Third is a Charm by MagnusPlethora

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Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Group Sex, Male, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Threesome

Three is a charm

There are sometimes times in life where life makes a decision for you. The gloves come off, the blindfold is pulled away and you realize that you yourself had little to no choice in regards to the circumstances you find yourself in. I've only really had one such instance, and though it happened two years ago I remember it clear as if it had happened yesterday. It had long been a dream of mine to see the world, see great sights and taste exotic foods - for my 21st birthday I was afforded the luxury of such a trip - a backpacking trip across Europe. The thrill of learning of the journey was met with some small pain though, my girlfriend of two years had decided to leave me - with college over she saw no need to continue the relationship - so I would be taking this grand expedition alone.

I've experienced many of what I would consider grand journeys and adventures in my life - but nothing could have prepared me for the road ahead.

I've never had much luck sleeping in the air. Travel mixed with relaxation is far too exciting a spectacle for me to shut my eyes - lest I miss an instant. The flight into London left me feeling exhausted on top of my already tired state of mind. I wanted to begin my journey immediately but in the interest of my own well being I knew I needed some shut eye before proceeding.

I grabbed a taxi to the Crown Hilton where my reservations were held and walking up to the counter wearily collected a room key, located the dreary room I was to sleep in and was out like a light. My sleep was so sound that at one point I forgot all about the events of the last couple days and dreamt of home, simpler times and my girl... No wait... Ex girl... I dreamt of her wild sex, probably now with some wild eyed beer belly who promised her jewelry instead of truly appreciating her "jewels" appropriately... I felt sick... I could hear her wild sex noises in my sleep almost as if she were in the next room, then I woke up and realized that I was in a motel in London. The noises from my dream still lingered then I realized that they must be coming from the room next door to me.

I lay there, somewhat refreshed but still looking a mess, and now with the jovial sound of a girl in the troughs of bliss, screaming accompanied with shrieks and grunts of euphoria - no it sounded like two girls. Regardless my mind turned to sex. Understand being a typical man I have fantasies. One that I'd always relished was the idea of a threesome. Though I thought it quite unlikely at the time. Still laying there listening to two girls crashing about their room on the other side of the wall I felt vicariously involved. Gradually their sound died down and as it did I slowly drifted off to sleep once more.

I was woken early the next morning - or at least far too early for my standards considering the time change by a ringing phone by the bed stand.

A sexy British accent on the other line informed me that it was my wake up call and that I might enjoy the complementary breakfast down the hall.

Strange - I really couldn't remember ordering a wake up call nor was I really aware of the whole concept crossing cultures from America to Europe in regards to such a thing. Nonetheless I figured now was as good of a time as any to start my journey so I pulled myself out of bed and after a quick shower I walked out to the hallway absolutely clueless as to the direction of this morning refreshment source. Coming around the corner I found a small table with coffee and tea, the usual fare with variousBritish breads which I no doubt had never tried, and felt that with my stomachs vulnerable state it probably was wise that I stick with something I was more familiar with. So I set out to find a more conventional breakfast foods and almost immediately found the one place that no man dare ever say he traveled across the Atlantic to visit... McDonald's.

I ordered and sat in the corner, amused at the fact I'd traveled all this way to end up in such a familiar setting. Yet the overwhelming feel was loneliness, it was a habit of mine to eat breakfast with friends or family... or in particular the girl... ex girl... and now eating all alone it just felt odd. Looking about the room I amused myself by people watching, an elderly couple rummaging through a couple dainty biscuits and senior sized coffees very familiar to senior citizens and their fascination with early breakfasts at the Golden arches back home. On the far wall a gentleman ate while he read the newspaper though he looked lost enough in his newspaper to completely disregard his beverage which had gone room temperature on him. Then on the near wall a couple tables over from me sat two giggly girls eating and whispering, relishing their gossip and no doubt enjoying a well deserved holiday, I came to the almost instantaneous conclusion that the last of the three tables was by far the most interesting to watch.

