Ally Jane: Episode 1 - The deal, the deed. by Monsters+Ball

Rating: 80%, Read 8180 times, Posted Jan 22, 2020

Science-Fiction | Alien, Cruelty, Discipline, Extreme, Hardcore, Monster, Rape, Reluctance, Slavery, Teen

Ally and Stu stood at the blast door awaiting the pressurisation. The cargo they had secured was going to land them some significant credits from the Oruk, large, greyed-out, green brute-like beasts with an apetite for metal and accompanying technology.

“You know...” Stu started. “This pay could REALLY set us up”

Ally looked up at him then back at the blast door, resting her hand on her hip just above her plasma blastsr.

“If you say so, I can finally buy that lot back on Piscus 3...”

“Kiddo, you’re 17, not 47, spend it upgrading that piece of shit breastplate to protect those nice titties” he jabbed.

The breastplate Ally had was indeed very entry level. Stu was fortunate enough to have seduced the teen into giving him her cherry week back, but for the most part they were a two-team of scavengers. Even as the 48 year old spikey haired former mercenary was getting ready for retirement, he had every intention of banging the life out of all the various female species. Ally was just another piece and though he’d only been inside her twice, Stu saw her as a long term fuck. Maybe more.

“Don’t let your guard down” he mumbled as the blast door hissed and the signal light went from amber to green. Stu was the silver fox type, he had seen and done it all and with luck this would be his last trade.

The door lifted and the Oruk were revealed standing, arms crossed before a table in their usual intimidating fashion. Their captain Drung-Guk, stood centrally flanked by his four most loyal crew.

The group met midway and Stu flung the case onto the table. “Greetings”.

“Human... Stu, I’ve heard good things of you. And bad things too” grilled the captain as he planted his his palms on the table eyeing off the metal case that shook the surface upon placement.

“Ya?” Stu didn’t need to be reminded about his reputation.

“The ore, show it to me” the beast cooed, almost in a transe as he eyed off the clips, his giant member kept hidden by a simple pelvic wrap, wrists cuffed with huge golden bracers and combat armour that weighed more than Ally and Stu combined. His bottom carnivorous teeth slotted perfectly outside his humanoid like mouth. Drung-Guk’s supremecy indicated by his blue cape that just barely touched the ground 7 feet below his head.

Stu popped the case clipped and watching the guards as their attention was drawn in, lifted the top upright to reveal the prized bullions of Solumite, incredibly tough metal ore that was virtually impenetrable by most known weapons.

“28.8 kilo’s of Solumite obtained from the restricted access royal nijes of Carway, just for you”.

“You’re reputation holds true then, 12,000 credits should do” Drung-Guk grewled standing upright now.

Stu’s eyes widened. “12,000? Are you unaware of the scarcity of this product?” He glanced at all the guards individually, some looking away “15,000”

“13,000...” Guk chimed back with more assertion

“14,000!” Stu slammed his fist

“God damnit Guk, 14,000 or the deal is off” The room feel silent, Ally slipped her right hand from her hip to her blaster and felt the contours of the grip.

Guk looked at Stu, then Ally and bowed his head “14,000 credits then...” Stu’s heart skipped a beat. That would just about seal his retirement, split 50/50 with Ally, the 7,000 credits would land him his deposit on the apartment complex investment back on his homeworld of Kuri V.

“14,000 then?” Stu confirmed.

“14,000... plus the female” Ally looked at Stu, Stu looked back at Guk, then to her almost as if to signal ‘no deal’ when the silver fox kicked her blaster free frok its holster up into the air, Stu snatched the weapon, using his pivoting leg to switch and kick the stunned teen, centre off mass across the room into the ground. The Oruk all pulled their spiker rifles free and pointed at the two.

“Sorry kiddo, you have a sweet pussy, and a good head on you, but this is one lesson you’ll never forget; never trust a merc!” he chirped like some kind of casino hot shot. Guk just laughed as Stu handed over her blaster to him and the guards moved in on the girl.

“That’s the Stu Bolding I was waiting to meet!” Guk roares an additional laugh looking at the blaster, sweeping the case up with his other hand.

“I’m sure we’ll meet again some day... human! Enjoy your spoils...” Stu backed away into the airlock where the two vessels were attached and thumbed up his trade partner in Guk “Don’t count on it!”

Ally scrambled in disgust and fear for the airlock “YOU BASTARD! YOU FUCKING... *ASSHOLE*!” One of the Oruk swept her up with ease as the door hissed and sealed shut.

Ally could not believe what had just happened. Drop-jawed, she was flung over the Oruks shoulder and hauled away.


Banging on the captains quarters doors for dear life, Ally was expecting to be devoured for dinner. No one was going to save her now. Even as Guk casually pulled his armour off for bed in the large octagonal space, Ally was desperately searching the room for a button, or any kind of release mechanism. She eventually gave up curling up and crying, screaming at one point in raw anger and fear over being burned by Stu who, by this time, was probably putting down his investment with the contractor over Eperium Coffee. She never loved him, but he was her first.

Guk checked his muscular, hulking bare body for any imperfections in the large blue mirror on one wall before making his way over to the whimpering mess kneeling down on one knee.

“This is the path you chose, we must all pay for our endeavors, now prepare yourself!” Ally ignored the command and turned her head towards the floor continuing to sulk. Guk was a hardened plunderer who had a mate back on his homeworld of Tukaroon whom he hadn’t seen in many years now, but kept her well supplied with funds from his spoils and ventures.

