Hot Box Chapter 6, 2 Important Words by 1MTNMN45

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Hot Box Chapter 6, 2 Important Words

Male/Female, Adventure, Romance

William Blake wrote, “The road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” I really have no idea what that means it just sounded good… and it gave me a good way to start this chapter. Actually it means that the road of excessiveness will eventually lead you to the place where you will find the answers, or the reward you were looking for. In this particular instance the road to excess lead to virtually empty back packs. Though the grass had long since worn off; the amount of energy spent by both of us lead to a rather large feast this morning, dwindling our carried in food supply to just above return status. And for this trip, food and water was everything.

“It looks like we have about five and a half to six days of food left if we really ration things out,” I said as I finished the inventory of our food supply.

Mandy just sat quietly and finished sipping her coffee while I closed up the packs. She looked absolutely stunning in the silver breast plate with all of the added jewelry. Her nipples stuck out strong through the holes in the ends of the breast cups, almost like they were begging me to suck on them. When I made a move to tweak them Mandy pulled back a little and covered them up with her arm. “Not this morning babe,” she said with a bit of a dejected look in her eyes.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” I asked as I knelt down next to her and brushed her hair away from her face.

Mandy set her coffee cup down before she looked me squarely in the eyes. “I don’t know what you did to me last night but I’m just a little bit sore this morning,” as she said that she shifted her weight a little, bringing about a slight grimace to her face.

“I’m sorry about that honey,” I said as I took her hand in mine and kissed the back of it. (No I wasn’t. I was actually a little proud of myself) But, since I was raised to be a gentleman I did feel a little bad that she was in such discomfort. “What can I do to help?”

“Help me out of this,” she said as she reached for the buckles on the side closest to me.

The design of the ‘fancy armor’ was such that Mandy could get in and out of it rather easily all by herself. My assistance was minimal at best while she loosened the buckles under her left arm before repeating the process on the right. With both sides loose she hooked her thumbs under the sides just below her tits and pushed the breast plate forward, swinging it up over her head. I quickly stood up and grasped the shining silver suit, lifting it up and away from Mandy. I could hear her let out a sigh of relief as I removed the heavy piece of dress.

“Wow,” I said as I carefully set the armor down. “This thing is heavy.” I am guessing the form fitting silver was a solid 25 or 30 pounds.

When I turned back around to see Mandy I now understood why she didn’t want me to touch her breasts. With the armor out of the way it was plainly evident that the ends of her breasts, primarily her nipples, areolas, and some of the surrounding tissue was bruised, showing the telltale discoloration from a rough night of abuse. The holes in the breast cups had left distinct rings around the ends of her breasts, coinciding with the bruising.

“Oh my,” she moaned as she gently cupped her purplish looking nipples. “What did you do?”

“It wasn’t me killer,” I said as I picked up my now dry clothes and began to dress. “You were really horny and tried to pull your own breasts out through the holes in the armor.” When she shifted her weight so she could start to stand up she grimaced, bringing her hand down to her crotch to cup her still swollen labia. “That was me,” I said, taking credit where credit was due.

“Help me up,” she said as she extended her hand in my direction, “I’ve gotta pee.”

Mandy moved very slowly and deliberately, staying somewhat bent over at the waist with her legs spread apart. It looked like she had been horseback riding and was suffering from a severe case of saddle sores with the way she gingerly moved out the door to relieve herself. I did feel sorry for her now. Maybe I was just a bit too rough with her. She squatted down to do her thing but nothing happened. Looking down at her wide spread legs she reached in with her hand and gently stroked her cum sealed lips.

“Bring me some water,” she said with a noted look of strain on her face.

Her procedure was rather simple, pour a little water then lightly stroke with her hand, pour a little water, lightly stroke. After two or three applications of water a steady stream of urine appeared, bringing about a very noted look of relief over Mandy’s face.

“Oh yes,” she sighed as she brought her hand down and rested it on her bladder, “that’s what I’m talking about.” When she finished peeing she brought the water to her swollen pussy once again and gave herself a rinse. “I still feel like I’m full of water,” she said as she reached farther between her legs. With a grimace on her face she used her fingers and spread her swollen labia open. Immediately a large trail of cum flowed from inside her and out onto the ground. Mandy looked down at the trail of cum before she looked back up at me.

