Computer Games Pt3 by scouting4girls

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Fiction | Blowjob, Female, Gothic, Old Male, Spanking, Voyeurism

The morning after Mandy's fuck session with Alan, the quartet sat down for breakfast together. Alan was careful to avoid Mandy's eye, somewhat introvert and withdrawn, guilt-ridden and frightened. He knew the implications of his indiscretion with the teenaged daughter of his lover and hadn't evidently fully appreciated Mandy's strength of character and guile. However, one positive thing did come out of the sordid episode, in wider terms at least, and her mother was pleased to learn that Mandy had agreed to go to work in Alan's office. Though she couldn't possibly have imagined what had prompted the change of heart. "Alan worked hard on me," Mandy elucidated with an impish giggle.

"Right," announced the red-faced Alan, acting quickly to change the subject. "I'm going to be taking your mother away for a little holiday next week and I think it's, erm, only fair that we, erm, leave Toby in charge."

Mandy's head reared back angrily and she issued her stepfather-to-be the evil eye. "No way. I'm not taking orders from him."

"It's not like that," Alan appealed, feeling Mandy's dark eyes bore into his. "Erm, okay, we'll leave you jointly in charge."

Mandy gave a satisfied little nod, stretching beneath the table to run a bare set of toes up his leg. Alan pulled back sharply, before escaping the table with a nervous cough. It was amazing more such a strong man had so easily been reduced to a quivering wreck and Mandy knew she had him just where she wanted.

"You do remember Raphael's coming over from Brazil on Monday?" added Toby, to no one in particular.

That made Mandy's ears prick up and she ran a juicy tongue seductively around her lips. It wasn't a question of if she'd fuck Raphael but when. The thought made her tingle with desire. Though she didn't want to be outnumbered. "In which case, I want to invite Lindsay to come visit. It wouldn't be fair being the only girl in the house." Somehow she herself doubted the validity of that statement: there wasn't enough cock in the world to satisfy Mandy Wilson at that moment in her life.

"I don't see why not," her mother replied.

Horny as she'd ever been and full of delicious anticipation, Mandy escaped to her room to do what had to be done, brazenly screeching out loud until lifting the pillow to her lips to mute the sound as the orgasm tore through her loins. Mmm sexy Raphael. Yet first there was the meeting with middle-aged schoolteacher John. She could hardly wait.

With Alan having wisely chosen to go into work, Friday meandered by, made bearable only by eight orgasms and an email from John, asking if she was still coming. Mandy could hardly reply quick enough to John, the very thought causing her to squirt thickly on the computer chair. She also hooked up with Lindsay online and whilst her friend was receptive to the idea of visiting Devon, she'd be unable to make it until Wednesday. Two days alone with Raphael and Toby and whoever else might tag on from the surfing fraternity, Mandy reckoned she might just be able to cope.

That night in bed, she refrained from more self-pleasure, not quite knowing what the following day might bring, the mystery itself briging a quite unexpected buzz.


Whether it arose from a stepbrother-to-be kind of protectiveness or something entirely different, Toby decided that he had to follow Mandy the following day. On cue, she announced to the family that she was going out to meet a 'friend' and would be home late. Alan and Carol were so wrapped up in thoughts of getting away, they barely noticed. But Toby did.

Mandy had with her a shoulder bag, doubtless bearing untold hidden delights, the likes of which the nervous student voyeur could only imagine. Wow, Toby thought, as he tried to act matter-of-factly, she reallywas going through with it. The idea was totally crazy yet, at the same time, immensely thrilling. He found himself rockhard just contemplating what might happen. In darker moments he wondered if John might get rough with Mandy or, God forbid, harm her.

Ensuring to keep a safe-ish distance, he trailed her to the railway station, ensuring to sit two seats down, head buried in a newspaper and trying to look inconspicuous. Twice Mandy got up to go the toilet, passing close by, which kind of spoke for itself, he guessed. For if Toby was nervous with what he was doing, Mandy must be a hundred times more. An hour later, he looked up from the newspaper as the train arrived at the designated meeting place. Stealing a huge breath, he waited for Mandy to alight before continuing the trail.

Instantly recognisable from numerous sessions on the webcam, John was there as planned, shepherding the teenaged girl away, amid gushing compliments. He praised her hair and make-up, specially toned down for the occasion to look more schoolgirlish, yet still managing to retain the rebellious emo look she favoured. With a sigh of pure lust, he told her how much prettier she was in the flesh. Mandy blushed, bringing some much needed colour to those washed-out cheeks. When finally he allowed his wanton eyes to fall upon her heaving breasts, John let out a wistful moan, and it was all he could do to keep his hands to himself.

