A Grownup's Kid's Game by starrynight

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Fantasy | Female, Incest, Male

The following story is based on true event.


You know that cousin? The one almost every guy or girl has. The one that every time you see, you can’t help but think if there was a chance something would have happened between the two of you had you not been cousins. Well, I too have such a cousin, and her name is Ella.

I was older than Ella by just a few months and we spent much of our early life together. Back then, growing up, our families lived in the same town and would get together often.

It was only natural that Ella and I became good friends.

We were babies back then, couldn’t have been more than four or five years old when we started hanging out on a regular basis. Almost every weekend either my parents would drop me off at Ella’s house which was more accurately my aunt and uncle’s house or they would drop her off at my house.

Ella and I would play for hours at a time, running around outside, building forts from blankets and watching movies on the VCR. We would have sleepovers and take baths together.

We were so young and so innocent back then and our parents were happy with our friendship.

We stayed friends and would hang out even after we grew up a bit and started first and second grade. Ella would come over to my house about once a week and I would go over to hers. At that age we stopped bathing together but we did get more curious about the other the sex.

It was around the age of seven that we started playing a little game. In this game, Ella would take her pants and underwear off and I would look fascinated at her female parts and then tickle her down there. The next time we played we would switch and I would take my pants off and let her do the same to me.

We both knew this was wrong and would close the bedroom door and keep a lookout for parents whenever we played this game. Even though, we never understood exactly why this was wrong or why we were so interested in what the other had beneath his underwear.

At the age of nine, while we were still close friends, Ella’s father got a job far away and she moved away with her family. After that, Ella and I stopped being friends and went to being friendly cousins.

After she moved away with her family, the next time I saw her was 2 years later at a family gathering. It was weird seeing her after all this time. She looked very different and even though we talked a little it was clear to the 11 year old me that we would never go back to the way things were.

I would see Ella once a year at family gatherings. We would exchange a few words, maybe even have a short conversation but the special connection we once had was gone.

Six years after Ella moved away, her father got a promotion at work and they moved back to town. I remember driving with the entire family to pick them up at the airport and bring them to our house where they stayed their first night back. But what I remember most about that day was seeing Ella.

It had been a year and a half since I saw her last and when I laid my eyes on her as she walked out of the airport terminal I was full of awe. My cousin was beautiful.

She had changed a lot from the last time I saw her and turned over a course of a year and a half into a beautiful lady. Her skinny girlish form turned into a young woman’s, with curves developing in all the right places. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her all day.

After they came back we became practically neighbors. Our families would have dinner together almost every week but besides sitting and complaining about school together once a week we wouldn’t really talk much to one another.

We were both 15 year old teenagers at the time. We had much more important thing on our minds than each other, like global warming and the crisis in the Middle East or more likely sports, girls and school.

As school progressed and neared its welcome end, my cousin Ella grew more and more attractive. And even though we went to different schools, every once in a while some guy from my class would meet her somewhere, discover she was my cousin and come tastelessly telling me how hot she was.

School went on and the both of us continued growing up until at age 18 and senior year, Ella was a real head turner.

She had long wavy dark brown hair, piercing blue eyes and a beautiful smile. She was a bit short, but somehow it suited her physique, her weight seeming to have been measured precisely to fit her with not a gram out of place. Her body was now a fully grown woman’s body, with large breasts that stood nicely in place and a perfectly tight round ass.

Above all these compelling attributes there was one that I loved the most. Her laugh.

She had the most beautiful laugh I have ever heard. Each time I heard it, the world seemed a little better.

Her laugh was a mix of a sexy and enticing with a dash of childish and free. A laugh that would make you want to be funny just so you could hear it, and that, along with her big bright smile could get her any guy she wanted.

Don’t get me wrong, even so it might sound like it, I was never obsessed with Ella. She was attractive yes, but I did not fixate on her, was in love with her or fantasized about her. Actually, full disclosure, I may have fantasized about her once or twice, but no more than the next guy.

I had my own thing going on in high school, with plenty of partying and girlfriends of my own.

After high school, Ella and I continued our lives. We each went to college far from home and would see each other once a year at family gatherings. On those occasions we would talk to each other quite a bit and both of us seemed to be a lot more open with the other than when we were at school. I found myself after several family gatherings thinking back to the games Ella and I played as kids. I wondered to myself if Ella remembered it too but never had the courage to ask her.

