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True Story | Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cosplay, Cuckold, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Female, Gay, Group Sex, Hardcore, Male, Oral Sex, Threesome, Transsexual, Voyeurism

I am Damian, a twenty-six year old bisexual male escort or as some prefer a gigolo, though in recent times I much prefer older women. My preferences became much more focused after a recent assignment with a woman twenty-years older than me.

Today’s assignment promises to be very exciting, with just one woman for the two of us to pleasure while another woman watches.

When we arrive Juliette’s secretary, Mary, greets us and leads us into another room to meet Juliette. Mary is very plain and unfeminine, though the thought of her watching us sexually pleasure her boss is already a bonus turn on.

Juliette is an absolute knockout, smooth ebony skin, stunning exotic features (we learnt later she was part Asian, part European), a beautifully groomed, very feminine, tall willowy blond, with shoulder length hair. Mid-thirties, dressed in an expensive white, designer brand two-piece outfit, heels and stockings.

“You two boys have a reputation for being thick and hung, I hope that is correct,” she smiles in a sexy, raspy voice. “Size really is important for me.”

Seb is very excited as Juliette tongue kisses him as he throws his shirt off, then his trousers. His fully erect nine-inch cock is bursting our of his jack strap as Mary and I watch on.

“Help me undress Seb?,” she orders with a huge smile as he readily complies. Jacket first, then her bra, exposing her gorgeous tits.

“Magnificent, just fucking magnificent,” Seb mutters as he licks and kisses her aroused nipples and slides his jock strap off.

“Wow, you really are nine-inches and thick, very thick,” Juliette moans as she runs a closed hand along his erection.

“Now my skirt Seb,” she instructs as she turns her back to us and it drops to the floor. She is now completely naked apart from her heels, a tiny g-string and a very sexy garter belt to hold up her stockings.

“What an ass, it is magnificent in that outfit, just fucking magnificent,” Seb mutters as he licks and kisses her ass cheeks and undoes the clip at the side of her g-string before it falls to the floor.

“A surprise for you boys, a big surprise,” she smirks as she turns to face us with her hands on her hips. “Do you like my cock? Does it turn you on?”

Juliette is hung and thick. Seb and I are nine and eight-inches when erect, she is only semi-erect and very impressive as we both make mental comparisons. Her cock with lots of trimmed, jet-black pubic hair, framed by her stockings and garter belt has Seb and I searching for superlatives as we ogle it.

“Do you like my cock? Does it turn you on?,” she asks again, now fully erect and pointing up at forty-five degrees as she teases it with her fingertips.

Seb and I are both very aroused as we ogle her naked feminine body, tremendous tits, ass and legs and her erection as we watch her settle into a large soft chair. We have never pleasured a trannie as a pair previously and we have hit the jackpot with this one.

Without saying a word Seb is on his knees between her legs, licking and and sucking her cock. Then at the very moment he takes her erection between his pursed lips, I slide my erection between her lips.

I have had my eight-inch erection sucked by males and females, but never ever by a trannie and even better while my buddy is sucking her formidable erection while I watch.

I have watched Seb suck and blow cocks a number of times, he really is good at it, and the power he has over that person at that moment. Some men last hardly any time at all with him, though if Seb is really keen on the man he will edge and tease them for thirty minutes or more. And it can be a major turn on watching him if the male is good looking with a good body, especially if Seb has his full, thick, nine-inch erection. Even better if the man’s female partner is watching.

Today he is excelling himself with a new challenge, a hung male with a very feminine body and magnificent tits. “Love your tits and ass,” he whispers as he stops sucking and places his thick, nine-inch erection on Juliette’s for comparison. “You are almost as big as me and Damian, and almost as thick,” he teases as he licks her nipples.

“You two are awesome, fucking awesome,” Mary whispers as she stands close by watching very closely. “I have organised lots off men for Juliette, but never ever two thick, hung men in your league. And you both have gorgeous asses.”

