The War of 2020 by M.+O'bryan

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CH. 1 Suspect

The summer air swept clouds of thick black smoke through the grassy hills. In West Virginia, the air was hot and polluted enough already. His eyes stung, watering as he turned away from the fire. Pulling out a bandana, he spit before covering his mouth.

Another crop was lost to rival looters, the third one this week. They'd taken as much corn and soy as they could before setting the bare fields ablaze. We have been at War for over 5 years now, with no signs of it ending anytime soon. He had seen it coming for years and was prepared for it, as were several million others that collectively joined their side. When the time inevitably came for War, he was already positioned to be a Captain General in the National Conservative Army.

He was very successful so far, the Nationalists were winning over states because of some of his more ruthless strategies. Indifferent to the politics of his side, he enjoyed winning and shared the same basic values as his brothers. He wasn't racist per se and didn't really care much for religion. He was against the federal government, his efforts focused on dismantling it. By late 2021, he watched the last politicians flee Washington D.C, the Military having fractured into two sides, neither willing to protect them.

Asking soldiers to shoot their neighbor was just the first trigger. In 2020, the country fell victim to the worst domestic terror attack in human history, the Maryland E-12 Bunker Bombings.

A failed chemist with too much time and money on his hands, a private jet and 48 minutes was the second trigger. Having taken it upon himself to kill the politicians riding out the civil discourse in the E-12 Bunkers, he decided to drop over 34 tons of his own homemade bio-agent, an uncontrolled Virus that was able to target the brain stem, causing permanent brain damage within hours.

The bombs were dropped along the steep mountain side by private jet, meant to affect the immediate area. Unsurprisingly, it was engineered incorrectly and ended up killing almost the entire population of the East Coast, over a third of the country. Spreading hundreds of miles within days, the E-12 Virus was highly contagious. It has only recently been brought under control with a new vaccine. His name was Dr. Thomas Pelosik and he started the end of America as we knew it.

Having access to the vaccine or a natural immunity are the only way to even travel through some parts of the East Coast right now. It hit women and children especially hard causing ongoing reproductive failure and birth deformities.

Now that the Nationalist held 30 out of 50 states, he was strategizing the next steps needed to gain total control of West Virginia. It was barely considered their territory, the liberals were putting up a stubbornly long fight for this state.

They were getting desperate.

The Nationalist believed a key strategy to long term success was rebuilding the nation in their image. Total control over the enemy was necessary for that. Whether by accident or design, the Military Arm of the Nationalists had very narrow views for building the future. Their current orders were to kill any UPP member on site and enslave every woman found healthy and fertile. The latter mattering significantly more than the former.

The soldier to woman ratio was almost 25:1, with less than 50 healthy children born from thousands of troops this past year. Some states were better than others, his happened to be particularly hard hit from the fallout of the bombings.

All the strategy and experience in the world could have never prepared him for the moment he saw her though.

He had been walking through the thick forest behind his Compound, just getting some air before turning in for the night. The towering evergreens opened to a small clearing of tall pale grass, probably no more than a few feet high. In the amber glow of the sun, he could see three of his soldiers. Dead.

They appeared to have fallen around a single, much smaller body. He took out his pistol feeling for a clip in his pocket. Looking closer, he realized the small body lying between them was a woman. The white of her t-shirt was covered in blood and dirt, her dark blue jeans torn up and down her curvy thighs. Her hair was in a loose bun with wisps of curls falling onto her face and strapped to her back was a bayoneted M4 Carbine. He hadn't seen skin her shade of light brown in a very long time. Every soldier in his command was white. The few dozen women they had captured were almost all white as well.

Quietly, he stepped over dried leaves and twigs, trying to stay on the soft grass. She appeared to be asleep and didn't move as he approached. Now just a few feet away; he could see her soft features, the high cheekbones, a pert nose and plump lips.

She was beautiful.

Before he could move any closer, her eyes flashed open, sending a pulse of adrenaline through him. Her eyes, large and catlike, were the color of milk chocolate. He froze remembering what felt like a lifetime ago.

An entirely different world.

"Morgan?" he whispered.

He shook his head in disbelief, he didn't think he would ever see her again. They had gone to University here together, over a decade ago. Complete opposites in just about every way, she was an idealist while he was pragmatic. But she was surprisingly open-minded and easy to talk to. Oblivious to his advances for the most part, she was happily married to her husband Rick last time he spoke to her.

He never thought he would see anyone from the past again.

Especially not her.


Jolting awake, she opened her eyes to a man standing above her. Blocking out the last bit of sunlight, she couldn't make out his face. Crawling backwards, she could feel her body ache. 'More soldiers already?' Gasping, her mind registered who he was.

"Joe?" she said breathless.

"I ... I can't believe... , " she stammered looking up at him.

Before he could respond, he heard the faint roaring engines of his soldiers Humvee's, returning from a routine scout. Without a word he picked her up, pulling her soft body into his, she tugged away from him twisting against his grip. "What are you doing Joe?!"

Discarding her bulky rifle, he glared down at her. "Shut up, Morgan."

She glared back at him. "You shut up."

She was exactly as he remembered. Carrying her back into the forest, he moved quickly trying to get away from the clearing. He couldn't let them see that she had killed so many soldiers. "Why did you kill my men?!" He hissed into her hair, more frustrated than upset. Taking long deliberate strides, he made it a few hundred meters before she started squirming in his arms again.

"Put me down Joe, I don't need you to fucking carry me." He stiffened but held onto her. He hadn't heard his name in such a long time, he didn't go by Joe any longer. "Listen to me," he said lowering his mouth from her hair to her ear. "I could have killed you right there, if my men find out you killed their brothers, they will not hesitate..."

"They came for me first, I didn't have a choice," she huffed into his shoulder.

"Don't ever mention what you did to anyone. Ever." He didn't doubt that his men came for her. He was surprised that she managed to kill them all without him hearing a single shot ring out. No matter what he thought, he knew that the penalty for killing his soldiers was death.

Making it back to his three story brick home, he went through the back door just as the sky turned black and the sound of curfew sirens blared through the night. Carrying her upstairs, he brought her through the wooden double doors of his bedroom, into the master bathroom. She covered her eyes, not used to the artificial brightness. The room was pristine with chrome fixtures and white tile floors.

"What happened?" He said, placing her on the edge of his large claw bathtub.

She wiped her eyes slowly before looking up to meet his. "Well Captain General Joe," she said bitterly, nodding at the gold emblem on his lapel. "As you know, the East is gone. The attack ... It took almost everyone ... even Rick," her eyes closed briefly as she took a deep breath. "The only people left are immune to the virus like me. I've been making my way West but ... without internet," she shook her head, "I had no idea you had already overtaken so much land."

He looked at her silently, he hadn't really considered what the other side of the War was like. He couldn't really, he had to win and winners cannot empathize with their enemy.

'Is she an enemy?' He thought studying her blood soaked clothing. Standing up, he walked to the tap, turning on the hot water.

"Take a bath, I'll find some clothes for you," he said. She didn't respond.

Walking to the bathroom door he closed it behind him, making sure to lock it from the outside. He needed to think, he needed to get away from her.

Putting her hand into the running hot water, she hated how much she had missed it. She had been fighting for so long, living with mostly men got her used to 5 minute showers. She couldn't remember the last time she had a bath like this.

It was unbelievable that out of all the people in the world she sees, it's fucking Joseph Murphy. Seeing his dark blue eyes staring down at her was akin to facing a grizzly bear.

He was always such an arrogant jerk, trolling and critiquing her opinions for the fun of it. She had heard stories of what happens at these Compounds. Murder, torture and much worse. Now she knew that was done at the hands of Joe, a fucking Captain General.

He looked so different now, his hair used to be a much a lighter red, now it was almost burgundy. He also didn't have tattoos all over his arms before, he looks so much more menacing with them.

She had made it this far, she couldn't let this throw her mission off track. Letting her hair out from its elastic, she rubbed her scalp tenderly feeling the long curls fall past her shoulders. Taking off the rest of her tattered clothes, she slipped into the scalding hot water, submerging herself.

She had found a way in and that's all that mattered.


"Three men were found in the North Quadrant, Sir. All KIA from close combat knife wounds to the abdomen and neck. A rifle was left behind with UPP markings from the United People's Party," Sergeant Griffin reported to CG Murphy in his downstairs War Room.

He was happy with how fast his men found the bodies, if he was a moment later they would have surely found her. "Do double rounds tonight, anything you see is shot on sight, understood?" He replied looking down at a map of the Compound and surrounding forest.

"Yes, Sir."

He nodded to the Sergeant, "I need you to get Lead Captain Smyth for me too, he's probably down at the Cabins. No one else is to bother me for the rest of the night unless it's a Red Level threat."

"Of course, CG Murphy." The Sergeant saluted and left as quickly as he had come, leaving Murph alone with his thoughts.

She's a UPP soldier, an undeniable enemy of his. He grit his teeth, they didn't usually have women as soldiers but those equality fag*ots would have anyone on the front lines willing to die for the cause.

He went over to his dark oak desk, settling down in his leather chair. He pulled out an old bottle of Bourbon from a side drawer. Opening the bottle, he paused before taking a long swig. "A soldier..." He scoffed. She was so small, barely 5' 5" but was somehow able to kill three of his men without firing a single shot.


He stood as he heard Smyth's motorcycle snaking up his gravel driveway. Not long after, his front door opened, the sound of heavy boots echoing through the house. "Murph, you better have a damn good reason calling me up here so late," Smyth drawled.

He strode in wearing just camo shorts and combat boots. His bare chest heavily tattooed with a portrait of 'The Battle of Bull Run' under huge red scars. Zig zagging across his torso, they were constant reminders of his many victims. Smyth's shaggy brown hair was notably disheveled, his usually bright green eyes dark and groggy.

"Did I wake you up?" Murph said walking over to shake his hand.

"Of course you did, I was out hunting all day with Connor. We just got back a few hours ago," he said smiling.

Lighting a cigarette, "So why am I here, do you have some material you need moved or..." Stopping suddenly, Smyth looked behind Murph, his unlit cigarette hanging loosely from his lips.

Murph turned to see Morgan at the bottom of the stairs. His heart slammed in his chest. 'How the fuck did she get out of the bathroom?' His mind quickly hazed over as he looked at her for what felt like the very first time.

Now freshly clean; she wore one of his white tanks. On her it was just long enough to cover her pussy. Her brown hair softly fell down her back in large damp curls. Full perky tits peeked through the loose top. He could see her dusky pink nipples and the tight curve of her waist through the sheer fabric.

Bright brown eyes framed with thick black lashes stared back at him, her cheeks still pink from the hot water. He had never noticed the pale brown freckles peppered along the bridge of her nose or just how full and pink her lips were.

"What are you doing Murph?" Smyth said, his tone deadly serious.

Murph shook his head, "Smyth, I need your help."

Morgan stared at the two men. The room they were in was huge, full of military grade weapons and advanced technology. She had never seen such an armory in someone's house before.

She took a mental note of the layout of the room, large radar screens covered the walls and different assault rifles and machine guns stood in open racks.

Unprompted, Smyth went toward her, taking her small hand in his. Inspecting her face intently, his eyes burned into hers. "A half-breed... , " he murmured, running his hands through her damp hair. "I've never seen one like you before," he said quietly.

"What are you?" Smyth said tracing her slender fingers.

"What ... like my race?" She said looking back at Joe. He nodded quietly.

"I'm African and Irish," she said. "In that order."

Smyth studied her silently for a moment, her attitude amusing to him.

"You are beautiful," he said letting go of her hand.


"Young and healthy," he continued, walking around her.


"You know they will want her to be bred," Smyth said coldly. His eyes roamed her curvy outline; she would surely cause problems.

She shifted uncomfortably, a knot forming in the pit of her stomach. She thought back to the stories she had heard about women being 'bred' based on their race and fertility. Basically, raped over and over to satiate the soldiers and Officers in the name of re-population.

She searched his face, Smyth wasn't much different from Joe. He was tall with a full brown beard framing his square jaw. Ruggedly handsome, he looked exactly as he sounded, deeply Southern. The violent War tattoos on his chest and large deep scars slashed over them only hardened his look.

His eyes were the real problem though, they smoldered into her. Licking his lips, he put down his cigarette.

"I don't want her bred by everyone. I know how most of them are ... How they will be." Murph said, stepping towards Smyth. "I was thinking about using Rule 23."

Smyth let out a snorted laugh. "Rule 23?"

His smile quickly faded. "You'd need another Captain General to sign on for that, which means CG Barberi."

Murph grimaced, CG Barberi was his equal on the Compound and for all intents and purposes, the worst person he had ever met. He was a sadist, who truly enjoyed torturing and killing others for fun. A psychopath well before the War ever started.

"CGB would probably love her to be honest," Smyth said staring back at her. "He's always complaining about the lack of women."

Murph looked at her unsure. Perhaps she wasn't a soldier and just found the rifle, using it for protection. He lost track of his thoughts as Morgan turned toward the front door, her full supple ass now on display. "You could just let me leave."

Smyth sighed, talking quietly to Murph. "That will never happen."

"No one even has to know I was here," she continued.

With her back to them, Smyth continued, "I will help you with Rule 23 Red, but you know that means CGB will have her with you right? I can only give you my vote."

Murph nodded, "I know."

Morgan turned back to face them again. "What is Rule 23, Joe?"

Smyth looked at him slyly, "Joe?" Murph ignored him.

"It means two Captain General's and a Lead Captain can make an exception to our Code of Conduct for ... unique circumstances," Murph said. He left out the part where the rule was used to either kill a fertile slave or to brand them for private use to have children.

"An exception can mean a lot of things darling," Smyth said. "Best that we get CGB to agree before we go to the Command Table for approval." Smyth walked back into the War Room.

Leisurely, he swept all the maps and paper weights off the large steel table onto the ground. Looking back to Murph, he smiled, "Have you fucked her yet?"

Murph felt his face grow hot. "Not yet," he replied.

Looking to her again, he saw her big brown eyes dilate in response. The air grew heavy around them as she took a small step forward. "Do you want to fuck me, Joe?" She whispered, her voice shaking.

He took a step toward her, "Yes."

"It would just be you ... two?" she said, looking over at Smyth.

"For now... , " Smyth said moving beside Murph. "Just us."

Morgan felt a shiver go up her spine as she stood in front of them. 'Remember your training,' she thought. Timidly she took off the loose tank, feeling her exposed skin hit the humid air. She knew what they wanted and what she needed to do.

The quicker they fell for her, the better.

Murph felt his cock go rigid, her body was perfect. Curvy and soft, her wide hips dipped into a flat belly. Her perky tits were full, she had no tattoos and no scars, just smooth light brown skin. He went to her first, kissing her warm lips softly. As he felt her respond, he kissed her harder, his tongue exploring her mouth. His large hand grabbed her soft heavy breast, rolling her nipple between his fingers.

Smyth moved behind her, his hands running down her hips and over her tight plump ass. She could feel them both growing hard against her. Smyth against the small of her back and Joe against her stomach. Her pussy tingled as she thought of taking them both. She needed to use this opportunity to hook them in.

She never thought of herself as much of a honeypot, she was a fighter. She had trained knowing that this would be big part of her mission. She couldn't be raped if she enjoyed it, then it was just sex.


Murph stepped back from her, taking off his dark green uniform shirt. She couldn't believe how defined his muscles were or how his tattooed sleeves ran all the way up both of his arms.

When he unbuckled his pants, she saw he was already fully erect. With thick veins winding around his circumcised cock, she felt her pussy clench just thinking about him filling her.

She turned away from him childishly, embarrassed to see him naked. She had never imagined he would look so good. She hadn't had sex since Rick died three years ago, let alone with two men at the same time. She had trained for this but she hadn't exactly had a practice run. Her UPP mentor told her to be prepared for this

She wasn't.

Smyth was just as bad. Turning to face him, she was met with his barrel chest and saw his semi-hard cock hanging heavily between his legs. Smyth lifted her chin. "Are you scared of us?" he said gently, his eyes soft.

Her hands went to his cock, stroking it slowly. "I don't want to be scared of you," she said sweetly. She wanted them to coddle her, think of her as meek and let their guard down.

Murph grabbed her hips and pushed himself against her, his hard dick sliding between her asscheeks toward her pussy. Smyth's dick twitched in her hands in response. He looked past her to Murph and without saying a word, they brought her to the steel table.

Walking over the discarded maps, Smyth sat down, his cock at full attention now. She stood between his legs, using her arms to brace herself.

Bending over slightly; she took his large cock into her mouth, tasting him for the first time. Smyth let out a pleased sigh, leaning back on his elbows. "Oh honey..." Right as she took Smyth into her mouth, she could feel Joe pressed against her pussy from behind.

His hands grabbed each of her thighs, spreading them further part. Rubbing her pussy from behind, he slid his middle finger deep into her. Her throat hummed around Smyth's cock as she felt him finger her pussy.

Pulling out slowly, he licked her juices, savoring the taste. "Mmm..." Pushing his hard dick against her pussy lips, he took a moment to enjoy the sight before him. Her curly hair swept down her arched back, two small dimples met at the tailbone of her perfectly round ass.

Pushing deeper, he groaned as she wiggled her ass, adjusting to him. He heard her muffled moans as he began slowly pumping, watching his cock go in and out of her tight pussy. "Fuck, you are too good" he said holding firmly onto her ass. His cock was firmly gripped by her pussy, such a difference from the used whores down at the Cabins that have had hundreds of dicks in them.

Smyth wrapped his hand into her curly hair, pushing her further down onto his cock. His hips rocking up into her mouth in rhythm with Murph's thrusts.

"So good," he groaned.

She relaxed, taking Smyth deep into her throat. The feeling of him fucking her mouth as Joe slid into her pussy was incredible. She was enjoying herself much more than she thought she would. Her pussy was slick as her own orgasm approached.

Sensing her compliance, they both picked up the pace and began to fuck her harder. Her muffled moaning grew louder as Joe pushed deeper into her pussy, forcing her to take more cock into her throat. Feeling himself close to climaxing, he grabbed her ass with both hands lifting her off the ground. Now held between them, they both came deep into her, hot streams filling her from both sides at once.

Unbeknownst to her, as part of Rule 23, CG Barberi would own her too. Seeing her take both of them so well gave Murph hope it could work. 'It had to work', he thought. He was never going to allow her to be taken down to the Cabins.

Smyth smiled sitting up from the table. "You're perfect baby," he said caressing her face. As Joe pulled out of her, she felt her knees buckle. Tingles ran through her pussy like electric sparks. She shuddered, still feeling the aftershocks of their lovemaking.

"It's ok..." Murph said taking her in his arms, " ... let's get you to bed."

She was out before she hit the bed, having been carried upstairs like a rag doll. Sinking into the comforter, her brown hair was a halo of curls around her. "She was asleep outside when I found her," Murph said to Smyth.

Smyth brushed her curls softly from her face. "This is going to be hard ... really fucking hard Murph," he said lowering his voice. "CGB has been killing nig*ers for years, he won't see her as anything more than a doll to fuck, if even that."

Murph's jaw ticked. "He would have to treat her well, she would be our mutual property."

Smyth frowned. "He should, but he won't. He likes torturing them Murph, that's fun for him." Smyth stood up and walked away from the bed.

"Just remember that she's still a slave, a Grade A one for sure ... but a slave nonetheless." Grabbing Murph's shoulder he offered him a smile.

Murph shook his head. "Knowing her from before the War is fucking with me. I can't think clearly." Walking to the door he grabbed a pistol from his dresser. "I'll invite CG Barberi over tonight to talk. I'll see how he responds and we can go from there."

"Well you have my blessing," Smyth said smiling.

Taking out a padlock Murph secured the latches of the double doors. "She knows how to pick locks," he mumbled pulling against them.

"I can see why you didn't report her," Smyth replied. "The boys will want her, she's very hard to hate." They walked downstairs stopping at the front door.

"I don't want anyone to know about her until I go over it with CGB."

Smyth smiled, "They won't hear it from me."

Murph pulled out his satellite phone. "I need to check on the perimeter, she managed to breach it without any alarms going off."

Smyth lit a cigarette, taking out his keys. "She's a gift sent for you Red. No other way she could have gotten past all those mines." Murph closed the front door, turning on the automatic starter for his Jeep. It roared to life, shining bright aux lights into the forest.

Morgan watched both men drive off from the upstairs window, their white lights fading into the darkness of the forest. She looked over at the clock on his dresser.

Only 8:47pm.

Holding her head gingerly, she felt her temple.

She was so fucking tired.

Running to the door, she pulled on it earnestly. It didn't move an inch. Looking around, she went over to the window again, opening it up wide. It was maybe 25 feet up, too high to just jump down.

Scanning the room, she saw a light blue pile of clothing on a night stand. Walking over, she touched the soft fabric, it was a small cotton slip dress.

Barely even clothing.

She put it over her head, enjoying the feel of something at least covering her body. She still had no panties, the dress fell just over her ass, her nipples clearly visible through the light blue cups.

She touched her chest softly, her heart was still beating fast. Sitting back down on the bed, she covered her eyes. 'Just 5 minutes,' she thought laying her head down on the pillows.

Asleep moments later, the lost hours of rest had finally caught up to her.


Murph checked in with each of his teams on the Compound, taking his time to listen to their Intel from the day. Although the crop damage was more than he would have liked, it was manageable. He decided to drive down to the Stables where CG Barberi could usually be found. He treated those horses better than most people, usually spending his spare time training them.

The Stable housed over 120 stallions and mares. Attached to a sprawling patch of farm land, it was routinely guarded by several dozen soldiers. As he approached the farm, he could see three crosses burning brightly in the distance. The orange flames licking at the night sky. Speeding up, he saw several men on horses circling them. He could hear their hollers and whistles as he pulled closer, parking just a few feet away.

Murph watched CG Barberi approach him on horseback, a torch in one hand and a bottle of Whiskey in the other.

"Red! Aye Brother. You got here just in time," he yelled. "We found us those looting UPP nig*ers." He threw the torch to the ground, getting off the black stallion. "Sergeant Johnson got them hiding in the South Quadrant. Gave him the honors of lighting em' up," CGB said shaking Murph's hand roughly.

Giving him a friendly slap on the back, he smiled, his eyes sparkling in excitement. Murph didn't understand how anyone could enjoy burning people alive.

"Good job Sergeant," Murph yelled, saluting the soldier who stood under the burning bodies. Laughing the Sergeant waved back, "Thank you, Sir!"

CGB smiled taking the reins of his stallion as he walked with Murph towards the Stable. "What brings you down here? I thought we were meeting tomorrow afternoon."

Murph ran his hand through his hair, disgusted by the crosses. The smell of the burning bodies was overwhelming. "Something came up today that I need to talk to you about."

CGB nodded to one of his soldiers, motioning for him to take the reins. "Leave us," he said, handing off the stallion.

"I found a woman today, someone I knew from before the War," Murph said, his voice low.

"Oh really?"

"I am here to extend an offer to you as an equal," Murph responded.

"An offer? Where is she?" CGB said looking into the darkness amused.

"Not here, not without a guarantee from you first." Murph said, stepping up to his face. "This offer is based on a guarantee from you to not damage OUR property."

CGB's smile disappeared. "What kind of woman got Red to call for Rule 23?"

"Do you agree or not?" Murph pressed.

CGB laughed deeply, "You think I am some kind of animal? Of course I would never damage mutual property, it's our code."

Putting his fingers in his mouth he whistled sharply.

"Get me my bike!"


They drove separately to his home, Murph gripping his steering wheel the entire way. CGB was an animal, a fucking psychopath that would be in jail for life if they weren't at War. Leading CGB up to his home, he considered if he was even capable of keeping his word.

Parking in the circular driveway, he looked up to his bedroom window, it was wide open. 'She wouldn't jump down would she?' he thought, stepping out from his jeep. CGB hopped off his bike, kicking the leg stand down.

"When I left she was asleep," Murph said unlocking the front door. "I found her in the North Quadrant."

"How did she get out there?" CGB asked stepping inside. "That area is a wasteland."

"She's originally from up North, she got lost trying to get out West. Apparently the internet interception has been working, they are dark all throughout the East Coast."

CGB nodded walking upstairs behind him. "What is her name?"

Murph paused, taking out his keys again to open the padlocked bedroom doors.


"She's Irish then?" CGB replied smiling.

Unlatching the lock, Murph opened the double doors. "Half Irish".

They walked in to see her fast asleep on the bed, her curvy body covered in the pale blue dress he had left for her. They could hear her soft breathing as she lay on her back, her chest slowly rising in unison.

CGB walked around the bed quietly, studying her. "I see... , " he said softly, standing over her. "I have never branded a half-breed before," he continued sitting at the edge of the bed.

Murph watched CGB run his callous hand slowly up her soft legs, caressing her right thigh. Moving up, he raised the hem of her dress revealing a soft patch of brown curls. Lowering his head, he took a deep breath. His mouth just inches away from her pussy.

He smiled.

"We need to agree to some basic standards if this is going to work," Murph said at the foot of the bed.

"I already said I won't damage her." CGB said touching her long hair, twisting his fingers in the curls.

"I'm asking you to do more than keep her alive. There will be absolutely no torture and no physical beating on any part of her body without me present. That is not up for negotiation."

CGB stood up, his movement causing her to move slightly, moaning softly in her sleep. "I will need to try her before I go any further. A half-breed slave usually wouldn't be entitled to any ... accommodations," he said looking back down at her.

"But now that I've seen her, I understand your request. She is beautiful ... and she has enough Irish in her that I am willing to make an exception."

Murph watched her small body stir.

"To show my good faith, I will give you the option of joining me or watching. Your choice."

Morgan's eyes fluttered open as she heard voices around her. 'What time is it?' She had only planned on sleeping for a few minutes. Her eyes took a moment to adjust to the man standing over her. 'Who is that?' she thought, looking up at him confused.

