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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Male, Threesome, Wife

This is the sequel to “Our new baby sitter's mum (1) &(2)” It is almost certainly better if you read them first.

I was kneeling between my husband, John's, spread knees, his cock in my mouth as I bobbed up and down along his shaft. Helen was seated on our couch, Wendy was sitting on the floor at her mother, Helen's feet.. Wendy and Helen were both watching us closely. All four of us were naked.

Eventually I felt John's cum fill my mouth. I was just able to keep it all in my mouth without swallowing any. When John's cock went limp I pulled away and opened my mouth to show him that I had his full load in there. Then I turned toward Helen and Wendy to show them too.

I discovered that Wendy was now sitting on Helen's lap and mother and daughter were masturbating each other while they watched John and me. When Wendy saw my cum filled mouth she started a stunning orgasm. As Helen watched me swallow, she came too. When they both recovered from their highs, Wendy turned to her mother and started kissing her. I'm only guessing, but from the passion of that kiss I think that there must have been tongue involved.

“Mummy, can I give John a blow job, please?”

“Wendy, you'll have to ask Naomi and John. However, I would be most surprised if either of them said no. You know the rules; this has to be a secret between the four of us.”

“Naomi, John, can I give John a blow job, please?”

“Of course, Wendy, but you'll have to give him time to recover. Why don't you let him eat your pussy first? Afterwards he should be ready for another blow job.”

“Good idea!” said John, “Wendy come and sit here, please.”

Wendy sat where John wanted her. He grabbed her legs and pulled her forward until her cunt was right on the edge of her seat, then spread her legs wide, so that he had easy access to her cunt. He leaned forward and his mouth disappeared into her crotch.

“Oh my god! He's got his tongue inside me. Now he's licking up between my labia. Ah! He's got my clit between his lips. Aaaahhhh!”

For the next few minutes Wendy made little noises that suggested that she was enjoying herself. Then a massive orgasm swept through her 13-year old body. Eventually she came back down to earth.

“Oh my god! You can do that to me every day, please.”

“Well, you might have to line up behind Naomi and Helen; they both seem to like it when I eat them too. I think that I'm ready for that blow job now.”

So Wendy and John swapped places. John's cock was hard again, so Wendy took the first inch in her mouth then tried to push her head down to take in more.

I decided to coach her. “Lick the underside of his cock with your tongue, especially just behind the head. He's very sensitive there. How's she doing John?”

“Incredibly good for a first time. I assume that this is her first time.”

“An hour ago she was asking us what is a blow job; this must be her first. Maybe she's just naturally talented like her mother proved to be, the first time that she ate my pussy. Wendy, now keep sucking while you pump his cock in and out of your mouth. Wrap your hand around the base of his cock and stroke up and down. That's it. Now squeeze his balls gently. His balls are pulling up into his body; that means that he's about to cum. I hope that you are ready?”

Moments later Wendy was showing us her open mouth filled with a load of John's cum. There was a proud glint in her eyes as she swallowed it down. I couldn't help praising her for her performance.

“I'm jealous,” said Helen, “I've never given a man a blow job yet my 13-year old daughter has.”

“Well Helen, I'd love you to be the next to give me a blow job, but I'm afraid that I wont be able to oblige for a while.”

I added, “On Friday night at the party there will be several men willing for you to give them blow jobs.”

“What party?”, Wendy wanted to know.

“We're taking your mum to an orgy on Friday night. She's really looking forward to being fucked by strangers, although they're all good friends of John and me.” I explained.

“I wish that I could go.”

“Wendy, you're only 13. Can you imagine what people would say and do if we tried to take you to a wild party. Someone would end up in gaol for sure. Just be grateful that we're prepared to play with you, here in the privacy of our house. Besides, we need you to babysit for us.”

“It's not fair.”