“It looks like you thoroughly enjoyed me last night,” she said as the thick flow gradually slowed down before stopping.

I have always enjoyed Mandy. From the first day we met through all of our endeavors, she has become the half of me that I love the most. With a bit of a smile on her face she slowly stood up and carefully walked back into the bungalow. I knew she was not mad at me even though she was in obvious discomfort. She relished the feelings we shared just as much as I did, and it showed on a daily basis.

“Five or six more days,” she said as she pulled her makeshift skirt back down into place. “That’s just enough for us to walk out of here.”

“Yea,” I said as I closed up the back packs. “So we need to determine what we are going to take with us.”

We were fortunate, (or I should say Mandy was) that she had left the doors to the treasure room open last night when she had come out. As much as I might have liked to watch her ride the silver key again I don’t think it was possible for her this morning. The sexcapades from last night took too big of a toll on her. Watching her walk gingerly up the passageway did make me feel sorry for her. But even though she was in obvious discomfort, she still sported this strange little smile of satisfaction.

Having already completed an inventory of the treasure room, our task of determining what to take back with us was a little easier. But it still did not solve the issue that we had over 700 tons of treasure and only the two of us to move it.

“How are we going to get ANY of this back through customs?” Mandy asked as she looked around the room at the vast treasure.

“We can’t take it all,” I said as I pulled out one of my extra socks from my back pack. “But with the proper camouflage,” and I held the sock up, “anything is possible.”

The clueless look on Mandy’s face told me she had no idea what I had in mind as I took the sock and dropped it on the floor. Grinding it back and forth under my foot the white material quickly turned almost black. “That should do it,” I said as I picked up the sock and inspected it.

“What are you doing?” Mandy asked as she watched me open up one of the pots filled with the grape sized silver balls.

I took a hand full of the three quarter inch sized balls and dropped them into the now filthy sock. “I’m getting my marbles,” I responded with a smile. “Where is that big ruby?”

A smile came across Mandy’s face as she reached into her pocket and produced the blood red stone. “Camouflage.” She said as she nodded her head up and down, understanding my game plan with the silver balls and the precious gem.

“It’s not very likely I am going to be able to explain away anything else,” I said as I tied the top of the sock in a knot before dropping the heavy bag into the side pocket of my pack. “So this is all I can take with me and not raise any red flags.”

I watched Mandy’s expression change a few times as her eyebrows rose up and down. The gears were turning a hundred miles an hour as she looked around the room. I know she wanted to take as much of it with her as she could. Hell, I was in that boat too. But there simply was no way. Slowly and methodically Mandy removed all but three of the silver bracelets she had donned the night before, stacking them neatly next to the remains of the city’s ruler in the ornate chair. She also set the breast and back plates on the floor at the ruler’s feet and leaned them up against the chair.

“As much as I would love to take this with me,” she said as she leaned the silver suit against the ruler’s legs, “We just can’t do it.” She then reached into her pocket and pulled out the egg shaped diamond and the big emerald crystal. “I think I can only carry these and the big nipple rings,” she said as she held the two stones up and gestured toward the nipple rings hanging from her ears.

“Then I guess our work here is done,” I said as I lifted my back pack and slid it over my shoulders. “We’ll just have to come back for the rest of it.”


Try and walk away from a treasure of any size and you might just understand how difficult it was for us. We both turned around and looked back up that passageway a dozen times before we reached the key room. Even though we knew it would be safe in there it was still a difficult task to just walk away. But our time was up. Our return to the world was at hand.

Looking down at the silver key sticking up into space I could only imagine what it must have been like for Mandy to have that thing stuck up inside her and spinning around. Its design and concept was a move of sheer brilliance on the part of the creators of this vault, and a wonderful spectators sport. I hated having to leave it behind. I looked up at Mandy to see her looking steadfastly at the silver key. I don’t know what was going through her head at that moment but I could tell there was a bit of sorrow to her expression.

“Be my guest sweetie,” I said as I took a step back.

She gave one last quick look over her shoulder toward the treasure before she quickly reached down and pulled the key free. Instantly the sound of the stones grinding behind us filled the room as the great big doors began to swing shut. It only took about two or three seconds for the doors to completely close, answering the question of how the ruler and the other two women had been locked in there.

“It’s been safe for more than a hundred years,” Mandy said as she looked at the silver key in her hand. “I guess a few more won’t hurt.”

