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It all started in a sophomore level geometry class. We were going over material that would be on the test tomorrow. But then our teacher, Mr. Hendrickson, stood up and said something I will never forget. He stood up and said, "You will never go home." The classrom quieted as what he just said sank in. Some people were just as ignorant as always. Some were a little shocked. All of us were confused, so he replyed with a casual, "You will never see your family again." Now we were officially spooked. Just the way he said it sent chills down our spine. One student stood up and said, " Screw this, I'm going home." Mr. Hendrickson just pulled a 9 millimeter pistol out from his desk and shot the student in the head. Screams rose and the student fell to the ground. Mr. Hendrickson shouted over the screams, "Do you believe me?!? Do you believe me now when I tell you you will never see your family again?! You will never go home!" the screams continued, and we were wondering how people couldn't hear us, couldn't hear the screams. It was then when we lost all hope in seeing our families again. Mr. Hendrickson called two men into the classroom armed with AK 47 's and the class went silent. The men herded us out the door and out to the bus loop where we were then loaded up on a bus. As we left the school our hearts sank. We were on our way to wherever he felt like taking us. Some of us noticed the men putting on gasmasks but it didn't matter. By the time anyone thought to do anything or even react the sleeping gas was already ventilating through the whole bus.

4 years later........

This case has been the toughest on all of us. No leads, no witnesses it just seems like they vanished into thin air! The police chief took a deep breath and continued, "As always there have been false leads, maybe to throw us off their trail or maybe it's just people looking for the reward money. We may never know in fact we may never......" A knock penetrated the room. The chief yells at his secretary for letting people into the building when it was supposed to be a private meeting. The secretary calls on the phone and tells him that it's a man who might have a lead on the case he hasn't given me all the details. The chief told her off because she had no proof that he knew what he was talking about, she replied with a startled voice, "sir I just got a report in! They found a woman!! A woman who fits the age description and physical one too! She said her name is Anna. She's been left at the park, she's dying!!!!!" the chief was intrigued if this could be a girl that was originally kidnapped maybe she could tell them where the other victims were! He shouted, "On my way!!"

Sirens blare throughout the city as the information was spread to every police station within 20 miles, telling them they found one, they need to keep their eyes open to see if any more victims can be found. The chief pulled up into the park, jumping out of the car before it had even stopped. He ran into the park startling all the people that were left and the police officer already at the scene. For some reason that particular police officer looked frightened, almost terrified. This made the police chief very intrigued. The chief asked the police officer if anything seemed out of the ordinary. The police officer, Ian, replied, "Out of the ordinary? Out of the fuckin ordinary!! This chick was beat up within an inch of her life! She was dumped here as a statement. And she has marks all over her body! Like they have when they have been operated on, except all over her!! She's got this black canvas stuff on her back that must be glued on to her because we cannot get them off her!" the chief thought for a moment and said thoughtfully, "All over her body?" Ian replied with ,"yeah she was dumped here naked. Not a stitch of clothing on" This angered the police chief greatly. He couldn't understand who could do something like this! It was inhuman! He walked over to the crime scene. They hadn't moved her yet. She was lying there, as beautiful as can be. Dark brown hair glistened down her shoulders, her eyes were a brilliant shade of green gorgeous breasts, 34C's, she was the most beautiful thing the police chief had ever seen. She was beckoning him closer with one hand. He walked over and grasped it tightly. She pulled him down close with breathtaking ease, and whispered into his ear. "They experimented on us, made us freaks. Don't let them.......don't let them do it to other children." he said that he would do his very best. He asked her where she had been kept all these years. She smiled at him and breathed the words out, "So cold, can't feel anything glad it's over." Her eyes closed for the last time. Her whole body relaxed. The black thing on her back became loose. The police chief looked on in wonder, flipping her over and stretching the blackness out......and he gasped. He fell back in shock, nauseous with the thought that someone would do this to sucks perfect angel. Attached to the flesh on her back were bat wings.

Nausea struck the chief as he realized the torture this young angel had gone through. He stood up and called in on his radio. “We got a domestic violence, possibly homicide in the park…..has evidence of being experimented on and raped multiple times.” He gagged at that last bit.

