The Bookworm, the Dog, and Me- Part II by EquusMaxx

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Fantasy | Bestiality, Blowjob, Exhibitionism, First Time, Incest, Male, Teen Female, Virginity, Voyeurism

The next day was pretty exciting. When we left for school I had my little sis walk in front of me as I always do. It was my way of keeping an eye on her and making sure she stayed safe, after all, I'm her big brother and it's my job to protect her.

We hadn't spoken of what had happened the day before, I think because neither of it was really sure what to say. I walked behind her in silence, marvelling at how perfectly shapely her little ass had become. It wasn't long before I had an erection growing down my pants leg.

When we'd almost reached the school grounds Mikaela spoke.

"Thanks for not saying anything to Mom" Mikaela said, bringing me out of my trance.

"It's our secret, sis" I answered. "Besides, I think its the hottest thing I've ever seen".

Mikaela paused, turned, and smiled at me.Even her smile seemed sexy now.

Somehow my little sister wasn't a little girl anymore, she was a smokin' hot babe.

Mikaela turned again, and seeing some friends, ran to meet them.

Aware that I was now sporting a boner, I slowed my pace and stopped to speak with a group of kids in my grade who were gathered together listening to music.

The tunes were coming from the open doors of a jacked-up 4x4 that belonged to the school bully, Brad.

Brad is an asshole jock. He's about 6'-4" and 250 lbs of dickhead.

Me, I'm not yet fully developed yet by a long shot. I can't grow a good moustache yet, no matter how often I shave.

"Hey whistledick!" Brad shouted at me. "You're not allowed over here!"

I smiled at the asshole and ignored him.

Feeling challenged, Brad suddenly noticed the still apparant bulge in my pants.

"Hey look! He's got a boner!" he said.

Everyone in the crowd turned and looked.

It was at least partially true. I was semi-erect now, but my cock was still very visible in my jeans.

"What have you been doing?" Brad chided, no boubt trying to embarass me.

One of the socialite girls giggled and said, "Aww Brad, he's been walking with his sister to school. You know that."

The crowd- even those in the crowd who I thought were my friends, laughed.

I turned and started to walk away when suddenly Brad hit a nerve.

First he make some chicken sounds.

"Bawk, bawk, bawk" he yelled.

Getting no response from me, he continued with a different tactic.

"Yeah, your sister's turning into one hot little bitch. I'm gonna split that little cunt wide open one day and make him watch so he can jerk off".

I don't talk a fight, I never have.

My Dad had taught me, "Don't talk about it. If you're gonna fight, fight!"

Brad didn't know me.

I wasn't one of his "followers".

I turned and walked back to Brad, peeling off my backpack as I walked.

"Funny how you were looking at my dick when I walked up", I challenged.

He was on me in an instant, bitch-slapping me hard to the ground, but instead of continuing the fight, he began gloating, sure that the fight was already won.

It wasn't. Not by a long shot.

"Ooh, look...he's mad" Brad said, laughing as I regained my footing.

When he turned to seek tribute from the crowd for his embarassing comments, that's when I exploded.

Like I said, Brad didn't hang out with me, so he knew nothing about me.

He had no clue that I'd been taking martial arts since first grade.

As he turned back towards me, I delivered a solid palm thrust to his solar plexis which instantly evacuated his lungs, leaving him partially bent over and gasping for air.

He was down to my size now.

I executed a spinning back kick that was pure perfection, dislodging two of his perfect, shiny white teeth, and breaking his nose.

Best of all, I learned at that moment that Brad had a "glass jaw".

His unconscious body fell hard onto the pavement face first.

"Pussy", I said.

Brad's entourage looked on stunned as I put on my backpack, shrugged, and walked away.

The rest of the day was a blur of seeing people whispering and pointing at me, and having guys who'd been picked on by Brad for years congratulate me.

I just shrugged it all off.

I didn't want to be anyone's "Hero".

All I had wanted to do was defend my sister's honor, and I found pleasure in knowing I'd done so rather effectively.

Brad was a dick.

I doubted this fight would change that entirely.

