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Tiffany and the Caribbean Cruise

I had knee replacement surgery. Big improvement. I could walk without pain.

They didn't tell me the truth about the convalescence, though. It was much slower than anticipated.

Based on their schedule, Tiffany and I had scheduled a week long Caribbean Cruise. Several weeks before the cruise, I realized that I wasn't going to be in tip top shape. When I took the pain meds, I was a zombie. Sleeping 20 hours a day. When I weaned my self from the meds, the pain was really annoying. Back to the meds and sleeping all the time. No biggie.

We packed and took off.

The cruise line treated me like a king. In the wheelchair, we bypassed all the lines and went right into our cabin. Very cool. Except I was tired. Tiffany was all excited to see the ship. I took a nap. Not so much fun for her.

That night, we went to a nautical themed piano bar and listened to oldies from our era. Really fun, but guess who ran out of energy. I left Tiffany to enjoy the show and returned to the cabin to sleep.

Tiffany is middle aged, but she has taken extraordinarily good care of her self. Tall with B cups and a cute face. She is classy. Great legs and a good sense of style. She fills out a dress nicely. Very high energy, and a taste for alcohol. My kind of girl!

The next day I stayed in and slept and Tiffany visited St Thomas. Not quite our original plan, but I wanted to be rested for the evening at the piano bar.

Tiffany got home with stories and the usual tourist crap that we all buy.

The piano player was rocking that night and Tiffany began to dance alone on the edge of the dance floor. I sat alone and sipped Jack Daniels, if you please.

After awhile I noticed that she had found a partner. A tall guy in a tropical suit was dancing with her. No problem. I didn't want her to suffer any more than necessary with my convalescence. After several more cocktails, I was finished. I looked over and Tiffany was alone again. She saw me and joined me at the table.

I told her I was going back to the cabin and she joined me to get me settled.

I went right to sleep and Tiffany headed out to see the sights of the ship.

At the bar overlooking the aft part of the ship, Tiffany sat and ordered a Tito's Martini. After a couple of minutes the guy from the dance floor sat next to her and they began to converse. Mark was from Phoenix and his partner for the cruise was unable to make the trip. Mark had a cabin to himself and was trying to make the best of the trip. Tiffany explained her situation to him. Tiffany and Mark had a few more cocktails and she excused herself and came back to the cabin.

The next morning I was rested and visited Aruba with Tiffany. We hung out on the beach and I floated in the turquoise waters.

The third night was a repeat of the first two. We went to the piano bar, Tiffany danced, and I got tired. Then something strange happened.

When I settled in to sleep, I wasn't as tired as I had been. Tiffany came over and kissed me good night and prepared to wander the ship. I watched out of the corner of my eye as she sat on the couch and looked at the printed schedule of events. After a couple of minutes she walked over and looked down at me. I had my eyes closed, but I was wide awake, trying to sleep.

She went over to the closet and took out a sexy short black dress and high heels. Then she fished through her drawer and took out different stockings. I opened my eyes every few minutes to watch. She sat right next to me on the couch and took off her panty hose and replaced them with thigh high stockings and high heels. She didn't put any panties back, just removed the panty hose. Whoa, I thought. What is she up to? She put on a new bra and the black dress. She was about six feet tall now and looked very sexy. After a refresher on her make up and a couple of squirts of perfume, she headed out the door. My mind was reeling,

This following part I found out later. Predictably, she met Mark at the Piano Bar and they danced until it switched over to karaoke. They took a table, got some drinks and watched the show.

Mark told Tiffany that he had a Suite and invited her to see how it compared to a regular balcony cabin. This was the big decision for her. A careful girl would have refused. Tiffany agreed to go, though.

A word about her. Tiffany has what I call a Testosterone meter in her head. When a strong type A male is around she reacts. I have seen it dozens of times. She senses their power and it excites her. When I'm not on pain killers I'm one of them.

Mark unlocked the Suite. It was basically two Balcony cabins with a large adjoining opening. Mark pointed out the balcony as he prepared two drinks for them. He set them on the counter and wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. She didn't resist. They began kissing and Mark held her tight ass cheeks. “No panties, huh? Mark asked. “Uh no, I must have forgotten”. Tiffany smiled. The drinks sat untouched as Mark maneuvered Tiffany to the bed and pushed her onto her back.