Mandy has this practical side to her that she pulls out every now and then, and it really is something to see. Without saying another word she handed the key to me and started out of the catacombs. A clean break with the find was probably the best bet.

When we were back outside and standing at the hole that I had fallen through the day before I took out my portable GPS and plotted the exact position of the hole. If we were to come back this whole place would be overgrown again and virtually impossible to find. The GPS would get us back to within 3 feet of my mark. That would be good enough. It would have to be. Our rendezvous with civilization would most likely take weeks, and it would probably take us that long to plan and set up our return. Our lives were just beginning to become considerably more complicated.

It’s strange how events like this can change a person. Mandy and I were virtually silent as we began the long walk out. I don’t know if it was sadness that we had to leave all of the treasure behind, or if it was regret that the adventure was over. In either case neither one of us spoke for the first hour as we tromped through the scorched vegetation from the fire I had caused. It wasn’t until we came across the first body of one of the banditos that either one of us spoke.

“I don’t guess he will be telling anyone about the city,” I said as I looked at the badly burnt man in the middle of the trail. He was rolled up in the fetal position while on his knees with his face covered by his hands. His attempt to let the fire roll past him had failed. With a gentle nudge from my foot his charred remains rolled over to the right, revealing the gun he had tucked in his lap.

“We wouldn’t have survived, would we?” Mandy said as she looked at the now deceased desperado.

“No we wouldn’t have,” I said as I picked up the gun. With as strong of a throw as I could muster I heaved the gun into the woods. “Let’s just hope no one comes looking for him.”

About 50 feet away we came across two more of his buddies. They had met the same demise as the first man we had found. One of these two also had a gun while the other had a machete strapped to his side. There was no doubt as to their intent. We would have been killed. I was just going to leave the one man where we found him, but that would have been wrong and it would have eaten at my conscious forever. Now that there were two more, my course was clear. “Start gathering up some rocks,” I said as I shucked my back pack.

It wasn’t the most pleasant of work but it was necessary. Mandy gathered rocks while I hauled the bodies down the hill to a small flat spot where I set them out, side by side. No one, not even a bandito should just rot away out in the open. It just wasn’t right. I marked this spot as well on my GPS before we started back out again. At least there was a record of where they were even if they did not have a grave stone.

We made it about another quarter of a mile before we found the last two banditos. One of them was bare footed while the other looked to have a broken leg. Apparently he had fallen and his friend had stopped to help him when the fire over ran them, burning both of them into one big charred mass.

“It looks like our secret is safe,” Mandy said as she shucked her back pack.

“Unfortunately you’re right,” I said as I pulled the two men into a small depression next to the trail. “It’s just ashamed that anyone had to die.”

Call me sentimental if you like, but it made me feel better knowing that we had at least buried those men. Mandy never uttered a word to me, she just gathered the rocks like I had asked and helped me to cover the mortal remains of our would be killers. She really worked hard, just as I did, and we made the task as quick and painless as possible. Through it all I learned that she had some of the same belief system instilled in her as was in me. What a way to find that out.

Our first nights camp was in the same place as our last night’s camp when we were on the way in. It had been a rather somber afternoon to say the least. After what Mandy and I had to go through to bury the bodies of the men that had died at my hand…yea…it sucked. Hardly a word had been spoken between us since our last stop when we buried the last two banditos. And I guess you could say that it was ‘par for the course’, but you guys weren’t there with us. I almost felt like a criminal.

As I set up the camp site Mandy went down into the creek for a much deserved bath. Not being a woman I cannot fully understand the ramifications of not bathing for a day or two, but for Mandy, it was like having Christmas land right on top of her no matter where she was. (I’m going to ignore the Christmas remark I just made) As I got the camp fire going I could hear her humming to herself as she washed away a few days of sweat along with the crusted in remnants of our celebratory fuck. She was definitely enjoying getting clean, and I was going to do the same thing in short order.

“Now to put you in a safe place,” I mumbled to myself as I picked up the silver key and took out the piece of leather it had been originally wrapped in. It had survived for more than 100 years in the creek, remaining out of sight and safe until Mandy fell on it. It would be safe there again only this time my GPS would keep track of it. With the key safely rolled up in the leather and the straps securely tied, I slipped the package into my pocket for the trip down to the creek. “Just a bit longer,” I said as I patted my pocket.