The two girls infectious enthusiasm and energy was having a profound effect on me and a smile slowly crept across my face just to watch the two girls having so much fun with each others company. The two girls looked around the room realizing they had found an audience - primarily in me and I grinned and looked down shyly hiding my face behind my biscuit.

Looking back up a second or two later I realized the two gigglers had now focused their attention on me, the taller of the two girls had darker hair with stunning features and her beaming friend across from her a lighter shade of blondish with prominent bosoms. The girls were still talking to each other and giggling though significantly quieter and having nodded as in agreement they stood up in unison and came over to the table I sat behind.

"We were noticing how lonely you looked over here, mind if we join you?" said the large chested of the two as I fought to keep my eyes from beaming directly at her tremendous mammories. "I'm Sarah" said Tits, I mean, well... I was really gonna have to put a stronger effort to not think about last night if I was gonna make any new friends here. "I'm Mike" I said, feeling a bit adventurous and using an alias, perhaps more a nickname than an alias. "I was feeling quite lonely actually, please do."

"Toldja he'd bounce us with his eyes" said Sarah to her friend, "Quiet Sarah, don't scare him away just yet" and then looking to me filled in the last of the introductions "I'm Rachel... we're both 19".

We went around in our circle of sorts and told our stories, the two girls were visiting the city from their respective suburbs having not seen each other for a month. "A Lifetime and a half" as Rachel described it "were nigh inseparable" while squeezing Sarah with a rather affectionate hug. I told them of my plans to backpack Europe, a lifelong dream for me - though quite disappointing in that I was alone to accomplish it due to the breakup.

"Awww" and "You poor thing" cooed the girls, and almost simultaneously moved from across the table to either side of me sitting down on either side. The sudden proximity breach woke me up in my trousers but I made a valiant attempt to remain under control and keep my eyes focused above the girls necks as they both were wearing shirts that allowed excellent visual access to the chests. "What plans did you girls have for today? I am enjoying your company quite immensely" was the first thing I could push out of my mouth - hoping desperately that they might be free to keep me from falling back onto my island of lonely.

"Well" said Rachel as the two girls almost fell into an immediate giggle fit, "we weren't planning on much in London today."

I sat for a second rather perplexed and it probably showed on my face as the girls fell into yet another giggle fit.

"We weren't planning on doing much outside of this part of the city today" giggled Sarah as the two girls bust into another fit.

"I'm not gonna lie girls" said I, "I'm purely clueless as to what you're referring to exactly"

"We weren't really planning on leaving the bed today" said Rachel with a sly wink my way, and suddenly I realized just who I was talking to - the last nights crashing about and sexual noises suddenly made much more sense - and sounded familiar with the two girls voices and the similarities between the sound of a laugh and a sex scream. "Oh that!" I remarked and the girls fell apart laughing perhaps in nervous revelation of their sexual activity to an almost relative stranger or perhaps at my sudden change of facial expression as I realized they were lovers.

"So you're lesbians" I said almost wishing for an alternate answer though I would no doubt be open to their hilarious antics and company regardless as to whether or not they liked anything remotely phallic. "Actually" Sarah said, "were Bi" and Rachel interjected "I think I saw you at our hotel last night! Did you just get in yesterday?"

I chuckled and informed them that I was quite sure I actually had heard some of their antics the night before since I was next door neighbors of theirs.

"Did you enjoy it?" asked Sarah slyly and I suddenly became the one having a hard time holding a straight face, "from the sound of it I think you two are the ones that enjoyed it" and we all had a good chuckle at that. Then Rachel had a look of sudden inspiration and grabbing my arm suddenly she asked the one question I was dying to hear. "Would you like to watch us?"