Life went on and I would barely think about Ella. We both finished our degrees and started working. Ella as a children’s therapist and I as an engineer. We would see each other maybe once or twice a year at family events.

My first job started out good and got better. The company was very happy with my work and after two years there they gave me a promotion, a large raise and relocated me. It just so happened that I got relocated to the same city where Ella was living at the time and studying for her master’s degree.

Shortly after I moved, there was another annual family event and there I met Ella after another year without meeting.

“Hey Peter” Ella said putting down a plate full of food on the table next to me and sat down in front of it. I had already greeted her with a hug and a peck on the cheek when I got there.

“Bon appetite” I said with a smile, pointing to her plate and turned my attention to my own plate of food.

We ate in silence for another minute before Ella spoke, “So, I heard you and I are back to being neighbors” She said cheerful.

“I guest so” I answered.

“And why am I hearing about it just now?” she said trying to look angry.

“Hey, I just moved in a week ago and my place is still a mess” I tried to justify myself.

“I guess that’s an okay excuse” Ella said and started laughing her adorable laugh.

“So when do I get to see your new place?” Ella asked to my surprise.

“I guess when I finish unpacking everything” I answered, “but I’m still waiting from an invitation from you as well” I continued.

“Touché” Ella said and we continued sitting there for another half an hour catching up.

The following days I enjoyed the thought of Ella and me getting back to being friends now that we lived so close to one another. She was an interesting and fun to talk to person and I enjoyed spending time with her.

The following week I was at work when I got a call from her.

“HI Pete” she said on the phone, “How are you?”

“Good” I answered, “working”.

“Ok sorry, I won’t be long” she started saying, “Do you have any plans for dinner?”

“Not really” I answered intrigued.

“Good, then you’re coming over to have dinner with us” she told me.

“Us?” I asked not knowing who she meant.

“Yeah, my friend slash roommate, Chelsea and I” Ella answered.

“Sure. Do you want me to bring anything?” I asked trying to be polite.

“A bottle of wine would be nice” she said joyfully.

“You got it” I answered and after getting her address and time we finished our conversations.

Later that day, while wearing some casual clothes and holding a bottle of wine in my hand, I knocked on the door of apartment 8 in the building Ella gave me as her address. It was a pretty nice building with a young vibe surrounding the neighborhood. After the second knock my cousin opened the door.

“Hi” she said happily after opening the door and pulled me in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek, leading me into the apartment and closing the door behind.

Her apartment looked nice and I told her as much. What I refrained from saying was that she looked much nicer.

Ella had on a tight maroon sweater, jeans that emphasized her figure nicely, and was wearing her hair down. I got a look at her perfect ass as she turned around and walked over to the kitchen with the bottle of wine in her hand.

I admired her body for another few seconds before addressing the delicious scent that shrouded the living room.

“Wow. Something smells incredible” I said to Ella.

“And It tastes even better” she answered humbly while starting to open the bottle of wine.

As she popped the cork, almost on cue, I heard a voice and immediately turned around.

“You must be Peter?” a female voice said as I turned around to it.

“I’m Chelsea” the voice continued saying just as I got my first look at its owner.

Chelsea had brown, shoulder length hair and a pretty face. She was much taller than Ella and skinny, with long toned legs, a tight little ass and small breasts that were hidden beneath a long buttoned checkered shirt. She was attractive by any standard.

“Nice to meet you” Chelsea continued saying and handed me her hand which I shook.

“You didn’t tell me he was so cute” Chelsea said to Ella right in front of me.

“It runs in the family” I managed to say casually while trying my hardest not to blush. Ella and Chelsea laughed at that and Ella poured all three of us a glass of wine.

After that, I had a great night with both girls. We had a wonderful meal Ella cooked, drank wine, talked and laughed. Eventually it got late and we had to call it a night. Both girls hugged me good bye and I left with a smile on my face and a promise to do it again soon.

The week after, I invited both of them over to my place for coffee and apple pie and they gladly accepted the invitation. I showed off my own cooking skills that day by baking the pie from scratch.

We had a great time just like our previous encounter and talked and laughed for hours. I found out to my disappointment that both Ella and Chelsea had serious boyfriends and for some reason, even though I thought of asking Chelsea out before I knew of the boyfriend, the fact that Ella had a boyfriend got to me more.

Of course I did not show a shred of disappointment on my face as we kept on having a good time.

