class entered a new dimension of perversion. The well muscled girl pranced on short, stout legs and did a naked handstand. Evan hadn't imagined turning that girl upside down could make him want to fuck her more, but it did.

The freaky girl's legs formed a V and her pussy opened. The guy pulled her ass towards him. Her straight arms held her arched body and her face reddened. The trusted friend's erection probed the groove between the little sister's ass cheeks. Evan held his breath, staring at the taut, brown anus while the thick dick head pressed into it. Little Miss, Upside-down struggled to bend her body so it lined up with his intention.

The puckered ring stretched, caved and snapped open. The cock plunged the ass of the inverted girl and she cried out. Sweat beaded on her crimson face. The dubious babysitter gripped the globes of her ass, spread her wide open and pounded her. She grimaced with effort and pain and pleasure.

When he was finished ram-rodding her ass, he pulled out and shot a load that arched over her splayed pussy. Sperm sauce showered down on her red face, tits and torso. Evan's balls threatened to splatter his monitor. He said, “Fuck,” and looked at the bottle of herbal supplements. “Why the hell did I want 'Bigger, fuller balls and powerful ejaculations' anyway?”

The Next Morning

It was finally the last day of school and Evan woke up thinking, this summer has great potential. He'd cleared his mind and his pipes, then had a solid night of sleep, and all he had to do at school was show up and say, “Good bye, until next year.” Then all his energy would be focused on racing. In his mind, everything was perfect.

When he walked into the kitchen, he looked out the window and saw that his father's car wasn't there. He continued towards his mom, who was holding a mug, waiting for Mr. Coffee to finish emptying its brew. Her hair was tied back, hanging between her shoulder blades. "Hi, Mom," he said, and looked down at her bare feet, calf and the ass that couldn't hide its sexiness even under a loose terry cloth robe. She was a hellofa mom.

"Hi, honey," she said, filling her cup. "Excited?"

It took him a few seconds of repeating her question before he knew how to answer. "Oh, yes," he said, and grabbed her shoulders. "I didn't think this year would ever end."

Her head fell forward. "That's nice. I have a kink in my neck."

He started massaging her neck and shoulders, watching the robe swish below her protruding rump. A split second misfire of brainwaves flashed an image of his hand lifting that robe to see how deep her ass cleavage really was. Of course she'd be wearing those red panties. Shit, stop that, he told himself.

His mom's soft skin, her breathing and the murmurs all seemed different, like they were telling him something. He stepped closer, remembering the night he had actually pressed his boner against her body. When his hands worked forward on her shoulders, her robe loosened and opened more. He could see her amazing globes moving around, no bra. She made no effort to secure the robe and if it kept going her nipple would be exposed. No mother would let their son see her nipple unless— Was it an invitation to reach around, slip his hand inside and take hold of her breast, fondle it, then suck those massive nipples. Hadn't he wanted to do that for as long as he could remember?

His groin inadvertently bumped into his mom. He didn't back away. His hands kept kneading the tight strands of muscle, rolling the knot under his palm. Her butt was touching him. If they were naked, his balls would be hanging in the groove between her cheeks. He'd dip down and slide his erection up through the deep valley. It would be too much for him and his balls would burst, covering her back with his cum. He'd watch it slide down her flesh and funnel into the crack of her ass.

The dark edge of a nipple was ready to come into view. He leaned forward, his lips got close to her neck, and he was going to kiss that sensual spot below her ear. She'd moan, then turn around and press her lips to his. They'd be overtaken by their lust and do it right there on the kitchen floor. She had to want him the way he wanted her. Reality had blurred and his heart was pounding. If the kiss was received his dreams would come true, but what if—

"I'm ready," Deana announced. "Last day! Yippy, summer."

Reality came back like a kick in the nuts and he jerked away from his mother. She turned around holding her robe closed, but those lumps pushed up through the fabric. "Well, don't you look nice," she said.

Evan only turned halfway, hoping he could hide the throbbing boner in his pants. "Whoa,” he said, “you're hot!"

His mom swatted him. "Don't talk about your sister like that." Her hand slid down to the small of his back and stayed there. It was probably a normal motherly touch, but in his state of resurrected love, he took it as a secret message confirming his understanding of what had just happened.