When Mandy came walking up from the creek, with her soaking wet clothes in hand, she looked every bit the woman I had fallen in love with so many years ago. Her hair was clean and shiny, and her skin appeared to be spotless as she strode, completely naked, up the embankment toward the nicely contained camp fire I had going.

“You know you could use a bath yourself”, she stated as she flung her wet clothes over some of the dense undergrowth.

“I know,” I responded as I stood up and admired her beauty from only a few feet away. “I do feel a bit crusty.”

Mandy walked up to her backpack before she squatted down with her back to me, displaying her sleek curves and wide spread ass. “Why don’t you go and freshen up,” she said as she fumbled around in her pack. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Now I am no dumbass. I have been around Mandy long enough to know that good things are coming my way. I didn’t even spare the time to see what it was that she was doing before I was running at a full sprint toward the creek. I wanted whatever it was that she had in mind and I was not going to let a simple little bath stand in my way.

I have to admit, the water was fantastic. It was absolutely nothing like the water in the creeks I grew up with in the mountains of western Virginia. Even in the middle of the summer the creeks would shrink your nut sack up to something smaller than a match book because they were so cold. This water was semi warm, and very soothing to a somewhat beaten body. I stripped down and gave my clothes a few good wrings, turning the water slightly brown before it sped off down through the rocks. When the key fell out of my pocket I remembered the most important of tasks, hide the key.

The side of the creek farthest from the camp had several large rocks with numerous cracks in them. With just a little wiggle and a tuck with my hand and the key was safely nestled between two large rocks. That should do it. Now for a bit of relaxing time. I almost got carried away with sitting in the creek, enjoying the swift moving bubbling water when Mandy gave out a gentle call.

“Are you going to spend all night in there?” she queried playfully from beyond the thick undergrowth.

“I’m coming,” I responded as I waded toward the side of the natural pool we were utilizing.

I don’t know how many of you have been camping but it really is a wonderful experience. And I am not just talking about fucking out in the woods. (That is a sport completely separate from this discussion) It is the raw primitive aspect of things that is really appealing to me and Mandy. Separating yourself from the net, the information streams, TV, and e-mails is really something to be enjoyed. A lot of the new generation can’t do it, not without having some kind of techno melt down. Mandy and I do it, and we love every moment of it.

As I strode back into the camp I was greeted with the pleasant sight of Mandy leaning back against both of our back packs with her legs spread wide and pointed in my direction. She was gently fucking herself with the large emerald crystal we had found in the remains of the ruler of the lost city. She was also looking straight at me as I broke through the short undergrowth with this really strange grin on her face.

“You know,” she said as she pushed the large emerald crystal up inside herself before withdrawing her slick looking fingers, “I have not properly thanked you for saving my life from those banditos.”

“That’s ok,” I said as I spread out my wet clothes onto some of the vegetation next to hers, “I would do it again if I had to.”

“I know you would,” she responded as I took a seat next to her after tossing a small log onto the fire. “You would have done anything to protect me wouldn’t you?” she said as she brought her legs together before bringing herself up into a kneeling position right next to me.

I looked into her beautiful green eyes before I responded with a simple nod of my head. She had a genuine look of appreciation on her face as she looked back at the man who had saved her from a demise that would have been impossible to describe. I could see the love in her face, and in her body. The look of longing in her expression accompanied by her erect nipples on her slightly upturned breasts told me that she wanted the man before her. My guess is that she was soaking wet between her legs. And it was not from having several million dollars’ worth of emerald stuck up in there, but because she wanted ME!

Mandy’s moves were slow and deliberate as she gently reached toward my semi hard cock in my lap. “I need to properly thank you,” she said as she gently took me in her hand and grasped me with her delicate fingers. “Thank you for saving my life,” she said with a smile as her fingers gently encircled my cock and pointed it up toward the empty space between us.

I never got the chance to reply. Without a moment’s hesitation Mandy dropped her head into my lap and engulfed my cock in her warm and receptive mouth. Instantly it felt like my whole body had been wrapped in the softest and warmest blanket that you could possibly imagine. “Oh my god,” I moaned out quietly as I leaned back to enjoy the fantastic sensations my girlfriend was giving me.