After that, Ella and I became good and frequent friends. We would talk, text and meet up on a regular basis. I would drop by her place to hang out, she would come over to mine or we would go talk over a coffee or drink at times.

I even met her boyfriend a couple times. He seemed like an okay guy but I just couldn’t find the capacity to like him.

As time went on, Ella and I got closer and closer and would talk freely to each other. I knew from her that she loved her boyfriend and that they had been toying with the concept of marriage. She even asked for my thoughts on the subject, which I tried to provide objectively.

Later on, she started asking me for advice about things in her life and gradually I found myself starting to do the same with her. I was glad we had become such good friends again after all these years.

It was early evening and I just finished baking the most amazing chocolate cookies. The first batch came out of the oven and after tasting one of the cookies I put in the second batch and immediately called Ella to try and tempt her to come over with the baked goods, something I did often and worked like a charm.

“Hi Ella” I said on the phone as Ella answered on the third ring.

“Hi” she said back softly.

I could immediately tell by her voice that something was wrong.

“Are you okay?” I asked her and she instantly broke down sobbing on the phone.

“No” she said to the phone while crying, “I’m as far from okay as possible”.

“What is it?” I asked with a soothing voice.

Ella stopped her sobbing and after a few sniffles said, “He broke up with me” and went back to crying.

“What an asshole” I said to Ella believing it. “Where are you?” I asked her.

She calmed down enough to answer, “I’m at my place”.

“Is Chelsea with you?” I asked her.

“No. She’s at her parent’s” Ella answered and started weeping again.

“Ok, then I’m coming over” I told Ella.

“No, don’t. I’m fine” she said embarrassed.

“Ella, I just finished baking the most incredible chocolate cookies you have ever tasted. I think that they are exactly what you need right now. That and a friends. I’m coming over” I said and she agreed.

I waited for the second batch to come out of the oven, put them in a large paper bag and started heading out. When I got to the door I stopped, retraced back to the kitchen and grabbed an almost full bottle of vodka with me.

Twenty minutes later I was knocking on her front door.

Ella opened the door red eyed and as soon as it closed behind me and I put the bag I brought with me down, I hugged her. She embraced me powerfully, holding me tight like she was afraid I was going to run away and started sobbing in my arms.

I pulled her over to the couch and kept on holding her in my arms as she melted with sadness. I didn’t know what to say or do so I just held her tight and let her cry into me.

“I’m sorry” Ella said after she managed to stop her crying and loosened her hold around me.

“It’s okay” I told her, “that’s what I’m here for”, and I gave her forearm a sympathy filled squeeze.

“Thank you” she said hoarsely and almost started to cry again.

“Here, this might help you feel a little better” I said to her while slowly raising and grabbing the bag of cookies I brought with me.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked Ella while giving her a cookie and taking one myself. She started spilling her heart out to me.

For the next hour, she told me how they met, about when they started going out, how she thought they were going to get married and how he broke up with her. I just sat there and listened, giving her another cookie every once in a while and holding her when she started crying. When she finished telling the story she looked absolutely drained.

“Thanks for the cookies” she said as she ate the last one, “they’re great”. She looked full of despair.

“I think you could use something stronger than that” I said to her pointing to the cookie and got up to my bag. She looked at me and watched as I took the bottle of vodka and placed on the table. She took a deep breath and nodded at me.

I walked over to the kitchen and opened the fridge to find a bottle of cranberry juice. I then filled 2 glasses with ice, cranberry juice and a nice amount of vodka. I went back to the living room and handed one glass to Ella.

She drank half of the glass in one sip and made a face at the taste of the alcohol.

I sat down next to her with my drink and we kept on talking and drinking.

We finished two drinks and were working on the third, but Ella was still miserable and talking nonsense about never finding another guy ever again and being alone for the rest of her life.

“Come on” I stopped her, “Stop being so dramatic. Yeah you broke up, but a girl like you will find a new guy in no time”.

Ella looked surprised by what I said. “What do you mean by a girl like me?” she asked.

“Look at you” I said to her, “You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re fun… most of the time. Every guy would be lucky to have you”, I told her. I knew I was sounding cliché but I really thought so.

Ella seemed to brighten up just a bit, “You really think so?” she asked me.

“Well, yeah” I said back.

“You think I’m beautiful?” she asked me like she didn’t believe it.

“Of course” I said to her genuinely.

