Study Time with Jessica (Part 1)_(1) by caplait

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Fiction | Incest

I honestly never imagined I’d be here. My cousin Jessica’s trimmed pussy spread open in front of me. Her sweet aroma hitting my nostrils, a hint of her cum leaking out of her pink hole. How did this all happen? Let me tell you.

Jess: Hey cuz! Wanna meet up tonight and study for that college algebra test?

Me: Seriously? I’d love your help. I feel like I’m just not getting it.

Jess: I’ll be there around 8, k!

Me: Word. 

Math. Fuck math. Ok, not really, but I’m in my second year of college and it is making my life a living hell. At 20, you’d think math would come easier for me. This is why you pay attention in school, folks. My cousin Jessica or “Jess” and I were inseparable while growing up. In fact, we’re the same age by a few days, but we often celebrated our birthdays together. She’s the type of girl who paid attention and had amazing grades because of it. We’re both students at our local university where she’s a prominent member of the volleyball and dance teams. She had been a dancer her whole life and my family loved going to her recitals and competitions growing up. Jess is incredibly gorgeous and all the guys are after her. I’ve never really been sexually attracted to her until she caught me stealing a pair of her panties. 

Me: Wow, straight from dance practice, huh? 

Jess: Yeah, life is so chaotic these days. Where’s grandma at? 

Me: She decided to go camping with her friends all weekend.

Jess: Haha! I love grandma. So, I’m totally going to hop in her shower and I’ll come downstairs once I’m done. Wanna order a pizza?

Me: Dude, already ordered! 

Jess went in grandma’s bedroom and I heard the shower come on a few minutes later. I noticed that Jess had left her dance bag on the kitchen table and only taken her backpack. I’m not one to snoop, but I was curious why such a small bag was so full. I quietly unzipped the bag my eyes immediately drawn to the collection of soiled panties, leggings, socks, and dance outfits all throughout it. I picked up a pair of her panties and held it to my nose inhaling deeply. Her scent was so pleasant and gave me an instant erection. I licked the pussy stained gusset and dragged my tongue along the stained string that spend it’s time hugging her asshole. 

What the hell am I doing? My attention drawn to my rock hard cock trying to burst through my pants. I pulled it out and rubbed her panties all over my cock head. My pre-cum soaking into the gusset. 


In a moment of panic, I quietly zipped her dance bag and pocketed her panties. Why did I just steal her panties? She’s going to notice!


Jess: Oh my God, I was seriously going to be hangry! This pizza is so good. 

Me: Yeah, all my failing of math has me starving too, haha.

Jess: You poor thing, let’s go over the current chapter and see what math basics we need to cover to help you understand this stuff.

Jess was sitting indian style on the bed in short shorts and was clearly not realizing that from my angle, I could see her trimmed pubic hair poking out the side. I leaned forward pretending to stretch and caught a glimpse of one of her soft pussy lips. My erection coming back immediately. I felt like I was going to explode.

Jess: Hey Adam, weird question. Why are my panties hanging out of your pocket? 

Me: I, umm…
Jess: *grabbing panties* And why are they wet? 

Me: You, uh, dropped them on the way to the shower and I meant to give them to you. Sorry, I was doing dishes and must have got them wet. 

Jess: Erm, ok. Are you sure that’s what happened? 

Me: Yeah, totally!

Jess: Ok, I mean I get that you’re a guy and getting laid is all you probably think about, so my panties may have been a temptation. I’m a rational human, but prefer honesty.

Me: Ugh. Yes, I pulled them out of your bag.

Jess: *slightly smiling* I think this is weird, but I love ya to death and it doesn’t really bother me.

Me: I’m so sorry. 

Jess: I also noticed you staring down my shorts. 

Me: It’s hard not to stare when it’s right there.

Jess: By IT, do you mean my pussy? Listen, I’ve checked you out a lot in the past, just don’t be so blatant.

Me: You’ve what? Me?

Jess: I actually think it’s kind of hot you stole my panties. Is it the thought that my pussy was rubbing against then during dance practice? Was it you thinking about me squatting and stretching in them and my pussy juices going everywhere?

Me: Jess, I’ve never heard you talk like this. 

Jess: Haha, because we’re cousins. I’ve got my dirty secrets.

Me: Listen, I’m sorry I took them. It was an in-the-moment thing and I shouldn’t have done it. 

Jess: Seriously, I’m over it. I wasn’t even mad. Frankly, it has me a little wet over here.

Me: That comment has me a little hard over here, haha

Jess: Well, back to math? 

Me: I guess so…

We studied for another few minutes, but kept making awkward glances at one another. This was one of the weirdest moments of my life and I still couldn’t help but keep trying to catch more glimpses of her pussy through her shorts.

Jess: Have you ever seen a girl’s pussy up close?

Me: Wow! That was a jump from the pythagorean theorem. And no.

Jess: Just curious.

Me: Have you ever seen a dude’s dick up close?

Jess: My ex-boyfriend’s many times, but that’s been my only one. Do you want to see my pussy up close? I see you’re still looking.

Me: No thanks, COUSIN. You know, family.

Jess: So it should be less awkward since we’re family and we both know each other really well.

Me: Why do you want to show me your pussy?

Jess: I’m just really turned on by this whole panty thing. I don’t know why, but I thought it would be fun and kind of hot to spread my legs in front of you. 
Me: *blushing* Jesus Christ.

Jess: Listen, you stole something from me and now you owe me. 

Me: Owe you what? 

Jess: You have me so hot and bothered, I want you to finger my pussy for a minute and soak up my juices in the panties and they’re yours to keep.

Me: And that’s owing you something? Geez. This is too weird Jess. Like, I’m super turned on here, but you’re my cousin.

Jess: It’s not like we’re going to fuck. 

Jess quickly sat up and slipped off her shorts and sit with her smooth legs crossed on the bed throwing her shorts at me

Jess: Does my pussy scare you? 

Me: No, of course not.

Jess: Ready? 

Jess spread her legs in front of me, holding her knees far apart. Her pussy hole opened up and exposed

Jess: Touch it, cuz. 

Me: Maybe don’t call me “cuz” right now.

I reached down and traced my middle finger around her pubic hairs. I moved down to the clit and circled it a few times her letting out quiet moans while staring at me smiling. Her pussy juice glistened out of her hole. My erection was starting to hurt, but I continued down tracing her pussy lips and then slowly inserting my finger into her wet pink pussy. She let out a gentle moan and laid her head back closing her eyes. I began to gently thrust in and out. This went on for a couple minutes. My fingers were soaking in her cum. I grabbed her panties and rubbed the gusset all around her pussy collecting all her cum. Jess grabbed them from me and began stuffing them deep insider herself and then slowly pulled them out and handed them back to me. 

Jess: Ok, I think that’s good. I’m going to have to take care of some business later and by the looks of it, you’re about ready to explode yourself. 

Me: Holy shit Jess. That was crazy. 

Jess: *giggling*

Me: I’m going to go drain my balls because all I can think about is your pussy now.

Jess: I know and it’s super hot.

Me: And I don’t think I’ll be able to focus on anymore math.

Jess: Sorry, I guess I shouldn’t have distracted you. *winks* Let’s re-schedule for a longer math section next time.

Me: Umm…

Jess snagged a few more slices of pizza and headed upstairs to leave…

Rating: 89%, Read 8836 times, Posted Feb 20, 2018

Fiction | Incest


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