I've never agreed to something so quickly, and it may seem strange but I felt a tremendous bond with these two girls. Looking about the restaurant we all came to the realization that we hadn't been exactly quiet with our plans and a few bemused or disgusted looks were on the faces of the patrons of Ronald McDonald so we decided quickly to make ourselves scarce and ran back to the hotel. Walking down the hallway to the room the girls took to either elbow and skipped along happily, slowly realizing just what an erotic thing I was about to witness the member in my pants swelled to full capacity and being that I had neither hand to restore it to a less obvious position I tried to ignore it and walk down the hallway. I reached the girls door but they kept going... arriving at my door instead and looking at me expectantly. I chuckled at their boldness and nodded in agreement... unlocking my door and letting the two beauties inside.

Rachel and Sarah scoped out the room making small talk and jokes about the similarities to the room next door. Rachel was the first to break the awkward silence... grabbing the tv remote from the bed and turning the channels until she found a music video station, a slow sexy beat filled the room and turning around she pressed her sexy full lips against Sarah's. They paused like that for a moment almost as if a picture was being taken in my minds eye and then drawing back Sarah commented, "make yourself comfortable" so I sat on the bed watching them stand and kiss sweetly almost like a symphony orchestra, knowing just how girls like to be kissed and matching each move with a perfect counter move. Sarah reached her hands down and slowly pulled off Rachel's shirt revealing a sexy red lace bra - with almost no hesitation Rachel followed pulling off Sarah's shirt to display a leopard print bra that displayed her massive breasts perfectly. My eyes were entranced, I have to admit I'm very much a breast man and the two pairs in front of me were the smoothest, sexiest I had ever seen - not to mention Sarah's were by far the biggest I'd ever seen in my life, my eyes just gravitated to them and then finally I came back to planet earth to realize that the girls skirts were both vanished revealing matching bottoms.

My hands moved to my pants almost without thinking as my erection was straining against the fabric trying to inch closer to these two beauties who they themselves were quite enraptured with each other. Pushing Sarah back on to the bed on her back Rachel climbed on top of her kissing her neck and cleavage line softly causing a good deal of ooohs and ahhs. I myself leaned against the wall next to the bed, only a foot or so from the action, wondering in my mind what I would have to do to get real relief for my own sexual tension after watching all this. Rachel rolled over propelling Sarah onto her half naked body and in the process running both of them up against my leg as they continued kissing. Sarah paused for a moment looking over and Rachels eyes followed simultaneously catching the sight of my hand resting on my erection through my shorts, the giggles came like a flood as the girls appreciated the size of my appreciation for their action thus far, which at this point was unmistakably pitching a tent. Sarah walked her fingers up my leg and took a good feel of my cock and my heart leapt in my throat. "ooo good" said Sarah to a reply of giggles from Rachel underneath her who moved her own hand over to curiously touch through the fabric. "I've never felt one of these," she said, "well not inside me at least, not a real one."

The girls went back to kissing each other but their hands stayed rested on my crotch, where now that I no longer had access to it the light pressure from the two girls hands became almost torture. Sarah started kissing down toRachel's chest and stomach causing a good deal of squirming on her part - affecting the pressure of her hand on my cock and I squirmed a bit as well. Sarah's hand moved down to her girls breasts and started fiddling with the border of the bra, and Rachel replied with her own hands moving to remove Sarah's leopard print bra causing her melons to bounce out of their confining space, even bigger than I'd imagined. Rachel rolled Sarah back on her back as Sarah removed the Red Lace bra revealing another impressive set of breasts, I didn't care if I didn't get any action at this point, I was in heaven to have seen the two girls breasts, not to mention be an audience for such an intimate activity.