He had jet black hair down to his shoulders and icy blue eyes. His skin was pale, like alabaster against his dark hair. A red dragon tattoo ran up his neck and along his jawline, stopping short of reaching his face. Glancing down at his belt, she saw a small gold shield.

A Captain General emblem.

She covered her chest nervously.

Murph rubbed her shoulder. "It's okay," he said softly. "This is Captain General Barberi, he is here to meet you."

Morgan looked back and forth between them. "Are you here about the Rule?" she asked, her hands still on her chest.

"I am here to see if you are worth an exception," CGB said moving closer. "CG Murphy seems to think you are..."

She had to stop herself from cringing away from him, her body recoiling in response to his proximity.

She didn't like him.

"Take off your dress," Murph whispered into her ear, his hand stroking her neck.


"Off," he insisted taking the slip in his hands. Helping her hike it up, he lifted it over her head.

"You are his for now," Murph said caressing her face gently, "I will be right downstairs."

Confused, she reached for him as he stood up. 'Where is he going?' Walking to CGB, he touched a small red button on the side of his dresser.

"I'm watching," he said in warning.

Turning, he left closing the door behind him without another word.

Grinning, CGB looked down at her naked on the bed.

"Stand up," he demanded.

Slowly she sat up, her feet touching the floor. Standing, her face only came up to his abdomen. He smelled like liquor and stale smoke, the whites of his eyes were already bloodshot. He tilted her head up to look directly into her eyes.

"Have you ever had a Master?"

She blinked, quickly turning from him. "No."

"Look at me," he said raising his voice, turning her head back to him.

His eyes held hers, "You are my property now. My slave. Do you understand?"

Her eyes narrowed, "No."

He growled, pushing her back down onto the bed in anger. "No?!"

Taking off his shirt, she saw a large 1488 tattoo over his heart, the dragon tattoo snaking across it onto his shoulder.

She winced.

"You will never say 'No' to me again," he scolded taking off his belt. She scooted back from him up the bed, the soft pillows surrounding her.

He grabbed her left ankle, pulling her back down towards him. She started to panic, this is not the same as before. He was not like Smyth or Joe.

She kicked her leg, feeling his grip tighten.

"Let go of me asshole!"

He smiled as his pants fell to the ground, his hard cock now free.

Murph watched them from the monitor at his desk in contempt. Gripping the bottle of Bourbon, he took another long swig. He shouldn't be drinking but he couldn't stand watching them. She obviously didn't want CGB, she didn't act that way with him and Smyth at all. He watched on silently, unable to hear what they were saying.

Morgan looked around the room feeling truly vulnerable for the first time. She couldn't believe Joe left her alone with this prick. He held her ankle firmly as he kicked off his boots.

"You are a half-breed. It is a gift to have this white cock all to yourself," he said staring down at her. "Be good and I'll let you cum too."

She bit her lower lip nervously.

His eyes were absolutely menacing and they never left her, not even for a second.

"Fuck you," she said kicking away from him. He twisted her ankle hard, jerking her back roughly. Climbing onto the bed, he forced her legs wide apart, his throbbing cock proudly standing between them.

"You're kind are always like this," he sneered. "With the fucking attitude."

She squirmed under him, her pussy totally exposed now. Her hips twisted as he knelt between them.

"If you hate me so much then why even bother fucking me?" she continued, struggling against him.

"Look at you," he said stroking his cock slowly. "How could I hate my new toy?"

Grabbing both of her legs, he pulled her up, lifting her ass from the bed.

"No!" she screamed her arms pushing against his chest.

He leaned into her hands pushing her down into the mattress under him. "There's so much that I am going to do to you," he whispered into her ear.

With his cock positioned directly in front of her pussy, his mouth went to her tits. Taking a hard nipple into his mouth, he thrust deep into her without warning, impaling her. She gasped feeling him hit her cervix, his cock pushing the limits of what she could handle. She felt every inch of him as he forced himself deep into her.

Biting down on her nipple, he wrapped both arms around her as her back arched reflexively. Lifting her further off the bed, he began jackhammering into her pussy as hard as he could, tearing screams from her. She felt the pain first, shooting through her pussy at the sheer force of his thrusts. Pumping into her with abandon, she felt her pussy get wetter in response to his abuse.

She didn't have any time to process what was happening.

His mouth left her breast to lick her neck, his teeth dragging against her throat. She dug her nails deep into his chest, bringing a sinister grin to his face. Grabbing both of her arms, he crossed them above her head in one fist.

"This is my pussy," he snarled into her ear. "I will take my pussy in anyway I want."

His weight pinned her down as his cock continued to thrust into her mercilessly. His hips slamming against hers was jarring and debilitating.

"Anytime ... Anywhere."

She whimpered under him, the pain of his thrusts having morphed into a slow burning pleasure.

"Do you understand now?" He said wrapping her hair around his fist. With her wrists still firmly in his other fist, she felt him tighten his hold on her even more.

Her pussy squeezed tighter. She hated him, hated how wet her pussy was and hated how good he felt inside of her.

Pulling her hair back, his mouth crashed onto hers, just as forcefully as his cock. Her body was on fire as she pulled away again, looking up into his eyes. They were wild with lust, almost glowing from his sinister enjoyment. She twisted against his hold but his body effortlessly overpowered hers, holding her in position.

With no way out of this other than him cumming, she gave him the moans he wanted to hear.

"Cum in me, Master," she whispered, her eyes locked with his. "Please."

Roaring in satisfaction, he held onto her hips, his heavy balls slapping against her pussy lips. As his hot cum filled her, she felt an orgasm rock her again.

Murph turned from the screen, his jaw clenched. He never thought he would feel jealousy like this. Watching CGB fuck her made him furious. He watched them kiss again, this time much softer than before.

Standing up, he put down the bottle, stumbling slightly as he went towards the stairs. From the corner of his eye, he saw bright lights flashing in the darkness outside. Several trucks were pulling into his driveway. Heavy footsteps came from upstairs as CGB made his way down. Shirtless, he pulled on his belt, his hair now damp with sweat.

"They know not to come here unless something big happens," he said stepping down from the landing. Murph saw several red scratches on his chest, signs he didn't control himself with her. "What did you...?" he questioned before a sharp knock interrupted him. Opening the door, he was faced with several infantrymen, all geared up for combat.

"Captain General Murphy, Captain General Barberi," one said saluting. "We have a verified breech in the South Quadrant, Sir."

CGB walked beside Murph. "Probably saw the light show," he quipped, smiling. "How many did you get eyes on?" A second soldier stepped up, "At least 15, Sir." Murph turned to his War Room, motioning for them to follow.

From the top of the stairs Morgan listened to them talk. CGB didn't lock the door when he left, leaving her free to explore. She watched them walk to the War Room, their voices fading as they moved out of earshot. Walking down the hall, she tried the first handle, feeling it click open. The room was large but mostly empty, with only three large black filing cabinets.

The words [PROPERTY: UNITED STATES of AMERICA] were painted along the side of one. Pulling against the drawers, she felt a lock engage.


She heard Joe raise his voice, shaking the floor beneath her feet. Kneeling on the hardwood, she put her ear against it to listen. Muffled words from the soldiers could be heard before Joe shouted again. "They attacked one of our water towers Charlie! I swear to Christ if one more tower falls..."

Standing up, she heard more movement below her. She would be back to break the locks as soon as she could, there were too many people nearby and nothing for her to pick it with.

"I want them dead. All of them, fucking dead!" CGB demanded, his voice traveling through the house, bouncing off the walls.

"Yes, Sir!"

She peered over the upstairs railing again.

"I want their leader brought to the Center for us," Murph responded.

She watched as they all moved toward the front door. One soldier stopped, noticing her standing at the top of the landing. He turned looking up at her curiously. She held her breath as another looked up, both staring directly at her now.

Covering her chest, she realized they could probably see right through her dress. She watched as CGB quietly walked up behind them. He studied them for a moment as they whispered to each other. Looking up, his eyes narrowed at the sight of her, still covering her breast.

"Are you looking at our property?" He said spinning the first soldier around. In an instant, he punched him directly in the face, crushing his nose. The soldier howled in pain, falling to his knees.

The other quickly turned away from her. Murph walked up to the other soldier grabbing his neck. "Look at her again and I'll cut your fucking dick off." The soldier shook his head quickly, struggling to talk. "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!"

She looked down at them. They were brutal, UPP Officers didn't operate anything like this. 'Maybe that's why we are losing so badly,' she thought crossing her arms again.

"Come down here," Murph commanded.

She hesitated, gripping the railing tightly.

"Now," yelled CGB, standing beside him.

Groaning to herself, she slowly walked down the stairs. She watched as the soldiers tried their best to avert their eyes from her, some even turning around.

"Do you like teasing my soldiers?" Murph hissed grabbing her waist. "We can't leave you alone for one fucking minute." Taking over her mouth in a possessive kiss, she tasted the liquor on his lips.

He was drunk.

Grabbing her ass, CGB handed Murph a handgun. "You're coming with us on a field trip," he said kissing her hair as Murph let go of her waist. Stumbling, she felt dizzy being passed between the two. CGB held her waist as she turned to see the now fully functioning War Room. The monitors lit up with clusters of red dots spread across several screens.

One monitor stood out, flashing red. It had a handful of blue dots surrounded by red ones on all sides. She felt his hands caress her hips, turning her back around.

"Go get her some slippers and my coat," CGB ordered, glaring at the soldier with a bloody nose.

"Yes, Sir," he said running off.

Murph turned from them, now on the phone. "Send down the drones, I want eyes on them before we waste any more bullets."

She looked around confused. "What is going on?"

CGB smiled. "We finally got one of those fucking UPP Commanders on our land. He came for the bait we left, just as planned."

Her heart sank into her stomach.

"I knew they would come for the crosses," he said laughing. "The classics always work."

She looked at the digital clock in the corner, it was 1:10am.

"Time to go."


Shots rang out into the darkness as Jack took cover. They had lost ten soldiers already, way more than he had anticipated.

"These fucking Nazi's are hammering me," Jack yelled into his mic. Bullets whizzed past his head, shattering nearby trees.

"Fall back. Be advised. Fall back. They have eyes in the sky," he heard in response.

"Fall back!" He shouted, shooting the rest of his barrel. They had completed half of their mission, destroying the largest water tower on the Compound.

Even Nazis had to drink water.

"The crosses are still burning," said Mark, his Lieutenant. He was certain his younger brother was dead on one of them. "We have to fall back Mark. There are too many of them." Jack said taking out his compass. It was down to five of them, he couldn't lose anyone else. "We will come back for them," he said grabbing Mark's arm in support.

"How many yards to the perimeter?" Jack yelled into his mic.

"40 yards, South West," dispatch responded.

"Movement?" He said reloading his gun.

"At the entry point. Number unknown. They are disrupting our transmission."

"Going dark," he responded clicking off the mic.

Looking at his team, he motioned with his hand to move forward. They got a few yards from the entry point before they saw the lights flash on. Dipping back behind thick bushes, Jack halted the group. Two large Humvee's sat on the opposite side of the opening they had come through. Their lights shining directly on the break in the fence.

"Fuck," he said, watching quietly.

Two figures stepped from the trucks, walking over to inspect the fence. He couldn't believe it. Both Captain Generals of the Compound stepped forward, their gold badges visible even from this distance. Aiming his rifle, he focused his cross-hairs on CG Barberi. A notorious monster, that had single-handedly tortured and killed hundreds of his comrades across the state.

With his finger on the trigger he saw a small figure cross his line of sight, blocking the shot. "Who is that?" said a soldier behind him. He adjusted the scope, focusing in on them.

A woman, small and wearing a huge black leather jacket stood directly in his line of fire. Her long curly hair blew lightly in the breeze as she removed the heavy jacket.

His heart skipped a beat.

Now standing in just a small blue dress, he recognized her. He didn't know her name but he remembered her from an UPP training camp last year.

"She's one of us," he said putting the scope down.

"Is she on the captured list?" replied Mark taking out a notepad.

"I don't know her name," Jack said taking out his binoculars.

With a better view of her face, he was certain she was a soldier. He remembered her being his partner for close combat offense. She was highly skilled, taking him out multiple times. 'How did they catch her?' he thought studying them. Watching from a distance he saw CG Barberi move behind her, kissing the back of her neck. CG Murphy moved in front of her, his hands touching her face.

"She's enslaved," he said putting the binoculars down. "We need to regroup before we try..." he started before the screech of a megaphone stopped him.

"Hellooooooo." CGB said tapping on the megaphone. "Attention all UPP trash hiding on our land."

Jack held his fist up to his soldiers, they immediately dropped down.

"Come out now and we will kill you quickly. Keep wasting my fucking time and you will regret it."

Jack looked along the perimeter fence, he could see that aside from the entry point, the rest was not being monitored.

Turning to his men, he took out his transponder handing it to Mark. "Go 15 yards down and cut the fence, I will distract them."

"We aren't leaving you behind Jack," Mark said pushing the transponder away.

"That's an order," Jack commanded. "I don't want any of you coming back for me, change the codes as soon as you get to base. I will make it."

Pushing extra ammo into his hand, Mark nodded silently.

"Steady," Jack said, still crouched low.

When he heard the megaphone click back on he ran, letting out a flurry of bullets. Running in the opposite direction of his men, he shot toward the massive lights on the truck.

Hitting one, he saw half the area go dark.

"Over there!"

He ran as fast as he could, firing again. He was unfamiliar with this forest and not sure which way he should go. Sprinting forward, he heard muffled voices shouting behind him. He didn't see or hear the dog that clamped down on his leg, he just felt the bite as teeth sank into his flesh. Dragging him into a ditch, the dog gnarled on his leg, thrashing him.

Screaming, he aimed his gun at the dog, pumping two shots into its head. Rolling the dog off him, he tried to stand back up but couldn't. He heard a loud whistle as flashlights flooded over him from all directions.

"Here!" Shouted a soldier running towards him.

"Alive! I want him alive," he heard in response.

The last thing he saw was the butt of a rifle slamming into his face.


The halls of the Center were usually quiet during the afternoon. With only high-ranking Officers allowed inside, the building had large pockets of space that were completely vacant. Reconstructed from a courthouse, it had several rooms used solely to interrogate and imprison captured enemy soldiers.

Today, guttural moans echoed from Room #6 as Jack took another vicious punch to the stomach. With his arms chained above his head, he hung from a hook secured to the ceiling.

"What are the codes?" Murph said calmly, taking off the brass knuckles.

Jack spat blood onto the floor. "They already changed them cocksucker."

Going over to a table he picked up the receiver to a landline phone. "You can come back down here if you want. He's not talking." Murph put down the phone, wiping the blood from his hands with a rag. They have been working on him all afternoon, getting nowhere.

Whistling 'Take me Out to the Ballgame' CGB approached the court room, kicking open the door with his boot. Smiling wickedly, he twirled a wooden baseball bat in his hands, swinging it in the air.

"All done with the kid gloves?" he said, walking toward Jack.

Murph cracked his knuckles, stretching his arms out. "Don't kill him. We can use him for a trade to get Sergeant Browne back," he said looking at Jack's black and blue chest.

"Where is she?" Murph continued.

"Making lunch for us now," he said walking to a metal lever on the wall. "She's being such a good girl today." Pulling it, Jack's body lowered closer to the ground. He groaned in pain, as the tips of his toes touched the floor. Walking back over, he grabbed Jack's hair roughly, inspecting his busted face.

"Did the caretaker set up her shared living quarters yet?" Murph asked leaning back onto a bench.

"All set until the ceremony," he replied, pushing the wooden bat into Jack's chest.


Jack coughed roughly, his voice hoarse. "I don't know ... they are changed every time we deploy." CGB cracked the bat across Jack's thighs, eliciting an agonized scream.

"Bullshit," CGB said twirling the bat again.

Jack coughed up more blood, raising his knees to his chest.

"I have their local numbers," Murph said picking up a notebook. "It's more than we had recorded by over 2000 troops. We are getting bad numbers from Bobby."

Taking the notebook, CGB read it over, resting the bat on his shoulder. "They're getting help from fucking California? No wonder this shit is still dragging on," he sneered flipping the page.

The sound of crashing glass plates against the granite floor pierced the room, stealing their attention. Covering her mouth in horror, Morgan screamed at the top of her lungs, doubling over.

"What are you fucking doing?!"

Cocking his head, CGB looked up surprised. "You shouldn't be in here slave. This doesn't concern you."

Jack opened his swollen eyes and looked up. He saw her standing across the room, her beautiful face contorted in shock and horror. Wearing just a small white dress and white stockings, he took comfort in her being the last thing he sees. Jack wondered what he must look like, they had been torturing him since this morning. At this point he was teetering on the edge of consciousness anyway, ready to just die already.

He watched as her face became enraged, her fists shaking at her sides. Murph saw her stance change in real time, her posture turning aggressive, like a lioness bristling her fur. In seconds, she was across the room, lunging for CGB directly.

Murph caught her by her waist, swinging her back around before she could get to him. Struggling violently, she dug her long nails deep into his arms, tearing through his skin.

"You are a fucking terrorist!" she screamed pulling from him. "Torturing a prisoner is a War Crime!" He wrapped his arms around her, her small body surprisingly strong. "Stop it Morgan!" he ordered holding her back.

"No!" she screamed kicking her legs out.

Grabbing Jack's neck, CGB turned him to face them, his swollen face covered in blood. Swinging hard, he punched him directly in the stomach.

"Looks like it's your lucky day fag*ot." he spat. "We will be back for you later."

Smiling broadly, he walked over to her with his arms open. "Come here baby."

Pulling away from Murph's grip, she ran at him again, going for his face. Her nails caught his cheek before he grabbed her wrists, squeezing her hands together. Turning her around in one motion, he moved both of her arms firmly behind her back.

Laughing, he nuzzled her neck. "Are you upset?"

She strained against his hold as Murph walked in front of her, his arms now dripping with blood. Grabbing the front of her dress, he ripped it apart, splitting it down the middle. Cupping her breasts firmly, he pushed his body against hers, sandwiching her between the two of them.

"How dare you interfere with our work," he said squeezing them roughly. "You have no authority here, you are PROPERTY and belong to US. What don't you fucking understand about that?"

"Fuck you Joe," she hissed, still seething.

"What a little firecracker," CGB said smiling. "You are going to need a lot of house-training aren't you?"

"Do you know this man? Is that it?" Murph asked looking toward Jack. Still hanging from the ceiling, he was now unconscious.

Glaring at him she continued to pull from CGB, her bare chest flushed red. "How could I know who he is, you destroyed his fucking face!" Her anger was palpable, she had never seen a prisoner so horribly tortured in her life. They acted like this was completely normal for them.

"So you just want to save people that attack our Compound? This is your home now too, you will have our children here." He replied cupping her breasts again, feeling the heat radiate from her chest.

"This will never be my home, I hate BOTH of you!" she screamed bucking against them.

"Fine," he said, letting go of her breasts. Pulling out a pair of handcuffs from his back pocket, he handed them over to CGB. "Restrain her." Walking to the nearby table, Murph threw the tools used to interrogate Jack onto the floor in anger.

She felt the snap of the cuffs against her wrist, the cold metal rubbing her skin. CGB let go of her arms, the tight cuffs holding her in place. Ripping the thin spaghetti straps of her dress apart, he tugged it down her body leaving her in just her white stockings. She moved to run but her arms were held still, the chain firmly in his hands.

Shaking his head, he slapped her ass hard. "I was just telling everyone what a good girl you were today too. Then you start with all this." Unbuttoning his pants, he picked her up with one arm, wrapping her legs around his hips.

"Put me down," she screamed, her feet digging into his back.

Ignoring her, he walked to the table and sat down with her facing him, his jeans sliding to his ankles. Spreading her knees to either side of him, he positioned her to straddle him.

Murph walked behind her, grabbing the cuffs from CGB, pulling them taught. "No more talking," he said tying a red bandana firmly around her mouth.

Pulling his boxers down, CGB positioned her over his cock, rubbing it between her pussy lips. "Is this what you need baby," he said running his tongue up between her breast. "Your Masters' cock?"

She squirmed, her words muffled and inaudible.

"Are you sorry?" Murph said into her ear, his hand holding her hair. Shaking her head; her muffled curses at them were clear.

She was not.

"I promise we will never hurt you," he said softly, brushing her hair to one shoulder. "But you will do as we say."

Taking both of her tits in his hands, CGB pulled her forward, sucking each greedily. She wiggled over him, Murph still holding onto the chain firmly. Running his free hand down the length of her back, he grabbed a handful of her ass.

"You've never been disciplined a day in your life," he said lifting her ass up. Cupping his fingers under her, he felt that she was wet, her pussy giving away her desire. Taking two fingers, he rubbed her juices further up her ass, lubing her asshole liberally.

"That ends today," he said unzipping his pants.

Shaking her head, her squirming became frantic as CGB lined himself up with her pussy. Bracing herself, she expected him to impale her again. Instead, he allowed gravity to slowly drop her down onto his shaft. Lowering her hips slowly, he ground his cock up into her.

"Isn't that better?" He said smiling, moving her hips up and down onto his cock. "Having your little pussy filled."

Her body wasn't prepared for his slow and deliberate strokes, she tried to close her knees but he spread them further apart. She felt the cuffs unlock and come off, her wrists no longer held by the chain. Murph threw them to the ground as he held her wrist together himself.

"It will feel better if you have your hands free," he said kissing the back of her neck.

Feeling CGB deep inside of her was making it hard to concentrate. He continued his slow strokes into her as Murph stood behind her, holding her arms still.

"I won't let go if you're going to scratch again," he warned. Looking down, she saw three deep scratches on CGB's cheek, bleeding down his neck.

"Promise to be good?"

Her anger was steadily dissipating as her body responded to the cock inside of her. Wanting her arms free more than anything, she nodded in agreement. Letting her go, she fell forward onto CGB's chest. Quickly lacing his fingers with hers, CGB held her hands at either side of his head. With her tits now against his face, he used his tongue to flick her nipples.

Murph stood behind her, watching CGB's cock slowly pump into her pussy. He didn't feel the same jealousy he had last night. Instead, he admired how well she took him, her pink pussy wrapping around his dick like a glove. Rubbing his cock up and down her slit, he felt CGB stop pumping, burying his cock deep into her pussy. Pushing against her asshole, he felt her immediately seize up.

"Relax," he said, one hand on her lower back the other guiding his cock.

Whimpering, she wiggled between them, unaware that the movement made them want to fuck her even harder. They were both restraining themselves, allowing her time to get accustomed to them.

Slowly, Murph pushed the swollen tip of his cock past her rosebud, waiting to feel her relax. It took everything in him to not just take her as hard as he wanted. Knowing that this was probably her first time taking two cocks like this, he didn't want to ruin it for the future.

Rubbing her ass, he continued moving forward inching deeper into her until, inch by inch, she had taken him all the way. It felt unbelievable, tighter and hotter than anything he had ever had.

Feeling that she was full with both of their cocks, CGB released her fingers, allowing her to put them on his chest for support. Now with both of them fully buried inside of her, Murph untied the bandana from her mouth. She gasped for air, throwing her head back. Thrusting into her, he grabbed her hair holding her head still.

The first moan he heard from her almost unraveled him. Shuddering between them, her body was responding remarkably well. "That's it," he said sliding into her ass faster, pushing deeper. "You feel so good," he said squeezing her tits from behind. Panting with her mouth open, she let out small gasps with each thrust, her body moving in rhythm with them.

She was burning up, unable to think or talk as her senses overloaded. Her sensitive pussy was overstuffed and Joe in her ass was too much to handle. She came first, breathing heavily as her body shook between them. Her wet pussy helping both men slide into her easier.

Realizing that she orgasmed, she felt both of them start to fuck her without restraint, thrusting into both of her holes at once. Her moans now synced with their thrusts as they sought their own climax. Their hands exploring every inch of her body while their cocks fucked her into delirium.

"Please," she begged, squeezing CGB's bicep, his arms directing her hips. Looking into her eyes, he came deep into her pussy, his hand pressing on her lower belly to feel himself inside of her.

She felt Joe grab her shoulders arching her back again as he pushed himself all the way into her, filling her ass with his cum. They both remained inside her for a moment, letting her body squeeze their cocks before pulling out slowly. She collapsed onto CGB, still panting, her energy now completely spent. Buckling his pants back up, Murph picked her up off CGB's chest, carrying her like a delicate bride.

CGB smiled pulling his jeans back up. "We can go to the Command Table this weekend for the ceremony," he said buckling his pants.

Murph looked at her in his arms. Completely exhausted, she had long forgotten about the prisoner hanging from the ceiling. "She's going to have a fit when she figures out what it is," he replied walking with her.

"The sooner the better. The soldiers already know she's here, it took less than a fucking day for word to spread," he said running his hands through his hair. "Besides she's ripe, I think a pregnancy will take quicker than normal with her," CGB said.

"You think so?" Murph looked down at her again.

Smiling CGB hit his elbow against a red button on the wall near the room's entrance. The hook in the ceiling released, dropping Jack's limp body to the ground with a heavy thud.

"I can tell."


The shared living quarters were on the 4th floor of the Center, which technically didn't exist. The dome above the courthouse was actually a hidden private residence, the most secure in the entire state of West Virginia. In the middle of the Center, she showered in her own bathroom. She realized that close to a hundred Nationalists troops surrounded the immediate area, ordered to protect her with their lives.

The irony was not lost on her.

Lathering the vanilla soap along her body she thought about what she was doing.

'Gathering information,' she told herself.

She knew they tortured POW's. She knew they had access to advanced weapons and technology. She knew they were ready to do anything to anyone to win.

'Two can play at that game,' she thought lathering her pussy. Carefully, she shaved everything, making sure to take her time on her most sensitive areas. Taking care of her entire body, she washed her long curly hair last enjoying the feel of it touch her lower back.