"Ooh, look what I've brought along," gushed Mandy with an equally lustful grin, holding the bag open beneath his nose to reveal the school uniform inside.

"Oh baby, you remembered. Mmmmmmmm. I can't wait to see you in it," John replied with a lecherous leer.

Just out of sight but in earshot, Toby shuddered. Having had a fair chance to appraise the older man, he felt reasonably confident Mandy was in safe hands. John didn't seem dangerous at all, quite the opposite in fact, benign and good natured though clearly betrayed by a dangerous lust for much younger girls. Rightfully, Toby ought to be heading back home now. Mandy was 17 and perfectly capable of making her own decisions.

Yet a strange intrigue made him continue to follow the pair out of the station. They walked through town like father and daughter on a weekend stroll and nobody except Toby could possibly have known what mischief they had planned. With a combination of that thought and a fear of being caught, Toby's heart was pounding ten to the dozen, as he dodged from shadow to shop doorway and behind parked cars to evade discovery. Mandy would surely skin him alive if she discovered him following her.

Occasionally, as they walked, John's hand would stray to Mandy's backside and issue a little grope, eliciting a giggle in Mandy who was clearly revelling in the older man's attention. A fifteen minute walk took them to a hotel on the outskirts of town. Following all the way up to the front door, Toby wasn't quite sure what to do next. All of this had been totally impromptu and he'd little time to give it any great thought. One thing was certain though, he craved like nothing else to be there, present to watch it happen. It was an all-consuming and immense voyeuristic urge that, since Mandy's arrival, had seen Toby become a voyeur of the highest order. But how could he possibly engineer such a situation whilst at the same time evading discovery?

Unbeknowingly, it was Mandy that made it possible. "Do you mind if we have a quick drink...first?" she asked, perhaps displaying the first sign of nerves since the train. Bingo, thought Toby, watching from the shadows as the key to room 17 was dispensed with the exchange of cash. A small price to pay, there was no denying John was about to get his money's worth. The teenaged Mandy looked nubile and ravishing, flushed with the scent of anticipated sex.

As they re-routed to the bar for a pick-me-up, accompanied by the manager, the coast was left clear momentarily, allowing Toby to reach over to avail himself of the spare key to room 17, before slipping unnoticed upstairs. He still hadn't given a plan proper thought, carried along as he was on a tide of enthusiasm and vicarious perverted pleasure. All he knew was that he had to be in on it somehow, whatever the consequences. Passing a laundry maid, he tried to act coolly. Room 17 in front, he took a deep breath then let himself in. Glancing around the room for a suitable vantage point, naturally he secreted inside the wardrobe, leaving a small crack through which to view. The foot of the bed was literally beneath his nose. Now if only he could control his breathing.

Ten minutes later, the mismatched couple arrived upstairs. John climbed onto the bed, resting on his elbows whilst Mandy headed off to the bathroom. Toby's heart was still pounding away furiously and he was convinced it could be heard out there. It fluttered and nearly shattered when, moments later, Mandy emerged from the bathroom, clad in the tight schoolgirl's outfit. Wow, it looked so much better in the flesh than on a grainy computer screen, a sentiment concurred by John. "Oh Mandy, you look adorable," he enthused, before quickly lapsing into the character of a stern schoolteacher. "So, why are you in detention, Mandy Wilson?"

Roleplay evidently was her forte. Holding a fingertip to her bottom lip, Mandy pouted then spoke in a girlie voice: "I've been a naughty little schoolgirl, sir."

"Hmm, yes you have."

"So what are you going to do about it...SIR?"

"Hmmph, what insolence!" John shot back, sitting up, legs hanging over the side of the bed, lap flat.

Without needing to be prompted, Mandy moved to position her flat belly across each thigh, bum wiggling, legs parted slightly. Thankfully for Toby, a mirror positioned behind enabled an unobstructed view. And what a view! With no knickers on, Mandy's pussy was revealed in all its glory, sopping wet and pink, fringed by a scrub of neatly trimmed mouse brown pubic hair. From inside the wardrobe, Toby watched hawkishly as his future stepsister brushed that lovely moist cunt across John's lap.

As he looked down with an appreciative eye, the pervy schoolmaster must have thought that all his Christmasses and birthdays had come at once. As did Toby, in his own way, breath almost uncontrollable like an overheating fan. John raised a hand that hovered at shoulder height whilst continuing to survey Mandy's pleasantly plump rump. "Now, tell me again why you're in detention."