As the coroners van picked up the women. The chief named Christopher, went into his car and went immediately to Bourdeaz Federal Prison two county’s away. He requested to speak to a prisoner that had experimented on human beings before. As he entered the prison, he was struck with the impossible events that had happened in the past couple of hours. How did he know they weren’t hallucinations. Christopher shook off that thought and went to talk to the former scientist.

Chris is suddenly struck down onto the ground by some unseen force. He grabbed his head at the temples and started moaning in agony. The warden called the ambulance and as the ambulance took him to the hospital, we take a look into Chris’s mind.

Chris has been contacted by one of the students that had been abducted. He did not understand it at the time, all he knew was that a voice was speaking to him in his mind. It was very faint. All Chris could make out was a name. Ashley…..Ashley. Chris knew that was his victim.

A scene unfolds in Chris’ mind almost like a memory. It was from one of the students point of view. His name came to chris. James

James’ View

We woke up in a strange room, not knowing where we were, what day it was, not really remembering much of anything. It all came rushing back though, the shooting of a student, getting on the bus, everything going to black. I looked around and saw more of the students stirring and finding themselves on the floor of a large room. I shook off the last of the gas or whatever they used to put us to sleep and stood up. I then realized that I was naked. I’m not a jock, but I am 210lbs 6’1” and a big band geek at fifteen that was okay. I also had a 6 ½ inch cock that was thick which looking around at the students was better than most of them. As more students started waking up, they realized too, that they were naked as well. Modesty took over and they started trying to cover their parts from each other. There were a few idiot jocks were looking at the girls and basically drooling on themselves.

I look over to my side to find blankets of all sizes, which I then proceed to hand out blankets to all the young women that looked uncomfortable with their bodies being ogled by oafs. There were a few girls who were posing for the jocks, and got mad when I did not hand them a blanket. I told them, “You are obviously comfortable flashing your body around so why hide it?” I hand out the rest of the blankets to the boys who felt uncomfortable with the situation. As I hand the last blanket to the last boy, a door that wasn’t there before opened up. My geometry teacher stepped in and saw that over two thirds of the students were covered he yelled, “Did I say you could cover yourselves!?!” I step up and say with a strong voice, “They were uncomfortable with what was happening so I decided to help….” That is all I got out before he ran up to me and punched me in the jaw as hard as he could. He packed a lot more power than it seemed. I went flying across the room, about thirty feet and hit the wall hard. Screams sounded as I fell to the ground in a daze.

As I came to, once the world had stopped spinning, he was standing over me with a look of rage. He said in quiet voice that somehow scared me more than his yelling, “ You do not talk to me with that tone. You will not help out anybody but yourself. You won’t do anything until I tell you to. Understand?” I mumbled a series of words that he did not hear but took as a yes. He stood up as I tried to gather my wits. “You will not do anything that is not permitted. You saw how easily I could have ended him. One quick punch to the sternum and lights out. Let him be an example.” He walked with a little more pep in his step towards the door. As he left, four students immediately rushed over to see if I was alright. They helped me up into a sitting position and kept asking me if I was okay. After telling them that I was at least a few million times they introduced themselves. There were 2 girls and 2 boys. The tall, dark haired one was named David, and his brother Eric. There was a short brunette with gauges in her ear who was called Shania. Then there was Ashley, dark brown hair past her shoulders, the brightest green eyes I have ever seen and a perfect white smile. They helped me stand and they used the blankets that I had given them earlier to make a sort of make-shift bed.

That was four years ago.

The Chief:

Those last words were spoken in my head. I sprang to life, scaring the doctor as he tried to push me down to go back to sleep as I had a head injury from falling, I just ripped out the IV and sensors and started pulling on my clothes.

As I sat in my police cruiser on my way to the police station, I go over what had just happened today. A group of students had been taken hostage about four years ago and we had no leads whatsoever, until one of the students turned up dead and experimented on in the park, I go to the prison to talk to a former scientist about human experimentation and how far it could go, when I blacked out, and had a vision of some sort. It told me the beginning of a story by one of the students called James and a group of students who had helped him after the kidnapper had struck him down for helping the students that were uncomfortable and not taking anything for himself.