Today, Joe had to go across the state for an important meeting with Central Command, at least that's what he told her. While CGB had just left a short while ago, promising to return in a few hours after taking care of some things. She enjoyed the quiet, finally able to reorganize herself and her thoughts.

Walking into the common area, she took off her towel, laying it on the sofa. A full length mirror hung on the wall facing one of the beds. Standing in front of the mirror she looked over her body. The sex the past few days had given her light brown skin a healthy glow; her breast felt fuller, her hips more tender.

Squeezing her arm she felt the birth control implant embedded deep in her skin, her own personal reminder that she still had time. She had zero fertility problems, in fact if she didn't have the implant she would probably already be pregnant.

She shook out her long curly hair, stretching her arms high over her head. Enjoying the look of her hairless pussy she touched it softly, still standing in front of the mirror. Soon her hands had moved to feel her full breasts, rubbing them absentmindedly.

"Don't stop," she heard from behind her.

Turning, she saw CGB's pale eyes staring intently at her. He stood at the front door with several soldiers behind him, all motionless. Walking through the door by himself, the men remained still, allowing it to close in their face.

"What are you doing back so soon?" She asked surprised to see him.

He peeled off his t-shirt as he walked across room, his eyes never leaving her. Grabbing her ass with both hands, he lifted her up to his level to kiss her deeply. Squeezing her asscheeks, he walked her backwards toward the bed, her feet no longer on the floor. Picking her up, he sat her high on the pillows at the head of the bed.

"I'm hungry," he said crawling between her legs. Taking both of her thighs in each hand he pulled her down to his face.

"Did you make dinner for me baby?" he asked licking her pussy lips, his tongue tracing her slit.

"Dessert," she said running her hands through his thick black hair. She had learned to pick her battles with him, some just weren't worth fighting.

Growling into her pussy, she felt his tongue go deep into her, licking along her g-spot as his hands held her to his face.

Writhing under him, she felt her pussy squeeze around his tongue. Licking all the way up her pussy lips, he stopped to take her clit into his mouth. She gasped pulling away from him, her hips raising into the air. Holding her thighs firm in each hand he swirled his tongue around it.

"Today is a big day." He said licking his lips. His hands now gripping her ass again.

"What are you talking about?" She said sitting up to look at him, her cheeks flushed red.

Grinning, he gave her one last slow lick. "You'll have to see for yourself."

She pulled away from him breathing heavily, his mouth was a much more generous lover than his cock. Standing, he reached into his pocket. Taking out his phone, he took a photo of her lying naked on the bed.

"What the fuck?!" she screamed, pulling up the covers.

Leaning down to her, he pulled the cover away, taking a handful of her breasts. "I need to show that you're okay," he said, squeezing her.

"What does that mean?" she said, sitting up. Her curly hair, still damp from the shower, spilled around her.

"Someone sent out a threat," he replied, putting his shirt over his shoulder. His dragon tattoo flexed over her face. She touched his chest softly, staring at the 1488 tattoo over his heart.

"What kind of threat?"

"The kind where I personally come here to see you," he said, twisting her dark pink nipple. "I'm glad I did." He kissed her again, cradling her face. A double knock to the door pulled him from her. Leaving her on the bed, he walked back to the door opening it to the soldiers standing outside.

"I have to head back," he said, coming back for one last kiss. "Don't get into any fucking trouble," he warned putting his hand on her pussy.

"What trouble? I can't even leave this apartment." She said crossing her arms.

"You're exactly right," he said. "So don't fucking try."

She laid back down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. Hearing the door close, she sat up, her mind racing. Going to a far dresser she looked through it, throwing clothes on the floor. 'Black men's boxer briefs are basically shorts,' she thought sliding them on. Rolling them down her hips, she enjoyed the snug feeling of fabric against her bare pussy.

Walking to the kitchen, she reached for some sheers. Taking them back to the dresser, she found a white tshirt. It was way too big for her. Cutting it in half as straight as she could, she held it up, happy to see it look just like a smaller top. Putting it on, she realized she cut a little too high, it was loose and fell just below her tits.

If she reached up, her underboob was clearly visible. She didn't have shoes because they wouldn't let her so she put on two pairs of black wool socks. Again too big, so they went up to her knees.

No more dresses.

Taking her damp hair in her hands she braided it into one loose tail, quickly putting it over her shoulder. 'Now to get out.' The doors were not an option, she needed to find a way outside that didn't alert the entire Conservative Army.

Standing near the window, she looked up just in time to see the explosion, feeling the room shake seconds after. An angry mushroom cloud of black smoke and orange flames rose into the air from far in the distance. The sky grew dark as it spread higher, blocking out the sun.

Alarms sounded across the Compound, ringing high pitched air horns. She heard the soldiers in the hallway move and shout. Their walkie talkies cackling loudly with coded commands.

She opened the window and hung out of it to get a better look. It was the late afternoon so plenty of soldiers were already outside. From her vantage point she could see that the explosion area was now on fire. She didn't know the layout of the Compound well enough to know what was over there.

Looking down, she saw that while dozens of soldiers dashed away from the building toward the explosion, a small group of men stayed perfectly still, crouched against a side wall. They were dressed like Nationalist soldiers but they were the only ones standing still, waiting at a door.

She saw a small puff of smoke rise from the door before they all slipped into the building, completely unnoticed. Reconsidering her options for escape, she walked to the front door of the apartment opening it slowly.


Smiling to herself, she slipped out the door closing it quietly behind her. Staying low, she tiptoed to a side staircase, making it just as a group of soldiers returned back from down the hall.

CH. 2 Justice

Murph hated going to Central Command for anything, let alone to make the request he's making today.

Located in Charleston, WV, Central Command was where the Captain Generals’ of the Conservative Army communicated nationwide. They all meet several times a month, usually by telecom but to make this request he had to be at the Command Table in person.

Walking into the old Capitol building, he felt his phone vibrate. 'All Set’ texted CGB with an attached naked photo of Morgan. He smiled looking at her body, she was truly worth all the trouble of this shit. They had heard a lot of chatter about an attack on the Center today. With him being across the state, he had to rely on CGB to protect her.

As much as he hated CGB most of the time, even he was noticing how soft Morgan was making him. He had never treated a slave like he treats her, he hasn't hurt her or even really been mean to her, which was odd for him.

Murph walked past the troops standing outside the Blue Room, saluting them. The Blue Room had a secure connection to all 29 other states under Conservative leadership. It was the only place a request under Rule 23 could be made. CGB's approval of her was just half the battle. Now he had to make a request to his comrades and explain why a half-breed should be branded, when they have almost 70 other white slaves.

The Blue Room had dozens of screens showing different images across the wall. Some had Captain Generals’ already sitting at them, talking to each other. While others were of empty chairs, with just their name and the state they represented on the screen. Murph hit a button on the table that sent a flashing red light to each monitor, letting them know he had arrived. Within moments, all 58 screens were filled with men staring back at him, two CG's for each state.

“Commanders, thank you for meeting with me on such short notice,” Murph said saluting. “I've called this Command Table to request an exception under Rule 23. I have both sealed letters of confidence from my Lead Captain Smyth and my equal Captain General Barberi.”

Murmuring amongst themselves, Murph heard CG Kensington of Louisiana say, “Well if Barberi signed on then it must be fine.”

“Who is this for and what kind of exception are you requesting CG Murphy,” asked CG Wagner of Mississippi.

“I am looking for an exception to brand a slave for private use with CG Barberi. The slave is a half-breed, half Irish and half African.” Murph waited as the voices openly spoke to each other.

“A branding exception for a half-breed? You don't have any other white slaves for use?” asked CG Hall of Montana.

“We have 72 slaves in total, with 68 of them being white. Of those 68, 27 are with child or recovering and the other 38 are used by soldiers and Officers regularly. This slave, although a half-breed, is healthy and young. She could easily give us multiple children,” Murph said putting the letters into a slot on the wall. They would be opened to verify authenticity.

“How are you certain of her fertility? Has she been tested yet? Has she been exposed to the E-12 Virus?” asked CG Wagner. Murph knew he would give him a hard time, he always fucking did.

“She is immune to the virus having come directly from the East. I'd be willing to have her fertility tested if that would satisfy you,” Murph said curtly. More murmuring could be heard from the men. Murph stood still, trying to not show his emotions. If they didn't approve the branding, she would be open for use by other soldiers and Officers down at the cabins.

“I will demand one qualifier before approval. She must be tested for her fertility by Dr. Porter. He can be on your compound by tomorrow. If he advises that she is fertile, than I will not hold up your request,” said CG Wagner.

“I can accept that demand," replied Murph.

“All right, all Commanders are called to a vote on this exception. This exception can be solidified by branding once confirmation of fertility has been made. Anyone against the approval of this exception?”

Murph let out a small breath as he heard silence. “Exception request for private use is approved pending confirmation. We can telecom with you and CGB after Dr. Porter has done the examination on your slave,” said CG Kensington.

“Aye, thank you for your time brothers,” Murph said saluting. As all the screens signed off, he felt a huge weight lift from his shoulders. Murph walked out from the Blue Room and felt his phone vibrate again. Not a second, later he heard the intercom click on.

'Attention Captain General Murphy, there has been an attack on your compound. Transport is waiting outside, Sir.’

Murph's mind went dark as he ran to the door. They actually did it. They fucking attacked while he was away. Those fucking pussies. Jumping into the waiting sedan, he took out his phone.

One missed call from CGB.

Calling him back, Murph looked outside the window impatiently. He watched the scenery fly by as a soldier drove him close to 110mph, back to their compound.

“Red these fucking fag*ots set off a bomb at the grain silos. They got seven of ours already,” CGB yelled in anger.

“How bad is the damage?”

“The grain barn is on fire but it hasn't spread past that. We need to retaliate against these fucks. They are getting ballsy now that they have California's dick in their mouths.” CGB said, before shouting commands to soldiers in the background.

“Did they attack the Center?” Murph asked.

“No, but don't worry I left a team to watch her. They probably faked the chatter to distract us from the barn. Fucking scum.”

“I'm less than a half hour away. I’d prefer us waiting to retaliate until we go over things but if it's necessary, you have my approval,” Murph replied.

“Got it, haul ass up here, I'm fixing to burn their whole motherfucking base down right

about now,” CGB replied. “Did those fucks approve her?” he continued, yelling into the phone as the sound of engines roared in the background.

“Conditional approval dependant on Dr. Porter's examination,” Murph replied.

“She'll pass just fine, good to hear,” CGB responded. “Now get the fuck over here,” he shouted before disconnecting.

Murph shook his head, the United People's Party were changing tactics, playing dirtier. They had never attacked food and water so much before. Murph watched as they drove out of Charleston, the weight that had been lifted now firmly sat back down on his shoulders.


Morgan crept down the dark stairwell of an emergency fire exit, leaving the fourth floor of the Center. She felt her instincts kicking back on, taking her almost out of herself as she moved in the dark. She was hypervigilant, could feel everything from her damp hair, braided over her shoulder, to the cold air against her bare stomach.

She got down to the second floor before she heard anyone. The sound of deep voices and heavy boots stopped her from moving forward. She pushed herself into a corner as the 2nd floor door opened.

“...Yah he's such a fucking asshole. Doc said my nose will be fucked for weeks…” Morgan covered her mouth as the men walked into the stairwell, just a few feet from her. “...If I ever get my hands on that fucking pussy of theirs, I'm going to wreck her. I had AJ last night and she's so fucking nasty, totally let herself go,” he continued as they descended the stairs together.

Before they made it to the landing, one of them turned on the light, just in time to catch a glimpse of her standing silently in the corner. “What the…?” she heard before she felt her legs move under her. Bolting out of the stairwell, she ran onto the 2nd floor, their yelling fading behind her as the heavy door closed.

She ran down a hall that was identical to those on the 1st floor, except they didn't go into any courtroom's. Instead, each door went to a separate office, none of them clearly marked. She saw one worn sign on a door, it was to a small break room at the end of the hall. Going inside, she was relieved to see no soldiers present but discouraged to also see no windows either.

She went to a cabinet, opening drawers until she found a set of silverware. Taking out a paring knife, she inspected it. Small and sharp, it would have to do until she could get an actual weapon. Just as she was bending over to tuck the knife in her knee high black sock, the door opened. Three soldiers stood in the doorway staring at her, including the two from the stairwell.

She stood slowly, raising her hands up as the soldiers walked into the small room. “You made a mistake escaping your residence,” said one of the soldiers. He was young, maybe 20 years old at the most, with his M27 pointed right in her face. They all looked young, well younger than her at least. At 28, she felt like she could be their mother, they must have joined the service as teenagers.

Looking at them haughtly, she dropped her arms. “Fine. Just take me back up then boys.” She'd rather just go back upstairs and think of a new escape plan than fight with them.

“Boys?” said the soldier with a broken nose. She recognized him from Joe's house, the one CGB punched. “You are a fucking slave and have no brand,” he said putting down his rifle. He grinned, unzipping his pants. “By law, we can all use you without any fear of consequence.”

She narrowed her eyes, putting her hands on her hips. “Sorry, I don't fuck kids. So why don't you take me back upstairs before you get in trouble.” She watched his face sour, knowing she bruised his ego. “You fucking bitch,” he said moving toward her, his face burning red. The third soldier put a hand on his shoulder stopping him. “Are you sure about this Corbo? CGB already said if any of us touch her…”

“I dont give a fuck what that asshole says,” he replied. “Why should he get prime pussy while we all share those whores at the Cabins?” Morgan studied him as he stepped closer to her; he was sloppy and impulsive, a deadly combination for a soldier. “Don’t come any closer or I’m going to kill you,” she warned.

“The only thing getting hurt today is that pussy of yours,” he said moving forward. As he reached for her arm, she went low to the knife on his belt. Unbuckling it, she slipped her slender fingers into the holster, pulling out the serrated blade. By the time he realized what she was doing, she had driven the knife through the bottom of his jaw, up into his skull.

His blood sprayed down onto her white shirt as he jerked away screaming. Holding firm, she turned to the other soldiers, looking directly at them as she twisted the knife, ripping it back out.

Horrified, they pointed their rifles back at her. “Put the fucking knife down bitch!”

She stood back up, tilting her head at them. “You watch me do that and still call me a bitch?” The soldier she stabbed was on the floor, desperately clawing at his face. “None of you have any fucking manners,” she said carrying the bloody knife in her hand.

Walking toward them, she put her chest against one of their rifles, her tits hugging around the barrel as it pressed into her sternum. “I dare you to shoot me. Pretty please, make my fucking day.” She watched the soldier’s hand shake as he hovered over the trigger, unwilling to press it. If they haven’t shot her by now, then they never would. “I’m leaving this room and you’re not going to stop me,” she said turning to the door.

They both kept their guns on her but didn’t make any moves to stop her. Right as she touched the door to leave the room, it opened. Murph stood in front of her with more soldiers, his eyes widening at the sight of her.

“What the fuck?!”

Changing tactics, she put on her best pouty face, pointing toward the now dead soldier on the floor. “He tried to hurt me, I told him to take me back to the apartment but he wouldn’t...” Murph looked at the other soldiers, all completely pale in the face and visibly scared. He put his arm over her protectively, motioning for those behind him. “Arrest them.”

The soldier she didn’t recognize from the stairwell pulled away as he was handcuffed. “Commander, No! Only Private Corbo tried to do anything to her. I swear we didn’t... , “ he yelled. Murph walked up to him, grabbing his neck. Slamming his head against the brick wall, he leaned into his face. “Shut the fuck up.”

She watched the soldier, standing behind Murph’s back. “If you weren’t a soldier you would already be dead,” he snarled squeezing his neck. “Bring them all down to the holding cells,” he ordered letting go of the soldier.

Turning back to her, he frowned. “How did you get down here?” Looking over her clothes, his eyes narrowed further. “So you were trying to escape and they found you?” She crossed her arms, trying to think up an excuse. “No, I was looking for you because a fucking bomb went off,” she said, resuming her pout. “I didn’t know what was going on and then he started chasing me.”

Murph walked up to the soldier inspecting his body; his jaw was slack with dark blood still flowing from the stab wound. “You did all this... , “ he said motioning at the blood covered floor. “So you really are a soldier then.”

She froze.

He moved forward, his tall muscular body dwarfing hers in the small space. “I know your gun was UPP issued and I know you killed those soldiers when I found you. All without firing a single shot at them.” His dark blue eyes looked down at her with a mix of anger and impatience.

“Is there anything you want to tell me?”

Turning to the soldiers still standing in the doorway, she grinned wryly. “Well first maybe you should work on your men’s training. They only know how to point and shoot and some can’t even do that right.”

Walking towards them, she stepped up to one, touching his face softly. “It’s easy to distract them... , “ she said lightly caressing his bearded chin. The soldier tilted his face slightly into her palm, enjoying her touch. “You don’t have to be a soldier to know how to protect yourself,” she said, raising her other hand, twirling the soldier’s stolen knife in her fingers.

“Get out,” he ordered, yanking her away from them. He pulled her against his chest, taking the knife from her as the soldiers left the room. “You have no idea who you are fucking with Morgan.” She pushed herself against his chest, looking up to him. “You don’t think I know who you are Joe?” He took her face in his hands, “If I didn’t want you so badly, you would already be down at the Cabins, getting fucked by a hundred soldiers.” She smiled up at him, a mischievous glint in her eyes. “So you do want me then?”

Without warning, his mouth came down on hers, his lips demanding and aggressive. She was caught off guard, stumbling backwards. He wrapped an arm around her as he pushed her up against a wall. Moving fast, his hands were already working on his belt as his mouth fought with hers.

She felt him tug at her boxer briefs, forcing them down to her ankles. “You belong to me now, of course I want you ... I’ve always wanted you,” he said picking her up. Wrapping her legs around his hips, he bit her lower lip before his hard cock entered her pussy. She moaned into his mouth, her hands holding onto his shoulders as he pumped into her against the wall.

“You are a slave,” he said fucking her harder. His hands squeezing her ass as he held her up. “So stop killing my fucking soldiers and let me protect you myself,” he said between hard thrusts, using his cock to make his point. She squeezed her legs around his hips, her pussy enjoying the ride. Her body bounced with his, her tits squished against his hard chest.

“You weren’t here,” she said breathless. He pushed into her harder, his head going to her shoulder. “You left your room,” he said kissing her neck. “Disobeying me again for the millionth fucking time.” She yelped as he grabbed her braided hair, pulling her head to the side to kiss her neck.

She knew he was angry and didn’t care, she liked pissing him off and always had. Before it was friendly banter. Now in this new world, he had the power to fuck or kill her at his discretion. Which surprisingly, didn’t change her desire to piss him off and do what she wanted.

She was tasked with sabotaging her enemy and there were lots of ways to do that. Seduction and distraction seemed to be the best methods for these two. Even if she killed them, they have thousands of troops in their hierarchy and could probably be replaced. She needed to do more to make a difference.

She looked into his eyes as he fucked her, her hands running over the back of his neck. “Joe... , “ she said sweetly, her brown eyes hooded with desire. He fucked her hard, his cock pushing into her with a force she thought only CGB could muster. He kissed her again as he came into her pussy, running his tongue over her lip where he bit her earlier. She stayed locked to him, running her hands through his thick burgundy hair.

Enjoying the moment, she was disheartened when the door opened and CGB walked in. She saw him first, locking eyes with him while Joe was still inside of her. She saw a flash of something cross his face, disappointment or maybe even anger. She wasn’t sure, he was really hard to read. Murph put her down before turning to see him.

“I was looking all over the fucking place for you,” CGB said walking into the small room. Looking down, he saw the dead soldier on the floor. Walking past him, he handed Murph a clipboard with papers on it.

“We are ready to counter those liberal fucks,” he said, looking toward Morgan. “They say this will have the greatest long term impact.” CGB watched her pull up what looked like his black boxer briefs. He noticed the blood on her shirt too, presumably from the dead soldier on the floor.

Murph read it over silently, flipping through the pages. CGB went towards Morgan as she rolled the boxers down her hips. “Did you kill him?” he asked, glaring down at her. She looked up at him, her cheeks still flushed red. “Yes,” she said smiling, “in self defence.” Taking her long braided hair in her hands, she started unraveling it, letting her curls free. CGB stopped her, his intense pale eyes locked with hers as he wiped blood off her cheek. “What did I tell you when I left?” he asked. She looked down, murmuring, “Something about staying in that stupid fucking room...”

Standing on her tiptoes she put her hands on his biceps softly. “I’m sorry,” she said looking up at him doe eyed. She wasn’t really sorry but she knew he needed to hear it from her. Kissing her deeply, his hands ran down her back to her ass. “I’ll deal with you later,” he promised, squeezing her. He let her go as his phone started buzzing in his pocket.

“What?” he answered angrily.

Murph walked up to them, the clipboard now with the soldiers at the door. “Are we good to go?” CGB said looking toward Murph. Murph nodded to him, putting his arm around Morgan.

CGB smiled, holding the phone to his ear.

“Send in the fire.”


“Prisoner A3, roll call asshole get the fuck up,” shouted a guard. Knocking his baton against the metal bars of the cell, he made sure Jack didn't get more than 30 minutes of sleep at any given time. Jack sat up on the thin mattress, his face still purple from the beating he took a few days ago.

He looked at the guard, immediately recognizing his face as soon as he saw him in the light. “Bobby?” he whispered, unsure if it he was imagining him. The guard looked at him and winked, putting his finger to his lips before moving down the hall to bang on another cell. Jack shot up, moving to the bars to look down the hall. He could see a group of guards making their way down to him with a restraint chair. They were men from his team, along with others from UPP that could easily pass for Nationalist soldiers.

Jack told them to leave him and they didn't listen, if this didn't work then these fucks will have captured almost every elite member of his team. To keep up with appearances, Jack acted as he always did when transported anywhere, belligerent and unruly.

They put a spit mask over his head, concealing his identity as they wheeled him down the hall toward an elevator. “Can you run if we have to?” whispered one soldier to him as they entered the elevator. Jack shook his head yes, still strapped in the chair. Getting off on the second floor to access the ramp in the back, Jack saw her again. Through the mesh of his mask, he saw her with both of those fucking Nazis. Walking out of a room, her shirt was covered in blood with them flanking either side of her.

He wanted to talk to her so badly; she saved his life by stopping that fucker from smashing his legs apart. Unable to speak, he watched her silently as he was wheeled away towards the exit. Bringing him outside to a Humvee, they took him out of the chair, still fully shackled. Jack noticed the lack of soldiers outside, the tall watch posts were not manned by anyone.

Three soldiers helped him into the back, while the other two started the vehicle. “We initiated Operation Doughboy,” said Frank, a soldier from his team. “Did you already destroy the silos?” Jack asked taking off the mask. The other soldiers worked on taking off his shackles.

“Yah we had to, it took the whole damn barn down, we needed the distraction to get you out.” Jack hugged his teammates, genuinely happy they came back for him and made it out alive. Driving off the compound, his teammates snapped off the shackles, freeing him at last.


CGB made the final command for a Napalm air strike. Directing 12 Conservative Army helicopters, he ordered them to conduct the drop over 6 different fields of crops controlled by the UPP. Calling in aide from Virginia, the helicopters were heard flying overhead within thirty minutes. “Tie up the water supply too, I want that shit to burn for days,” he said, hanging up the phone.

“I'm going to check out the damage at the grain barn,” Murph said, taking out his keys. “Keep me posted on the drop if you hear anything, only use internal comms for now.” CGB threw the satellite phone into a desk drawer. Pulling out a different phone, he turned it on.

Nodding toward the other room, Murph sighed heavily. “And please for the love of God, don't let her out of your fucking sight. If I come back to one more stabbed soldier, it better be you that did it.” CGB smiled, “She's not going anywhere. But I'm curious, how did she learn to use knives like that? Did she use them when you knew her before?”

Murph paused to think, “It was so long ago but I don't think so.” CGB stood up, walking Murph to the door, “I'll see what she has to say about it.”

Morgan looked out the window into the night sky, drying her hair. 'Well that was a complete fucking failure,’ she thought to herself. She hadn't even made it out the building before getting caught. Now having showered again for the second time today, she stood naked in front of the bay window facing the courtyard just as she did this morning.

Zero progress so far.

She could still see smoke and the soft orange glow of the fire at the grain barn. Dropping the towel to the floor, she looked down and saw soldiers walking around outside. She didn't know if they could see her and didn't care either way.

She heard the click of the door close as CGB came into the bedroom. He already had his shirt off, his hard tattooed chest reminding her of his hate for people like her, people of color. “Don't come in here and fucking yell at me. Joe's already given me an earful about it,” she hissed, crossing her arms over her chest. He walked toward her silently, staring at her as he moved across the room.

As he approached, she felt her pussy tingle at the sight of him. He moved like a predator, stalking her with slow, calculated movements. He was horrible, a lunatic and a savage. But he was also brave, powerful and confident, which were very attractive qualities to her. She was perpetually conflicted with him, much more so than with Joe.

Grabbing her hips, she didn't expect him to just pick her up and throw her onto the bed. Bouncing on the mattress softly, a surprised squeak escaped her from the impact. Before she could protest, he was on her, kissing her feverishly as his hands ran over her body. Distracted by his mouth, she didn't notice that he was tying her arm to the bedpost until he had already finished securing the knot.

“What are you doing?!” she said, pulling against the strap. Continuing his silence, he tied her other arm to the opposite post, leaving just her legs free. She tried to close them but he knelt between her knees, his jeans still on.

He ran his hands slowly over her body, looking at her longingly. “Did you know that I used to torture my slaves?” he said, softly caressing her. “I used to beat them, burn them, cut them… kill them, anything I wanted to do. I did.”