The girls went back to kissing, their breasts lightly grazing as I sat a mere foot away completely captivated. Rachel moved her attention to Sarah's impressive breastskneading at them while nibbling on the nipples causing grand noise from the girl. Sarah moved her hand down Rachel's side over the side of her breasts. Rachel reached her hand back over to the tent in my shorts and grabbed me so firmly that it made me jump a bit. Moving her face off of Sarah breasts long enough to react to a nipple caress Rachel looked over at me and invited me in "I think we need a couple extra hands in this pile" and giggled at her own genius statement. My hands migrated over on top ofRachel's back touching lightly as the softness of her skin drew my fingers in. My other hand reached down to the side of Sarah's breasts and caressed the side of them as Rachel went back to suckling lightly on either nipple causing good noise from Sarah and continued to grip my erection firmly, as if she feared it would disappear if her hand left it.

Lifting my own shirt off I moved in closer to the pile, gravity was pulling me in not to mention the strong grip on my penis. I knelt up above the girls and kissed up and down Rachels bare back as she moaned on top of Sarah and frantically worked with one hand to try and undo my shorts to no avail. With a brief pause Sarah's hand joined Rachel in the effort and the two girls hands slid my shorts and underwear down to the bed as my rock hard member sprang out like a horse out of a gate. In a moment the two hands simultaneously wrapped around my throbbing member one over the other the sensation almost overpowered me and I leaned over and finally lay down on the bed next to Sarah with two hands still encircling my cock. As I lay down Rachel scooted over to my right side as Sarah stayed where she was on my left my hands sliding down to the lower abdomen of both girls who clearly loved it. Sarah grabbed my hand with her free one and planted mine firmly over her vagina through the fabric and I voluntarily did the same to Rachel who squirmed with delight and slowly started to move her hand up and down on my hard shaft.

I trembled lightly as Sarah followed suit and moved my hands inside each girls panties feeling the soft skin underneath. Both girls were clean shaven and the feeling of warm pelvis in either hand while I was softly pumped was indescribable. The girls shifted a bit and began kissing again above me though their concentration broke noticeably when I found their soft mounds insides. My fingers felt the tightness of both girls as the new intruders were welcomed by a moist sweet smelling aura of arousal. The Feeling was amazing but slightly awkward so I pulled out and flipped over facing the girls who were back to kissing one another and stood over them a moment admiring the sight, as I watched Sarah's hand migrated to Rachel's panties as well so I scooted over and slid them off her... slowly exposing her delicate yet delicious behind, and lifted her leg slightly as Sarah rubbed her clit with a moistened hand. Her hand moved to reciprocate Sarah but I had other plans.

Moving over to Sarah I slid off her panties as well now completing the circle of nakedness. I found her wet folds so inviting that I dipped my head down and took her delicate folds in my mouth, causing a whole new level of noise from the big breasted beauty. As I licked up and down her crevice, she writhed underneath me. I slid a finger then two inside her wet vagina as I kept licking away savoring the taste and the sound of her bliss coupled withRachel's noises from Sarah fingering her.

Rachel's fingers ran up and down Sarah chest as she writhed in ecstasy, coming with a violent scream soon followed by Rachel with her own climax.

I moved over to Rachel's wet hole and licked away at her juices still fingering Sarah as she shook on the bed with sexy little trembles. Rachel pulled me down on the bed back in between the two lovely ladies laying on my back and rolling toward each other the two girls each rolled onto one of my legs pinning me down as they straddled a leg each. Sarah grabbed my hard cock who had been feeling quite neglected in all this fun and Rachel kissed up my torso to my neck, my hands went to move up to each girls succulent chests but the pleasure of the moment overwhelmed me and I had to put my hands down and relish the moment. Rachel started kissing back down just in time to meet Sarah kissing my upper pelvis and the two girls locked in yet another erotic kiss before moving down to look at my erection.

Sarah had experience, though how much I couldn't be sure but her strokes on my shaft rippled shreds of pure pleasure through my body and I practically leapt off the bed when Rachel kissed down on the head of my cock. The girls giggled together and Rachel went back down on my shaft taking a couple inches inside her warm mouth as she moved up and down slowly, Sarah still stroking the bottom half of my cock vigorously. I fought against bodily instincts as my body neared euphoria, not wanting this all to end. The two girls moved to kissing just over my erection with a hand from each wrapped around me firmly and stroking. Sarah moved her left breast just over the top of my dick rubbing the head against it as the pumping continued, unable to take the sensation anymore I came like a rocket spurting all over Sarah's warm breasts, Rachel rubbed it in all over the tremendous breasts and as the last drops oozed out Sarah took my sensitive cock in her mouth, reviving it with sheer willpower.

