First story - horny boss by Saucysexstories

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Fantasy | At work, Blowjob, Cheating, Domination, Female, Male, Written by women

My first ever story let alone sex story! Lemme know what you guys think and what I can improve  spelling and punctuation are not my main priority so they are not perfect, SORRY 

My back arched as he licked my clit once again and I moaned his name, ‘Eddyyyyy’ through bitten lips exciting him more. I felt his finger enter me agonisingly slow making me bite down on my lip harder. ‘Mmmmm baby pleaseeee faster’ I got out through pants. I could feel him smirking against my pussy lips. This was his revenge.


‘I’m off baby!’ I shouted half running towards the door. ‘Okayy see you tonight’ Ed shouted back from the top of the stairs. I was running late and my boss was already mad at me for god knows what reason. Jumping in the car I raced to work just about making it in on time. ‘like a pro’ Jay laughed at me ‘without even breaking a sweat’ I winked back. Putting my stuff away I made myself and Mr John a coffee knowing he would want as soon as he got in. Day dreaming about me and Ed’s morning shower I couldn’t help but get distracted. My knickers were wet just thinking about his dick inside me. If this carries on I may need to run off to the toilet and have a little play with myself I thought.

‘Cofffeeeeeeee’ Mr john screamed as he walked in making me jump and almost spill the whole damn thing on myself. I cursed under my breath before plastering on a fake smile and striding towards his office door as if I didn’t hate him with all my guts. Even with all the hate I had for him I couldn’t help but admire his athletically toned arms and thighs every time he stretched – which I swear he did on purpose in front of me. With his 6ft 4inch body most people had to look up to him including myself – even in heels. His tanned olive skin set off his amazing green eyes already outlined by his thick black lashes. I walked in with my back towards him having no hands free to open the door, turning around only to see him standing there topless. I stood there staring at his amazing abs for what felt like a lifetime before he coughed and brought me back to reality. ‘You finished drooling? I’d like my coffee please Isabel’ ‘Huh whaaa – ergh sorry sir I was just erm surprised? I-I-I wasn’t expecting to see you topless’ I stammered back ‘here’s your coffee sir’. He started laughing at my flushed face but I could still feel his serious glare on me even through his laughs ‘you do look rather hot when you blush’ he said walking towards me. ‘sir… that’s not very appropriate’ I said firmly. He carried on walking towards me in big strides with a naughty smirk on his face ‘oh Isabel it’s only a matter of time until you give in. I already told you I always get what I want.’ I almost laughed at his cocky arrogance ‘Well then sir you must not want me a lot’ I put my arm out with the coffee in hand stopping him from coming any closer. A look of anger flashed across his face quickly replaced with amusement. Grabbing the coffee from my hand he turned his back to me dismissing me silently. As I excited I heard him mutter under his breath ‘fucking cock tease’ making me turn around and slam the door shut ‘what did you just call me Sir?’ I nearly yelled at him from across the room. ‘I called you a fucking cock tease –‘ I stomped towards him ‘how dare you! You little f-‘ he stopped mid-sentence ‘you walk into my office every day with your little short skirt swaying your arse in my face and bending down like a little whore begging for my attention but when I try to fuck you, you act like an innocent little girl – oh no sir what’s a penis, sir? I’m an innocent little bitch’ he mimicked me leaving me frozen with my jaw wide open starring at his angry face and clenching muscles.