Mandy stifled a giggle. "I've been chatting to dirty old men on the internet, sir. I've been showing them my young pussy and I've played with it for them."

John reverberated his lips with pleasure. "And what does that make you, Mandy?"

"Erm, it makes me a filthy little slut, sir."

"Mmm, yes it does," John mouthed joyously. "And tell me Mandy, what happens to...filthy little sluts."

"They get punished, sir," Mandy replied, teeth embedding into her bottom lip.

John needed no further prompt. The cool air brushed quickly over an ever-glistening pussy as the strong hand descended like a trap. SPANK. SPANK. SPANK. Mandy jerked and sucked in oxygen sharply through her teeth, but didn't cry out, complain or try to wriggle free, taking the punishment with impunity. SPANK. SPANK. SPANK. On the sixth smack John held his hand in place on her pleasantly rounded arse, kneading the fleshy cheek with a deft touch. "Oh such a gorgeous fucking arse," he mumbled almost incoherently under his breath, intoxicated by desire.

From his hiding place touching distance away, head swimming, Toby flexed his finger, contemplating just how well he'd done thus far to resist the urge to touch himself. His cock was rock hard in his jeans and painful too, seemingly wanting to smash out and through the wardrobe door, yearning for relief. This was a dream come true to witness and he was overjoyed, yet he wanted what John was having too. Six more sharp slaps stung Mandy's bum as John enjoyed the position of power. "Tell me again what you are, Mandy Wilson," he repeated, clearly getting off on Mandy's self-deprecation.

"I'm a naughty, dirty, filthy, cheap little slut, sir. I'm your slut. Do whatever you want to me."

Upon hearing those words slip from Mandy's lips and, in spite of being free from stimulation, Toby still very nearly shot a load in his pants there and then. It was all too much, the icing on a very fine cake. John continued to stroke Mandy's bare arse lovingly whilst mumbling to himself, lost to the world and to pure lust. Every so often if he happened to touch a tender spanked area, Mandy would whimper lightly and a little gush would eject from her snatch. "Please sir, I can't take any more of this punishment," she pleaded, albeit unconvincingly.

But John was ready to move on, his concealed cock tenting in a state of heightened arousal. "Get on your knees you dirty little slut and start making up for your insolence," he ordered.

Mandy scrambled off the comforting lap, kneeling before the older man like at prayer. John wrestled clear the slacks and briefs, a nice, average-looking cock springing forth. "Mmm, looks so much better in the flesh," Mandy enthused, echoing the sentiments of earlier and issuing a wink, before taking hold of the shaft and giving it a tender stroke.

Moments later, tossing back her hair, Mandy's lips were fused onto the head, sucking softly as she rolled it around a velveteen tongue. Clearly she loved giving head, evidenced by the satisfied smile on her pretty features. There can surely be no greater pleasure than shoving one's cock in the mouth of a gothic slut and seeing her black-ringed eyes light up. "Oh God yeah, you are one hot little cocksucker," John groaned, eyes rolling like a fruit machine.

Just a few feet away, Toby desperately wished it were he out there in John's place, getting his cock sucked by the hot little teenaged nympho. The frustration was almost too much to bear and he yearned to burst from the wardrobe and claim Mandy for his own. Yet deep down he was a modest chap, besides which he knew better than to spoil things.

Once Mandy's talented tongue had licked all over the head, she kissed the thick pulsing shaft from top to bottom before tenderly taking each ball and cradling it in her lips. At the same time, no longer able to maintain the aloof act, John reached over and started to paw roughly at the girl's tits through the school blouse. Beneath the snug cotton, they rippled in his fingers and wobbled like a couple of jellies. He continued to squeeze and fondle sublimely as Mandy made a valiant effort to swallow his cock, mouth pistoning. "Oh yes, that's it you filthy little whore," John encouraged, whilst moulding away firmly.

Such was the pressure on those marvellously soft flesh mounds that they threatened to pop out of a shirt that was already fit to burst. Adjusting position as Mandy sucked furiously, John's shaky fingers popped open the buttons, letting Mandy's tits finally force their way out of captivity. They weren't the only things to pop, as his eyes bulged appreciatively. Oh, the naughty little girl had chosen to wear the laciest most flimsy bra imaginable, one that barely offered any support. As a consequence, the large orbs jiggled up and down and from side to side like water-filled balloons as she sucked away at the stiff dick with relish. John kneaded firmly until he'd worked them free of the cups, nipples pointing, big and brown.