As much as she wanted to, she didn't cringe away from him. She looked directly back into his eyes, her face unimpressed. “You are the first slave I have not hurt. The first women I have not hurt, in my life.” She was quiet, unsure how to respond to him. “I don't want to hurt you either,” he said softly rubbing her stomach. “But you need to be honest with me.” She frowned pulling away from him this time. “I already fucking told you, he tried to fuck me and I told him to take me back upstairs. Unlike you and Joe, I only stab people when I'm attacked first.”

He smiled looking down at her, “You're good at that aren't you? Good at using knives on people, killing them with one precise cut. Why is that?”

She tried to move her legs around again but he sat motionless between them. “Do you think I'm a soldier too? What the fuck kind of soldier would I be if I’m tied up under you? A fucking amatuer,” she said, painfully aware that if they found out she was lying, she would be killed.

He ran his hands up her stomach to her tits, taking a dark pink nipple between his fingers. “No, I don't think you're a soldier. I think you're like me, which is why I like you so much.”

She scoffed in disgust, “I'm nothing like you.”

“How many people have you killed?” he asked still playing with her hard nipple. “I don't know, I dont keep track of them,” she said. “Neither do I,” he said, smiling. “I don't fucking torture people like you do,” she rebuttled, pulling from him again. He shook his head, leaning down to her. “You just don't consider shaking your beautiful ass in front of that window as torture but my soldiers do… I do.”

She stopped struggling, looking up into his eyes, “Okay fine, then tell me what your first name is.” He paused for a moment confused, “My first name?” No one had ever asked him what his first name was, not in over 6 years. She lifted her head, her arms still tied to the bed posts. “You want me to be honest with you, I don't even know you. I don't know anything about who you are. So let's start with your name.”

Sitting back on his haunches, he looked down at her. “My name is Hunter, Hunter Barberi,” he said, his eyes still focused on hers. She smiled playfully up at him. “Of course it is,” she said, “very fitting.” Smiling sweetly she continued to hold his gaze. “Well, it's nice to finally meet you Hunter. My name is Morgan, Morgan O’bryan.”

He had never bothered to learn any of his slaves last names, or anything about them for that matter. Knowing about them wasn't necessary, they are objects, property to be used and replaced. He didn't understand how this small, half-breed woman was so easily ripping apart his sanity. He was torn between competing parts of his personality, unsure why she was having this effect on him.

“So tell me Hunter, what do you want to know?” she asked tilting her head toward him. He lowered his face to her chest, resting his head between her breasts. “Where did you learn how to kill?” he asked, listening to her steady heartbeat. She sighed, “I learned how to defend myself," she clarified, "by watching people around me. I've seen a lot over the past few years, the East Coast is way worse than down here.” He felt her heartbeat remain steady, her breathing normal. She took a slow breath, focusing on staying relaxed. She was not technically lying, which was the key to remaining calm. Telling a half-truth; something her training actually covered.

Lifting his head, he moved up to her neck kissing it softly. “Why haven't you killed me yet?” he asked, now lying on her chest. She felt her heart jump involuntarily and knew he did too. “Like I could,’” she said turning her face from him. He turned it back to him, “I think you could but you won't.” She wrapped her legs around him, her bare pussy touching his stomach.

“Don't tempt me Hunter,” she said holding him to her. He felt his hard cock twitch, hearing her say his name. Kissing her again, he ran his hands up her bound arms. “Now I get to ask a question,” she said pushing her hips up into him. “Alright,” he said unzipping his jeans.

“Who were you before the War? What did you do?” Grasping her knees in his hands, he knelt back between her legs. Taking his hard cock in his hands, he stroked it slowly, looking down at her. “I was exactly who I am today. A Mercenary for hire, mostly overseas in the Middle East and Northern Africa.” She looked up frowning, “Is that why you hate people like me so much? Because you fought a bunch of assholes in third world countries?”

Kneeling between her legs he stopped stroking himself. “I don't hate you,” he said picking her hips up from the bed, his cock rubbing against her pussy lips. “I don't think I could ever hate you,” he said slowly entering her pussy. She pulled against the straps, her arms firmly held back. Her pussy grasped his cock as he pushed into her, filling her entirely. “Then why am I tied up like this?” she said moving under him, his cock deep in her.

Grabbing both of her bound wrists, he started slowly thrusting into her pussy. “This is the only way I won't hurt you,” he said quietly. Still slowly pumping into her, he put an arm under her, arching her chest closer to his mouth. “I want to tear you apart, destroy every inch of your perfect body,” he said, kissing her chest. “Do you know what a sadist is, what it means?”

She squirmed under him as he took a nipple into his mouth. “You get off on hurting people?” she whispered. He smiled, “I'm trying to control myself." Looking up into her eyes, he bit down on her nipple, squeezing her tits hard. She gasped, her body jerking as his cock pushed into her faster.

She was conflicted again, her pussy muddling her common sense. He felt so good inside of her. The inability to move forced her to be in the moment, feeling every stroke. Kissing between her breasts, he brought his hand down to her clit, touching it softly. His touch sent a shock through her system, making her pussy clench around him even tighter. “I want you to cum for me,” he said, his fingers tracing her bundle of nerves.

Her breathing was already labored, she felt her body heating up as it started to quiver. He watched his cock go in and out of her pussy, his fingers rubbing her soaked lips. She shook her head, closing her eyes. She didn't know why she didn't want him to make her cum, she was almost embarrassed by it. His eyes darkened, pumping harder into her as he put her legs up against his shoulders. “You will cum for me Morgan,” he ordered fucking her roughly now.

Moaning, she opened her eyes to see him gripping her legs open, his body thrusting into hers. Her tits bounced everytime he slammed back into her, her body quickly approaching climax. She gasped as his hand went back to her clit, sending her over the edge. Her body shook under him, flushed and burning hot as an orgasm rushed through her.

“Good girl,” he said fucking her hard, tightly gripping her legs again. She looked up to him panting softly, her eyes hooded with desire. “Now you,” she said opening her legs in a split for him.

Growling low, he wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her ass. He fucked her hard, burying his face between her tits as he came in her pussy. She felt her body squeezing every bit from him, milking his cock as he slowed his thrusts. She was raw and overstimulated, still feeling the waves of pleasure ripple through her.

He leaned down, kissing her as he released the knots holding her arms back. They dropped, sore from the position they were in. He rubbed her wrists, now red from her pulling against the restraints. Laying down with her in his arms, he felt her lay her head on his chest before falling asleep. He knew it was over.

He was hooked.


Murph watched the fire trucks as they tackled the last of the fire, now mostly embers and burned debris. “Do we know what they used to cause this?” he asked, looking through the binoculars. Far in the distance he could see a faint orange glow from their counter attack.

“Looks like it was multiple IEDs, along with propane tanks for maximum effect. They needed access to the barn to set this up,” said a Lieutenant, covered in soot, with an axe in his hands.

Murph put down the binoculars looking back at the destroyed barn. “I want a team to bring Bobby Harris to me at the Center,” he said taking out his phone. He had his suspicions that they had a mole, especially after getting bad intel from Bobby. “Yes, Sir.”

Murph called CGB, surprised when it rang without him answering the phone. Texting him, he let him know he ordered for Bobby to be detained.

Getting in his jeep, he felt his phone vibrate. He answered it as he drove back to the Center.

“Captain General Murphy, this is Squad Leader Terro, we have confirmed 9 out of 12 drops were successful. We estimate 50-65% damage to their summer crops.”

Murph smiled, “Good. Thank you for coming out here to assist. I'll be sure to pass along a recommendation to CG Kelly and CG Reynolds for you.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Murph disconnected and saw a message from CGB. 'We already have Bobby, they have him on tape helping that fucking fag*ot UPP commander we captured escape.’ Murphy ground his teeth as he called CGB back.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Murph said, as CGB answered.

“Red, that treasonous fucking cunt helped at least five, fucking FIVE enemy soldiers wheel this motherfucker out of here in plain sight. The fucking attack in itself was the distraction, we have it on CCTV.” Murph sped up to the Center parking in front. Still on the phone, he climbed the steps, looking up to see the light in the residence off.

“Did you start with him yet?” Murph said walking through the courthouse doors. “No, go down to Room #2. I'm heading down from the office now.”

Taking the stairs to get down faster, Murph met CGB in the empty hallway before entering the room. Murph nodded to him, “Are we giving him a trial for this?” CGB smiled evilly, “Sure, you can be the judge, I'll be the executioner. Traitor's aren't entitled to due process.”

Bobby was already sobbing as he pulled violently against the chain secured to the wall. “No! I'm so sorry… I will never do it again!” he yelled, struggling to get as far from them as possible. Bobby still had his fatigues on, which pissed Murph off more than anything. CGB pulled out a smartphone, showing Murph the black and white recording of Bobby stopping at the prisoners cell. Moments later enemy soldiers removed him in a restraint chair. Fast forwarding, CGB stopped the video where Bobby dropped off a Humvee near the ramp for the enemy soldiers to use, helping them escape.

“You are a traitor,” Murph said plainly, walking up to Bobby. “Please Commander…” he begged pressing against the wall. “I am not your Commander,” Murph spat.

“You have one chance. One. Tell me everything you know and we will consider showing you mercy,” CGB said standing beside Murph, his arms crossed over his bare chest.

“Fuck, I don't… they didn't tell me much. I only know how to get in without the codes.” Murph went to him, grabbing his collar, lifting him off the floor.


Bobby looked around terrified, “It's not easy to do it, I only got in once.” Murph kneed him directly in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Punching him hard in the face, Murph grabbed his collar again. Bobby spit out blood from his busted lip, his eyes wet from tears.

“Its through a cave system… one deep in the woods on the border of Pennsylvania.” Murph punched him hard in the face again, holding him still as he tried to pull away from him. “You expect me to send my men to the fucking border of a UPP state after you helped one of theirs escape. You fucking…,” Murph raised his fist again but stopped himself.

Shaking his head, he looked back to CGB, “Do you want to take this over? I don't have fucking time for this.” Bobby started sobbing quietly, as Murph held his collar. CGB walked up to them smiling. “Do you think you can manage to not kill him?” Murph asked.

“I can keep him going for 36 hours,” he said, cracking his neck. Murph dropped Bobby in disgust, pushing him to the floor. “We will see if this cave exists tomorrow, get as much from him as you can,” Murph said checking the time.

Almost 2:30am.

“Dr. Porter is coming tomorrow morning around 11am,” he said. CGB kicked Bobby on the floor, his heavy boot leaving mud prints on the young man's fatigues.

Stomping hard on his stomach, CGB smiled enjoying the pain he was inflicting. “I'll be there, she’s asleep now but you can go see her if you want. I'll be down here for a while.” Bobby screamed as the boot smashed into his face, spinning him on the ground.

Murph walked out of the room, hearing Bobby's screams fade as he ascended the stairs.


The bedroom in the shared residence was dark except for a dull glow spilling through the open blinds. He could see the moon outside the bay window, shining over the courtyard. She was asleep in bed, her naked body sprawled over the white comforter. lt was probably too hot with the windows closed. He went over opening one, feeling the cool air rush into the room.

Taking off his clothes, his body was exhausted, strained by the chaos over the past few days. The fighting was one thing, he could handle traitors and striking against his enemy. It was this added layer of her being here that was compounding his stress.

His entire life changed the moment he saw her, the idea of having someone, having a family, having something after all of this was over, entered the picture for the first time. Slipping into bed, Morgan turned to him wrapping her arm around his chest, still half asleep. He forgot how nice it was to sleep with someone, her warm soft body was more comforting that any bottle of booze.

She moaned softly in her sleep, her hand rubbing up and down his chest. Murph kissed her forehead, holding her close in the dark. She went from the crook of his arm to his chest, her body moving over his. She kissed his chest softly, laying on top of him, her legs between his. Her soft stomach was on his cock, he could feel himself start to get hard.

She crawled up his chest her long curly hair brushing against his sides. Reaching his lips she kissed him softly.

“I missed you,” he whispered, rubbing her back. Sitting up, she moved her legs to either side of him, straddling him. She didn't have to use her hands, she just wiggled her ass guiding his cock into her. He groaned, feeling his cock slide into her warm, wet pussy.

“I missed you too,” she whispered, sitting up. Her hair fell down her back as she slowly rolled her hips on his cock. “Fuck baby…” he said, holding her ass. She put her hands on his chest, bouncing on him, her ass hitting his thighs everytime she dropped down. He could see her in the dark, looking down at him as she rode his cock. She bit her lower lip in a half smile as she moved her hands to her breasts, cupping them.

Sitting up, he held her hips moving with her, his face going between her tits. Kissing them both, he played with her nipples, sucking on them as she continued to bounce in his face. She wrapped her arms around his head, running her hands through his hair. He didn't know what he did to deserve this; her soft body rocking on him, somehow able to go all the way to the tip of his cock and back down, over and over again.

He ran his hand down her arched back, kissing her deeply as he came into her pussy, feeling her shudder on top of him. Her soft moans hummed in his ears as she laid her head down on his chest.

Intertwined, he made no effort to move, content with falling asleep inside of her.

Morgan enjoyed laying on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. After Hunter tied her up and fucked her, she felt the need to get some control back. She was losing herself in this mission, blurring the boundaries more than she ever thought she would and needed a reminder that it didn't always have to be that way.

She heard Joe softly snoring under her and smiled, closing her eyes.


“Come on baby you need to get up,” Murph said impatiently from across the room. Morgan groaned into her pillow rolling around on the bed, “Why?”

“You have a doctors appointment today,” he said, walking towards the bed. She sat up quickly, her curly hair falling wildly around her. “What are you talking about? What appointment?”

He sat down on the bed beside her, taking her hand in his. “So there is a condition to your exception, you have to meet with Dr. Porter to be checked for your health and fertility. You'll do fine, try not to worry about it.”

“No,” she said, snatching her hand away. “I'm not letting some pervert doctor put a fucking speculum in me. It's not happening Joe.” He put his hand over hers again. “It's not optional Morgan.” She snatched it away again, standing up from the bed.

“No,” she said firmly, walking away from him. Going into the common area, she slammed the door behind her.

Murph growled in frustration holding his temple. Taking out his phone, he called CGB.

‘'Didn’t take it well huh?” CGB answered, already knowing why Murph called.

“Of course she didn't,” he said running his hand through his hair. “I don't think she will come around on this one, so go ahead with Plan B.”

CGB laughed on his end, “I already did it, I knew she wouldn't be okay with it.”

“What did you do?”

“It's in the apple juice, she drinks the stuff damn near every day. The boys down at the Med Lab made a special bottle just for her,” CGB said.

“Did they say what it will do?” asked Murph.

“It won't knock her unconscious, just make her more agreeable. I told them specifically, that I didn't want her unconscious. After that whole fucking Ambien nightmare last year, never again.”

“Do we have a time frame?” asked Murph.

“They say it is guaranteed for 6 hours, probably 8 if she drinks a full 16oz glass," CGB responded.

Murph sat down on the bed. “Alright, they better have worked out a solid formula. How is that treasonous cunt doing this morning?” Murph asked laying down on his back.

“Oh lets see,” CGB said going silent for a moment before a blood curdling scream was heard in the background. “Still alive.”

“Get anything out of him?”

“I've got the cave information, had him draw a map and everything. Also some Intel on combat strategies, nothing groundbreaking,” he said before another scream was heard in the background.

“Alright, you can do whatever you want with him if you think that's all he has. Get up here after though,” Murph said sitting back up.

“See you soon Red,” CGB said, before disconnecting.

Morgan stood at the kitchen counter, absolutely furious. There was no fucking way, anyone was making her go see some fake OBGYN asshole to prove her vagina fucking worked. Not to mention the birth control implant in her arm, she was sure they would find it.

Murph came up behind her, hugging her softly. She jerked away from him, still angry.

“Okay,” he said raising his arms. “I just talked to CGB and we are going to try to go back to the Command Table again,” he said. She looked at him skeptically, “You said it wasn't optional.” He shrugged, “It's not but you won't do it so what else are we supposed to do?”

She sighed, hugging herself, “I don't know.” Joe walked up to her again, wrapping his arms around her. “Come on, let me make you some breakfast. I made you get up after all.” She smiled, melting his heart. She trusted him and had no idea what was about to happen. He felt a bit guilty about doing this but at the same time he knew she would never go along with it. This was just the only way.

“Okay, but I'm going to take a quick 2 maybe 5 minute shower.” she said kissing him. “What do you want to eat?” he asked, opening the fridge. “Just a bagel and some apple juice,” she said walking into the other room.

Looking at the bottle in the fridge he smiled, the small pangs of guilt leaving his mind. After this was over she would finally be branded and they wouldn't have to worry about her so much.

The branding ceremony was recognized by law, a serious part of the Nationalists Code of Conduct that everyone followed. No one could touch her or they would get the death penalty, she would be entitled to protections and rights, their kids would too. There wasn't really traditional marriage anymore, at least not at this point in the War. This was the most protection he could give her.

She would understand.

Pouring the juice into a glass, he heard the front door open as CGB came into the apartment.

“That was quick,” Murph said grinning. CGB laughed, walking over to a dresser. Stripping off his bloody shirt he put on a fresh black one. “I'm in a good mood, going to save him for later.” Walking up to the kitchen table, he grabbed the juice bottle, inspecting it.

“She better not taste it,” he said smelling the bottle. “Is the exam at the Medical Lab or the Capitol?”

Murph looked back through his phone. “At the Med Lab, Lower Level B. It's still early so we have some time.” CGB put the bottle down, settling down on a stool at the kitchen Island taking a bite of a granny smith apple.

Looking up they saw her walk into the kitchen, freshly showered and smiling brightly. Her long curly brown hair fell around her shoulders in wet coils, still dripping at the edges. He couldn't get over how beautiful her eyes were, how bright they got when she was excited.

She had found the clothes they left for her. Something she asked for, a woman's pair of black shorts and a white camisole. A simple enough request, that made her much happier than the skanky dresses they usually had slaves wear.

“Are you having breakfast with us Hunter?” she asked, walking up to him. He looked at Murph, who was still in front of the fridge. With a silent grin, Murph reached back in, taking out more food.

“I guess so,” he said hugging her. She smelled like vanilla and had the softest skin he had ever felt. Kissing her deeply, he picked her up off the ground. She squirmed in his arms, “No thank you, I like being on the floor,” she said smiling as he put her back down.

“Here you go baby,” Murph said handing her the cup of apple juice. His eyes went to CGB who stood beside her silently. “Oh my god thank you, I'm so thirsty,” she said taking it. They watched her drink half of it right away before she sat on a bar stool in front of her bagel.

Chatting casually with her, they watched as she finished the entire drink, which was at least 20 oz. She only made it through half the bagel before they noticed her slowing down. She looked sleepy, putting her chin on her hands as Murph talked to her.

“You feeling okay baby?” CGB asked sitting on the stool beside her. “Hmm?” she said looking at him dreamily, her eyes glassy and dilated. Her mouth was slightly open, her plump pink lips moist as she stared at him hazily. “Do you want to go to the doctors?” Murph asked leaning over the counter. “The who?” she asked tilting her head confused. Murph and CGB looked at each other.

“Do you think we could give this stuff a test run before the appointment? Just to be sure it works,” CGB said rubbing her back lightly. She smiled in her seat, her eyes glossy.

“They didn't say we couldn't,” said Murph walking around the counter. Touching her face softly, he looked into her brown eyes. It was like she was daydreaming, her eyes were almost black with how large her pupils looked. He pulled down the front of her camisole exposing her large tits. She slowly lifted her hand to touch her chest, an aloof smile on her face.

CGB stood up behind her, running his hand through her curly hair. Her head tilted back slightly, making her almost fall off balance. “Whoa, let's move her before she falls,” he said holding her upright by her shoulders. Bringing her over to a leather ottoman, they placed her on it. She sat on her knees, swaying slightly as she looked up at them.

“Can you touch your tits for me baby?” Murph asked, testing her compliance. She turned to him slowly, her hands moving to her breast. Lightly touching her herself, she swayed on the ottoman, her eyes still hazy.

“Her motor skills are shot,” said CGB moving behind her. “Do you think you can get on your hands and knees for us?” he asked rubbing the back of her neck. She leaned forward, putting her hands down before raising her ass in the air, into his requested position. With her shorts still on, CGB pulled them down around her thighs.

“We need to be careful, she will feel it tomorrow if we're too rough,” Murph said, taking out his hard cock. Putting it to her lips, he watched her slowly open, taking him in her mouth. Winding her long hair in his fist, he kept her head steady as he began fucking her throat. She hummed around him, her gag reflex not registering that he was pushing against it.

CGB rubbed his hard cock up and down her round ass before pushing against her pussy. He held her steady, watching his cock enter her. Pumping into her slowly, he enjoyed the silky grip of her pussy around him. Still kneeling on the leather ottoman between them, Morgan rocked as they both fucked her from either side.

He put his hand on her lower back, thrusting harder into her. Murph had her face in both of his hands, fucking her mouth. CGB pulled out of her warm pussy, his hard cock eager to try her ass. Pushing against her asshole she gave no resistance, just a small moan around Murph's cock in her mouth.

He stood still with just the tip of his cock in her ass, watching as she slowly pushed back against him with each of Murph's thrusts down her throat. CGB waited until he was halfway into her before he started moving. His cock was thick and uncut, he knew it would hurt her if he just rammed into her.

Grabbing her ass with both hands, he pushed himself deeper, feeling a bliss he had never had before. She was so tight and warm, every hole in her body felt like it was made for him. Murph fucked her throat harder, getting close to his own climax. CGB groaned roughly, holding onto her hips as he fucked her ass in long strokes. He loved watching his cock go into her, the contrast of him against her light brown skin was more of a turn on that he ever thought it would be.

Murph held her hair as he came down her throat, his cock pushed all the way into her mouth. “Swallow it baby,” he said rubbing her head. CGB watched her swallow Murph's cum, his cock still firmly in her mouth. Bouncing her back onto his cock, CGB fucked her ass hard until he came deep in her. She remained on her hands and knees when they both pulled out from her, swaying with the dreamy expression on her face.

CGB pulled her shorts back over her ass, sitting her down. “Fuck…,” he said running his hand through his long black hair. “We need to get more of this stuff.” Murph pulled her camisole up, covering her tits. Her hard nipples poked through the thin material, displaying her body's response to their lovemaking.

“We will see how she is after it wears off,” Murph said lifting her chin to look at him. She was completely out of it, her eyes were half open, staring off into space. He enjoyed himself way too much with her, her ability to take his entire cock down her throat without gagging at all was unbelievable.

“Shit, its almost 11, we need to go,” said Murph zipping his jeans back up. Picking her up from the ottoman, CGB carried her small body in his arms. She giggled being lifted in the air, a sound he thoroughly enjoyed hearing. He nuzzled into her neck, making her giggle more. “Remind me when it wears off that she's capable of being like this,” he said smiling.

Meeting several soldiers outside the door, they left for the Medical Lab.


Morgan felt like she was floating in a dream. She didn't know where she was or what was going on. She just knew she felt really warm, like she was being heated from the inside out. She tried to talk but her mouth didn't form any words.

Lying on a table, she could see bright fluorescent lights above her, causing her vision to blur. She felt something touch her leg, it was cold and hard. Looking down she saw her legs being put in stirrups, her body completely naked. She looked around for Joe or Hunter but no one was there.

She felt herself going in and out of consciousness, everytime she blinked things around her changed. First there were just shadows moving around, then she saw an old man get really close to her face. She had never seen him before, he had glasses on and smelled like cigarettes. Shining a light directly in her eye, her vision blurred again, making her lose focus of him.

She felt pressure on her stomach, not painful but uncomfortable. She tried to raise her arms but they were too heavy, even her hands weren't responding to her. Turning her head she saw a monitor, showing a live feed of her lying naked on the table. She could see a man sitting in front of her open legs, writing on a clipboard. Closing her eyes, she opened them again to him standing over her, feeling her breasts. She shook her head slowly as he keaded them roughly, using a tool to measure their size.

She felt him run his hands over her limbs stopping at her upper right arm. She closed her eyes for a moment, opening them to Joe and Hunter standing above her. She tried to talk but couldn't, she watched them talk to the old man as he held up her arm. She couldn't even understand the words they were saying, they sounded like Charlie Brown's parents talking.

The last thing she saw was a mask going over her mouth, both of them still standing over her. She felt her eyes closing as the gas entered her system.

“It's a relatively safe and quick procedure to remove the implant,” said Dr. Porter putting on a new pair of gloves.

Murph walked around the table touching her head, “She feels really warm. After you take it out we're done here.”

“As soon as its removed her fertility should return to normal within a day or so, if not immediately. She's very fit, one of the best I've seen in a while and her womb is more than capable of having natural births,” he said rubbing iodine on her arm.

Taking a scalpel he made a small incision on her upper arm. CGB watched him cut her skin, seeing her blood for the first time. It elicited a strong response from him, making his stomach turn.

He didn't like it.

The doctor took a pair of tweezers, reaching into the incision to pull out the thin rod. Pulling it out, he inspected it before putting it on a metal tray.

“She only had a few months left on it, maybe even less since its a few years old,” he said rubbing something on the incision before putting a bandaid over it.

“This is probably why she didn't want to come,” Murph said, rubbing the back of his neck. Dr. Porter signed a paper handing it to Murph. “These things are in a lot of women,” he said peeling off his gloves. “Returning them back to their natural state is important for all of us.”

CGB lowered the stirrups, taking her legs out of them. Murph read over the form, the final piece they needed before they could complete the branding ceremony. “What are the chances a pregnancy will take with her?”

Dr. Porter smiled, his false teeth yellow and chipped. “The more you try the better the chances are but realistically, there's no physical reason why she wouldn't within the month. It might take until her next ovulation cycle but that's not long, maybe two weeks from now.”

CGB carried her naked sleeping body in his arms out of the examination room. Looking down at her he felt a lot of different emotions. He was angry that she didn't tell them she had an implant, that she couldn't get pregnant this whole time they were together. He was also excited, now he knew for certain that she could get pregnant and most likely would carry to term.

