New roommate opens my world by FreshNS08

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Fiction | BDSM, First Time, Gay

I'm Joe, I've been looking for a new roomate for quite some time now, I wouldn't say that im picky but I know that I'm looking for someone who was clean and tidy and i was able to get along with. I met this one guy, Ken, who seemed really nice, he stressed that he was a clean person and would keep to himself and had a bunch of girl friends that he would be bringing around if i didn't mind, of course i didn't mind, all the girls are welcome at my house. I had a couple of other applicants to interview, but non of them seemed to fit what I was looking for, so i called Ken and offered the extra room to him.

A week later, Ken moved in, he had two girls helping him, they were both very beautiful, both had yoga pants on showing off their perfect bubble butts, tights shirts showing off their amazing bodies, clearly they went to the gym quite often. I never really looked at other guys before, but I couldnt help notice Ken's shirtless perfect body, he was ripped from head to toe, clearly he and these girls would go to the gym together, i was quite jealous but still hopeful that he would introduce me to some of the single ones down the road.

One early morning, I rolled out of bed and walked downstairs to the kitchen in just a pair of shorts, I'm 6 foot, skinny but defined with a nice 6 inch cock, I seen Ken there in just his boxers while bent over in the fridge with his cute bubble butt hanging in the air. I always thought myself as straight, never found a guy attractive or even checked out a guy before, but seeing Ken in the fridge, i couldn't help but check out his ass, he turned around and then I was stuck staring at his well defined cock in his boxers, damn thing must of been at least 6 inches soft. Ken stood there for a second with a smirk on his face while staring at me, caught with an open jaw staring at his cock.

Ken "Ummmmm Joe, what's going on man, like what you see?"

I was frozen, I was stuck staring, and the worst part I don't know why, my mind wondered to what it would look like hard, in my mouth, and then inside me, where are these thoughts coming from, and then Ken knocks on the table to kick me back to relaity.

Me "Sorry, I.....uh.......was looking to get a glass of water, it't really early and I'm dying of thirst" while my mouth is dry just from the thoughts of his cock in my mouth.

Ken "O...well then here you go dude, I'll just get out of your way, i just have to put these eggs back" as he turns back around and sticks his ass back up in the air and does a little wiggle cause he knows im still staring.

I couldn't help but jack off that night, i blew a huge load everywhere, i was never curious to what it tasted like until earlier that day, I had some left on my hand and licked it off. I was surprised I liked it, it only made my thoughts of wanting Ken even stronger but i still thought he was straight with all the girls going in and out of his room. I had to know, I had to find out if he was at least bisexual, I figured the best chance to find out was having some casual drinks, so i took action and asked Ken to drink that weekend.

The weekend came around and i got a 24 pack of beer for Ken and I, he asked if i was fine if he brought some girls over also so i figured why not, I was kind of sad it wouldnt be just him and I but I could always try something later that night. Everyone showed up and we were all having a great time, it wasn't that late but i started to feel a little tired, I wasn't sure why but my eyes were getting heavy. I started to look around through my now foggy eyes and noticed Ken with a big smile on his face staring at me, i wasnt sure why until later.

Next thing i know I'm waking up, still foggy but slowly realizing what situation I'm in. All I can see is Ken, he's smiling, I started to move but realized I couldn't, my hands and legs were all tied down with a gag in my mouth.

Ken "Hello Joe, glad that you finally joined me, we're going to have some fun my new friend, I couldn't help but notice the way you looked at me coming out of the bathroom and the mornings in the kitchen. So now we're going to have some fun, I know you've been wanting this, so im willing to help you out, as long as you want it." I wasn't able to move or talk so now I'm at his mercy, all excited and scared at the same time, just realizing now that I've been stripped naked.

Slowly everything is starting to come into picture, I'm stuck in a downwards dog position on his bed and a ball gag in my mouth and Ken walking around the room with no other sound in the house. Ken starts to run his hands over my body, running his fingers up my legs sending shivers up my body, slowly his fingers reach my ass and he gives me a hard smack and a good grab and says we're going to have so much fun. I then feel a cold liquid lube running down my smooth crack with a finger being inserted to spread it around. This is the first time my virgin bum has ever been touched and I couldnt help but moan and groan from his finger inside of me, starting to wiggle my ass to get his finger out but also to try and get it further inside of me while i start to moan louder getting used to his finger and starting to enjoy it.