Out in the driveway, he realized what his mom was talking about. Deana's hair was in a French braid, her blouse was tight and hugged her breasts, making them seem larger. Her blue skirt hung almost to her knees and the pleats opened and flashed white when she walked. "You really do look pretty," he said, and rushed to open her door. "Why?"

"Thank you," Deana said, suspiciously. "Me and Rebecca decided to do the opposite of everyone else and dress up instead of going slob on the last day. Can't wait to see what she's wearing. She wouldn't tell me, but she promised the boys would remember her all summer."

He assumes she'd be in those skintight stretching things that clearly showed the outline of her pussy, and he tried to put her out of his mind. There was no need to imagine her spread eagle in a handstand. He had enough to think about after that melt-down in the kitchen.

Deana waited until they pulled out of the driveway before she said, "What was going on back there with mom?"

Dammit, she must have seen my boner. He decided to go with reverse psychology. "I was rubbing her shoulders and looking down the front of her robe, checking out her tits."


He laughed. "Yup, I guess so."

They pulled into Rebecca's driveway. She came out of the house before he had to beep the horn and he said, "You too match..sort of."

Rebecca had a matching skirt, except hers was shorter, and she was wearing heels. Her purple blouse was unbuttoned too far and she was wearing plenty of makeup. She looked three years older. "No wonder dad doesn't let you wear makeup, you'd look twenty-five," he said.

He let his window down and whistled.

"You going my way?" Rebecca asked, leaning in so he could see her fancy blue bra.

He didn't say any of the things that came to his mind. "Sure, hop in."

Rebecca's lips moved next to his ear as she squeezed in behind his seat. She whispered, "I'm not wearing panties."

Jeez, he didn't need to know that. After she scooted to the middle of the seat, he glanced back. She had a foot on each side of the car and her knees parted, but her skirt dipped down just enough so he couldn't tell if she was teasing. Probably a good thing, considering he was already out of his mind imagining things about his mother. He was grateful Deana had interrupted before he made a complete ass of himself.

At Home

Candy stood there for ten minutes, relishing the memory of Evan's hands caressing her. It wasn't a massage, he was caressing her, his desire filling is cock. His breath had been on her neck. What if he'd kissed her?

Now that the moment had passed, she thought it obvious she would have laughed it off like it was just him being cute, but she had gotten wet. Was she just indulging her fantasies or was it worse than that?

Evan had always been her little man, and she'd always been flattered by his constant attention, but never considered he had ulterior motives when he touched her. She'd encouraged him. When his father gave her attention and showed appreciation and met her needs, it had been easy to play mommy. How many years had it been since he did that?

The more Evan turned into a man, the harder it was to see him as a son, and lately, he'd made it so much more difficult. It would be so easy for her to veer off course. The less John cared for her the more Evan paid attention. Twice he'd gotten hard with his hands on her, and even had the nerve to press his manhood against her body. She had been blinding herself to the obvious, Evan still had a crush on her. Could a woman like her do the right thing, break his heart, again?

At Jason's House

Jason's conscience still bothered him, but Becky had never given any indication that she knew he'd blown his load on her carpet while staring at her pussy. Unfortunately, his guilty conscience couldn't erase Becky's new and improved pussy from his mind. He thought about it and dreamed about it, and let his fantasies go wild, but he also avoided his sister as much as possible.

He put the milk, cereal and a bowl down on the table, then sat. Becky and his mother were over by the sink talking about something he didn't care about. He poured milk on top of his cereal, covered it with sugar and realized he didn't have a spoon. "Becky, bring me a spoon."

"Could you, please," his mother said.

"Sorry," he said. "Becky, could you please bring me a spoon?"

"Anything for you," Becky said.

Her tone made him nervous. "Oops," she said, “I dropped it.”

Before he could say anything, his sister bent at the waist to pick it up. It happened quickly, but he saw it in slow motion. Right there, in front of their mother, Becky's shirt went up and her pussy appeared between her legs, just like when she was brushing her teeth. It had to be intentional, he thought.

Becky picked up the spoon and walked towards him, their mom in the background oblivious to his sister's hips doing more than they needed to do. When she stopped in front of him, he said, "You dropped it."

She whispered, "Sorry, I'll wipe it for you," then she used the end of her shirt to wipe the spoon.