“What do you think? Do we tell her we took it out or no?” asked Murph, walking beside CGB. He shook his head frowning, “We can tell her when she tell us she had it in the first place.”

Murph took out his keys as soldier's held open the double doors to the Medical Lab.

CH. 3 Betrayal

Sitting at the telecom station in the Center, Murph rolled in his chair, kicking his feet up on the desk. He hated waiting for others, it was a waste of his time. CGB leaned against a brick wall to his left, his bulky arms crossed as he bounced a tennis ball against the floor impatiently.

“These fucks do this shit on purpose,” CGB sneered, walking over to his chair. Finally, after waiting almost ten minutes for a thirty second conversation, the red light flashed on the monitor, advising that Captain General Kensington of Louisiana was on.

“Afternoon CG Barberi, CG Murphy. Sorry, I”m late. Got caught up with these fucking floods, UPP fuckers tried to break the upper levee’s.”

“Afternoon Commander. How are the boys? CG Clarke?” asked CGB, ignoring his apology. “Good, good,” he said, cracking a smile as he took off his worn baseball cap. “I hear you found yourself a slave to give you some sons. I would hope you're checking in with some good news?”

Murph held up a manila envelope, “All clear by Dr. Porter. We will send these to you after the ceremony is done.”

“When did you want to complete the ceremony so I can notify everyone?” CG Kensington asked, taking out a book on the monitor. Murph looked to CGB who smiled. “The sooner the better, maybe tonight,” he said, bouncing the tennis ball against the brick wall.

“Alright, if anything they can just watch the recording later. It will happen when it happens, I don't like deadlines,” added Murph, standing up. “As long as you send out the notice when you're ready, that's all that really matters,” replied CG Kensington, writing in the book.

Signing off, Murph went toward the door. “I'm gonna get back before she wakes up,” he said.

“Okay, I'll probably take her down to the stables later, get her out of that fucking house,” CGB replied, taking out his phone. “Doc is on standby in case she remembers anything.”

Murph nodded, dropping the manila envelope into a secure bin as he headed out the door.


Morgan woke up in a cold sweat gasping for air. Sitting up straight, the blanket fell from her naked chest, exposing her clammy skin to the air. She felt her hands shake as her heart pounded in her chest.

'What the fuck is wrong with me?’ she thought, shaking her head clear. Murph was beside her, quickly taking her in his arms. “Are you okay?” he asked softly. She looked around the bright room, confused and disoriented.

“I… I guess I had a nightmare,” she said, sinking into him. “Do you want to talk about it?” he asked, holding her. She shook her head, closing her eyes. “No, no it's okay. Do you know what time it is?” Murph reached over to the nightstand, grabbing his phone. “Looks like we slept in, it's after two already.”

She put her hand to her temple; it felt like she had slept for days, like time was warped. Murph put his phone back, neglecting to tell her she had actually been asleep for well over 16 hours.

It was already the next day.

Murph ran his hand over her hips, kissing her head. “I'm sorry you had a bad dream,” he said. “Its okay, I used to have them a lot. It’s just been a while,” she said, softly touching his tattooed arm. He frowned looking down at her, he didn't know she had nightmares before.

Pulling the blanket back, Murph exposed the rest of her beautiful body. “I can make you feel better,” he said, moving to kneel in front of her legs. She smiled groggily, opening up for him. He enjoyed the sight of her waking up, rubbing her eyes adorably as she stretched her arms out. Leaning down, he kissed her soft stomach, making his way down to her pussy. Stopping to kiss her hips, he visualized the spot where his branded initials would go. He liked the right side.

She massaged her tits as he started exploring her pussy. She felt him lick her clit first, making her jump unexpectedly. Holding her hips down, he ran his tongue over the sensitive area before going lower to taste her. Sweet as usual, he pressed his tongue into her, swirling inside her sheath as she squirmed under him. She felt her face growing hot as she ran her fingers through his thick red hair.

“You taste so good,” he said, looking up. His eyes melted her, taking the rest of her defenses down. “You feel so good,” she said, her head falling back against the pillows. He licked her clit again, running his tongue along its hood.

Pulling his hair, she lifted her hips up to his face, moaning softly as she came into his mouth. Licking her thoroughly, he felt his cock straining against the thin fabric of his boxers, begging to be inside of her.

Sitting up on the bed, she took his chin in her hand, lifting him up to her. Kissing him deeply, she rolled him under her, pushing him onto his back. Crawling down between his legs, she opened his boxers taking out his hard cock. Wrapping her soft hand around it, she moved her curly hair to the side of her head, looking up to him with a half-smile.

Looking down at her, he watched as her warm mouth covered the tip, feeling her tongue trace around it. “Christ..,” he moaned, his hips arching up into her mouth. She pumped his shaft while her mouth made its way down, circling around it slowly. Her other hand started to play with his heavy balls, cupping them softly.

Moving her hand away, she started deep throating him, using both hands to gently tug and massage his balls. Murph grabbed a fist of her hair, forcing her head down further. She responded by pressing two fingers right against his taint, sending a shock through his system that he'd never felt before. She giggled around his cock, satisfied with herself.

Jolting up from the sensation, he was knocked back down when she took his balls into her warm mouth, licking them as she stroked his cock. “Morgan…,” he groaned, watching her ass wiggle in the air as she suckled them. She put her mouth back over his cock as she felt his balls start to tighten and twitch. Taking him deep again, she used her tongue to rub the base of his shaft, encouraging him to cum.

Taking her soft face in his hands he pumped long strokes up into her mouth, looking at her intently as he came down her throat. She never wavered; holding his gaze the entire time, mesmerizing him with her beautiful brown eyes. It was much better with her awake, he didn't want to fuck her any other way.

Swallowing his cum, she lifted her head up, brushing her long hair against his thighs softly. Murph's hands went down to her, lifting her onto his chest. Holding her close, he groaned when his phone went off on the nightstand. Sitting up, he grabbed it and saw a text from CGB:

‘Red, they found another fucking UPP base only 50 kilometers from us while surveying the crop damage. I'm taking Team A hunting, did you want to join in?’

Looking over to her, he saw her lying with her eyes closed, already falling back asleep. Murph smiled, texting CGB:

‘I'll meet you at the armory in 15.’

Tucking her back into bed, he quickly got dressed before heading out the door. Opening it to a dozen soldiers, he pulled Squad Leader Ludlow aside gripping his shoulder tightly.

“If she gets out of this fucking apartment, I'll have your rank and badge Lud,” Murph said looking him square in the eyes. “She will probably try to escape, she already did it once. If she does get away and something happens to her, it will be your ass that I'm coming for.”

“Yes Sir!” he responded, saluting.

“I'll check in with you soon,” Murph said, slapping the soldier’s back as he walked down the hall.


CGB loved the smell of fire, anytime he got to watch flames devour something, he took a deep breath in to savor it. Perched high above the tree line, he watched several UPP soldiers trying to salvage their burning crops.

“Virginia did a good job,” CGB said, looking over the damage. Murph focused his binoculars on one soldier in the field that stood out. He was covered in soot and visibly working harder than everyone else around him. “Does he look familiar?” Murph asked, pointing toward the man. CGB looked through his binoculars and grit his teeth. He would recognize that fucker anywhere.

“So this is where that fag*ot came from. That’s the little shit that escaped from us,” he sneered. CGB put his hand up motioning for Lead Captain Smyth to come over. Smyth had always represented Team A, the elite soldiers trained to complete the most sensitive and brutal missions of the Conservative Army. He had been busy knocking out radio towers the past few days.

“We need to find us some fuckers that will talk. I want all the details about this shithole we can get.” CGB said, watching the escapee drive off on a four wheeler. Murph frowned, looking over the burning crops toward the thick forest. “They are spread out all over the woods. Take your Team and follow their tracks. I want to know where they are going.”

Smyth smiled, putting a cigarette to his lips. “No problem, how many do you want?” Murph looked at CGB, “Go for three,” CGB said, “and try to get that fucking cunt back. No one escapes from us.” Saluting them with a grin, Smyth turned away to lead his Team.

“They are way too fucking close to the compound,” Murph said, taking out his phone. Texting Squad Leader Ludlow, Murph considered relocating Morgan to another residence. The Center was a prime target for attack.

“If they could take us they would have already done it when they attacked the grain barn. They are weak, trying to stay under the radar like fucking roaches,” CGB replied.

Murph's phone buzzed with a text back from the Squad Leader Ludlow: 'Asleep, no attempts to leave.’

Murph smiled, thinking back to this afternoon with her.

“Alright, lets go hunting.”


Morgan laid perfectly still in bed as a soldier walked into the room to check on her. She was naked with just a white blanket tangled between her legs, barely covering her pussy. Listening to his footsteps she knew he was alone, she could feel him peering over the footboard looking at her body.

Morgan remained relaxed, breathing softly as she cooed in her ‘sleep’. It didn't take much longer for her to hear the familiar sound of a zipper falling down. She fought the urge to smile.

Fucking idiot.

Peeking slightly, she saw him looking down at her, pumping his cock in his hand. She waited a few moments before turning toward him sleepily, her big tits now arched and in full view. Teasing was not only fun, it was one of her favorite manipulation tactics. Once she heard his breathing quicken, she opened her eyes to look up at him.

Startled, he stumbled back a few steps from her. Sitting up quickly, Morgan knelt on the bed, jiggling her tits a little in the process. “You don't have to stop...,” she said sweetly. Running her small hands over her breasts, she looked at him innocently, tempting him to come closer to her.

He stood still for a moment, she could see the gears turning in his head as he weighed the risk of what he was about to do.

“I won't tell anyone…,” she continued, “if you want to touch them.” Taking a dark pink nipple between her fingers, she rolled it enjoying the tortured look on his face. He took a small step forward, his cock now rock hard in his left hand. She tilted her head at him pouting, “Don't you want to touch me?”

He took another step forward, his eyes looking directly at her tits.


His voice was deeper than she expected, he looked a little older than her with blonde hair and steel grey eyes. He wasn't too tall but was very brawny, with large arms and the shoulders of a linebacker.

“Then come here…,” she whispered, reaching out for him. He took a final step closer, sealing his fate. Taking his callous hand, she brought it to her chest. He let out an audible sigh as he started squeezing her warm heavy breast. Morgan pulled on his fatigues bringing him closer to her, his cock now inches from her face.

She saw the ring of keys on his tactical belt, although helpful it wasn't what she was looking for. She could pick locks with bobby pins, she needed a fucking phone. Judging by his uniform and combat patches he was a Squad Leader and should know better than to get this close to her. She looked up at him standing in front of her, rubbing her hands up and down his legs. She felt for the location of his phone, finding it in his back pocket.

Sitting up on her hind legs, she brought her face closer to his. She could see some tattoos on his neck, one was of SS Bolts reminding her yet again, who these men really were. As if on cue, she felt him push hard against her chest, forcing her onto her back.

“What are you doing? Don't fucking push me,” she said, grabbing his arm. He remained silent, moving to get on top of her. His was powerful, able to hold her down with just one hand.

“I was being nice you fucking asshole,” she said, twisting under him. He let go of his cock to force her legs apart, his strong hands pulling hard at her knees. She gasped, feigning defeat as she opened them to him. She felt the pressure behind his hands subside as he focused on her pussy.

Grabbing him by his uniform, she pulled his torso down to her. He was surprised when she kissed him and eager to reciprocate. His hands roamed her naked body under his. Her hands roamed too, right to his back pocket. Using her tongue to distract him, she slipped two fingers into it, pulling the satellite phone out. Once she had it in her hand she stopped kissing him, smiling evilly in his face.

Morgan took a deep breath before letting out a high pitched scream, one only a woman could make. While screaming, she moved the phone under the blankets. He panicked, scrambling to get off of her. Before he got the chance, a dozen soldiers rushed into the room, witnessing their Squad Leader on top of her naked body with his hard cock out.

“Fuck, it's not what it looks like!” he said, moving away from her. Another Squad Leader came to the front of the soldiers, his face burning red with anger.

“Un-fucking-believable!” he yelled. “You just couldn’t keep your dick in your pants. Out of all the fucking slaves here, you pick the only one you can't have!” he screamed. Several soldiers went to him before he could respond, putting his hands behind his back to cuff him. “They're going to kill you for this Gary,” the Squad Leader continued. “Take him down to the fucking basement.”

Walking up to Morgan, he took off his beret, holding it in his hands. “Are you okay Miss?” he asked softly. He was older than the other Squad Leader, with dark hair and a thick mustache. “I don't want any of you near me,” she said, pulling the covers up to her chin. “Okay we will go back into the lobby. I'm sorry that happened, it won't again,” he said, sounding sincere.

'Doubt it,’ Morgan thought, feeling for the phone under the blankets. She counted on the poor impulse control of men, using it to get what she wanted.

She hasn't reported back to her UPP mentor about her status yet and was way overdue. Waiting until they all emptied out of the room, she jumped up from the bed, going through the phone.

The first thing she saw was a text from Joe checking on her. She had time before he would do it again and the soldiers watching her shouldn't be coming back into the room anytime soon.

Dialing a number, she waited for the dial tone to click over.

“Code?” asked a female voice.

“Niner Zero Tree Mike Oscar Romeo Golf Alpha November.”

“How hot is it down there?” replied the female voice.

“Cold as Hell.”

“Where have you been Morgan?!” she responded frantically.

“Getting fucked every 10 minutes by these assholes,” Morgan hissed, going into the bathroom to talk. “Patty why the Hell didn't you tell me who these two were? I went to University with Joseph Murphy, Hunter Barberi is a fucking psychopath and both are hell bent on knocking me up. Which by the way, is a real thing they do here.”

“Jesus...we ahh... we didn't have anything confirmed beforehand. You're the first person to make it on the compound and report anything back in months. With the internet blackout, we couldn't really run any extensive checks past the military database. What else have you seen?”

Morgan went into detail about the past 8 days, everything she'd seen and done, along with information she'd learned about the Nationalist of West Virginia. “...they are getting away with this because no one can get close enough to see what's going on. The war crimes are bad enough but their enslavement of women is even worse. They want to fuck literally all the time to try to get me pregnant. I can't even imagine what the cabins are like for those women.”

“Well it's a good thing you still have some time with your implant. I'm not going to say the information is worth it but we never would have gotten it if you weren't there. So hang tight, we will get a care package out to you at the drop point in the North Quadrant.”

Out of habit, Morgan squeezed her upper arm to feel her implant. She winced, her arm was sore for some reason. Rubbing her finger over the soft underbelly of her bicep, she didn't feel the plastic rod that was normally right under her skin.

She had never felt fear as strong as she did in that moment.

It was gone, she didn't have the implant in her arm anymore. She didn't see any cuts, she didn't understand how they could remove it without her knowing.


“What? What's wrong?”

“It's... It's.. gone. My implant isn't in my fucking arm anymore,” Morgan said, genuine panic cracking her voice.

“Okay, let's take a breath,” Patty said audibly breathing in. Morgan mimicked her, trying to get more oxygen to her brain. A quick way to process stress was to breathe, sounds simple enough but it's hard to do in an actual crisis.

Breathing out slowly, Patty continued, “We will send you some Plan B and a self administer kit in your care package. You'd still have to get to the drop point for it and it will take like 30 hours for us to get a kit out there. They banned them everywhere down south.”

“It might already be too late Patty. I don't even know when they took it out. I…” Morgan stopped as she realized what happened. This afternoon she felt truly awful, groggy and disoriented. She thought it was from a bad night terror but now she knew, they did something to her. She didn't know what they did or how they found out she had the implant to begin with. She just knew they did something and took it out.

Morgan clenched her fists enraged. Joe lied to her fucking face and then ate her pussy like nothing happened.

She underestimated them.

“Never mind, it doesn't matter Patty, I will be there to get the care package. I need you to put my Ontario MK 3 in there too, I'm tired of using these shitty knives.”

“Got it. Check back in sooner next time you bitch I was worried sick. I’m passing all of this to the chain of command and will have more information next time we talk. Keep up the good work.”

Morgan hung up and closed her eyes. She was naive to think Joe was anything but a complete fucking animal. His betrayal ran deep, making her heart actually sting in pain. Looking up, she saw herself in the bathroom mirror. She touched her long curly hair while she looked over her body.

Her light brown skin did not seem to deter any of these men, making her think their racism only went as far as their cocks allowed. With the severe lack of people; specifically women throughout the entire state, she was sure she could get away with more now than ever before.

Without fail, they all could be manipulated under the right circumstances. Running her hands over her big perky tits and down her flat stomach, she smiled mischievously.

She knew how to play this game.


CGB opened the door to the residence happy to see Morgan walking around the kitchen. He half expected to see her tearing the place apart, angry that they removed her implant. He had left the hunt early to come visit her before it got too late.

He smiled to himself as he approached her, his hands hiding something behind his back.

“Hey,” she said, placing a bowl in the sink. She wore a green camisole with black shorts, opting to wear white knee high socks on her feet today. “I have a surprise for you,” he said, revealing the black riding boots he hid behind his back. Her eyes widened. “Oh, you have horses?” she asked, taking the boots. “Come on, I want to take you riding,” he said, taking her hand.

Bringing her out of the Center, he hesitated thinking of all the soldiers that would see her. She was still vulnerable without a brand but he was confident no one would look at her, let alone touch her. Secretly, he wanted everyone to see her, she was his to show off.

A trophy if there ever was one.

Straddling his bike, he nodded for her to jump on. Climbing behind him, he enjoyed the feeling of her hugging his waist, her soft tits pressed against his back.

They rode down a windy willow tree lined path, past dozens of soldiers walking and training around the main courtyard. Riding down the hillside to the stables, he pulled up to his stallion's stall, pleased to see a second brown mare standing beside him.

“Can you ride?” he asked, getting off the bike. She walked up to the brown horse touching her face softly. “Try to keep up,” she said, grinning. Watching her get on the saddle with ease was just as attractive to him as her bouncing on his cock.

Taking the reins in her hands, she snapped them, sending the mare out of the stable in a sprint. He straddled his horse, snapping to catch up to her quickly.

Coming up behind her, he watched her tits bounce as they galloped. He grinned, enjoying the sight of her; a half-breed that was turning out to be the perfect consort for him. Riding through the trail, he sped ahead, leading her up towards a campground that he knew would be occupied.

A special test he set up just for her.

Approaching the campground, they saw two men standing around a small fire, talking casually. Behind them hung a young black woman, her naked body bloody and beaten. He watched Morgan's face as she realized what she was seeing, as she processed it.

He recognized the look in her eyes; Murderous, Wrathful, Vengeful. All flashing by in seconds before she made her decision.

Gripping the reins, she sped forward, never looking to him for guidance. He stayed back on his horse, making no effort to intervene. She went past the men at the fire to the oak tree where the woman hung, stopping underneath her. Looking up, Morgan could see the young woman was already dead, her lifeless body swaying eerily. She jumped off her horse as the two men moved toward her.

They were civilians, two that had been hired to complete this very task. He only had dominion over the safety of his soldiers, no one else. Not even the civilians on his compound.

How unfortunate for them.

CGB got off his horse, watching the scene unfold quietly. Morgan picked up an axe she found lying against the oak tree. Wielding it in her hands, she swung it twice, testing its weight. Her face was stoic, her eyes narrow and focused.

“Who the fuck are you?” said one of the men as he walked toward her. She stepped up to him, the small fire lighting her beautiful face in the dusk.

CGB had never seen a woman like her, someone unafraid to kill and capable of doing it. Every woman he's had in the past was scared of him, mentally detached from him or pretending to enjoy him. She was none of those things.

He heard her horse neigh in the background, stomping hard under the hanging woman.

“Did you kill her?” she asked, holding the axe up. The man spit on the ground in front of her. “I don't answer to nig*er bitches,” he snarled, reaching for his gun.

“Good enough for me,” she said, smiling. In an instant, she swung the axe at him, anticipating that he would duck low. CGB heard the impact of the axe as it hit his stomach, tearing a guttural cry from him.

Squaring her shoulders, she ripped the axe back out, making him kneel over. Taking another hard swing, she brought it down on his head, cracking his skull. He fell forward into the ground, the axe lodged halfway through his face.

CGB stood a few yards away and could feel his smile stretch from ear to ear. Only two blows for the first one. Impressive. The other man screamed, falling back as she looked to him. Turning to run, he stumbled over his feet trying to get back up.

Reaching into her sock, Morgan pulled out a small knife, one CGB never even knew she had. She caught up to the man in seconds, jumping onto his back as he tried to flee. Driving the knife into the base of his skull; she tore an inch down his spine, making him fall under her as his legs gave out. Ripping the knife out, she rolled him over, straddling his chest.

“Why did you kill her?!” she screamed, her eyes burning with rage. The man gurgled under her, his eyes bulging in his head, “...not ferti… she's... a… nig, she’s... a ...runn.” She looked over to CGB standing silently near the fire, watching her. Her face was menacing as she took the man's hair roughly in her hand.

Using the knife, she slit his throat in one stroke, dropping his head back into the dirt in disgust. CGB felt like that was a clear message to him, a warning that wasn't necessary. He smiled, his heart fluttering for the first time in his life. He had no plans to ever kill her, he didn't even want to share her with Murph at this point. She reacted exactly as he had hoped she would.


Running back to the tree, she put the knife in her sock as she started to climb. He watched her go to the limb that held the swaying body. Taking the knife back out, she cut at the rope until the body fell to the ground in a hard thud.

“Call an undertaker for her,” Morgan yelled down to him as she started to descend the tree.

Still grinning, he took out his phone, texting a message that the bodies were ready for disposal. Climbing down from the tree, she walked up to him,“I don't want her put in some fucking pit. I want an actual grave that I can visit to make sure she's there.”

“What about them?” CGB asked, nodding to the dead men.

“What about them?” she said, straddling her horse again. “You can tell Joe I killed them, I don't fucking care.”

Straddling his horse, he laughed heartily. “I want to bring you somewhere.” Snapping the reins, his horse ran this time, forcing her to catch up to him. They rode hard for a few minutes until they came upon a secluded wooden cabin, hidden deep in the forest.

“Where are we?” she asked, stopping beside him.

“My house,” he said, getting off the stallion. Tethering the horse outside the porch, he looked up to her still sitting on hers. “What's wrong, are you scared?” he asked, grinning. She frowned, narrowing her eyes down at him.

“Not of you,” she said, getting off the horse. With both horses tied outside, he walked with her into the house.

Looking around, she was surprised by the amount of animals he had mounted on the walls. Everything from wolves to bears, even mountain lions were all frozen in ferocious growls.

Then she saw the guns; everywhere laid a pistol or a rifle, a shotgun or a clip. He did not have the technology Joe had in his War Room but he made up for it in the sheer amount of weapons he had scattered around just for himself. The house was cleaner than she expected, with dark oak floors and warm dim lighting, it was almost homey.

Coming up behind her, he wrapped his arms around her tightly, kissing the back of her neck. “I've been waiting for this since I first saw you,” he whispered into her ear. As she turned to look at him, he kept her facing forward, his arms tightly around her.

“For what…?” she started, before he leaned back picking her up off the ground. Walking her forward, he hummed in her ear, still nuzzling her neck. “Hunter put me down,” she said, kicking her legs. Ignoring her, he walked with her in his arms a few steps forward to a black wooden door. Kicking it open, she was shocked to see the room in front of her.

“What the fuck Hunter?!” she screamed, struggling violently now. The room could only be described as a torture chamber, with rows of equipment and tools used for well, she wasn't really sure. There were large pieces of weird furniture she had never seen before. One looked like a gymnasts balance beam, another a huge wooden X, a medieval pillory and a big leather swing.

The thing that was the worst was the bed, a four post monstrosity, draped in black silk with chains hanging from all sides. She didn't want to be anywhere near it. Her training did not go this far, she didn't anticipate one of the Captain General’s being a literal sadist.

“No, I'm not doing this!” she said, straining against his hold. “You're not doing anything,” he said, still holding her tight, “I am.” She leaned her head back toward him, “I swear to God, I'm going to bite your dick off the second I get the chance.”

He kissed her cheek, walking her toward the balance beam. “Then you'll never get the chance,” he said, putting her body over the leather mount. Using his entire torso, he held her down against it while he grabbed the restraints underneath. Clicking the cuffs around her wrists he let off of her, watching her body remain bent over as she tried to pull away.

“Argh.. You fucking asshole!” she screamed, infuriated. Her feet were a few inches shy of touching the floor, forcing her to kick in the air with her riding boots on.

He grinned watching her rage. He had never had a slave with so much fight in her, so much fire. He didn't need to torture her, he felt the exact same rush without it. Walking over to a table, he picked up a black wand, one of his favorite vibrators. She seethed, bucking against the mount as he walked toward her with it.

“I don't know why you're so upset. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be begging for my cock,” he said. He loved the sight of her bent over the mount, he just needed to get her naked to fully appreciate it. Moving behind her he rubbed her ass, still in her little black shorts.

“I knew you would need home training,” he said, hooking his fingers into her them. Pulling her shorts down her ass, he kissed the small of her back slipping them off her legs. Now with her bare ass presented to him, at the perfect height for his cock, he was ready to get started.

“First, I want you to know that I'm so impressed with you baby,” he gushed, taking a firm hold of her ass. “You continue to show me that you are more than worthy of my brand.” She turned her head back to him. “Brand?! That can't be real, you actually brand women like fucking cattle?!” He smiled down at her evilly, his pale eyes shining as he squeezed her asscheek hard. “It's very real. Only meant for the Masters of society to keep the very best slaves to ourselves to have children with.”

She had no idea how special she was to get their brands; he couldn't recall any other half-breed being branded by his brothers, only white women. He was a firm believer in having children with any and all healthy fertile women, the future of white children can start one lightened generation at a time.