Edging closer on her knees, Mandy pressed those gorgeous boobs together as she let the spittle-coated cock slide from her mouth. It stood up like a flagpole, surprising John. He joked that Mandy could put Viagra out of business. Smiling and shaking her shoulders, she clamped the erect shaft snugly in the fleshy ravine. From his hidey hole, Toby was amazed the older man didn't cum straight away. He was so lucky to be getting a titwank from the delicious teenager. Slowly Mandy moved up and down, allowing the hard tool to slide through the avenue of mammarial flesh. Soon enough it was all too much for the middle-aged man who gasped: "Oh fuck, I'm going to cum. You're making me cummmmmmm..."

Mandy issued a smug little look of self-satisfaction, increasing the friction until her lover exploded all over her neck and chin. Rivulets of cum trickled down to her tits and into the cleavage. Pulling away, John squeezed out the excess on Mandy's nipples like a chef icing buns. Dipping in a finger, Mandy tasted the joyous bounty as a spent and exhausted John flopped back on the bed, breath racing, chest pumping. Little time for respite, however, Mandy's cunt was itching, and it needed to be scratched immediately. Observing the deflated tool with disregard, she straddled his face and quickly swivelled her way to a gorgeous orgasm on his nose and lips. "I think I need a shower," she observed, rolling off. "Come on sir, join me."

John blew hard, brow glazed in sweat. He didn't appear overly keen to rekindle the sexual gymnastics quite so quickly. "I'll let you soap my titties," Mandy added with a salacious grin.

In spite of the fatigue and a wish for respite, the middle-aged pervert rose from the bed to follow Mandy through to the bathroom, passing someone else that needed a good wash. Having found it impossible to control himself in the wardrobe, Toby had gooey spunk dripping obscenely from his fingers. As the shower cranked into action and he heard John groan almost painfully, the youngster went to make good his escape, stopping to wipe a dewy hand on Mandy's discarded school blouse. But, hearing the groans from within, the youthful voyeur found it impossible to leave. Stopping to ease open the bathroon door, he found himself rooted to the spot.

Oh fuck, Mandy really was making good on her promise, letting John's hands paw her huge tits from behind, working up a healthy lather. At the same time, Mandy was rubbing at her pussy furiously, face masked with wanton lust. Try as he might - and he really should be getting off whilst the coast was clear - Toby remained physically unable to drag himself away. With John's cock still out of commission for now, Mandy sought further pleasure from his tongue, the teacher on his knees in front of her. Toby glanced down to see his own younger cock stirring once more, torn between feelings of youthful pride and damned inconvenience, of heading away safely and of missing the rest of the show. It was one dilemma after another!

After wrestling with his conscience for all of 15 seconds, Toby elected to stay, his eager young eyes glued to John's face, which was itself glued to Mandy's cuntlips. Mandy gripped her lover's wispy hair tightly as she mewed, tits bouncing mesmerically. Soon she was gasping for breath, face contorted with pained pleasure. It was as if she wanted nothing less than his whole head to disappear up inside her twat. Panting feverishly, a set of scalpel sharp talons left their mark in the poor man's scalp, as he continued to lick with fervour.

When it seemed Mandy might ride his face forever, he deemed drastic measures were required. Scooping up a swirl of soap from a nicely spanked buttock, blindly John moved the middle digit, seeking the central crevice. With a push, the finger went straight up Mandy's arsehole to the knuckle. Three prods and it went all the way up, causing Mandy to dance around as if on hot coals. But it had the desired effect. The resultant orgasm prompted an exhalation as shrill as a banshee's wail, surely alerting every other guest in the hotel. Wantonly, the horny teen kept his head in place until every last tingle had faded, drenching his lips and nose in copious pussyjuice.

As the flow of shower water subsided to a halt, Toby decided ithat t really was time to get the hell out of there whilst the going was good. Though the decision was to be tinged with regret and reproach later, for it was another five hours before Mandy returned home. Toby could only imagine the delights he'd missed out upon witnessing, a veritable fuckfest no doubt. Lucky, lucky old John, he'd probably been fucked silly.

Unsurprisingly, Mandy had no use for the computer that night, as a consequence of which there was no footage to add to Toby's growing compilation. Though the images from the hotel bedroom would be indelibly etched on his brain forever. It was just a shame that he couldn't record them on his computer for posterity. Lying in his bed, masturbating with vigour, Toby didn't dare imagine where this amazing adventure was heading next.

Rating: 81%, Read 21471 times, Posted Feb 16, 2009

Fiction | Blowjob, Female, Gothic, Old Male, Spanking, Voyeurism


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