She looked at me shocked, “do you think about the way I look often?” she asked me.

I kept quiet.

“Well?” she asked again.

“I don’t know, maybe” I said embarrassed.

“What other thoughts do you have about me?” she kept pressing me and I cracked.

“Actually, I’ve been thinking about when we were young” I started telling her as she looked at me with a piercing stare. I couldn’t believe I was telling her this but I continued talking, “I don’t know if you remember, but there was a game we used to play all the time”.

I could see in her eyes she remembered and blushed a little.

“Really, what game?” she asked and put her hand on my leg while taking another sip from her glass with the other.

I knew she knew but I played along, “A game where we would close the bedroom door, get on the bed, take our clothes off and tickle each other” I said slowly.

“I remember that game” Ella said, her voice suddenly sounded seductive. “Why are you thinking about it?” Ella continued saying and started moving her hand and rubbing my thigh, “Do you want us to start playing it again?”

I was too overwhelmed to answer. Ella took this as a yes and slid her hand over my pants to where my cock was.

“Ella, we shouldn’t” I told her as she started moving her hand over my cock.

“I don’t know if you remember this” Ella started saying while still rubbing my cock through my pants “but there was one time you wanted us to change the rules of the game”.

I had no idea what she was talking about and it was clearly visible on my face.

“No?” Ella continued, “You don’t remember the time you asked me if next time we play we can try and put your… penis” she said with a pause “into my … vagina?”

As she said this, a distant memory popped back into my head and I remembered exactly what she was talking about. The memory made my dick grow in my pants as Ella was still rubbing it.

“We were so young we had no idea what it meant” Ella continued saying, “But you still wanted to try it and I agreed. The next time we met to play, you were so excited about it. We made sure our parents were nowhere near my bedroom when we took our pants off. I was laying on my bed with you above me and you were about to do it when I told you not to. I was too scared and you didn’t object. Instead I said you could use your thing to tickle me down there instead of your fingers like you always do and you did. After that time you never brought it up again”.

My cock was rock hard in my pants as Ella finished speaking and climbed on top of me. She sat down on the bulge in my pants and without thinking twice moved in and kissed me on the lips.

Her warm lips felt amazing on mine as we kissed passionately. Ella started moving her waist around, grinding on my cock as we kissed.

We stopped the kiss long enough for Ella to take off my shirt and then continue on to hers and take it off, revealing a body colored bra holding her large bosoms in place as we kept kissing. I broke the kiss, moved down to her smooth neck and started kissing it to her soft moans.

As I kissed her neck, I nimbly felt around behind her back and without asking permission I unhooked her bra with both hands and let it fall.

Her marvelous tits appeared. They were large and round with big areolas in the middle of each and hard dark red nipples. In spite of their size they held nicely in place and I just had to have them.

“Wow” I said out loud as I looked at her boobs hungrily and without giving it any thought, reached out with both hands to grab them and started kneading the arousing lumps.

Ella moaned softly as I played with her magnificent breasts and after a few seconds moved my mouth over to the left one.

I grabbed her tit with my hand and guided it to my mouth as I started to lick it. I started out by licking around and kissing the soft skin. Then moved in and started licking her nipple and finally put her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it.

I kept playing with the second one with my hand and switched between sucking the two while Ella was letting out sounds of pleasure.

Ella kept grinding on top of my cock as I licked her chest thoroughly until she finally had enough and climbed off of me. She looked at me lustfully as she got off me and without a warning, got down and started pulling my pants and underwear off.

I helped her out by raising my waist and in a matter of seconds I was sitting naked in front of her, my average size cock completely hard for Ella to examine.

“Not bad” Ella said as she got on her knees on the floor in front of my erect cook. She looked at it hungrily and started stroking it with her hand.

“Oh Ella” I said quietly as I felt her soft warm hand on my hard cock. She looked up at me while stroking my dick and kept looking straight at me as she neared her mouth to it and gave the top of my cock a lick that caused my entire body to shiver.

She gave the tip another teasing lick and then, still not breaking eye contact, she started taking my dick in her mouth.

“Oh fuck Ella” I moaned as my cock found its way into her mouth.

She held the base of my dick in her hand as she pulled her mouth off my cock then immediately took it back in and started sucking my dick masterfully. She bobbed her head while moving her tongue around, causing me immense pleasure.