Some of his brothers did not share his sentiment and think their more traditional beliefs will not have to adapt to this different, less populated country. He knew better, he had lived through years of this War alone, without any real consort. Rape and torture were fun but fleeting, he wanted a companion. The lack of viable women of any race in all of the Red states was the crushing blow for those that dreamed of a white utopia.

He was not about to toss a beautiful, fertile, young half-breed because her skin wasn’t pale enough for those that weren’t fucking her to begin with.

She sucked in through her teeth, wiggling on the mount in frustration, pulling him from his thoughts. “I'm going to murder you in your fucking sleep.” He smiled, smacking her ass hard making her jump. “Seems you've already forgotten where you are. Whenever I have you on your back, knees or with your ass in the air, I am your Master.”

He watched a bright red handprint form on her right asscheek. “I've already spoiled you more than I should have…,” he continued, rubbing her ass before smacking her left asscheek hard. She yelped again, straining against the mount as she tried to pull away from him.

Taking the black wand, he lightly traced the outside of her pussy lips, rubbing the handprints on her ass. “Let's start by working out some of that attitude,” he said, pressing the round head of the wand into her pussy.

“I don't have a fucking attitude,” she yelled. Pressing the first setting on, he watched her body start to shake. Pressing further, he rubbed the buzzing wand against her clit hearing a muffled groan, “I swear Hunter…”

“Slaves only speak when spoken to,” he said, pressing it against the bundle of nerves. He could hear a low growl from her but no back talk. Her body shook all over, her floating legs started kicking again.

He rubbed his cock through his jeans, he usually didn't get hard so quickly. Her curvy ass was beautiful, a welcome change from what he had gotten used to. He wondered if that was why he was so infatuated with her, her body and personality were almost tailor made for him.

Watching the red handprints appear on her supple ass was cathartic. He never would have thought such minimal damage to her would have such a strong effect on him.

He wouldn't last long at this rate.

Unzipping his jeans, he pressed the wand into her pussy a few inches, leaving the rest sticking out of her. Walking to the front of the mount, he saw her eyes were closed tight. “Enjoying yourself?” he asked, taking out his cock in front of her. Her eyes flashed open as she tried to pull away from the mount again.

“Fuck you Hunter,” she hissed.

He grinned, slowly pumping his cock just out of reach from her. “Fuck me? Well if you insist..,” he said, grabbing her green camisole, tearing it roughly. She bucked against the mount forcefully, twisting as he ripped the fabric from her body.

Rubbing his hand down her bare back, he loved the feel of her hot silky skin. His cock was rock hard anticipating her warm pussy. He was eager to cum inside of her for the first time since they removed her implant. Walking behind her again, he pulled out the black wand enjoying how easily it slipped from her.

“I knew you would love this, your pussy doesn't lie,” he said, rubbing the tip of his cock against her wet opening. Wiggling her ass again he heard her whimper; she was sexually frustrated, conflicted about it and best of all...

At his mercy.

Pushing into her, he gripped her ass as he buried his cock deep in her pussy. She gasped, her body arching against the mount as he held himself inside of her. Rubbing her asscheeks again he slapped her hard. He could feel her tight pussy squeezing his cock even more.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked, rubbing her ass again. She squirmed on the mount beneath him, making small noises of frustration. “I'm not fucking asking you prick,” she said, still trying to get away. He moved his hips, slowly pulling his cock out of her. She moaned, quickly biting her lip to suppress it.

“What a mouth you have. If I wasn't so sure you'd bite me I'd already have my cock down your throat,” he said, pushing back into her pussy forcefully. She moaned again, her body slowly losing this battle with him. Grabbing her long curly hair, he slapped her left asscheek hard, pushing deep into her as his balls pressed firmly against her pussy lips.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked again, holding his cock inside of her as he pulled back on her hair. She growled loudly, her body unable to continue denying him.

“Fine! You fucking asshole. Yes!” she screamed. Letting go of her hair, he grabbed her hips slamming his cock into her pussy. She held onto the mount as he fucked her, hard and intense, he was merciless. She whimpered and gasped with every thrust, feeling the girth of his uncut cock fill her pussy. His hands moved from her ass to her bouncing tits, grabbing them from behind.

He leaned down to her face, taking her earlobe between his teeth. “I told you…,” he said pumping hard into her pussy, “... you would beg for my cock.” She groaned, unable to talk as he continued to fuck her as hard as he could. His body was over hers, pushing her down into the mount. She didn't know why she loved how he fucked her, she just knew it felt amazing every single time. She let out a strangled moan as she came, her pussy giving in to him against her will.

She was panting, still pulling from him in vain as his balls hit her pussy lips with every thrust. He wrapped her long hair in his fist again, using it to arch her back more. “That's my girl,” he said, using his other hand to hold her down by her lower back.

She felt her arms going weak as her shoulders started to slump. He was relentless, pounding her pussy hard nonstop. Slamming his cock deep into her, she felt his hot cum fill her in thick bursts.

He groaned loudly, holding his cock deep in her as his balls emptied. Leaning down to her, he kissed her neck softly. “See that wasn't so bad was it?” he whispered, rubbing her stomach from behind.

“Shut up..,” she murmured, turning her head from him. He laughed against her neck, his hands moving under her to the cuffs on her wrists. “If I let you go, will you be good?” he asked, his cock still firmly in her pussy.

She wiggled under him, “I'm always good, you are the one that's the problem.” He ground his hips into her, “I'll take that as a yes.” Pulling out of her slowly, he was pleased to see some of his cum leaking from her pussy. Zipping up his jeans he knelt at her wrists unlocking both cuffs. Morgan leaned up, straddling the mount before jumping down, putting her feet back on the ground.

Pulling her small black shorts on, she scowled at him. “You tore up my top.” He wrapped his arms around her waist giving her a kiss, “I can give you one until we get back to the Center.”

She pulled away from him, flipping her long hair as she walked toward the bedroom door. “No, I think I'll just go out like this,” she said, walking into the foyer towards the front door.

He grabbed her wrist stopping her, “Without a shirt on?” She turned to him smiling wickedly, “Should I take off my shorts too?” He frowned down at her, “No one should be seeing your body but us.” She pulled her hand from him walking forward. “You should have thought about that before you tore up my top.”

He considered the time, it was still early in the evening so he didn't want to piss her off too much if they were going to do the ceremony tonight. Sighing, he followed her out the door shrugging.

“Alright, you can be a little tease if you want. Just don't stray too far from me, last thing I need is you lost in the woods with dozens of soldiers looking for you half naked.”

He watched her walk toward the horses, waving her middle finger back at him. He wondered if this feeling welling in his heart was what he thought it was.



Murph stood in front of a two-way mirror watching Squad Leader Gary Ludlow sulk against the cement wall. Murph had just returned to the Center with three UPP prisoners when Squad Leader Mills pulled him aside. He informed him that Ludlow was caught trying to rape Morgan while he was gone.

“...We stopped him before he could actually hurt her. Thankfully she screamed alerting us.” Murph's jaw ticked in anger, “Where is she?”

“CG Barberi took her horseback riding shortly afterwards. He was not aware of what happened prior to leaving, we were still bringing Ludlow down here.” Murph looked up at the monitor streaming the live feed from his cell.

This fucking cocksucker was personally charged by him with protecting her. Murph's anger was palpable; he was furious that he violated his trust, tried to fuck his slave - the future mother of his children and scared her enough to actually make her scream. If he was successful, he would have gotten her pregnant before either of them even had a chance. Murph unplugged the cable to the camera, cutting the live feed.

Murph turned to Squad Leader Mills, “You are now the ranking Squad Leader tasked with protecting her. Can I trust you to do that Ed?” Squad Leader Mills saluted Murph, “Yes, Sir. You can trust me.” Murph loosened the collar on his shirt before rolling his sleeves up. “Good. Now I need you to walk out this room and not come back until I tell you to.” Squad Leader Mills saluted Murph silently before turning and walking out of the room.

Murph cracked his neck before turning on the light in the room. Revealing his presence, he watched the soldier's face twist in fear. The man stood up and began talking as he backed away. Murph walked into the cell seething with anger, his face brooding as the door closed behind him.

Arriving back to the Center, Morgan jumped off the back of Hunter's bike with a big smile on her face, laughing as she went up the stairs. Every single soldier they drove past stared at her tits and she knew it was driving Hunter crazy. He couldn't stop them all from looking and she made sure she gave them an eye full.

“Get your ass inside,” he growled, putting the kickstand down on the bike. Morgan walked into the main lobby and heard a loud scream coming from under the floor.

“What was that?” she asked, turning to him as he came inside the building. Pausing for a moment, CGB listened for the noise. Seconds later he heard it, really deep screams coming from the basement.

“Go up to the residence, I'll go see what's going on.” She stood still, crossing her arms, “Last time I heard noises like that YOU were killing a prisoner.”

He put up his arm beckoning a group of soldiers over to him. “Escort my lovely slave to her residence for me,” he said, handing her off. She slapped the soldiers hand that went to guide her upstairs. “Don't touch me,” she snapped, glaring back at CGB. He watched the group escort her to the elevator before heading down to the basement.

It wasn't like Murph to torture someone without letting him know what was going on first. CGB made it to the basement floor, moving past several guards that stood outside the cell the screams echoed from. He walked inside to see Murph crushing someone's face with his boot. Murph's fists were red and bloody, the prisoner had two black eyes, a broken nose and a split lip.

“Red, what's the occasion?” CGB said, laughing as he walked up to him. Looking up, Murph's face was still enraged, his mouth in a snarl.

“This fucking cunt,” he said kicking him again in the stomach, “tried to rape our girl.” CGB stopped suddenly, his smile disappearing.


Murph picked him up by his collar holding him against the cement wall. “They only stopped him because she screamed,” Murph continued. Punching him hard in the stomach, he dropped him to the floor walking up to CGB.

“You fucking…,” CGB growled, lunging toward the man's crumpled body. Murph took out a flask from his pocket drinking deeply. He didn't say another word, just walked out of the room leaving CGB to finish the job. Murph took the elevator up to the 4th floor, disregarding all of his soldiers on his way up.

Walking inside the apartment, he didn't see her but could hear the shower running. Looking down at his bloodied hands he walked toward the master bathroom, unbuttoning his shirt along the way.

The master bathroom shower was large enough for four people with multiple shower heads and floor to ceiling granite tiling. Going into the bathroom, he enjoyed the feeling of warm steam surround him.

He could see her curvy silhouette through the textured glass. Stripping naked, he opened the sliding door. She was facing away from him, with her head under the water, her long hair flowed down her back stopping just short of her tailbone.

He walked up behind her quietly, wrapping his arms around her waist. She jumped, turning to face him, “Geez, Joe!” He held her tight, his head resting on top of hers. “I'm sorry,” he said, slowly rocking her in his arms under the water. His cock was pressed against her soft stomach, growing harder by the second. She put her hands on his chest, her slippery body moving against his. “Was that you killing someone down there?” she asked.

He rubbed his face against her sleek hair, “I took care of the man that attacked you.” She looked up at him with a smirk, she didn't really mind him killing that asshole but wasn't about to thank him. “Oh?” she said, turning away from him to put more soap on her loofah. “No loss there.”

He rubbed her hips, pulling her closer to him, “No one will ever touch you but us. You are ours… Mine.” Pressing his cock against her ass, he reached around to the front of her, taking the soapy loofah from her hands. Smiling under the water, he began rubbing it on her tits and stomach, hugging her body to his.

“Joe, I'm already clean,” she said, as he rubbed her curves, focusing mostly on her big soft tits. He took a step forward with her in his arms, walking closer to the tile wall. “Let's get you dirty again then,” he said, his hands moving back down to her hips.

He bent her forward, forcing her to put her arms out in front of her against the wall. Joe held her hips as his hard cock pressed into her pussy from behind. “Joe, wait..,” she said pulling from him.

He couldn't stop, once he entered her it was over. He was a man possessed, his cock after one goal, filling her with his cum. He thrust into her again seeking the slick warmth only her pussy could provide. His cock was gripped in velvet, compelling him to hold her firm as she pulled away.

“Joe!” she gasped again, her body bent over his arms as he held her tight. He came out of his trance for a moment and realized she was pulling from him as he continued to fuck her. He took slower, deep strokes into her, unwilling to take his cock out of the tight grip of her pussy.

“Does it hurt?” he asked, slowing down. “No, I just..,” she started but once Murph heard ‘No’ he was fucking her full throttle again. Taking hold of her tits from behind, he stood her up, lifting her off her feet as he thrust up into her pussy. He had a hard time controlling himself after having a few drinks. It didn't help that he already had minimal control when it came to her.

He held her tight, pumping into her with his hands fully cupping both of her tits. Her head fell back to his shoulder as her hands went over his, holding on tight. He didnt think about anything but the feeling of her taking his cock and soon his cum into her fertile pussy. The hot water spraying down on them along with her slippery body bouncing like a doll on him was enough.

Bending her back over, he pushed himself deep into her pussy, cumming hard. Thick and hot, she felt it fill her, triggering her own orgasm. She dug her nails into his hands holding her hips, trying her best to stay upright as her legs shook.

Joe held her against him, keeping his cock deep in her as they caught their breath in the hot shower. She groaned thinking of the short amount of time she had to get ahold of that fucking care package.

The clock was ticking, she had 48 hours tops.

“I'm sorry, after finding out what that fucker tried..,” he said, holding her close. “I had to...”

He was not any better than that Squad Leader. The only real difference was that Joe and Hunter were more powerful, with a higher status and rank. Then again, that's all that ever really mattered in life.

She sighed, leaning back into him. She was lying about plenty herself, she couldn't exactly expose him without exposing herself first. This entire mission was compromised from the get-go but it wasn't like she could turn back now.

Shutting the water off, she moved to face him, looking up into his eyes. “Hunter mentioned a branding thing, is that real?” Murph wiped his wet hair back, frowning down at her. “What exactly did he say it was?”

She crossed her arms over her wet chest, “That you brand slaves to keep for yourselves. Why do you have to physically brand people, enslavement isn't enough for you?”

He touched her face softly, trying his best to sympathize with her. “Its what the law dictates Morgan. You have to have our initials on your hips. Without them anyone can take you, you would be an open slave for use down at the cabins. For now, this is the most protection you could have.”

She turned away from him, “You're not touching me with a branding iron. I dont give a fuck what the law says. Find another way.”

He opened the sliding door, stepping out to get them towels. “Let me go talk to CGB and see what we can do.”

She rolled her eyes, wringing out her hair.

“You do that.”


CGB walked out of the cell feeling energized and downright giddy. He had blood on his hands and face, having used them to tear at the fucker that dared to touch his property. He saw the adjacent cells that held the UPP prisoners and heard shuffling in the darkness. Smiling sinisterly, he walked up to them reveling in their horrified faces as they looked at him.

“Welcome to Hell fag*ots,” he sneered. They were all pushed back in a corner, already badly injured from being captured. CGB frowned, disappointed that he did not see the UPP Commander.

Murph opened the door to the holding area flooding the room with bright fluorescent light. Standing in the doorway, he cocked his head toward CGB, motioning for him to come over.

“You need to get cleaned up,” Murph said, handing him a bandana from his pocket. “I think she's going to do the ceremony voluntarily.”

“Voluntarily? You're optimistic Red,” he laughed, wiping off his face and hands. “She doesn't even know all the other states will be watching it happen, she's going to fight us the whole fucking way.”

“She doesn't need to know more than she does. If she has some say in this then she will go along with it. She just wants to feel in control of something,” Murph replied taking out his phone.

“I'm going to ask Keith to come up here with his tattoo supplies. A tattoo is a much easier sell than a branding iron.”

CGB smiled, handing Murph back his bandana. “Your optimism knows no bounds. I don't care how its done or who does it as long as her hips get branded at the end of the night. I like the left side personally.”

Murph smiled, walking with him to the elevator, “Works for me.”

Morgan paced the bedroom in her towel, thinking about the insane choice she had in front of her. She didn't want to abandon the mission like a fucking pussy but she also didn't want a permanent marking on her body, tying her to them forever.

She heard the door to the apartment open and close, two heavy sets of boots walked in tandem toward her in the bedroom. For the first time, she was nervous to face them together.

Knocking lightly before entering the room, Murph and CGB walked in to see Morgan standing in a towel looking out the window into the darkness. She looked visibly nervous, her hands ran through her curly hair anxiously.

“We have come up with a compromise,” CGB started, walking towards her. She took a step back from him, eyeing the blood stains still on his shirt.

“What kind of compromise?” she said, folding her arms. Murph walked closer to her, taking away the small amount of space she still had left. Both men now stood in front of her, neither trying to be particularly intimidating but both emitting their desire for her compliance.

She wasn't scared of them but she knew deep down that if they really wanted to, they could probably hurt her, maybe even kill her. It was her job to make sure that they were hooked so well, they would never consider it. She just wished she had known more about them before putting herself in this position.

“Instead of a branding iron, we think a tattoo artist would be more acceptable. The law just says you need to have our brands on your hips, not how it gets there,” Murph said, hopeful she would bite and work with them.

She turned her back to them, looking outside again. “A tattoo..,” she said, thinking out loud. “If I get a tattoo for you, will you get one for me?” Both men looked at each other a bit surprised, no one had ever made a request for a Captain General to be branded.

CGB shrugged, “If that's what it takes for you to comply with the branding then sure baby doll. I'm covered in ‘em.” Murph also had a large amount of tattoos and wouldn't mind having her initials on him.

“Okay, I will get your initials but I pick how big it is and I'm thinking this big,” she said holding her fingers an inch apart. “I also pick where my initials go on you two,” she said, taking off her towel.

Murph laughed, “I don't usually negotiate with terrorists but I guess we have a deal.” Seeing her curvy naked body made him not care about what demands she requested. As long as she had their brands on her hips it was all worth it.

She went into a drawer and pulled out a small pair of low rise pink panties. Sliding them up, she looked down at her tattooless hips trying to mentally prepare herself for this insanity.

“I want you both to go first... then I will,” she said, putting on a white slip dress. Murph licked his lips, enjoying the sight of her. “You will do it without fighting us if we go first?”

She crossed her arms again, her mouth in a hard line, “I guess.”

“I don't mind going first. Where do you want it to go?” CGB asked, smiling down at her. They were trying so hard to be reassuring and pliant, anything to get her through this last stage of the process. She walked up to him lifting his shirt up.

“I want it here,” she said, pointing her finger to his chest, “M.O. right over the 1488.” CGB took his shirt off, tossing it onto the ground. “Of course you do,” he said grinning. He didn't mind, he had gotten this tattoo at sixteen after he joined the National Socialists. It was no more significant to him than any of the others he had.

Walking over to Murph, she looked him over, thinking about where his should go. “I want yours here,” she said, pointing her finger to the right side of his neck. His neck was bare, all of this tattoos were on his sleeves. Hers would be the only visible one.

He smiled, lifting up the short hem of her slip dress. “...And ours will go right here,” he said, grabbing her by her hips as he picked her up. “Come on, before you change your mind,” he said, playfully throwing her over his shoulder and smacking her ass.

She slapped his back, “Everyday with this fucking lifting me off the ground shit!” Carrying her into the common area, Murph saw Keith had set up his station at the communal bed. Keith had done tattoos for almost every soldier on the compound, this would be the first time he'd be doing a branding tattoo on a slave though. The branding iron was painful but quick, two tattoos on her sensitive hips would probably be a longer lasting dull pain.

CGB turned to Murph, nudging him with his elbow. Nodding toward a far wall, he saw a small red light flashing, showing that the internal recording system was live. Murph could only assume all of the other Captain Generals were watching them. It was their right to watch as equal ranking officials but it was still uncomfortable.

CGB laid down first, having Morgan sit close by to see the process. The tattoo was no more than a half-dollar in size, literally a mosquito bite for CGB. For her though, it was difficult watching a needle stab ink into his skin hundreds of times. She had never gotten any tattoos before because she hated needles. She wasn't about to say it out loud and let them know one of her weaknesses but she was struggling with the idea of that shaking gun stabbing both of her hips.

“See nothing to be afraid of,” he said sitting up after it was complete. She smiled, enjoying the sight of her italic initials above his heart. Keith put some product on CGB's tattoo and began changing his equipment for the next person.

Murph went to the fridge taking out a bottle of liquor. Pouring a glass, he put a generous splash of apple juice with it, to ease her nerves. “It'll be fine,” Murph said, handing her the glass. She looked at him uncertain, pausing before taking it.

Murph went and sat on the bed to get his neck done, his was going on the right side just below his jaw line. She watched Joe from a few feet away holding the glass. His tattoo didn't take long, the design was simple and small but the tattoo gun was so loud and looked so daunting against his neck.

Drinking down the liquor fast, she took a deep breath before getting back on the bed where Murph just sat. This had to be the dumbest fucking shit she'd ever done for a mission. Worse than the unprotected sex, the reckless murder, the stealing, cheating and lying. She was getting a brand on her skin so the entire world knew she was a slave.

Sure she could get it removed, it wouldn't be the first time someone got a tattoo and lasered it away afterwards. But it was the intimacy of what it meant, it wasn't just any tattoo. It was a legal mark of ownership for Conservatives, a way for everyone to know that she belonged to these two. Taking her from being an individual to being property; not just any property - mutual property between two men.

Two extremely dangerous men.

Murph could sense her hesitation and moved to sit behind her on the bed. Partially to give her comfort and partially to hold her down if she had a change of heart.

“Relax it's okay,” he said massaging her shoulders. She laid her head down on the pillow exposing her midriff. Keith wiped her left hip first, cleaning the area. Murph watched the goosebumps crawl up her skin.

CGB sat at the foot of the bed holding her crossed legs. Partially to massage them and partially to help Murph hold her down because he was certain she would try to bolt.

Keith turned on the tattoo gun, using a 3 point hold on the taut skin of her hip. She started shaking a bit, her hands gripping Murph's jeans tight. The first touch didn't make her jerk away, she kept her eyes on Keith, breathing slowly as he wrote out H.B.

About the size of a quarter, bold italic initials began to materialize on her skin. CGB felt an overwhelming sense of pride seeing his brand on her. He never would have thought he’d enjoy her as much as he does.

“It fucking hurts,” Morgan complained, moving slightly.

“Try to stay still,” Keith said, moving over her. This was awful, she felt the needles stabbing into her skin, time felt like it slowed down to drag out her suffering. “Alright, first one is done,” Keith said, changing out his needle.

“Almost done,” Murph said, rubbing her curly hair. Keith wiped her other hip clean, pulling the skin taut. She flinched this time, her hip flexing under Keith's hand as the gun touched it. “Relax…,” CGB said holding her legs together. She didn't feel too much pain but felt the pressure of the gun pushing against her, which was almost worse.

Murph watched the bold italic letters of his initials appear, J.M. The two tattoos were symmetrical which was important to him, he would be looking down at them for a long time.

Keith put aftercare product on her hips, rubbing it in generously before packing his things to leave. “See, you did great,” Murph said, looking down at her. Her hips were a little red but nothing serious, both of the tattoos were delicate, yet stark against her light brown skin.

“Now that that's over…,” CGB started, reaching for her pink panties. Pulling them further down, he looked up at Murph who looked around the empty room.

A lot of eyes were probably on them right now.

He rubbed her neck, unsure if they should continue. CGB did not hesitate, she was his property now and he could read her body fairly well. She didn't stop him from pulling her panties all the way down her legs or from opening them wide in front of him. CGB lowered his head to her pussy, holding her thighs apart.

Murph was not a voyeur and didn't like sharing anything about his personal life with other Commanders. He usually didn't watch the others full ceremony but knew that almost everyone else did. Either live or later on.

“Does it feel okay?” Murph asked, rubbing her stomach from behind. She twisted in his lap, her cheeks turning a light pink. “Yah it doesn't hurt, its just weird… it's a weird feeling.”

He kissed her head, cupping his hands under her breasts. “Thank you for getting them done,” he said. Helping her pull off her slip dress, Murph lowered his mouth to hers, still weary of doing this in front of everyone.

She gasped into his mouth as he rolled her hard nipple in his fingers, having cupped her breasts again.

He smiled against her lips, pinching harder. She wiggled between them, her hips firmly held to CGB’s face while Murph played with her tits. Murph wondered if the splash of apple juice was helping her relax. Pinching both of her nipples hard at the same time, he was happy to hear her moan in response.

Both men looked at each other briefly before deciding to undress. Morgan felt nice all over, her skin tingled slightly as she sat up on her knees. 'Am I really this horny right now?’ she thought, unsure why she wanted them so badly after just being so nervous.

Undressing quickly, they both climbed back onto the bed at either side of her. She kissed Hunter first, running her hands through his jet black hair as she felt Joe move behind her, rubbing her waist.

It didn't take her long to get used to being between them. She had gotten familiar with their bodies, although similar in height and weight they had some major differences. Joe was lithe and athletic with long muscular legs while Hunter was a brute, with a hard chest and well-defined arms and shoulders. She was not exactly muscular when compared to them but her soft body was much more powerful.

Leaning her head back, she kissed Joe as Hunters mouth went to her arched breasts sucking them greedily. Joe moved his hands down to her ass, squeezing it as his cock pressed between her cheeks.

She was so warm, getting lost in a fog of pleasure as their hands explored her body. She took Joe's arms and wrapped them around her waist as she crawled forward onto Hunter’s chest. He laid back, smiling as she adjusted herself to be between them.

She wanted to lead and neither of them were about to stop her.

She kept her hand over Joe's on her stomach as she lowered herself onto Hunter’s cock. He watched her come down onto him, her flushed face displaying her apparent need. CGB didn't know why she was being so good but he was damn pleased she decided to act this way tonight. She didn't know that dozens of men were watching her and that she was representing every other half-breed slave that may come after her.