Ken then moved from behind me to infront of me with his finger still inside of me, where I could now see that he was naked as well and was sporting a now semi hard 8 inch fat cock, my eyes widened with concern and interest. He starts to remove the gag after removing his finger from my bum, im starting to feel empty without his finger and the craving is starting to grow, he then removes the gag while whispering in my eye.

Ken " your're mine, i can feel your ass wanting my finger and i bet you're starting to feel empty and wanting more, I'm going to remove this gag but you're going to corroperate and if you do then you'll enjoy yourself as much as i will. Now I'm just going to ask you to sit here and be a good little boy, and when I ask you to do something, you will be a good boy and respond with Yes Daddy or you'll be sorry, do i make myself clear?"

Me " Yes Daddy, I'll be a good boy"

After that, I felt dirty, I felt like I wasn't in control which turned me on uncontrolably but also had me a little concerned, I know I wanted to feel him inside of me but for my first time with someone that big I'm worried it will hurt a lot. Ken removed the gag and asked me if I was ready, he stood in front of me now with his cock in his hand only inches from my face and he started to move closer. I was thinking he wouldn't fit into my mouse let alone my bum, but he moved closer and started to press himself against my lips and told me to open wide for Daddy and all i could do was look up into his horny eyes and open wide.

He tasted amazing, my first ever cock and I was hooked already, he was pushing his cock into my mouth further and further until it hit the back of my throat. I couldnt believe that i had a cock in my mouth, I loved it, being used like this was extremely hot and I couldn't help but start to get hard as a rock, I tried to resist the urge but I couldn't help but like feeling like a slut. Ken started to use my mouth a bit more, in and out, he was starting to get into it and forcefully start to face fuck me and I could tell that he was getting close to cumming.

Ken "O MY GOD, you're a good little cock sucking slut aren't you my boy, sucks Daddy's cock until I cum down your cock hungry mouth, you want my cum don't you?" as he proceeded to remove his cock from my mouth just for a moment for me to reply

Me "Yes Daddy, please dont sto......" was all that i could say before he shoved his cock back into my mouth, Ken then reached around and started to finger my ass again, wow what a feeling this was, being used like this had me extremely hot and horny. He was fucking my ass and my mouth and I loved it, then suddenly he stopped and I felt empty again, only for a moment though because he returned to my mouth with his cock but now my ass had a larger object being inserted. Ken had a medium sized dildo at the entrance of my hole, he started to insert it and his cock into my mouth at the same time, WOW this was a rush, being opened up like this has always been a dream I never knew I had.

I felt like a slut, I couldn't do anything, and I love it, too much, I was craving his cum at this point, I needed it in my mouth and I wanted to taste him so badly. I knew he was getting close, he was pumping me harder and his cock was starting to swell, his balls were slapping my chip and they were getting smaller, I knew he was really close but I really didn't want this to end.

Ken "Here it comes my boy slut, are you ready for my seed to be shot down your hungry mouth, and you better not let any of it out of your pretty mouth." after him saying that, I felt shot after hot shot of warm sticky cum shoot down my throat, I LOVED IT, it tasted so good and I made sure that absolutely non of it went to waste and daddy was happy about that and I was about to get my reward for being a good boy. " WOW kid, good job, I must say you're a good little cock slut, but dont think we're done yet, this is only the beginning of our night together. I'm going to leave you here for a few minutes for me to go freshen up, dont you dare cum or you won't get your prize." After him saying that, he shoves a vibrator into my ass and turns it to max and straps it in so it wont fall out.

At this point im going nuts, my cock is as hard as it's ever been, I'm bursting to explode my load but to be a good boy I'm fighting as much as I can to hold it in and not cum. I was really hoping that it wasn't close to over but I knew he just blew a huge load so I was thinking it was over. Next thing I knew Ken was back and was hard as a rock again which made me excited, he shoved his cock inside my mouth just for another moment for him to unstrap the dildo out of my ass. Once he removed it I felt so empty, I felt that something was missing and I was craving him more than ever. He slowly swings around to my ass and asks if im ready, I'm MORE than ready at this point and honestly can't wait until he's inside of me.

