Bathroom Retreat by VanillaMama

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Fantasy | Anal, Ass to mouth, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Threesome, Voyeurism

Katie and Samantha have been best friends since they were six years old. They have always shared everything including boys. You could say that they were friends with benefits. They didn’t look at it that way though. They just loved to please and tease each other. They were known to make out at parties and share toys. They had even gone on girls gone wild and gotten paid to touch and fuck each other. It was all in good clean fun.

Now Katie was the good girl, her halo was just a little off to the side. Her D tits were perfect to her and her curves were all in the right places. Katie always has to get a few beers in her to get things a rolling. Samantha on the other hand likes to instigate things. Her fire red hair and her smoking green eyes always lit up the room. She has small tits, only a B cup but she knows how to work a room. Samantha always starts Katie off and gets things going for herself afterwards.

On this particular night Samantha was on the prowl. Looking for a man to join her and Katie in on some fun. She wasn’t particularly picky with the guys. They must be clean and smell good.

Katie got out of the car and walked into the bar first. Then Samantha walked in behind her. They would sit on opposite sides of the room and scope it out first. After twenty minutes they would meet for a drink at the bar and discuss the finds. Katie walked off to the right. Her tight blue strapless dress hugged her curves ever so slightly. She sat a table alone and ordered a water. She sat back and watched as Samantha walked to the left side of the room. She sat a barstool near the pool tables and ordered a sex on the beach. Typical Samantha, always thinking dirty.

Katie nodded at Samantha and started scoping out the guys. Her eyes first stopped on a tall muscular man. He was playing darts with a few guys and female. He seen her looking at him and gave her a crooked grin. His teeth were straight and a off white. Katie started scanning the room again… At the bar she noticed a short man he had a small muscular build and short brown hair. He was talking with another female next to him but she could tell she wasn’t interested in the man.

Samantha was looking for a particular man tonight. She wanted a tall man with a big cock. Someone to take her over. Make her cum and fuck her until he came hard. Just looking around she didn’t see much she liked. A few men here and there. Some that couldn’t handle her. She knew that just from looking at them. At the pool table in front of her a man walked up and started talking to her. She wasn’t paying any attention at first. She was still looking for her fun.

‘Hello my name is Craig” he had a amazing smile

The kind of smile you could tell he had braces when he was young because they were just that perfect. His eyes were light brown and his hair was black.

“I’m Samantha” she gave him a sexy wink.

Craig was drinking a coolers light and making smart ass comments about the bar. Samantha started eyeing Katie and then excused herself for a minute to use the ladies room.

Katie followed suit and went along with her. Throwing the play way off. Samantha had found the man she wanted. Katie stepped into the bathroom to Samantha powering her nose.

“What do you think sweet cheeks?”

Katie winked and Samantha put her makeup away. Then walked out of the bathroom. Katie began to check the stalls and clear out the bathroom. Then she stood outside the stall to make sure no one went inside.

Samantha strode over and Katie followed her inside.

“We have two minutes, go into a stall.” Katie went into a stall and hopped up so no one seen her heals from the outside.

There was a small knock at the door and Craig stepped through the door. Samantha locked the door behind him then kissed him right away and began to take off his shirt. Then she got on her knees and unbuttoned his pants. Samantha felt like she hit the jackpot as soon as she touched it. Craig let out a little laugh.

“You should see your face” he smiled down at her.

Samantha wrapped her tiny hands halfway around Craig’s cock.

“It’s so huge” then she popped it into her mouth. Stuffing the tip in and about two inches of the rest. Craig tilted his head back and closed his eyes enjoying the warm, wet mouth on his member.

Katie stepped down from the toilet seat and unlocked the stall of the bathroom where she was hiding. She came around to see Samantha going to town on Craig’s cock. She just stood there watching. Hoping Samantha would notice she was there.

Craig looked down at Samantha then straight up at Katie. Samantha was looking at Craig and realized Katie was behind her.

She gave her a little smile and Katie walked to her and undressed Samantha bottom half. She slid under her on the floor and licked her deep in her hole.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” She moaned onto Craig’s cock as she had it stuffed as far as it would go into her mouth.

Gently Katie worked Samantha just how she knew she like it. A little tease to the clit. Finger in her hole and licked like ice cream up and down. Over and over again. Making sure no juices spill anywhere but in her mouth.