I burst into the police station and look at my partner and say to him, “Look for any students from the kidnapping by the name of James, David, Eric, Shania, and Ashley!” But my partner, Mike, said with a confused look, “Chris, what does that have to do with the kidnapping.” I look at him with an irritated look, “Look for a connection between them, it may help us crack this case open” I ran into my superiors office the commissioner of Newport. The commissioner looked at me with a startled look, “Chris shouldn’t you be in the hospital? Don’t you have a concussion?” I said to the commissioner, “There is no time for sick days, Commissioner, I may have had a vision of some kind involving the kidnapping.” The commissioner looked at me with a skeptical look. I said, “ If today had not happened I wouldn’t believe it either, but our murder victim in the park, her name is Ashley and has been experimented on to give her bat wings capable of human flight.” The commissioner said with a poker face, “Go on.” I said in a breathless voice, “I had a vision in Bordeaz Federal Prison about the kidnapping from a students point of view, more specifically the point of view of a student named James. They woke up in a dark room about thirty feet across and about sixty feet wide and they woke up naked and James gave blankets to the students who were uneasy with the look that people were giving them. But the kidnapper came in and punched James a good thirty feet and hit the wall and then four kids came up and helped him up by the names of David Eric Shania and Ashley.”

Just then Mike came into the commissioners office, “Sir, we got a connection between the names you got. Turns out they were all kidnapped and they were often seen sitting at a table talking to each other. We also got the name of the murder victim. Her name is Ashley Hardy” The commissioner looked at me with a confused look, “What does proving that they were friends do for the case?” I did not get a chance to answer him, for the pain in my head had appeared again putting me on the ground. The world faded away as I once again entered James’ memory.


“I’m fine” I looked around at all of the skeptical looks on the students, when one of the jocks said, “I wouldn’t have let him hit me, I’d have put him on his ass.” David stood up angrily to go confront the jock when I grabbed his arm. “No,” I said, “we cannot be fighting with each other. That is what he wants. He wants us divided so he can do whatever he is going to do easier. As one man he is incredibly powerful, as you saw by him putting me on my ass.” The jock snorted and said under his breath, “it would be easy to put you on your ass.” I pointed at him so suddenly that it startled a couple of students. “Come forward” I growled. He walked forward with a smug look on his face. David then grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear, “Are you sure James? You got hit pretty hard.” I looked at him and told him, “yeah” I then looked at the jock who was getting smugger by the second. I looked up at all the students and said with a clear voice, “If you have a problem with anyone you talk it out on how to solve this. For example,” I said, “ This young man does not think that I am strong enough to stop the kidnapper or anyone trying to beat me.” I was interrupted by the jock, “I don’t think, I know.” With a clenched fist to manage my temper, “If we cannot talk this out, we will have a friendly competition in order to decide who is right. In this case it would be a showdown of fighting.” David and Eric said no simultaneously and the jocks laughed. I looked at my friends and told them, “I will be alright I know something they don’t.” they asked me what did I know that they did not know. I laughed and said, “You’ll see” The students made a circle and we chose three students to referee the fight. We started circling each other and the jock was trying to throw me off balance with his trash talk. Shania started laughing to herself. Eric said with a confused look, “What’s so funny?” Shania just shook her head and said, “James has 3 different black belts in 3 different fighting styles.” All my friends started laughing and I knew the cat was out of the bag. So I decided to end it. The jock took a step towards me and to put it simply, I put him on his ass, hard and quick. Everyone looked stunned as hell but my friends who were laughing their asses off. We walked off towards a private corner in our holding room.


I snapped to attention, in the commissioners chair, while the commissioner looked at me with concern and said, “You just passed out on my floor, maybe you should go back to the hospital…” I cut him off and say to Mike, “Look and find out where James trained in martial arts.” As Mike ran out to go check his computer for the data I asked him to find, the commissioner asked, “how do you know that James was in martial arts?” I look at him and say, “Visions

Rating: 82%, Read 10845 times, Posted Jan 04, 2013

Science-Fiction |


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