Mandy is a master at sucking cock and I have always enjoyed every blow job she has ever given me. For Mandy to give me a blow job it is usually something very special, like my birthday. But today, this was beyond special. I could tell from the moment that her tongue hit my shaft that this was something to write home about. She was literally pulling every last trick the she has out of her hat to please me. And out here, in the middle of the fucking jungle, I was going to enjoy every last moment of it.

Up and down Mandy slowly slid on my shaft, sucking hard against my still growing member as she moved her mouth down only to slightly release the suction as she lifted back up. After two or three trips down she pulled her mouth free to lick her lips before resuming her administering to my now very hard dick.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned as she looked up into my eyes as her hand stroked my shaft gently up and down, “somebody likes this,” she said before lowering her mouth once again to engulf me all the way down to my nut sack.

I couldn’t help myself and let out a gasp when she slowly pulled her mouth up my shaft toward the now purple helmet at the top, maintaining the suction in her mouth the whole way up. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned again as my cock slipped out from between her lips with a very loud pop. “Hard”.

This was almost like torture. Here it is that I was getting the most fantastic blow job of my life and I had nothing to play with! “Come here,” I said as I reached out and grasped her left knee.

Mandy needed no further direction. With moves as subtle as a cat sneaking through a broken pallet Mandy spun herself around and positioned her body directly over me, hovering her fantastic pussy directly over my face before lowering her mouth down to completely engulf me once again. I looked up at her bald pussy. I almost couldn’t think of what to do because of the sensations Mandy was giving me through my cock. Her movements were not erratic or frantic in nature, she was moving very slowly and deliberately, almost like when you stroke a little kitten in your lap until it falls asleep.

With another loud pop her mouth came free from my cock, “Thank you David,” she said before lowering her mouth and pussy at the same time.

Mandy has the most delicious scent I have ever experienced in my life. As soon as her clit came in contact with my lips I was sucking and licking like a starving man. Her flavor flooded my mouth and sparked my senses as I reached around both of her legs and pulled her pussy wide open with my fingers. Instantly I was greeted with the sight of a very large emerald stuck up inside my girlfriend. The deep pinkish red color of Mandy’s flesh made the end of the big stone look black, almost like a piece of onyx. As I licked and swirled my tongue around her clit I pushed on the end of the stone, making it slide a little deeper inside her. When she gave a little jerk with her hips I removed my finger and watched as she slowly pushed the large stone out with her muscles. As it steadily emerged from her dark depths and became more and more exposed to the light, the bold deep green color became increasingly more and more prevalent.

A gentle tug with my fingers and it was free from its warm confines, allowing a small white trickle of cum to ease out of her slightly dilated hole and leak down over her hardened clit. I didn’t waste a drop and hungrily licked it up while I turned the stone over, getting my first really good look at it. Aside from the fact that it was large and rather heavy, I could not see any cracks or flaws in it with my naked eye. It is truly the find of a lifetime. I reached out with my arm and set the stone down on the ground next to my shoes. It might be the most valuable thing I have ever held in the world, but the feast I was having at the moment was priceless.

Mandy nursed from my cock for the longest time, never bringing me to an orgasm in her mouth. She would bring me to the very brink of explosion only to pull her mouth free and stop before the inevitable. I was going crazy! My cock was so hard it felt like it was going to split open down both sides, sending the deep purple helmet flying off into the abyss. With one last gentle lick from her tongue Mandy lifted herself from on top of me and lay down on the ground to my side with her head on our pack packs.

“Come here big boy,” she mewed as she opened her legs and spread her pussy apart with her fingers. “Stick that big hard thing in here where it belongs.”

In a microsecond I was between her legs and gliding into paradise, sliding all the way inside my dream girl until my balls rested snugly against her ass. “Oh YES,” I moaned out loudly as her hot box engulfed every last inch of me.

I looked down into her eyes as I began a slow withdrawal from her hot depths. She seemed to be in almost a dream-like state as she relished the sensations of being filled to capacity with my super hard cock. “Thank you David,” she said softly as I stopped my retreat. I froze in place for just a moment with only the head of my cock inside her and gazed down into her beautiful eyes. She took on the appearance of a goddess as the eternity of a single second burned her permanently into my memory. It was only the soft pull of her hands on my ass that made me realize I was sinking back into her delicious honey pot. “Mmmmmm,” eased from her lips as inch after inch of me re-entered her, preying open the deepest depths of her womanhood.