I closed my eyes in pleasure and tilted my head back as my cousin continued to suck my dick, giving me one of the best blowjobs I have ever had. She kept it up for another minute before stopping and getting to her feet.

She stood there topless and I gazed up at her as she wiggled out of her pants. I got a brief look at her light blue panties before she quickly took them off and stood in front of me completely naked as well.

She was stunning. She had crème colored toned legs, perfect smooth thighs, a flat stomach bellow an amazing pair of tits, a slender waist and to top it all off, a completely shaved pussy.

I took one look at her and got to my feet facing her. “You really are beautiful” I told her and bent down for a long kiss. We kissed passionately, our tongues dancing together as our bodies pulled together. I felt her warm skin touching my own all over, and put my hands around her waist.

We kept making out hungrily as I moved my hands around her. I grabbed both sides of her firm ass with my hands and squeezed tightly, enjoying the feeling of her smooth behind as Ella moaned into my mouth.

I kept squeezing her ass as we kissed until at one point I held her by the ass and pulled her up, holding her up. Our eyes were now aligned in height and there was a look of surprise on them as she realized I picked her up.

Ella regained her bearings quickly and with our lips still locked together, she wrapped her legs around my waist tightly. As a result, my erect cock was trapped upright between my stomach on one side and Ella’s warm pussy on the other.

Ella realized this and started grinding her wet pussy up and down along my hard cock as we kissed. The sensation was amazing and we both moaned quietly as Ella kept sliding her lower lips over and along my cock.

We kept this up for another few minutes before I had enough. I turned us around and dropped Ella on her back onto the couch. I then dropped to my knees on the floor in front of her and Ella spread her legs, giving me my first complete view of her pink pussy.

I drew closer to her womanly region and inhaled deeply, breathing her intoxicating aroma in before continuing closer with my tongue out.

“Oh God” Ella let out as I made first contact with her vulva’s lips. She let out a cute little gasp and then started moaning as I started brushing the tip of my tongue over her exposed slit.

I slowly moved my tongue along her slit a few times as she watched me, moaning. Her cunt was so warm, wet and delicious. I wanted more of it.

I slowly brought both hands along her legs and as I inserted my tongue in a little deeper, I started massaging her pussy with both thumbs. My cousin’s moans grew louder and her pussy wetter as I kept licking and rubbing her down there.

Ella closed her eyes in pleasure and exhaled deeply as I gave her pussy’s lips a playful bite and immediately followed by using both hands to spread her pink pussy apart and run my tongue over her clit.

“Oooohhh, ooohhh, ooohhh. Oh my GOD!” Ella yelled in ecstasy as I slyly moved my tongue over and around her clit in circular motions.

“Oh fuck Pete, oh fuck” Ella continued as I kept pleasuring her, the room filling with constant sounds of sexual pleasure.

I kept devouring her pussy for another minute before stopping and pulling my head back a little. Ella’s body instantly relaxed and she slouched back on the couch breathing deep long breathes.

I got to my feet and sat down next to her.

“Wow” Ella said, “That was incredible”.

“Thanks” I said, putting a palm on her soft thigh and rubbing it gently, my cock standing tall between my legs.

“How did any girl ever break up with after you did that to her?” Ella asked jokingly.

I chuckled politely and kept quiet. I wasn’t sure if she was expecting an answer.

After a few seconds, Ella finally caught her breath and took over. She stood up, moved around to face me and then sat down on my lap. She looked down at my hard cock, placed between our two naked bodies before continuing. She licked her hand thoroughly then used it to give my cock a few strokes.

Ella repeated this once more, her warm wet hand on my dick only encouraging it to stay upright. She then moved forward towards me and raised her body in the air a little. A second later, she grabbed my cock in her hand and started lowering herself while guiding my cock with her hand. She lowered herself until I felt the tip of my cock at the entrance of her warm wet haven. At that point she let go of my cock moving her hand away and in one motion impaled herself upon my erect member.

“Oh yes Ella” I whispered to her as I felt the overpowering pleasure of my cock being wrapped by my cousin’s tight snatch.

She closed her eyes and a smile formed on her face as she started riding me blissfully. Ella put both hands on my legs to steady herself and I grabbed her by the waist as she rode me with sexual vigor.

She let out the most adorable moans and opened her eyes every once in a while to look at me grunt in pleasure. I kept on gazing at her sexy naked body as we fucked, watching her perfect breasts bounce up and down provocatively, looking at her pretty face grimace in pleasure and observing as my cock entered time after time into her coveted cunt.

