Crazy Ex_(1) by kinkyrubber

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Fiction | BDSM, Cheating, Domination, Drug, Female, Humiliation, Latex fetish, Male, Non-consensual sex, Pregnant, Rape, Reluctance, Submission

I spent six years in a chaotic relationship because of my two beautiful children. It started off great but she became crazier as the years progressed. Logical thinking went out the window and my life became a nightmare. The saying "Stay together for the kids" would always echo through my mind when I wanted to leave for something better.

    When I hit 30 I had realized it was now or never. I felt like I had wasted so much time and didn't want to waste any more. I was getting older and was sick of being miserable so I left. It was a difficult decision but I knew if I stayed in my kids lives, I could live a more fulfilling and happy life. I knew I had to finally allow myself to be happy as well.

   The break up was full of anger and hate. She stole a lot of my things but I soon met a girl that made me shrug my shoulders to the bullshit my ex was throwing my way.

   For the first time in many years I was happy and smiling. It felt strange and filled me with so much energy. I felt like a brand new person.

   Years passed and my ex would still hit on me and try to win me back though I was clearly happy where I was. I made it a point to avoid her as much as possible so the only time I saw her was when I picked up the kids every Friday to take home with me for the weekend.

   I was enjoying being in a stable relationship though unfortunately she didn't share my fetishes or really understand why the look and smell of latex was so erotic to me. She didn't understand why a woman inhaling a cigarette got me so excited and she didn't smoke so she couldn't help me there.

   At times I missed having the outlet for those fetishes I craved. The sex is great and she enjoys some kinky things but I did miss indulging in those particular interests that my ex would do for me.

   I've spent most of the past two years trying to convince my girlfriend to try latex. Start small with some gloves or panties and maybe work up to a dress. She seemed open minded at first but as time has gone on it seemed I was out of luck. I suppose that's what porn is for when you don't have a way to experience what you feel you need sexually.

   Today I'm full of shame though I know it was all out of my control. My hands were tied, literally.

   I went to my exes home to pick up the kids after getting out of work. As usual she was sitting in the chair waiting. I made very little eye contact with her.

    "Girls! Time to go!" I shouted toward their bedroom, fully expecting them to come running out like they always do.

    My ex, Brianna, smirked and said, "They aren't here right now."

   Confused, I exclaimed, "What do you mean they aren't here? Where the hell are they? It's my time with them."

   She stood up, "They won't be coming over this weekend. They are busy."

   She stepped closer to me slowly so I backed up. Once I knew the kids weren't there, there wasn't a reason for me to be around her anymore.

   "I don't know why you couldn't have told me before hand Brianna so I didn't waste my gas. I got to go."

   The moment I touched the door handle I felt one of her hands grab my shoulder while the other reached around to my face. I felt a wet cloth cover my mouth and nose.

   "What the fuck are you..."

   Darkness. I'm not even sure what happened or how long I was out but this crazy bitch had done something to incapacitate me.

   When I came to, I was sitting in a chair. I felt so tired and confused as I tried to move my hands before discovering they were tied behind the chair. It wasn't long before I realized my pants and underwear were off too.

   "Struggle as much as you'd like but your stuck," said Brianna from across the room.

   I looked over to see her in a black latex dress and knee high leather boots as she was pulling an elbow length latex glove onto her arm.

   "What the hell are you doing?" I yelled as I tried pulling my hands free to no avail.

   "You don't want to admit it but I know you miss this pussy and my insatiable appetite to please. I bet that bitch you're with doesn't please you like I would."

   I couldnt stop shaking my head in disbelief at how ridiculous this situation was that I was in.

   "So your plan is to what? Tempt me with latex so maybe I'll fuck you?"

  She shot back, "Not only latex," as she grabbed her pack of Marlboro Menthol 100's and pulled one to her Ruby red lips. She slowly lifted the lighter to the cigarette and I couldn't help but watch the smoke drift from her mouth.

   "I have a girlfriend. I am happy. I'm not interested and I'm never going to say yes to this. You are wasting your time!"

   Smiling she leaned forward, cigarette dangling from her lips as she whispered, "Who said you have a say?"

   Her smile was wide as she laughed in my face. I was at a loss for words.

   "Brianna, just let me go. You can't just do whatever the fuck you want."

   "Watch me sweety."