Ken approaches which his fully hard 10 inch cock from behind me, I can feel him behind me, he brings his cock up to my crack and puts it right onto my hole. "you look nice and ready for my big cock now, i bet you're dying to cum and I bet you're craving my cock to be inside of you to milk you until you're dry, I'm going to breed you and turn you into the cock hungry slut you're born to be." I was totally ready and willing for his big cock in my craving ass.

Me "Please fill me daddy, I want to be your cock slut, I want you to breed me into the cock hungry whore that you know I am, I want your big cock up my ass and milk me, please fuck me until I cum from your big cock inside of me"

Ken "Good boy, thats all I needed to hear, you're going to get quite the treat from me, I'll go nice and slow at first but you better get used to it quick cause I'm going to fuck you like thers no tomorrow."

After all that was said, he slowly started to push his head into my ass, I felt the pop of his head going inside of me and he waited a second for me to adjust, after a minute he pushed further in and waited again thankfully, he then shoved in all the way in and i gasped for air as he filled me to the brim. I could feel his balls on mine, he was all the way in and I was in heavy and hard as a rock and getting close to cumming already. After about a minute, he finally started to pull out until he gets to the tip and then slowly shoves it back in again, "O MY GOD" I couldn't help but moan loudly, he seemed to love that and started to push a little faster and harder.

Ken "Okay my little boy slut, are you ready for daddy to let you cum? I'm going to unstrap you and you're going to be a good little boy for me and do as I say, aren't you"

Me "YES DADDY, please fuck me until I cum, I'm all yours for the taking, you can do whatever you want to me, please fuck me good daddy, I need that seed and I want to be breed to be your little slut"

Ken started to pull out, I really didn't want him out of me at all, I wanted him to fuck me until I cum all over myself. As his tip was still inside of me, he starts to undo my legs, he then removes his cock to undo my arms, once he let me free, he flipped me around so i was on my back and lifted my legs up high, he placed himself at my ass again and started to insert again. Once he was inside of me again, I was right back in heaven and begging for more. I was so hard, as he started to pump me full with his cock, he started to jack me off, this was the most intense pleasure I've ever felt.

Ken "You're going cum all over yourself and im going to feed you your own cum and them I'm going to breed your virgin ass and you'll always be my little slut, after I breed your tight little ass, you're going to clean my cock off nice and good"

Me "Yes daddy, I'm yours, yours for the taking and yours to do whatever you want to do, please fuck me and breed me and let me cum, please daddy, fuck me goooooooo................"

Right then daddy shoved his whole cock inside of me, WOW i was speechless, i couldn't take it anymore, I was about to explode, I was getting so close to cumming, I could feel it inside my balls building up. One last thrust from Ken and I was exploding all over myself, all over my chest and some even got on my face, Ken started to take my cum into his fingers and started feeding me, once he got most of it he leaned down and gave me a passionate kiss to share our cum while still thrusting his cock inside of me. I'm still rock hard as he continues to fuck me.

I can tell at this point he is getting close to cumming, I know he's going to blow a huge load inside of me, I can't wait until he does, I'm turning into his cock hungry slut as he fucks me more and more, I'm in love with being fucked, fucked like the little dirty slut I am and have always been, it's just taken this amazing cock to show me the way. He starts pumping me with long hard strokes, I can feel his nuts starting to tighten and his cock starting to pulse.

Ken "I'm going to nut in your tight little virgin ass, are you ready for daddy's cum to be inside of you?"

Me "Yes, please daddy, I'm ready for you to turn me into your cum slut, please fill me daddy"

At that moment, Ken thrusts hard into me and blows his huge load, I couldnt contain myself, I came so hard myself while feeling my daddy cum inside of me so hard, I was overwhelmed by the feeling, it felt like I was in seventh heaven and didn't want it to end. Once daddy was done filling me, he pulled out and told me to clean him up, I happily took his cock into my mouth and cleaned his cock off good, took all of his cum into my mouth and cleaned his cock off to the best of my ability.

Ken "Good boy, you loved it didnt you, I know you did, this won't be the last time, whenever I call your name, you will come and get on your knees and say please feed me your cock daddy, got it."

Me "I loved it daddy, thank you so much, yes, I will always do as you say to be your good little boy." and I said that with a big smile on my face

To be continued........

Rating: 86%, Read 17675 times, Posted Apr 18, 2017

Fiction | BDSM, First Time, Gay


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