In his mind, it was methodical and seductive the way she held the spoon he was going to eat with so close to her pussy, and almost showed him she wasn't wearing underwear. How the fuck had his sister learned that?

"Thank you,” he said, and turned away. After today, for two months they'd be alone in the house all week while their mother was at work. Shit, he had to get a job.

At school

Deana grabbed Rebecca's arm and detoured her into the girl's room. "I can't believe I let you talked me into this," she said. "What a rush."

Rebecca looked under the stall doors and moved Deana into the corner. "I'm not going to make it through the assembly without touching myself. Look, I'm naked under here," she said, while lifting her skirt.

"Stop. I don't want to see that..not now." Deana pushed the front of Rebecca's skirt down.

Rebecca said, "Sorry," then kissed her. She wanted to resist, but opened her mouth and let Rebecca slide her tongue in. The fear of being caught and the taboo of it turned her into a ballistic lust missile.

"Wait, stop, before I rip your clothes off," Deana said.

“You don't have to." Rebecca pulled her skirt up again.

"I guess we're past all the fear of being––"

"No, I'm still scared, but that makes it more exciting." Rebecca looked around again. "I swear I'm out of my mind horny." She reached for Deana.

"I know, I know," Deana said. "Save it for later. We gotta go." She really didn't want Rebecca to stop, but they couldn't go down on each other right there. They would have plenty of sleep overs during summer vacation.

Later at home

Gloria moped into the room and sat at the kitchen table. "That doesn't look like the face of someone starting their summer vacation," Candy said. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Gloria said.

"That might work on somebody who's not your mother. Give it up, whatever it is. Is there a boy you're gonna miss all summer?"

"Ah, not really," she said. “How come I can't go to school with Evan...and Deana next year?”

Candy shook her head. “Not that again. I don't want you going there, that's why, and that's why I pay for you to go to private school. The public schools here aren't great.”

“I don't want you typing all that doctor's junk to pay for it,” she said. “They're good enough for Evan.”

Candy sat and moved the chair closer to Gloria. “Last time we talked about this you agreed you didn't want to go to that middle school because there wasn't a good art program and your friends—What happen, are the Softball Sisters having a problem?”

"No," Gloria said, and hung her head. "Mom, have you ever really, really like somebody, but they don't like you or whatever?"

"I don't know about whatever, but yes, I have, everybody has at some point. Is it anybody that I know? Someone who goes to school with Evan?"

"Um, it doesn't matter who because nothing is ever gonna happen. He's not interested."

"How could anybody not be interested in such a beautiful, smart person like you?" Candy said. "And I'm not saying that because you're my girl, either. It's true, you can get any boy you want, but hold out for the best."

"Thanks, Mom, but it's complicated. Let's not talk about it. I'll forget about it. It's just a crush. You grow out of those, don't you?"

Candy took too long to answer, "Of course you do. How about we go to Miss Tonya's later and you can play with Jayda?"

"Mom, I'm not a kid. We don't 'play,' like with dolls anymore."

"You know what I meant, hangout or whatever you big girls do. I'll play with Miss Tonya, and you grown ups can do whatever you do."

At the end of the short school day:

Evan came out of the school feeling the need to shout with joy. Looking forward to the glorious months ahead made him forget about that morning. He walked towards the parking lot giving high-fives to people that he probably wouldn't see until school started next year. Most of them he wouldn't miss, but he noticed someone he would. Darlene was already on one of the school buses, sitting in the backseat. He stood there for a few seconds hoping she'd look his way. She didn't. Then to his surprise, Jason's sister, Becky plopped down in the seat next to Darlene. He scanned the school bus and saw that it was mostly empty, yet Becky sat right next to Darlene. He made a mental note to ask Jason how his sister knew Darlene. What an unlikely pair, he thought, how on earth had they become friends.

"What the heck," Evan said, when he saw Rebecca and Deana already waiting at his car. "This is shocking. Why'd you pick the last day to finally start showing up on time?"

Rebecca stepped in front of him, toe to toe. "Evan?" She batted her eyes.

"What do you want?" He sidestepped her.

"Could you please give Ann a ride home too? Pretty please."

"Hmm, maybe...but what are you gonna do for me?" he said.

"Whatever you want," Rebecca said.

“Be careful,” Deana said, “he's a pervert. A real pervert.”