"How fast can you go again" Sarah asked, and I guessed about five minutes so the two girls rolled away from me and took each other into a 69 position, lapping at each others wet vaginas. I lay back feeling the exhausting pleasure of an orgasm fade slowly but the sight in front of me was highly motivating, I hardly went soft and soon I was lightly rubbing myself as I watched the two girls pleasure each other. Sensing my recovery Sarah rolled off and grabbed me by the cock and pulled me and Rachel toward the bathroom, "you're not putting that in me till its washed," she said "plus I think you might enjoy wet threesomes as much as me and Rachel do"

Chapter Two - Pants and Circumstance

Sarah led me into the shower with Rachel close behind the caressing sensation of the shower head cascaded over our naked bodies. The events of the last hour still echoing through my head post orgasm - I pushed them aside to focus on the present. Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed something so deeply intoxicating would be possible for a guy like me. I figured in most of my experience with women in the past that I was morbidly lucky if even one member of the opposite sex found me attractive and now I was in the shower with two of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen.

Sarah turned to Rachel first taking her face in hand and kissing her deeply as the water splashed them on the side. Their arms wrapped around one another and twisted their mouths together in an intricate knot. Soft moans emitted from their intertwined faces as their soft bodies collided purposefully. Breast to breast and tongues together I watched the two girls become blissfully unaware of my presence so that all that remained were the two passionate friends holding each other close under the warm water.

I woke into motion as if realizing once more that I was a part of this and moved in behind Sarah kissing her neck as she kissed Rachel's. My throbbing erection found itself propped up against Sarah's leg fueling new life into my member as I lightly grazed her soft skin.

Rachel gasped softly and looking about I realized that Sarah had slid her fingers into her friends moist abyss and was moving slowly and purposefully. The girls went eye to eye staring into each other as the pleasure levels soared for both. I slid my hand around between the girls to give Sarah some of her own medicine only to find Rachel had beat me to the punch. The echoes of bliss echoed through the shower as the ladies slowly finger fucked each other. I on the other hand was now painfully uninvolved and while I was able to graze against a hand or leg to find momentary relief it became obvious to me that I was meant to wait - build up steam: my performance was yet to come.

Rachels moans were growing louder by the minute as Sarah increased her pace fingering her. I slid around to the side of the two and taking their two free hands and stacked them next to each other around my raging erection and slowly began to move them up and down on me. The sensation both visually, physically and audibly erotic was beyond intoxicating and my own climax was nearing when Rachel screamed out a loud orgasm on Sarah's hand and grabbed onto the two of us shaking with orgasm.

Sarah led her backwards into my arms and Rachel reached around her head to hold onto me as Sarah slowly started kissing down her friends body from her breasts down to her super sensitive clit and took her into her mouth which elicited a second round of moans. Rachel pushed forward into her mouth and pulled me with her a bit as my cock found itself buried between her buttcheeks. Sarah pushed me and Rachel back against the wall so that Rachel and her squirming ground her against my member and my pushing back lent to the pressure of Rachel's clit against Sarah's's tongue. It was an intricate balance almost like a dance. Rachel's hands back behind my head grabbed at my hair desperately and my hands rested on her breasts tweaking them lightly as she felt the pleasure from both me and Sarah's actions. Shaking with euphoria Rachel climaxed again and couldn't take any more stimulation. Breathing heavily as she sat into a chair just outside the shower beaming at Sarah. Looking to me she gave her commands. "Okay boy, now you wear her out just like she did me".