“You are very good, you really know how to suck cock. Are you bi-sexual?,” Mary asks Seb as he licks and sucks just the tip of Juliette’s cock while teasing her balls.

“Yes I am, how did you guess?”

“Have you done this to Damian?

“And he to you?

“At the same time?”

“That is a bonus turn on for Juliette, she is very excited, so am I,” Mary smiles.

I am watching Seb and Juliette very closely, I want to orgasm at the same time as Juliette. Seb is sucking and licking just the tip of her very wet erection as he runs a thumb-tip and finger-tip along it. She is breathing very heavily, her nipples are like bullets and the veins in her cock are bulging.

“Harder or softer?” Seb teases as he applies extra pressure to Juliette’s erection with his thumb-tip and finger-tip. Then a huge satisfied groan as she hits the back of Seb’s throat as I hit he back of her throat.

“That was awesome, absolutely fucking awesome,” Mary smiles as she wipes Juliette with a towel.

An hour later Seb is in his element as he teases his cock to it’s full nine-inches with three people watching. Juliette has exchanged her stockings and garter belt for a skimpy, crotchless white jock strap and a new pair of killer heels. Her ass and new erection both look magnificent poking out of it. She really does know how to dress to flaunt her body.

Then he is standing against a wall with his hands behind his head with a rubber cock ring adorning his new raging nine-inch erection. Mary and I are both very aroused as we watch Juliette lick, kiss and suck his erection while Seb alternates looking at her new erection and gorgeous tits. I was naked and flaccid when Juliette commenced pleasuring Seb’s erection, by the time she had it between her tightly pursed lips, I had a new full-on eight-inch erection.

“I love blowing a man with an audience, an extra turn on,” she whispers as she licks, then sucks Seb’s balls. From my past experiences watching Seb in action, I know when he is really aroused his erection becomes rock-hard and veiny, very veiny. Right now his rock-hard erection is extremely veiny as Juliette has one hand wrapped around it with the tip of it between her lips and her other hand teasing his balls.

“Give Damian a hand job while you watch us Mary,” Juliette whispers. “Sit on a chair and stand him against the wall next to Seb.”

When Seb and I arrived my initial impression of Mary was a very plain and unfeminine woman, at least twice my age, though the thought of her watching us sexually pleasure her boss might be a bonus turn on.

Any negative thoughts I had of Mary disappeared as soon as her oily fingers touched my erection. Still fully clothed, she softly teased and edged my balls with the fingertips of one hand and my engorged cock with the fingertips of the other. I love what she is doing to my second erection for the session, softly, ever so softly and teasing with her fingertips and a knowing smile.

“I did this for Juliette two nights ago, part of my job de***********ion,” she smirks in a whisper. “She loves me teasing and edging her cock. How about you Damian?

“Look at what Juliette is doing to your friend Seb, she is good isn’t she? And look at the size of her erection while she is blowing him,” Mary teases as she slowly runs just a single fingertip from my balls along the full length of my erection. Then she teases just the tip of my erection with her fingertip.

”That is exquisite Mary, fucking exquisite,” I moan as she gently slides two fingers in a V-shape along my erection as Seb glances on.

“Let me ask you again, are you and Seb bi-sexual?,” Mary asks as she teases my roaring erection with a finger-tip as she watches Juliette sucking just the tip of Seb’s cock while teasing his balls.

“Why do you ask?,’ I tease.”

“Juliette and I would love to watch.”

“Would love you to watch us. Next time you are in town.”

“Promise me, just thinking about that is turning me on,” Mary moans as she gives me an exquisite orgasm with a just finger-tip as we watch Juliette blowing Seb.

“Promise me, next time we are in town, you and Seb while we watch?”

Rating: 73%, Read 2797 times, Posted Feb 12, 2021

True Story | Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cosplay, Cuckold, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Female, Gay, Group Sex, Hardcore, Male, Oral Sex, Threesome, Transsexual, Voyeurism


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