We kept this up for a couple minutes, fucking tenderly, Ella gently jumping up and down my erect cock with great pleasure until at some point, Ella slowed down.

She then moved her face closer to mine and with my dick still inside her brought her lips to my ear.

“I want you to fuck me from behind. Hard!” She whispered in my ear and I swear my dick hardened a little inside her.

She climbed off me and waited for me to get to my feet before climbing back on the couch. She turned her back to me, placed her hands on the headrest and spread her legs a little with her knees on the couch. That was all the motivation I needed.

She held up her amazing ass invitingly and I pounced. I slid my hands over her smooth bum up to her waist which I grabbed. I then pushed my waist forward until it was touching her. I used one hand to grasp my cock and give her pussy a few rubs and then finally guided my erect dick into her radiating pussy and penetrated it with force.

Ella let out a soft whimper as my cock slithered its way deep inside her and continued by moaning gently as I slowly fucked her from behind. I started out slow, slowly breaching her divine snatch to our combined pleasure, but after a bit I quickened the pace. I grabbed my moaning cousin by the waist and started shoving my cock faster inside her tight cunt.

“Oh yeah Pete, just like that” Ella called out encouraging me as I quickened my thrusts into her. “Oh fuck yes” Ella continued “Oh fuck that feels good. Fuck me, oh yeah, fuck me harder Peter”. Ella was now moaning enthusiastically as I fucked her forcefully. “Yes Peter, yes, oh God Yes. Fuck me harder. Fuck your cousin’s tight pussy as hard as you can”.

Ella was moaning intensely as I obliged and fucked her as hard as I could. Her dirty talk was a bit weird at first coming from my cousin but it also turned me on like hell and made me want to fuck her with everything I had.

“Oh fuck Ella, you’re pussy feels so good” I said with a loud groan. I was still holding her by the waist with both hands and was now thrusting my cock as hard as I could deep inside her soaking wet cunt.

“Yes Peter, just like that. Oh god yes! Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Keep going. Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Ella said this as I plunged my cock hard inside her. I was so close to finishing by now but I had to get her off first.

“I’m gonna cum Peter, I’m gonna cum” Ella said with severe sexual pleasure and she did. She let out a high pitched orgasmic squeak as she climaxed. I could feel her warm juices flowing around my cock and out her pussy as she climaxed. She brought one hand down from the headrest to her pussy and started rubbing her clit like crazy as she kept squealing in orgasmic bliss.

I kept fucking her through this, feeling her body shudder slightly at the hands of her orgasm. I managed to hold my orgasm in for another few seconds but seeing her orgasm was too much for me and I erupted inside her.

“Oh God Ella fuck!!” I said, managing a few last hard thrusts inside her climaxing pussy before I started squirting my load inside her. I moaned ecstatically and barely managed to plunge my cock into her. I shot an obscene amount of cum inside my cousin’s burning pussy as the indescribable pleasure of my orgasm washed over my entire body.

We both kept on moaning euphorically as the last of our orgasms took their course and I barely managed a few last thrusts into that amazing pussy, completely draining my cock inside her. I gave her a final shove and pulled out.

I dropped down to the couch exhausted and Ella fell down on top of me. I placed my arm behind her back and we just sat there. We were both sweaty and breathing heavily, Ella sitting on my lap.

Ella pulled herself into my naked body and held me as I wrapped both hands around her and held her too.

“Thanks for this Peter” Ella said, our naked bodies still intertwined.

“Any time” I said and kissed her on the forehead as I held her in my arms.

“You know what?” Ella said after we sat there holding each other for some time in silence.

“What?” I asked.

Ella raised her gaze to meet mine and looked me in the eyes as she spoke, “I think I should have done what you asked that one time when we were kids”.

I didn’t know where that came from or what to say to it but for some reason it felt like a compliment.

“It doesn’t matter now” I told Ella, “I’m just glad we got to do it now”.

“Me too” Ella said sincerely, and with that she pulled my head down to her and gave me a long passionate kiss on the lips.

The End

If you would like to see a part 2, please comment.

Also, write what you would like to see happen in part 2.

I promise to give credit if I like your idea.

Rating: 96%, Read 259834 times, Posted Jan 04, 2018

Fantasy | Female, Incest, Male


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