“Oh yesssss,” she hissed out from her clenched teeth as my sack came to press firmly against her ass. “Thank you baby,” she said again as she rolled her head from side to side, “thank you for saving my life!”

I leaned down to give her a gentle kiss on the lips while I began a nice steady rhythm in and out of her. What I got was an incredibly passionate lip lock from a woman bent on proving just how grateful she was to me. Her hot breath rushed out against my cheek and her fingers raked through my hair as she ground her mouth up against mine while out tongues played hide and seek. Her body shuddered and she hooked her ankles behind my thighs as the passion between us rose to new heights.

“Oh god…” she blurted out as our mouths parted for us to take in some badly needed air. A tear had snuck out of her left eye while we were kissing. When we parted I could plainly see the damp little trail it had left behind as it eased over her cheek before it had run down into her hair by her ear.

“Are you alright?” I asked after I stopped moving inside her.

Her response was simple. “Uh hmmmmmmm…” she hummed as she gently tugged at my hips to get me moving again. The warm smile on her face told me that she was ok, and her body reaffirmed it. She had me right where she wanted me.

I resumed my slow and steady pace inside her, pulling almost all the way out before gently pushing back in until my groin was pressing hard against her. Mandy was savoring each and every sensation, not only from her pussy, but from her hands as well. She ran her hands over every inch of my body that she could reach while she milked me inside her. Sometimes squeezing the muscles in my back as I pressed against her, while at other times gently stroking my neck and face while I enjoyed the gift she was giving me. We were making love, real true genuine love. It was a special gift to each other that overpowered the moment and blocked out the rest of the world. It was fantastic!

But all really good things must come to an end. Slowly and steadily the inevitable began to creep up on me and our genuinely special moment was about to be wiped away by a brain twisting orgasm. I could feel my already hard cock begin to swell and the cum start to boil up in my nuts as I drove down into her wide spread body. I quickened my pace and shortened my strokes as I now tried to pound Mandy’s ass through the ground. She let out a very audible grunt each time I slammed against her, grinning back up at me like she was receiving a reward or something.

“That’s it baby,” she said as she rolled her hips forward and turned her pussy up toward me. “Right there…oh yes honey right there!” She quickly grasped behind her knees with both hands and spread her legs wide open. “Come on baby, come on!” she growled at me as she lifted her head to bring her face only inches from mine. “Cum in me.......Come on baby cum in me! Your cum bank is open and you need to make a direct deposit!”

When Mandy talks dirty to me it’s all I can do not to blast the top of her head off with an overpowering orgasm. She held her ground with her legs pulled wide open and her teeth clenched together as I pounded out the last few thrusts in her sopping wet pussy. My last thrust made Mandy’s eyes pop open wide as I pressed my hips against her as hard as I could on my last in stroke, forcing the head of my cock to smash against her cervix and force open the tiny opening. I let out a loud primal groan as my dick erupted inside Mandy, blasting my rooster juice straight into her womb.

“Oh my god!” she half whispered half groaned as her eyebrows rose up and her mouth opened wide to form a perfect O. “I’m cumming and I can feel you squirting into me!”

All of my muscles clenched and my fingers dug deep furrows into the ground as every last bit of effort my body could produce was focused into shooting my sperm into Mandy’s receptive box. Each squirt seemed to be long and drawn out, unlike one of my “regular” orgasm which are comprised of short but numerous squirts. This one was different. I was delivering GALLONS. At least that is what it felt like. And every time I pumped in another shot I increased the weight of my body against Mandy’s crotch, forcing her hips to roll even farther forward.

In a flash Mandy’s hands were digging into my ass, holding me against her with a grip of steel while my cock pumped her pussy full. “That’s it baby…yea…that’s it….cum inside me,” she whispered before she raised her face up to gently bite me on the chin.

I gasped after each long spurt, shaking notably as each seed filled load was delivered straight into its mark. “OH YES!!” I moaned out loudly before collapsing onto Mandy’s sweat slickened body. The power of my orgasm had zapped all of my strength, leaving me as a wasted shell. Mandy brought her hands up and cradled the back of my head, hugging me gently against her cheek. I could hear her breath right next to my ear as she slowly came down from the heights of our ecstasy.