I pity guys like Brad, that's why I didn't kick him while he was down, but if that asshole ever so much as tried to speak to Mikaela, I vowed I'd be far less forgiving.

On the way home that afternoon Mikaela was quiet most of the way. Once again I was just happy getting to watch her tight little ass, but since she has Phys Ed for her last class this was much more enjoyable. There is something highly erotic about seeing a girl's panty lines, and Mikaela had apparantly changed her wardrobe recently. The lines of a thong were clearly outlined against her body.

Thunderclouds were filling the skies above.

Maybe we'd get a break from the summer sun.

Rain would be a welcome visitor.

Mikaela broke her silence.

"I heard you beat up Brad Reynolds today", she said.

"Uh-huh" I responded, not wanting to make a big deal about it.

"I also heard it was because he said he was going to rape me" she continued.

"Well..." I answered. "Something to that effect. I just didn't like the way he was talking about you sis. It was rude".

Mikaela turned and smiled.

"Thank you, big brother" she said.

There was a long moment of silence as we just smiled at each other.

Her eyes seemed to be gleaming with respect and admiration.

I'm not into being anyone's idol, but with Mikaela it seemed acceptable to be looked at that way.

"Oh..." she said, noticing one of her gym shoes was untied.

Going down to one knee, she worked on the shoe. Not only was it untied, but it had been double-knotted for playing sports.

I had full view of her beautiful, perky breasts and I could see her panties now and the outline of her pussy lips that lay just beneath the frilly laced thong.

My heartbeat quickened, and my cock instantly stiffened, running down and out of my underpants and down the leg of my jeans.

When Mikaela had finished tying her shoe, she paused momentarily, looking straight over at my stiff cock.

Without another word she stood, smiled, turned and continued walking to the house.

I did my best for the rest of the walk to think of non-sexual things.

Football? No, I like football. Racing? No, I like that too. Golf? Yeah, that's it, golf. Good old boring golf. A sport with no hot chicks to get turned on by.

By the time we entered the house, Mom was home, and thankfully my raging hard-on had subsided to nothing more than a few drops of pre-cum in my jeans.

As the evening wore on, Mikaela went her way and I went mine.

Lightning flashed outside in the hot summer night.

The sound of rolling thunder seemed to be endless.

Homework is always tough for me, so I started working on the overload before dinner.

Like I said before, Mikaela is the bookworm, not me.

We all ate dinner together, and then it was right back to the books for me.

I was determined to make Honor Roll this time, and that meant "No C's". Last semester I had missed making it by just one "C", and that was in Algebra.

At about 11p.m. I still had a ton of math left to do.

I was stumped.

I just didn't understand the concepts behind all of the algebraic formulas.

Mikaela knocked on my door and asked if she could come in.

"Sure", I answered.

She walked in and said, "I asked Mom before she went to bed if I could help you study. She said she'd be happy if I would help you".

"So would I", I answered.

My cock stirred at the sound of my sister's voice.

Much to my disappointment she was wearing a floppy old housecoat that totally conealed her body.

Sis was smart.

If she was going to help me, she knew she would have to get me focused on the algebra, not her body.

"What are you having trouble with?" she asked, sitting on the edge of my bed.

"It's just that...well, how the heck can "A" plus "B" equal "C"? They're all alphabet letters, not numbers!"

Mikaela laughed, and then she explained to me how the letters actually took the place of numbers.

At first the answers came very slowly, but before too long it all began to click in my head, and by the time I finished I was answering the questions not only quickly, but correctly.

Mikaela stood, watching over my shoulder as I finished the last math problem.

I sat back in my chair, feeling totally relieved.

It was like a whole new world had just been opened up to me.

"Thank you so much, Sis!" I said.

"No problem" she smiled back. "Anything for my big brother" she said, patting me on my shoulders.

As she turned to depart, her crotch pressed firmly against my upper arm.

Her pussy seemed incredibly hot.

A bolt of lightning hit close to the house and the lights flickered momentarily.

I looked at my alarm clock.

It was 12:30.

Mikaela turned at the doorway, yawned, and said it was time for bed.

She was right. I knew that with a big test tomorrow, I needed to get some sleep too.