“You are such a good girl,” he said, staring longingly at her newly tattooed hips. She smiled down at him, her curly hair cascading from her shoulders as she rocked back and forth. Joe kissed her neck as she rode Hunter, his hard cock pressing against her ass. She leaned her head back to him, her hand reaching behind her to pump him. “I want both of you inside of me,” she whispered, her hand directing his cock toward her ass.

Murph pressed forward, his hands going down to his cock. “You want my cock in your ass baby?” he asked, biting on her neck. She shivered shaking her head, her nerves were reacting to all of the stimulation around her. Murph got her wet, sliding his cock up and down her ass. She stopped moving as she felt him push into her asshole from behind.

She looked down at Hunter and saw his pale eyes staring at her affectionately. She could see in his face that he was falling for her hard. Smiling, she brought her hand up to his cheek caressing it softly before moving again.

The feeling of Joe's cock in her ass made her feel overstuffed, like she couldn't possibly take another centimeter from him. Yet she did, slowly he pushed into her, making room for himself as he held onto her hips. Having both of them inside of her was always overwhelming, this time in the best possible way. She didn't start fast or hard, she was slow, feeling both of them follow her rhythm.

Moaning with each thrust, she trembled between them, her body slowly becoming accustomed to their cocks. She didn't know why she was so desperate to cum, her body was burning but still wanted more stimulation.

Murph groaned feeling her tight ass grip his cock, every hole of hers was amazing but there was something extra special about her ass. If they weren't trying to get her pregnant he would probably focus exclusively on it. He pumped into her making each thrust count, his cock disappearing completely before he pulled it back out.

CGB ground his cock up into her pussy harder as she started moving faster. Her face and chest were flushed, her eyes barely open as she bit her lower lip. He rubbed her lower stomach, moving to play with her clit. As soon as he touched it she shattered, bucking faster as an orgasm tore through her.

“That's it baby,” he encouraged, rubbing her clit harder as they sped up their rhythm. CGB's head fell back as he approached his own orgasm. He gripped her thighs tight, holding it off to enjoy her a bit longer.

Murph grabbed her shoulders, pumping into her as hard as CGB. She was no longer setting the pace, now with both of their cocks deep in her they took over. She felt herself start to approach another orgasm, her fifth one today. She couldn't keep up with them, her body was unable to cope with the heady mix of pleasure and pain their cocks were inflicting on her.

Her body reacted to both of them as another orgasm ran its course. She squeezed their cocks as she came again, her nails digging into each of their arms, bracing herself against their thrusts. She felt Joe first, his hot cum filling her ass as he grabbed both of her tits from behind. Hunters cock twitched soon after, shooting another load of his cum deep into her pussy as he played with her clit.

She saw stars as their bodies peaked in unison, moving and moaning together. She slowed them both down, her body completely exhausted as she came back to her senses. Rising up, she felt both of their cocks leave her, their cum remaining deep inside of her.

“Wow…,” she said, falling onto her back on the bed. “Wow is right,” Murph replied, putting his boxers and jeans back on. CGB laughed as he got dressed alongside him. “That had to be the best ceremony they've seen yet,” CGB whispered to Murph. He smiled looking down at her.

She was amazing in action, he didn't want anyone else to see her after today but was proud that all of his comrades got to see what a catch she is. “Now that you're branded we can move you out of this place and into our homes,” Murph said walking up to her. She was still lying on the bed catching her breath.


“Yah baby, now the real fun begins. You will live with both of us and can explore the compound freely,” CGB responded. “That doesn't mean you can go around getting into trouble though. You'll have your own guards but you won't be stuck inside so much so maybe you'll start behaving.”

She sat up on the bed and looked at both of them with a smile.



CH. 4 Committed

Morgan stood at the top of a small cliff, her feet submerged in a stream of cool water. It ran steadily into a pond a few feet below.

Diving in, she slipped underwater with a small splash, sending ripples throughout the surface. She did a few laps before floating on her back, looking up at the blue sky.

The pond was secluded and deep in the forest behind Hunter's house, a small oasis she had all to herself.

It's been 13 hours since the clock started ticking against her. With only about 36 hours to get to the drop point for her care package before it was too late, she was thinking over what to do next.

She knew she needed a plan because she was not having a fucking baby right now.

But it was so hot, she had forgotten how unbearable the south could get and needed to cool off. It wasn't like she could go to the drop point early, so she decided to take a swim. Of course, without a suit she swam naked; making sure to strip right in front of her two new bodyguards, Mike and Ben.

They have been watching her since she woke up this morning, following her just about everywhere. Hunter assigned them to her while she was with him and she had a pretty good idea why. They were formidable, no matter how much she tempted or teased, they could not be distracted.

All business and no nonsense.

Swimming leisurely, she looked toward the beach at them. Both men were 6 ft of Italian muscle, with dark hair and sunkissed skin. They were tall, dark and silent, barely saying a word between the two of them. She liked them though, unlike all the other soldiers she'd met they had perfect manners.

They both stood suddenly, pointing their rifles toward the top of the hill. She saw a group of soldiers appear and begin to descend toward the pond. She stood up in the water to get a better look at them. They seemed normal enough, just five guys probably coming to take a swim.

Walking on her tiptoes through the sand, she swayed rhythmically making her way ashore. She enjoyed the feeling of the warm sun on her wet breasts and the cool water against her newly tattooed hips. The group of soldiers stopped approaching and stayed back, waiting patiently for her.

Morgan walked up to her guards, putting her hands on both of their shoulders. “Chill out guys, they're just going swimming,” she said, lowering their arms. Slowly, they put down their rifles, relaxing their posture. Ben went to a small bag and took out a colorful towel, handing it to her.

“Thanks Ben,” she said, taking it.

Drying her hair first, she waved at the soldiers and watched them awkwardly wave back. Laughing to herself, she began drying off starting with her ankles. Bending over and arching her back, she ran the towel up her smooth brown legs, taking her time as she went towards her pussy.

Flipping her hair as she stood, she put the towel over her shoulders, shaking it back and forth to dry her back. She saw the group of soldiers watching her silently, probably enjoying the view. As she was pulling on her black shorts Mike's phone went off. By the time she wiggled into her yellow camisole, he had hung up.

“It's time to go see Captain General Barberi Miss,” he said, picking up the bag. Morgan groaned, today was her first night at Hunter’s house. She fucking loathed that place and was not looking forward to it at all.

They came up with a 'schedule’ now that she's branded. It worked out to be three alternating days a week with each of them and a day to herself. She didn't really want to go to their homes, she just wanted to wander the compound getting information and breaking stuff.

Her guards started leading her up the hill towards Hunter's cabin. Walking by the group of soldiers, one of them caught her eye. Standing in the back was a tall athletic man, silently studying her. He had several bruises in the process of healing on his face and a nasty scar along his neck.

None of that distracted from how handsome he was, with sandy blonde hair, and dark brown eyes he looked incredibly familiar. He had pale freckles and a strong nose that may have seen a fist or two before. He reminded her of a boy scout, which was probably why he had a bunch of bruises on his face.

Standing with her hands on her hips she stared right at him, trying her best to figure out who he was. “Hmmm,” she said aloud, looking him over. She grinned playfully, taking a step toward him. Her guards stopped walking, turning back to look at her. The other soldiers around him parted as she moved forward.

Looking directly into his eyes she watched his dilate as she walked up to him. He recognized her too. She hooked her finger in his collar pulling it down slightly. A nautical tattoo could be seen on his throat, one she remembered well.

“Jackson?” she whispered.

He was stunned; unable to speak, afraid that he would say the wrong thing and jeopardize the entire mission.

“Are you hot?” she asked, looking to see if he recognized the UPP coded greeting. “Cold as Hell Miss,” he whispered back, holding her gaze. Morgan smiled brightly, “Me too, better avoid the water.” She patted his chest before turning away from him, continuing up the hill. Her guards followed behind her and soon they were out of sight.

Once they were clear, the soldiers let out an exasperated breath. “Jesus Christ that was fucking close,” said Frank, putting away his hidden pistol. Jack felt his heart racing, his mouth was painfully dry.

She recognized him, she looked him right in the eyes and called him by his full name. Seeing her soft features, the full lips and wild curly hair, his memory didn't do her justice. He hadn't remembered the freckles she had that matched his, the small dimple on her left cheek or how tight and voluptuous her body was. He couldn't believe she was captured at all, let alone here.

The absolute worst place she could possibly be.

Turning his mic back on, Jack continued to lead the group toward the pond. “Dispatch I need you to run a search on a captured slave.” They had stashed their gear in the area because it was normally secluded. He never thought she would be out here, now that he knew she was so close he had to act.

“Copy that. Name or description.”

“Name is unknown. Female under 30, multiracial and a UPP combat soldier. I think I saw her at the Gable Training Camp last year, maybe check the roster,” Jack said, walking up to the bush that held their gear.

“Stand by.”

Jack pulled out several heavy bags and began dispersing weapons and supplies to everyone. He had planned to set up camp for the night and attempt their mission at dawn. They came back to the compound to rescue three junior soldiers destined for death. They were kidnapped while gathering crops; a bunch of kids that have never even seen combat, they were still in training and just happened to be in uniform. He had no doubt they would be tortured and murdered if he didn't intervene.

“Jack I have three names, Patricia Ward, Morgan O'Bryan and Jessica Torres. There aren't many active female soldiers right now, let alone any that participate in the camps.”

Jack thought back, he remembered she was not a huge fan of alcohol which was funny because of her last name. “Run Morgan O'Bryan.”

“Copy that.”

Frank handed Jack the bag of weapons they had brought. He had come prepared for these fucks this time. With no shortage of weaponry and a thorough idea of the Center’s layout, he was confident they would be successful.

“Morgan O'Bryan is a Class 1 Dove Soldier. She has Level 1 clearance and is licensed in all Level 1 weapons. She has several Do Not Disturb orders out. Do not interfere with her Jack. Did you hear me? Do not interfere with her.”

“What?! She's a Dove? How could she possibly have DND orders, she's enslaved. Is she on a mission or something?” Jack asked, giving the bag back to Frank after inspecting it.

“The rest of her file is redacted. I have to send in a request to the Marshall, I'll get back to you once I have it.”

Clicking off his mic Jack could not believe what he was hearing. She was a Dove. He had his suspicions with how she acted but now he knew for certain. He had never met an actual Dove before. They were a select few, specifically trained to conduct risky humanitarian missions. They were at the same skill level as him, a Special Operations Officer, but they focused on uniquely difficult orders.

Having DND orders meant someone high up approved of what she was doing and didn't want anyone intervening. The normal chain of command would never authorise a mission with this level of risk.

DND orders or not, Jack needed to get her away from this place. She would never be safe as long as she was around CGB. He will eventually kill her, like he kills everything else.

“I'm going to take a walk to make sure the areas clear,” Jack said, heading into the forest.

She couldn't have gotten too far.


Hunter stood on the back porch waiting for Morgan as she approached his cabin. She grimaced at the sight of him, arrogant as always his cocky grin did not bode well for her.

“Did you have fun?” he asked, meeting her at the bottom of the stairs with a hug. “It was fine,” she said, crossing her arms as she walked past him snobbily.

He followed her inside, nodding to Mike and Ben as they stood guard on the back porch. As soon as she was inside the den she stopped walking, turning to face him.

“Don't try to do anything like last time again,” she warned. He looked down at her amused, “You don't want me to make you cum again?”

She frowned, narrowing her eyes, “You know what I mean. Don't do it again Hunter or else I'll...”

He laughed, reaching for her, “Or else you'll what?”

In an instant, she grabbed his wrist, pulling him down to the floor. He was caught by surprise but quickly recovered, dragging her down along with him. She pulled his arms behind his back twisting them hard. He quickly countered her, spinning his body to break her hold. Turning back towards her he pounced, pushing her onto her back against the hardwood floor.

“That's it baby, keep fighting me,” he said, nuzzling her neck as he hovered over her.

She brought her knees to her breasts underneath him, bending back. Pushing up sharply, she used all of her weight to flip him over, getting on top of him. “Ha!” he exclaimed excitedly, as she sat on his chest. She dug her nails into his skin, holding his wrists down, “You're such a fucking jackass.”

Grinning, he sat up straight, deadlifting her entire body weight. She fell back into his lap, upside down. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her in the awkward position.

“If you really don't want to play with me, I'm willing to make a bet with you so you can leave.”

She tried to sit up but he held her still. “A bet? Yeah fucking right, you'll just cheat.” He frowned looking down at her, “I wouldn't cheat, I'm a man of my word, you know that.” She huffed, blowing her hair out of her face.

“What kind of bet?”

He moved his hands down her smooth legs, his eyes softening. “I want to grapple with you. I need to see what you're capable of. What you can actually do.”

She looked at him confused, “You want to fight me?”

He shook his head smiling, “No, I would never hit you. Unless it's your plump ass of course.”

She squirmed in his lap, “I’d hit you.”

He brushed her hair from her face, “If you win you can hit me and then leave.”

“What do you get if you win?”

His smile darkened, “You.”

“So you want to fight... ”


“... I'd rather fight,” she mumbled.

His hands went down to her stomach, rubbing it softly, “I know you think you're strong baby but I’m not so sure. I don't think you could protect yourself from someone like me. Now that you're mine, there are a lot of men that will come for you, that will try to hurt you.”

She scoffed, insulted. “You're not the first giant jerkoff that thought he could beat me.”

Pressing her feet against his shoulders, she pushed hard into him, rolling backwards. Slipping herself out of his grasp, she tumbled back onto her knees in front of him. Standing up, she put her hands on her hips defiantly.

“I'm going to punch you in the fucking face for calling me weak, then I’m leaving,” she hissed. He stood up slowly, making a point to stand to his full height, towering over her. She did have experience fighting men like him but she usually had a weapon.

By usually, she meant always. She always had a weapon. It was a huge disadvantage to fight someone as big as Hunter unarmed.

“When I win, which I will,” he said, taking her chin in his hand, “you're going to suck my cock and then I'm going to fuck MY pussy in my bed.”

She narrowed her eyes at him again. She was competitive by nature, never one to back away from a challenge. “Not going to happen. But you know who's cock I've sucked? Joe's.”

His pale eyes flashed with anger, she saw his jaw tense up as he glared down at her. She enjoyed pissing him off even more than Joe. “Are you going to hit me now?” she asked, mocking him. He unclenched his fists, relaxing his face.

“Bend over and I will.”

He stepped closer to her. “I'll make it easy for you, I know you can't protect yourself. I bet I can get my cock in you within 5 minutes.” She pushed back against his chest, “Hope your nose is as hard as your thick skull. I'd hate to break it when I punch you.”

He stripped off his shirt, flexing his hard tattooed chest. “I can't wait to break you.” Opening the backdoor, he led her toward a field of soft thick grass, surrounded by dense forest.

Jack moved through the woods alone, following the tracks left by Morgan and her guards. He knew that Nazi's house was nearby, he just hadn't realized how close it really was. Looking through his binoculars, he saw a large wooden cabin affixed with several Nationalist and Conservative flags.

Jack saw her walk out the backdoor with CG Barberi, moving towards the yard. There were only the two guards from earlier outside, his soldiers could take them with a surprise attack.

He watched CGB circle around her, smiling menacingly as he sized her up. She stood in a defensive posture with her hands up, her demeanor calm. He cringed as the fucker lunged at her, wrapping his arms around her small frame. She was quick, sliding down and out of his grasp, pushing herself back between his legs. She grabbed both of them at the knees, knocking him to the ground.

Jack moved closer, his body tense and agitated. He wanted to intervene, he needed to stop this before she got hurt. Standing a few yards away, he could see that they were wrestling. From Jack's perspective, it looked like he was just toying with her. He had a playful look in his eyes as she moved and pulled out of his grip, as if he was allowing it to happen. He looked like he was having fun with her.

Like a cat playing with a mouse.

Jack's heart pounded as she misjudged the distance she had from him and was caught. He pinned her down on her back, straddling her thighs as he tore at her top. She thrashed under him, clawing at his chest. He pulled the rest of her tank top off revealing her big soft breasts. She was pressed against the grass, her curly hair strewn around her head. CGB bent down to her jerking body, his mouth going for her dark pink nipples. Jack held up his rifle, pointing it directly at his back.

She twisted under him until she got a leg free, using his body as leverage, she propelled herself away from him with a hard kick. Jack heard CGB growl as he went for her again, no longer playful. Morgan stood back up, brushing off her shorts as she dodged him. Moving fluidly, she sidestepped him multiple times like a professional boxer.

Watching her gracefully float outside of his grasp was hypnotizing, she was quick and nimble, like a lethal ballerina.

As good as she was, he was just simply bigger and stronger. As soon as he actually got his hands on her, she was at a disadvantage again. He pulled her back down to the ground, forcefully ripping her shorts apart. Jack could hear her cursing as he clawed at the rest of her clothes. Jack looked through the binoculars again; he saw her kicking at him as he undid his belt. He held her right ankle firmly, keeping her leg raised off the ground.

Jack lifted up his rifle again, ready to blow the bastards brains out. “Jack, stand down,” whispered Frank in his ear. Jack turned to see Frank and Pete crouched beside him. “They have dozens of troops nearby at the Stables, don't do it Jack. We can come back for her.”

Jack looked through the binoculars again and saw CGB on top of her back as she writhed under him. He hooked his arms under her hips, thrusting into her as she pulled away, reaching for the grass. Jack could hear his evil laugh as he fucked her harder, grinding into her squirming body. The visual of him raping her imprinted in Jack's mind, leaving a vivid memory.

He turned away, punching a nearby tree in anger.

“We will watch the cabin and conduct a rescue for her,” said Frank, putting a hand on his back. Jack looked up one last time and saw CGB putting her kicking body over his shoulder, carrying her back inside. His deep laugh still echoed throughout the forest, ringing loud in Jack's ears.


CGB held her body tight as he brought her inside. Slapping her bare ass hard, he carried her directly to his bedroom, dropping her on his bed.

"You fucking cheated, we didn't even time it!" she complained, bouncing onto the mattress. He took two of the chains at the headboard and secured them around her wrists quickly, before she could get away.

“You are a sore loser,” he teased, flipping her over. Getting behind her, he pushed his hard cock back into her pussy, grabbing her stomach from behind.

“Hunter!” she cried out, as he barrelled through her. He held her hips firm, pushing her shoulders down into the black silk bedding. “You belong to me now slave. I gave you a chance to leave and you lost,” he rasped in her ear.

She tried to talk back but he slammed into her pussy harder, muffling her words into the bed. Straining to get away, she was unwilling to submit to him, indifferent to losing the bet. She was a stubborn fighter, a slave that would need constant reinforcement from him.

Something he was more than happy to provide.

“First you are going to suck me with those beautiful lips,” he said holding her shoulders down. “Then you will take my cock like a good girl the rest of the night,” he continued, pumping into her roughly.

“Fuck… You…,” she gasped, pinned underneath him. He was setting an example, she could feel him hold her tighter every time she pulled away, pushing deeper into her pussy in retaliation.

“You are the most disobedient slave I have ever had,” he growled, grabbing her bouncing tits. He mauled them, roughly pinching her nipples as he covered her entire body with his. He pushed all the way into her pussy hard before pulling out suddenly, making her fall beneath him.

He was just getting started.

Unclipping the chains that held her arms from the headboard, he looked down at her sternly, “If you bite my cock, I’m going to call Murph over here to watch me paddle your ass black and blue.”

Taking a chain in each hand, he held them tight, reining her in as she moved away from him on the bed. “You are going to learn...,” he grunted pulling her to him, “...who is in control.”

He was strong enough to pull her in one hard jerk but he didn't want to hurt her wrists. So he relaxed his hold, making sure he was careful to allow her enough slack to pull away without hurting herself.

She shook her head pulling from him again. It wasn't that she didn't want to suck his cock, she did. She just didn't want to give him the satisfaction of it. He was such an arrogant prick, she knew what he was doing. He was testing her boundaries and she was failing miserably. She didn't want to give in to him on anything else. Looking up, she could see him holding the chains around her wrists, his eyes focused intently on her.

Her pussy was soaking wet and uncomfortably empty. ‘Stop it, you stupid bitch,’ she thought, scolding herself.

Laying on his back, his hard cock stood waiting for her warm mouth. He slowly wrapped the chains around his fists, dragging her closer to him with each rotation. When her hands were at his hips, he grabbed her wrists holding them tight. She looked up at him, unsure of what would happen if she bit him.

Would he really paddle her? He spanked her pretty hard before so she wouldn't put it past him. He stared her down, pulling her closer as he put his hand behind her head.

“Suck it,” he ordered.

Pulling her head down, he lifted his hips up, forcing himself past her soft lips. He felt her teeth for a moment but she didn't bite down. He groaned as his cock was surrounded by the warm slickness of her mouth. Her tongue moved around tentatively at first, but soon she started to circle his cocks’ bulbous head, exploring it delicately.

He shuddered as she flicked and swirled her tongue under and around the tip, using her full lips to massage his foreskin up and down. He loved the feeling of his cock in her mouth but her submitting to him is what really got him off. She didn't bite him, she is sucking his cock after he mounted, chained and fucked her.

Her house training was going well.

He could still feel her pulling from him though, trying to use her hands. He wasn't having it. She was not controlling anything from this point forward, that little bit of fun was over.

He pushed his cock up into her mouth, holding her wrists down to keep her head still. He kept going until he felt his cock hit the back of her hot throat, testing to see if she'd bite him.

She didn't.

Hunter smiled, pulling his cock out of her mouth. Sitting up, he held her chained wrists together in one fist high above her head. “What are you doing?” she panted, kneeling in front of him.

Attaching the chains to the top of the bedpost he turned her around, kneeling behind her. Pressing against her asscheeks, he felt her start to struggle, moving away from him again. He put his hand over her mouth, holding her close as he lined his cock up with her pussy.

Holding his hand over her mouth, he thrust deep into her, pleased by how amazingly tight and slick she was every time he did. She felt him force himself all the way into her before she could brace herself.

“I just wanted you to taste your Master's cock,” he taunted, grinding into her. She screamed against his hand, furious at him. He pumped his cock into her hard from behind, enjoying the small grunts she made every time his hips slammed against her ass. He could hear the curses she was trying to say, feeling her mouth trying to move his hand.

“Did you say something?” he asked, laughing into her hair. He fucked her harder as he muffled her screams of anger. Her wiggling to get away from him just helped drive his cock deeper into her pussy.

“Take it baby,” he purred in her ear, feeling her start to buck under him. She tried to close her knees but he remained between them, his heavy balls slapping loudly against her pussy lips.

He felt the vibrations of her words as she yelled against his hand. The jingle of her chains as she pulled against them was music to his ears. She slowly would be trained to enjoy this, to enjoy what he wanted to do to her.

Everything he wanted to do to her.

“Lets see what your pussy has to say,” he whispered, kissing her neck. Taking his free hand, he brought it down to her pussy, rubbing her sensitive lips while pumping into her.

“You're so wet,” he moaned, “Is my little slave excited?” She squirmed under him as his fingers touched her clit, circling around it. Her screams morphed into moans, making his cock swell even more inside of her. He was enjoying every inch of her burning body, especially the raw reactions he coaxed from it.

She fought the climax that hovered right over her, prickling at her skin like static electricity. Even she couldn't hold out forever, he was steadily wearing her down. She had hoped fucking them would get easier as time went on but it hasn't. She was a total novice compared to them and had no control in the bedroom at all.

She gasped as her pussy contracted around his cock, letting him know that he had won again. She shook under him, a rush of heat pulsing through her. He held her hips tight as she came, keeping his strokes hard and deep.

It didn't take long before his cock twitched, feeling her pussy convulse around it. He groaned roughly, emptying his balls inside of her womb in thick bursts. She sighed, hanging her head defeated. He was perfectly content behind her, his cock buried in her warm pussy as she remained chained to his bed.

A sharp knock against his bedroom door a few moments later tore him from euphoria. Pulling out of her reluctantly, he stormed to the door naked, swinging it open angrily.

“Who the fu..?!”

Murph stood in front of him frowning deeply. His eyes went from CGB to Morgan; naked and chained to his bed, her curvy body was flushed red and bent over doggystyle. It was obvious she had just been fucked, her body was still shaking and slick with sweat. Clearing his throat, Murph kept his eyes straight to avoid losing his mind at the sight of her.

“Did you forget that we had a meeting 45 fucking minutes ago?” Murph said impatiently. CGB rubbed the back of his neck, grinning sheepishly, “Shit sorry Red, I got caught up here. Give me a minute.” Cursing to himself, he pulled on a pair of boxers moving around the room to grab his clothes.

He had completely forgotten about the Combat Meeting today and had lost track of time. He went back to the bed releasing Morgan's chains as she caught her breath, oblivious to Murph standing at the door.

“I will be back to finish playing with you soon baby, I have to go get some work done,” he said, kissing her forehead. She fell to the bed, exhausted. CGB walked back to Murph smiling, pleased with his handiwork. “We got a notice from Central Command...,” Murph started as CGB closed his bedroom door, locking it behind him. They soon left the house heading back to the Center.

Morgan laid in bed dazed from the ferocity of Hunter's lovemaking. She thought he had been bad before, apparently he was going easy on her. She sat up and looked around, he had removed all the weapons from his room knowing she would be here.

She saw a table that she remembered had torture equipment on it before. Now it was full of snacks, apple juice, books and a vase of yellow tulips. 'Don't even touch it,’ she thought, looking over at the spread. She walked over to the black door and jiggled the handle.

It was bolt locked.

She needed to get out while she had a chance to look through the house alone. Glancing up, she saw a bucks head mounted on the wall. She climbed onto a nearby bookshelf and pulled it down, inspecting it's sharp antlers. Walking back to the door, she wedged it between the handle and the door's wooden frame, using it like a crowbar.

The wood splintered as she pulled on it.

Using her leg against the door, she pulled hard until she heard the wood crack and split apart all the way up the frame. With enough force it came off the wall, leaving the door and its lock still intact. She put the bucks head down as she pushed the door open, walking out of the bedroom. She peeked out the window and saw her two guards still standing outside in the backyard.