"All you gotta do is kiss Deana again. A good one though, not a peck on the cheek," he said, with a grin. “I wanta see it close up this time.”

“What is it with guys and girls kissing?” Deana said.

Rebecca looked at Deana, then turned in a circle, scanning the parking lot. “Ya know, I think you're asking too much. If you wanta see a girl-girl kiss, then you're gonna have to do something too,” Rebecca said. “Yup, you're gonna have to kiss Deana. A tongue kiss.”

“What! Noway,” he said.

“Yeah, noway,” Deana added.

“If you wanta see a kiss that'll make you hard, you gotta lay one on your sister.”

“Rebecca Stevens, I'm gonna kill you...dead...really dead,” Deana said.

He really wanted to see them make out, but he knew his sister wouldn't go for it. “Okay, I'll do it, but not here.” Deana glanced at him and her protests diminished.

On the Bus:

Darlene sat up to see over the back of the bus seat. Becky was coming down the aisle with her pigtails swinging. It was a silly style for a high school girl, but it worked on Becky. It made her incredibly sexy in a perverse school-girl way.

"We practically got the whole bus to ourselves," Darlene said, and patted the seat next to her. "Sit."

Becky bounced when she threw herself into the seat. "Sorry I didn't get here first."

Darlene turned towards Becky. “Did you do it yet?”

“Not yet, but I will, soon,” Becky said.

"You ain't gonna chicken out?"

"Oh no," Becky said, "I ain't no chicken...you know."

"No, you're a horny slut, but that's what I like about you, Bitch."

“Yes I am,” Becky said, proudly. “I did what you said, this morning, and you should have seen the look on his face, and what was in his pants. I'm sure gonna need that lube you gave me. His damn cock his fatter than my arm."

Darlene wrapped her fingers around Becky's forearm. "Lucky you."

Becky told Darlene, in great detail, what happened that morning and what she saw him do after in his bedroom. Darlene said, "You're gonna fuck your brother, that gets me so wet I should make you go down on me right now."

"It wouldn't be the first time you made me do that," Becky said. "I thought high school was gonna suck until Rhina and her friend held me down so you could sit on my face."

"That's what you get for staring at us in the shower."

"I couldn't help it," Becky said. "I never saw a naked black girl before or a redhead, especially one with tits as amazing as yours. Jeez, just thinking about it gets me so horny I could piss myself."

"Before you do that, why don't you get down there and take care of me," Darlene said, and got up on the seat. She squatted and spread her knees. Her short, stretchy skirt slid up to her groin.

Becky poked her head up over the seat to check on the other kids. Only some prissy girls two rows up, on the opposite side, could possibly see if they wanted to. "Whatever you say," Becky said, and stood, faced Darlene, then wiggled her way down between the seats. She could smell Darlene's fiery bush before her face was between her legs. Darlene yanked the crotch of her panties to one side, exposing her crotch. She had a fat, womanly pussy covered in thick red hair. Becky was nervous, but not terrified like the first time Darlene's cunt was lowered onto her face. Even then, by the time Darlene filled her mouth, she wasn't scared anymore, and she didn't care that Rhina's black pussy was coming next. Being laid out on that wooden bench between the lockers was exciting, and getting another girl off, thrilled her. She'd found a new way to be bad and she couldn't wait until the next time. She'd become Darlene's bitch that day, but that was alright because Darlene could help her get what she wanted.

"Hurry," Darlene said, grabbing her pigtails, "my stop is coming."

Becky smirked, and smashed her mouth into Darlene's crotch. The spread pussy surrounded her mouth and her nose was buried in the cushion of her pubic mound. She licked upward in long, hard strokes, making sure her nose, tongue and chin ground over the giant clitoris. She wished she had one that big. She'd finger it all the time and make Jason suck it every night.

Her tongue fucked the redhead's juicy hole until she was on the brink, then she plunged two fingers deep inside and went to work on the throbbing clit. Darlene used Becky's pigtails to hold her mouth where she wanted it, and filled it with her squirting honey.

When she couldn't take any more, Darlene pulled Becky up and french kissed her. "Mmm, you taste good," she said. “You're gonna be a star.”

Becky unfolded herself and got back on the seat. She could cross eating pussy on the school bus off her fantasy to-do-list.

The bus jerked to a stop. Darlene stood, adjusted her skirt and said, “You gonna make it happen soon?”

