A boy in babeland chapter 13 by Nemasis+Enforcer

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“Hi mum” April greeted her mum as she invited her and Stacy in to the house.

“Hi Sweetheart, so how are you and Lee getting on in your new place then?” Marie inquired as she gave her oldest daughter a hug and kiss on the cheek.

“We’re good mum” April said as she returned the hug before giving one to her sister Stacy too.

Stacy and Marie were the last of the family to arrive for the home warming party that Lee and April had decided to throw. It was the Saturday after they had moved in to the new house and with Lee off work they thought this would be the perfect time to have a party.

“So is everyone here then?” Stacy asked as she looked around, all her sisters, mum and Lee nodded as they sat on the various chairs and sofa and cushions that had been set up in the living room to seat the whole family.

“I’ll get some beer’s then” April grinned as she walked into the kitchen, her sisters smiling and chatting as Lee put on some music and April came back with beer’s for everyone.

The Party had been going for some time, Lee and April showing their various family members around the house, the bedroom that Lee and April were sharing a particular favourite amongst the sisters who would hug and kiss April as they congratulated her on the new life she and their brother were starting on.

“I can’t believe you and Lee are actually living together!” Stephanie said as she kissed her oldest sister, April, passionately, her tongue swirling with that of her sisters as her hands roamed April’s back and were pushed into her thick red hair.

April kissed Steph back, her hands holding Steph’s face as her tongue met her sisters, licking every part of her mouth as the hands on her back and in her hair moved down and to her front, cupping her massive breasts and slightly squeezing them.

“I have been wanting to do that for so long” Steph smiled as she broke the kiss with April, they were alone in her and Lee’s bedroom, sat on the bed.

“Me too sis, it has been ages since we have done that” April agreed as she let her hand fall onto her sisters thigh and move towards her warm pussy, her knuckles lightly rubbing against the thin material of Steph’s panties as her hand slid under her skirt.

Steph moaned as she felt the pressure on her panties, it was right over her clit and moving down to her lips, sending a slight shudder through her whole body.

April smiled as she ran her fingers back up Steph’s panties, the heat of her pussy making April’s fingers tingle.

Steph moaned a little as she felt her sister press her fingers tighter into her panties, creasing them between her pussy lips as her juice flowed and left a wet patch on the blue cotton.

April slowly kissed her sisters neck, her tongue flicking over the smooth skin of Stephanie’s throat as she moved to the other side, the fingers of her hand still rubbing and caressing her sisters panty covered pussy, making them both get hot

“So this is what you’re up to is it?” Marie said as she watched her daughters on the bed, April and Stephanie looked up at her and blushed, seeing Stacy too stood next to her.

“What ever would Lee think?” Stacy smiled as she saw April’s hand on her sister’s crotch, still rubbing.

“Oh I don’t think he’d mind” April said smiling to her mum and sister before winking at them

“Well I do mind!” Marie said suddenly “I mind that you’re not inviting us to join you” she said walking into the bedroom with Stacy by her side.

April smiled as Stacy came walking over and sat next to her on the bed, placing her own hand over April’s on Stephanie's crotch and pressing her fingers into the damp panties, Marie sitting on the other side of her daughter and looking down at the hands on her pussy and smiling.

Stephanie moaned as she felt her mothers lips on her neck, her oldest sister’s on the other side and 2 hands that of April and Stacy on her crotch, rubbing lightly before pressing in harder and finding her clit.

Marie kissed her daughter’s neck, her hands moving up her body and onto Stephanie's breast, cupping it and lightly squeezing it, her palm rubbing over her nipple as April did the same to the right one.

“Ohhh” Steph moaned as she felt the hands pull her top away from her body, her bra-less breasts exposed to the roaming hands of her mother and big sister as her panties were pulled down and torn away by April and Stacy.

Marie and April leaned down together and began to suck on Steph's nipples, the hard nub’s sensitive and needy as their tongue flicked over them, each copying the others movements as they closed their lips and sucked each nipple, their hands cupping the flesh around it.

Stacy watched her sister and mum suck her other sister’s nipples and squeeze her breasts as her own hand moved up Steph’s thigh and to her pussy, slipping her index finger up the slit of her pussy before moving it to her entrance and slipping it in slightly, rotating it around the wet, warm hole.

The hard nipples in April and Marie mouths were coated with their saliva as they licked and sucked them, their teeth grazing the tips as they moved back and rubbed the flesh of Steph’s breasts with their hands before kissing around the pink, puffy, hard nipple.

Stacy slid her finger into Steph’s pussy, moving it up her slit to find her clit, which like the nipple her big sister and mum were giving attention to was very erect and sensitive

“Ohh my god!” Steph cried out as she felt her clit get rubbed by Stacy’s finger, her thumb working itself into her entrance as the lips on her breasts sucked and kissed all around her skin.

Stacy smiled and worked Steph’s clit harder, rubbing it and teasing it as best she could while Steph moaned and ground her hips against Stacy’s hand, April and Marie motivated by her calls of pleasure sucking harder as they squeezed tighter.