   My struggles did nothing to loosen my constraints. I tried to think about things that would keep me from getting turned on but the latex brushing against my bare cock was hard to ignore as she sat in my lap.

   "You dont mind if this cigarette slut sits here do you?" She inhaled deep and blew the smoke in my face as she grinded her latex clad ass along my cock and balls.

   "Stop. Come on, just stop. What's the point? One fuck and then I'm gone. No way I'll put myself in this position again. This doesn't get me back you psycho bitch."

   "That's where you are wrong. I know you are barely getting by right now. Child support is a real bitch isn't it baby?"

   "Fuck you," I shouted in her face.

   "Yes, you will fuck me. I also didn't mention, I've been off birth control for a bit. You are going to put a fucking baby in me. You're going to impregnate me and have no choice to come home to mommy."

   My eyes grew wide and I was full of rage.

   "Are you fucking serious?! Get the fuck off me. Who would do something so fucked up to someone they claim to love?"

   "Well, your whining is a turn off. Just shut up and enjoy the show."

   She leaned over to a nearby table and grabbed some tape. Now I had no control of my hands and couldn't plead my case.

   "Just give into the pleasure. You have no choice at this point so why not enjoy the ride?"

   The grinding was too much and my cock was  fully erect as she slid me inside of her. I wanted to not enjoy it but it had been days since I had sex and the feeling of tight wet pussy was a powerful sensation.

   Moans escaped the tape over my mouth. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't look away.

   "Come on daddy, impregnate me. Give me a baby," she cried out as she jumped up and down on me.

   Her 36d breasts were crammed into this latex dress right in front my face. It had been so long since I had enjoyed my fetishes outside of porn. It was so much stimulation.

   The feel of the latex and the smell mixed with the site of her lips blowing clouds of smoke was driving me wild.

   "Just think, once you've given me a baby, you are going to get to fuck this pussy all of the time. You want latex baby, I got you. You want me to blow smoke on your dick, I'll do it. I'll be your whore. Whatever you need."

   As if the visual wasn't enough, her dirty talk was distracting me as well.

   With each thrust deep inside of her, I had to tell myself no, I can't. I have to try not to cum.

   "You feel so big. I bet you have a huge load for Mommy. I'm surprised it's taking so long for you. Don't fight it. Give it to me."

   She knew I was trying not to cum and I was getting close before pulling myself back a few times with other thoughts. Unfortunately, she wasn't going to let up.

   Brianna pulled her big breasts out of the dress and leaned up to rub them in my face. Her hands gripped my hair as she pulled my face between them before sitting back on my cock.

   To my surprise she had stopped rocking her body and sat there for a moment. She reached for her cigarettes and lit a new one.

   "I know you are close. You can only fight this for so long babe. I'm going to get ur seed. Maybe you need a different view. I know how much you love my big ass."

  She turned around, showing me her curvy body in it's tight latex confines. Her ass was nice and round and glistened from the light before she slid the dress up a few inches to show skin.

   My cock was pulsating and I didn't know what else I could do to stop this.

   She slowly lowered herself on to my cock. Her pussy was soaking wet and warm. I knew the fight was about to end.

   "Like that view? Like seeing my ass move when ur pounding me?"

   I shook my head in defiance but she knew I was weak.

   She tilted her head back to stare me in the eyes with the cigarette dangling from her lips as the pace quickened.

   Panic was setting in as I felt an intense sensation shoot through me.

   "Mm, yes. Good boy. Fill my pussy."

   She had won. I kept saying "No, no, no" under the tape but it didn't matter. It was too late. My cum was deep inside of her and nothing could change this fact.

   I was in a daze when she untied my hands. The anger was gone because shame had set in.

"I'll let you know once I take the pregnancy test. I'm going to go shower."

   I barely heard her, I was so out of it. My mind wandered to so many terrible scenarios as I opened her front door to leave.

   That was the longest 30 minute drive home I had ever made. My girlfriend had messaged several times but I didn't even know what to say at this point.

   Now I'm living with the guilt as I impatiently wait to find out my fate.

Rating: 89%, Read 23605 times, Posted Aug 22, 2018

Fiction | BDSM, Cheating, Domination, Drug, Female, Humiliation, Latex fetish, Male, Non-consensual sex, Pregnant, Rape, Reluctance, Submission


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