Samantha continued to moan into Craig’s cock while he rocked his hips back and forth fucking her face.

Samantha halted to a stop, slid down and began to taste her juices on Katie. Kissing her so Craig could watch.

Katie unzipped her dress and stepped out of it revealing she didn’t have any underwear on. Her pussy is nicely shaved and you could smell her juices she was so wet. Samantha wanted to taste Katie. She bent over for Craig to enter her while Katie hopped up on the sink and spread her legs wide. Katie had made her nice and wet and worked her hole so Craig could enter it smoothly.

Grabbing Samantha’s hips Craig pushed his cock inside her. First the tip teased her pussy over and over again. Working it fully Craig knew what he was doing. Samantha began to flick Katie’s clit with her tongue over and over again. She loved to watch her squirm. Katie sat there and played with her tits. Squeezing her nipples over and over. Squeeze…. Release…. Squeeze…. Release….

Craig was all the way in Samantha now. He isn’t very long but his thickness made up for that. She enjoyed being fucked while she ate Katie. Man did she want to be fucked tonight.

“Harder, damn it” Sam started to yell. “Harder”

Craig grabbed her hips tighter and began to ram Samantha like he had never fucked anything before. He better be careful.. Watching two girls go at it while he fucked a nice tight pussy might send him overboard too soon. He began to slow down. Samantha jumped off of him and pushed him over to Katie. Katie tasted Craig and Samantha juices together as she pulled his cock into her mouth.

“mmmmmmm, tasty” Katie licked her lips and kissed Samantha.

Craig looked at Samantha confused.

“You want her?” Samantha smiled while she reached over and twisted Katie’s nipple.

All Craig could do is nod. Then Samantha took his cock and pushed Katie’s pussy lips open and slid the tip of his cock into her. He got to watch Samantha in the mirror touching herself while he teased Katie before he slid his cock all the way into her tight, wet hole.

Samantha turned around with a little grin and began to work her asshole with her finger. Spitting on the tip.. Rubbing it over and over and slowly entering it. THAT sent Craig over board. He began to feel his balls shrivel up. He was getting too close. He pulled out of Katie.

Katie slid down and sucked him slowly. Tasting her and Samantha’s juices on his cock made her happy. Samantha waked over and whispered into Craig’s ear.

“ I want you to open my ass up wide while my friend her licks my pussy from front to back, got that?” damn was she cocky. Her nipples were standing on end. They knew who was the boss of this.

Craig nodded and Katie warmed him up even more while Samantha got her tight ass ready for his cock.

“You’re a lucky man tonight aren’t we Craig?”

“Fuck yes, he nodded with a smile”

Craig sat on the bench in the bathroom while Samantha slowly stuck his wide cock on her tight asshole. Just getting it used to the width. She began to twist and turn while Katie licked his balls and up his shaft. Making sure Samantha was nice and lubed she spit over and over.

Katie began to work Samantha’s dripping wet pussy with her fingers.

Samantha rocked back and forth slowly working Craig’s cock into her tight little asshole. Katie began to work on Samantha’s sweet tasting pussy with her tongue. Flicking it and fingering her hole.

“ahhhh ohhhh it’s so huge” Samantha began to moan. Craig’s cock was getting deeper and deeper in her ass.

“ohhhh yes, ohh yesssss” she slammed her body up and down, making Katie lick her harder and harder

“Fuck my tight ass hole, fill me” her body began to shake

“fuck yesssssssssss,” Samantha let out a loud moan “mmmmmmmmm” She shoved Craig’s pulsating cock deep into her ass as she came. Katie worked her tongue up and down Craig’s tightened balls to Samantha’s click over and over.

“Your ass is so fucking tight, fuck yeah squeeze my cock, I’m going to cum, ohhhhh I’m going to cum” Samantha climbed off and Katie moved over and began to lick Craig’s balls and up and down his cock again while he worked his cum out. She wrapped her lips around his cock and took his gigantic load, swallow by swallow.

Samantha and Katie kissed afterwards making sure they shared in the fun of the cum. They grabbed their clothing and got dressed . Holding hands Katie and Samantha walked out of the bathroom smiling. Katie was happy Samantha was going home satisfied.

Rating: 80%, Read 17435 times, Posted Nov 13, 2010

Fantasy | Anal, Ass to mouth, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Threesome, Voyeurism


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