“Thank you…thank you…thank you…” she whispered over and over while her fingers raked through my sweat soaked hair. Her calm soothing voice rocked me gently into the afterworld as I lay there on top of her, still fully inserted inside her body.

We fell asleep just as we were. There really was no need to move, we weren’t going anywhere and Mandy seemed to be perfectly happy. It was a great way to end a rather long day.


The rest of the walk out of the jungle seemed to go by in an instant, even though it took us an additional three days. It was undeniably easier coming out than it was going in. I didn’t have to hack open a path through the thick undergrowth. When we reached the edge of the big field, almost at the exact point of where I journey had begun, I marked the last point on my GPS before putting it away. Our return path was now locked in and ready for us on the day of our return.

The villagers of Barrio El Zorrillo looked at us as they would any other gringo that sauntered into town. There was a certain degree of contempt on their faces mixed with the undeniable want for whatever money we had. But even those looks seemed to be short lived due to the fact that we both looked like we had just crawled out of a ditch. Actually, we had just done that very thing. A single night’s stay in the hotel we had stayed at on the way in would virtually conclude our business here. There was only one small little task to take care of before we left.

With our packs in the hotel room and camera in hand, it took us only a few minutes to find the vehicle for my free pass through customs. His name was Miguel and he was playing in the dirt on a sunny street corner next to a vacant lot. Producing the sock with the silver balls in it and the one big ruby I told him I would pay him 5 US dollars if he would let me take his picture while he played with my marbles. It was the easiest sell I have ever made.

As I paid the little boy the five dollars and handed him the bag, Mandy snapped the picture. In the photo you couldn’t tell which way the bag was going so it looked like I had just purchased them. As the little guy rolled the silver balls around in the dirt and held the big ruby in his fingers like he was going to shoot, I took several more pictures. This was going to seal the deal for my small bag of treasure.

Just before we left I gave him a pat on the head and slipped him an extra 5. The grin on his face said it all. I had everything I needed and he had more money than he probably ever had in his whole life. “Let’s go home.” I said to Mandy as I took her hand in mine. We still had just one more obstacle to get over…customs.

Fortunately the airports in Mexico don’t have the greatest security, especially from the little bitty air strip we took off from the following day to fly to Mexico City. Once there we were already in the system so the trivial amount of security was not even the slightest issue. It was, however, fun for me to watch Mandy try and navigate her way through the airport with that huge emerald and diamond up inside her. No one else might have been able to tell but I certainly could. She walked with her knees close together while taking short but numerous steps. She would be sure to give us away once we got to America. About halfway to the gate I stopped her and led her in to the duty free shop.

“We’ve got to do something about your walk,” I said as I looked through the few racks of women’s clothes. “You’ll never make it walking like that.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” she whispered back to me while pinching my arm, “You don’t have five pounds of rocks stuck up your cunt!”

“What size pants do you wear?” I asked as I came across a few pairs of jeans decorated with rhinestones.

“I wear a size 6.”

“Perfect,” I said as I pulled out a pair of white bell bottomed corduroys in size 4 and a green and red flowered button down shirt that was probably one size too small. “Go and put these on and I will meet you at the cashier.”

The transformation only took about 3 or 4 minutes, but the result was extremely profound. Mandy had managed to get the pants on as well as the shirt. Fitting snugly to her form, the red and green flowered shirt accentuated her firm rounded breasts nicely while taking away some of the sparkle from her imposter ear rings. With the shirt tails tied in the front just below her tits, her bare mid-drift was a delight to see. But the jeans are what really finished off the whole ensemble. Fitting her like they had been sprayed on from a spray can, Mandy was a definite throw back to the 1970’s. Riding low on her hips the skin tight jeans pulled tightly against her crotch, revealing all of the nice folds and creases of her well outlined pussy with the thick seam of the material parting and separating her labia like the red sea. With her thighs bound up tightly in the white material the gap between her legs was only accentuated by her long lean lines.

“Wow!” I said as she strode up next to me while I reached for my wallet. “You look great!” And I wasn’t just kidding either. I started getting a boner the moment I saw her come out of the dressing room.

“You like,” she said as she turned herself back and forth in front of the full length mirror of the sunglasses rack, admiring her own slender form.

“Oh yea,” I replied as I paid the cashier. “I like!”