She didn't sit up or resist. She just looked up wide eyed, as Mark removed his suit. He laid next to her and again wrapped his arms around her. They began to kiss and Marks hand made its way between her legs. He caressed her sex on the out side. Tiffany began to moan and arch her back. “You're dripping.” Mark smirked. He pushed her dress up around her waist. Then he reversed his position and placed Tiffany's head on the inside of his thigh. His cock was filling with blood as he smelled her sex and began getting excited. Tiffany's knees spread apart as Mark moved his mouth down to her moistness. His nose parted her labia and she tensed. His tongue pushed against her clitoris and Tiffany shuddered. Mark pulled his head back a little and commanded: “Suck my cock.”

It was right in front of her lipsticked mouth and she didn't hesitate. “Oh, it's so big. I don't know if I can get it in my mouth.” Mark smirked again and pushed his meat into Tiffany's willing throat. He began to serve her with his tongue as she bobbed her head on his throbbing member. Mark reached over and placed his

hand on the back of her head. She couldn't back up now.

Marks tongue continued its work on her dripping slit. Mark felt a warm liquid squirt against his cheek as Tiffany released her tension and started her orgasm. “Oh. Don't stop. Don't stop!” She stopped the bobbing motion and pulled Mark's purple head out of her mouth. “Keep doing it!”

Mark followed directions and continued his licking. Tiffany stiffened and cried out.

Then she laid in complete exhaustion. “Did you have a little orgasm? Mark whispered. “No. I had a huge one. Just hold me for a while, OK? He switched positions and held her again. After many minutes, she said. “Your turn, stud. Lay on your back.”

Tiffany mounted Marks semi hard member and felt it swell inside her tight box. She was kneeling and riding the large banana shaped cock. She only took the first three or four inches. Mark reached up and unzipped the dress. Tiffany leaned back and removed it over her head.

“You look very hot.” Mark was admiring the push up bra and thigh highs. “Leave your heels on, they look really sexy.” After a good while, Tiffany rolled off of Mark and laid next to him with her legs spread. “Fuck me, stud.” Mark didn't hesitate. He kneeled between the skinny legs, gripped her lower thighs and pushed them back. His cock fell right into place and he began to tease her by rubbing up and down Tiffany's wetness.

Mark only mounted his first few inches into her tunnel. He wanted to stimulate her G spot for awhile.

Tiffany writhed on the bed as Mark stroked slowly inside of her. “You are a great fuck.” She moaned. Mark placed the flat of his palm just above her sex and put light pressure on her lower tummy. “Oh, that feels good.”

“Say 'I love it'.” Mark commanded. “Oh, I do. I love it.” Tiffany complied.

“Say 'cock'.” Mark continued. “Cock. I love your cock. Fuck me with your beautiful cock.” Tiffany almost shouted. Mark thought; “This is easier than I anticipated. She will make a good submissive.”

Mark carefully dismounted from Tiffany's overheated body and stood next to the bed. His cock was standing up at a steep angle, juices glistened on its surface.

After a couple of seconds, Tiffany queried; “What are you doing?”

“Come over to the edge of the bed.” Mark instructed. She slid over, still on her back. “Get on your hands and knees, with your head toward the edge of the bed.” She did as she was told. Mark maneuvered his cock into her mouth and commanded; “Suck me off.” Tiffany began to bob her head up and down on the massive man meat. She balanced on one hand as she reached up with her free hand and cupped Marks balls. Mark groaned. It felt fantastic.

It didn't take long before he could feel his balls tensing for an orgasm. Mark pulled out of Tiffany's mouth and had her kneel on the carpet in front of him. “Say 'Mark me. Say; 'You own me'.” She didn't hesitate. Tiffany kneeled and prepared to be facialized. “Mark me, stud. Come on my face.” She opened her mouth and licked her lips. This action excited Mark even further. She was a natural submissive with no apparent hang-ups.

Two spurts of cream landed on her face. One on the left cheek and the other up near her hairline. Mark took half of the forehead cream and rubbed it around her nipples. He took half of the cheek sauce and commanded her to stand, then touch her toes. Mark parted her ass globes and rubbed the come on Tiffany's brown eye. She squirmed as he touched her.

“Don't touch yourself. I want it to dry in place. We're going out” Mark announced.

As instructed, Tiffany redressed in her sexy outfit. Mark admired her and commented on the shiny sticky coatings that could be seen on her cheek and forehead. “I want everyone to know you are my slut.”

She didn't complain, she just complied, as Mark suspected she would.

Rating: 91%, Read 20455 times, Posted Apr 12, 2019

Fiction | Blackmail, Blowjob, Cheating, Coercion, Cuckold, Cum Swallowing, Oral Sex, Spanking, Threesome


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