Guk gave no sentiment and indeed he was tempted to eat the pathetic human, but there were instances of human females baring Oruk and Guk’s mate had only raised females thus far, perhaps Ally would bare a male. But there was a process to it.

For Oruk and human females to breed, the female needed to be in a particular biological state of compatibility psychologically and physiologically. The basic understanding was; the more sperm Guk could put inside the teen, the more his DNA would alter her brain, which would in turn create the neuro-natal pathway required for her eggs to match with his sperm.. Such was the potency of the Oruks hormones.

Guk grabbed the 5’6 light blonde haired, pale, slim-build, blue-eyed teen by her hair and carried her to his bed. Ally screamed as she held onto his fist to reduce the pain in her scalp.

Guk planted the little bitch on his huge warm bed and with careful ease, tore away her cargo pants and belt leaving the teen in panties and a camouflage grey tank top.

“Please, please!” Ally was still of the opinion she was Oruk food when Guk released his pelvic cloth and tossed it aside. “Oh no, oh noo...” Ally knew of the potential compatbilities, though she had no idea of the science like Guk did, furthermore she was about to discover that Oruk did not need to sperm females in their cunt-holes, but that any entry and release was helpful in the overall scheme, such was the potency of their cum.

peeling and ripping away her panties, Guk then grabbed the base of his 12” long, 5” wide anaconda, with an even larger knob, and wiped his funky smelling precum on the teens small entrance “If you don’t break, you will bare, if you bare my child, I will keep you as my own...”

Ally didn’t accept it one bit, but she did acknowledge that it was better than being eaten. Guk’s size on the other hand, brought her back to reality as his very tip, began to cave her in, parting her inner lips, then her outter lips, Ally could feel tbe impossible dimensions of her cunt and his cock slowly and agonisingly become more possible, Ally screamed and parted her legs to buy herself some relief all the while pushing at arms length, uselessly against Guks solid chest as he closed in on her.

Finally the teens cunt warped and accepted Guk’s knob, she screamed, howling, begging for the beast to stop as her canal throbbed painfully with the invading phallus.

Ally’s initial pain did slowly begin to fade but her sheer agony was kept heightened by the increasing depth. Guk did not stop until he was 9 inches inside of her, his balls, huge as they hung, were not far from her ass. Not only that, the giant green jewel in their tight sack, were only slightly smaller than her bum.

There was no further movement from Guk at this stage, Ally was now crying “Please, it just hurts so much, I’m going to -“ before she could finish her sentence Guk planted a palm over her lower face, pivoting his four fingers off the bed next to her head, he slid his thumb into her mouth, wide enough to open her jaw up, deep enough to infringe on her airway, but not to choke her to death. Ally gagged.

“You are a slave, behave as such or i’ll feed you to the clan...” he grinned, returning his gaze from her eyes to his cock burried in her cunt, and for the first time since her impalement, Guk slowly withdrew his 12” cock most of the way and returned deeper each thrust, the first few sending Ally to bite down hopelessly on his hard skin thumb, which Guk quite enjoyed.

After 15 minutes of very slow sex, Guk began to thrust his weapon all 12 inches from tip to base at a rate of one stroke every five seconds. Then every three. Within two hours of her captivity, Ally was breeding on Guk cock, slowly graduating from a screaming captive to her eyes fixated on her masters face and her howls reduced to long enduring but garbled moans.

Yes it’s true that at some stage pleasure would eventually take over- Her below average tits had hardened, her pushing back was now a grasp on the beasts strong collar bone, she hated him, but an orgasm was melting through the existing pain and it wss coming fast.

Guk stroked into the bitch at a significantly faster rate now, 55 minutes into impaling her, his own hormones had begun to surge. The captain had not fucked in s long time, and thid tight slave wasn’t helping him last the usual 2-3 hours he could with his homeworld mate.

Guk looked into Ally’s eyes, overcome with passion and dove his done into her mouth, locking his lips to hers and slipping into her throat, the invasive move tipping the bitch over the edge into one of the most earth shattering orgasms one could experience- her inability to breathe from his tongue, combined with the spine-wretching climax made Ally go bright red, eyes watering before passing out.

All the while as the teen lost consciousness, Guk had begun to explode in her a series of ropes so thick, volumetric and deep that the continued thrusting forced the sperm to go in the only direction it could, through her tight cervix into her womb. The beast pumped her cunt for about two minutes during his own orgasm after she had lost oxygen.


Ally awoke days later completely immobile. She knee she had bern captured, now it was coming back. She was raped, but then what? “Oh my fucking God” she dribbled in the fetal position on Guks bed. She remembered the orgasm, unable to actually register any sensation with her pussy, she reached down to find it, but immediatelly encountered a bump. A big one just above her pelvis. It was too early to be pregnant. No, it wasn’t a child, it was a mass of pure sperm that her body was slowly absorbing via her uterus. She gasped and continued down, finay reaching her cunt. It was unrecognisable, flayed open, sore, swollen and oozing the funkiest smelling cream. Ally could not even muster together a thought as she passed out, collapsing back into a deep sleep.

Rating: 80%, Read 8180 times, Posted Jan 22, 2020

Science-Fiction | Alien, Cruelty, Discipline, Extreme, Hardcore, Monster, Rape, Reluctance, Slavery, Teen


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