Not able to take anymore, Stacy removed her fingers from her sister’s pussy and stood, ripping off her own clothes, Stacy stood before her sisters and mum naked before dropping to her knee’s between Steph’s legs, her lips kissed up the inside of Steph’s left thigh until she got closer to her pussy, the smell of her arousal filled Stacy’s nose as she breathed in before letting her tongue lick the outer lips of her moaning sister.

April and Marie followed Stacy’s example and stood, removing their clothes, now all the women naked, sat back down on the bed, Stacy licking Steph’s clit as April and Marie both sucked her nipples and bit down a little, sending jolts through her body.

On the stairs leading up to the bedroom’s, Kim, Lee, Dawn and Trish could hear the moans and groans coming from their family, the noise had first attracted Trish, who had been curious to know what was going on, then she realised what it was, and rushed to get her sister and brother, all rushing up the stairs and to the open door of the bedroom.

They were greeted with Stacy's back as her head bobbed between Steph’s thighs, her tongue working back and forth in and out of her pussy, as April and Marie’s lips worked over her nipples hard.

“Looks like fun” Trish said aloud as they watched from the doorway, Lee’s cock immensely hard and the girl’s juice’s wetting their panties as they watched the erotic sight before them.

“Why don’t you join in?” April said as she lifted her head from her sister’s breast just long enough to speak

Dawn smiled back as she began to remove her clothes, shocking Trish, Kim and Lee with her desire to join in with the 4 women on the bed. Dawn walked over her breasts bouncing and bent down behind Stacy, leaning over her she let her erect nipples run the length of her back, just low enough to touch her skin, making Stacy moan into Steph’s pussy as she licked her clit and juices.

Trish looked at her brother and sister, as if asking what to do, Lee was too turned on to speak so he just removed his clothes too, his cock throbbing as he looked and watched Kim and Trish get naked too, all 3 stood watching the sight before them, Dawn, who hand gone to the draws and retrieved April’s favourite Vibrator, slowly worked it into Stacy’s dripping pussy, making her thrust back to get the cold plastic object in as far as it would go.

Stacy moaned and groaned into Steph’s pussy as the vibe was thrust hard and deep in to her own, Dawn kissing ass cheeks.

All the women on the bed were moaned and groaning hard and loud as Kim, Lee and Trish watched on, Lee’s cock throbbing as he watched the lips kiss and the tongues lick their sister’s pussy’s.

“Lee you have to fuck me now!” Dawn moaned as she worked the vibe in to Stacy and turned it up to a higher setting, the buzz filling all their ears as Stacy thrust her as back to meet the hard plastic, her mouth still licking and sucking Steph’s pussy as April and Marie sucked her breasts and nipples.

Lee couldn’t wait any longer, his cock was hard and he was in need of relief as he watched all action going on. Smiling he walked over and slipped his hand down Dawn’s back and onto her ass, his fingers working down to her pussy, his fingers slipping into the dripping hole.

April looked up for sucking Steph’s nipple, as did Marie to watch Lee’s hand slowly slide up and down Dawn’s pussy, his finger working deep into her, as she in turn worked the vibe deeper into Stacy who moaned wildly as she was filled.

April looked over to Kim and Trish who were watching intently in the door way, Marie looked back to Steph and began to lick her nipple again.

“Why don’t you join in? Me and mum need some attention too!” April shouted over to them as she spread her legs and showed them her dripping pussy, a coy smile on her lips as she slowly kissed Steph’s cheek and down to her breasts again, sucking her nipple before biting it lightly making her moan out and feel her orgasm building as her pussy was ate by Stacy.

Trish and Kim looked at each other and back to the group on the bed, Lee now kneeling behind Dawn and lightly rubbing the head of his cock against her dripping pussy as she kissed Stacy’s neck and thrust herself back to get her brother’s cock inside herself.

It was Trish who acted first, she grabbed Kim’s hand and pulled her over to the bed, Kim looked a little nervous about what was going on, but the feeling in her pussy as she heard all the moans and the sigh of her sisters, mum and brother all fucking and licking each other was too much for her.

As they got to the bed Kim and Trish, both giggling, took up a spot between April and Marie’s legs respectively, their hands holding open the woman in front of themselves thighs as first Trish then Kim dipped their head’s forwards and took a tentative lick of the dripping pussy in front of them.

Both had never tasted the juice of a woman before but right now that didn’t matter, the sheer eroticness of what was going on made both Trish and Kim carry on and begin to lick the lips of the pussy before working their tongue inside the wet pussy’s.

Lee looked over at the sight in front of himself, Steph was right there, April and Marie sucking her breasts as Kim and Trish sucked their pussy’s, Stacy working her tongue deep into Steph’s as Dawn worked a hard vibe into her and finally his own cock buried in Dawn, her tight pussy holding him tightly as he thrust his hips back and forth, so hard his balls swung and hit her skin.

“Ohhh god I’m gonna cum so hard!” Steph shouted out in a moan as her pussy exploded all over Stacy’s face, cum washing over her tongue and smearing onto her cheeks as she rubbed her tongue deeper into her sister.