“It's just a matter of time,” Becky said.

“Pretty soon we'll go see Miss Style.”

“I can't wait,” Becky said, wondering why Darlene was always so secretive about Miss Style.

Once the bus was moving again, Becky started rubbing her pussy and peed just enough to feel the moisture through her pants. Next year everybody would be be whispering, “There's that lesbian who ate out Darlene on the bus,” but that would be better than, “That's the girl who fucks her brother.”

In Evan's car:

After Ann had been dropped off, the sound of gravel under the tires made Deana ask, “Where you going?”

“Right here,” Evan said, and pulled the car to the side of the road.

The cool dampness under the thick tree cover and the smell of rotting leaves and dirt reminded him of the day he went to the creek with Jason. He needed to go back to that spot and see if it excited him as much as it did in his mind.

He looked at Rebecca in the mirror. “Alright, start kissing,” he said, hoping Deana hadn't changed her mind. He'd worry about having to kiss his sister in front of Rebecca after. It wasn't a big deal, they'd done it before.

Deana knelt on the seat and leaned into the back. The girls licked their lips, then started kissing, and he felt something like a rubber band snap inside his balls. The sound of lips and tongues and hot breathing filled his head. Deana's hands raked Rebecca's hair, tugging her into the frenzied make out session. It was getting so intense he thought Rebecca would pull his sister into the back seat and rip her clothes off. How far had they already gone, he wondered. The potential made him shudder.

"Pow!" Rebecca said, pushing back. "Now that's worth a lifetime of rides to school and something really big for my birthday. Not to mention—"

"Phew, oh my," he said, and wiped his forearm across his brows. His dick was hard and the idea of kissing his sister was suddenly overwhelming.

Deana was still kneeling on her seat and she leaned in his direction. He licked his dry lips and inhale slowly. Deana's lips were already wet and primed for kissing. They both closed their eyes and their lips touched together. Her warm lips felt different than they had the time he'd kissed her to make a point. It was more like the day she kissed him, except there was more. Pretending they were Rebecca's lips made him feel better about how much he liked it. His sister tilted her head and shocked him with her tongue. It thrust into his mouth and mingled with his. Her hand went behind his head and kept him from moving back. He forgot about Rebecca and let it happen. It was incredibly erotic kissing his sister. As kids, she'd always wanted to play husband and wife, and kiss him, but it never felt like this. A powerful, passionate thing was happening and he was ashamed. He peeked with one eye and saw his sister's eyes wide open, smiling back at him. At that moment, something happened, something was different between them.

“Wow, you two are making me jealous,” Rebecca said.

The sound of Rebecca's voice made them stop kissing, and he diverted his eyes away from Deana, embarrassed. “You wanted a kiss, there ya go,” Evan said.

“Yeah, there ya go,” Deana repeated, and looked out the window.

“Who kisses better, me or Evan?” Rebecca said.

“I really can't say,” Deana said. “And no, you can't kiss him and see.”

“Damn,” Rebecca said.

He started the car and looked back at Rebecca. He wanted to kiss the girl that made out with his sister. Rebecca winked at him and lifted her skirt. She had a full triangle of reddish-brown pubic hair, and plump pussy-lips. She was that kind of girl.

For the five minutes it took to get to Rebecca's house, nobody spoke a single word. Evan kept one eye on the road and one in the rear view mirror. He didn't look at Deana.

Once Rebecca gave him a show getting out of the car, she pulled Deana by the arm. "Get up. I got to tell you something."

"What," Deana said. She stood with her back to Evan.

Rebecca whispered, "That was the hottest thing I've ever seen. I got off. I swear, I came."

Deana said no with her eyes, but let her friend grab a handful of her crotch. Rebecca's middle finger easily slip between her wet lips.

"You're on fire," Rebecca said. "You loved it, didn't you?"

"Shut up," Deana hissed. "It was your stupid idea. I was just playing along." She sat down. "Bye, I'll call you later." She pulled her feet in the car.

Rebecca smirked and said, "You're a great actress," then shut Deana's door.

Evan hadn't been able to hear what they were saying, but he could assume. Why the hell was it so exciting thinking about his sister with another girl?

When the silence got to be more than he could stand, he said the only thing he could think of to break the ice, "Can't believe we did that."

"I can," was all his sister said, then she continued staring out the window.