Rain began falling steadily ouside, and the sound on our old tin roof was like an ancient lullaby.

I opened my window slightly to let the cool winds from the rain fill my room.

Within moments after Mikaela's departure I had stripped off all my clothes and turned in for the night.

I did my best to fall asleep, but all I could do was struggle with my thoughts of Mikaela.

She is my sister, and people say that incest is wrong, but damn, the attraction I had for her was growing.

Fantasies filled my head.

I wanted to put my cock in her mouth, her pussy...anywhere she'd let me put it.

I just wanted to touch her, to be inside her, to taste her, to lick and tease her nipples, to bring her pleasure, and to have her please me too.

Finally sleep came.

At about 2 a.m.the booming thunderstorm had intensified when I heard Mikaela's voice.

"James...James?" she said softly.

"Yeah, sis." I murmured.

"I'm scared" she replied. "Can I stay in here with you?"

It was nothing new. Mikaela had always been afraid of thunder.

"Sure" I said.

In a flash Mikaela was under the sheet with me.

It was at that moment that I remembered I was nude, and that my cock was quickly becoming erect.

It was also at that moment that Mikaela curled up against me.

Her hands touched my bare chest first, and then she reached down and touched my bare thigh.

"Do you mind if I snuggle up?" she asked.

She snuggled closer and suddenly her hand was touching my cock.

Then she wrapped her tiny hand around it.

"Brother..." she said softly.

"Yes" I said, almost out of breath.

"What is it make love to a girl?" she asked. "You know, to put your dick in her?"

"I...I...don't know" I confessed. "I've never done it."

"Really?" she asked, surprised.

"Really" I said.

"Did it feel really good when you were in my mouth? she asked

Oh yeah!" I said. "I've never felt anything so good!"

She thought for a minute, and then continued.

"When Duke jumped on me, he pinned me down. At first I struggled to get up, but he wrapped his paws around me and I couldn't get away. At first I was scared, and when he plunged his dick into me it hurt like crazy, but after I realized I couldn't get away and started to relax, something else happened...and that's when it really began to feel good" she said.

"It was really hot to watch!" I told her.

Again Mikalea paused.

"Wait right here" she said, releasing her grip on my throbbing cock.

She disappeared from the room only to return moments later holding a wash cloth in one hand, and something in her other hand that gleamed in the flashes of lightning.

She sat the objects down, and then kicked off her nightie and panties to the floor.

Pulling back the sheet, she exposed my hard shaft to her view.

"Oh, it looks so yummy!" she giggled.

She fumbled with the silvery packet for a few moments, tore off a corner, and then pulled out a condom.

She and I together figured out how to unroll the condom over the head of my cock and down my shaft.

It fit tightly, which was good because it seemed to desensitize me a little.

I rolled my sister over onto the bed and positioned myself above her.

"I want to be your first" she said.

Reaching down, she guided my steely member between the wet lips of her pussy.

I slowly leaned forward until about half of my cock was in, and then started pumping back and forth slowly.

Mikaela's head tossed back and forth, and she moaned gently.

"Shhh!" I told her. "We don't want to wake Mom!"

"Mom took some sleeping pills" Mikaela said. "I watched her".

I began pumping more now. A little harder, and gradually deeper and deeper into her warmth until I was finally almost all the way in.

My cock would go in as far as it could, and then it would bend as it bottomed out against her little cervix.

When I hit against her cervix she moaned louder.

Afraid, I asked if I was hurting her.

"No...No..." she purred. "It feels great! Do it again!"

I began pushing my cock in as far as it would go, pressing against her cervix.

"More!" she moaned. "It feels better the harder you hit it!"

Within minutes I had worked up to a furious pace, hammering into her tight little pussy, and pounding the head of my cock against her cervix.

She pulled off the sheet so she could put her legs in the air higher.

"Fuck me harder, James!" she cried, "I'm cumming!! Oh God, I'm cumming on my big brother's dick!!!"

Hearing those words was all it took to put me over the edge.

I couldn't even speak. All I could do was make gutteral groans and spasm uncontrollably as her clenching pussy milked every last drop of cum from my prick.