Her outfit was the final trick needed for our flight back to the US. Aside from the obvious distraction of her outfit, Mandy was able to walk completely normal the rest of the way through the airport with the super tight material pressed into her crotch holding the expensive jewels snugly in place. When we reached our gate they were just beginning the boarding process.

“You know,” Mandy said as she held my hand and snuggled against my side, “I couldn’t get into this outfit wearing any underwear.”

Can you say instant stiffy?!

We shuffled through the line and onto the plane without a hitch. Mandy took every opportunity she could to grind her ass into my legs while we followed along in the line of people. By the time we sat down in our seats I had a raging hard on, making it difficult for me to sit in any sort of comfortable fashion.

“Oh, poor baby,” Mandy said while she watched me try and sit in the small coach class seat. “Does my sweetie have a stiffy?”

I looked at Mandy and almost growled at her. With a quick glance around she tugged at her shirt just a bit, causing the flap to open up and reveal her right breast with the hard nipple standing up at attention. She was killing me! I shifted again in my seat and looked out the window. Maybe watching the guys load the luggage into the belly of the plane would help to ease my situation.

I felt a bit of movement to my right before I heard her whisper in my ear. “I’ll bet you would just love to fuck me wouldn’t you?” she said, her hot breath making goose bumps come up on my arms. “Do you want to stick that big hard cock up in me? Huh? Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t. My pussy is already full.”

I spun around to see Mandy looking up at me with this shit eating grin on her face. “Damn it Mandy!” I responded with just a bit of agitation to my voice. “What’s got into you?”

“I am so fucking horny,” she whispered back to me just as this older Hispanic lady sat down in the aisle seat next to her. Mandy glanced over at her before she looked up at me and squeezed my hand. Thank goodness, relief.

“Behave,” I said as the plane pushed back and our journey began. Finally giving me the break I had desired.

5 hours later we landed in LAX. Now was the true test of our plan. The line for the Americans returning to the states was considerably shorter than the other lines so our wait was rather short. As we stood at the customs station the officer in the booth asked us if we had anything to declare. I said no and that was that. They didn’t even ask me about the sock that was full of silver. But the guy did look at the big ear rings Mandy was wearing.

“And what about you,” he said as he flipped open Mandy’s passport, “Do you have anything to declare?”

“No,” Mandy responded with a bit of a smile.

“What about those ear rings?” he said as he pointed toward the oversized stones with his ball point pen.

“Oh, these?” Mandy said as she reached up and unhooked one of the large emerald nipple weights, “They’re fake.” she said as she casually tossed it onto the counter in front of her.

I held my breath as the guy picked up the silver encased stone and inspected it from top to bottom. When he turned it over to see the semi crude mounting on the back it was enough for him. Handing the priceless jewel back to Mandy he then proceeded to stamp both of our passports. “Welcome home,” he said as he returned our documents.

Mandy and I were virtually set for life. The large diamond brought about a very serious chunk of money from the diamond brokers this jeweler friend of mine hooked us up with. Just the sale of that one stone gave us the ability to enact the final stage of this whole story.

‘So what about the treasure?” I am sure you guys are wondering about that. So I will answer it with another question. How do you acquire a treasure without moving it? You buy the land it sits on and move there. The sale of the diamond allowed me to purchase the whole valley with the lost city in it. Mandy and I have since moved there to a house we had built about a mile from the old city. In effect, we guard our little secret.

The silver breast and back plates are on display in our “special” room. It’s a replica of the throne room where Mandy sits with the key inside her to open the doors to our treasure. While the key does nothing in the house, it reminds her of her importance when we play “King for a Day”, this little bondage deal we have dabbled into. Three times a week we go to the city and bring home a little bit more of the treasure. I’ve been selling the stones off piece meal and banking most of the money for our daughter’s education. Emily was bone nine months after Mandy gave me that little thank you gift in the jungle. I think that was a fitting gift from my new wife. Maybe one day she will tell the tale of how her parents found the treasure and spoiled her rotten. But until then, you guys will just have to believe me.

The End

Thank you guys for the favorable support. I am sorry this took so long but both of my daughters gave birth. 3 days apart! Life is now a bit hectic for all of us. For those of you who got to read the Twin Japanese Nieces series then you know about Erin and Saki. Erin had twin girls and Saki had a little boy. Thanks again and enjoy.


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