Sarah turned around to me beaming. "Looks like were up" pulling her in close to me I kissed her hard, in no way could I match the tender mastery of kissing the two girls had achieved, but I could sure flex my muscle and so I would. Pulling her body in close to mine I felt her tremendous breasts shiver with delight at my touch the water still cascading on us made them glisten like the treasures they were. Softly I massaged one with my right hand kissing down her neck I took her nipple in my mouth causing her to squeal with delight. Moaning slightly she grabbed my head with her hands and pulled me into her breast closer and sighed audibly as my tongue snaked around her lovely shaped nipple.

Sarah reached down to my hard on and stroked me strongly pulling on me til the tip grazed against her outer folds. I groaned as the sensation of our skin to skin encounter sent shock waves through my body. Rubbing the head of my throbbing cock against her clit Sarah breathed hard in my ear, whispering dirty nothings to me, of having wanted this for so long. I was in no position to be poetic with the majority of my blood having vacated one head and entered another so, quite simply, I took her.

I grabbed Sarah and lifted her up against me as I stood in the shower. Wrapping her arms and legs around me she stared hungrily into my eyes as I guided my hard cock slowly to the entrance. Her ragged breath and sexy moans urged me on as I slowly found the tip of my member against her and lowering her slowly I felt my shaft begin to fill her completely. She was tight beyond comprehension.

Sarah slowly slid down until my entire length filled her then she held there, relishing the feeling of fullness and lightly ground against my pelvis with my hardness all inside her. The hardness of my erection inside her found her sensitive spots inside as she moved. Sarah shivered deeply and pulled back up - rising up my shaft before diving back down, harder this time. A deep hunger filled her eyes staring deep into mine as she pounded herself onto me. The slapping of skin against softer skin filled the shower. I warned her "I don't think I can make you come twice with this fast a pace" but she kept going and said my second phrase of the night "if you think three orgasms each is all were going for today, boy you're in for a surprise" and just like that she hit her orgasm, screaming into my ear with bliss until my ears rang.

Sarah in all her tremendous radiant beauty, squirmed on my cock as she slid all the way down letting every inch of me fill her. Feeling her contracting muscles inside grabbing me desperately nearly brought me to climax then and there. Lowering her I slowly slid out despite her objections and led her out of the shower and laid her over Rachel's lap, her shaking body laying against her friends naked form I slowly slid back into her from behind and took her doggy style. The tightness from behind her was even more overwhelming and I started pumping in to her all the faster as her moans got louder and louder, Rachel placed her hand on my chest feeling my muscles contract as I neared my own climax. Rachel was noticeably less exhausted and enjoying the show, commenting how much muscles it must take to fuck them all day she reached from my chest back to my butt she squeezed my cheek pulling me into Sarah all the faster.

My mind hit the point of no return and I spent the last of my energy to push all the way into Sarah once more as her second orgasm and my first coincided almost perfectly. My erection pulsed inside her as her vagina squeezed in reciprocation.

The room was full of the smells of sex and as Sarah moaned her second orgasm in 5 minutes, Rachel watched with eyes heavy with renewed lust, and I collapsed onto the two girls as my cum erupted into the blond vixen.

I shook with ecstasy as Sarah's muscles squeezed every drop from my cock inside her and we all three of us collapsed in a heap, all breathing heavy and all in a haze of blissful endorphins. Today had been the most erotic day of my life, and it wasn't even noon yet.

"What to eat for lunch girls?" I asked, "or shall we stay in and continue eating each other?"

The devilish grins returned and Rachel looked around, "Why limit ourselves to the hotel" she quipped "let's go see some of the city... I have a perfect place I want to show you two, and if you don't fuck me the second we get there.." Her voice trailed off for a bit as dirty imagination took over in her mind. "Well, there's no question about IF... you WILL."

Rating: 79%, Read 38085 times, Posted Mar 10, 2010

Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Group Sex, Male, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Threesome


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