“Ohhh god I’m gonna cum too!” Stacy shouted as she felt the vibe in her pussy get turned up to its maximum setting and pushed against her clit by Dawn, the cum on her face and in her mouth driving her over the edge and into a massive orgasm, screaming into Steph’s pussy she thrust hard back and forth onto the vibe.

As Stacy and Steph came down from their orgasm’s Dawn moaned too as her brother’s cock pounded back and forth into her, his arm’s around her waist, one hand on her breasts squeezing the nipples and his other on her clit working it harder then ever before, squeezing and pulling it with each thrust of his hard cock.

Lee felt Dawn’s cum rush over his cock as she screamed out in a massive orgasm, the room now filled with the scent of cum and sex as the group of sisters, mum and brother worked on each other.

Kim sucked on April’s pussy and licked her clit continuously, driven on by the moans and orgasm’s from her sisters she wanted so much to know what it felt like to have another woman cum for her, what she would taste like and what it would feel like to have that juice on her face, April was now moaning like a woman possessed as she reached down and grabbed Kim’s hair working her head to and fro against her pussy, Kim’s tongue licking deeply before working the clit again.

“Ohhh gods yes Trish!” Marie moaned out as her daughter licked her pussy and slipped a finger inside, working her knuckle against her mum’s clit as she brought her to a massive orgasm, Marie’s scent adding to the room as her daughter licked up her juice and worked her finger deeper to scoop out the rest of the cum she couldn’t get with her tongue.

Trish orgasmed as she rubbed her own clit and felt the intensity of her mum’s cum splashing over her face, she never knew or even though that Marie could cum so much and so hard, it was nearly squirting out onto her daughters face and dripping off her chin as she swallowed all she could, savouring the taste and doing her best to swallow as her orgasm begun.

April was not long after her mum when she came, the noises all her sister’s and mum were making as they came driving her on, as was the tongue that Kim had shoved into her pussy and was wiggling, she was nervous when they started but Kim was now very hot and excited to be getting her big sister off so well, her other sisters who had orgasmed already encouraging the youngest woman in the family to get her oldest sister to cum too.

Lee was watching too, Dawn and he had finished after she had orgasmed and now all eyes were on Kim and April, as the redheaded April worked her little sister’s face deep in-between her thighs, moaning loudly as her own orgasm was nearing.

Lee walked up behind Kim and April looking down at the highly erotic sight as his oldest sister smiled through a moan at him and let go of her sister’s hair with one hand grabbing his cock and rubbing it, Dawn’s cum still glistening on the shaft and head as April leaned over Kim and took it into her mouth, sucking the tangy cum off the head before licking down the shaft with the tip of her tongue.

Lee moaned out as April sucked him, he was so hard and worked up from fucking Dawn that he knew that it wasn’t going to take him much longer to fill what ever hole he was in with his cum.

He decided it was Kim he wanted to fill up, April seemed to know what he wanted and let go, smiling at him before she moaned out wildly.

Lee bent down and whispered into Kim’s ear as she licked her oldest sisters pussy harder and faster.

“I’m gonna fill you with my cum!” he said quietly

Kim moaned her excitement as she felt Lee position himself behind her, his hard cock rubbing up her ass cheeks before he moved it down to her dripping hole, working it up and down her lips before he entered her pussy, the thick shaft stretching her open as he thrust hard into her, shoving her whole body forwards on inward thrusts as she clung to him tightly with her tight inner muscles.

“Ohhh” Kim moaned into April’s pussy which sent her sister closer to the edge of orgasm, Kim herself nearing it too as her brother, Lee, fucked her harder and harder, his cock buried deep as it throbbed and was pulled back leaving only the head in before the rest of the shaft was forced back into the wet, tight hole.

It didn’t take much longer until April let out one final massive scream before her orgasm burst inside her pussy and the cum flooded out onto Kim’s sweet face.

Kim began to cum on Lee’s cock as April filled her mouth with tangy cum, Lee felt the extra tightness as Kim’s orgasm ripped through her, and that drove him to cum himself, his thick cock thrusting his cum deep into Kim’s pussy, his cock fully embedded in her and shooting.

All the sisters as well as Lee and Marie lay on the bed as they reflected on the great time they had all just shared.

“Wow that was a great way to have a house warming party!” April said with a smile before kissing her brother.

“It sure was I’m so glad we invited you all over!” Lee said back after kissing April deeply, before Kim got off the bed and looked down at all her sister’s, mum and brother

“I’ve got something to tell you all…” she paused and looked shyly at them

“What is it Love?” Marie asked they all waited for her to speak

“Well the thing is…” another pause

“Yes?” April said with a smile “come on Kim you know you can say anything to us!”

“Well mum, Trish, Dawn, Stacy, Steph, April, Lee… I’m pregnant!” she said with a tear in her eye.

Rating: 80%, Read 93932 times, Posted Dec 01, 2004

Fiction | Group Sex, Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male


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