I felt my pussy get wet as he made his little speech. Never in my life had I wanted to fuck someone so badly. ‘Take your fucking trousers off’ I spat at him. His eyes popped open and he nearly questioned it before thinking twice and listening to what I told him to do. ‘You think I’m a cock tease?’ I questioned him as I walked towards him. ‘Yeah I do. Prove me wrong you dirty slut’ he muttered in a husky voice. ‘With pleasure sir’ I whispered in his ear. Even in heels he was still at least half a ft. taller than me making me tip top to reach. I felt him shiver slightly as I touched his naked torso moving my way down towards his boxers. Kissing his neck and leaving little bites mark I pushed him against his table and he wasted no time in pushing all the shit off the table and lying down on it. Keeping my eyes on his I unbuttoned my shirt letting my boobs out. ‘Whoops looks like I forgot to wear a bra..’ I bit my bottom lip at him. I could see his cock twitching under his boxer pants begging to be let out. ‘I always knew you were a little slut’ he moaned. I grabbed my boobs throwing my head back massaging and pinching them until my nipples were rock hard. ‘Mmmmm sir I think my nipples need some attention’ I whispered seductively as I climbed on top of his almost naked body. ‘put them in your mouth now.’ I shouted at him showing him who’s in charge. I felt his teeth clamp around my nipple making me moan in pleasure as his bit and licked my right first whilst playing with the other with his fingers. I started to rub against his dick in need for some friction needing him more and more. He tried to move his fingers into my pussy but I stopped him giving him a wink ‘its not time yet baby’. Pulling my nipple out of his mouth I moved down his body towards his u line, licking his six pack and hair line. ‘Mmmm baby it looks like he wants to get out’ I said ‘ohh yhhh let him out, he wants to see your beautiful mouth’ he moaned. Licking the outline of his dick through his boxers I could feel he was rock hard already. Pulling down his boxers his dick sprigged in my face making me giggle. ‘Mmmmm’ we moaned in union whilst I licked the end of his dick. Licking upwards I let my hand work its way up and down before closing my mouth over the tip of his dick tasting his pre cum. ‘ARgggghh’ he moaned. I looked up towards him making sure he was watching as I sucked his dick flicking my tongue back and forth, side to side making him moan my name ‘ahhhh Isabel – mmmmm baby deeper’. I let go of his dick taking my mouth off, teasing him making him believe I was done. Before he could speak I began to deep throat his 9inch cock shoving it to the back of my throat. He bucked his hips towards my mouth and kept hold of my head making sure I didn’t let go this time. I chocked on his massive cock but kept my mouth right there for a while longer before letting go. ‘I can’t take it any longer – I need your dick inside of me!’ I screamed thanking the lord I had put on stockings on this morning. I moved my thong out the way and slid down johns dick. ‘Arrrrrghhhh baby you’re so huge’ I squirmed trying to fit his cock all the way in. ‘come on baby ride my dick, show me who’s boss’ he mumbled in my ear ‘ahhhhhhh your dick – its so big – argh babyyyyy’ I moaned working my pussy down his massive cock. Finally with his whole cock inside of me I began to ride his cock throwing my head back with one hand on his chest. I slowly teased his cock then started to go faster as his pants got louder ‘MMMM babyyy I think im gonna cum’ I moaned ‘he began to thrust his cock harder into my pussy making me closer and closer to the edge I rid him faster until slamming down on his dick and having a earth shattering orgasm. ‘don’t worry baby I haven’t forgotten about you I whispered in his ear as I lay across his chest. Slowly getting up again I kept his rock hard cock in side of my pussy I twisted my body around making him moan in pleasure. ‘what are you doing issy?’ ‘I’m gonna ride your dick backwards baby’ I replied back. Then I felt him pick me still with him inside me. I yelled not know what was going on until he put down on the table on my knees with him standing behind me. ‘oh baby yes – even better!’ I moaned. He started pumping my pussy so hard my eyes started rolling back as I screamed with pleasure and pain mixed together. ‘you’re a dirty little slut aren’t you’ John shouted at me still pounding my pussy and making me scream ‘YES’ ‘ARGHH you fucking slut im gonna cum inside your dirty little pussy’ he shouted at before slamming his dick inside me one last time. I could feel him explode inside me making me cum again with both of us stuck to one another. Finally after my orgasm finished I climbed of his dick and licked every last drop of out cum off his amazing now soft dick.

‘Isabel?’ I looked up with johns dick still in my mouth to find Ed standing there with a look of shock and disgust on his face. Spitting johns dick out my mouth quickly I began shouting after Ed. ‘EDDY COME BACK. Oh fuck ED PLEASE.’ He had started to walk away as soon as I looked at him. ‘FUCK’ I nearly cried looking for my top. ‘Issy, stop he’s gone’ John tried to grab my arm ‘Fuck off I spat back’ and ran after my husband.


Tell me what you think guys :) Thanks!

Rating: 63%, Read 18585 times, Posted Aug 03, 2013

Fantasy | At work, Blowjob, Cheating, Domination, Female, Male, Written by women


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