Walking around, she soaked in as much as she could about the house. It was quite nice, a beautiful cottage style cabin with an open living space centered around a large brick fireplace. She looked at a metal desk in the corner near the kitchen, it looked like he spent most of his time there by the bottles and papers stacked on it. Hunter seemed to have a bad habit of leaving documents thrown around. Picking up some of the papers scattered on his desk, she saw exactly what she was looking for.

Troop logistics.

He discarded the papers because once they completed his order, they were useless to him. She read some of the pages over and saw that almost every supply drop they had came from Virginia and Kentucky.

They all went through Charleston first before they were dispersed around the state to almost 20 checkpoints. She also saw where they kept one of their armories off site. She could give her UPP mentor the coordinates to attack it.

She sat at Hunter's desk naked, sifting through the documents. Unaware that Jack watched her through a nearby window.


Jack studied her from the forest, focusing his binoculars to get a better look. She was naked and alone, reading papers at a desk. He scanned over her body feeling his cock twitch in response to her. He had imagined what she looked like when they were training together but seeing her at the pond and now up close… he understood why these Nazi's were trying so hard to keep her enslaved.

She had such beautiful natural tits, perked up and full, they looked so soft. Unlike Nazi's, UPP soldiers either dated women or had consensual sex with a well paid prostitute. He hadn't had sex in a few months, focusing exclusively on gathering intel from the compound. The lack of romance never bothered him until now.

Jack turned to Frank and Pete. “This is a practice run for when we go for the boys. There are two guards in the back,” Jack said, taking out his pistol.

“Frank and I will take them down, Jack you go straight for the door and get her out,” Pete said, hoisting his rifle over his back.

Jack held up his hand, “Roll out.”

Morgan went through the drawers of Hunter's desk looking for a phone to call Patty. Eventually she found one tucked under piles of documents.

Turning it on, she walked back to the bedroom, rummaging through several dressers looking for her clothes. Of course Hunter only had slip dresses here, he didn't even want her wearing those. She put on a peach dress as she walked back into the kitchen with a pair of black stockings and a garter belt.

Dialing a number, she waited for the dial tone to click over.

“Code?” asked a female voice.

“Niner Zero Tree Mike Oscar Romeo Golf Alpha November.”

“How cold is it up there?”

“Heaven's its hot,” replied Morgan.

“What's the good word?”

Morgan told Patty about the documents, detailing the coordinates of supply drops, the armory and troop logistics. “Tell Carlos to spread out the attacks, if you do it all at once they will catch on that someone is on the inside, it'll be too precise. Touch the armory first, that will hurt the most.”

“This is great Morgan, it will help a lot. Before I let you go, Jesse says ‘Hi’, she heard that you were working and wanted you to know that she is devastated you didn't call her before you deployed. I told her about the orders but she didn't care; per usual.”

Morgan sighed as she slipped the loops of her peach garter belt closed. “That's sweet. I miss you guys too, this place fucking sucks. I've barely seen anyone, let alone the women. I want to go down to the Cabins but I can’t shake these guards.”

“Rome didn't fall in a day sweety. We projected this mission would take months, you are way ahead of schedule already. Marshall Agners said your DND’s are in effect across the board so don't feel rushed,” Patty replied.

“Every second I'm wasting bullshitting they are being tortured and killed. I found a woman lynched from a tree, it was fucking awful. I need to move faster,” Morgan said, feeling her temple. She had several orders to complete, all of them equally important and difficult in their own right.

“Slow and steady wins the race Morgan. In other news, we found a kit to put in your care package; no needles, just a pump gun. It should be ready for you in the North Quadrant by tomorrow, probably around 1700 hours.”

Morgan let out a breath, “So there is a God after all.”

“There sure is and her name is Patty. Your welcome.”

Morgan laughed, kicking up her leg to roll on her black stocking. “Also quick question. Are there any other troops running orders here with me?” Morgan asked, thinking back to Jackson.

“What? No, not from us at least. Why, did another Dove show up?”

“No, just thought I saw someone,” Morgan replied.

“There's a recon base near the Compound but its not meant to be offensive in any way, just observation. Maybe someone from there is disobeying orders,” Patty said, typing in the background.

“Leave it Pat, it was just a question don't go all Old Testament on me. I will be in touch soon. TTFN,” Morgan said. Patty gave her a kiss through the phone before hanging up.

She looked around the house, taking her pick of the best knives and pistols she could find. She didn't really carry rifles, they were too bulky for her most of the time. She had a pistol and two knives strapped to her legs before she slipped on her riding boots.

She was going to find those fucking Cabins.

She stood, walking toward the front door. Right as she reached for it, a large hand grabbed her wrist stopping her.

“Come with me.”


Murph looked over the paperwork quietly, trying his best to get the image of Morgan out of his head. How could CGB get off on that? Seeing her chained up on the bed made him sick. He hated thinking about the cold metal against her slender wrists, leaving marks on her skin as she strained against it.

“... We'll go forward with sending Beta and Delta Team’s into the cave system to map it out,” CGB continued, talking to several Officers around the table. “How are repairs coming along at the grain barn?”

Murph stood abruptly from the table, walking over to a far cabinet. Opening it, he took out a bottle of Bourbon, twisting off the cap. Murph took a generous swig, putting it back down with a loud thud. He felt the familiar heat of rage creep up his spine, he thought about her still on his bed in that fucked up room. CGB only got her first because he won the coin toss, Murph hated that her first night out of the Center was with him.

He's been irritable all day, drinking liquor non-stop. He missed her. He wouldn't see her until tomorrow morning and knew CGB would continue to terrorize her because he was a fucking psychopath.

Murph couldn't really say anything because he wasn't physically hurting her, he was just a fucked up person, doing fucked up shit. So far, CGB has kept his word and treated her better than any other slave he's ever had.

“... Red and I will go interrogate those pussies and see what we can learn.” CGB said, standing up. Murph turned slowly, feeling the liquor work through him. He kept his mouth shut, knowing that it's best to not talk when he's angry.

Walking down to the basement together, Murph remained silent as CGB went over information with his Officers. Going into the dark holding cell, Murph saw the prisoners still huddled together in the back. Smyth took these soldiers because of how vulnerable they looked, they would not have to use much persuasion to get information out of them.

Murph walked to a far table and took out a notebook from a drawer. He still couldn't focus on anything but her, so he tried to occupy himself. Interrogations helped him blow off steam, which he desperately needed to do.

“Which one of you limp dick fucks wants to go first?” CGB asked, going into the cell. He dragged out a blonde young man by his collar, his UPP uniform was already caked with blood. “Which room do you want to do this in?” CGB asked, turning to Murph.

“Room #1 is open,” Murph replied, following him down the hallway. CGB kicked open the door to the stairwell, leaving the lights off. Holding his collar, he dragged the prisoner with one arm roughly up the stairs. The young man groaned in pain as his body hit each step on the way.

Murph considered sending Squad Leader Mills down to check on Morgan to make sure she's okay. He doubted CGB was actually taking care of her in any meaningful way. Unlike him, Murph had plans for her tomorrow. He knew that like all women, Morgan would still want to be courted, even though they already owned her.

A happy slave and all that.

Murph opened the door to Room #1, pulling the lever on the wall to lower a hook from the ceiling.

He put the notepad down as CGB hoisted the young soldiers cuffed arms onto it. He went to a table and unfolded a special tool kit. They probably wouldn't have to do much, he planned on just punching the shit out of the kid to work out his frustration.

Murph watched CGB slap the boy's face to get his attention. “You're either going to tell us what we want to know or we're going to kill you,” CGB said, grabbing his jaw.

“I don't know anything!”

CGB let go of his face when his cell phone went off in his pocket. Stepping back, he answered as Murph walked up to the prisoner, punching him hard in the face.

“What?!” CGB screamed, turning around suddenly. “Someone took her?!” Murph stopped, holding his cocked fist mid-air to look at CGB.

“We need to go right fucking now.”


Morgan grabbed the hand on her wrist, twisting it forcefully. Jack stood behind her, “Wait Morgan, it's me Jackson.” She stopped, letting go of his hand. “What are you doing here?”

Jack looked around the room, “I don't have time to explain. Just come with me, I can get you out of here.” Morgan laughed obnoxiously, “I don't need a rescue Jackson. You’re going to get yourself fucking killed coming here. What are your orders?”

Jack turned around as he heard a loud noise from the backyard. “No orders, I'm getting my men back. These fucks have them imprisoned, they aren't even soldiers yet, just a bunch of kids.”

A bullet smashed through the front window, inches from his head. One of the guards had made it inside the house. Morgan groaned loudly grabbing Jack's hand. “Come on!”

They ran out the front door together, Jack close beside her with his rifle out. He turned on the mic in his ear, “We're going West, North West. Status?”

They made it to the dense tree line before Jack heard a response. “Copy. I'm bringing Pete back to camp he took a scratch to his arm. He needs to get wrapped up. There was a third guard doing rounds that came back. We got the fucker who was inside but he may have called it in.”

“If things get too hot before I get back return to base. We're not losing anyone today.”

“Copy that.”

Morgan jumped over tree roots and rocks, her long curly hair flowing behind her as she sprinted forward. Jack ran beside her, admiring her svelte body clearly visible through the thin peach dress.

He watched as the dress rode up, revealing her full round ass in a small black thong. He was turned on by the little peach garter belt, appreciating the feminine detail. Her lean legs were in black stockings, her smooth light brown skin peaked between cloth teasing him.

It all brought back memories of their time together at the training camp. A few weeks partnered with one of the only women at the camp leaves an impression.

Jack felt his stomach twist as the sound of high pitched air horns blared throughout the compound.

They knew she was missing.

“God damnit! I swear these guys never fucking stop,” she growled, leading him towards a dirt road. Morgan remembered Hunter driving her down this way from the Center to the Stables.

“Are you sure your men are at the Center?” she asked, looking up the road. “Yeah, they're in the holding cells, we confirmed it earlier today,” he responded. Morgan looked past Jack to a Humvee that was speeding up toward them.

“I can give you like an hour of distraction, you're not going to have a chance to get them otherwise. They found out about Bobby and bumped up security,” Morgan said, pulling him back from the road into the forest.

Jack grimaced, watching the Humvee fly past them towards the Stables. Morgan turned to him, putting her hands up around his face, she leaned his head down to look at her. “Don't come back for me Jackson,” she said, looking directly into his eyes.

“I saw him rape you,” Jack said, holding her gaze. She sighed, letting go of his face, “You shouldn't be violating DND orders Jackson. I'm here for a reason, I signed on knowing what this was…”

Jack grabbed her hand, “You don't have to do everything by yourself. No mission is worth what he did to you. What they are doing to you.”

Morgan pulled her hand away, narrowing her eyes at him. “Don't tell me what my mission is worth. I decide what I am willing to do and who I'm willing to do it for. I will help you Jackson because I care about you but there is nothing you can do for me here. They won't hurt me but they will come for you. Go.”

Jack opened his mouth to respond but the sound of a Jeep coming down the road stopped him. Morgan looked away from him and walked toward the road. Jack watched as she waited for the Jeep to come into view before sprinting across the road in front of it. He heard the brakes squeal as the Jeep halted, turning to go toward her into the forest.

Jack turned around, determined to get everyone out of this fucking Hellhole. He would not stop until he destroyed this entire fucking place.

No matter what.


Morgan ran full speed through the forest as the sound of Joe's jeep roared behind her. It was getting dark, his lights were the only thing guiding her path. She saw a steep rock face ahead of her blocking the way. Turning right, the lights behind her disappeared.

Running to the large rock face, she started to climb it, feeling her hands slip on the cold slate. She got a few feet off the ground before large hands grabbed her waist, roughly pulling her down.

“Where do you think you're going?”

Hunter held her waist tight as Joe grabbed her chin looking over her face. “Did he hurt you? What happened? Why did you run from me?!”

She glared back at him, pulling away, “I'm fine. At least I was before you started fucking chasing me.” Joe pressed into her, gripping her face harder. “You knew it was me. Why didn't you stop?”

She squirmed between them, turning her head away as she pushed against his chest. He smelled like pure alcohol, she fucking hated when he drank, it made him such an asshole. “Why would I stop for a drunk driver, so you could fucking run me over?” Murph let go of her face, angry and relieved at the same time. He was leaning more towards angry though.

“Where is the fucker that took you from my house?” Hunter growled into her ear from behind. His hands held her waist too tight, it was painful. “I don't know what you're talking about,” she said sarcastically.

“Was it that Commander? Trying to be a hero to get your pussy wet?” Murph hissed, looking down at her. She put her hands around CGB's forearms, digging her nails into his skin.

“At least someone would be getting me wet for once,” she taunted. Murph grabbed her face again biting his lower lip angrily. He moved her head to the side, looking to CGB. “Today is your day, I won't touch her without your permission,” he said through clenched teeth.

CGB smiled, pushing his hips into her ass. “Only if you agree this behavior warrants an actual punishment for once,” he said, holding her still as she pulled away from them.

“Punishment’s,” Murph responded.

She kicked her legs, hitting both of their shins. “Fuck both of you!” Morgan screamed, knowing full well that she was baiting them and would pay for it. She was held securely between them, alone in the middle of the woods. She suddenly noticed her surroundings, realizing how dark it was and how cold the air felt on her exposed skin.

This was a dumb place to do this.

As if he could read her mind Joe laughed sinisterly, a sound she had never really heard before. He ripped the front of her dress open, freeing her tits. Grabbing a handful of her heavy breast he kissed her lips hard, allowing himself the freedom to be as rough as he wanted.

He liked the feeling of his tongue overpowering hers, she was fighting him unnecessarily and it just made him want to control her more.

He didn't know exactly what happened but they would soon, because she was going to tell them. She was alone when she ran from him and she was being deliberately uncooperative. She has to know that Commander, if he's trying to take her there is a reason why.

She was hiding something.

CGB ripped her dress from behind, smacking her ass hard. “You must love pissing us off so we fuck your brains out because you just keep doing it,” he growled, bending her over. He held both of her wrists tightly together behind her back in one fist.

Putting his foot between her legs, he pushed her feet further apart. Murph wrapped his hand tightly in her hair, stepping in front of her face. Her eyes were still adjusting to her surroundings, she couldn't see them as much as feel them.

She felt her pussy tingling in response to her vulnerability. She wasn't sure if it was because she actually liked this or if it was just her body's natural reaction to the position. She pulled and wiggled away from them, knowing it will just make them hold her tighter. She wanted to be held tighter.

Hunter slapped her ass hard again, unzipping his pants at the same time as Joe. She felt Hunter's fat cock rubbing up her ass, he pulled her black thong to the side, holding her garter belt with his thumb as he squeezed her wrists tighter. Joe jerked her head up sharply by her hair, his hard cock right in front of her face.

“Tell us what happened,” he demanded, holding his cock inches from her lips. “Who tried to take you?”

She growled in frustration, trying to move her head but it was locked in place. “You think you can interrogate me? I'm not fucking scared of you and I'm not helping you kill anyone else,” she hissed.

CGB laughed, pushing two fingers deep into her pussy. Rubbing her juices up and down her slit, he lubed her tight asshole. Pressing his cock against her rosebud, he slapped her right asscheek hard, delighting in the gasp he heard.

“You will obey us slave,” he said, pushing his cock past her tight asshole, not going slowly in the slightest. He heard her gasp but Murph quickly forced his cock into her mouth, holding her head still by her hair. His cock stretched her ass

Murph looked down at her in the dark, he could see her looking up at him. He felt her teeth for the first time ever, he hadn't even considered that she would bite him. “Don't,” he warned, in a low voice. He could still feel them lightly around his cock but didn't care. He had an entire days worth of liquor and sexual frustration running through him.

He began pumping into her mouth, forgetting that this was to get information and simply enjoying the warm, wet hole in front of him. Now that he had his cock in her again, he felt much better.

“You don't get to cum until you tell us what we want to know,” CGB said, pushing deeper into her asshole. She made muffled noises around Murph’s cock. CGB was in a vice of silken warmth, he thrust faster than normal into her, feeling her jump as his cock snaked deeper into her ass.

“Was it that escaped Commander that returned for you?” Murph asked, pulling his cock from her mouth. She gasped, pulling away from CGB who was still firmly inside of her.

“I'm not helping you kill him!” she screamed. Murph shoved his cock back into her mouth, taking out his cell phone, he continued pumping into her face holding her head by her hair.

“Smyth, I want your Team at the Center. That UPP escapee is going to try and rescue his men. Take him in alive by any means, then lock it down!”

Hearing him make the command, Morgan bit down on his cock, eliciting a roar from Murph. He jerked her head by her hair hard, shoving his cock deeper down her throat making her gag. “I swear to God woman, you do that again and I will personally whip your ass.” Morgan's muffled screams vibrated around his cock. She pulled from CGB as he held her arms back, fucking her ass roughly.

Murph hung up his phone before taking his cock out of her mouth. “Who is this man to you? Don't fucking lie to me Morgan. Who is he?!”

She was delirious, being fucked so hard by Hunter and held in this position made her unable to think clearly. She was so close to cumming but couldn't without pussy stimulation, which they knew.

“He isn't anyone to me,” she lied. “You assholes act like he's the bad guy for trying to help me. You are the bad guys, not him!”

Murph looked up at CGB who had relaxed his hold on her arms and slowed his thrusts. Morgan gasped as he slowly pulled his cock from her ass, leaving her legs weak. Murph cupped her chin, slowly raising her head up. “You belong to us now and we are trying to treat you well. What kind of bad guys take care of a slave?”

CGB released her hands, allowing her to futilely push against Murph's chest. He ignored her, grabbing her hips firmly as he kissed her harder. Picking her up, he slid her wet pussy down onto his hard cock, filling her in one thrust. “Oh Fuck,” she moaned loudly, feeling her pussy finally receive attention. Murph loved how her body responded to him, soaking wet and aching for his cock, her pussy said everything she wouldn't.

A moment later she felt Hunter behind her, pushing his cock back into her ass without hesitation. She almost didn't register it, having fucked her so roughly moments ago, her ass was still relaxed. Joe held her thighs open as they both fucked her standing up.

She screamed; uncontrolled and breaking apart, her voice permeated the forest. She was unable to hold back as the mind numbing pleasure ran through her. She held onto Joe, leaning her head back on Hunter's shoulder. They kissed her all over; teeth and lips ran against her neck, hands squeezed her tits and ass. Murph kissed her ear, pushing deep into her pussy.

“You may cum now,” he whispered.

With his permission and cock deep in her pussy, the urge to cum overwhelmed her. She loved this, loved the feeling of both of them inside of her, fucking her brazenly.

The sound of her finally cumming triggered CGB as her tight ass milked his cock, squeezing him dry. Murph felt it too, the shaking convulsions of her orgasm. Her pussy was so wet, he couldn't take it any longer and came into her, letting out a satisfied groan as he did.

CGB kissed her neck, whispering in her ear, “We will complete the rest of your punishment at my house.” He pushed deep into her ass before pulling out. Murph held her up, in no rush to put her down and have to leave her. CGB took out his phone, talking into it as he put his clothes on. She held onto Murph in the dark, breathing heavily into his shoulder as she came back down to Earth.

CGB walked back to them, running his hand up her spine. “Looks like your hero managed to get two out of the basement but missed the last one upstairs.”

Morgan wiggled in Murph’s arms, his cock slowly softening inside of her pussy. “He's not my fucking hero and maybe you should work on your shitty security,” she huffed, trying to get out of Murph's grasp.

CGB squeezed her asscheek before Murph pulled out of her, putting her down on the ground. “We prepared for this, as soon as they step out of our perimeter a tracker in their boots will enable. They will lead us right to the heart of their base and we will kill them once and for all. Then you can focus on being a good slave without any of these fucking distractions.”

She crossed her arms over her breasts, looking up to him in the dark. She was frustrated that she enjoyed their rough treatment because they were still her enemies. Now more than ever before, she needed to do her fucking job.

A loud motorcade could be heard making its way down toward them, their lights illuminating the forest as they approached.

“Let's go home.”


Jack had failed his mission. Dragging two of the injured junior soldiers through the woods he felt the absence of the third soldier still trapped somewhere in that building.

He didn't have enough time to search for him, he was taken to another room outside of the holding area before Jack arrived. Jack turned his mic on as he began treating one of the boy's legs.

“Where are you Jack? We’re circling around now,” asked Frank on their internal comm line. Jack could see the lights of the truck as it approached. “Keep going straight, I need you to take both of them to Mercy Medical Camp, they need major treatment. MMC helps all injured soldiers and they are close by. Pete should know how to get there from here.”

Frank arrived and turned the truck around backing the bed towards Jack. Helping them both climb into the back, Jack looked back to Frank. “I'm staying here,” Jack said.

“I know,” responded Frank with a sigh. “I expected you to so we left you everything you'd need at the campsite. Goodluck Captain,” Frank said giving him a handshake that turned into a friendly hug.

“I'll see you soon.”


Morgan was strapped to the crisscross for over 10 minutes, moaning into her ball gag as Hunter licked her nipples. He had gotten her onto the X after a lot of convincing and an entire dinner of one of her favorite foods, pancakes. Now with her arms and legs bound, he ran his hand up her pussy lips, watching her entire body shake as he brushed his fingertips over her sensitive clit.

He told her he wanted her to get on so he could play with her tits, promising that the mount does not allow for him to fuck her in anyway.

That was a lie.

Really he just wanted to continue punishing her for her bad behavior. The ball gag was for his own benefit, she could talk him out of just about anything with enough time and pouting.

So he eliminated that problem.

“Now that you're nice and warmed up you can take the rest of your punishment,” he said, walking to another table. Picking up a small brown flogger he watched her jerk on the post, making muffled noises through her gag.

“I already talked to Murph and we agreed, 5 lashes on each if your breasts and 2 on your pussy are your punishment for behaving so

badly today. Honestly, its way less than you deserve but you know I can't stay mad at you,” he said, running his hand up her torso, cupping her left breast. Her nipples were pink from him playing with them beforehand. He planned on making each lash count.

The soft brown leather of this flogger was designed for tits, he swung it at half strength to see her pain threshold. She yelped when the tassels whipped her puffy nipple, making his cock stiffen again. He had been punishing himself too, playing with his favorite toy without touching his cock at all.

He ran his fingers lightly over her left nipple, before unexpectedly swinging the flogger against her right. She moaned, straining on the mount, her tits were turning a lovely red from all the attention they were getting.

Two quick hard hits on her right nipple gave him the reaction he was looking for. Flushed and panting, her body heaved as her supple chest arched out begging for another lash. He hit her left tit hard looking directly into her eyes.

She stared back at him through hooded lids, her defiance slowly being whipped from her soft tits.

He whipped her pussy next, eliciting a high pitched moan from her. She couldn't move on the X, which made her want to plead with him, which she couldn't do either.

“I know my little slave loves when her Master plays with her,” he said, putting his face between her breasts, cupping them both. He kissed her chest, rubbing against her silky skin.

His hand wandered down to her pussy, feeling that it was soaking wet. He could smell her arousal too, which both pleased him and drove him insane. He needed to focus; he was getting her into this, training her to associate pain with pleasure.

A hard lash on her left nipple got him a muffled scream, he quickly rubbed his thumb over it soothing the pain. He wanted to kiss her but wasn't sure if he should risk allowing her to talk. She moved her hips back and forth looking directly at him, whimpering sexily through her gag.

She was trying to tell him something.

“Almost done,” he whispered in her ear before lashing her pussy for the second time, getting another high pitched moan. He rubbed her clit, feeling her slick honey coat his fingers.

“You are taking your punishment so well baby,” he cooed, rubbing his hand over his initials on her hip. Kissing her neck and jaw, he took out her ball gag. She gasped, her lips bright red and moist, he kissed her hard grabbing both of her tits as he did.

He took a step back lashing each of her tits hard twice before dropping the flogger onto the floor. He then rushed to put his mouth on her nipples, sucking and licking them. Her moans encouraged him, he wanted to keep going so badly. Her skin was red with light pink lash marks slashed all over.

CGB went down to her ankles, unstrapping her legs from the X mount. Unzipping his jeans, he finally let his raging hard cock free. He picked up her legs wrapping them around his hips as he kissed her again. His hard cock rubbed against her soaking pussy lips, slipping up against her soft belly. She whimpered trying to move her restrained arms, her hips grinding into him earnestly.

CGB was lost in his own little heaven as he looked into her beautiful brown eyes. Sliding his cock into her pussy, he kissed her neck, nuzzling against her ear. “You have to start obeying us. If you get hurt, I'm going to fucking lose it,” he pushed up into her slowly, enjoying the pillowy softness of her warm pussy.

She moaned sweetly, nuzzling back into him, “You have to stop hurting prisoners then, you're strong enough already,” she said, wrapping her legs around him tighter. Playing on his ego, she was hoping she could convince him to stop torturing POWs.

“We're at War,” he said, pushing into her pussy harder. “The only thing I won't hurt is you Morgan. I will kill anyone else that I need to and I won't apologize for it. I know you care about people…,” he said, cupping her face with one hand while he held her ass. “You can focus all that love on our children.”

He kissed her softly, thrusting his cock into her pussy steadily. He reached up to her hands, unstrapping her wrists. She groaned, frustrated that her need to cum had sufficiently overpowered her. They spent so long connected together, she had lost track of time.

Somehow she ended up intertwined with him in bed, her body tingling after cumming a few times. She fell asleep with him, having completely forgotten that she initiated an attack on a nearby armory.

She was blissfully unaware of the bombing that was currently in progress, destroying hundreds of weapons and ammo of the Conservative Army. The call to Murph and CGB would come moments later, notifying them that the damage was substantial.

Killing dozens of troops and Officers, she had no idea how much of an impact her information had. This is what she was here for.



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