Helen chipped in. “Wendy! You've just had your pussy eaten for the first time and you've given your first blow job. In my book, that's pretty good for a 13-year old. I had my pussy eaten for the first time two nights ago and I still have never given a blow job. If you want to continue to enjoy such fun with John and Naomi, then you had better be nice to them, and don't whine. Come on; I think that it's time that you were home in bed.”

“Can I sleep in your bed tonight?”


“I want you to masturbate me again. Please? Pretty please?”

“Come on. I don't want you to keep me awake all night.”

They dressed and crossed the road to their home.

A couple of nights later Wendy and Helen were with us for dinner again. As soon as she came in Wendy stripped and collected our daughters for their bath. John was doing something outside, leaving Helen and me alone in the kitchen.

“So, Helen, did you and Wendy masturbate each other after you left here the other night?”

Helen giggled and looked embarrassed.

“Not exactly, no. On the way home she asked me what 69 was. It was something else that the other girls had been talking about during the camp. I explained it to her and she got all excited. 'Mum! Let's do that tonight? Please?' Well after all the sex that I'd had with John and you, I felt that it would be hypocritical to refuse her.”

“So? How was it?”

“Surprisingly good! I did to her everything that I had learnt from eating you and being eaten by John. Wendy imitated me or maybe she was remembering what John did to her. Anyway my 13-year old daughter had me cumming in minutes, and she came soon after. Then she turned around, kissed me and thanked me, and then pressed her naked body against mine and fell asleep.”

“Wow! I bet that you both slept well?”

“Not straight away. I lay awake for some time, thinking about all the sex that I had experienced that week end, culminating in a 69 with my own daughter. I felt that I should perhaps feel guilty about some or all of it but finally realised that I did not feel the slightest bit guilty and would gladly do it all again any chance that I got.”

“And since then, what have you done?”

“Last night we went to bed early because we were both keen for another 69. After a stunning orgasm I was lying cuddled up to Wendy and I asked her how she felt about the sex that she was suddenly getting. 'I love it,' she said, 'but I really want John to fuck me.' I was horrified.”

“Why? You're happy for John to fuck you. On Friday you'll be fucking other men. Why deny Wendy the same pleasure?”

“But she's only 13. What if she got pregnant?”

“I agree that it would be a disaster if she got pregnant. You'll have to get her on birth control before John, or anyone else, starts fucking her.”

“But my GP is never going to agree to put her on any form of birth control.”

“Well now, my GP is one of the women that you'll meet on Friday night. She's really into kinky sex and she's completely nonjudgmental about other people's sexuality. If you like I'll go with you and Wendy to see her. I'm sure that she'll help. If you like her you might like to switch to her as your regular GP.”

After Wendy had put the girls to bed we all sat down to dinner.

“John. How would you like to fuck Wendy? Helen tells me that that is what Wendy wants. What do you think?”

“Oh! John! I so want you to fuck me. Please.”

“Of course I would love to fuck Wendy. However I don't think it would be very good if I got her pregnant. So maybe it's not a good idea. Sorry Wendy.”

“I think that we all agree that you should not get Wendy pregnant. I was just suggesting to Helen that she should get Wendy on birth control first. She thinks that her GP would not cooperate so I offered to go with them to see Veronica. I'm certain that she would give good advice and prescribe the appropriate birth control.”

“Mummy? Can we go to see this Veronica soon. Please.”

“Well, I guess so. I still can't believe that my baby daughter is so suddenly sexually mature. Maybe I had better get myself onto birth control too.”

“You've let John cum in your cunt several times without any protection?”, I asked, “What were you thinking about?”

“I went off the pill as soon as I was rid of my ex. I didn't think that I'd be needing it. But then, when John was about to fuck me I was so excited that I just didn't care. If I am pregnant then Wendy will have a baby brother or sister.”

To be continued in “Our new baby sitter's mum 4”

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Rating: 93%, Read 61444 times, Posted Sep 27, 2011

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Male, Threesome, Wife


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