We lay together for several minutes panting. Sweat rolled off both of our young bodies.

Mikaela lay her head on my chest and softly whispered, "I love you big brother".

I pulled the condom off my now flaccid cock and threw it in the trash can by my bed.

Mikaela took the washcloth and gently washed the lubricant off my prick.

"I love your dick" she said. "And I loved you making love to me".

She tossed the washcloth on the floor, and we both fell asleep.

About an hour later I awoke to the sensation of her touching my cock gently, and then she was kneeling over me, her mouth around me, sucking me gently.

As I started to speak, she quietly whispered, "I hope you don't mind...I want more".

"I love it" I said. "Please don't stop".

Mikaela seemed really encouraged by this, and began sucking more earnestly than before.

The sensations were incredible.

She pressed her little hands between my ass and the sheets, and bobbed her head up and down on my cock. She'd go fast, and then when she felt me start throbbing, she'd slow down and prolong it.

That's when I heard the clicking sound of Duke's nails on the floor.

He entered the room and went straight for her scent.

He licked his long tongue across her enflamed clit and Mikaela moaned and almost gagged on my cock, taking more of it down her little throat than she knew how to.

She leaned back against Duke's lapping tongue as it flicked quickly across her clit, and dipped deeply into her sweet honey pot.

"How does that feel?" I whispered.

"Oh God!" Mikaela moaned. "It's really, really good!"

She thrust her ass back towards Duke, momentarily forcing his snout inside her pussy lips.

"Oh God, it's soooo good!" she moaned again.

Duke, recognizing the motions of a young bitch in heat, quickly jumped onto the bed.

"Let him fuck you while you suck me" I said.

Mikaela's mouth engulfed my prick as Duke mounted her, wrapping his paws tightly around her waist.

"Help him" Mikaela urged. "He's trying to put it in my butt!"

I reached down quickly and guided his cock between the parted lips of her pussy.

Duke responded immediately.

There was no gentleness. Duke pounded into her with raw sexuality, pummelling her pussy so hard that she had trouble keeping my cock between her lips.

"it's okay" I said. "Take my dick out of your mouth and just let him fuck you for now, you can suck me off later. I want to watch".

Mikaela smiled. Mikaela, as I found out, is quite an exhibitionist.

I was totally amazed, both by Duke's sexual stamina, and by my little sisters desire for cock to be pounded hard and deep into tiny pussy.

By the light of the moon, I watched my sister's face go through contortions of both pain and pleasure as Duke fucked Mikaela at a lightning fast pace for what must have been fifteen minutes or more. It was so erotic that my cock never even considered going down; it just throbbed incessantly as I marveled aat the doggy-fuck show unfolding before my eyes.

Mikaela had already gone through several intense, gut-wrenching orgasms by the time Duke finally pulled her tightly, and she held my head tightly and french-kissed me deeply as she went though a multi-orgasmic explosion. She moaned and whimpered into my mouth as Duke squeezed his large knot into her, locking his body tightly to hers.

Mikaela breathed deeply for a few moments, and then swallowed my cock into her hungry mouth. She gently rocked back and forth against Duke as she continued working me over for several minutes, and I struggled not to go over the edge.

She pulled my cock from her lips and said, "I want both of you to!"

She bucked back and forth on my cock and Duke's knot and suddenly Duke's knot began releasing his load of hot doggy sperm deep inside Mikaela's hot box. As the flood of hot cum drooled between her lips and over her clit, Mikaela exploded in yet another orgasm. It was more than I could take, and I shot stream after stream of sticky goo down my lovely sister's throat.

Duke climbed off the bed, walked over to a corner, and began licking Mikaela's pussy juices from his cock.

Mikaela kissed me deeply.

The storm had passed, so she showered and went to her room.

As she passed by I told her I couldn't wait til the next thunderstorm.

She smiled and replied, "I can't wait til tomorrow night. See you then!"

Rating: 92%, Read 158951 times, Posted Jul 04, 2010

Fantasy | Bestiality, Blowjob, Exhibitionism, First Time, Incest, Male, Teen Female, Virginity, Voyeurism


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