He thought about telling her about Rebecca's exhibitionism in the backseat, but decided to keep it to himself. The tumbler clearly had the equipment and the desire. It was just a matter of time.

Evan stopped in their driveway, shoved the shifter into park and blew out a long huff. "Summer vacation, wow." They sure had kicked it off with a bang.

Deana opened her door got out and said, "We'll talk later," then closed the door.

He stayed in the car trying to understand what was happening.

Rebecca's House

Rebecca was naked within twenty seconds of entering her house. She hadn't really thought her scheme would work, it was just a fun game she expected Deana to shoot down, yet it had been so easy, like her friend had been waiting for the opportunity to kiss her brother. Kissing Deana in front of someone, especially her brother, was liberating and erotic, but watching a brother and sister, twins, in a heated make out kind of kiss, opened a trap door to the really nasty fantasies she didn't normally let herself think about. Her crotch had caught on fire and she spread her legs and fingered herself while Evan was in the car with her. Hadn't she hoped they would catch her? She really was an exhibitionist. She loved showing Evan her pussy. It was just a matter of time before her wildest dreams came true.

Rebecca went into her parents room without her clothes. Why her mother had a 12-inch black rubber cock, she didn't know, but she was grateful. It went into her mouth without a thought about her mother's juices still being on it, she didn't care. She sucked it, moaning Evan's name. She had never been so aroused in her life. It was an irrational state of lust, like a horny squirrel running under a car tire in pursuit of a female.

Rebecca stood on the chair in front of her mother's vanity, and straddled the dildo. "Oh, fuck me, Evan. Fuck me in front of your sister." She watched in the mirror as the black dick forced her pussy to open. It hurt, really hurt, but she kept on lowering her ass, watching the dick slide into her body. "Oh, Evan, fuck me, Evan..."

If she heard her parents, she'd be that squirrel under a tire.

When Evan finally came down from his room, he stepped off the last step into the hallway and Deana came out of her room. "Let's talk," she said.

"Okay," he said, still pretending everything was normal.

"In here," Deana said, and backed him into the bathroom.


"Because," she said, and close the door, then push the lock button.

"This is weird," Evan said.

"Not nearly as weird as what happened in the car," Deana said. "I'm not sure what's worse, me kissing Rebecca in front of you, or us kissing in front of her."

It was obvious to him. He looked over her shoulder in the mirror and from behind, Deana could have been any hot girl, but when he stared into her black eyes, she was his sister. He could feel her and he thought she might cry. "Dee, don't trip on this," he said. "Whatever you and Rebecca do, I don't care and I'm never going to say anything. It's cool."

"Glad you think so," she said. "I promise, if you and Jason were making out, it would be a different story."

"Yeah, I guess so, but still, don't worry about it. Now's the time to explore, experiment and figure stuff out. Enjoy ourselves before we have grown-up responsibilities. We're young."

She rested her hands above his hips and mumbled, “So let’s set the world on fire.” It made butterflies in his stomach. "If you feel that way, can I kiss you again?" she said. "To prove it wasn't anything. We were only pretending, acting for Rebecca."

"Sure, let's put this to rest." He dipped down and pressed his lips to hers while staring at her. Those beautiful eyes penetrated his soul. His sister wasn't pretending. Her hands moved behind his back and pulled him into her.

He closed his eyes and his tongue intertwined with hers. She sat on the counter and wrapped her arms around his neck, her heels hooked inside his legs and forced him into her open thighs. One of his hands was on her back, between her shoulder blades, the other was under her hair, on her neck. His dick was rock-hard and seconds. Did his sister want him as bad as he wanted Candy?

"Wow," Deana said, leaning back, her legs still holding him.

"Phew, that sure put things to rest." He didn't love anybody more than Deana, they shared a part of each other, but she was his sister. He couldn't love her that way.

"You sure pretend well," she said.

He was pretending, and he wanted to keep on pretending he didn't want his sister or his mother. "Ah, it's nothing to worry about, We got caught up. Just some hormone thing or something. Nothing to worry about."

"It's a hormone thing all right," she said. "Being a teenager sucks."

"It does, so let's just forget this."

"We should," she said. "Let's get out of here. I'll go, you stay a minute. It'll look better that way."

"Yeah, right," he agreed, yet didn't understand.

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